and this is why i'm up at 3 am

Lance dropping casual observations about Keith is a pure and good thing.

They’re on a new planet and Lance is trying out the food at a local festival. He’s thankful for the green goop and Hunk has done wonders in experimenting with the flavor, but sometimes a guy needs a little more variety. Or at least something that tastes like coconut. He grabs some sort of kabob looking thing and takes a small bite. As soon as the flavor hits him, he’s bounding across the room waving the dish excitedly in Keith’s face shouting, “Dude you HAVE to try this, you’re gonna love it.”

It’s hot pink with green stripes an….fuzzy? Keith raises an eyebrow at the striped mammalian horror for a moment, then narrows his eyes at Lance. “It’s not going to turn me green or make me throw up is it?”

Lance rolls his eyes. “That was one time, get over it already. Nothing weird is going to happen, I just know you have a sweet tooth so I think you’ll like it.”

Keith is blindsided by the statement. How does Lance even know that? What the quiznak? He doesn’t realize he’s silently staring at Lance until the blue paladin is waving the food in his face once again. “Are you gonna try it or what?”

Keith brushes the surprise off; he’ll think about it later. “Um… yeah, sure. Stop trying to stab me in the face with it, jeez.”

Keith ends up eating 11 of the seussian skewers before they go back to the castle for the night.

“What are you nervous about?”

Keith’s posture stiffens. He didn’t even hear Lance enter the common room. “What makes you think I’m nervous?”

Lance climbs over the back of the couch to seat himself on it - because he can’t just be normal and walk around to sit like a normal person - before answering. “You’re staring off into space, ha, and messing with the Velcro on your gloves. You only do that when you’re nervous about something.”

“How do you even know that?!” The question tumbles out of Keith’s mouth without explicit permission.

Lance pulls his legs up to cross them and raises an eyebrow. “I pay attention, obviously.” He looks away before adding “So….what’s wrong.”

They talk for a while. It’s not a magic cure, but Keith doesn’t feel like the universe is completely falling apart afterwards. It’s…nice.

Pidge finds the t-shirt on one of their trips to the space mall. It says something along the lines of “Edge Lord” on it in an alien tongue and Pidge thought it was the most hilarious thing they had ever seen an immediately bought it. Keith wrinkles his nose at it, but leaves the room to pull it on anyways. He’s never really had a family, but Pidge is so much like a younger sibling and they looked so proud of the gift. He doesn’t want to let them down. So, he slips it on and marches back into the training deck, determined to not be embarrassed. Which meant that Lance had made his way into the room just before Keith returned, of course.

Lance actually does a double take before he’s consumed with laughter. Keith pouts. When the full body howling finally dies down to more of a giggle, Lance looks over at Pidge. “Is THAT the shirt you bought him?”

They grin, “Yup.”

“God bless you Pidge. I can’t believe you got him to wear it though, Keith hates the color orange.” There’s no time for Keith to wonder how it is that Lance became privy to that information because Lance gives him another look over and grins. “With good reason too. It’s definitely not your color dude.”

Keith immediately pulls the boot off of his left foot and chucks it at Lance’s head. He doesn’t actually throw it hard, but he also doesn’t miss. 

Hunk finds a shop that sells space candy on another trip to the space mall a few weeks after the t-shit incident. They look and taste like jelly beans and even come in a myriad of assorted colors. Everyone on the ship is basically obsessed with them. No one brings it up, but the space jellies, as lance loving calls them, remind everyone on the team of home. It’s bittersweet and Coran makes sure the kitchen is well stocked with them. 

It’s the middle of the night and Keith can’t sleep, so he drags himself to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Lo and behold, he notices a certain Cuban boy sitting on the counter tossing space jellies in the air and trying to catch them with his mouth. Lance’s antics are ridiculous, but they’re also kind of…. endearing? Keith shakes the thought from his head and rolls his eyes for good measure before making his way to the pantry. 

If it had been anyone else, there would have been at least three boxes left and a cold juice sitting there waiting for the taking. BUT it’s Keith, so that means the last box of space jellies is currently being consumed by Lance who rattles a half finished box and says, “Looking for these?”

When Keith turns to face him, Lance is grinning from ear to ear. It’s definitely not cute. “You took the last one.”

Lance’s smile doesn’t falter at Keith’s grumpy tone. “Sure did.”

Keith huffs and turns back to the pantry, resigns himself to grabbing a bag of little pea shaped things that taste like banana at first, but leave a burnt toast aftertaste. Pidge is obsessed with them, Keith doesn’t really get it but he needs something to snack on so he sits a the table and tears opens the bag.

A few minutes go by and the silence is only broken up by Lace humming a few bars of some song Keith has never heard before. He likes it though and he’ s almost tempted to ask Lance to hum it a little louder. But that’s weird. So he just stares at his pea things and occasionally places one in his mouth.

A box is suddenly placed in front of Keith as Lance slides onto the seat directly across from him smiling. “You like the black ones, right?” He says it with an air of confidence that only Lance possesses but there’s some sort of undertone to it that Keith can’t quite identify. Fondness maybe?

Keith shifts his gaze from the boy in front of him back down to the box of space jellies. There are quite a few of Keith’s preferred jellies in there and it almost seems like Lance had planned on saving all of them for Keith before he even came into the kitchen. Keith pushes the thought away and looks back up at Lance to mutter a thank you. When Lance smiles this time it’s blinding and genuine. Keith has to avert his gaze yet again, because when Lance gives him that specific brand of smile… his heart starts to do weird things.

The humming starts again and when Keith is done with his jellies they clean up and Lance walks him to his room. The “Goodnight” Lace utters before heading to his room is accompanied with a small wave and a soft smile. Keith falls back to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. 

They’re sitting side by side on the floor of the bridge staring upwards at the holographic image of Earth’s sun and all of the stars surrounding it. It doesn’t happen every night, not that there’s really a night or a day in space, either way they should both be asleep at these time none the less, but it’s not uncommon for one of them to find the other sitting by a window looking out at the endless space that surrounds them at all times now.

Sometimes they just sit together in comfortable silence. Sometimes they make up stupid constellations to make one another laugh. Occasionally they’ll both lay down next to each other as they look out a window at an unfamiliar planet and talk about all kinds of things in muted tones. 

Tonight though, there was something about the look in Lance’s eyes that made Keith take him by the wrist and lead him to the bridge to look at the familiar stars they’d both grown up staring at. 

Keith smiles as he points to another cluster and says, “That’s Lyra.”

Lace looks up. “It’s small.”

“Yep.” The red paladin nods. “It’s the 52nd constellation in order from largest to smallest, but Vega is part of the constellation and that’s the fifth brightest star in Earth’ s night sky.”

Lance pulls his legs to his chest and rests his chin on his knees. “Isn’t there a myth behind it about a musician or something?”

“Yeah, Orpheus. The story is pretty sad actually.”

Lance spares Keith a glance paired with a smirk before looking back at the hologram. A half smile shouldn’t twist Keith’s stomach like that, but it does. “Greek mythology usually is Keith.” There’s a brief pause before Lance turns back to Keith again and asks “Will you tell me the story?” 

