and this is why i always think of them as jane and maura

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Do you have any head canons about Blue and Gansey?

Precious anon,

I am sorry it has taken me practically forever to respond to this. I have been extra busy with school nowadays and I wanted to have enough time to sit down and give you something special!!

Anyhow. This morning, I was trying to think of something cute with Blue and Gansey. ‘Cause sometimes all a girl needs is a little fictional cuteness to make her whole day go better. Here is what I have for you:

Blue is sick with a really serious cold. Her coughing shakes the entire house at 300 Fox Way. The normal protocol for people being sick at Blue’s house involves 3 stages.

The first is Quarantine. With so many people under one roof, if one lady gets sick it puts the entire house at risk. With a house full of psychics who are needed to meet with clients and actually make a living, a flood of sickness is Not what they need. Therefore, if any woman gets sick, she gets locked in her room, with only one designated visitor who brings them food and fluids.

The next two steps are not nearly as harsh as the first. But I might be speaking too soon.

Step two is Tea. What sounds like some nice, warm, cozy, and comforting hot liquid for the sick party, isn’t actually that. “Tea” involves a strict regimen of tea. Cups and cups and cups of tea, of all different varieties. This, of course, consists of the less than desirable varieties of tea as well. Quickly, the patient begins to feel as if they are being forcefully poisoned rather than nursed.

Step three is Reading. For the psychic residents of 300 Fox Way this generally means a psychic reading, something to focus their energy and calm them. For Blue though, it just means reading feminist and/or ecology literature. This is where that designated visitor comes in, the one that brings her food and fluids (aka the CURSED TEA).

When Blue was growing up, that visitor was always her mom. However, when Gansey gets word of Blue’s illness he gets a little nervous. The pitiful boy loves his girlfriend so much, he gets anxious when she’s sick. Blue texts him in the morning that she won’t be able to meet up with him and the gang at nino’s that evening. Gansey asks why, and upon reading her explanation that she was sick, he snatches the keys to the Pig and flies over to 300 Fox Way.

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The Idea Of Marriage

As requested by @j-deering (Sorry it got out of order. Don’t know what happened.) 

“You turned down Casey? Jane, why? I thought you loved him.”

“Maybe I did, maybe I do, but I’m not the marrying type. I don’t think I ever want to get married.”

“Maybe Casey just wasn’t the right person, but I don’t think you’ll never get married.”

“I won’t, Maur. It’s not right for me. I don’t think I’m equipped to handle marriage. Can we just drop it for now. I don’t want to think about it.


That conversation was nearly a year ago, Jane recalled. That was six months before she started dating Maura. She had meant every word of it at the time. She still did now, didn’t she? If that was true, then why had she just been thinking about it? She couldn’t really be thinking about marriage now. She cast a glance at Maura, who was reading a book at the other end of the couch. Jane smiled. She loved Maura so much. She wanted to spend her life with her.

There was that idea again. Marriage. Jane toyed with it a bit since it was in her head anyways. It didn’t sound so bad. Not much would change, only legally. They lived together already. They could start a family whether they were married or not, though being married might make that part a bit easier. Maura knew how she felt about marriage or at least how she had felt. She wasn’t yet sure if she felt differently about it now.

She had never asked Maura her opinion on the subject. She always assumed she’d be all for it. She pictured her planning a big, fancy wedding, saying elaborate vows that Jane would probably only understand half of. Jane laughed to herself, picturing it all. "Jane, are you okay over there?” Maura had looked her way, probably because Jane had laughed out loud.

“Yeah, Maur, I’m fine. I was just thinking.” Jane went quiet for a moment and Maura went back to her book. “Maur,” Jane interrupted after only a few seconds. “Do you ever think about marriage?”

That was a topic she hadn’t expected from Jane. She looked at her for a moment, trying to read her expression, but no luck. “Are you proposing?” She wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to say, but there it was. She had said it.

Jane looked shocked for a minute, and Maura feared she had just screwed everything up between them. Then Jane seemed to blink off the surprise and the next thing she knew Jane was down on one knee in front of her. “Yeah, I want to marry you, Dr. Isles, if you’ll let me.”

Maura’s grip on her book slipped and it fell on the floor, but neither of them made a move to pick it up. Her hands now free, Maura leaned down to Jane’s level, held Jane’s face in her hands and kissed her. When she pulled away, she gave her reply. “Permission granted, Detective Rizzoli.”

Guys. Something happened. 

I want to take a moment before I tell you what happened, to tell you who you can blame.  @strongamazon. That’s the person to blame. 

Here’s why. 
He/She/They/Zhe sent me a song prompt the other day. It looked like this: 


Then I was like Savage Garden. No. Pass. 

thennnn i looked at the lyrics, and I said…hm…okay. angst. I’m down. Let me give it a listen. 

So I listened. (meh) 
then listed again. (still meh)
then I listened again for threes (meh, with some hmm on top). 

Then I went to bed. 

Then this morning, I woke up, and wrote this three shot, by hand, all day. 

ALL DAY you guys. And now I’m sharing it with you. 

It’s sad and angsty, (duh), and rizzles (double duh), but also something a little new and twisty (I hope). Please give it a try. And if you want someone to blame, as I said, it should be @strongamazon. 



Happy reading

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Dating Jane Rizzoli would include...

prompt: “Can you please do a dating rizzoli would include?” coolest-bro 

thank you, thank you, thank you for inspiration!!! btw, i would lay down my life for jane rizzoli and maura isles

also i’ve binge watched brooklyn 99 and omg I am in love i think i have a problem xxx

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  • you and Maura had struck up a friendship when you met her at a conference about the effects of various explosions on the human body and had gotten closer and closer, leading to you finally meeting Jane

- you had needed relationship advice about an ex so were spending time with Maura in the morgue when Jane had walked in

“Maura, how’s the- oh, uh, hey.” 

- and she smILED AT YOU and you were completely gone

“Jane, this is a good friend of mine, Y/N. Y/N, this is Jane Rizzoli, one of our best detectives.”

“uh- the best detective” *cue the famous Rizzoli cute smirk and instant butterflies exploding everywhere* “it’s really nice to meet you Y/N.”

“yeah, good to meet you too.”

  • being a stuttering mess at first because holy god she was intimidating 
  • finding yourself spending a lot more time in the morgue and with Maura who felt a lot like Cupid all of a sudden. this lead to constant teasing and setting the two of you up constantly (which you weren’t too distraught about)
  • Jane made the first move

“hey, Jane? Maura told me she forgot to send you these notes. Something about the Wilson case? anyway, I bought them for you.”

“Y/N, thank you.” *cue intense sexual tension*

“god, they need to just get together already!” - one and only Vince K

“anyway, I should uh, probably go now. I h-have a, um, a thing.”

“oh, yeah, sure, I’ll see you Y/N.”

- you were in the elevator doing an ‘i’m so in love’ dance when she jumped in last minute and just kissed you. like, full on, wrapping one hand around the back of your neck and pulling you close to her

- and then you had to pull away when the doors opened which sucked but she finally asked you out for that night

  • you developed a habit of kissing her scars on her hands whenever she was scares or stressed or just needed some support
  • being there for her throughout the whole Hoyt fiasco despite the fact that you were equally terrified for her

- you insisted on staying with her when he had escaped prison, despite her trying to get you to stay somewhere safe

- as the news of Jane’s and your relationship spread to Hoyt, he became increasingly interested in you as well but you knew that you would be safe with Jane and you always would be

- once he had died, you often found yourself waking up in the middle of the night to Jane flailing around and crying out, you had spent many an evening with her sobbing in your arms in terror

  • having to be told that the threats were all part of the job but it never made you feel any easier when either she, or you, got them
  • her being such a good comforter and cuddler (seriously, and if Maura was there as well then get ready to feel so protected and gossip all night long)
  • being so competitive and making so many bets every day (all in the name of love… mostly)

“I bet you Maura’s going to call this a ‘red brown stain’“ “Why? Jane, she won’t. It’s so obviously blood.” “You’ll see Y/N.”

