and this isn't even half the times he said her name

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Why would Malcolm take Jem and Tessa's word when they weren't even born when Annabelle is "taken from him"? Blaming Magnus makes more sense, since Magnus was alive and most likely knew if Malcolm and Annabelle. Also, how does Jem not know Annabelle isn't an Iron Sister? Or is becoming a Iron Sister like becoming a Silent Brother where they choose another name? Like how Jem is/was Brother Zachariah.


I was initially very confused by this question because of course Malcolm didn’t hear about Annabel becoming an Iron Sister from Jem or Tessa – as you say, they weren’t alive then. So I went through Lady Midnigh and I think you are referring to these passages in Lady Midnight, though Jem isn’t mentioned:

Lies?” Malcolm’s voice rose. “You want to talk about lies? They lied to me about Annabel. They said she had become an Iron Sister. All of them told me the same lie: Magnus, Catarina, Tessa. It was from a faerie I found out that they had lied. From a faerie I learned what had really happened to Annabel. By then she was long dead. The Blackthorns, murdering their own!”

“They told me she’d become an Iron Sister. All of them lied to me—Magnus, Catarina, Ragnor, Tessa—corrupted by Shadowhunters, drawn in by their lies! And I, oblivious, grieving  for her, until finally I found out the truth—”

And then here, Jem talks to Emma about Malcolm:

Jem turned back toward her, the light of sympathy in his dark eyes. “We heard everything from Magnus. He told us that you were the one who killed Malcolm,” he said. “That must have been hard. You knew him. It’s not like killing demons.”
“I knew him,” Emma said. “At least, I thought I did.”
“We knew him too. Tessa was heartbroken to hear that Malcolm believed that we all lied to him. Concealed from him that Annabel was not an Iron Sister, but was dead, murdered by her family. We believed the story, but he died thinking we all knew the truth. What a betrayal that must have felt like.”
“It’s strange to think he was your friend. Though I guess he was our friend too.”
“People are more than one thing. Warlocks, no less. I would not even hesitate to say that Malcolm once did much good, before he did evil. It is one of the great lessons of growing up, learning that people can do both.”

My guess, and I apologize if I’m wrong, is that you’re expanding Malcolm’s statements to mean: “They lied to me about Annabel. They said she had become an Iron Sister. All of them told me the same lie: Magnus, Catarina, Tessa. They were the first people to tell me what happened to Annabel. They are all very responsible and very involved in what happened with Annabel and with me.”

None of that is true, though. 

It isn’t like Malcolm’s warlock friends were the ones who broke the news to him that Annabel joined the Iron Sisters. They didn’t. You’ll find out more about what happened with Annabel, the Clave, the Iron Sisters, and Malcolm in LOS but Malcolm was told the lie about Annabel joining the Iron Sisters by the Clave and Annabel’s family (and even though he didn’t like them, he wouldn’t have thought the truth was that they’d murdered her instead. That is extreme and not the sort of thing anyone would assume.) 

Everyone but a very few people in the government and Annabel’s family believed she had joined the Iron Sisters and they had good reasons to believe it. But Malcolm thinks his friends should have known better than to repeat the lie (that they didn’t know was a lie.) Malcolm felt betrayed by Tessa, Magnus, Catarina, and Ragnor specifically because he thinks they might have had inside information, since all of them are warlocks who have been known to associate closely with Shadowhunters, and Tessa was even married to one.

Malcolm is being unreasonable. He is like someone who found out his wife is cheating and so gets rid of all of his friends because “"they probably knew about it” even though they didn’t. But then Malcolm is also willing to punish the Blackthorns of 200 years ago by killing the Blackthorns of today so we should not look to him for logic, just rage and betrayal.

Iron Sisters do take on other names, just like Silent Brothers do. That is why they have similar sounding names, and why none of them is introduced with a last name. They are extremely secretive; there’s no reason to believe that Jem would know who any of them had been before they renounced their old lives. Diana actively sought out that information, but there’s no reason Jem or anyone else would have done so: why would they be checking up on Malcolm’s ex-girlfriend? There was no reason to do that when he thought she had voluntarily become an Iron Sister and by the time found out she hadn’t, he didn’t need them to check on it, and didn’t tell them anyway.

Malcolm probably does blame Magnus but that is because Malcolm blames everyone friendly with Shadowhunters, not because Malcolm has any logical reason to blame any of these people, half of whom weren’t born when Annabel was killed. Just because Malcolm is angry that Tessa and the others believed the official story (which he told them!) that Annabel had become an Iron Sister rather than magically figuring out it hadn’t happened that way doesn’t mean they were responsible for the lie in the first place. They have next to nothing to do with the whole business. They just happen to be who Malcolm and Diana are discussing in this one scene.

My Queen - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Summary: You were Jeffs girlfriend and after he died you still hang out with the jocks and after an argument Bryce says, “who died and made you queen” and Monty (Jeffs best friend) and Zach (your bestfriend) comfort you.

“Monty no!” You said grabbing the beer of off the boys’ hand before he could have a sip, “you promised you’d drive me home remember?”. You were at Bryces again for the first time in months, Monty and Zack having convinced you to get out of the house for once and hang out with your old friends.

“Shit, sorry Y/N, I’m sure Zack can drive us both.” Monty pleaded, reaching out to grab the red cup.

You hid the cup behind your back, giving him a stern look. “Zack already had a few drinks. You’re driving us so no alcohol!”

Zack, who was close by and had overheard the conversation stepped in. “Just a beer half an hour ago, I’ll be good by the time we’ll have to leave.”

Two beers two hours ago, Im good. He kissed your forehead and smiled down at you. Ill be back before you know it princess!

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Something More - Theo Raeken

Originally posted by hugwithsleep

Summary: Theo and Y/n are fwb, the pack has no acknowledgement on their status. 

Warning: some smut,fluff and terrible writing 


“Hey Princess” Theo smirked making his way toward Malia and I “ugh get a life Theo” Malia groaned he stopped in front of me “can I catch you after school?” he looked at me expectantly “in your dreams” I fought back the small smile that wanted to make an appearance “your already there” he winked walking away to his locker near the end of the hallway. Damn that boy really knew how to make me melt.

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@inukag-week Day 1 - Protect

She told him stories he couldn’t quite believe, but he knew better than to think she would lie so casually.

She told him a foreign legend about a hanging garden, some fantastic thing a king with a name he couldn’t say had built to please his homesick queen. It was disheartening, really. Inuyasha could never give her such a thing.

It wasn’t only this one tale. Kagome said there was once a very beautiful queen who was married to an older, ruthless man. A prince from another country, a guest at their house, fell for her and stole her away - and started a war to keep her.

A war. Damn. And he couldn’t even defeat one half-demon.

He overheard her telling Shippo the story that hurt him the most: there was once a musician with a strange name that sounded like rustling leaves, and he was very much in love with his wife. A kind of demon from their land was also in love with her, and as she tried to escape it, she stepped on a nest of snakes and died. The musician was so talented that his gods allowed him to fetch the woman in hell.

Inuyasha couldn’t remember the last time he’d sang out loud; maybe he never had. He had no talent, only brute strength, and that didn’t help before…

He told himself it was stupid to be miffed over old legends no one knew for sure to be true, but they still got under his skin. Even if the stories were false, Kagome obviously liked them, and Inuyasha could never do anything remotely close to what those men had done.