This time Lance doesn’t look away. His gaze is fixed on Keith and the expression he’s making and the tone of voice he’s using isn’t quite as unfamiliar to Keith anymore as it was four months back. In fact, he gives Keith that look every night they sit together under the stars, and sometimes throughout the day when he thinks no one is looking, or when he catches Keith laughing at one of his jokes. Lance looks at Keith like precious, like he’s the most beautiful thing in the universe and it never fails to make Keith’s mouth go dry or increase his heartrate.

“You don’t want to hear me ramble about some random Greek tragedy.” He can’t look away from those eyes. Who awarded Lance the right to have such perfect blue eyes? They’re the pools of water you land in when you’ve followed the river down the waterfall and Keith has never been a strong swimmer. It’s not fair.

“I do.” Lance sounds so sincere. Why does he have to sound like that? Why is his voice so soft and fond? Two syllables came out of that mouth. Simple words, three letters, one space between the first and the last two when written down, and they still manage to knock the breath from Keith’ s lungs. 

When it’s just him and Keith, Lance is different. The obnoxious jokes, and the issuing of lame little competitions between the two of them, and the occasional bickering are all still there even when they’re alone. Keith just feels like there’s something…extra. Like bonus content you only get when you’ve purchased the collector’s edition of a game or something. Lance’s edges get softer and he’s more honest about what he’s feeling when no one else is in the room. He’s  a little more sincere, more prone to being serious, and it’s stunning.

“Please? I like to hear your voice.” Keith still can’t manage to tear his eyes away from the boy sitting next to him, and he knows. He knows that he’s beat red. It’s so, so embarrassing, but he still takes a deep breath when his lungs figure out how they’re supposed to work again and he starts telling the story. 

“So, you were right. Orpheus was a musician, but not like any run of the mill musician, he was the best harpist in all of Greece, even the gods acknowledged his talents.” Lance whistles and Keith tries very hard to not be distracted by the way his lips pucker to make the sound. “Umm…. So, on his wedding day his wife, Eurydice, got separated from the wedding party and got bit on the heel by a snake while she was running away from a Satyr with… less that pure intentions and died.”

“That’s awful.” It’ s almost a whisper.

“Yeah, it really is.” Keith pauses for a moment to silently mourn a fictional nymph. Which, okay yeah it’s probably dumb, but whatever. If Keith had learned anything in the last six months of constant warfare, it’s that patience yields focus and you should always respect the dead. He continues, “Anyways, Orpheus was so heartbroken that he decided to take a journey to the underworld to strike a bargain with Hades to get her back. So when he got there he just started playing this song, and it was so beautiful that even the stones around them start crying and it moved both Hades and his wife Persephone’s hearts or whatever, so Hades cut him a deal.”

“He told Orpheus that if he started walking to the gates of Hell Eurydice would follow behind him and be returned to the world of the living, but only if he didn’t look back at her until they were both out of Hades’ domain. So he walked and walked and had to keep reminding himself that no matter how much his heart told him to, he couldn’t look back. So, when he reached the upperworld he finally looked back, except he forgot to account for the fact that Eurydice could be farther than a foot behind him. She hadn’t reached the entry yet, so she was dragged back down to stay in the world of the dead.”

Lance makes a small sound, whining sound. It’s the same sound Lance always makes when he hears something sad or sees wounds on a comrade after a battle. Keith reaches a hand out to push Lance’s bangs back partly because he knows it’s the easiest way to sooth the blue paladin, and partly because it was an excuse to touch him.

He pulls his hand back, not without reluctance but he still has the rest of the story to tell and being mesmerized by Lance melting under his fingertips would be a little too distracting for Keith to remember how words work. “After that he only ever played sad music. There are a few different versions of how the myth ends, but the one that’s told most often is that in his grief he didn’t pay tribute to the god of wine and he was torn limb from limb as punishment. The muses carried his harp into the sky to form Lyra and immortalize Orphus’s tragedy in the night sky.”

All at once there’s a weight on Keith’s side that was not previously there. Lance had closed the small space between them so that he could rest his head against Keith’s should and lean into him. 

Lance makes an amused sound. “Of course your favorite constellation in the sky would be the one with the with the most depressing love story behind it.”

Keith furrows his brow. He’s been pointing out different constellations all night and he just doesn’t get how Lance picked out his favorite one so easily. His heart does something weird again. It’s painful and also…  pleasant? warm? nice? 

Keith does it too, though. Off of the top of his head he could tell you that Lance hates everything remotely flavored like cooked carrots, but will eat anything that tastes like raw ones. He could write poems about how Lance always worries his bottom lip with his teeth when he’s not quite sure what to say. He could almost list all of the names of the people in Lance’s absurdly large family in alphabetical order and tell you at least two facts about each one of them. Keith could tell you all about how Lance mumbles under his breath in Spanish when he’s scared or exhausted. It wouldn’t sound as pretty, but he could hum you all of the songs Lance sings when he’s happy.

Keith know without a shadow of a doubt why he remembers every tiny detail that Lance has ever revealed to him. There wasn’t a specific moment he realized he was in love with Lance, it had been happening slowly for a long time now. And, yeah, Keith thinks he has an idea as to  why Lance knows so many small truths about him too. He’s just… never asked for confirmation. So he plays with the velcro on his gloves for split second before deciding to take them off completely and setting them aside. He burns a hole in the projected image of Earth’s sun and bites the bullet.

“Why do you keep doing that?”

Lance lifts his head from Keith’s should and settles his chin in it’s place so that he gets a better view of Keith’s profile. “Doing what?”

Keith musters up the courage to turn his face and look directly into Lance’s eyes. Their noses are almost touching now. “Noticing all of these… I don’t know, these like, obscure little things about me that no one else notices. Like knowing I like black space jellies when I’ve never actually vocalized anything about that, or remember when Hunk tried to shove that plant in my face so I could smell it and you swatted it out of his hands because it looked like a tulip and you remembered I was allergic to them. Or knowing that my favorite color is blue and that my least favorite is burnt orange.”

“To be fair burnt orange is an awful color in general.”

“Okay, yeah, but you always know when I’m upset, or nervous, or happy because of some weird hand gesture that I usually don’t even know I’m doing until you point it out. Why do you know all of those things Lance? Why do you remember them?”

One of Lance’s eyebrows quirks up and he teases, “Do you really want to know?”

Keith let’s out an exasperated breath. “Well, I asked didn’t I? So yeah Lance, I want to know.”

The smirk falls off of Lace’s face and he shifts himself to sit on his feet so that his body is facing Keith’s. Lace keeps his eyes trained on the floor, looking like he’s waging some sort of internal battle, and when he finally looks back up at Keith there’s determination burning in his expression and maybe a little fear. 

Lance opens his mouth to speak…and then he closes it. He does this four times before bringing his folded hands up from his lap to cover his face. Lance complains into his hands in hushed Spanish. 

