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lol you translated the good reactions to chanyeol's rap but left out the bad ones even tho there were A LOT of them .. chanyeol will not improve if we don't show him that he was bad, he thinks that the rap he did on the show was awesome and continue doing it and embarrassing himself

With all due respect, we don’t think that you understand why we exist, we are here to complete the full image and show the flip side to what gets fed to the fans by other translation sites. Don’t you think you should direct the question to these translation sites over why do they not post any positive comments?
But If it’s difficult to understand, we will simplify it for you.

These sites opened for no other reasons but to profit out of k-pop fans, they translate negative articles most of the time from questionable and negligible sources like pann, to relay a false image about how someone is seen, this way they are brainwashing you into thinking that this person is hated, and since negativity always gets people talking, they are assuring that you enter their site, entering their sites results into them gaining traffic they get paid over for all the ads that are available on their sites. In other words, K-pop international fans are no other than a tool to gain money for these sites, and to do so, they encourage witch hunts and spread a false image. Otherwise, why do you think they keep releasing post after post? To gain more visitors and more money, because when you are a popular celebrity and every single thing you do gets interest, you are bound to be used and taken advantage of by greedy people with no morals.

Now to answer the second part of your ask,

Do you know what’s the saddest thing a person can do? It’s to hold themselves from doing something they are passionate about just because they fear the thought that they may embarrass themselves because of a set prejudice, and that’s not Chanyeol.

Chanyeol deserves respect for having the courage to go after a dream many before him hesitated to do so, he has a goal that he yearns to achieve and he’s working hard towards it, Chanyeol is our pride, he’s an inspiration to all his fans to wake up every morning with determination to be better people at the end of every day, because successful people are not born, they are made.

Change doesn’t come over night, and the road to the top is not easy, but if Chanyeol is anything, he’s not a quitter, he feeds off his fans energy and praise, he listens to their constructive criticism in a respectful and rational way because they are not the ones who send him hate disguised as criticism, and he’s humble and understands that we weren’t born perfect, that’s why and as he said, he is always ready to take on challenges with a brave heart and open ears and a flexible attitude, to absorb what will help him. There is no other way to say this but to quote his own mannerful and wise response towards malicious comments:

Trans: I don’t know what action of me that made you not like me. But if you have criticized me this way, I will work harder.
It would be great though if you refrain from using very harsh words here in this place where many young people can see.
Moreover, I seriously created an instagram account to not only be closer to our fans but to everyone else too!
So it would be nice if everyone thinks of this lightly!
I will also listen to the comments that should be listened to and ignore what should be ignored, so don’t feel worried! I’m also an adult
So, everyone please have a good day!

And to our fellow Chanyeol fans:

A person with a dream and who has the courage to pursue that dream should never be discouraged or ashamed, a person who lives with a meaning is worth looking up to.
Chanyeol never held back from showering us with his love and care even in his busiest and most tiring days, he stays up working in his own studio that he personally built to create new sounds he can excitedly share with us later on his soundcloud. Our days feel brighter and better thanks to the happiness he gives us.
We, the  people who know him the best, should always keep our heads high and support him fully, because just like he nurtures us with love, he strives on our positive energy too.

Chanyeol said because of the prejudice, he learnt how to look beyond and it stimulates him to work harder and show a better image of him, “I really liked how I’m praised for doing good, I started working hard when I get praised”( Jonghyun’s Blue night radio)

We are finishing this note with more heart warming words from him
“Chanyeol: Everyone be happy, don’t be sick, see only good things, make only good things, while believing in each other.
Let’s all be happy.”

Thank you Chanyeol, we feel always blessed to know you.
And Thank you to every proud Chanyeol fan standing strong behind him.

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Why do you think that Erik reads vampire novels?

Because they’re awesome! ;D Well, probably because Gaston Leroux had an interest in vampire literature (we know that he was a fan of Bram Stoker’s Dracula).

When I translated “The Magic Envelope,” the chapter that Gaston Leroux wrote for the newspaper serialization of The Phantom of the Opera, but didn’t include in his 1st edition, I discovered that Mme Giry carries around a chapter from the serialized novel, The Vampire’s Daughter, in her bag. Now, because there is other paraphernalia that is associated with Erik in her bag (such as a handkerchief monogrammed with “F.O.”, presumably for “Fantôme [de l’] Opéra”), it is my theory that this serialized novel is one of Erik’s possessions that he left in Box 5.