“I bet you won’t even hit the ball.” “I’m the best at baseball, of course I’ll hit the- shit, I missed it! Are you kidding me?!”

“Oh look, I believe I just won… again! Want to give up yet? I always win Scrabble! You can’t beat me Rizzoli.” “Do I look like I care?” “Yes. Very much so.”

  • having to live with her messy ass 24/7
  • insisting on giving her the nickname ‘Rizzo’ after watching Grease once (it was your choice of movie but she definitely enjoyed it more than she pretended) and endlessly teasing her with it
  • being completely unsurprised when Jane had woken you up in the middle of the night and told you she was planning on taking the job for the FBI and moving to Washington D.C. since you had seen how much the job had meant to her and being 100% supportive the entire way through

“Rizzo, babe, it’s 3 in the morning and I know this is important and I’m so so proud of you but right now I think we just need to sleep” 

“Y/N, the fact that I hadn’t told you has been eating me alive, I mean do you even want to move with me? Am I worth leaving everyone you love to-”

“Jane, I love you, you can’t get rid of me that easily. We’ll make it work. Now cuddle me and let me sleep. We’ll chat properly in the morning, okay?”

  • SHE’s a SUCKER for nose kisses, the big softie
  • and also making out on her sofa (you have been caught many a time)
  • let me tell you, house hunting with her in Washington D.C was the best thing in the world
  • both finding being away from family and friends, especially Maura, so difficult but getting through it together
  • you’ve seen her at her absolute worst and her best and you just know that you will always love her
Settling Down
  • Jane: Okay, just hear me out before you say no.
  • Maura: Jane...
  • Jane: No! Maura, just... just... okay, look. *huffs* All I'm saying is that we should get a puppy.
  • Maura: You had a dog, remember? You never had time for Jo, she was always alone, and I'm pretty sure you forgot about her as often as you remembered her. No, Jane.
  • Jane: That's not fair! It was a different time. We were different people. Besides, that was before the new job, the whole teaching thing, and the whole coming back to Boston thing. Come on, Maura! We need a puppy. Think about it. Wouldn't it be great to have a little guy running around? Someone to play fetch with? Someone to watch movies with? Someone to keep you warm on cold nights and do that cute little running in their sleep thing...
  • Maura: I have you for all of that. Why would we need a dog? I really doubt there's anything you can say to persuade me to agree to us getting a dog.
  • Jane: I can handle it! You know I can, and, frankly, I think you're being unfair about Jo. You know I took care of Jo just fine.
  • Maura: What about the tortoise?
  • Jane: Uh... tortoise?
  • Maura: Watson?
  • Jane: Oh! The *tortoise*. Well...
  • Maura: Exactly. The answer is no.
  • Jane: Man! This is so unfair. How are we going to get ready for kids if we don't even have a puppy to practice on? I mean, it's a puppy. Who doesn't love puppies?
  • Maura: You can't crate train a child, Jane.
  • Jane: Well, I mean, you *could*...
  • Maura: *heavy sigh* No.
  • Jane: So no on the puppy?
  • Maura: No on the puppy.
  • Jane: No on kids?
  • Maura: Maybe on children. We've only been officially dating for a few months. Give it time, Jane. I'd like to eventually adopt a child and raise them with you, but I'd like to get through our first year as an official couple as a start. You can understand that, can't you?
  • Jane: Yeah, sure. It's just that it feels like we've been dating for years, you know? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am SO ready to settle down with you, Maura. I think... I just think it's time.
  • Maura: Well... maybe we can start looking into it?
  • Jane: Adoption?
  • Maura: A puppy.
  • Jane: Yes!

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any headcannons for after glendower ended up being dead/gansey's death&resurrection where bluesey just like Talks About Feelings And Stuff lying in bed at monmouth bc im a sap and the book just cut off??? after the climax?? like sure just skip right over the emotional aftermath of what was built up to be the most important event in all 4 books lol

^^^ i know right? like i didn’t expect much but i really wanted to see how everyone reacted when gansey woke up….

  • let me talk about this before i get to your prompt because reasons
  • you bet your ass everyone would be all over gansey 
  • blue is kneeling on the ground, holding gansey’s face, telling him to wake up
  • and this was always really important to me, that she’s the one who tells him to wake up, partly because it’s her voice he hears, her voice that brings him back, her voice that gets through :’)
  • but also because the parallel is wonderful, gansey waking the skeleton animals in bllb, and blue waking gansey in trk, it’s wonderful
  • (and i also really love how everyone played their part in resurrecting gansey: henry pushing them to do something, adam thinking of cabeswater, ronan persuading cabeswater to help, and blue telling gansey to wake up)
  • anyway, so gansey opens his eyes, blue beside him, and the first thing he sees is her, leaning over him, and watching him so intently, so frightened, so worried for him
  • her dark hair is falling around her face, her eyes swimming in tears but so clear and beautiful, the sun shining above her, creating the idea of a halo, and he’s just… never seen anything so beautiful
  • he smiles, small and soft
  • “gansey?” blue asks quietly and gansey reaches up and tucks a piece of hair behind her ear, and says, “hey”
  • and the moment he speaks blue sobs out a laugh and buries her head in his chest, and everyone else starts talking at the same time, crouching beside them too, hovering around gansey
  • there’s a lot of hovering and touching and hugs involved and gansey is actually so overwhelmed by the love they all shower him with
  • he’s a little weak and wobbly so they support him as they walk to the car, ronan on one side, blue on the other, and adam tries to step in to help because blue is literally so tiny that she doesn’t look like she can hold gansey’s weight, but blue waves him away, not letting go for the world 
  • henry drives while the rest of them squeeze into the back, gansey in the middle with blue on his lap, adam and ronan on each side of him
  • anyway, back to bluesey talking about feels in bed
  • i don’t think there’s one big moment where they talk about everything that’s happened, rather it’s different moments, different nights, different issues
  • when gansey can’t sleep one night, he tries to gently disentangle himself from blue who’s firmly latched onto his his side without waking her (she sleeps over often, fight me) but of course she stirs immediately, though doesn’t fully wake up until several minutes when she feels his absence in bed
  • when she sits up there’s gansey on the floor, fiddling with his henrietta model but not truly building it, a faraway look on his face as he stares out the floor to ceiling windows of monmouth
  • he barely notices when blue joins him until she lays a gentle hand on his shoulder and he turns, immediately apologizing for waking her up
  • blue shakes her head and tells him she wishes he woke her up on purpose if something was bothering him, and gansey looks down, unable to lie to her
  • she waits patiently, stroking his arm, until he finds the strength to speak 
  • “i was thinking about noah,” he says, and her hand halts, curling into the material of his shirt
  • they’re both quiet for a long time, then gansey reaches up to wipe his eyes and tells her how noah has sacrificed himself to save him
  • blue listens wordlessly, gently rubbing his back, resting her head on his shoulder, a silent comfort 
  • there’s no right thing to say, no right words to ease gansey’s pain, but she tells him she loves him, tells him noah loved him too and he gave his life for gansey because he was his friend, she tells him he’s not alone and they’re not going to let noah’s sacrifice be in vain
  • right then and there gansey decides that he will honor noah by living a good happy life with few regrets
  • (and this is what gives him confidence to start doing things for himself rather than others, this is why he decides not to go to college, his parents be damned, this is why he starts acting more and more like himself and less like the facade)
  • another time, (and this would actually happen before the previous one because here they don’t know yet that they can kiss but whatever, it came to me like this) blue is really distant and quiet as they snuggle in gansey’s bed, and at first gansey tries to cheer her up by telling her silly animal facts and sharing stories of his time traveling europe, and though she smiles, he can see her heart is not really in it so he finally caves and asks her what’s wrong
  • she looks him in the eye but she doesn’t really see him, quiet for several seconds, before she announces, matter of factly, “i killed you”
  • gansey blinks, speechless, for several seconds
  • he sighs, adjusts their position a bit so he can look at her better, and he finally manages to say, “you know it wasn’t like that”
  • but blue shakes her head and looks away, stubbornly staring at nothing until gansey gently turns her face back to him with a quiet whisper of her name and tells her she can’t think like that
  • blue swallows and tells him that maura told her they can kiss now and gansey is now very confused because “that’s wonderful, jane!”
  • when she shakes her head again, clearly upset, gansey frowns, and quietly asks “do you… not… want to?”
  • and she’s just, “i don’t deserve to. after killing you the last time… i don’t deserve any of this”
  • that’s when gansey realizes just how guilty she secretly feels and he beats himself up for not noticing it earlier
  • he hugs her tightly, tucking her against his chest, and whispering to her that it’s not her fault and he doesn’t blame her and he loves her no matter what 
  • “you saved me, blue,” he tells her, stroking her hair, voice gentle, “i heard your voice, telling me to wake up, pulling me back. you didn’t kill me, you brought me back.”
  • blue sniffs and holds onto him tighter, almost desperately
  • when she pulls away after a while, wiping at her eyes, she says, “if you hadn’t come back, i don’t think i could have ever forgiven myself”
  • “but i did,” he answers and kisses her forehead, now with the knowledge that he’s allowed to “so you must forgive yourself”
  • blue’s eyes flutter closed when gansey’s lips touch her forehead and almost instantly, she longs to feel them against her own mouth as well, because god, she does want to kiss him again, she really does
  • (spoiler alert: they do kiss)
  • (it makes blue feel a lot better too)
  • they probably also talk about glendower being dead some time, and gansey dealing with his second death, and perhaps even the fact that they’re each other’s true love, but i’m not going to elaborate on those now because holy shit this is long

