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Radiohead - Just (1995) - Directed by Jamie Thraves. | “You do it to yourself, you do / And that’s what really hurts / Is that you do it to yourself / Just you, you and no one else / You do it to yourself.” 

What Happens: A man inexplicably lies down in the street. A crowd gathers to try to help him get up but when he refuses they demand to know what’s wrong with him. Meanwhile Radiohead play “Just” in a nearby flat. Eventually, the man reluctantly agrees to tell them why he’s lying down. The subtitles cut out so we only see him mouthing the words. When they hear his reason they all lie down as well.

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I'd be so done if in Chaol's book she decides to make the main people he talks to in the Southern Continent be white. Like. No. And she may have LGBT+ rep, but it's literally one or two sentences that says someone is gay or has a lover or something. Like Enda and his mate. Or the two lovers in the Thirteen.

I can’t disagree with this. Honestly. I will finish out the series to find out what happens, and then likely move on. I feel like in Chaol’s novel, he should be the only white man so that he can experience prejudice to learn why it sucks and why he shouldn’t do it to anyone else. And I would KILL for a lesbian love scene honestly. Or just two girls kissing. Or fucking holding hands. Like I’m not gonna be picky.


“Of course she’s still your sister, Pippa! But you have to understand this, it’s for the best that your real dad isn’t in your life, sweetheart.”


“He’s not a nice man at all. When he was mean to me and left, it was Luke that came and helped me. You both adored each other straight away. You have to know that he loves and cares for you just as much as he does for Destiny. I never asked him to be a father for you, he took on that role himself and he did it with pride.”

“Do I have my real dad’s hair and eyes?”

“His hair, yes. But believe it or not, you actually have my eyes! For now, anyway. When I was your age, I had eyes exactly like yours. When I became a bit older, they faded away and my real eyes came in. Wanna know why you have these eyes? Because you’re really special, Pippa. Never doubt that for a second, okay?”

(I wanted to draw this but eh)

many years later in the story of Ninjago

old man Lloyd: and that is how we saved Ninjago

Kid: [raises hand] excuse me Master Lloyd! Can I have a question?

old man Lloyd: Yes?

Kid: Why do you still sound like a 12 year old? Didn’t you grow older quickly because of that tea?

other kid: Yeah, shouldn’t your voice have a little change then?

other other kid: Didn’t your voice change when you were possessed by that ghost Morro?

old man Lloyd:

“Ah, y'know, it’s all for the love of the game, man, all the – all the crowds – I mean, that’s why I do it, for – for these guys. Y'know, all the money – none of it matters, y'know, if you don’t love the game. And, uh… the game’s been good to me, y'know, you just gotta go out there, you just gotta give it 110%, y'know, and that’s… that’s why I do it.“


CW’s Ant-Man: Or Where Dad-Fail no. 2 meets Attack on Titan

When I saw Ant-Man at the movie, I liked Scott Lang. After all, he’s a pretty likable guy. He makes mistakes, but he’s funny, and self-deprecating in the right way. He’s a thief, but he does try to do better. And he said what we’ve all been thinking for so long.

He has the cute little ants. Look at this. Adorable.

And he loves his daughter. 

Pretty fun superhero, huh? I believe Honest Trailers called it Iron Man, with ants. No wonder I liked it. I honestly don’t remember all the details of the movie, but I remember I enjoyed it.

Anyway, Scott’s character undergoes somewhat of a change in Civil War. If you’ll allow me the pun, a GIANT change.

I can understand why Scott was added to the roster of the movie. I can even understand why he was inclined to jump to help. Like in Clint’s case, I very much doubt he knew anything about the Accords mess. I expect Cap/Sam told Scott about the 5 Winter Soldiers, and said they needed his help. Which fair enough. Scott is a hero. He wants to help. And he was recruited by Captain America. Captain America! There’s a fair share of hero worship there.

But then there’s this bit.

Whoa, wait. Back up. You just got out of prison, guv. You have a daughter. Remember her?

Do you really want to abandon her again because of doing something illegal? Apparently, yes.  #Dadfail. Again.

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I love how folks are accusing Justice League of being a 90% CGI movie failing to remember that A) Age of Ultron and Civil War used more vfx shots than Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman combined. And B) Why yes how else are supposed to bring to life Superspeed, a person that is 80% Cybertronics, A Ruler of Atlantis, and the literal daughter of a God without CGI.

