and this isn't even all my faves

  • Graham Norton about random audience member being interviewed: Ugh whos this guy all bless him he's a bit awkward isn't here i don't even like him i-
  • Interviewer: So you did you like most?
  • Guy: Ooh England!
  • Graham Norton: Did i mention how much i love this guy best audience member ever so good so pure my all time fave

top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #16. Marco Del Rossi

“Even strangers know, Spin. Last night wasn’t about my shoes. Those guys, they knew… and they bashed me because they hated it, just like you do.”

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so we gonna conveniently ignore how ksoo made a colorist joke about jongin just a few months ago on that star 360 show? really? exo's colorism isn't some distant long forgiven and forgotten thing from 2013

i actually forgot about that until u mentioned it tbh lol rip me exo has made so many colorist comments that its all blurred together anyways all i was trying to say earlier is i dont excuse exo or vixx or shinee or gsd or mamamoo or exid or any of my faves from making colorist comments im aware that theyve ALL done it and they all STILL do it (even if they’ve learned to stop doing it in public bc of pr reasons) and its disheartening and disappointing bc they’ve all fucked up but you can still love a thing/person/group and hate it simultaneously for the problematic things they have had said and done

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Any Phan blog recs?

Hi anon!

I’m sorry I answer a bit late I was almost finished and then tumblr fucked up and deleted everything >:( It’s late now and I am v tired so this now is just a short list. Again, I’m sorry.

My absolute faves (that I have on notifications):

@cappuccinohowell (a kind soul, beautiful moodboards, her blog is literally perf, deserves all the hugs)

@pseudophan (wine mum and gif maker, knows everything, v funny, idek i just love Nora)

@jilliancares (best phanfiction you’ll ever read, overall cool blog, also a great person)

@writerdan (amazing moodboards, also aesthetic stuff, so sweet)

@haleykinz (phanart and phanfiction, rants, loving and understanding)

@huilens (v cute phanart, a lovely bean that I care about a lot, on a sorta hiatus atm)

Other great general dnp blogs:

@lcssamazingphil, @nihilist-toothpaste, @cringe-attacks, @phansterdam, @fallinghowell, @arcticlester, @cafephan

More awesome phanart blogs:

@maddox-rider, @incaseyouart, @amiteeka, @gryphll, @planetarylester, @hlvnshk, @alinaispandi, @vivianadichiara, @ironicallester, @beeken, @psychicmoth, @michaelakindlova, @sunnyaalisse, @wavyfoxtrot

I’m sorry these are so few but I usually only check out a couple of blogs and that’s it.

I hope I helped you a bit with this :/ Anyways, thx for sending me an ask, everyone is welcome at any time to ask me something or just chat if you want to. Have a nice day (or rather night)!

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fans both gay and straight make het assumptions about the boys all the time without the presence of hypothetical situations. i don't know any of your business outside of this but you can't pretend like there isn't always an underlying assumption of heterosexuality that's only confronted when people start talking abt LGBT identities and it's a lot more harmful than someone asking who jinyoung would be attracted to if he were gay.

oh my god did you even read what i wrote !!!??????????? 

honey, i understand all of that. there is immense amounts of stigma against LGBT+ people especially in the kpop community where heteronormativity runs rampant and the second anyone mentions that someone’s fave might not be heterosexual a great number of kpop stans go off in homophobic rants

please don’t put words in my mouth. i know, darling i fucking know. i’ve faced many situations of aggressive homophobia and i know that heterosexuality is always, for some fucking reason, the default sexuality. 

i know it’s more harmful to assume that someone is heterosexual because it risks erasure of LGBT+ identities. don’t assume i don’t know any of that, because i’ve faced erasure of our community first hand. many times. 

it’s harmful to assume either way, because it’s none of our fucking business. it’s their personal lives so we shouldn’t assume either way. we should just enjoy their music and move on with our lives. 


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Fave destiel moment isn't even canonically a real destiel moment lol but it's in "Into the Mystic" when Mildred is like "You wanna know the secret to living a long and happy life? Follow your heart" and also the whole "if there's one thing i learned in all my years on the road it's when somebody's pining for somebody else. Don't try and fight it now, follow your heart!" And I know the writers were trying to suggest that Dean was pining for Amara but god Deans face it just had to have been cas

But were the writers really trying to suggest Amara? I’m 99.99% convinced that, although it may have looked like that was supposed to be about Amara, it wasn’t at all! 