When he peaks out from between his fingers and then drops them uselessly back in his lap, his cheeks and ears are an adorable shade of red and he smiles at Keith sheepishly. “You know, for someone who talks so much, I’m really not all that great with words when it comes to stuff like this.” 

The words are accompanied by a self deprecating laugh. Keith frowns and tries to make his voice sound encouraging when he says “Take your time.”

Lance smiles, but there’s a bitter edge to it. “That’s the thing though, all I’ve been doing is taking my time. I’m kind of sick of it honestly. I keep trying to find the exact right words to say to you and I practice in my head and then as soon as I consider opening my mouth to say it, I just forget how to talk or I say something dumb. And it’s just so ridiculous, you know? Because it doesn’t have to be some drawn out dramatic speech like I keep telling myself. It’s actually just so stupidly simple and I don’t get why I’m so scared to mess it up. But really, how hard is it to say “because” and follow it up with three words? I look at you an I just…” Lance stares at him. “I just…” Lance lifts his hands and places them on either side of Keith’s face. 

Keith’s heart is trying to make its great escape by bludgeoning it’s way out of his chest. He’s pretty sure his entire rib cage is turning to dust and his body is down a set of lungs. They’ve just ceased existing. What are lungs? No clue, never heard of them.

“Keith.” Lance’s voice cracks just a little when he says the name and he swallows and starts again. “Keith. Keith Kogane. My buddy, my pal. I know that you have a sweet tooth, and that you love a good hug but don’t know how to ask for one when you need it. I know that you’re smart, and talented, and think butterscotch candies are the sole creation of the devil himself.”

Keith can’t help the laughter that escapes him and it makes Lance smile the way he always does when Keith so much as chuckles.

“I know that you have the best laugh I’ve ever heard. You have no idea how much I love that laugh. Seriously. I know you collect snow globes, and love conspiracy theories-”

“They’re not all just theories Lance, there’s a lot of evidence out -”

“Shhhhhh, you asked me a question and I’m trying to answer it and I’m kind of on a roll after mumbling for five minutes about how this wasn’t going to be some drawn out thing. But I’m just focusing on you instead of some practiced speech and I’m actually forming mildly coherent sentences, so be quiet. I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.”

“I know a bunch of tiny little facts about you, and yeah sure part of that is because I’m super observant and totally cool,” he winks, “but I notice all of those things specially about you because…” Lance swallows hard and takes a calming breath. “I lo-”

Keith has been told many times that he gives into impulses too quickly, that he’s too impatient. And…yeah, it’s true, absolutely, and he’s working on it. No, really, he is! Try as he might though, he couldn’t handle another second of wanting to kiss Lance and not doing it when the opportunity clearly presented itself. 

It’s not the smoothest first kiss, but it’s not all teeth and bumping noses either, and it leads into soft drawn out kisses, and kisses that can barely even be called that because the two of them are grinning so wide. 

When Keith pulls away a faux pouty expression take over Lance’s face. “You didn’t even let me finish.” He starts to waggle his eyebrows in the most obnoxious way possible and says “These lips were just irresistible huh? I guess I’m just too smoochable.”

How the hell does Keith find this so cute? 

“Hey, Keith?” 


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Don’t tell me that the Losers never did this

Bill: Richie, how many fingers am I showing? *3 fingers*

Richie: Holy fuck Bill I know I don’t have my glasses but your 3 fingers are literally right on my face


Eddie: Shit, Richie *take on Richie’s glasses* are you honestly this fucking blind?


Mike: Did you just call Eddie “darling”?




Richie: I have difficulty in recognizing and calling out people without my glasses, mICHAEL

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haiku-robot has really improved with the syllables recently. i'm so impressed :D

I’m so very proud! That robot’s learning quickly, too quickly perhaps…

what if...

the winter soldier gets triggered but instead of hurting or killing people, he just becomes really passive aggressive and generally dickish to everyone.

