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(2) I'm sorry to send this to you but I know that you're one of the people that I love the boys just As much as I but in a good respectful manner that isn't as obnoxious as some fans can be So I come to you for help to give me examples of how real and genuine exo and other idols can be to show her that they are people as well

Hi, I didn’t get the first part of this message? So I didn’t get the reason as to why she doesn’t think Exo (and other idols) are real and genuine and therefore can’t know exactly what kind of moments and things you were talking about but I will try. Please tell me if I misunderstood! (I’m sorry for making this answer so long).

Generosity and humbleness
Kyungsoo and Jongdae will not be accepting gifts from fans anymore since they feel regretful that they can’t use everything fans send them and they don’t want us to spend that much money on them. They said instead we should wish them good health on their birthdays. (x, x)

Jongdae sent Daeul and Soeul presents after visiting them. (x, x, x)
Suho did as well. (x, x)

Jongdae gives away money to charities under his baptism name. (x, x, x)

At a charity event in China this year Yixing donated 10 ambulances to impoverished areas. (x)

Exo doing charity work both after and before debut. (x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x)

Love and support towards each other and people around them
When Shinee won at the MMA’s Jongin cried because he was so happy and proud. (x)
Baekhyun said in an interview that Chanyeol cries everytime they change manager and has to say goodbye to the last one. (x)
When Suho had his v app Sehun was looking and when they spoke on the phone he told Suho not to read the comments because people were mean and what they said wasn’t true. (x around 1.18)
Yixing talking about Baekhyun’s message to him on his own birthday. (x)

Exo talking about their mothers. (x, x, xx)
Yixing sending messages to his family. (x)
Yixing’s weibo post on thanksgiving. (x)

How people around Exo talks about them
Kyungsoo’s It’s Okay, That’s Love co-star Sung Dong Il saying that when his mom past away Kyungsoo stayed with him for two nights and three days. Eventhough he’s so busy he took time to be there for his friend who was going through a hard time. (x)

Taeoh’s dad talking about Jongin after he visited them. (x, x)
Seoeon and Seojun’s dad talking about Baekhyun and Chanyeol after they visited them. (x)

A staff member from the Dream Concert 2016 talking about Exo. (x)

Heechul from Super Junior’s message to Baekhyun. (x)
Jongdae talking to an old friend on the phone. (x)

Chanyeol’s mom’s post about him on facebook. (x)
Jongdae’s mom saying on the phone that she loves Kyungsoo (and the rest of Exo). (x)
Chanyeol’s mom supporting Kyungsoo at his movie premiere and hugging him back in 2015. (x)

Conserns and doubts
One thing that makes people real are their doubts and concerns and hardships.
Baekhyun comforting Yixing when he thought he didn’t sing good. (x, x)
Jongin hugging Kyungsoo after his voice cracked during a song. (x)
Kyungsoo telling Jongin that it’s okay to cry. If he cried then he cried, it’s okay to show how you feel. (x)
Jongin talking about how depression is nothing to be ashamed of. (x)
Jongin saying that he’s been using music as healing since this year has been hard for him. (x)

Sehun being nervous on Sukira. (x)
Xiumin saying that he was so nervous recording crime scene without the other memebers that he thought “I can’t go out there alone”. (x)
Xiumin talking about his extreme weight loss and telling fans to be more careful than he was. (x)
Suho saying he came to Jongin’s exomemtary because he had noticed how nervous Jongin had been about it all week. (x)
Kyungsoo has mentioned many times that he used to have bad stage fright after their debut.

Suho expressing his conserns about making new music. (x)
Chanyeol mentioning Exo’s worries this year (he also talked about it in his mama speech). (x)
Sehun and Chanyeol talking about how things were easier when they were younger and how they only had each other to rely on then, before the worries of being a public figure came. (x)

Gratitude and love towards fans
Exo crying out of gratitude and disbelief when they’ve won big awards. (x, x, x, x, x)
Jongin crying when he heard fans screaming happy birthday and his name during his thank you speech and his reaction after. (x, x)
Yixing crying when he won Most Popular Movie OST and Most Popular Newcomer of the Year. (x)
Chanyeol talking about why he cried during his ment at Exo’luxion [dot]. (x)

Exo looking at Exo-L with so much love in their eyes it makes me want to cry too. (x)

The lyrics to Promise (Exo 2014) was written by Jongdae and composed by Yixing. The rap part was also written by Chanyeol. The lyrics are very personal to them sice it’s about their love for Exo-L. (x)