It took an unusually hard fight against a nasty demon for him to realize something: they had all failed.

The king had treated his homesick wife like a caged bird; sheltering wasn’t the same as protecting. The prince had relied on his elder brother’s strength to keep his beautiful queen (ha); keeping wasn’t the same as protecting, either. The musician had loved his wife, but he hadn’t been by her side when she needed him most; loving wasn’t enough if you didn’t protect (he knew that first-hand).

So, Inuyasha wouldn’t fail Kagome. He would protect her; not as her lover, never as her owner, but as her truest and most reliable friend. His protection was all he could give, but at least it had saved her a few times (like today). It had given her yet another day to live. That was enough.

And perhaps, if fortune smiled upon a half-demon who was not a king, nor a prince, and had no talent to speak of, he would be able to give her a garden someday.

Primrose - Jongdae | Part 2 [M]

Originally posted by sooranghaes

Genre: Angst & Smut | AU!Vampire/Soulmate Chen, AU!Vampire/Soulmate Reader|

Pairing: chenXreader

Word Count: 6.9k

Summary: You were on the run from your vampire soulmate who accidentally turned you but while you were looking for freedom, it was short lived because the longer you’re away from him the more your body deteriorates as you slowly die - just as the same happens to him. Finally, after two years, he finds you and you struggle to keep your resolve because he is in love with you and even if you don’t want to be, you’re in love with him.

One | Two

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  • Miss Schnee: Weiss. Winter. Thank you for coming. *Miss Schnee greeted her daughters with a brief hug as that take their seats with in a restaurant.*
  • Weiss: Of course mother. Is everything alright? *Weiss asked, taking hold of the tea set out for them.*
  • Winter: Whitely isn't being a brat and giving you trouble since you took control of the company, named Weiss the heiress again, and divorced that pitiful excuse of a man Jacques, is he? *Winter question before taking a sip of her own tea.*
  • Miss Schnee: No. Nothing of the sort. Besides he is living with his father now. It's actually something that I am bit nervous to tell you both. She said pouring herself some tea.*
  • Winter: What is it?
  • Weiss: Mother you can tell us anything.
  • Miss Schnee: Well. You see. *she started, lifting her tea cup to take a sip.* I have meet someone.
  • Weiss: *chocks on her tea slightly as Winter just looks surprised.* Cough cough! Really? So soon?
  • Winter: I must admit. I thought is would be a year before you started looking for someone to replace Jacques.
  • Miss Schnee: I will admit I was quite surprise myself when I first met him during a business trip to Vale. However after talking with him and him asking me to dinner, we, how does the saying go, hit it off quite nicely. *Miss Schnee smiled warmly at memory of their first date*
  • Weiss: Mother, As Happy as I am to hear that you have found someone that makes you happy. I must ask if you are sure they aren't... *Weiss trailed off not wanting to upset her mother until Winter put it bluntly.*
  • Winter: Are you sure they would just trying use you for money or to take the company?
  • Weiss: Winter!
  • Miss Schnee: It's quite alright, Weiss. I have had the same thoughts when he first asked me on a date but after a wonderful time at a fair and a few more dates with extremely lovely nights. *At this both Schnee sisters cringed at what their mother was implying.* I learned something quite surprising.
  • Winter/Weiss: Which is?
  • Miss Schnee: He has, and still doesn't, have any thought that I am the head of the schnee dust company.
  • Weiss: *Winter and Weiss both stared at their mother's victorious smile, then at each other and back to their mother as Weiss is the first to speak.* Come again?
  • Winter: Who could he not know who you are?
  • Miss Schnee: Well he is from a small island in Vale and when he asked me what I do for a living I told him a half truth and said I work for the company instead of running it.
  • Weiss: I guess that is one way to make sure he isn't after your money but when are you going to tell him who you are?
  • Miss Schnee: Funny you should ask that. I asked him and his family to join us here so we can all meet.
  • Winter/Weiss: Him and his what? *the schnee sister said simultaneously when they both hear very familiar voices from behind them.*
  • Ruby: Whoooooooooooa! Look at this place!
  • Yang: Wow Dad. First a surprise trip to Atlas to meet you mystery girlfriend and now a dinner at a fiver start restaurant. Nice.
  • Qrow: Jeez Tai. You lady friend sure has expense taste. You sure you can afford this?
  • Tai: As long as Ruby doesn't go overboard on the deserts, yeah... I think?
  • Winter: *Both Weiss and Winter slowly turned to face the Xiao-long/Rose family with a look of surprise and dread.* Weiss, Why is most of your here?
  • Weiss: I don't... I haven't the faintest-
  • Miss Schnee: *Suddenly Weiss and Winter's mother stood up called out with a smile.* ~Oh Darling!~
  • Weiss/Winter: DARLING!?
  • Tai: *Tai as well as Ruby Yang and Qrow, who is drinking out of his flack, turned towards them before Tai smiled.* Oh There she is! *He then headed over as his daughters followed meanwhile Qrow stood in place as his flack fall from his hand. Once at the table He and Miss Schnee shared a kiss as he said.* Hello Sweetie.
  • Weiss: SWEETIE!?
  • Ruby: Huh? Oh hey Weiss.
  • Yang: What are you doing here?
  • Tai: Girls, I want you to meet my girlfriend Diana. Diana these are my daughters Yang and Ruby.
  • Miss Schnee: It's a pleasure to meet you both. *Miss Schnee greeted as she held out her hand shaking both a excited Ruby and surprised Yang hand.* I suppose you already know one my daughters already.
  • Tai: I do? *Tai raised an eyebrow before look at a growing paler Weiss and Winter who is still staring at a just as shocked Qrow.* Weiss? Winter? What are... Wait. YOU'RE DIANA SCHNEE!? *Tai shouted in surprise.*
  • Miss Schnee: Guilty~. *Miss Schnee smiled playfully.*
  • Weiss: You got to be kidding me.
  • Yang: I... Wow.
  • Ruby: *Gasps happily.* Does this mean we are sisters now!
  • Weiss: NO!
  • Miss Schnee/Tai: Probably/Maybe.
  • Weiss: Mother! I'm sorry, and no disrespect to you Mr. Xiao-Long, But you can't date two of my teammate's father! Winter, Please say something!
  • Winter: *At the mention of her name, Winter stood up from her seat and walked over to Qrow and pulled him over to the table next to her mother.* Ahem, as long as we are introducing our special someones. Mother, This is Qrow Branwen. My fiance.
  • Miss Schnee: Pleasure to meet you.
  • Qrow: Uh, Yeah. Likewise.
  • Weiss: ... What?
  • Yang: So does this make Weiss our sister or aunt?
  • Weiss: What!?
  • Ruby: *hugs Weiss and squeals with joy* AUNTIE SISTER!~
  • ~RWBY dormroom~
  • Blake: *Blake shot up at the sound of her teammate scream.* What the!? Weiss? Are you okay?
  • Weiss: *Weiss panted heavily looking around.* Y-eah... Yes... It was just a nightmare.
  • Blake: Are you sure you are okay?
  • Weiss: Yes. It was nothing.
  • Blake: ... Okay. Just get some rest. You got to go tomorrow see your mother back in Atlas tomorrow. *Blake yawned as she layed back down and added as she turned to the wall.* Oh and say hi to Yang and Ruby for me if you see them.
  • Weiss: Right. Of course. Good night. *Weiss mutter laying back down before shooting right back up.* Wait excuse me?
  • Blake: Yang texted me that their dad has taken them to Atlas. Ruby even sent pictures. *THUD!* Huh? Weiss? Are you- *Blake asked until she found Weiss on the ground.* ... Sweet dreams Weiss.