Dean following his “heart” to engage in a non-consensual relationship?? Nope. Don’t think so. If we’re meant to believe that Dean was following his heart that season, then why didn’t he end up with Amara?

Plus, there is so much meta out there that links Cas to symbols of sunshine! Amara=The darkness, Cas=sunshine. Wanna bet on which one Mildred was talking to Dean about??

Anywho, back to the point at hand. What I’m trying to say is that this is a fantastic Destiel moment and I completely approve! I absolutely love that scene! 

Tell me your favorite Destiel moment in ANY season!



Unsounded cosplay at ALA 2016

Papa Duane Adelier is @drasilvergon, who also edited all of these photos!

Sette Frummagem is me! Photos by my bro, @steamninja, who is also to thank for getting me into this amazing webcomic in the first place.

Characters belong to the incredibly talented Ashley Cope @unsoundedcomic 

Please check out this webcomic! It’s one of my absolute faves, and with good reason!

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I want to say I love you art but man, your Bones has the most expressive eyes EVER. I mean, you captured how he emotes in the eyes, it's amazing. Also, sometimes you draw his eyes and they look so sultry even when the picture isn't meant to be! I just love your art, period.

!!!!!! I’m glad!!!! His eyes have always been one of my fave features on him (on both versions!) because of how expressive they always were. I’m glad I managed to capture that! Thank you!!!!

(AOS!Bones does sultry all the time and he doesn’t even kno it. TOS!Bones pulls out the big guns when he wants something done his way. It always works…)

Beyoncé doesn't do red carpets or pre-show pleasantries. But she walked the vma carpet tonight with a group of black women, young and old, her artists, the mothers of slain black people, her own daughter. Beyoncé isn't walking the red (white) carpet for herself y'all. She's doing it for all the Carefree Black Girls and Boys. This is why I love her

This is a completely unreasonable pet peeve to have but it makes me so nauseous when I see people who have clearly never been dirt poor a day in their life make headcanons about characters being dirt poor.
Like? The Dakotas were scraping to get by but their parents could afford to take them on family trips? And buy them matching outfits? And own a car? And waste fuel driving South around just to help her get to sleep? Lmao okay.
Idk there’s something about the idea of some middle-class white person daydreaming about their white faves struggling with some sort of romanticized version of fantasy poverty to tickle their fee-fees that makes me unjustifiably disgusted.

Firstly, I think the cast is perfect. I mean the Malfoys surprised me because I did not imagine them like that at all but otherwise I adore the cast. Secondly, all I hope for is no major character death and a good ending because I can’t okay, don’t hurt my children

Now some things to consider:

1. Can we just take a second to appreciate the Weasleys who look so happy and content, its adorable! Also, it’s freaking amazing that Hermione kept her surname and Rose’s surname is Granger-Weasley, its just perfect characterisation

2. Can we notice how uncomfortable Al looks my poor child, part of me doesn’t even want to know what happens to him. Also Ginny’s casting is perfect and Harry “i am so done with this shit” Potter is bringing the sass already I can’t wait

3. Can we also notice how Astoria is missing? Like where is she I need to know! I know I don’t ship Draco and Astoria but still, I think she deserves to be there, unless this means that there’s a tragic backstory to why she isn’t there.. uh oh and also I’m lowkey upset because Draco looks like Lucius here, he just looks so controlling and he has his hand on Scorpius’ shoulder in a firm manner and my poor child Scorpius looks kinda scared. Give Scorpius a chance to redeem the Malfoys and please lord let Draco have his redemption arc, don’t let him turn into another Lucius because I WILL NOT BE HAPPY IF HE DOES

4. This is going to be an emotional rollercoaster and we are all likely going to crash and burn and die. I’m feeling anxious already and I want to know what happens but I’m scared that all my faves will get hurt and the headcanons I’ve had for so long will get shattered. Also I’m predicting at least 700 plot twists and if Albus has ‘problems’ because he’s in Slytherin, I WILL SCREAM

5. I’m just typing this as thoughts occur to me so forgive me if they make no sense

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Well I think most characters have a certain color palette and all of the former villains palettes include a deep red - Rumple, Regina, Hook. Hook's is red and black, Rumple gold, red, brown, and Regina black, red, and a rich purple. The red Regina wears is probably inspired by her red apples. This isn't the first time Regina has worn red and black, and I personally don't see the color combo as being identifiably solely "Hook's" ya know?