Photo’s of Yixing reading letters fans have given him. (x, x, x, x)
Yixing handwrote 300 invitations for his birthday concert. (x)

Jongdae, Yixing and Sehun saying that we don’t have to buy their albums. It’s better if we spend our money on ourselves and people we love. (x, x, x)

Kyungsoo was worried about how the fans in the audience would get home since the recording of Star Show 360 ended so late. Most of them were young girls and it was already 2am and dark outside. (x)

Exo giving us small messages of love. ( x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x)

Other small things that I think show how sweet and genuine Exo are
Chanyeol and fans. (x)
Suho’s ment during Exo’luxion in America. (x)
Jongin’s gratitude in Tokyo Dome. (x)
Kyungsoo’s lotto 3rd win thank you speach (x)
Baekhyun being concered about Chanyeol during their bowling match. (x)
Jongin’s reaction to a girl’s struggle to be loved equally by her mom. (x)
Chanyeol crying during his Exordium ment. (x)
Jongin apologizing to fans for being injured and not able to dance. (x)
Xiumin talking about balance between being celebrety and having privacy. (x)
Baekhyun saying that Exo doesn’t feel good enough for us. (x)
Kyungsoo always being humble. (x)
Jongin playing a game of who can draw the best bear with fans. (x, x)
Kyungsoo talking about his family. (x)
Jongin wanting to work as a doctor. (x)
Yixing’s reaction to the rest of Exo’s message for his birthday. (x)
Kyungsoo saying that the other members are his soulmates. (x)
A list of reasons why Tao is amazing. (x)
Jongin’s v apps. (x, x)
Chanyeol’s v app after Mama awards 2016. (x)
All of Exomentary. And Exo’s live shows. (x)

Victor and Yuri met before episode 1.
Victor was the one running after Yuri the entire time.
Victor fell in love with Yuri without Yuri even knowing that he’d met Victor.
Now we know why Victor was all touchy around Yuri.
Now we know why he made him go for Eros.
Now we know how he found his house
now it all makes sense, now my life makes sense, now I just have to rewatch every single episode and over analyze every single scene, cool.

Ok last thing for tonight but I also love that it consistently is Yuri who takes the initiative and advances their relationship. It would have been so easy for this show to go for the cliché of Victor, the idol, being the one to get rings to motivate Yuri etc. I feel like this kind of thing happens in most rom-coms, but not here and it’d such a healthy and also refreshing portrayal.
Just reason number 245894 why I love this show.

Ok so for those who say yuri on ice is queerbating. I want to tell you why i think it’s not. Queerbating is when the creators of a show make two characters act gay in order to bring in the views and make the gay audience happy, even though the creators know that these characters are straight.

In yuri on ice, i think the creators believe these two are gay, and in love each other. They knew from the beginning and are invested in it. This was their vision. But due to big networks airing the show, and the general social state of japan, confirming gay moments have been censored, like the kiss, and how yuuri says the rings are ‘charms’ lol. 

The motives behind each are completely different. Its very sad when art like this is censored but all we can do is make this show as popular as possible so that hopefully, when the story finally leads to something gay affirming (marriage), it would be uneconomic for the network to hack it. 

Okay I will stop nagging Steven for this, because maybe this is going to work.

This is sort of like the situation in Barn Mates except not as terrible.

Huh… why the yellow and blue coloration?

Is there any symbolism for this?




Also that’s a great line. “You loved me and I loved both of you.”

With the rosey colors in the background it could easily talk about both Rose and Steven, and how Pearl’s and Greg’s love for them is what ultimately unites them.

Okay the Rose petal falling was an amazing touch.

This is what I was talking about before, Rose was unreliable, fickle and unpredictable. You never knew what she was going to do.

This is going to sound horrible, but these two might find common ground by talking about how Rose kinda screwed them both over.

Let’s not forget, Rose killed herself. This was a deliberate act and she did it knowing well that the gems and Greg would have to take care of her legacy without even asking them

Friendly reminder that Ladybug not having romantic feelings for Chat Noir doesn’t mean she’s pushing him away. It just means she doesn’t have romantic feelings for him right now. The fact that most people here think that’s somehow equivalent to not wanting to be close with him is really annoying, especially on a website that constantly has posts about how romantic love is not a more powerful bond than friendly love. 

This is why she’s consistently written as not appreciating their partnership as much as Chat Noir. Somehow her showing little interest in the idea of dating him has been twisted into her putting up these walls between them, as if she could only ever have a really strong bond with Chat Noir when she finally stops being stubborn and opens her heart to the idea of him romantically. Well, that’s crap. I think Ladybug has shown time and again in season one that she trusts Chat Noir a great deal, and she displays a special bond with him that she has with no one else. Not responding to his flirtations 100% of the time doesn’t mean she’s not open with him. That sounds like an awfully typical premise of a sexist rom com. 