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Can you give your top 5 of lesbian OTP on TVshow ?

Hey sorry for the late answer ♥

I made a post a month ago here with my OTP’s (the gay ones :P Yeah I have non gay OTP’s :P)

I’m afraid I’ll only chose between my first ships (I grew with them) because I have so many.

Now if I had to choose 5 … Does it have to be in order ? :P

1) Xena and Gabrielle

Because yeah they’re soulmates. This is a journey showing their love I just love them so much and they are my first OTP.

Didn’t they get married ? Oops nope but it might as well be their wedding ^^

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Let’s end this by this beautiful dork gif

Originally posted by xenagabrielleherculesiolauscz

2) Shoot

Let’s admit they have a beautiful story … A story of pain but damn I just love them so much. I first loved Shaw so much but when she was gone I learned to love Root. Now I’m really in love with both of them.

Amy Acker is the best bye !!!

3) Rizzles

The gayest non gay show on television … (The level of eyesex is really touching stars)

Originally posted by naomigokce

Also I really loved the ending even if the latest seasons we lost their characters because let’s admit I didn’t like Jane at the end. What happened to our gayzzoli endings ? Probably gone with Jane … Also what the hell about turning her in Angie ? Anyway Maura is my fave she is perfect bye ♥

Originally posted by iwatchforsasha

4) Sanvers

Yay you know why :P I always loved Alex I always told myself she could date anyone I would support her and ship her with anyone (except Maxwell Lord) and thank god it was Maggie ! I can’t believe I told myself damn finally a straight character I’m addicted to ! Well … I did ship her with Astra but we know how this turned out :P

Anyway yep Sanvers all the way

5) Ok I probably should go with Swan Queen but I can’t because I really really love them but I can’t stand the show anymore … They changed Emma so much I only watched for Regina and now I will wait the end of the season to watch the entire season bc I can’t …

So I choose Doccubus ! Happy ending, awesome characters. Love them.

Originally posted by doccubuslostgirl

And Lauren is my fave ♥ I do love geeks that’s why I love Maura too.

Originally posted by naomigokce

Originally posted by naomigokce

Let’s end this by

Originally posted by heda-organa

6) Why can’t I add something ? :P I’m sure gonna do it ! Brittana ! Ok I don’t know if I love them more than doccubus maybe more and happy ending too !

And they got married !

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Just I love them soooo much

Originally posted by rachc501

Santana is my fave ! (Ok I really like Rachel too but Santanaaaaa + Snixxxxx ♥)

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Byeeee everyone !

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EDIT : Oh gosh I forgot Clexa ! How could I forget them ? They’re in the top top … I’m ashamed of myself ! Lexa is the best ! Maybe I was in so much pain I just didn’t want to think about them …

‘Maura, do i really need to come to this thing with you?’ Jane said and she opened the door to greet her friend.

‘Yes Jane, I asked you weeks ago to attend this house warming with me and you agreed’ replied Maura.

‘But, now I just want to sit on my couch and eat pizza’ grumbled Jane.

‘Too bad.’ Maura picked up her clutch bag and walked past Jane and out the door, knowing she’d follow. Jane grunted and slammed the door behind her as she shut the door.

They arrived at Maura’s college friends apartment, it was an expensive swanky apartment, filled with sophisticated people, people who felt holding a champagne glass and ‘mingling’. Jane hated this type of affair, and mingling, she would usually just stick by Maura and follow her lead. But tonight was different. The pair stood picking from the canape table, when maura realised they needed a top up.

‘Another drink, Jane?’ Maura said as she took Jane’s glass out of her hand, anticipating her reply.

Jane shrugged ‘Yeh, sure.’

Maura disappeared to fetch the drinks, upon her return, she spotted Jane making small talk with the most attractive man in the room. Jane hadn’t moved from the spot Maura left her, so he had clearly gone to her. He was stood directly in front of Jane, as she leaned against the wall, giggling and touching his arm. Was she flirting with him? Maura was confused, she barely saw Jane ever flirt, especially at this kind of event. It almost stopped her in her tracks, but she pretended not to notice and approached Jane with her drink.

‘Hi, I’m Maura.’ Maura handed Jane her drink and then offered a hand to Jane’s acquaintance.

‘Thanks Maura, we were just talking about how awful these kinda things are’ Jane said, gesturing at the party. ‘Harry here is a friend of Diane’ she said, still holding his arm.

Maura spoke to him pleasantly for a while, as to seem polite. But their obvious flirting was getting too much for her, and she didn’t know why. Jane spending time laughing and getting on with a handsome man at her friends party shouldn’t bother her, she should be pleased, but somehow it did. Maura excused herself from Jane and Harry’s presence to go and speak to former acquaintances, or she used that as her excuse.

