and this is why i relate to elsa so much

One of the reasons why Anna and Elsa are my favourite fictional siblings is because they’re treated much more like equals. Their little sister and big sister roles aren’t nearly as obvious as with most other fictional siblings.

And as someone with a big sister only 1.5 years older than me, I relate to that so, so much more than the “older sibling having to take care of younger sibling” you see in fictional stories all the time.

Anna and Elsa take care of each other, and I think that’s beautiful.

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I often see people ragging on Frozen, which I somewhat understand, it’s been everywhere since its release. That certainly can wear down a person’s interest. However I feel the need to explain why I personally love it so much. I very much relate to Elsa as an autistic woman.

Since I generally pass for NT, I’ve been told by many that I wouldn’t face ableism if I simply didn’t tell people I’m autistic. The problem with that is it involves more than just not saying “I’m autistic.” It requires hiding all your autistic traits and that is impossible to do all the time. Sometimes I stim without my conscious mind being aware of it and I can’t fake eye contact. Allistic people pick up on these things and they’ve been taught that these things are bad. So they reject a person with these traits. Even if you’re lucky enough to find someone who looks past those things, there is the worry of what will happen when they see you meltdown. I’ve been called horrible things like “Psycho” for my meltdowns. People usually see you as monster for having them. They will almost never listen to any sort of explanation of what happened afterward.

Elsa’s ice powers work as a metaphor for autistic traits. Hiding them took more than simply not telling people. They would come out on their own.

She had to isolate herself from her own sister to keep her powers hidden causing a lot of depression and anxiety.

Eventually she got overwhelmed and they came out in a scary way causing many to see her as a monster.

Once she isolated herself from all that, she was able to see there were advantages to her power.

However she still didn’t want to go back because she knew she couldn’t convince her kingdom that her powers didn’t make her a monster. She had to live in isolation to have any sort of self-acceptance. This is the reality of many autistics. Society tells them their autistic traits are bad and shun them. Expressing any sort of self-acceptance is called “romanticizing autism” and is considered “undermining the hardships the families go through.”

This has to change. Society needs to be accepting of autism. It needs to acknowledge that autistic people have their strengths and allow them to love themselves. Otherwise it is very damaging.

My Thoughts on Elsanna

So I’ve wanted to post about this for a while now, thanks to seeing the Elsanna tag all over Tumblr. I’m sorry if my opinions cause any hate, I don’t mean to come off that way. Anyway…

I’m sorry, but I just can’t ship it. While I despise incest, that’s not the sole reason why I don’t ship it. One of the things I loved about Frozen was that the “act of true love” did not refer to a true love’s kiss or anything else romantic. It showed how strong a sibling bond can be. The message being that family comes first. It’s nice how the movie focused on the relationship between two sisters. Even Anna’s romance with Kristoff and Hans doesn’t get that much focus because it’s not the main focus of the story.

You might say “If Anna and Elsa weren’t related you’d probably ship them”. But if they weren’t related, the movie would be completely different and probably WOULD focus more on romance than family relationships.

I understand why people ship Elsanna, and I have nothing against it. I’m just saying I don’t ship it. Trust me, I’ve seen good Elsanna fanart, fanfics etc. but I’m so sorry. Please don’t get mad at me.

ᴏɴ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀɪᴢᴀᴛɪᴏɴ || writing tips

———— I’ve got a lot of messages piling up in my inbox asking about how to get more in character for certain muses and the writing workshop I took last semester had a pretty intense week-long character-development section, so I figured I should write up a thing. because my last meta went over soooo well (can you taste the sarcasm holyshit) 

But anyway, here’s Cherry’s methodology for getting a character and getting in character—-it’s going to cater more to RP muses but some of these things definitely applies to creating your own characters as well :D 

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The Disney Vault- Elsa analysis