  • he refills the salt shaker with sugar
  • “i’m so sorry, i didn’t mean to spill my drink all over your lap”
  • stealths through the living room and unplugs the tv 5 minutes before your favorite show is about to start
  • you think it’s just the tv remote and go to get new batteries only to find bucky’s replaced all the new batteries with dead ones
  • he deletes all your shows and timers on the dvr
  • but does it slowly, 1 or 2 at a time, so you just think something’s wrong with the dvr
  • can’t find your toothbrush. bucky took it to clean his guns
  • waits until you get in the shower to start the dishwasher
  • double dips in the fondue
  • writes his name on every food item in the house, even the stuff he didn’t buy
  • “this is my fruit bowl. no one is allowed to eat from it but me”
  • sees you washing a load of white clothes. throws his red shirt in
  • takes up playing the kazoo
  • best time to practice it is at 3 am. says it helps with his insomnia
  • all toilet paper in the house has disappeared
  • fills the candy dish in the kitchen with sugar free gummy bears
  • “i don’t :) know why :) you’re so :) upset :)”
  • Steph: Tim and Kon, sittin in a tree.
  • Dick: K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
  • Kon: for the last time, Tim and I have never made out!
  • Tim: It was just mouth-to-mouth!
  • Steph: wait
  • Tim: oops
  • Dick: are you saying that you have put your mouth on Kon's?
  • Damian: don't be vulgar, Grayson
  • Tim: yeah, okay, Kon SAVING MY LIFE is not making out
  • Cass: awww, you save each other!
  • Kon: we're teammates. it's what we do.
  • Cassie: he never gave ME mouth-to-mouth....
  • Kon: you never needed it!
  • Duke: how do you....even know mouth-to-mouth?
  • Kon: all heroes should know it!
  • Kara: yeah okay but who taught you?
  • Kon: I learned in the Teen Titans
  • Cassie: Teen Titans never taught me....just saying...
  • Kon: stop being gross!
  • Dick: Are you saying that being gay is gross, because if so, I am very disappointed in you--
  • Jason: 's what it sounded like
  • Tim: Kon calling people who are gay gross would be hypocritical
  • Steph: and why is that, Timbo?
  • Tim: uh
  • Kon: I'm bi, okay?????
  • Kara: interesting. And how does Tim know this?
  • Tim: we're friends. We talk.
  • Steph: let me guess. It's 3 am, neither of you can sleep, Kon creeps into Tim's room--
  • Kara: Kon sits on the end of Tim's bed, they stare into each other's eyes--
  • Cassie: Kon says, softly, staring at the moonlight lighting up Tim's face--
  • Duke: "I'm bi, Tim."
  • Dick: "Bi....for YOU."
  • Steph: sureeeeeeee it didn't
  • Donna: that's how Dick came out as pan to me
  • Dick: sort of. I mean, I didn't say I was pan for her, but there was the moonlight, and the beds, and the 3 am part--
  • Damian: that never happened, Grayson
  • Donna: oh yeah it did, punk
  • Jon: I wish I had a friend I was that close to
  • Kara: why, Jonno? you got something to tell us?
  • Jon: No! I just wish I had a good friend...
  • Steph: Damian, you're such a terrible person, look at his little face
  • Damian: how is this about me, now? I thought we were talking about Drake and the clone!
  • Cass: we can talk about both
  • Jon: no, no, it's not Damian's fault--
  • Jason: that he's a little punk? yeah, it is
  • Damian: can we please go back to talking about Drake and the clone's mating habits?
  • Jason: walked up to the guy, made out with him, and said "hey, Roy, I'm bi" and he said, "That's funny, your pants were saying--"
  • Damian: Danvers is right, nobody wants to hear about you and Harper's disgusting habits
  • Steph: right, let's talk about CASS and Harper's disgusting habits!
  • Cass: Harper Row is the most beautiful girl to ever exist.
  • Steph, Tim, Kara, Dick: awwwwwwww
  • Duke: this doesn't mean you're off the hook, Timberly
  • Tim: suRE IT DOES!!!
  • Cass: no, I'm pretty sure we never learned where Kon learned CPR
  • Kon: Tim taught me, okay????????????????
  • Dick: I KNEW IT!!!
  • Steph: did you make out??
  • Kara: was it romantic??
  • Tim: NO!! We used a dummy, just like how we learned it with Batman!
  • Cass: oh
  • Donna: boring
  • Cassie: I expected more from you
  • Barbara: If it helps, I found footage of them on a rooftop last week....
  • Tim: NO NO NO
  • [everything descends into chaos]
  • Bruce: You asked why we never have family get-togethers, Clark. This. This is why.
  • Clark: I'll admit I wasn't, uh, expecting that. At all.
  • Diana, eating popcorn: I was!
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I can't believe they never made a National Treasure 3. They completely set up for it by having Ben Gates look at page 47 of the President's Book. Am I never going to find out what page 47 says? It is rumored that it was supposed to be about the Fountain of Youth, but we can never be sure. Why would they set up for a third movie and then just never make it? How could they do this to their dedicated audience? It has been eight years since the second movie came out and this still haunts me.
Divide - as heard by me, Tumblr user live-laugh-ed.
  • Eraser: Coke will fuk u up. Don't do the drugs kidz.
  • Castle on the Hill: nostalgia is real. Growing up suckz, let's go watch a sunset dudes.
  • Dive: haha dive... more like dive right into that p*ssy. No really let's have the sex.
  • Shape of You: *gyrates hips into another dimension*
  • Perfect: darling just kiss (kill) me slow. no but really why am I single, where is my "dancing in the dark, barefoot on the grass"?
  • Galway Girl: I've got a huge Doritos & wine boner 4 u.
  • Happier: Man pain x 1000000
  • New Man: Ur new bf is a bleached a**hole
  • Heart Don't Break Around Here: (except mine) Why am I single? part 2.
  • What Do I Know?: Love is good, I think, maybe. who knows? I might be full of sh*t? But I'm sticking with it.
  • How Would You Feel(Paean): um this is getting repetitive but Why am I single? part 3. "How would you feel?" Dead, I feel dead inside.
  • Supermarket Flowers: *whispers softly* pls don't.
  • Barcelona: aye papi, mucho caliente daddy.
  • Bibia Be Ye Ye: *loses shoes* *loses keys* *throws up in cab* is this song about me?
  • Nancy Mulligan: Irish people doing Irish things and falling in Irish love.
  • Save Myself: save my soul from this pain.
bts and the shit that i've done/said
  • rm: "can you come in? i'm naked."
  • jimin: says "excuse me" after sneezing even though i'm alone
  • taehyung: getting lost in my own house at 6 am
  • yoongi: slept for only 3 hours and managed 12 hours of classes during my junior year
  • jin: "why are you always hungry?" "why are you always looking for someone to put up with you?"
  • jk: asked someone what's the difference of "has" and "have"
  • hobi: screaming whenever i'm really happy or excited

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BTS reaction to their girlfriend running/jumping on them because she missed them but it's only been like a couple hours (I'm clingy xD ) thank you<3

this is something i would do jkafjwan


“i know, baby. i’m irresistible.”

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“did i miss something? we were apart for like two minutes. thanks for the love, i guess.”

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“oh girly, you okay? damn, i feel so loved.”

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“??? i love you too, baby.”

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“ahhh, y/n what did you do? why are you acting so nice? hehehe.”

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“jagi? what are you doing? are you going to watch this anime with me or not? sheesh.”

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“uh, girly what is up with you? we were apart for literally 10 seconds, am i that irresistible?”

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sorry i got lazy at the end. i need to sleeeppppp

reaction requests are open for; seventeen, 2ne1, exo(o12), bts, got7, and blackpink.

13 Reasons Why....I'm Gonna Get Skinny

1. To ‘eat to live’ instead of 'live to eat’

2. To be picked up/given a piggy back ride and told how light i am

3. So that when my bf holds me i dont feel fat in his bony arms

4. To be the girl who can finally be smart, pretty, funny, AND skinny

5. So that every body shot of me looks like an Instagram model

6. So that the lifeguard on the shore looks at me like a beach babe instead of a beached whale

7. So that *emo look* is complete with chokers on the last notch and protruding bones under band tees

8. So that every person that sees me can see the strength in my muscles instead of fat covering them up

9. So that my 'little black dress’ aesthetic can actually include the dress being 'little’

10. To show my coach that i can shape up over summer and start the season fit and fast

11. So that when i say 'im not hungry’ people think my stomach is actually full and that I’m satisfied, instead of a fat girl skipping meals.

12. So that my boyfriend is proud to have a hot girl on his arm instead of a hot mess

13. To show my mother i have self control

  • What she says: I'm not tired. I've never really needed as much sleep as other people.
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Winning Their Heart - Chapter 1 - Bakugou Katsuki

Ahhhh this is at like,,,, 3 Am for me and idk why it took me like a year to write this I literally started on this as soon as I go home around 9:30??? 

Anywho, here’s the first chapter! I hope you all enjoy because Todoroki is up next!! 


Words: 3,139

The cool breeze of Autumn had you furiously trying to keep your nose buried into your scarf and your hands tucked away in the pockets of your jacket. Walking to school had its perks but you were certainly feeling waves of regret after declining the offer for your parents to drive you today. An aggravated sigh left your lips as you made your way down the sidewalk until you were at the gates of the school. You see Bakugou a ways off, about halfway down the path towards to doors to the school and you pick up your pace a bit to attempt to catch up to him. He pretends not to notice you as you slide up next to him, almost breathless.

“You’re early again today!” You chirp keeping pace with him.

“Yeah, what of it?” He grumbles as he throws open one of the doors to the building. You note how he holds it open a second longer for you to slip in.

“Well, you’ve been getting here early for the past few days now.” You point out. He stops to give you a slightly annoyed look but you continue. “Any particular reason?”

“Why don’t you just mind your own goddamn business…?!” He snaps at you quickly. You hum in response, not even batting an eyelash at his little flare up at you.