Making her rounds, Maura kept picking up drinks from the waiter, happily sipping away as she tried to hide her anger. Maura realised she was quite tipsy after her fourth glass. She had no intention of stopping either, this was the only thing helping her get through the night. An hour had passed and Jane was still with Harry, they had moved over to the kitchen so they could talk in a slightly quieter area of the apartment. Maura headed toward them, armed with dutch courage and her desire to be with Jane she walked over, as gracefully as she could manage.

‘…and I didn’t even realise he was stood right behind me!’ Jane bellowed, finishing an anecdote, they both collapsed with laughter, almost into each other. As she was laughing she noticed Maura walking over, and could immediately tell Maura had had one too many. ‘Hi Maura, you enjoying the evening?’ Jane said, still laughing.

‘Hi Jane, oh yes, as a matter of fact I am, not as much as you by the looks of it’ Maura said, grinning at Harry as she put a hand on Jane’s hip. Jane was surprised by the touch, she was used to Maura touching her arm or shoulder but never her hip. Maura’s hand slid around Jane’s waist as Maura’s body leaned against Jane’s side for support. It confirmed for Jane her friend had already had too much to drink.

‘Are you ready to leave Maura?’ Jane asked.

‘Oh no! You two are getting along so well, how could I ever split up such a pair!’ Harry laughed and thought Maura had meant what she said, but Jane knew Maura was using her new skill; sarcasm. ‘Jane you stay here and talk to this lovely gentleman, I’m heading to the little girls room. Maura took her leave and left Jane slightly stifled as she smiled at Harry.

‘Excuse me, I think I need to use the bathroom too.’  Jane said softly to Harry. On her way to speak with Maura in the toilet, she saw her instead filling up her glass at the liquor cabinet. ‘I thought you needed the bathroom Maura?’ Jane said as she tried to assess Maura’s mood.

‘I decided I needed this more’ Maura said taking a gulp of whiskey. Jane glared at Maura, confused and slightly worried. ‘I’m fine, Jane, go back to your conquest in the kitchen.’

‘Maura what are you talking about? My conquest?’ Jane bit back.

‘Oh come on, Jane, you two were all over eachother.’

‘He’s really funny, and he was keeping me sane, but it’s not like that’ Jane said, but after a moment’s thought she followed up her statement ‘but what difference would it make if it were. You’re always telling me how sex releases that stuff into your brain’

‘Yes, Jane you’re right, I don’t know why I said it like that. I meant to say you seemed to be hitting it off so well you should definitely take him home. Your body definitely needs some release after that week we had at work’ Maura whispered as to Jane as she slowly looked down at her body, making Jane suddenly feel incredibly self conscious. Maura swayed, as she glared at Jane’s stomach, feeling light headed she almost lost her balance which prompted Jane to grab her shoulders to stable Maura.

‘OK, well I’m not going to take him home, you’ve had too much champagne for me to trust you getting home on your own.’ Jane stated.

‘For goodness sake Jane, just go. I don’t need you to see me home’ Maura slurred. ‘To be honest you’re irritating me, I’d rather you left’

‘Maura what the hell is the matter with you, we need to leave you are gunna embarrass yourself, come on.’ Jane blurted as she grabbed hold of Maura’s hand and started walking towards the door.

‘Let me go Jane’ Maura said a quietly as she tugged for her hand back digging her heels into the floor. ‘I’m not leaving’ she snapped her hand back to her side. ‘Just go with him, you would be doing the whole department a favour’.

‘We are leaving right now, and what are you talking about?’ Jane spoke beneath her breath, low and firmly.

‘You are so cranky every day this week, someone needs to release that tension, he’s the perfect candidate.’ Maura tried to sound genuine, but Jane sensed animosity in her tone.

‘Well thanks, Maura. You’re probably right, I do need to get laid, but i’m not taking him home’ Jane said as matter of fact.

Staring lustfully at Harry ‘Someone should, don’t you think?’ Maura became unaware of her immediate surrounding and stumbled forward ever so slightly, which brought her a little too close to Jane, to stop herself from falling into her, Maura put a hand on Jane’s ab’s to balance herself.

‘Woah, you definitely need to go home, and I’m not letting him take you in your state’ Jane said as she held her friend’s arms to steady her. Before Maura took her hand away from Jane’s stomach she stared up at her, she suddenly felt incredibly sad, not fully realising why.

‘Not gunna puke are you?’ Jane jested, straightening Maura up and stepping back a step or two.

Jane bent her knees slightly so she was level with Maura and peered at her playfully, trying to make her smile. Determined to be mad at Jane, Maura shook her head in the smallest way possible, but couldn’t resist cracking a smile, she never could stay angry at Jane. Remembering Jane’s hands on Harry, she snapped back her smile and shook away any forgiveness. She was still trying to figure out why she couldn’t forgive Jane for flirting, but she was too drunk to hide any feelings.

‘I don’t need you to see me home, I’m getting a taxi, by myself. Goodnight Jane’ Maura walked straight past Jane without much of a goodbye, leaving her bemused standing in a room full of people. She knew something was up with Maura, drunk or not. She wasn’t about to let her leave without finding out why she was upset. Maura had already made it outside by the time Jane caught up to her. She was just opening the door to get into a taxi, before Jane ran up behind her and slammed the door shut before she could get in.

‘Not so fast’ Jane said with her gravelly, low voice. She put her arm around Maura’s waist turning her round and walking her towards her car. ‘Get in the car’.

I’m in a Rizzles mood

Prompt: “You’re always getting into fights to defend me, so I always end up patching you up. Please stop doing this, you’re making me worry.” AU (High School)

“Are you mad?”

Green hazel eyes look up at the sudden statement, the flecks of gold and copper twinkling in the sunlight as they stare into Jane’s. She can clearly read the disapproval in the blonde’s eyes but, to her surprise, Maura shakes her head, her gaze lowering back to the cut on Jane’s lower lip, which she is in the process of cleaning with a slightly bloody tissue.

“Just disappointed,” she murmurs, dabbing at the cut. Jane winces. “Sorry.”

“I’ve had worse,” Jane says, taking a deep breath.

Maura sighs. “You really have to stop doing this, Jane. You’re going to get yourself seriously injured one day.”

Jane snorts. “Please! Crowe had it coming. If it hadn’t of been me, it would’ve been—“

“Somebody else,” Maura finishes for her on a sigh. “I know. I just wish you’d let somebody else do for once.”

“You don’t think I’m strong enough to face Darren myself?” Jane asks, furrowing her brows. Maura looks up at her and sees the poorly disguised hurt in her eyes. She sighs and places the tissue down, reaching up with soft hands to cup Jane’s scar-roughened cheeks in her palms.

“I know you are,” she says, softly, looking Jane in the eye. “You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met, Jane.” Beneath her fair hands, Jane’s cheeks turn pink and she averts her eyes, smiling shyly as she presses her face against Maura’s soft skin. Maura, in turn, smiles back and stretches to press her forehead to the taller girl’s. Jane is sitting on a table with Maura standing between her legs, but still the blonde is significantly shorter.

“I just wish,” Maura continues, “that you didn’t feel you have to prove it so often. Especially for my benefit.”

At that, Jane’s hands, which are just as scarred as the rest of her body, rise to keep Maura’s exactly where they are. “Hey,” she says, catching Maura’s eyes again. “This isn’t your fault, okay? This is on me and my temper and Crowe’s big fat mouth. But it’s never your fault.”