The cold never bothered me anyway… At last we have reached the final Disney Princess released so far: Elsa! (from Frozen) Like I mentioned in Anna’s post, I’m not going to discuss too much about Frozen’s production since there is an overwhelming amount of info. However in Elsa’s case, I will go in a bit more detail since she is without a doubt the star of the film.  Elsa is based on two characters from the original Snow Queen tale; she is based on the Snow Queen (duh), and Kai. Therefore she’s the first Disney Princess who is based on a villain AND a male character from the source material. The Snow Queen’s role in the original fairytale was her desire for companionship so she freezes the heart of a boy named Kai and kidnaps him to her castle. She is more neutral than evil and in many ways she is the personification of winter. Disney found the original tale too difficult to adapt because the Snow Queen was a difficult character to portray on the big screen (their words, not mine) so slowly they changed the story and Elsa went through A LOT of looks and personalities. Firstly she was an evil and cold hearted woman who freezes anything in her path until a man ‘melts her heart with his kindness’ (*vomit*). Then they explored the 'sister’ angle, making Gerda (who had her name changed to Anna) her biological sister. Elsa at this stage had blue skin and was more villainous in appearance.  Then John Lasseter (CEO of Disney) and co. found Elsa to be a very complex and interesting character and they slowly developed her to be more sympathetic. This made her design look 'softer’ and 'prettier’. I honestly think they did this to add her to the dreadful Disney Princess franchise but I’ll get to that later. When 'Frozen’ came out, everyone was utterly captivated and amazed on how relatable and complex Elsa was and I have to admit…I believe Elsa is the BEST Disney Princess up to date. You are free to disagree but I firmly believe this by looking at her character arc, backstory and personality. This does not mean she’s perfect, but within the Disney Princess franchise she is the one that stands out.  Design Elsa’s design is…the weakest part of her overall character. It’s not 'terrible’ nor one of the worst designs (that goes to her sister Anna) but it’s incredibly distracting how her face is identical to Anna and her mother. Like Anna she has this weird muzzle thing that restrains her emotional range. Also despite being the oldest Disney Princess (and the only Princess who is a Queen and not a teenager!), she looks too young and teenagery.  The worst part of the design is her animation’s emotional range. Now I’m not saying that it’s bad, for Disney standards it’s ok. What I mean is that during sequences where she’s feeling incredibly emotional or singing her lungs out, the animators try their best to make her show 'some’ emotion but she needs to look pretty while doing it. I feel that the segment 'Let it Go’ would’ve been stronger if they loosened up Elsa’s features and gestures. Here we have Idina Menzel BELTING her heart out and Elsa looks like she lost her car keys. What about havig her sobbing? Or making her look just a little crazy? Just give us something other than 'singing happily’ or looking 'mildly sad’. The animation doesn’t really reflect the emotions she’s going through.  I also wished her skin was blue like in the original concept art, but other than that I think her design is alright. Her 'ice dress’ looks wonderful on the big screen and her hairstyle is fun. I just wish she looked a bit more intimidating (like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast).  Elsa’s singing/speaking voice is…well amazing. Idina Menzel was born to do this part, she puts so much emotional range and energy to her performance. I do believe she’s one of the best Disney princess singing voices because it’s incredibly unique. Like Tiana, her singing voice is sharper and more powerful rather than soft and sweet.  Personality Elsa reminds me a lot of an X-men mutant (in a good way). She’s born with a power that is beautiful yet dangerous and is incredibly misunderstood for wielding such magic. There are so many things you can say about Elsa, so let’s start from the beginning.  When Elsa was a child you can see that she’s quiet, creative and loving. However this doesn’t keep her from making mistakes, especially when she accidentally hurts her sister Anna with her powers (almost killing her). From that day on, her parents forbade her to use her powers and locked her up from the world and her own sister. Elsa becomes scared, incredibly paranoid and bottles up her emotions (which makes her lose control of her powers). The only way she can keep them at bay is 'not feeling’ anything (numbing her emotions and keeping them inside).  