I had no idea this show would be so gay when I started watching it, but I fucking love it, lol. And I don’t really care for yaoi-type shows really, but they’re just SO adorable together. But at the same time, it’s a fucking weird show because they don’t actually say they’re into each other (yet, I haven’t finished ep 10, lol), but everything they do seem to express that they are, lol. Why the fuck else would you buy RINGS. Omg. I’m dead. This shit is too cute.

The Yuri on Ice episode 10 was the most emotional but at the same time the most revealing of all. Now I understand a lot of things…

Let’s start: When Viktor began to narrate the episode I knew that many things would change, since is the first time that show us it’s feelings directly from him. So now, we can conclude that Viktor feels the love of Yuuri and that makes him feel alive.

Also, the fact that Viktor decides to train Yuuri wasn’t by whim or a random fact, our cute Katsudon literally asked him for that and planted a seed on its heart *ok, I’m being dramatic but I can’t contain it, sorry* anyway, that explains why he was always mentioning the true Eros of Yuuri.

AND that scene with the “round and golden” thing left my heart in thousand pieces *omg* plus Viktor saying THAT -after the ‘joke’ of Pichit-, I just… I’m so happy that I could die.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: All I do is cry because Eyewitness is so underrated. It is such a good ass show with a cute ass gay otp. I don't understand why everyone is sleeping on this show. Everyone cries about how they want LGBT representation in the media. WELL HERE IT IS. I cannot understand how the entire world is not in love with Philkas. AND ANOTHER THING Tyler and James do SO MUCH for this fandom and deserve another season. DO IT FOR THEM. They don't have to live chat, tweet us, post throwback photos, tell us old cute stories, post heartfelt novels for us EVERY TIME we go up .00001 of a percent, be so active on social media BUT THEY ARE BECAUSE THEY ARE GOOD ASS PURE HUMAN BEINGS WHO DESERVE ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD. It's just not fair. This show never got the recognition it deserves. WATCH EYEWITNESS SUNDAYS 10PM ON USA NETWORK AND CRY.

Warning: this post doesn’t really have a point. If a picture of a rock doesn’t give it away, I don’t know what will.

Anyway, I came across this gem while throwing personal possessions out that I don’t need anymore, and got a good laugh out of it.

A couple weeks ago, I was trying to remember why I actually started this blog and I was drawing a blank. I didn’t really care for blogging before Tumblr, mainly because I didn’t think people actually gave a shit about what I was doing in my free time, but I came across a guy on the internet by the name of Ben Davis who inspired the shit out of me; and his journey was on Tumblr, so I figured, “hey, why not?”. So that’s that, but the rock.

The fucking rock.

He had a weight loss competition, when he was somewhat relevant on Tumblr, and I decided to give it a shot. Anyone who’s ever competed against me knows that I take competition serious. Maybe a little too serious. Whatever, that’s just me. But my girlfriend at the time joined me in this challenge and the challenge got pretty serious. Long story short, I won the whole competition, see THIS post, and I was told I’d get a prize for winning. Well, a long fucking time went by after the competition ended, maybe a month or two, before I actually heard from Ben about the prize I’d get. He said I should expect it shortly after we got into contact with each other, and eventually I had this heavy ass box show up at my door. I can remember opening the box, expecting some sort of trophy or something of the like, but what I found was something I did NOT expect. I’m pretty sure my gf and I said it at the same time…

Is that a fucking rock?

Yup, a fucking rock. And I say it to myself whenever I see it, because it was THAT kind of moment, haha.

Told you, pointless post.

On the running front, I ran 13.1 miles on Sunday, because two of my best friends were running a half-marathon and I figured, “fuck it, I’m gonna run one, too,” and pretty much drove my immune system right into the fucking ground for a few days. Pretty awesome, I know. Or dumb, depending on how you look at it. Mainly dumb.

I’ve been nursing that for a few days, but finally felt up to run today and actually had a pretty solid 4ish mile run (I couldn’t stop in the middle of Fall Out Boy’s “Phoenix”). At one point, towards the end, my pace was in the 7:30s and It felt pretty damn good. I’ll take it.

End pointless post.