“I knew it, so there is a reason!” You say, going to waggle your finger in his face. “I bet it’s because-”

You’re cut off when the red eyes male grabs your hand in his face and pulls you forward, much closer than you’d ever been to him before and he gives you a heated glare. By the luck of the gods, you were so happy that your cheeks were still nipped from the cold air outside or your red cheeks would have given you away instantly. While staring into his eyes, yours wide with surprise, his grip on your hand tightened and you could hear your erratic heartbeat in your ears.

“I said, mind your fucking business, shit head.” He growls before letting you go a little harshly. Bakugou’s quick to make his exit in a right huff, small explosions emanating from his calloused hands.

You stand there and blink, once, twice, three times before you finally can get yourself to move. Well that was odd… Never in your life had you seen him be so defensive over a reason for being somewhere. It gets the gears in your head turning and while you slipped on your school shoes you pondered reasons on his sudden need to be here at an earlier time. You’re lost in thought for the rest of the morning while oblivious to the gaze of a certain ashen blond boy.

After getting to your seat and sitting down, Bakugou leans back, feet on his desk while he silently broods over his own thoughts. You’re sure he’s enraptured in his own thoughts about classes and becoming a hero but little did you know that most of his thoughts were completely elsewhere. Peeking in, one could see that his thoughts were actually about you, and more specifically, why the hell he even liked you in the first place. To be completely honest, he had liked you for a while now, but Bakugou wouldn’t be Bakugou unless he vehemently denied anything akin to feelings for anybody. So he did, and for a long while, too. Though it’s no secret that the harder he tried to push away his growing feelings for you, the stronger they came back whenever he was alone with you.

Like this morning…

This morning, even though classes still haven’t started yet, he felt like you were a little too smart for your own good. He had regrettably cut you off before you had said what you were thinking, which could either being a blessing or a curse. He didn’t need your ass finding out about his situation too quickly, but now he was worried that you actually knew. And it would be a little too soon as it is anyways, since he had only recently come to terms with these things called feelings. Yes, the things that made his heart pick up when he heard your voice, and cause him to falter in his normal aggression towards everyone. You had refused to leave him alone since day one, determined to befriend him for one reason or another and even though he hated to admit it, Bakugou had let you whittle away a piece of the walls surrounding his heart and now had yourself as a chink in his armor.

His thoughts were subverted as the door slid open to reveal more or less a good other chunk of the class. Kirishima and Kaminari had already began to make their way over to him, no doubt to bother him about some new novelty they had found on the internet. Bakugou grumbled something under his breath before shooting you a quick glance, seeing you also making your way over. It was going to be a long day…


On his way back from lunch, Bakugou found himself awash with thoughts about you. Annoyingly enough you were already beside him, going on about some weird thing you saw on the internet. Or was it about the cute cat you had seen the other day? He wasn’t sure where the conversation had drifted to because he was busy with his own thoughts. Just how the hell was he going to try to confess his feelings to you? How do people do this sort of thing in the first place? Knowing you, if he just flat out said that he liked you, you’d probably think he was playing some sort of cruel joke on you. And he wouldn’t be able to convince you otherwise unless he wanted to kiss you in front of a bunch of complete strangers and classmates.

Maybe if he was nicer to you he’d gain more ground on trying to hint the idea to you. For a second he tried to smile, causing your face to fall and give him a scared look.

“Bakugou? Are you okay? Something weird is happening to your face!” You panicked, going to try and shove your face into his to get a better look. For some reason, you not understanding him trying to smile really pissed him off.

“S-Shut up! I’m fucking fine just get your shitty face out of mine!” He yelled.

Ugh, so that was a no… Man he was so goddamn lucky the others weren’t around to see that mess. He watched you and the quizzical look you wore on your face while you opened your mouth to say something, but closed it a few seconds later, thinking it best to drop whatever the hell you just witnessed. He felt so fucking embarrassed hoooo boy this was a new layer of suffering he had just entered. Bakugou trudged off down the hall with you attempting to trail behind, mad at both you, and himself.


Bakugou was beside himself on what to do when it came to confessing to you. Maybe he should go old fashioned and get you some flowers? People like flowers right? But flowers coming from someone like him might send the wrong message. Like he was already planning your funeral or something akin to the world ending. Plus that just wasn’t him at all… Get that weak ass shit outta here! But the problem was, there was no real sort of Bakugou way of confessing to you. It’s not like he could blast apart a wall and have it look like a heart shape for you. He could, but who the hell would even do that? Just thinking about it made him cringe at himself. Just what was he going to do?

“Hey Baks, what’s with the face?” Kirishima asked, leaning over while standing by Bakugou’s desk. There was a break and Kirishima had come over to discuss his new, manly, training routine for his early mornings.

“None of your business shitty hair.” He grumbled, glancing behind himself quickly to get a glimpse of you before rummaging through his pockets for his phone.

He stopped when he heard Kirishima let out a small sort of squeal, loud enough for Bakugou to hear and stun him for a second. It took him a good few moments to understand just what Kirishima was making such a fuss about until he looked up at him again.

“You like, (Y/N).” Kirishima said quietly.

Bakugou shot up out of his seat suddenly and went straight for the door with the red haired boy chasing after him. It took everything in his being not to sock the guy in the face with a good ol fashioned explosion, especially since he was already low on patience as it was.

“If you fucking say anything I’ll kill you!” Bakugou yelled, suddenly turning on his heel and grabbing Kirishima by the front of his shirt.

“Whoa, whoa! Who said I was gonna tell?” Kirishima defended himself. “I think this could be great for you y’know? Get a nice partner, settle down a little bit…”

“Fuck off!” He snapped back.

“Come on dude, me and the squad can help you out. (Y/N) is totally your type and-”

The door to the classroom down the hall and your head peeked out, looking at the two of them curiously. Kirishima looked back and forth between you and Bakugou while you stepped out into the hall a little.

“Uh, class is about to begin so… You might wanna wrap up whatever you’re doing out here.” You called from the doorway. There was a small pause, borderlining on something akin to awkward, that you all had to deal with before you slipped back into the classroom. As soon as you were gone, Kirishima whipped his head over to looked at the seething Bakugou, who looked a little more than flustered.

“Stay out of this.”


It was the end of the day, and boy was Bakugou spent both emotionally and mentally. He watched as you tucked your face into your scarf before looking out from the glass door to the outside. You were bundled up in a big jacket and a scarf that made you look particularly pleasant to hug. In fact, he had to resist the sudden urge to wander over there and hug you from behind; a sort of gesture he had been thinking of doing to you multiple times throughout the day. Instead he came up beside you and pressed his hand against the door, waiting a second before he said anything.

“Are you going or not?” He asked gruffly.

“Might as well… I’m going to have to go out eventually.” You hummed a little sadly.

He wasn’t really sure how to respond so he pushed the door open after a good moment of standing there trying to figure out what to say or do. You followed him out the door and let out a small squeak a large gust of cold air hit you right in your face, causing your scarf to go flying. A fair amount of startled noises left you and you were pretty sure Bakugou was a little weirded out by them as you desperately tried to catch your runaway scarf. When the wind finally settled down the scarf went to land neatly at Bakugou’s feet, to which he let out his signature ‘tch’ at. Grabbing it he trudged over to you, who stood there a little dumbfounded and embarrassed.