Elsa stays away from her sister so she won’t hurt her. You can see the pain in her eyes and actions when she does this. She is probably one of the most selfless Disney Princesses because she’s constantly thinking of the safety of others, even if it means her own happiness. When her powers are discovered, Elsa runs to a mountain and builds an ice palace for herself. In her eyes this is the solution to the problem. She can stay isolated in a place where she can be herself and not hurt her loved ones. Here you can see that Elsa is a person who’s incredibly creative and has a mind filled with ideas. It is also important to note that the first thing Elsa creates is Olaf the snowman; which indicates that what she desires the most is to go back to those carefree and nostalgic days with her sister.  Elsa doesn’t realize though that she covered Arandelle with snow, and when Anna stops by to visit her and tells her about it you can see the devastation in her face. Her solution to the problem completely backfired since now she’s endangering everyone. Elsa feels more paranoid and afraid than ever knowing that she can’t control her powers or undo them so she panics and strikes Anna in the heart. During this incredible moment of weakness she also greats a monolith of ice that chases Anna and her group away from the castle. I believe that Olaf represents Elsa’s lost innocence and the monolith of ice (Marshmallow) represents the side of her that wants to push people away.  Later on, Elsa fights Hans and the palace guards and almost KILLS them knowingly. This makes Elsa the second Disney Princess that ATTEMPTS to murder someone in self defense (the first being Mulan, but Elsa was way more vicious about her intent and Mulan was more sneaky). This doesn’t make her a 'better’ character but a more interesting and proactive one. It shows children that sometimes in a stressful situation good people make choices that are not easy.  Elsa is arrested but later escapes (on her own) from her cell fightened out of her wits. She accidentally makes a blizzard as she makes her way through the frozen lake. Hans tells her that Anna was murdered by her so in her grief the blizzard stops. Hans attempts to kill Elsa and Anna sacrifices herself to save her. This is 'the act of true love’ that breaks the froen heart spell that Elsa casted on Anna, and through that Elsa learns that to undo the damage she has caused she needs to use her loving emotions to control her powers. Elsa gets her happy ending by people celebrating her true self. She is still wearing her ice dress and uses her powers to make an ice rink. Elsa found her happily ever after when she regained her relationship with her sister, realized the beauty within herself, and gained acceptance and respect from her people as their Queen. To me that’s a more emotionally fulfilling ending than just getting a prince and achieving their established dream. Elsa’s problems were real because she had a deep inner conflict that made her be at war with herself. Her dreams and aspirations were not a material possession, the romantic love of a person, or getting someone’s respect. Elsa’s dream was to solve her inner turmoil and hone her abilities in a way that it will make her happy and not hurt the people she loves.  Now I’m going to talk about the importance of Elsa’s lack of love interest. Elsa is the first Disney Princess whom’s sexuality isn’t defined. This makes people of different sexual orientations relate to her immediately. Her inner turmoil and her feelings of being misunderstood are very similar to the issues LGTB people go through. Elsa’s presence fills the niche of a Princess who has no defined sexual orientation so she could be anyone. Now you might mention that Merida is the first princess to do this but I find her presence kind of weaker than Elsa. Merida is younger than Elsa which brings up the argument that she isn’t ready for romance therefore is natural she doesn’t think about it. Also, romance was a subplot of her’s (sorta) so it is mentioned in the film that she might marry someone in the future in order for her to become Queen (she just isn’t ready for the responsibility yet). Elsa however in an unmarried Queen, which causes a bigger impact in my opinion.  Conclusion: There is another reason why I support and love Elsa so much. You see, I’m a person who suffers from anxiety among other things. Seeing Elsa’s struggle and story made me relate to her so much that I felt a lot of my worries melt (no pun intended) away. In many ways she gave me the strength to love myself and to keep my loved ones close even if I go through a lot of stressful situations. Elsa became my favorite Disney Princess because she embodies real issues. Her story is a fairytale; but it mirrors people from real life who go through these conflicts. Out of all the Disney Princess, I believe Elsa is the most human. She’s got flaws, understandable yet morally grey actions, and a relatable personality.  I end with Disney Princess analyses with a high note! Elsa, The Snow Queen, is by far the best Princess. Thank you for reading! What is your favorite/least favorite Disney Princess and why?