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Hi ^^ i have a usuk request where arthur and alfred are boyfriends but for some reason alfred never go to arthur home, and that reason is because arthur dont want for his 3 protective older brothers, but his mother find arthur has a boyfriend and tell everybody, and she wants that arthur invite to him for a dinner family for to meet him (the rest i leave to you :D ) sorry for my bad english

Sorry!! I found this very hard to write for some reason? I’m not sure why, so I opted for an easy way out bc ily and I wanted to write this for you, so I hope this was something like you imagined it to be! 

I’m also trying out a new style so sorry if it seems like a big chunk of MESS. 

Of course, the one he had broken happened to be Allistair Kirkland’s favorite mug.

He remembered it like it was yesterday, the phrase being limited to just that, a phrase, because it happened only half an hour ago. Being surrounded by the harpies that were Arthur’s brothers; three, that with their position seated in a specific order, had a comical coincidence of each of their heads having hair redder than the one that sat to the left of them.

Allistair, hair bright red; Patrick, hair almost orangey; William, strawberry blond.

That, of course, was as far as the comedy had gone that evening because Alfred Jones was positively shaking.

Shaking because damn him for assuming he wouldn’t be nervous to meet his boyfriend’s family! His boyfriend’s family! For the first time! It was something he had begged and pleaded Arthur to let him do, only to receive in response something along the lines of- “You wouldn’t want to, love!”

He should’ve listened- along with the fact that he was quite destructive when he felt out of place, as he was sure to feel in a room full of people with funny accents and funnier manners that mirrored the ones in his boyfriend he found so charmingly different.

They weren’t so charming then. Thick, menacingly dark brows. That boiling aura of passive-aggressiveness. Alfred had been nervous to approach Arthur the first time they had met, fingers twitching, dropping anything and everything in his hands- which had then included the books he needed for fourth period- letting the most atrocious things tumble out of his lips.

“Arthur Kirkland, was it? I buy a lot of Kirkland brand products!”

And now he’d done it again. He’d fucked up, he’d dropped things, said things, and now, as he stood on the porch of Arthur’s doorstep, gazing down at his boyfriend who seemed to be avoiding eye contact, he knew today was the day Arthur Kirkland would finally break up with him.

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Hell's Angels (M)

*because I’m extra*

Request: #36 Namjoon Drabble 

Word Count: 8.1k

Originally posted by rapnamu

A pitch black darkness that preceded after a spatter of red clouded in his vision. The world around him felt cold and heavy. His limbs lost its feeling as if he had phantom limb syndrome. The smell of gunpowder dusted itself over his noses and the loud bang of a bomb going off jolted him awake, his eyes opening.

“It took you long enough.”

“W–Where am I?” It looked like an abandoned mall, glass storefronts broken, the escalator stopped working and there were small patches of fire in some places. There was a boy, maybe three years younger than he was, firing from this range and shooting down people.

If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought he was trapped in a video game.

“The dead zone.”

“Dead zone?”

“For a new recruit, you sure do ask a lot of questions but do little action.”

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thanks to @yalenayardeen for this prompt generator - i had so much fun with this

“Hey have you seen that thing I’ve been look — ohhhhh my god you’re naked.” 

Helion turned around, eyes sparkling, a grin already spreading across his face. “Like what you see?”

Nesta was decidedly not seeing, her eyes already pinned to the row of yellow flowers in glass pots blooming on his dresser. “I am so sorry! I came in for that top you borrowed; I didn’t mean —”

In her peripheral vision, she could see him not getting dressed. Which, fine, he was comfortable like this. Even in front of her. But she wasn’t that comfortable with it.

“It’s alright to look, baby, I know you’ve never seen anyone as impressive as me.”

Nesta scoffed. She wanted to tell him she thought Cassian was pretty impressive, but there would be a 100% chance of that getting back to Cassian. So she didn’t. Instead, she walked over to his dresser and tilted his flowers toward her with two fingers.

“I’d be careful over there,” Helion said, a smile evident in his voice.

She rolled her eyes. “Like flowers are more dangerous than you.”

“Those are,” he said.

She dipped her nose toward the flowers. “I don’t know; they aren’t trying to show me their cocks.”

“What do they smell like?” Helion was behind her, invisible even in the corners of her eyes, but she could still hear him smiling. The man never seemed to stop. 

“Flowers,” she said sarcastically. But also…what was that other scent? She inhaled again, deeply, to try and pin down what it was.

“I wouldn’t breathe in too much of that,” he said. She turned around, all ready to tell him where he could shove his suggestions for her wellbeing, but stopped short when she saw him. It was like the rest of the room was spinning around him and he was the only stable object. And, was he glowing?

“Look at that face,” Helion said, eyes laughing now. “Now do you like what you see?”

She gaped, unabashedly looking him up and down before resting her gaze on his abs. “Are you fucking serious?”

“I know, I know. They’re impressive.”

Nesta walked toward him and put both hands on the muscles over his stomach. Then she hit him lightly with one hand. His skin didn’t so much as shake in response. “Fuck.”

He tilted her face up to his. “I can’t believe you like my abs better than my dick.”

“Who likes dicks?” She asked. But his question made her look down.

“You, apparently. I certainly do.”

Without being exactly sure what she was doing, she knelt down in front of him and looked at him closer. He was half hard for her, and the thought made her ache between her legs.

“Oookay,” Helion said. “This has been fun, but it’s time for you to go.”

“No,” she whispered. She reached a hand up toward his cock, but he pulled her up by her arms so that she was standing.

“It’s the flowers,” he said.

“I don’t care,” she said, attempting to go in for a kiss.

He blocked her with his hand and started steering her toward his door. “You will when you aren’t high anymore.”

“Please,” she said, “I want you.”

“You want Cassian.”

Her eyes widened at him calling her out on her secret. “He doesn’t want me. I want you instead. You’re hotter.”

“You didn’t think that a minute ago,” he said, clearly trying not to smile. 

“Please,” she said, pulling his hands toward her chest, tipping her face up toward his.

He gave her one final push out his door and began to close it on her. “Go find Cassian, baby. I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to take care of you.”


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this isn't a request or anything, more like an idea but imagine lance blaming himself over florona dying (i think that was her name? well,,, the mermaid in season 2) because he thinks if he might just have been able to save her. everything ends with hunk comforting him saying that he did his best and he managed to save a planet and that he shouldn't blame himself ;^)

Oh no I had to rewatch the episode you made me do that how dare you.