“Here, lemme fucking do it since you can’t apparently.” He griped while stepping in front of you.

You didn’t say anything, instead opting to stand there and let him wrap your own scarf around you. It was a little bit of a slow process, the wind still continuing to batter you senseless. By the time he was finished you were shivering more than ever now. Bakugou frowned at you, eyebrows knitting together in some mix between anger for the fact that you didn’t bring a heavier jacket, and concern for you.

“You should’ve brought a bigger jacket, dumbass.” He said, obviously talking about your shaking form.

“I didn’t think it was going to get colder.” You whined trying to hug yourself for warmth.

You heard his little ‘tch’ once more and before you knew it, Bakugou was dragging you with him by the wrist and down the pathway out of the front gates. You sputtered out a long jumble of words since you were caught completely off guard, but you couldn’t help the fluttering feeling in your chest from his hand on your wrist. It was different from this morning, and you weren’t too sure what and how you should be feeling right now.

“W-Where are we going?” You asked breathlessly trying to keep pace with him.

“This cafe down the street, so you won’t fucking freeze to death.” He stated flatly, as if were the most obvious thing in the world.

It didn’t take long for you to get to the cafe he was talking about and the warmth you felt as soon as the two of you walked through the door was very much welcome. You breathed a sigh of relief both from the fact that you weren’t going to freeze to death and also from finally getting to catch your breath after running down the entire street to get here. Looking over to Bakugou you noted that he had barely broken a sweat making you feel like you were completely out of shape. You sighed, oddly content with your mixed emotions.

“Are you sure they’re just gonna let us hang here?” You asked, suddenly remembering that you hadn’t brought your wallet today.

“No, just go order something.” He said scanning the menu board himself.

“Well, I don’t have any money.” You mumbled scratching the back of your head. You half expected Bakugou to get angry at you, but he was already taking out his wallet and shoving you forward to the counter.


“W-Wait are you sure this is okay I don’t want you to have to-”

“Hello! How can I help you?” The lady at the counter cut your blubbering off and it took another glance at the boy you were with before you could order something.

“Um, I’ll just take a small, green tea latte please…” You said quietly, puffing out your cheeks.

“And I’ll get a medium coffee, no room for anything.” Bakugou said holding out what looked like a credit card.

Once the transaction was approved and everything, the two of you sat down at a small table towards the center of the cafe. It wasn’t too far in considering how you weren’t too sure how long you were staying, yet you wanted to stay away from the windows as much as possible. Bakugou sat across from you, his usual small frown on his face as he checked his phone. You sat there, awkwardly twiddling your thumbs as you waited patiently for your drinks.

“Thanks for paying for my drink… It was really sweet of you.” You said quietly, looking away.

He froze. You? Calling him sweet?? It almost sounded impossible to describe someone as bitter and spicy as Bakugou is as sweet. He stared at you in disbelief, even as the server came over to set down his coffee. It wasn’t until his phone buzzed after a few minutes did he do something. A message popped up on his screen from Kirishima. Although, the message completely and utterly confused him when he read it.

:Shitty Hair:

:: Why haven’t you drank your coffee yet? ::

What the fuck.

Looking up and behind a confused looking you, he saw a table of vaguely familiar looking people who he then recognized as the Bakusquad. He was SO going to kill Kirishima tomorrow. All of them really, no one was exempt from this upcoming thrashing.


:: Get the fuck out of here or I’ll kill every single one of you ::

Bakugou let his face fall in his hands and let out a frustrated sigh before looking back up at you, who looked extremely confused and concerned. You placed a hand to his forehead making him stop in his tracks and focus on this strange new feeling of you touching his face.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been so weird all day.” You said, worry lacing your voice.

“I’m fine, I’m just being pestered by Kirishima.” He said the last part a little loud, earning various chuckles from the table of Kirishima and the gang.

“Okay…” You said slowly. “If you say so.”

Bakugou let out some sort of guttural noise when another text came in from Kirishima. He was at his wits end at this point and he was literally this (THIS) close to going over there and running them out of the cafe. Though, if he did that he’d surely be kicked out for life for harassing customers.

:Shitty Hair:

:: When are you going to confess? ::


::None of your fucking business asswipe ::

:Shitty Hair:

:: If you don’t do it now we’re going to go over and tell them ::


:: You wouldn’t fucking dare ::

The sudden rustling of people getting out of chairs made Bakugou shoot up out of his chair and ball his fists up, almost as if daring them to come over. There was a rustling of people sitting back down, albeit much slower now. By now Bakugou was not only scaring you, but the staff at the cafe. Some of the customers were also giving him weird stares but it wasn’t like he cared about what they thought of him at all. The only thing he cared about right now was you. He sat back down and let out another sigh before going to pick up his cup to chug about half of its contents. Setting it down he leaned a bit over the table.

“Oi, I have something I need to tell you.” Bakugou said, gritting his teeth after catching your attention.

“I hope it’s an explanation for why you’re acting so weird.” You said slowly, but nonetheless gave him your attention.

“Just shut up and listen.” He quipped. There were a few moments of buffer time until he managed to actually say it. “I like you.”


“You w h a t?” You asked, thinking you couldn’t have heard him right. “Are you sure?”

“Will you fucking go out with me or not?!” He asked a little forcefully.

“I will!” You said back before covering you mouth. You couldn’t believe you had actually said it but your sudden outburst had you both sitting there in a stunned silence. The blood rushed to your face and you couldn’t even manage to look at him; you could just feeling his heated gaze on you anyways.

“I.. I like you, too.”

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can you imagine dan calling arin at like 3 am and he's like "I'm really craving eggs and toast right now at this exact moment." And before he even hangs up arin's already in the kitchen getting out the pans--"my restaurant is always open for my favorite person. Come on over." 🌸

Danny couldn’t sleep.

He rolled over, staring at the blank wall to his side. He liked the size of his bed, but right now it felt impossibly big.

And empty.

His fingers twitched, seeking warm skin to touch or soft hair to stroke. His eyes blinked, once, wearily. But he couldn’t sleep.

Danny wasn’t completely sure why. Voices and sounds echoed in his head, little tidbits left from his busy day. He should be exhausted. After all, Brian and he had just finished their NSP tour. He’d just gotten home that afternoon, and had still had plenty to get done before tumbling into bed at midnight.

But now here he was, at three in the fucking morning, and despite his jetlag and exhaustion he couldn’t sleep.

It was as if his body was trying to tell him something. 

Rolling over, he squinted at his phone. He hadn’t checked it since he got back, being too busy. So he flicked on the screen, ignoring the millions of notifications on the lockscreen, preferring to immediately go to his messages.

Danny flicked over a couple names–Brent, his vocal coach, Ross…then his eyes landed on a notification from Arin.