This wouldn’t be the first thing that Erik has left in Box 5; he’s also left flowers, and even a fan, which Mme Giry returned because she thought that it belonged to “his lady” (he left her a box of English chocolates as a thank you gift). And of course he leaves Mme Giry a tip of a few francs after performances.

I find the notion of Erik reading a serialized vampire novel quite amusing, especially since the common assumption seems to be that his taste in literature would be quite highbrow. It could also potentially provide an explanation for why he chooses to sleep in a coffin bed. And on a meta level, it is amusing that Leroux inserted this self-referential aspect of a character reading a serialized novel within his own serialization.

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140704 Naver Starcast TAEYANG X SEUNGRI

TOP Phone call translation

From 20:00 to 25:36

SR: It wasn’t on the plan, but let me try calling him

SR: Don’t get the number on the camera

SR: I’m not sure if he’ll pick up

SR: Actually, TOP hyung doesn’t really like it when we call him like this

CAPS: Calling: T.O.P

YB: Yeah

TOP: Hello

SR: Hello

TOP: Hello

SR: Hello~

TOP: Hello?

SR: Am I speaking to TOP from Big Bang?

TOP: Yes, this is TOP

SR: Ah… I’m… I’m…

YB: Can’t you tell from the voice?

TOP: Seung… Seungr… Seungri?

SR: Do you always answer calls with that tone of a voice?

SR: *imitates TOP* Hello~

TOP: Ah, I just woke up right now

SR: Do you know what time it is? What did you do last night?

YB: Hyung, I know what you did last night

YB: What you did before you went to sleep

TOP: Yeah

SR: I think his voice is… he really sounds like he just woke up

YB: Are you okay with talking to us right now?

TOP: Yeah, it’s fine

SR: Where are you right now?

TOP: I’m at home

SR: Taeyang hyung and I are doing this live thing for Naver Starcast right now

SR: We called you because we thought our fans really missed you

TOP: I miss them too

SR: Please say something to your fans that you dearly miss

TOP: I miss you~

TOP: I miss you~

SR: I think this hyung is still drunk

SR: Sorry. (He’s still drunk) at this time.

YB: Please tell us about how you’ve been lately. I heard that your movie filming finished successfully.

TOP: Yeah, I’m done with shooting the movie <Tazza – Hand of God>

TOP: My movie will be released a month later. 

SR: What are you doing now?

YB: How are you doing these days?

TOP: I’m just resting these days. I also recently traveled abroad and rested. 

SR: Your movie will be released on Korean Thanksgiving! As the main character, how do you feel about the movie? Do you think it’ll be a great hit? 

TOP: *stutters a lot* Not really that but the original author… his original work… the story… the original work… the manias who enjoyed the original… uh…

YB: What?

TOP: To the fans of the original series…

YB: Ah, you think it’ll appeal well to the fans of the original cartoon series?

SR: TOP-ssi, I think you should drink some water if you have any next to you.

SR: Actually, today’s person on the spotlight is Taeyang hyung…

How is his new song Eyes, Nose, Lips?

TOP: Ah~ I love it! it’s so good. Why are you asking me such a stupid(obvious) question like that?

SR: I think our fans will be curious how TOP hyung’s Eyes Nose Lips will sound! Can you sing it a little for us?

TOP: *sings*

SR&YB: A little bit longer! 

TOP: *sings in alien language(?) lol*

YB: Have you even heard of my song before… 

YB: I don’t think that sounds like my song…

TOP: *sings again*

SR: Seriously, who did you drink with last night?

YB: Anyways, TOP hyung! We’re doing an award on Starcast right now.

YB: And about 50,000 fans voted for you as the best visual award. That means you are the most handsome member. What do you think about that?

TOP: Well…. I don’t know. I have nothing to say *laughs*

SR: Do you still think that you are good looking whenever you look at the mirror?

TOP: Not at all, not these days. I haven’t been taking care of myself lately. It’s very dangerous(?) right now.

SR: Thank you for answering our call even though you’re resting. 

SR: Please say something to our fans, and it’s Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary! 

SR: Please say one last word to us!