Okay, I’m pretty sure tumblr will put together a special firing squad just for me, but I have to say something about Hans.

I totally get where he’s coming from. His whole elaborate plot makes so much sense. He has nothing to lose.  Why not try his luck at marrying the younger sister, since obviously Elsa wasn’t very social. At least then, even if he didn’t try to do away with Elsa, Anna would automatically become her heir. And relating to that, I don’t know why everyone gets into a big huff over his manipulation of Anna. Lots of relationships start that way. I’m not saying that it is right, but it happens. He never appears to despise her. There had to be some level of attraction, to keep his act up for so long. And if you notice, in his villain monologue, he doesn’t say that he was going to get rid of Anna too. He was just going to rid himself of Elsa. But he knew he couldn’t save Anna anyway, since he didn’t love her. Why try? He never intended for Anna to die, but it happened to assist his plan, and he couldn’t save her. Why not go along with it?

Also, everyone thinks it’s so funny that they’ll “see what his 12 big brothers think of his behavior.” If you believe for one second that his brothers didn’t know what he was up to, then you are kidding yourself. As someone who grew up with boys, I know that boys talk and gossip just like girls do. It’s likely that Hans shared rooms with his brothers growing up. When you live that closely with someone, you get to know them very well whether you like it or not. Adolph, Emil, Gustav, Fritz, Johan, Karl, Josef, Erick, Braun, Ferdinand, Ludwig, and Stefan all knew where they stood in line for the throne. There’s a high possibility that they competed amongst themselves for various princesses. Who are we to say that Josef and Erick didn’t go try to seek Elsa’s hand and got the door slammed in their faces? Wouldn’t they report back to their brothers and tell about how Arendelle’s a beautiful place, and the people are lovely, but the princess is a frigid bitch? And eventually, when they were all grown up, Hans could still harbor some resentment towards his brothers, feeling alone and frustrated, because he was the lowest among them. A bit of teasing here, a bit of poking there, and suddenly at dinner, when Johan prods him a little too far, Hans announces that he’s going to Arendelle, to the princess’s coronation ceremony. The boys would probably laugh, and ask what exactly he hoped to accomplish. After all, if they turned away Josef and Erick, why would they want Last-in-Line Hans? And Hans would say “There’s more than one Princess of Arendelle.” And an uncomfortable silence would fall on the table, the brothers wondering exactly what Hans was implying. Fritz would laugh after a few moments and remind Hans that he still wouldn’t be in line for the throne unless something happened to the queen. “And wouldn’t that be a shame?” Hans would smirk, and Adolph and Emil would trade worried glances, but go back to their meal.

And no one tried to stop him. So I don’t place all the blame on Hans. He was trying to prove himself, and make a life for himself that was better than being constantly overshadowed.


The Making of “Let it Go”
from The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic

“And then, to my beautiful surprise, she was never ever the nemesis, really. She’s just the misunderstood young woman that we can all relate to.” –Idina Menzel

Now, hear me out. I like Elsa. Love her a bit, actually. I was so pleased when the movie was still in production and it seemed we were finally getting a refreshingly different princess from the norm, one more elegant, ladylike, and one who *can’t* do everything herself (no offense if you prefer the adventurous tomboyish norm). But the Frozen fandom truly overrates her. Most of them do not seem to care about her actual personality. They just love that Idina Menzel, a huge gay icon, plays her, and how her song “Let It Go” can be a metaphor for a number of things (though the actual parallel is apparently mental illness), a popular metaphor being coming out of the closet, which of course tumblr loves. They never talk about her virtues or classy, sweet, fragile personality. They sort of just… ignore it. They like everything BUT Elsa yet somehow have managed to overrate her.

Maybe I’m incorrect- it’s not really her they overrate, exactly, but the idea of her, maybe. They love her song and voice actress and oooh she has super-neato ice powers! Wow great reasons. It’s as if Elsa doesn’t even have her own unique personality or if she does, it’s for crap and doesn’t matter.

It’s also annoying as heck how you are not allowed to criticise her. I’ve seen a tiny amount of people try and Elsa stans immediately shoot them down. Yet they still say “Oh Elsa is so flawed and complex and relatable!” She can’t be all that AND so perfect she can not and should not be criticised. You don’t get to have it both ways. Stop trying to turn her into some Mary Sue. She, she lacks negative flaws and is rather idealised, but she’s not perfect so you don’t need to defend every single thing she does. If she was really as great a character as you say, her actions should be open for discussion and some healthy criticism.

One last thing, I find her popularity and how Anna gets so much criticism MASSIVELY hypocritical, you guys. For years the princesses Elsa is more similar to (Snow White, Cinderella, and Briar Rose/Aurora) have been under fire for exactly reasons people ignore in Elsa, like needing to be rescued (which every princess has needed, anyway) or being traditionally feminine. While you lot have always praised princesses more like Anna- adventurous Ariel, fearless Merida, quirky Rapunzel. Modernized, more “badass” type princesses who are supposedly “more relatable” than those icky prim-and-proper, fragile Classic-Era girls. Why? So Anna falls in love too quickly and Elsa doesn’t. So? She’s still more like the type of heroine the majority of the stans like, while Elsa is much more like the type they hate so much. It’s stupid and hypocritical.