He sat up.

hope you guys had a great trip!!!! text me when you get back to LA. cant wait to have your dick inside me again. love ya

Danny smiled, a giggle slipping out despite himself. That’s Arin for you, he thought fondly. What a dickwaffle.

His fingers slid over the keyboard, replying.

haha dude we made it back. sorry it took awhile, things were fuckin crazy!! love ya too

Adding a heart emoji for good measure, Danny sent the message. He figured Arin was dead asleep and probably wouldn’t see it until morning.

He set his phone down, thinking perhaps he could try to sleep again, but a soft buzz of his phone alerted him to a new message.

He frowned. Surely not…

But sure enough, it was a reply from Arin.

awesome dude. no biggie. I’ll see ya at the grump room on friday if ur up for it

Danny briefly hoped Arin hadn’t been waiting for a text back that whole time, but quickly dismissed it. Arin was often up late; it was more likely he’d just been working and had seen Danny’s text.

His fingers hovered over a simple message back–ok, see ya then–but he hesitated. He hadn’t seen Arin in forever. In fact, Danny had listened to Sequel//itis more than once to fill the ache of missing his best friend.

He wanted to talk to him.

After agonizing for several minutes, Danny told himself to stop being a pussy and he pressed the call button.




Danny’s breath caught at the sound of Arin’s mildly raspy voice. “Arin?”

“Dan?” He heard some shifting; no doubt Arin was trying not to wake Suzy. “What’s up? Everything okay?”

“Yeah,” Danny replied, just beginning to realize how breathless he sounded. “I, uh, just couldn’t sleep.”

“Mm-hmm,” Arin hummed, and Danny heard a door close quietly. “Figured you’d be fuckin’ dead after all that traveling.”

Danny laughed softly. “Me too, man. But I dunno, guess my body just doesn’t wanna sleep yet.”

“So you called for a late night phone sex session?” Arin joked, and Danny could practically see Arin’s mouth twitching in amusement.

Danny laughed again, louder this time. “No, you ass. If you really wanna know, I just missed you.”

A slight pause. Danny waited.

Arin sounded a bit more awake now. “I missed you too, buddy. How was the tour? Sorry I couldn’t finish it.”

Danny started off talking about his favorite venues and hypest crowds and most memorable moments. He talked about his dad and grandma coming to the shows and funny bits with Brian behind the stage and all the shitty hotel food. He talked about the sights he’d seen and the kindness of the fans and how he’d never forget this experience.

Arin was silent the whole time, letting Danny ramble about his adventures for a solid half hour. Now Danny was wide awake.

He paused to catch his breath, and Arin chuckled. “Sounds like you guys had a great time. I’m really proud of you, dude.”

“Thanks, Ar,” Danny replied, feeling his chest glow warm from Arin’s sincere compliment. He let out a breath. “I wish you could’ve been there.”

“Me too, buddy. But shit happens.”


There was a small pause, and Danny found his mind wandering. He felt…better. He felt much more awake and excited than he had since he’d gotten back. He supposed he just hadn’t realized how much he’d missed Arin.

“Dan? You awake?”

“Yes!” Danny snapped back to the present, clutching his phone. “Sorry, Ar, you must be really tired.”

Arin chuckled. “Nah, man. It’s good to hear your voice again. I’m glad you called.”

Danny sat for a moment, biting his lip, wondering if he dared ask.


“Hey, Arin, would you want to…make me some eggs?”

“Eggs?” Arin repeated. “When?”

Danny shifted. “…Now?”

To Arin’s credit, his side was only silent for a beat before he responded warmly. “Of course, buddy. Wanna meet me at the Space’s kitchen in a half hour?”

Danny felt his face grow hot. He hadn’t actually expected Arin to take him seriously. He’d been waiting for a laugh or a “good one,” but Arin had actually agreed.

A goofy smile blossomed on Danny’s face. “Sounds perfect. Maybe we could play some games, too.”

“Wanna get a head start on recording, huh? Look at you go,” Arin teased. “Alright, wise guy. See ya soon.”

“Hey, Arin?”


“Love you.”

“Love you too, ya shithead.”


Late the same morning, around 11 o’clock, Suzy found Arin and Danny curled up on the Grump couch; Danny sprawled across Arin.

Two empty plates sat beside the couch.

They were both fast asleep.

justareader  asked:

Amrita darling, after hesitating for a little time, I'm asking you for prompts (I should do that again on my blog too when I'll have some time), so I chose : 1. “Are you sure about this?” 2. “Is that your phone or you’re happy to see me?” and 34. “Remind me why I still love you” and oh god that one 'cause I'm sure it would be so fun !! => 66. “Remember Istanbul?”. Thanks sweetie 😘💗

Yes , you should totally do it(when you have the time) . It is pretty fun . 

A/N - I am not sure about this . Tell me what you feel though . Also pls don’t send any prompts for the next 3 days . Thank you . 

”Are you sure about this.”
“Is that your phone or are you happy to see me.”
“Remind me why I still love you.”
“Remember Istanbul.”

Remember Istanbul?”, you ask trying your hardest not to giggle .

“Oh god. Please don’t remind me .” Bucky said putting his hands up .

You were out there on a mission . After successfully completing the mission you returned back to the hotel . You and Bucky stayed in the same room while Steve and Nat in the other . You were getting in on . Bucky deep inside you, fucking you against the wall ,both still clad in your uniforms , when you hear commotion outside . Steve had come knocking on the door , saying that the mission wasn’t complete yet and that they followed us back here . Bucky had to pull out of you and put his pants back on , while he was still super hard , and very close to cumming .

He fought all while with a ruined orgasm and sat through hours of flight just like that . He couldn’t get off . It was pretty painful . And honestly you pitied him . He had to fucking fight like that .

After getting home , you helped him clean him .He hissed every time you touched him down there .

But later you guys had the best sex you have ever had . And since then you thought maybe edging had something to do with it .

And it was stuck in your mind since then . You wanted to try it . Obviously not torture him like that , but just mildly edging before giving in and fucking him the way  he deserves .

“So …I was thinking …” you start .

He hummed continuing to scroll through his phone .

“Like …if you are okay with it …why not..try edging.”, you looked up hopeful .

“Hell no . I am not doing that shit again.” He stood up as he started walking to your room from the living room .

“Bucky!!! Remember the sex we had after . It was amazing . I know you felt amazing.”You said as you followed him .

“Yeah , but I had to suffer for hours.”

“I am not going to torture you for hours obviously . Just edge once , then fuck .”
“I don’t know Y/N .”, he said plopping on to the bed .

“Okay .”, you said and laid beside him .

It wasn’t like Bucky hadn’t thought about it , he too wanted to ask you about it . But he was scared . Scared of losing control  .Scared of getting orders .

He knew you didn’t mean it that way , you would never do anything to remind him of his days at HYDRA .

He trusted you . He loved you . And he trusted you to make him feel good .

That evening he decided to tell you his decision . He wanted to try it .

He came to you in the bathroom as you were washing your face , getting ready for bed .

“Hey Bucky . Looking good.”, you said when you saw him through the mirror.