“You got in a fight because you were trying to defend me,” Maura points out. “I can’t help but feel responsible…”

“You’re not,” Jane insists, her voice stern. “Not at all. Got it?” Maura nods, haltingly, but then opens her mouth to say something, then closes it, biting her lip instead. Jane smiles, reaching out to release the abused piece of flesh with her thumb, chuckling when Maura flushes an adorable pink. “It’s not your fault,” she says again. “But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen again. Especially if he calls you…that again.”

“I can take care of myself, Jane,” Maura huffs, rolling her eyes.

Jane laughs and nods. “I know you can, Maur,” she says. “But that doesn’t mean I won’t still beat the snot out of some asshole who calls you names. Besides, I know you’d do the same for me.”

“Actually,” Maura says and Jane’s face falls dramatically, her bottom lip sticking out. Maura chuckles and shakes her head. “I’m not much of a fighter, but I do know how to disguise a powerful laxative.” Her eyes sparkle with mischief.

Jane’s smile grows twofold and she wraps her arms around Maura’s waist, pulling her in. “My diabolical little genius,” she whispers, before her lips meet her girlfriend’s. Before long, she feels one of Maura’s hands climb up to tangle in her curls, while the other one continues to rest softly on her cheek.


Maura practically flies back from her and the only thing keep her from sprawling out onto the floor is Jane’s hands around her waist, keeping her anchored. They both turn, eyes comically wide as the nurse—also Jane’s mother—pokes her head in, one eyebrow raised.

“You all patched up, Janie?” she asks, one corner of her mouth turning up in amusement.

Jane slowly lets go of her girlfriend and clears her throat, nodding and refusing to meet her mother’s eyes. “Yeah,” she says, her voice slightly more gravelly than usual. She clears her throat. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Alright, then you girls should probably head back to class now. I’ll write you a couple of passes.”

Angela disappears around the corner, leaving the girls alone for a couple of moments. They share a long look, then both of them crack up a little, shaking their heads. Maura tugs on the collar of Jane’s flannel shirt, pulling her down for one last peck, before taking her hand and helping her down from the examination table. Their fingers tangle as they head into the main office, where Angela is just signing their late slips.

She hands them to each of the girls with a fond smile—except when she swats Jane on the back of the head.

“Ow! What was that for?” Jane asks, frowning as she rubs the back of her head.

“For getting yourself hurt again,” Angela scolds. “Quit it with all the fighting already!”

“But, Ma, I—“

“Nope, I don’t wanna hear it,” Angela says, shaking her head. “Just try to stay out of trouble for at least the rest of the week. Can you do that?”

“I’ll try,” Jane grumbles and Angela sighs deeply.

“Good enough,” she says, then turns to smile at Maura. “Thanks for patching her up, Sweetheart. Are you coming over for dinner tonight?”

“I haven’t been invited,” Maura replies, politely.

Angela swats Jane again.

“Would you quit doing that?!”

“What’s the matter with you?” Angela scolds again. “Why didn’t you invite Maura over for dinner?”

“You didn’t give me a chance!”

“Well, here’s your chance.”

Jane rolls her eyes and turns towards Maura. “Do you wanna come over for dinner?” she asks, begrudgingly. Maura grins and squeezes her hand.

“I’d love to, Jane,” she says, warmly. “Thank you.”

Jane flushes bright red and smiles shyly. “No problem,” she mumbles, then looks back at Angela, who’s smiling at the pair of them. “Can we go back to class now?” she asks.

“Okay,” Angela says, handing them their slips. “You girls have a nice day,” she says as they walk around her. “Keep Jane out of trouble for me, Maura, will ya?”

“Will do!” Maura laughs as she pulls a grumbling Jane out of the office after her, fingers still tangled.

anonymous asked:

you know what i think is interesting? that r&i, with its relatively small sliver of subtext is still a popular f/f ship. kind of like swan queen stuff (i have no idea about that fandom, i watch from a far). i just wonder what would've happened if the writers/show runners of these shows ACTUALLY pushed the subtext as main text? or at least treat it more than just queer bait. would we be happier about it? or are rizzles and the like special b/c of what fanfic and fandoms did w/ it?

i wish i had a good answer as to why. and i am just a gal that runs a blog. i do not work in the industry. i am not a producer or a writer. i just have opinions and write them on the internet.

i’ve said many times before that when comparing subtext/maintext, i always fall back to Xena because that is a show that did it amazingly well (and in the 90′s!) The thing with Xena is that the producers, writers and actresses embraced that sub/main text and ran with it. They told stories with character depth and development, great story arcs and storylines, and at the core of it all told a damn beautiful love story and did it all in six seasons. That is how you push subtext, and then flat out turn it over to maintext. XWP had a formula that has not been copied (IMO) since.

But man, did Rizzoli and Isles have the potential. Go back and watch the first three seasons and try not to feel giddy about the BLATANT subtext happening. It is a thing of beauty. and part of me has always believed that for as meh as the story telling was on R&I, they were really playing with the depth of the subtext (see: jane and maura holding hands under the table at the robber. jane and maura wearing the same clothes the next day after a sleep over. JANE AND MAURA FANTASY WEDDINGS) The thing I never really understood is why A.) the show was never picked up for entire 20/24 episode seasons (and did this hinder the story telling and take away from character development?) and B.) why run and hide from the subtext? clearly there is a viewing audience that is seeing it, so why the hard left away from it? 

i dont know if i would be happier with J/M’s relationship being maintext. I honestly dont think the writers and producers would have done it justice and given proper representation to lesbian/bisexual/queer women. and i honestly think the fandom has given more than what was called for to a show that turned its back and basically thumbed its nose at its lesbian/bisexual/queer women viewers. we were queerbaited to hell and back (good god, some of those promos could had been used as lesbian recruitment propaganda) and then left with a show that squandered its lead characters with overused tropes and contrived storylines.

the fandom did right by a show that never deserved it. and the show gave us less than we ever deserved.

Okay well, I wrote this and then realized that there is a death, but it’s just a random character that doesn’t really matter. So, hope it still works. I’m assuming you’re the same person who asked thepriceismeg this question, so you’re officially an evil butthole. As for whoever sent me the song, gold star for you. 

Sorry if you cry, eh?.


“Hey, how long you got?”

Jane pulled the sleeves of her suit jacket and checked the watch on her wrist. She’d tried to avoid it as much as she could- why get so nervous about something that was going to happen anyways. She glanced at Barry Frost, who had asked her the question, and smiled like a proud sibling. The dark-skinned man had traded his shirt and khakis in for a suit and tie. He looked so dapper, like a debonair next to Jane, who looked like…Jane.

“Still got a like two years man, I’ve got some time to fuck shit up still” Jane whispered lovingly, fixing the tie on her partner. She brushed away dust that didn’t exist off the dark fabric of his shoulder. Barry Frost, Jane’s partner and best friend, was going to meet his soulmate today. He’d been waiting for this moment since he’d gotten his watch at age 13- the youngest age available. Then there were people like Jane who didn’t bother with one until she’d graduated high school. If she wanted to fall in love with someone, she’d do it after high school.

“Man, I don’t know Jane- I still think that I’m not ready. I mean, what if I change my mind or something, and completely ruin this plan? I still have 20 minutes, and we’ve been standing here in the park so long, that most people probably think we’re on the date. I don’t know Jane, I- I’m just so nervous.” Frost stammered, gripping the roses in fist so hard that the plastic around it started to crinkle. Jane just laughed and grabbed his shaking hands. She rubbed her thumb affectionately across his knuckles, feeling his muscles relax after a bit.