TOP: Naver Starcast’s 1 year anniversary reminds me, we had our 8th year anniversary too. (T/N: The anniversary is coming up; I think TOP meant to say that too but was too tired lolol)

SR: Right, right.

TOP: Congratulations.

YB: Are you congratulating Bigbang or Starcast? You’re congratulating both, right?

TOP: Why would I congratulate starcast?

SR: Ah~ You’re so bad~

YB: But you’re very honest! 

SR: Say something to our fans!

TOP: Thank you for loving us for 8 years. We will prepare an awesome big bang album and appear in front of you guys. 

SR: Hyung, let’s meet up and eat together soon~

TOP: Okay~

SR: Thank you! Get more sleep~

TOP: Okay!

Translated by bigbanggisvip (tumblr)

Please credit when you take it out! 

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Did you read the new chapter of Fairy Tail?

Oh~ I did read chapter 509 and it will also be my last to read it, because I’m going to drop the Fairy Tail manga for the meantime. I still love Fairy Tail but let’s be honest here, the story is really getting shitty in every chapter. Here are the reasons why:

  • So many character deaths but didn’t end up dying like Gajeel, Juvia and Mirajane.
  • We all knew that Makarov’s death will come but the chapter was so fast-paced that it didn’t really leave an impact for me.
  • Mashima trying to hype the Gray vs Natsu fight but it dies down like in a swoop.
  • And then there’s chapter 509 which how the hell Mavis and Zeref even have a child and also it’s obvious that Mavis is totally not aware of it.

So dropping/on-hold Fairy Tail is a good idea because if I didn’t, I might end up hating the series just because of one arc and that’s the Alvarez arc. Maybe I’ll just read the chapters I miss whenever I buy the English volumes of Fairy Tail (since kodansha already caught up with the volumes like in Japan).

Again, I still love Fairy Tail but it’s better to drop it, plus I need to stay away from the fandom as well because some fans are way too worked up with their ships than the actual story. Cause in the first place, the reason why I got into Fairy Tail is because of how awesome the story is (First arc until Grand Magic Games arc), but it doesn’t stop me to keep translating Gruvia comics so you don’t need to worry about that ^^

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Why? ;-; Clexa 💔

I’ve thought about this a long while now, but I really don’t think there’s any good answer. As a language creator whose role in a show is basically one step above “fan” (about the equivalent of an on set caterer without the on set privileges), it’s awesome to follow along with a show when people are enjoying it, and painful to ride through the valleys. Because in truth my role on the show is translator. I’m not responsible for anything—the stuff that people like, or the stuff that people hate. I just need to accurately (or faithfully) translate what’s written. My position also means that I can praise a show, but can’t really say anything else (see Kim Shumway’s comment about this in regards to a writer, noting that as a language creator, I am super expendable). I can talk about what I’ve done, though, so I’ll talk about that.

Due to the hectic nature of my life the past year, I’ve barely been keeping my head above water. I’ve been having fun live tweeting The 100 when it airs on the West Coast, for a couple reasons: (1) the fans have been great, and (2) I literally only remember the broad strokes for the plot this season (it’s not like I see these episodes before they air), so I’m pretty much in the same boat as the fans. As a result, I went into the last episode not remembering at all what happens (wasn’t even following along on social media before 9 PST because I was out all day), and some of my tweets early on were flippant when flippancy wasn’t called for (remembering that since this was the West Coast airing, a bunch of people had already seen the episode). In particular, after this tweet before the episode began, I was like, “Damn, why are people literally telling me to fuck off…? The hell happens this episode?” Then I went and pulled up the script and was like, “Oh…” So I feel very bad about that. I could easily have checked up on what was happening beforehand—and, given my role in the show, I’m sure a lot of people assumed I knew exactly what was going to happen, making a flippant tweet like that look pretty crass. That wasn’t the case, of course, but it should’ve been, and I’m extraordinarily sorry about that.

This week, as I mentioned, I’m going to be in Poland, and the week after The 100 is on a mid-season break, I think? Then the week after that I’ll be in Connecticut and then Seattle, so I won’t be able to watch the live broadcast, and, of course, won’t be live tweeting. I’ll see after that how things are. Part of the reason I live tweeted The 100 and never really Game of Thrones is because it is fun. Game of Thrones is too brutal and dark most of the time; too stressful. Other shows there isn’t as much activity on Twitter (Defiance was great, though). The 100 really hit the sweet spot, so I hope it can continue, but that’s up to the fans (lot of season left).