They had some time after the energy beacon was activated before the Castle of Lions showed up. At first Hunk and Lance spent the time talking and laughing with the newly liberated Queen Luxia and her people, enjoying their hospitality without reservations. After a while, though, Hunk noticed Lance had drifted away from the others and was staring into the giant glowing pit that used to hold a sea serpent that had held a whole civilization in its sway.

Hunk gently extricated himself from the group he was talking to and swam over to his side. “Lance? Buddy?” Lance startled a bit and turned to face him, and Hunk winced, remembering that not long ago he had done his best to beat Lance to a pulp.

Lance didn’t seem to hold a grudge though. As soon he realized who it was, he gave Hunk a half-hearted smile and went back to staring at the pit. “Hey, man.”

“What are you thinking about?” Hunk asked.

Lance shrugged, not meeting his eyes. “I haven’t seen Flurona around. Everyone else is here. I thought she should be too. But I asked someone, and they said she went for a walk in the Baku garden. Pretty obvious euphemism, now.”

Hunk went still, his heart seizing up in his chest. With everything that had happened, he had somehow forgotten. The queen had told Flurona that she had to go to the garden because she had lost track of Lance. Flurona had accepted it so mildly, so easily, that Hunk had figured it wasn’t that much of a punishment. But now, with what they knew…

The Baku garden had eaten hundreds of these people. Hundreds. Had Flurona been the last one?

Hunk was never going to tell Lance why she’d been sent there, that was for sure. Hopefully no one else would mention it either. The poor guy would just blame himself, even though he’d had absolutely no control over it. No one had meant for this to happen. Not even the queen.

“Yeah,” Hunk said softly. “I’m sorry, dude. I know you liked her.”

Lance shook his head. “I like everyone here. But she was the first one, you know? The first real life mermaid I ever saw. She led us here. And she was so nice. I just…”

“It sucks.”

“Yeah, it sucks.”

Lance pulled in a breath and looked up at the frozen surface, far above their heads. “If I’d been a little quicker… I wasted a lot of time messing around, Hunk.”

“Hey, no.” Hunk reached out and grabbed Lance’s shoulders, turning him to face him. “You can’t think like that, dude. You can’t let yourself go down that road. You did everything you could. Everything. You saved everyone, and they all know it, too. If…” Hunk bit his lip, then went on. “If Flurona were here, she would say so, too. You know that, right?”

“Saved everyone else, you mean,” Lance said, not a little bitterly. “Everyone but Flurona.”

A hundred words jammed up in Hunk’s throat. They couldn’t save everyone. It sucked, but they had to deal. Lance had saved a whole planet, here. He had discovered new abilities, and he had been strong and smart and insanely heroic and even deepened his bond with Blue. Even if he’d been faster, it wouldn’t have been in time to save Flurona. From the timeline they had pieced together by talking about what had happened while they were separated, Hunk figured she’d already gone to the garden before the rebels had even told Lance what was going on, much less formulated a plan and carried it out.

All those words didn’t mean anything to Lance, not right now. He couldn’t focus on the positives, not while he was thinking of one huge, glaring negative. And really, he deserved to wallow a little. Flurona deserved to be grieved over, even by someone who had only known her for less than a day.

So Hunk just sighed and looked down. “I get it. When we get back to the castle, remind me to give you a big hug, okay? The armor and the head bubbles are making it kind of awkward right now.”

At this Lance did manage a smile, small and hesitant.

“And the jellyfish on your head,” Hunk said, dead serious. “When are you gonna take that thing off?”

And for a wonder, Lance laughed. It was short and immediately cut off, but it was a laugh. “Honestly, I’m kind of scared to. I think it might hurt. Guess maybe I should go ask Blumfump. He’s not a scientist, but he might have a theory on the best way to do it.”

“Okay. Let’s go do that.” Hunk got hold of Lance’s arm and tugged him easily through the water, back to the group.

A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 17

Nino was still having trouble processing.

He had gotten a little up close and personal with a few of Paris’s resident heroes, mostly Ladybug that one time, but most of his information about them came from eyewitness or secondhand reports.

Those reports suggested that the heroes were (mostly) calm, collected, and professional, if clearly inexperienced being in front of cameras.

Whereas right now he was watching Chat Noir whine and reach for the bowl of popcorn, only to be held back by Queen Bee’s foot against his cheek as she smirked and tossed a few kernels into her mouth.

“Is… is this…”

“Yes,” Marinette said plainly, reaching over and stealing the bowl of popcorn to twin whines from the two heroes.  She merely stuck her tongue out at them playfully even as she offered the bowl to Nino, where he took a small handful on autopilot.

“Chat and Queenie always bicker on movie nights,” Vixen clarified, somehow looking extremely comfortable where she was stretched across the back of the couch.  It could only hold so many teenagers, after all, and as it was Nino was squished between the arm of the couch and Marinette thanks to Queen Bee and Chat’s playful roughhousing.

Because that was the thing. Now that the three were relaxed and not worried about cameras or akumas, they were so very clearly teenagers that Nino wondered how he had never seen it before.  The playfulness, the massive appetites, even how they flopped all over each other, although they were far cuddlier with each other and Marinette than most friend groups he usually saw.

It was honestly making him a little uncomfortable, like he was an interloper.

He should probably leave. He didn’t belong here.

Nino was just shifting to get up when an orange and white tail composed of some strange fabric, stronger than leather but as pliable as silk, curled gently around his shoulders and chest.  He blinked and looked back and up at Vixen, only to be met by serious, gently glowing golden eyes.

“Stay,” The heroine murmured softly.  “We wouldn’t have asked you to join us if we didn’t want you to be here.”

“I need someone sane on my side to help out with these three,” Marinette added, shooting Nino a playful grin which he shyly returned.

“Awww, you know you love us,” Chat said, squirming around to lean over Queen Bee and press a kiss to Marinette’s lips, stealing the bowl of popcorn while she was distracted.



Nino felt his face heating up in a blush.  Marinette and Chat Noir?

“Hey, don’t hog all the kisses,” Vixen grinned, bumping her cheek against Chat Noir’s playfully, and as soon as the kiss broke, she used one clawed hand to tug Marinette’s chin up slightly for her own kiss.

Nino’s brain was clearly trying to explode at this point, and he was sure that if he had a mirror, he could confirm that he was currently redder than Ladybug’s suit.  The thought that maybe all of them were just dating Marinette went right out the window when Chat dragged Queen Bee into his lap and kissed her neck, grinning as she squeaked and lightly swatted his arm while complaining that he knows she’s ticklish and why does he keep doing that?!

Just as he made the decision to get up, because he didn’t want to intrude on the group’s private time (seriously, what would that make him, a fifth wheel?), Vixen’s tail tightened a little around him, and he found himself being seriously regarded by the heroine and Marinette.  The fact that Vixen was half twisted around on the back of the couch made him blink, apparently whatever gave them their powers also added quite a bit of flexibility because spines shouldn’t bend like that.

“You don’t have to stay if you don’t want to, or if you’re honestly uncomfortable, but I’ll say it again. We want you here, Nino,” Vixen said seriously, backed up with a warm smile and a nod from Marinette.

“Aw, man, where are our manners?” Nino yelped as black-clad clawed hands suddenly lifted him up and draped him across three laps.  All he could think to do was give an apologetic grin up at Queen Bee, even as Chat continued.  “We’ve been leaving Nino out of cuddles.”