“You’re gonna be fine dude. She’s gonna love you, okay? Who couldn’t, you’re a great guy!” Jane started to tear up a bit, it was emotional when you’re best friend was about to meet their mate. Deep down, Jane was kind of envious, she wanted to meet her soulmate now- not a year later, but she’d never admit that out loud. Besides, if she met him, who could guarantee that she would even love him? How could- nevermind. Today was all about Frost and his happiness.

Jane sniffled a bit, willing the tears in her eyes not to spill, if anyone knew that she got this emotional over romance she’d never hear the end of it.

“I’m gonna go okay? Call me if anything doesn’t happen, I’ll be sitting at home with a beer and Jo.” the brunette hugged her best friend once more and smiled even brighter when his watch chirped, signalling that he had five more minutes.

He just nodded, not trusting his voice to properly convey anything right now. He turned around and exhaled all of the jumbled thoughts and emotions. He sat on a bench and watched Jane jog back down the path  towards her apartment. To distract himself, he wondered how she’d be acting when her watch went off. A warm hand touched his shoulder and he jerked his head up and stared. She had a nervous smile and big brown doe eyes, with a stellar pearly smile.

“Ha, I know this is awkward but, I’m here..and I think that I’m underdressed.” The woman said staring at her jeans and polo. “But, I just got off work at Boston Joe’s and I thought I wouldn’t make it! I assume you’re here because…” the woman trailed off and sat down next to Barry and clasped her hands nervously. He saw the slim watch on her wrist and laughed, they’d even picked the same color.

“I’m Detective Barry Frost, and I think that we’re soulmates…?”

“Netta, Netta Wilson. Hi Barry, wanna go get some coffee” She asked giggling like a small child. She thought that knowing that you were going to meet your soulmate would dull this feeling- the butterflies that everyone talked about. But, they were there, and boy they felt great.

“Sure, we can go to Starbucks though, I won’t tell your boss”



“Hey, Maura- what time is it?” Maura glanced at the silver band on her wrist. She couldn’t help but grimace at the large “20 years. five months, three days, and 40 minutes” that stared back at her. It was sad really, every other girl in her high school had their numbers always on display. Most of them sported numbers that indicated that they would be well on their way to meeting their domestic partner before the turn of the century. But poor Maura-the-Bora, was going to be single woman until she was nearly 40.

“Half past four” Maura gave Susie, her lab partner and best friend, a clear and concise answer. The dark-haired woman grimaced when she realized what she’d done, Maura hated to be reminded that she was going to wait so long to meet her soulmate. Susie’s watch, which she only put on at home, told her that she still had a few years to wait, which was great- she still needed to make it into college.

“Sorry Maura, I didn’t mean-” Susie started.

“No- I’m being immature. I should know better than to antagonize about an outcome that I cannot change. I should focus on my studies anyways. they’re more important than finding love.

Susie just frowned, she hated it when Maura talked like that. Maura was wonderful person, and no one but her seemed to care. Her parents were too busy gallivanting across Europe to realize that their daughter, needed them here. Maura Isles just didn’t realize just how wonderful of a human she was.

“Hey, wanna go to the cinema tonight? Edward Scissorhands is playing, and we all know how much you love Winona Ryder.” Susie teased Maura, remembering how hard her best friend had swooned over the girl in Heathers their sophomore year. Now Maura, being a senior, had been able to register for her fan club. It was adorable watching her get excited over having a member ID in the double digits.

“I don’t know Susie, this science lab is due this week and I’d rather not do horribly.” Maura bristled. She could tell that her friend was just being nice and trying to get out of her house.

“Whatever Captain Maura, you’ve never gotten below a 100%, I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Susie jumped down from the desk she was sitting on and started to gather her things. Besides, you just spent an entire study hall talking. Not getting Senioritis are we?” Susie lightly punched Maura’s sweater-covered arm.

“I hardly think that applies. Besides, it’s not even a medically recognized d-”

“Whatever Maura, it’s okay” The bell rang before either one of the girls could finish their conversation. Susie scooted out of the door, blending into the crowd. Maura just sauntered out of the door towards her locker. She put her school things away and took out her keys and purse. The sun glared down on the sullen girl, making her shadow taunt her from the sidewalk. She got into her car and just sat there for a moment, willing herself to not dwell on the fact she had to wait one-fifth of a century to find a single person on this planet to love her. Could she even wait that long? With a heavy heart and mind, Maura started her car and drove home.

When she got home, she set her purse and keys on the wooden pegs next to the door. Avoiding as much contact as she could, she tiptoed up the stairs hoping that neither the housekeeper or the gardener could hear her. Her door swung open and Maura flopped onto her bed. She took off her watch and sighed in relief when the numbers faded from the screen. The blonde rolled over and stared at her ceiling, playing the game she played every day when she got home from school.

I wonder if she’ll have curly hair

I wonder if she likes puppies

Maybe she’ll even like cuddling.

So long as she likes me I suppose I can’t be very disappointed.

Maura burst into tears, like she did every day. I just don’t want to be disappointed.


Jane could feel herself waking up and groaned, she felt like shit. It was to be expected actually, she had drank an entire bottle of Jager last night- if she remembered correctly. Her first thought was to call Frost and ask how she’s gotten home, but then she realized why she gotten so trashed last night:

It was Frost’s wedding night.

Jane smiled tightly as she rolled over to smother her hungover face into the pillow. Jane cried so many times last night that she felt like she’d been hit by a bus today. She surely looked like it too. Cavanaugh, after seeing how well they’d cleared out the bar, had given all of the Rizzoli’s the day off to recuperate.

Jo jumped on the bed and snuggled her little puppy butt right into Jane’s sternum. The laid like that for another hour, until the pup started to whimper and do her potty dance.

“Okay JoJoBean, I gotcha. Just a minute.” Jane muttered and rolled out of bed, hissing at the cold air around her. She quickly threw on a hoodie and a pair of running shorts. She slipped her feet into her sandals and twisted her hair into a bun with one hand- a skill that she’d perfected since the age of 12.

She grabbed Jo’s leash and clipped it to her collar. She cursed and went back into her bedroom for her phone and wallet. She might as well stop and get some coffee on their walk, so she could at least say that she ventured outside today. Finally, she opened the door and locked it behind her. Jo sprinted her furry white self down the stairs and out the door, nearly tripping Jane by wrapping the leash around the tall brunette.

The sun was bright, too bright for hungover Jane Rizzoli. She held up a hand to shield the offending light and walked slowly to Jo’s tree that she loved so much. While the little dog did her business, Jane thought about the wedding the night before. It had really given her a ray of hope for her romantic life. It was really hard to date someone knowing that they obviously weren’t going to last. Frost and Netta had truly been made for each other, in Jane’s opinions, and it was nice to see her partner so happy! Ever since she’d left him on the bench a two years ago, he’d been walking on sunshine.

It was refreshing for Jane to see a love like that after her parent’s had split. It was difficult to think that if only they’d had their watches, they wouldn’t have had to marry and find out that they just didn’t work. They could still get them now, but it was very probable that their soulmates had passed them while they’d been married. There was nothing worse than seeing someone’s watch read 00:00 for more than a second. It meant that their time for true love had passed, and they would either have to search the globe for love, or just admit that they would never meet their soulmate. Jane cursed the watches existence for ruining people’s lives like that, but she was also grateful for the heads up- it had saved her from many an unwanted suitor.