Regarding the central question (why), Jason Rothenberg gave a spoiler-laden interview at IGN which I recommend fans check out. At one point, the following question is posed, with the first part of Jason’s answer quoted below:

IGN: Suffice to say that if Fear the Walking Dead wasn’t a factor, things might have played out differently?

Rothenberg: Yeah, again it’s hard to say could have, should have, would have, but the truth is I love her and I would have made her a series regular in a second. I tired [sic] but it was too late and that’s just what it was.

Having worked on a number of different television shows now, I believe this. It’s not a complete answer, because it leads to another question, which is why couldn’t she be a series regular, but the answer to that is something only those involved know, and it’s not really any of our business. I know that while the show runner plays a big role in determining how the budget is allotted, it’s the network that determines what the budget is. A lot of moving parts there, and having seen it before, it seems like every actor beyond number 4 on the call sheet is liable to get cut or have their episode count reduced. Every season, it seems like the budget demand of a show increases, while the network, whichever it is, wants to spend less. It’s why it’s not surprising that as a show continues you see more bottle episodes, more episodes that focus on three or four characters and feature none of the rest, even as the number of characters increases. (Think again about who we didn’t see in 307: Kane, Abby, Raven, Jasper, Monty, Pike, Jaha… That’s no accident.) Writing an entire season’s worth of content becomes rather like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

A tougher question for me to ponder is knowing that (quoting Jason) “Alycia had another show that she was a series regular on and that I only had the use of her as an actor for seven episodes, six really” (and probably only sporadically thereafter—if at all—were there to be future seasons), what could one have done? It could’ve ended the way the second season ended, with Lexa leaving Clarke at Mount Weather on the eve of battle and us never seeing her or the Grounders again. Or it could’ve ended with Clarke leaving because of the blockade, and Lexa sending someone else to oversee it, so that we know Lexa is back at Polis in command and her subcommanders are taking care of whatever happens thereafter. I don’t know. There are a number of ways to solve the problem of simply not having an actor for a season. Maybe they could’ve sent Lexa away on a mission to make contact with some other Grounders to see how Fear the Walking Dead panned out (maybe it would get canceled?), but it seems like it’s probably going to be successful (which is great for Alycia!). They could’ve even gone the Game of Thrones route and simply found a new actor to play Lexa (how many Daarios and Gregor Cleganes have there been now…?). Ultimately, Jason made a decision as show runner, and so that’s what we see on screen.

The separate questions that spiral out from this (the behavior of those involved with the show knowing what was coming; the specific way the scene was written; the aftermath; the factors that went into the decision making process, etc.) are beyond the scope of my experience. All honest questions are valid, but there are some that can only be answered by specific individuals. For myself, I do language, so I’m going to do my best to answer everyone’s requests for translations in memoriam of Lexa. I worked with Alycia over the phone a little bit last season, and I loved the way she spoke Trig. I loved watching her on screen. Lexa’s an awesome character, and Alycia’s amazing as her. Also, whoever did her costume design and makeup, man, awesome job. So if the most I can do is help fans pay tribute in Trigedasleng, that’s what I’ll do. You guys are the best, and you deserve the best. <3

Gerard: I want to know if you guys-

German crowd: *chanting* Du hast die haare schön, du hast die haare schön!

Gerard: What is that?

Crowd: *chants louder*

Gerard: Is that about semen? What is that?! Is that a soccer thing or a semen thing?

Crowd: *cheers and shouts random stuff about hair*

Gerard: You like my… You like my hair? Why, do I have semen in it? …So, what does it mean? Somebody translate! *gives mic to fan on front row*

Fan: You have beautiful hair!

Gerard: Awwwww! You guys have a seriously aggressive chant just for THAT? That shit is aggro! It sounded like we were at a fucking soccer game, and you guys were yelling about hair! That’s fucking awesome. This is my new favourite place! Holy shit. Right, well, after the show somebody teach me how to do it so I can just constantly yell it at people.

Rapper Hyuk
Rapper Hyuk

Hyuk: Yeah. VIXX. I am Hyuk who went to the jungle. What time is it now? It’s sleepy time right now. Yah yah yah. 

SD: When are you going to introduce the album?

Hyuk: Ah yes I will do that!