“Uh…” Anytime his brain wanted to reboot would be freaking fantastic at this point.

He could practically feel Marinette roll her eyes as she offered him a hand and helped him sit up.  He tried not to think about how he was sitting on Chat Noir’s (surprisingly bony, if he hadn’t watched him inhale an entire plate of pastries he would worry whether he was eating) lap.  He swallowed, then tried to get his brain to work well enough to form sentences.  “I can go if you guys want-“

“We already told you, we want you here.” Vixen huffed as she slid down on Marinette’s other side, pulling the smaller girl into her lap and scooting over so that she was side by side with Chat.  “Even Queenie doesn’t mind.”

“Trust me, you would know if I did,” the blonde heroine confirmed, somehow having ended up with the bowl of popcorn and delicately eating. “Though you all shouldn’t make a habit of this, I draw the limit here.”

Nino blinked.  “Huh?”

Chat gave a sheepish grin. “We, ah… may or may not attend the same school as you and Marinette.”

“And trust us, half the student body would give their right arm to date you,” Vixen added.

Aaaaaand his brain was fried again.  “Now you’re just messing with me.”  His jaw dropped as the other three nodded in agreement with Vixen.  Even Queen Bee looked completely serious instead of her usual disdainful mild glare.  “You’re joking.”

“Nino, you’re the friendliest, kindest guy in school.  You’re intelligent, creative, a great musician, and you’re so sweet that you’re probably the only person who has been akumatized because you were upset on someone else’s behalf.” Marinette crossed her arms and gave him a serious look.  “And you’re not exactly hard on the eyes, either.”

Nino didn’t even need a mirror to know that his face was currently Ladybug-red.

“We’re not saying you have to do anything, but we’d be more than happy to have you spend time with us here,” Vixen finished.  “Any time you want to join us and Marinette.”  She leaned in to whisper.  “But don’t be surprised if you get dragged into cuddle piles, they won’t admit it but Queenie and Chat are cuddle whores.”

“Look who’s talking.” Queen Bee sniffed haughtily, which was a little ruined by the fact that she had popcorn seasoning on her nose.  “And we’re missing the movie.”

“Stay.  Please?” Chat whispered against his cheek, and Nino was completely unprepared for a case of sad kitty eyes that could rival Adrien’s puppy-dog pout.

“… I guess.” From Chat’s wide grin and how the other guy’s arms tightened a little around his waist, it seemed like this was his new seat for the rest of the movie.

Well, it was for the next fifteen minutes, up until Chat and Queen Bee got into a fight over the popcorn bowl again, and Nino ended up getting dragged into the cuddle pile with Vixen and Marinette on the quieter side of the couch while they waited for the pair to sort it out.

At least they were sheepish enough afterwards to clean up the spilled popcorn.

combateng1neer  asked:

Prompt #18: A darker prompt than normal; Nick and Judy haven't been talking to each other since the fight when Judy gets a call to investigate the scene of a murder. Apparently, the victim is a male red fox wearing a tacky clothing and Nick isn't answering his phone.

-remembers last dark prompt- I have entered a new realm of normal.  Also Why do you do this to me!!!!


It’s been a solid two weeks since Judy saw Nick.  It’s been about two weeks and half since she spoke with him.

The two had had a falling out.

Over something so dumb and stupid Judy couldn’t really recall what it was even really about.  But at the time it was big, meaningful, and important and this stood on completely opposite sides.  And they just cut their partnership apart.

But as Clawshauser so elegantly put it the first day Nick was being “lent” to Precinct Five, space is good.  They are always around each other constantly, enough to the point where they wearied each other to the breaking point.  But Nick is important to Judy and vise versa, they’ll come back together eventually and things will return to normal.

Judy took the words to heart, because she knew it would work out.

After all Nick forgave her once before without really knowing her the way he did now.  It was a dumb and stupid argument after all.  She was more than ready to apologize for everything and move forward when the time came.

Her phone rang suddenly as she put the last of her dishes away.  A picture of Clawhauser with a doughnut appeared on screen.

“Hey, Clawhauser, what’s up?”  Judy answered cheerily.  Figuring the large cheetah was calling her to cover a shift if she could.

“Chief wants you at a crime scene,  I’ll text you the address.”  Clawhauser stated over the phone in his usual manner.  There was something else in his voice that she couldn’t quite place.

“Sure, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Judy said with a nod. 

She instantly hung up the phone right after. The doe went to her closet to pull of her police uniform and change.  The phone chimed shortly after, no doubt the address from Clawhauser.  It dinged a few more times as Judy was getting dress.  Once her uniform was all on, she checked her phone, finding all messages from the large cheetah.

Just a warning, it’s a suspected murder scene.

You hung up before I could say

Here’s the address:

Judy felt a cold shiver run down her spine at the address.

The fact that Cheif Bogo was outside the crime scene did not help Judy’s nerves any.  He was talking with Office Fangmeyer and a few other officers Judy didn’t recognize. 

“Hopps, you’re here.”  Bogo stated once she neared.

“What’s going on here, Chief?”  The rabbit asked.

“A body was found over there,”  Fangmeyer started slowly, guesting towards the swarm of CSI mammals.  “They’re unidentified at the moment.  All we have is just a basic description of species and sex.”

Judy raised an eyebrow, a silent question and urge for them continue.

“They’re a male fox.”  Bogo informed flatly, and a coldness washed over Judy.  “They also happened to be wearing a rather…uniquely artful shirt.”

“Oh,”  Judy breathed as it’s all hitting her. 

She wasn’t there to help or do any sort of policing.  But rather to possibly identify a victim.  A victim who could be Nick, was thought to be Nick, if the number of officers was any indications.  And all she can thing about is last dumb thing she said to him.  The heated pointed words the both last spoke to each other.  Her ears dropped down.

Judy felt her legs grow a little weak, and all she wanted to do was sit down and wait to wake up from a dream.  But she turned sharply and pulled out her phone.

She dialed Nick’s number quickly.  Listened to ring, straining her eyes for his ringtone at the scene, or just a vibration in general.  Nothing, but it doesn’t calm her nerves.  His voicemail beeped loudly in her ear, along with his dumb little “can’t come to the phone” speech.  She hung up and called again.  Same reason.  Again.  Same result.

“He’s not picking up.”  Judy informed, turning back to Bogo. 

Bogo who is looking at her grimly.  As if to say, we already tried that.

Judy turned sharply and took off running down the street.  Ignoring the calls of her name behind her.

She runs, and runs.  Not one every really thinking, just sort of running.

Because if Bogo’s tried calling, then he’s sent officers to Nick’s apartment with the same result.  And Judy just needs to get out of there, because she doesn’t want to think about what it all means.  Nor does she want to look at what possibly be might be Nick’s unidentifiable body.

Judy stopped when she was too tired to continue.  Dropping to the grown in a mess of pants and tears she was trying to hold back.  But it didn’t take her long to notice she was back under the bridge she found Nick that one time when it really counted.

It doesn’t help the situation.

“Carrots?”  A voice suddenly said behind her.  “What are you doing here?”

Judy turned sharply to find Nick standing there confused. A small grocery bag in one of his hands.