Thoughts on episode 10

1) Viktors POV nice.
2) awwe sleeping beauty
3) back off Christophe. Although now some of his creepy comments make more sense? “Why didn’t you invite me to the party?” I can see now why he thought it would be ok to touch Yuuris butt.
4) ugh JJ UST shut up
5) aww yurio kitten has a fanclub thas so cute. And a new fwruend. He needs love. Someone love that boy.
6) um date night? Ok thanks. They’re holding hands. Ok what? And cuddling as they walk. Sugar daddy Viktor buying his babe a suit. Ok. But um….rings. Like actual literal rings? Rocket me strait to the sun I’ve never been this happy about a TV show.
7) it can’t get better or gayer than this right?
8) oh it did
9) so um…Yuuri is a wild drunk just like Viktor. That’s nice.
10) um…Viktor totally fell in love with Yuuri a year ago. Now it makes sense why it felt natural for Viktor to just drop his entire life and go to Japan. He could tell Yuuri looked up to him and he totally fell for his hot ass pole dance goofy drunk self. No wonder Viktor was so forward from day one. It all makes sense now. And also the way Viktor stared Yuuri down in episode one when Yuuri walked away from him. Wow. He was hurt that he got blown off. All this time Viktor has had feelings for Yuuri and it all started before Yuuri even knew Viktor knew who he Was? How romantic. Ugh. Yurio is probably going to be the angry ring bearer at their wedding. I love them.

Rest in peace any show ever living up to this. My otp dreams are fulfilled. I no longer have a reason to watch anything ever again.

So This Really Horrible Thing Happened With Me Today.

So I was talking about Victuuri (as usual) to the only friend I have who watches YoI and today she says to me that she has lost all interest in the show because she wanted the show to be longer and I’m like what the absolute fuck 

And this isn’t even the worst. The day after I watched episode 7 (with the kiss), it was all I could talk about, and she said that she was disappointed because she wanted their love to be pure and I’m like ??????? How much purer can it be?! What can should they do to express genuine love for each other? They had already expressed it in many ways in the prevous episodes. So what if Victor does think of Yuuri romantically? So what? Why can’t love between two men be normal at all? Why do I have to categorise it into Yaoi or into ANYTHING for that matter?! I feel so pathetic right now. The more I think about it, the more I wish I would’ve made someone else watch the show instead of her. I do appreciate criticism to a show but what she thinks is delirious bullshit and never have I felt so offended over something about a show.

You have the right to have opinions, but if you think the love between Victor and Yuuri isn’t pure enough please take your opinions away from my blog and my life and disappear thank you

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Normani liked Laurens insta pick of BTM, and although I'm a Lauren girl and I'm gonna support/promote the shit out of her, some part of me is angry. What's the difference between Mila and Lauren?? Why is mani liking her pic but never once showed support to Mila on her solo shit, none of the girls have. Maybe is management or whatever and I don't wanna cause drama but it kinda got to me. Everyone should be supported and loved, but Mila gets too much shit, I'm so sad for my baby😞

as i remember there’s a video of them dancing while IKWYDLS plays and they were looking happy, dinah said they knew about the song and that they supported her and camila was with them when she posted about BT being #1, they were happy and don’t take what i will say in a rude way but i’m tired of people comparing situations can’t we all move on? can’t we all be happy without mentioning something negative that happened a long time ago? please, i’m tired of seeing this comparison since lauren posted about her collab. y'all wanted lauren to do something outside the group so focus on this, remember the ot5 video we had on dinah’s ig story and the interview where they all interacted, thanks. not saying camila deserves hate but let’s focus on the good :)

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Do you think that Yuri on Ice will have a tragic ending as in City of Angels?

No and not just because I don’t want to. the show hasn’t been going for that or show hint and it would be a stupid writing choice.

and why not have hope for once. the show isn’t hinting at anything so nah.

personally i think it will end happy but normal too. maybe yuuri will win (i am pretty sure he will) and they will stuck together. maybe yuuri wont win but then victor will stay and they will just wait a bit more to get married. ;) in any case they have loving friends and familly and will stuck together trough everything.


Can I just say that episode 10 was AMAZING! I’m so glad that this episode came out since it was from Victor’s point of view and FINALLY we all understand why he became Yuuri’s coach… because he feel in love with Yuuri first.

The amount of love and support that all of the skaters showed, especially Phichit (you little devil), was beautiful to say in the least. I love how casual and accepting everyone was when they found out about the rings, no questions were asked, no revulsion… only pure happiness and fun was expressed during that scene.

This show continues to blow away my mind…

God bless this show and the creators for smashing all of the homophobic stereotypes we have been seeing in both anime and in Japan for all these years.

all in all.. GOD BLESS THIS SHOW!