SD: 5, 6, 7, GO!

Hyuk: *G G G, we have returned with Miracle. We are now at at SSTP, G. G G G, I like Shindong hyung. Yo G G G this is a miracle. Yo G Yo, A B C D E F G Yo G G. You know who I am? I’m not a rapper. But I am, someone who doesn’t know why they’re doing this.

SD: Thank you! Wow! You’re not embarrassed?

Hyuk: Yes…

SD: A fan said, “Hyuk, you’ve grown a lot…” Another said, “King of Rap, Han Sanghyuk!” And, “Kekeke Hyuk oppa! Your "griddle” is daebak**! Kekekeke.“

T/N: *G/ji is the sound of the last syllable of a sentence so for the entire time, he ended his sentences with G/ji.
**meaning his rap was awesome(?)

trans: hakyeontv


20141108 Bundang Hot Tracks Fansign TALK TIME - Song that you like recently? (KEN Focus)

Caption: 141108 Bundang Hot Tracks Fansign TALK TIME
Q: The song that you like recently?

Caption: Sanghyuk is in the middle of carefully picking the number

Hyuk: Number 40!
Ravi: Where is it?
Hyuk: Number 40?
Ravi: Where are you?
Ken: It’s okay. [*T/N: He’s saying this in Japanese.]
Ravi: If it’s uncomfortable for you, then that is okay too.
Fan: [She’s asking the question in Japanese]
Interpreter: [Translating the question into Korean] What is the song that you like recently?
Ken: Ah, yes! [Mouthing: “I understand it (the Japanese question)!”]

Caption: Proud because he can understand(?) the question in Japanese

Ravi: Okay, okay.
Ken: Anyway. Mine is Error. Please give Error lots of love.
Ravi: Me? Mine is… There’s this rapper called ‘Logic’, L-O-G-I-C. When the album first came out, I really liked it. And then, Epik High. Yeah. Anything else?
Hyuk: Mine is… Uh… Hmm… Mmm… Mine is, uh… There’s this song called 'Bang Bang’ that’s sang by these three, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. Why? Why? Bang Bang? This song is …, and they also performed this song at an award ceremony. It was really awesome, that’s why I like it.
Fan: [Saying something inaudible]
Hyuk: What? I’m sorry but I only listen to it. LISTEN. Yes.

Translator: deenakahara @starlightsgift

[Trans] Yixing Lose Control Press Con - Monologue parts

Source and organized by 某年某月七日 

I’m always making music 

I want the people of the world to know the musician Zhang Yixing 

I want to use the world’s most beautiful language and melody to represent my inner world 

In the world of music I want to find resonance with everyone
Music can infiltrate our lives, infiltrate every person
I think every person, in his own space, in his own area, in his own place, has an OST that belongs to himself; sometimes it’s a simple one, or an arrogant one, or a sad one, or a cool one, or awesome. 

Actually, Lose Control, for me It is my first album, the album I produced

I love it very much, really love it 

Also, the lyrics section we just saw, I actually designed it so because I have a lot of international fans. I hope they can listen to Chinese music so I added translations. There is Chinese, Japanese and English. Why isn’t there a Thai translation? It’s because the Thai fans, their English are also good so they can read the English. 

I hope that via the listening process, they can understand the significance and meaning. Sometimes the fans perhaps get tired of translating so I took over this time. Let me help them translate this time. 

However… Yesterday, after the entire album making process is finished 

When I was reviewing myself making this album I made a reflection 

Here I want to evaluate my self because 

Right now I’m very very arrogant I’m arrogant to the point that I feel I can be a producer 

Acting as the producer this time I didn’t see clearly my current power of knowledge, my decision making abilities and my ability to execute…

I did something so stupid

Myself at this moment, I feel I’m very much in danger. I’m afraid of losing myself, because I have always been very smooth (meaning his career has been smooth) and I have always received good achievements. 