“Nick!”  She exclaimed racing over him to hug him.  She heard him grunt as she wrapped her arms around him tightly.  “You’re alive.”

“Yes…”  Nick said oddly.  “And so are you?”  He patted her head lightly, and she can just hear the confusion in his voice.

“Why didn’t you pick up your phone!”  Judy snapped, pulling away sharply.

“Because Finnick decided to throw out the window of his van.”  Nick informed annoyed.  “I haven’t had a chance to get a new yet.  Why are you asking…and crying.  Or importantly what are you excited I’m alive.”


AN: Happy ending, because I can only take so much darkness.

Also I have no reason why Finnick through Nick’s phone of the window, I will let all of you have your own ideas.

  • Ghira: Alright, now listen. Sienna Khan is a strong terrifying leader. She will only show respect when given it so be on your best behavior. That means no rude comments and Speak. Only. When. Spoken. To. Is that understood? *Ghira said as He, Blake, and Sun are lead down an old street to a large abandon building.*
  • Sun: Why do I feel like that was only directed at me? *Sun whispered to Blake.*
  • Blake: It was. *Blake informed him.*
  • Sun: Well, that is just rude. *He frowned while Blake looked at him with a raised eyebrow.* ... Fair enough.
  • Blake: Look don't take it personally. Sienna Khan is the reason why the White Fang became violate in the first place. She is a firm believer in the only the strongest survive and is the one that started the grim mask.
  • Sun: Wait. Seriously? I thought is was, uh, you know who.
  • Blake: *Blake frown knowing who Sun was talking about as her cat ears drooped down.* It's true Adam was the one that made all of the white fang under him start wearing the mask but it was originally to show that he was her pupil.
  • Sun: So then that means...
  • Blake: Sienna Khan trained Adam to be the killer he is today. *Blake sadly admitted then felt Sun place a comforting hand on her shoulder.*
  • Sun: It's not your fault. That dumbass made his own choice and now he is going to be in for a big surprise when we are here to kick his ass.
  • Blake: If he tries to attack Sienna Khan directly.
  • Ghira: Which I doubt young Adam is that foolish. Sienna Khan is a fierce warrior and won't hesitate to kill anyone who challenges her. Even I had few... close calls with her. *Ghira frowns rubbing his side.*
  • Sun: Yeah but you still won right?
  • Ghira: Of course.
  • Blake: Weren't you in the hospital for three days after your last fight with her?
  • Ghira: It was a luck shoot!
  • Sun: Soooo, not to change topics about the possile butt whoopings you may or may not have gotten. *Sun slowly started as Ghira glared at his.* But What kind of Faunus is she? Is she a tiger? A lizard?
  • Blake: I'm... not really sure to be honest with you. *Blake muttered.*
  • Sun: What?! How could you not know what kind of Faunus she is after working for her for so long? *Sun asked with surprise.*
  • Blake: I rarely meet her and every time I did she always wore her grim mask hiding her face. Sienna khan isn't even her real name.
  • Sun: And THAT didn't immediately set off a few red flags when you let her take over. *At this Blake and Ghira both stop to Glare at Sun who held his ground as he crossed his arms.*
  • Blake: ... Point taken.
  • Ghira: Fair enough. *He and Blake admitted as they entered the building the leader of the White Fang has made her base.* However to be fair she only started to wear it when I and Kali had decided to take of as leader of Menagerie.
  • Rhino Faunus: Ahem. Excuse me for interrupting. *The rhino faunus cleared his throat, getting the attention of the Belladonnas and Sun.* Please wait here. I shall inform Sienna Khan that you have arrived.
  • Ghira: Very well. Thank you.
  • Rhino Faunus: My pleasure. It is the least I can do for you and your daughter. *The Rhino faunus bowed and walked off.*
  • Sun: ... He seems nice.
  • Blake: He is. He was my babysitter when little.
  • Sun: He was!?
  • Ghira: He was. Blake used to use his horn as a scratching post.
  • Blake: Dad!
  • Sun: That poor man.
  • Blake: Sun!
  • Ghira: Anyway, as for Sienna Khan's Faunus heritage, she is from an old bloodline of Faunus. One which allows them to either shows fully what they are or hides it completely.
  • Sun: What's that mean?
  • Blake: *Blake shrugs* It's only a myth. A clan of Faunus that-
  • Rhino Faunus: Sienna Khan will see you now. *The Faunus interrupted as he reemerged from the room which he enter before stepping aside to hold the door for them.*
  • Ghira: *Ghira nodded and looked back at Blake and Sun.* Are you both ready? *The two nodded and followed Ghira as they made their way into Sienna Khan's room lit by candles and a fire place. Once inside Blake and Sun quickly noticed dozens of maps of different kingdoms, Schnee dust minds and factories, leaders of anti-faunus groups with some that are crossed out, even photos of other white fang members, and what catch Blake's attention a small framed picture of half a picture.*
  • Blake: That's Photo. *Blake thought to herself.* They look almost like...
  • Sienna Khan: It's been a long time hasn't it, Ghira? *Sienna Khun spoke causing Ghira, Blake, and Sun to quickly turned to the fire place. There two chairs, open empty and the other that's back faced them where taken that shows a red armored gauntlet rest upon the arm rest, sat in front of the fire with a small table in between them where a large Grimm mask laid next to a small glass.* What bring you back? If its about what happened at Beacon, It's being taken care of if you haven't already received the plans on dealing with my pupil.
  • Ghira: Actually, this visit is to warn you about your pupil Sienna Khan. *The former leader of the white fang started taking a step towards it new leader.* Aside from leading that attack on Beacon, twisting what the White Fang stands for, and even sending his followers to track down and on my daughter. He plans on attempting to over throw you and taking over the White Fang.
  • Sienna Khan: Yes. I am aware of this. *She told them, reaching for the glass of liquor.* As well as the order that Adam has told his followers to track and find your daughter.
  • Ghira: You are aware of this? *Ghira questioned in a low almost threatening tone.* You were aware of the spies in Menagerie? You were aware that one of them attacked my daughter and nearly killed her friend?! You were aware that my daughter was endanger and you didn't think of warning me!?
  • Sienna Khan: *The leader of the white fang pauses while lifting her glass, Blake's ears picking up the sound of her turning her head towards her father.* The Towers are down Ghira. By the time I learned about Adam's obsession with your daughter, Whom I remind you betrayed him and broke his heart, *Ghira and Blake both notice a hint of frustration in her tone.* I received your message of wanting to speak with me. Which is why I will deal with it.
  • Ghira: Which is why I will be PERSONALLY be assisting you and the white fang hunt him and his follower down. *Ghira told her crossing his arms before Sienna Khan slammed her glass on the table hard startling Blake and Sun.*
  • Sienna Khan: You seemed to misunderstood me, Ghira. You may help our people find his followers to restore our tribes good name. But I will be dealing with MY pupil. Personally. *She told them, in a very threatening manner. However, to Ghira and Sun's surprise, cause Blake to step forward.*
  • Blake: Then I am going with you.
  • Sun: Wait What!?
  • Ghira: Blake. No.
  • Sienna Khan: Blake?
  • Blake: Adam was my partner. He was a friend... I have to take responsibility and stop him. *Blake begins.* It's my fault he is like how he is. It's my fault that he has become the monster he is now. It's my fault that now everyone I care about is in danger. It's my fault that the one I... The one I love lost so much... I need to make things right. *There was a moment of silence Sun and Ghira seeing the determination is the young huntress's eyes. Then to all of their surprise Sienna Khan rose from her chair as she spoke.*
  • Sienna Khan: Sure.
  • Ghira: Sienna Khan! *snapped as his successor as she reach for her dust blades sword.*
  • Sienna Khan: You can drop the title Ghira. I won't be doing this hunt with you daughter as Sienna Khan. Beside, *Sienna Khan said, turning to face Blake and Sun watching as an expression shock washes over their faces and stared right into Blake's eyes with her red.*
  • Sun: No way...
  • Blake: I don't believe it... You're... You're...
  • Raven Branwen: We have a lot to talk about.
Merry and Bright: Part 3

It’s strange, the way memory can carry you.