Oh, you are definitely right! The villains love red. It’s not exclusive to Hook. Cora loved it even before she was a villain (that ball gown and mask is one of my fave costumes on the show, after Belle’s blue dress). Regina has her red apples and red lips, as well as other red fashion accessories. Rumple doesn’t wear much red that I can think of off the top of my head, though he does wear some. I just wouldn’t say it’s his signature color or a mainstay in his color palette. That is just my impression, though. Cruella was stylin’ in red. (Other villains have opted for green: Zelena, Ursula, so I would include that on the villain palette). 

Red is a very important color for Killian though. Not only does red appear frequently as the only color in his wardrobe (black isn’t a color, and excluding his navy uniform) in every season he’s been in except 6 so far, and it’s done in a red vest, black jacket and black pants combo:

it visually connects him to Emma and her red leather jacket (which he likes) and her EF red ball gown Rumple gives her, it also is the color of the pirate flag (crimson being a shade of red):

So, is it any wonder that when Killian gets magic, the color of his magic is red?

The color of someone’s magic poof seems to be fairly important, so the show runners clearly want us to associate red with Killian. That’s his color on the show (not that he’s the only character who ever wears red, just like Regina isn’t the only character who wears black, Zelena doesn’t own green, and Emma doesn’t have royalties for white). 

So, given all the connection between Killian and red, particularly Killian having a recurring outfit featuring a red, button down belt, long black jacket and black pants, with a necklace, it is very interesting for them to dress Regina like this for the adventure she has with Emma: (forgive the screencap, I don’t know how to make gifs).

Maybe it’s unintentional. Maybe it’s completely intentional. But I feel like if you want to do some SQ costume meta (which like I said, there are some really great SQ metas discussing costumes alone), this outfit will provide some excellent meta. 

Regina is wearing Hook’s look.  

There I said it. 

If you want to say, “totally just a coincidence” or something to that effect, be my guest. I’m cool with you not seeing SQ. I’m not trying to convince anyone to see SQ. My post was aimed at those who already ship SQ and are looking for these clues.

So, to those who are looking for SQ clues, Regina has seen what Emma likes, and she’s taken note of it, consciously on unconsciously.

And to those who don’t want to look for SQ stuff, can we appreciate the fact that the wardrobe people know how to dress Lana?

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My friend doesn't believe in larry, she doesn't even like 1d that much and isn't invested in their life at all. I told her about this supposed baby and all she did was look at me in the eyes and say "there is no baby, it doesn't make sense."

yes of course… if you sit and explain it to people then thats the logical thing most people come up with first haha..  

i just think a lot of people dont care as much as larries or louies.. because, well. it’s not about their fave. look at it this way… how many larries know a lot about niall? and there is actually a lot to know about it haha… but a lot of harries and louies dont care because it’s not their fave… i feel like it’s the same with this. idk thats just me… i saw kati do a post thing about how the general fans are still the majority but theres more larries than there are antis… which i totally agree with. i think at the end of the day we can all collectively say that, it’s just one big fucking mess haha

Probably real conversations from Aki-P's 755
  • Fan: I like AKB48
  • Aki-P 755: Well since you're practically begging me I guess I'll make a new sister group. You're welcome! <3
  • Fan: I like Majisuka Gakuen
  • Aki-P 755: Well since you asked we're already producing two more seasons and what you really really wanted: a musical! What was that? You want to know about the plot? Even I don't know the plot because there isn't one! Ahahahaha isn't that great?
  • Fan: I like *insert member name here*. I wish they could get more recognition from management and maybe even appear in a song.
  • Aki-P 755: So demanding! Well since you're desperate I'll give them a photobook. In fact, I'll give all of your faves a photobook. Photobooks for EVERYONE!! (but only if they're popular of course)! And yeah they won't be appearing in a song lol don't kid yourself
  • Fan: Please write new stages
  • Aki-P 755: I've fulfilled all of your wishes how can you do this to me?