I’m afraid due to this album I’ll lose my sense of direction, that I can’t find the most accurate place for my music so…um… 

Yet because this is what I love the most 

This is what I most want to persist in 

So, please forgive me this time for my recklessness, my presumptuous decision making 

Yet today I want to make a promise with every friend at this press conference: 

From now on, on the path of future albums and producing process 

I will keep the lowest profile and earnestly listen and to everyone else’s opinions 

To make the most perfect and most beautiful album 

And to display it to you

Thank you

so i’ve been thinking about wu yifan’s name in exo, kris. his birth name is li jiaheng. his name in canada was kevin li. his current stage name is wu yifan. where the fuck did kris come from? if anything, they would have picked kevin as his stage name because it’s in english, right? i mean, look at how many yuna’s and jiyeon’s are out there.

there was actually a zoom in on his plane ticket in one of the many airport photos and the name read “chris lee”. whether it actually read chris lee is a different story, but think about it. remember when tiffany admitted that her real name was stephanie but changed it because there was already someone named stephanie in the company? fast forward a couple years later. remember his friend kevin shin? yeah. why have two kevins? maybe he changed his name to chris in korea and sm decided to get “kris” off of that.

also where the fuck did wu yifan come from? i read meanings of kris’s current stage name and it translates to “also ordinary”. no one names their kid that. i personally think he changed it that way so he can tell people that while he’s awesome, he’s also still a person just like you and me. but that’s just my opinion.

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About the post on Legolas and Orcrist, Legolas actually said that Orcrist was forged by the Noldor (since he said: magannen nan Gelydh) even if the subtitle says otherwise.

(You can find all the Sindarin dialogue from Desolation of Smaug on this website, if interested.)

Alright, now that’s just frustrating. The actual spoken line is, in fact “This sword was made in Gondolin. Forged by the Noldor.” Which is accurate, and makes sense (assuming you know and/or care about Gondolin and the Noldor.) But it was subtitled as “This is an ancient Elvish blade. Forged by my kin.” Which is not as clear, and depending on the viewer’s interpretation, not as accurate. But it doesn’t require knowledge of Gondolin.

I understand and appreciate why they emphasized the version that was easiest for new fans to understand. But I just wish they’d found a slightly less confusing way to do so (re: this post, and I guess this one too.)

Thank you so so much for pointing out the translation! You really cleared up this issue for us! :)

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what makes u think ur satsuki and ryuuko are ooc? i never thought that. i even thought that ur satsuki and ryuuko are most in character from the arts ive seen.

I’m not saying that Ryuko and Satsuki are always ooc in my drawings, just in the more serious ones! My Ryuko thinks and worries too much sometimes and my Satsuki acts too sad sometimes. And they both tend to dwell on the past, the one thing that is most ooc, as they are characters who look forward to the future and leave the past be. I know that the western fandom tends to portray them a lot like this so it doesn’t stand out too much, but that’s not how the two of them were written by the creators. 

That’s why their portrayals and the focus in fancontents in the Japanese fandom are so different! 

I only realized that after I began reading KlK doujins, the way Satsuki and Ryuko are acting there is really very different than how they are acting in western stories. 

It’s probably the language and cultural barrier we have, there are tiny hints in their speech patterns you can’t translate at all but which make big differences, and the Japanese fans get them but most of us don’t. It’s frustrating, but at the same time pretty awesome because this way we get two interpretations of the characters we love, and I enjoy it very much! 

I do like the more serious tone of english KlK creations, and I think it’s funny how western fans tend to over-analyze and interpret things (we sometimes can’t even help it because our education system is all about trying to analyze and see things in literature/art/music etc that were probably not so intended by the creators, while Japanese people don’t have that much interpretation in general, according to my Japanese teacher). Japanese fandom is more about the fun (which is nice bc you don’t get so much bullshit about some alleged hidden messages that are not existent in the show).

I’m fine with Ryuko or Satsuki being ooc, I actually welcome that! It makes my precious characters multi-faceted and more interesting. And I’m glad we still get KlK fanarts at all! Keep the characters alive! >__< 

Shinjuku BLAZE

Rey’s blog entry
2014-07-04, 02:36

Today was the first live of Royz tour!

It was my first live as support
and I was more nervous than ever before ( *´д`*)

I think that the reason,
why the members are giving their best like this even though they have a schedule that doesn’t grant them lots of sleep, is
that all the fans are there who are supporting them.
That’s what I earnestly thought today.

KouD seemed to be really happy
and I think that we could make it a great birthday live, don’t you think ヽ( ´ー`)ノ

Again: Happy birthday!

In order to make Kuina’s birthday live on July 5th awesome as well
I will give my best and support Royz on stage!

GambaRoyz! (I wanted to say this once.)