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combateng1neer  asked:

Prompt #20: Dark Souls AU; Nick is a boss and Judy is the chosen undead. 100+ times and Judy is still getting destroyed by the as large as a house fox monster guarding the bridge. Since fighting him isn't working, what if she tried talking? But now she has to convince the giant fox monster who she's tried to kill 100+ times to let her pass.

I don’t know anything about Dark Souls.  Like straight up nothing.  So this is probably not going to be what you asked for, but bare with me.


Judy had lost count of the number of times she’s died.

Which, to be fair, was something that happened a long time ago.  After dying and just sort of…coming back to life in a forest, it’s very easy to loose count.  Especially when demons and monsters where making it their goal to just stop her in her tracks.

But she had been dying a lot more than usual.

Some damn monster kept destroying her every time she encountered at the only passage that lead to Kingdom of Zootopia.  It stopped every attempt she had passing, and effortless seemed to crush her in battle.  And just when she thinks she figured out a way to beat them, they end her with a swat.

The monster was like nothing else she has expressed before.  It was massive, the whole opening of the pass blocked by it’s body.  It mostly resembled a fox, but it’s fur was tough and hard like scales, and it’s tail was long like a whip, similar to that of a dragons.  Not to mention the damn thing could breath fire when it so desired, and had a slew of other magical abilities it has used to kill Judy in her attempts.

Judy had tried about everything to get pass.  All of which had failed, and time was running out.  She was willing to try anything, even if it sounded stupid.

“Hello,”  She greeted as she neared the beast.

It raises it’s head at the sound of her voice.  It’s green eyes bare down on her, and for half a second if a magical blast was going to come out it’s split pupils.  Nothing happened, the monster just stared down at the rabbit, only moving an ear every so often.

“How are you today?”  Judy asked like she hadn’t tried to kill the beast everyday for the past…really long while.  “Enjoying the nice weather we’re having.”

“What is this?”  A deep raspy voice boomed in around Judy.  She jumped in surprised, she didn’t even know the beast could speak.  “Light conversation before you try to end me.”

Judy was still for a moment.  Still surprised by the beast voice.

“Uh…no…it’s actually just light conservation.”

“Really?”  The voice asked, and the beast seemed to lift an eyebrow at her.  If it even has an eyebrow.  “The rabbit’s not going to try and outsmart me.”

“Promise not tricks, just talking.”  Judy assured, awkwardly seating down on a nearby rock.  One the beast had thrown her onto at lease thirty times over.  She made no movement to remover her weapons from their places on her body.  She grinned up at the beast.  “So how as your day been going?”

“I could burn to crisp right now,” the beast observed easily.  “I should burn you a crisp right now.”

Judy swallowed slightly as she looked up at the beast.  “That’s probably fair.”  She braced herself for he inferno that was no doubt about to rain down upon her.

But it never happened.

Judy peeled her yes open to find the beast had tilted it’s head slightly.  Looking down at her in confusion and curiosity.  A deep humming sound vibrated through the air.

“In a sense,”  The beast voice, before letting out a heavy sigh through it’s noise.  A puff of smoke billowed at in the action, and the monster grinned widely at Judy’s rather loud swallow.  “Why are you speaking with me now, Carrots.”

Judy opened her mouth to say something, before she registered what the monster had called her.  “What did you just call me?”

“Carrots,”  the monster answered easily.  A clear sound of amusement in it’s voice.  “You are a rabbit, rabbits eat carrots, mammals are what they eat, therefore you are Carrots.”  The monster reasoned, before it snorted and chuckled lightly down at her.  “I don’t know you name, you’ve never properly introduced yourself.”

“Oh…uh, I’m Judy Hopps, the chosen undead.”  Judy stated.  “And what’s your name?”

“Nick.”  The beast answered.

Judy raised an eyebrow at the best. It was honestly not the name she expected the beast to have.  She has expected something more…sinister…or at least something with ‘Destroyer of’ something tacked on the end.  That was how how every other monster and demon she faced was named.  Not just Nick….it sounded so…normal.

“Very nice to meet you, Nick.”

“We’ve meet 237 times.”  Nick pointed out flatly.

“Yeah, but I didn’t know your name then.”  Judy defended weakly.

Nick hummed down at her again.  After a moment he lowered his head towards her.  “Tell me, Judy why are you talking me now?”

Judy swallowed.  That was quiet the loaded question.  She knew she could lie, but Nick would likely know, as he seemed to have an endless list of abilities. Though admitting the truth didn’t seem like a great idea either.

“Change of tactics,”  She offered up with a shrug.  “I was tried of dying, decided to take a day off and talk.  Thought I might befriend you till you let mess pass, or just convince you to let me pass.”  Judy admitted.  “There are a pawful of reasons.”

Again Nick hummed.  He let it vibrate through the air till it settled nicely into the silences around them.  “I’ll let you pass.”

“Really?!”  Judy said, spring up from her spot on the rock.

Nick nodded, pulling his head away from her. “I just need to ask you one small thing.”

“Of course,”  Judy beamed.  Damn, if she realized all she had to do was ask earlier, she could have spared herself months of agony. “Anything?”

“Why did you intentionally attack the first time we meet.”  Nick asked, and there was a slight glow to his eyes.

Judy was silent for a moment.  She let out a sigh.  “I was scared.”  She admitted.  “No offense, but you’re rather intimating and…large.  Every other monster and demon I encounter wants have their go at ending me.  I figured you would be the same, and I was scared, like I always am.”

Nick was silent for a moment.

The sudden he morphed, and shifted into much smaller form.  That of an actual red fox, thin and tall.  The grin on his lips was easy, and his eyes were bright as Judy looked at him in complete shock.

“You may pass.”  Nick said, actually using his mouth to speak. 

Judy nodded and hurried towards the entrance of the pass.  Trying to bet the fox before he changed his mind, or had a chance to grab her and fling her back.

“I wish you luck, Judy.”  Nick’s voice called behind her. 

She turned to see the fox watching her coolly from the passes opening.  She gave him a nodd, before watching him turn and morph pack into the massive beast she first encountered.

Turning on her heels, Judy ran as quickly as she could towards the Kingdom of Zootopia.


AN:  I really don’t know.  I can’t even tell you if I’m close.  This really just sort of ended up being a fantasy AU.

