and this is why we have those indications

In response to @ayame-sohma‘s ask here (X).

Okay, everybody sit down, shut up, and just fucking listen for a second.

I realize Yuki has a large fan-base here in the fandom, and in the canon material- but seriously, the grudge everyone seems to be holding over Ayame is 100% wrong, and you guys need to really sit and think about things for awhile.

Please take a look at what kind of home Ayame was raised in; his father was mostly absent as far as we can tell, and Ayame’s mother was about as far from maternal and loving as one could get. Why in the world would it be expected for Ayame to feel loving and protective over a new baby brother? He had grown up in an entirely different lifestyle, his home life had never given him the indication that he SHOULD treat a little brother more gently. Those feelings do not just magically appear.

Secondly, Ayame and Yuki have a ten year age gap. That is a big gap between siblings; Ayame had gone ten years being the only child- by the time Yuki was born, Ayame was already going through school, had his own group of friends, an entire life of his own. Not long after Yuki’s birth, Akito had laid claim on him. Yuki wasn’t even HOME most of the time- how was Ayame supposed to form a bond with him? Yuki’s mother PRACTICALLY SOLD HIM FOR FORTUNE- how the FUCK do you really believe Ayame even spent that much time around him?

Thirdly, Ayame’s worst crime was ignoring Yuki. God-forbid he be a bit selfish and self-centered (as most teenagers are), and don’t forget, he came from a wealthy family. All the Sohma children were brats in one way or another, Ayame’s attitude is hardly out of left-field, coming from a reserved, cold home environment and riches. He ignored him. Ayame didn’t have a CLUE what Yuki was suffering through, had he known, I’m positive Ayame would’ve done something. How was he supposed to just magically know his little brother- who he had hardly spent any time around- was unhappy? How can you hold that against him?

Yes, Ayame was cold in regards to Yuki. He was cold because he didn’t understand, he didn’t realize what was happening in the family, what was happening behind closed doors. Hind-sight is 20/20.

And what did Ayame do once he realized his mistake? HE ACTIVELY TRIED TO FIX IT.

He’s been working SO HARD to fix things with Yuki; Ayame can be a bit oblivious, but his intentions are pure and he’s desperately trying here. He is visibly upset and hurt when his past with Yuki is brought up- not only does Ayame seek council from his two closest friends on what to do, we can see that even Mine, Ayame’s girlfriend, is very invested in helping Ayame and Yuki get some alone time. This is clearly something he has talked about in private with her, this is clearly something that truly upsets him to the core of his being.

And he’s doing the best that he can.

Seriously, if you hold that against Ayame, I will personally come and fight you. Nothing was MALICIOUS, nothing was INTENTIONAL. I’d love to take your past mistakes and rub them in your face just because you didn’t know any better, I’d like to see how you’d feel then. People grow, people change. As far as Fruits Basket goes, Ayame underwent through one of the most transforming character developments in the manga. If you shit on that, I will literally throttle you.

You want to call out people who truly wounded Yuki? Go see his mother. Not Ayame.


End martial law now!

Hark, faithful child of Ishgard:

The Lord Commander is dearly loved in our city, and all understand wherefore. In all his service to the Archbishop he gave nary a reason to doubt his virtue, honor, and tactical genius, and none can deny that his decisions rescued our victories and saved our knights’ lives. Therefore it is easy to understand why many of our brothers and sisters flock to his leadership and give complete trust to his protestations and promises.

We who remain ardently faithful are loath to cast doubt upon one so distinguished, and even against every indication do we continue to pray that his heart remains uncorrupted.

But in truth, the only testimony that can prove the Lord Commander’s intentions benevolent is that of his own actions.

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On why Angela did not “mold” or “manipulate” Fareeha in a predatory way, canonically

As a disclaimer, there have been abusers like this, who take the close trust they have with a person and twist it to do horrible, unspeakable things.  Those things do happen, and there is no justification for it.  I apologize.

If you say that Angela molded Fareeha to her own design I would like to see the canon evidence and contexts that would indicate that.

(Long rant under the cut)

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girl meets texas theory



Okay. So my theory is that Maya doesn’t like Lucas in a romantic way. She likes him like a brother. Riley is the sister she never had and Lucas is the brother she never had. That’s why she likes to tease him. That’s why she can’t see him get hurt just as she would never want to see Riley hurt. We have seen through the way she protects Riley that Maya is very protective of those she sees as family. We even see this in the way she treats Shawn. Without Riley, Maya and Lucas have nothing in common. They don’t share common interests, common life goals. When Lucas told Maya about his baby horse story she didn’t care at all. In fact, she poured the milkshake on him indicating that he was boring her. Riley on the other hand asked him more questions. Maybe because that’s just Riley but maybe also because that was important to Lucas (he wants to be a vet.. like come on. Animals are this guys life) and Riley knows it’s important to him. 