He laughed at your attempt at flirting even though you have been in a relationship for 2 years .

“You look better doll.” He wrapped his arms around you , and buried his face in your neck , inhaling your scent .

Is that your phone or are you just happy to see me?”, you asked as you felt the outline of his hard cock against your bum through his trousers .

He chuckles and kisses your neck gently . The kisses trailed along your collarbone , and you moaned his name when he bit at your sweet spot .

“You know…I was thinking .” He turned you over so that you were facing him .

You hummed telling him to continue.

“About what we were talking about this morning.”
“Yes . So…I wanted to give it a try .”

“ don’t have to…”
“I want to .” He said confidently .

Are you sure about this?”

You knew why it might be hard for Bucky . You never wanted him to fell like he was conditioned and was being ordered . So you had to be sure that he was doing it because he wants to and not because you want to .

“Yes .Completely.”

You stood on your toes and placed a gentle kiss on his lips before taking his hand in his .

You asked him to get naked and pointed to the bed .

Now both of you naked , Bucky lying in the middle of the bed , you couldn’t help but admire his beauty . A man who has been through so much is still so gentle .You were lucky to have him , and lucky to be loved by him .

You were going to worship him the way he deserves .

You spread his thighs as you settled between them .  You licked a long strip from his frenulum to the tip of his cock and his muscles instantly tightened .

“Relax Bucky .”, you say as you rub your hands on his torso .

He let out a breath he was holding as he nodded .

“I want you to enjoy it . I want you to fell it . I want you to feel my tongue sliding over your cock , my mouth warm around you . Just close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling.”

You take the base of his cock in your hands as you run circles around his slit . He let out small huffs of breath . You pulled down his foreskin as you slowly took his head in your mouth . You lightly sucked at it before cupping his balls .

You massaged them , while slowly bobbing your head very slowly over his tip  .

“Y/N ..”, he moaned when he felt you taking him deeper into your mouth .

“You like that baby.”, you asked looking up to him .

“Hmmm, feels so good .”, he says looking down at you .

You took him as far as you could , moaning around his length as your hand on his balls tightened .

The vibrations from your moan and the pressure on his balls made him jerk up and pushed deeper into you .

“Mmm, baby . You have got to behave . I’ll give you what you want .”

You say , pulling him out your mouth, your saliva dripping from the corners of your mouth , and soaking his dick .

You sat on your knees and took him in your hands . You started stroking him and up and down slowly , increasing your pace every 5 pumps .

“Oh god , just like that baby .”, he moaned .

You could see he was close . He eyebrows were furrowed , concentrating on the feeling in his abdomen , his abs flexing , his hands holding the sheets tight .

Sloppy ,wet sounds , filling the room , making you wetter by the second  .

“Don’t stop , don’t stop , fuck fuck fuu…..”

You removed your hand from his dick and sat back , not letting him cum . His eyes opened in irritation , as his hand reached down to his cock . You took his hands in your hands and put them behind his head , straddling him .

He groaned loudly in frustration.

Remind me why I still love you.” , he said short of breath . You just chuckled .

“Bucky …breath .”, you said firmly .

He squirmed beneath you trying to get some friction from your body .

“Bucky , shhh.”

You say rubbing your hands over his chest trying to calm him down .

His heaving chest came back to normal as he breathing regulated .

“Good boy . So good for me .”

You takes his lips into a kiss . You kiss him softly , and slowly enter your tongue into his mouth before starting to move your hips over his cock .

Your pussy lips lined perfectly against his cock . You juices leaking onto him, making it even more slick .

His put his hands on your hips , guiding your movements . You let him . Your licked the top of his mouth and bit his lip as you aligned yourself over his tip .

You slowly sank onto him , releasing a long moan of his name .

“Hmmmm , feels so good .” He moaned feeling your warmth around him , feeling you clench around him cock disappeared into you .

You put your hands on his chest for support before pulling up and taking him in again . You started bouncing on him , while also grinding , pleasure seeping through your nerves .

“Fuuuck , you feel so good Bucky .”, you moaned out as you fucked him harder , his tip grazing your spot with every thrust .

“You are so tight baby . I can’t last much longer .”He groaned , and his fingers tightened around your waist , definitely leaving marks .

He started matching your rhythm by thrusting into you upwards , hard .
“Y/N…so close.”
“No …hold on a little .” , you said trying to reach your release .

“Y/N…”, he whined .

“Bucky . You will cum only when I say .”
He turned you over in a heartbeat and started thrusting into you like crazy . The hard sound of his balls hitting your ass filled the room , smell of sex and your juices filled your senses , combined with Bucky’s moans and grunts against your ear .

You grabbed his hair tightly as you came .
“Cum.”, you said .

With one last hard thrust he emptied himself inside you completely .

He got off of you , laying next to you .

“You didn’t behave Bucky.”, you say breaking the silence.

“What?? Of course I did.”, he argued.

“No. You turned me over . I will have to teach you a lesson babe .”


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Like A Dream (Part 4)

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: On the set of BTS’ music video, getting to see the boys in action, and bonding more with the boys as well. Also making a new friend. 

Word Count: 7.1K

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


You found yourself being nudged awake by an amused Yoongi who’s shoulder you had unknowingly fallen asleep on. Immediately, you sat up, apologizing in embarrassment. But he merely shook his head and told you he didn’t mind. “We’re here.” He informed you before opening the van door and exiting the car.

In the time it had taken to drive to the set, the sun had gone down and the sky had gone completely dark. The moon was full in the sky, providing a surprising amount of light amongst the stars that could be seen. Your phone read just after 9 pm, so a couple hours since BTS had picked you up from the shopping center.

The set seemed to be several abandoned, run-down buildings in an urban sort of area. Some of the buildings were open and roofless, only having two or three side as if construction had never been finished, or walls had been knocked down. Lighting and filming equipment was everywhere along with set pieces and props. Some of it looked like it belonged, blending into the environment so well it made you wonder if it had already been there and the crew merely decided to utilize it for the video.

As the rest of the members piled out of the van, staff and crew bustled all around, prepping for the video shoot. As they passed, several gave you curious and seemingly judgmental stares. Or, at least, they seemed that way in your head. Instinctively, you started to take a few steps backward in an attempt to hide away from the inquisitive looks. Before you could take more than a single step, there were two warm hands on your back.

“Are you OK, Noona?” Jimin asked from your left, patting your back lightly before pulling his hand away.

“Um… yeah. I’m fine.” You muttered, pushing your anxiety to the back of your mind. The other hand on your lower back lingered and before even looking over, you know who it belonged to. Yoongi said nothing, but kept his hand on your back reassuringly for a few moments more before hesitantly dropping it back down.

It was still strange to you that Yoongi showed any interest or care for you. People showing interest was mostly a foreign concept to you, in general. The rapper’s actions were starting to surprise you less and less, though, and you almost began to anticipate them. Whether that was a good thing or not, you weren’t too sure. But, for now, it filled you with warmth and comfort.

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