<b>tl;dr</b> People overrate awesome Elsa for every reason but the girl herself and make her into a pure, flawless Mary Sue when she is not, she’s better than that and deserves better fans.

“I’ve never had a princess I could 100% look up to. But then Elsa came along. And wow, Disney you guys did a great job with her.I relate to her so much and I think it opened up mothers eyes to why I always keep my door locked and why I don’t talk or play with my younger sister. Ever since I watched Frozen I’ve been trying harder and harder to spend more time with my sister.”

Previously, in this post, I gave an explanation about my thoughts on pairing Elsa with someone, including why I don’t ship her with Kristoff. But I have been thinking about it more lately, and I want to share my beliefs and reasons of why I actually can’t see Elsa having a partner at all.

A major reason to this would be in terms of her character. For years, Elsa lived in fear of harming those she loved and up to a certain point, she had not touched anyone or been touched to prevent any potential harm. In the end, after Anna thaws, she seemingly puts her fear aside to hug her. Then when she realizes that love enables her to control her magic, she does not show fear as strong as before right before she hugs Anna again (see this post).

However, the major problem that comes with her powers is what happens whenever she feels angry, sad, scared, or nervous. These are among the feelings that come to us naturally, so there is no way that Elsa could never not express any of these emotions. In short, I think that Elsa will always have some level of fear, concern, and insecurity over her magic spiraling out of control (and like a chain reaction, her fear would make her anxious, which would then triggers her powers) and harming people, even if it would happen accidentally. Sadly, because of this, it would be difficult for her to live like a normal human being.

Due to these problems she has, I really can’t see Elsa ever getting married or having children. Now I am not completely against it, because even she deserves to have someone love her romantically. But because of the kind of person she is, a love interest couldn’t be just anyone. It would have to be a man who can really relate to her, so much that they would actually complete each other. If Disney ever created a very convincing love interest for her, I would probably accept it.

Another minor reason about this also refers to keeping Elsa canon to the film. This is what I mean on why I would accept a love interest if Disney gave her one. But in terms of keeping her in character, unlike Anna, Elsa never shows interest in romance or marriage throughout the film. Of course, she has spent so much time worrying about concealing her magic even by the time she becomes queen that I think marriage is the last thing on her mind. But it’s possible that she is not even interested in marriage at all. Additionally, because Elsa will always have some anxiety and fear about hurting others with her powers, I believe that closeness and intimacy with a man would make her very uncomfortable, and the idea of having children would make her even more uneasy.

Just on the side, since I like to stick to the continuity of the movie, I don’t accept crossover pairings for Elsa, especially in pairing her with Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. Okay, yes, he is a lot like her, I’ll admit, but here’s the thing: they exist in two completely different movies, so they will never actually be together.

And so these are my whole thoughts on why I don’t see the chance of Elsa ever having a partner. For all of you who enjoy any of those fanon and/or crossover pairings that include her, you do that. But these are my honest opinions, so please do not bash me with rude comments if you don’t agree.

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sometimes i feel like one of the few elsanna shippers who identify strongly with elsa but actually prefer anna as a character (and i get so sad when she kinda gets the shaft in both fandom discussion and fanworks). i mean i LOVE elsa to itty little bits, but i could spend all day talking about how great anna is. elsa is the character i love, but anna is the character i'm IN love with.

that is literally how I feel about Kristoff and Anna.  I love Kristoff because I relate to him but I’m so in love with Anna it’s silly.  (It’s also why I have trouble writing her sometimes I think….)


How isn’t everyone in love with her ?!?!?!?!!?

I love Frozen, I wanna cry.

The animation is sooooo well done. The let it go song is the best. She built a freaking castle out of ICE. Man so beautiful. I can’t stop my self from watching youtube videos over and over again.

I never thought I would draw Disney fan art. No offense to any Disney characters! I love Disney, but I just dont have the urge to draw them. idk why.  Elsa really is the first Disney character I draw lol. She is no typical Disney princess. She is so strong even thought she has been through so much. That’s why I liker her!

Not related to the drawing:

I got sick. Yay sadness. yup got sick right before New Year. Oh well. 2013 went by so fast, I didnt even realize. I am not even gonna make new year resolution lol.