Both Riley and Maya are feeling awkward about their new couplings and everyone knows that these couples will never work. I’m not a Lucaya hater, but just think about it. Lucas’ dream is to become a vet. Delivering a baby horse is something that is super important to him. In a relationship you have to be able to talk to the other person about things. Farkle was right when he said that Lucas and Riley were only awkward on their date because they were trying to be people they were not. They too were forced into the situation and it made it worse. They proved through their friendship that they can talk to one another and support one another. They both also clearly have romantic feelings for one another as demonstrated by Lucas in Part 1 & 2 and by Riley in Part 3. 

Sure.. Some people can say that Maya and Lucas are also forced into their date like situation but the bottom line is that Maya DOES NOT CARE ABOUT LUCAS’ INTERESTS. She DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HIS STORIES. She DOES NOT CARE about anything that he might want to tell her. I think a lot of fans are confusing the chemistry that Sabrina and Peyton have with one another and directing it to Lucaya.. I believe that Rucas will be end game.

Also.. Did we just forget that Maya has a thing for Josh? 

ok so

I’ve been thinking about promo pictures, posters, stills etc and how they’re meant to send a message about a show

also I’ve been thinking about platonic male bffs and how they’re portrayed and represented in those mediums

especially because “WHY CAN’T TWO MEN JUST BE FRIENDS” is like the favourite rhetoric of anti-johnlockers

looks like an electronica album cover tbh

^ the only one in which one is looking at the other, and in this case it appears incidental, casual.

you get the drift:

here are two men. they are put together to indicate to you that they are a team - their friendship is a crucial part to the story. In some cases, their friendship IS the story. And oh yeah, they’re obviously just friends. We are indicating that by not having them touch excessively or stare excessively or do anything supposedly uncharacteristic of hetero and platonic. 

a lot of these are specific genres, like cop drama, western, whatever good will hunting is, lots of them are cop dramas tbh and Sherlock and John are ostensibly “buddy cops” in some ways.

Now, to parallel

Can someone tell me what Sherlock is doing and why the people in charge thought this would be a good idea at least THREE different times??? I theorised a bit for myself - that Sherlock is “studying” or “analysing” John, as he does with people. There is a similarly posed photo with Sherlock and Irene and that confirms that studying people is his thing, but from what we know of Sherlock, he studies only what he is interested in. The Woman is interesting - she’s a mystery, an antagonist. But honestly what is so interesting about John that you need to study him in this many of your promo shots?? Note: these were not difficult to find, I googled “Sherlock promo pictures” and didn’t have to scroll. If pictures are meant to subtly inform an audience on what a show is about, what are the people in charge trying to tell us? 

Ever heard of that crazy theory that your feet point in the direction of the person you desire? Look at Sherlock picture 1 and anyone might theorise that is a metaphor that Sherlock is gay and John is bi (one foot pointing away). Also John is always the one not looking at Sherlock? I wonder what that means. Obviously, it is also highly possible it means nothing and this is a crack theory.

But I did this just because I wanted to turn the question around: look at those three photos above, and tell me why those men can’t be more than friends. 

The narrative of “Support all Systems no matter what!” in the community is extremely harmful, and so is the platform of “anyone can be a system and you don’t get to define their experiences for them!”

Because a lot of times, when people post stuff like “only you can define your own experiences, if you think you’re a system then you are!” people who are questioning but don’t fit diagnostic criteria for DID or OSDD-1b will see this and say

“oh then I’m definitely a system!” even if their experiences are not indicative of being a system in the first place.

This narrative makes it so incredibly difficult for those of us traumagenic DID/OSDD-1b systems here because whenever we try to share information about DID/OSDD-1b, we always get people calling us gatekeepers. Why? Because we share information about the diagnostic criteria and how there actually are requirements to being a system besides “I think I am”. Surprise!

For you to insist that you don’t need trauma to have DID/OSDD-1b is to insist that our experiences as abuse and trauma survivors are not legitimate. For you to insist that anyone can be a system regardless of if they fit the diagnostic criteria is to insist that our lifelong struggles coping with horrific abuse are not legitimate.

You want us, the traumagenic DID/OSDD-1b community to respect your “beliefs” that are honest to god psychological impossibilities, but the second we try to stand up for ourselves and correct your heinous misinformation that makes it incredibly difficult for us DID/OSDD-1b systems to seek help and resources we’re horrible gatekeepers!

Why are we, the traumagenic DID/OSDD-1b community horrible, awful people if we don’t respect your appropriation of our illness but the second you all illegitimize our abuse, that’s our problem?

This is literally straight forward victim blaming and abuse apologism.

You’re shitting on abuse victims because you’re taking our disorder caused by the horrible abuse we’ve experienced and turning it into a fun game that anyone can have.

This is why I will never trust any system who is not DID or OSDD-1b.