and this isn't even a hypothetical situation

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fans both gay and straight make het assumptions about the boys all the time without the presence of hypothetical situations. i don't know any of your business outside of this but you can't pretend like there isn't always an underlying assumption of heterosexuality that's only confronted when people start talking abt LGBT identities and it's a lot more harmful than someone asking who jinyoung would be attracted to if he were gay.

oh my god did you even read what i wrote !!!??????????? 

honey, i understand all of that. there is immense amounts of stigma against LGBT+ people especially in the kpop community where heteronormativity runs rampant and the second anyone mentions that someone’s fave might not be heterosexual a great number of kpop stans go off in homophobic rants

please don’t put words in my mouth. i know, darling i fucking know. i’ve faced many situations of aggressive homophobia and i know that heterosexuality is always, for some fucking reason, the default sexuality. 

i know it’s more harmful to assume that someone is heterosexual because it risks erasure of LGBT+ identities. don’t assume i don’t know any of that, because i’ve faced erasure of our community first hand. many times. 

it’s harmful to assume either way, because it’s none of our fucking business. it’s their personal lives so we shouldn’t assume either way. we should just enjoy their music and move on with our lives.