Either way, hope you liked it.

Moments of Love

As inspired by this picture from the absolutely wonderful @meldy-arts, it’s another Sabezra story from me.  Sorry to my followers who may dislike this paring.

To Ezra Bridger, the common room was home.  

Perhaps it was an odd statement, since home could take on many meanings.  Home might be the long-destroyed house of his childhood, the dust-stormed streets of Capital City or the abandoned coms tower of his late childhood.  Home could be The Ghost, where he learnt how to be kind again or perhaps Atollon, where he discovered so much about himself – both bad and good.  The Starbird was home, his and Sabine’s, these days – their own ship, though they still used Spector 5 and Spector 6 as code names often.

But The Starbird’s common room was home, more so than anywhere else.

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This Isn't Nap Time ~ Stiles Stilinski // Teen Wolf

Request / Ask questions here
Y/N - Your Name   L/N - Last Name   Y/N/N - Your Nick Name
POV - Point Of View
Plot: You haven’t slept in days due to the supernatural friends and Stiles notices
Word Count: 1,317 (Damn this is long)
Disclaimer: I own that text picture tho

My eyes fluttered closed and soon everything went quiet, the only thing I could here was my steady breathing. Suddenly I felt a presence in front of me and before I could comprehend there was a ear shattering slam. I shot my head up, my hair falling over half my face. I was greeted by snickers around the room and the coach towering over me. three large books in his hand. 

“This isn’t nap time L/N” I rubbed one eye whilst stretching my back against the chair.

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anonymous asked:

Hi ^^ Can I request a Vernon scenario where he takes his little sister to go trick and treats and they arrive at your house (his crush) and he gets very shy? It isn't even halloween yet LOL thx ♡



Vernon groans, waiting for his sister to finally be ready to go trick or treating.

“Sofie, can we please leave already? Everyone is gonna be done handing out candy by the time we leave!” He grumbled.

“My crown doesn’t look perfect yet, Nonny! We can’t go!” she whined in response. He groaned again and leaned against the wall with a sigh. A few minutes later Sofia gave a noise of content and looked at her older brother.

“We can go now,” she said with a satisfied smile. Vernon rolled his eyes and opened the door. 

“You’re cute but yous till get on my nerves!” he told her. She smiled sweetly,

“I know. Now, come on Nonny, I want to get some candy!” 


Vernon and his little sister were walking down the street, ringing door bell after door bell. Sofia had gathered almost half a pillowcase by that time and was happily humming about her boat load of candy. 

“Sofia, don’t you think we should be heading home now? It’s a little late and you’ve got a lot of candy,” Vernon suggested, his feet starting to grow tired.

“Just a few more houses, please, Nonny!” she pleaded, her eyes huge as she clutched her pillow case. Vernon sighed and stuck out his hand.

“Fine, but only three more!” She squeed happily and clasped his hand, leading him to the next house. It wasn’t till he was walking through the gate until he noticed the house it self. Then it hit him and he stopped dead in his tracks, his sister pulling all the while.

“Nonny! Come on! You said three more!” she whined. 

This was your house. 

Not just anyone’s house, but his 2 year long crush’s house. 

He felt himself swallow. There is no way he could just march up their with his baby sister and sweetly ask “trick or treat.” No way in hell.

Nonny, come on!”

Looks like he didn’t have a choice.


You heard your doorbell ring for the nth time that night. Still smiling because of how cute the kids in your neighborhood were, you grabbed the candy bowl and opened the door. In front of it was a cute little ballerina-fairy-princess whom had a very heavy sac of candy already. You couldn’t help but grin. 

“Trick or treat!” her high voice called out, accompanied by a much deeper male one. Startled you looked up and behind her. Standing behind her was Vernon Chwe, a boy from your school- a really cute one that’s ears a neck were currently a flaming red at that. 

So he’s taking his little sister how trick or treating. I thought she looked familiar, you though to yourself.

You giggled lightly before grabbing a handful of candy and plopping it in her bad. Giving it a second thought you grabbed another and as you threw it in, you said to her,

“I’ll give you another one since there’s two of you. Make sure to share some with your big brother okay?” you winked sweetly before looking up at Vernon and giving him a little more of a flirty wink. Her smile lit up and she turned to Vernon.

“Nonny! Look, I got another handful!!” she squealed. You had to slide your hand over your mouth to hide your laugh. Vernon’s eyes shot up to yours, his face now turning a pink hue. 

Nonny? you mouthed. He gave an embarrassed smiled before looking down and rubbing his hands over his face to hid it. You giggled, this time over how cute and sweet he was. 

You looked down again at his beaming little sister.

“What’s your name?” you asked. 

“Sofia!” she announced. You smiled.

“Alright, Sofia! Thanks for stopping by and make sure not to stay out to late! And make sure you’re nice to your big brother, he’s real sweet you know,” you said the last part in a mock whisper. You looked up to find Vernon with his hand over his mouth and his cheeks very, very pink. 

Sofia gave you a classically mischievous little sister smile that you knew all to well and nodded vigorously. You laughed and stood up.

“Bye bye, you two.” you said, watching them start to step off your porch, “I’ll see you at school… Nonny,” you called after them. You heard Sofia cackle and skip out of your gate while Vernon froze momentarily to look back at your with red ears and horrified eyes. You laughed and waved. He waved halfheartedly before slumping after his sister, neck and ears still a vibrant red. 

Hehehe hope you like this mass ball of shy, embarrassed “Nonny” ^.^ hehehe



astralis, chapter one

on Ao3 | on ffnet

here we go.

shoutout to the @ml-network​ for helping me plot how to ah… put someone out of commission. there are a lot of ways to hurt people. we discussed many of them. thanks to everyone on here who helped with naming. i wrote the majority of this after midnight last night so editing is meh. it may be a while before i update. a mix of team shenanigans and angst.

i chose to go with chat getting injured because otherwise this was just going to become fanfic of a fanfic. specifically ‘you don’t know me’ by @ferisae​ which i love and is incredible. so i went in a different direction to avoid that. (please check out that fic though if you haven’t already)

warnings for a heck of a lot of panicking and anxiety, pretty serious injury (although not at all graphic), and all of the little side effects that come with said panicking and anxiety.


Ladybug stands on a beam of the Eiffel Tower. They’ll find her when they’re ready, she knows they will. There are things she has already predicted about them, ideas she’s formed in her mind. She bounces her yo-yo up and down, mindlessly flicking her wrist to send it whooshing back down the length of the Tower, pausing for the briefest of seconds a few feet above where civilians would stand before whisking back up to her hand. She’s never considered using her yo-yo as an actual yo-yo until recently.

She’s itching to go. To do something. To punch something. Hawk Moth has been on the down low for the past few days, which is both a good and bad thing. Good because she doesn’t think she could handle an akuma right now. Bad because her anxiety has been building steadily.

She throws her yo-yo a few more times. She mindlessly wonders if she should go patrol before completely scrapping the idea. She hasn’t patrolled since—

Ladybug jerks back to avoid getting hit in the face with her yo-yo.

She decides that she hates this. She doesn’t want to do this, she doesn’t want to be here. She wants to be curled up in bed, staring at the wall with her mind blank. But Master Fu had said it was today.


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