You still need to find your damn watch, Jane. It’s been exactly two years, and when you checked it last month, you only had 32 days left. How exciting.

Jane was apprehensive about the whole thing, honestly. So, she just lived her life as best as she could in hopes that she would be in the right place at the right time? It was just so…specific that Jane doubted it would even work. Besides, you’ll probably get some stupid jock who only likes sports illustrated and women’s volleyball. Well, at least you’d have that in common. Serves you right for being the damn closet so long you pussy. You’re doomed to marry a stupid, dense man.

Jane jumped a bit when Jo nipped at her leg, letting her know that she was cold. Jane huffed and turned around, coffee be damned. Maybe she’d clean her house and try to find her watch anyways, she hadn’t seen it since Frost’s bachelor party last week, and a new one was just too much money. They got more expensive every year after you turned 13, so getting one now at Jane’s age was just ridiculous.

She unlocked her door and unclipped Jo, who just ran up to the couch and pounced on one of the side pillows that her Ma had brought over weeks ago. She turned in a circle three times and settled down for her afternoon nap. Must have been a strenuous peeing session.

Jane just tossed a look around her apartment and picked a thing to do first: the dishes.

She ran the hot water for a minute before putting in the stopper. As the water filled up around the plates and bowls, Jane imagined what it would feel like to have two arms snake around her waist and a delicate chin set itself on her shoulders.

Would it feel nice to sway back and forth

Maybe they’ll smell nice, like vanilla

Perhaps they’d get married at Fenway

That is, if she found them.

Or if they found her.

Maura gave herself a once-over in the mirror and flatted non-existent wrinkles on her dress. She was nervous, and it was showing.

Today’s the day Maura, the day you’ve waited 25 years for.

Susie walked out of the crime lab and walked towards her old friend, smiling as she saw just how happy Maura seemed to be. The blonde had lead a life of solitude and sadness, never quite feeling as if she belonged. Susie had idly stood by while Maura had tried her damndest to appease her never-happy parents. They probably hadn’t spoken for at least three years, and Maura seemed to lose a bit of herself with each passing day.

Susie had already settled down with her boyfriend, Scott. They’d met just as the watch said they would. They had contemplated marriage multiple times, to the point where he’d proposed numerous times and Susie kept saying not yet. He thought that she was waiting for a promotion, or for a good date. What he didn’t realize is that Susie was not going to get married while Maura still remained alone. She couldn’t do that to her, it would break Maura. Susie and Bass, Maura’s tortoise, were the only people on this planet who ever listening to what she really said. To take that away would shatter Maura.

“Are you excited Maura? I’m so impatient- you’ll have to tell me everything tomorrow! I even told Scott to go hang with his bar friends because you and I, we’re having a friend day- no matter what happens!” Susie clapped her hand excitedly. She gathered up her things and ran up to Maura, looking directly into her hazel eyes and seeing the last glimmer of hope for the blonde.

“I’ll see you later, okay? Text me if anything goes awry” Maura nodded and smiled at the shorter woman, who was standing on her tiptoes trying to stare directly at Maura. She glanced at the silver band that Maura still wore, seeing the bright 48:35 on the screen, she still had the better part of an hour to prepare her house if Maura’s soulmate didn’t show.

When the door clicked shut after Susie had left for the day, Maura looked herself over in the mirror once more. Maura, you look fine. You know it’s not your dress that you have to worry about. Just speak in clear, quick sentences, and maybe you won’t scare this person off.  After today, you won’t be alone again- ever. You did it, you’ve overcome so much and here you are today: ready to meet your soulmate.

Maura grabbed her clutch off the steel table and walked towards the door leading out. She shut the lights off and stared back into the morgue- it would be so easy to just stay in here and wait for the watch to count down to zero. She could then stop worrying and just realize that maybe she just wasn’t cut out for happiness.

Her watch beeped at the half hour mark, prompting Maura to hurry and lock the door. She quickly left the morgue and got into the elevator. She pushed the buttons to take her to the base floor and tried to steady her breathing. If she hyperventilated now, she’d surely not make it. The familiar “ding!” rang out and Maura stepped out into the lobby. For some reason she felt that she wanted to walk through the park before settling in for the night, maybe that’s where her soulmate would be. The park was about 10 minutes away and she had…15 minutes to go. So, she walked out the door and onto the street.

“Shit! Fuckin shit!” Jane jumped around trying to put on pants. Had she shaved? Did she smell funny?

Jane had just finished the dishes and was working on getting the vacuum out of her closet when she’d spotted her watch on top of the towels. Of course, she had no idea how it had gotten there, but when Jane put it on and started it up, she saw that she’d only had 20 minutes to get to…wherever she was going. Which lead to Jane trying to shower and change into decent clothes that didn’t smell like black licorice from all the Jager that she’d sweated out while cleaning

Her watch beeped five minutes and then Jane felt it, she needed to go to the park where Frost had met Netta. If she ran, she could get there in three and pretend that she was waiting. So, she threw some pants and a t-shirt on, making sure to swipe a bit of perfume behind her ears, she was going to meet her soulmate, she could as least smell pretty for him.

She grabbed a water bottle and blazed out her front door so quickly that she nearly fell down two flights of stairs. Hmm, maybe her soulmate was a paramedic.

The park was only two block away, but Jane had to cross a busy street to get there. Once she finally crossed, she check. 1:34, whew. She still had time. There were tons of people here : There was a guy reading the paper on a bench, maybe it was him? There was a girl talking on her phone, yelling at someone. Yeah, you’re not that lucky Jane. She walked a bit further ahead and checked her watch 00:45, shit. Well, there was a dude in a prison vest, maybe she was doomed to marry someone she’d have to arrest later in love. That seems like more your style Jane, you’ve always known how to pick them.

Her watch beeped, saying she had thirty seconds. A figure blew past her, almost knocking her over in the process. After flipping him the bird, she realized that he seemed to be paying attention to his hip when running. He has to be packin heat- who else wears a gun in public.

Suddenly the guy turned around, making eye contact with Jane. She knew him from somewhere. She just didn’t know where. She went to turn around when she saw the man reach for his pocket. Knowing what was gonna happen in this crowded park, Jane took off at full speed- soulmate be damned. She didn’t want to have a mass shooting on her hands in a park .

“I don’t know Susie!” Maura squealed into her phone. She’d gotten herself too worked up and had needed to call her best friend to keep her calm. “I just don’t see anyone here who seems remotely interested in me. Oh shoot, I’ve only got 45 seconds left, I’ll call you back!” Maura mashed the buttons on the screen to hang up and threw the phone in her purse. She scanned the park again, feeling vulnerable. Someone in this park was her soulmate, and it bothered Maura terribly to not know who it was.

She stood up to stretch her legs and and jumped out of her skin when she heard a loud noise ring out. She turned her head towards the noise to see an older gentleman collapse onto the ground, gun in hand. Given the blood spatter on the cement, Maura ascertained that this man had just taken his own life. She went to go call 911 when she felt the mass panic of the people in the park start to creep in. Suddenly mass chaos broke out at families ran back to their cars, covering their children’s eyes. Men gasped at the sight and lost their lunches. The runners on the paths turned around and sprinted home, even if it meant going an extra five miles. People were pushing past Maura screaming so loudly that she couldn’t even think clearly. She was so close to finally being able to get into her purse, when someone ran right into her, knocking her back onto the bench, the person threw back a hurried “sorry!” and kept running towards the man.  As if on cue, Maura’s watch beeped, signalling that she had missed her soulmate in all of this bustle. She had missed the one opportunity to feel real happiness.