They’re just trying to find a problem at this point. 

ToZX Episode 24

Okay, I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream at this point. This episode was the last straw for me. Ufotable why do you do this!!??

How dare you just make Maotelus appear like that all of a sudden when it’s never even mentioned once before this episode!?

How DARE you make lightly of Mikleo’s past (like, wth man, that it??)

How DARE you make ALISHA fucking ARMATIZE with MIKLEO!?


AND THERE IS SO MUCH MORE AND I’M JUST *screams cussing and swearing*

I just cannot understand HOW some people would love this anime so much. Was Alisha having more screen time and being able to armatize good enough that they disregarded everything else?? Or was the story actually that interesting that it doesn’t have to make sense to like it?

why don’t more people talk about pj liguori?? like pj is probably one of my absolute favorite youtubers and actually people on this planet. he inspires me so much and he deserves so much credit. HAVE U SEEN THE SHIT HE MAKES!!!!!! ITS FUCKING INSANE!!!! LIKE WHAT!!! HOW DOES THAT MAN HAVE SO MUCH CREATIVITY IN HIS GODDAMN HEAD!! LIKE I FUCKING LOVE THIS MAN!!! I WANT TO HUG AND MEET HIM SO BADLY!!! without this man i would’ve probably stopped writing a drawing but he helps me continue creating and i love him so much.

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Zen is my man and I just finished the 3rd DLC ending and I still haven't recovered from how much it crushed my heart OTL WHY THIS

RIGHT ????????

zen isn’t even my man but holy shit that fucking hurt and now i think i’m in love with him

10.28.1988 - 3.25.2012

It’s been 5 years since Edd Gould has passed away and he is very much loved and missed.

Only recently have I become a fan of eddsworld, and I have met many nice fans and I’ve heard wonderful things about Edd and I’ve seen his work and I can only wish that I had learned about him sooner.

And even if I didn’t know this man personally, I woke up today with the weather so clear and bright and warm - it was so welcoming and relaxing, I was wondering how the day could seem so lovely. 

But I guess I know why now, haha.

Miss and Love you, Edd, and I hope things are pleasant and you can see us from where you are - I hope you can be proud and know that we love you and that you love us.

Rest in peace, to a wonderful creator, an extraordinary friend to some, and a beloved family member to others. ♥

I was scrolling through Tumblr and saw that @edge-of-bizarre had a few sketches of a Beauty and the Beast AU. I loved it and thought, “man someone should really do the ballroom scene. That’d be funny. 

Oh wait, I can draw. I’ll do it.”

Now to do that homework that was supposed to take precedence. 

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I think the most annoying thing about all this abelena thing, is the fact that abel seems like he doesn't care about her, like that she is giving more than he , maybe i'm wrong and he treats her good when they are alone, but c´mon man what hard is take her by the hand , smile, and try to protect her of the fans , she deserves all the love in this world

That honestly just made me upset, he didn’t even look like he gave a fuck, like why didn’t he stay near her?

Tranquil: Hey love!

Fern: Hi, you arrived safely?

Tranquil: I did. But I miss you. Remind me again why I’m doing this?

Fern: Awh, that’ll pass as soon as classes are getting started I’m sure. You’ll have no time to miss us at all.

Tranquil: Pff! You really think this is a good idea? I could come back home…

Fern: Absolutely not! You’re finishing your classes and landing that dream job. End of story!

Tranquil: Okay… I love you. Say hey to our little man for me. Okay? I’ll call you again tomorrow…

Fern: Love ya!

you know it’s sad. i’ve known i was gay since i was 12/14 but i never fully accepted it til i was like 19/20 bc i treid to hide and say i was asexual but most ppl knew i just liked girls.. and then around 24/25 i’ve become confident in my sexuality

idk like i knew i was gay when i was 19/20 but i was still hoping that i would magically turn out to be bisexual and i could find a man to fall in love with lol

but i realized thats just not going to happen

idk its sad and not fair us gays dont get the normal dating experience and a lot of the times we go through it when we’re in our 20s

idk i was like the only lesbian i knew in high school in my grade. there were like 2 others that i knew off at the school but we didnt get along or talk

it’s so lonely and isolating which is ofc why i turn to online relationships/friendships