Jane saw the man lift the gun to his head, and took off as fast as she could. She dropped her wallet and looked back to make sure that it landed in the grass. She turned back around just in time to see him pull the trigger. She darted around people who had started to panic and advanced on the man. She jumped over garbage and discarded belongings from people who were just too eager to leave. She felt her ankle roll as she tipped forward, slamming into a woman who just just stood up. Jane threw her head back and yelled out a “sorry!” while limping towards the man.

She got on the phone to call in the scene, when her watch went off. Fuck, she’d probably ran right past her soulmate. Well, that’s just time number 584 that your job has won out over your life, Jane. Maybe you’re just meant be that lonely older detective that everyone shoots sad looks at when other people get married.  Well, at least you can still take people home for awhile, they just won’t ever make you happy.

She felt a tear slide down her cheek as she took in exactly what had happened. She had let herself get excited at the prospect, and this what happened. She dialed 911 and scanned the park, maybe she could catch a glimpse of the man who was supposed to make her happy. It could have been a woman Jane, but you’ll never know.

“This is Detective Jane Rizzoli-  badge number Victor-25 and I need to report a self inflicted GSW on an older man in Central Park. No, he’s dead. But, there’s mass panic going on. Okay.” Jane hung up, they said they’d be there in two minutes. So, that meant that it was okay to cry for a minute, right? No one would have to know, she’d tell Frost that she had lost her watch and that she’d find it someday. Too bad it would be too late.

Maura hovered over the body of her latest autopsy, trying her best not to break down. Not only did you miss your soulmate by mere seconds, you also witness this man shoot himself. What could drive a man to such lengths?

Maura cut off the man’s clothes and gasped when she realized that he was also wearing a watch. She was curious and peaked at the time, her heart breaking when she saw his numbers flashing, stuck at 00:00, just like hers. . He had probably been looking for his soulmate too. She heard a knock on the door and got the hand signal that someone was here to view the body. She brought the sheet up over the man and nodded her head at the tech, who opened the door. A red-haired woman walked slowly into the morgue, clutching a watch that matched the man on her table.

“I-I’m here to confirm his identity.” The woman muttered, looking sorrowfully down at the white face. Maura nodded and lifted the sheet back, her heart breaking to hear the sobs of the woman. A glance at the watch showed Maura that this woman’s had also stopped at 00:00.

“I’ve loved him for years, you know. We’ve had our ups and downs, but I just knew. I knew that even though our watches never matched and always said something new, that were were soulmates. Why, why would you do this Patrick?”  the woman burst into tears, grabbing onto Maura to keep her steady.

Maura patted the woman’s back affectionately, letting her cry out all of her pain. Once the woman’s sobs had subsided, and her breathing returned to normal she spoke to Maura:

“I’m sorry, my name is Hope Martin, and that man there- that’s Patrick Doyle Jr. I’ve loved him for years, but he loved his life of crime more. We even had a child together, but- well… she died too. Why does everyone have to die before I get to love them?” The woman started to cry again, this time Maura joined her. Why did everyone have to leave her, before anyone could love her?

there’s a new chapter of What You Own. You can check that out if you want.


Also, I got this prompt I got via email the other day:

“I want one where Maura questions herself. I mean I want rizzles end game, but it’s always Maura hopelessly in love, and Jane struggling to come out/commit, and doesn’t anyone think that would ever happen to Maura? Small heart, please. Write me something new??”

And like  my logical brain was like no no nooooo.

But my writin hand didn’t listen. 

So here is my new story, The Losing Side 

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Prompt: "You really weren't kidding were you?"

Maura has finished lugging out the last of it, and now settles down on the couch next to Jane, looking over the fruit of her four months of labor with a satisfied sigh.

“You really weren’t kidding, were you?”

Jane had sat in silence while Maura had shuttled in and out of the living room, bringing a new armload with her on each return from her home office. And with each new stack of papers and brochures that the meticulously thorough doctor arranged on the coffee table, Jane felt her heart’s beat quicken in distress. Or was it despair? For not only did she realize that Maura was in fact serious, she also deduced that Maura must have been planning this for much longer than the two weeks that had passed since she had first mentioned it to Jane.

If Jane’s memory serves her correctly, it had been but a mention. It had been a fleeting comment during the middle of a brutal domestic case that had left three siblings orphaned. Maybe the fact that they had been working such a case at the time had skewed her understanding of the weight of Maura’s comment. Because obviously she had missed something. The material on show before her is obviously not the result of an offhand remark made in regards to the fate of those abandoned children. No, Maura had obviously decided on this long ago, and had only now thought to let her best friend know.

“You thought I was kidding? I’ve made a serious decision, Jane. It’s not something I would joke about.”

“Why? Why now?” Jane has a million panicked thoughts rushing around in her head. Knowing that Maura is planning to do this, alone, and with no consideration of her, makes Jane’s chest ache. She manages, however, to keep the bulk of her panic from flooding into her voice. “What’s the rush?”

“I’m 42, Jane.” Maura shrugs one shoulder, like that was supposed to explain it all.

“So am I!” Jane argues, like that’s the point that would win this discussion that feels more like an ambush, and return everything to status quo.

“And if you were planning on using adoption to start a family, then I would suggest you start the process now, too.” Satisfied that she has at least temporarily quelled the now silent detective, Maura fetches her glass of wine from the coffee table and presses its rim against her lips. She had been expecting some dissent from her rigid friend. Jane was so set in her ways, she was bound to be a little perturbed by Maura’s decision to add a child to their little duo.

At first, Maura had thought, perhaps foolishly, that a child might bring her and Jane closer together. That, much like the closeness they had while caring for a newborn TJ, her adopted baby might be the factor that increases their affinity for one another, finally drawing them together into the intimate relationship that she longs to have with Jane. Ultimately though, she had decided that, with or without Jane, she is ready to have a child, and adopting has always been a dream of hers.

“I’ve thought about it,” Jane says softly.

Maura had not expected such an admission from Jane. “You have?”

She had. In fact, whenever Jane thinks about having kids, she almost exclusively imagines it will be through adoption. And she resolutely pictures it will be her and Maura doing it together, not Maura doing it alone. She thought she had more time.

Jane still hasn’t answered Maura. Maura considers her unusually quiet friend, as they sit together in a heavy silence. Maura doesn’t like to guess and, for the same reasons, she doesn’t like to hope. But looking at Jane, she does both. She whispers, “Is there reason for me to wait, Jane?”

Jane meets Maura’s hopeful eyes with her own tear-filled ones and whispers back, “Yes.”



I altered this a little. Jane is in a relationship with Maura when she’s abducted by Hoyt. But the rest of the prompt is pretty much filled. This fic is dark. It has an ambiguous ending. If this prompt and this A/N make you go “ehhhhh…this doesn’t sound like my jam,” then PLEASE CHANGE THE STATION. 

Trigger warning for assault

Buyer Beware. 



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A/N: for those of you who may not be familiar with adoption disputes in court, when a biological family member disputes the legality or ethical nature of an adoption, it is often common practice to remove the child in question from the adoptive parents home and place them under the care of a guardian for the duration of the trial. This is done in the name of impartiality…that goal is rarely achieved.

I sort of switched this around a little, because I really feel that our ladies would argue against their own experiences…each for different reasons. Hope this rings true with you guys, too..

Thanks for reading.

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