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6 Things we can all agree on about "Fantastic Beasts"

• Newt Scamander has the cutest half smile on the god damn planet.
• Credence Barebone deserves a warm cup of tea and the biggest of hugs.
• Jacob Kowalski must rekindle with Queenie Goldstein so we can see her smile again.
• Newt cannot lose Pickett again, because if we see that boy tear up one more time we will lose it (and beat up whoever is responsible).
• Porpentina and her mustard mustache. The most precious instance of comedic adorableness.

And, we full heartedly wish for the mating dance to make its grand reappearance.

Favorites in The Gilmore Girls revival in no particular order.

  • Lorelai’s pretzel story about Richard that ripped my fucking heart out.
  • Lorelai telling luke she wants to get married and luke saying I need you to her it was so angsty and perf.
  • Emily using the word bullshit and her complete 180 was everything.
  • Believe it or not, I highly enjoyed the scene with Rory and Dean, that is what you call closure.
  • The scene where Lorelai is reacting to the god awful musical is me.
  • Rory kissing Richards portrait and sitting in his chair to write her book.
  • All Paris scenes.
  • The Luke and Jess hug.
  • Rory calling Christopher out on his shitty parenting.
  • The scenes between Luke, Kurt, and Jess. “We could have been naked.” 
  • Luke and Lorelai finally getting married then dancing to the song they danced to at Liz and TJ’s wedding.
  • ‘Ooooober.’
  • Luke and Emily’s relationship.
  • The fact that Luke thinks of Rory as his own.
  • Michel being his sassy self.
  • Just about everything else except Logan and that god awful musical. :~)

headcanon is that after sherlock met john he rushed out (and in fact, did not go to the mortuary) but rather went and grabbed all his stuff and moved in to 221b right that instant and told mrs. hudson “I’ve found him, oh my god, I’ve finally found him” and he tried his very best to decorate the flat all cute and mrs. hudson just watched fondly from the doorway as sherlock tried to decide where to put the drawing he did of his own feet and she helped move the chairs when sherlock was debating on where to put them and then as he left he hugged mrs. hudson and gave her a kiss on her forehead and said in a sort of dreamy way “we must be on our best behaviours tomorrow hudders, we’ve got john watson to impress.”  

I don’t get how Lena Luthor basically saved all the aliens, played her mom, got her arrested, lost any possible hope of maybe having her mother love her just a tiny bit, all to save the alien race, especially Supergirl. AND WE DON’T GET A SCENE WHERE KARA THANKS THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HER AND HUGS HER AND TELLS HER SHE’S PROUD OF HER FOR BEING HER OWN HERO?! IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE

I’ve just been hit with a serious case of the early morning feels cuz

I was going through the events of the force awakens and I realised the moment Leia and Rey hug? That’s the first time they ever meet in the film.

Because we first see Leia after Kylo Ren has already captured Rey, and we know she doesn’t get off starkiller base until after it’s been destroyed.

And just. The moment when they hug is such an emotional one and they’re essentially complete strangers, so Leia must have run over to where the falcon was docking, knowing only that Han is dead, killed by their own son and she sees the boy, the ex stormtrooper, being carried off on a fucking stretcher and behind him is this shell-shocked looking girl holding a lightsaber, Luke’s lightsaber and all she really knows about this girl is that Han had soft spot for her and that she somehow faced off Kylo Ren in a one on one fight and came out alive. And Leia is just like “fuck it this kid needs a hug” and god I’m still tearing up over that scene a year later no one fucking look at me. 

Richonne Cell Scene Observation #256119

Ok, so that scene in the jail cell has been running across my dash all day (keep it coming guys!) and it just amazes me how we got here. Michonne’s speech was amazing, the hug fantastic, the kiss forever burned in my memory.

The thing that gets me (one of the things that gets me) is that this beautiful, evolving, adult relationship that exists between Michonne and Rick has so much history behind it. 

Apart from the J*ssie debacle, we needed to go through those aggressively tense moments in season 3, that growing friendship/co-parenting in season 4, Rick’s mess in Season 5 and beginning of season 6, to get to where they did in 6x10. 

When Rick pulls Michonne into a hug, I’m reminded of when she told him to never touch her again.

When Michonne talks about fighting an overwhelming force for Judith, Carl, Alexandria, and the Hilltop, I’m reminded of when she nearly left all of that behind after the fall of the prison, but turned around because she did not want to be a monster any more. I’m reminded of when she made her case for going to Washington and Alexandria, when Rick was against both, and how she knocked him out cold when he threatened their ability to stay. When she made that decision in the woods to turn around and find Rick and Carl, she committed not only to them, but to the idea of finding a home for them. Remember, she asked Rick in that kitchen if that house would be home. Even then she was ready for that commitment and has never wavered from that. 

As a side note, this only further proves Michonne’s steadfastness and strength when faced with difficult, at times impossible situations. She has always been willing to do what it takes to make something work once she’s committed to it and Season 7 has only proved that in spades. Rick needs that strength.

When Rick watches Michonne as she talks and his eyes clearly indicate that he has just fallen more in love with her (if that’s possible) because he knows he has not just a lover and a leader before him, but a true partner who wants what’s best for herself, for him, for them, for their family, and for their community. Someone who stands by him during his low points, but also galvanizes him to move forward. I’m reminded of the time when Rick was spurned by Lori after Shane’s death. How J*ssie (useless) provided no comfort or motivation during the overtaking of Alexandria. How Michonne, who has seen him beaten (by the Governor), weak (post prison), crazy (seeing things), violent (with Joe and that group), humiliated, psychologically tortured, etc, still stands by him and sees the best in him and loves him and always manages to say just the right thing to make him see the light. 

When Michonne begins to cry after Rick tells her he “knows that now”, I remember the times when Michonne was closed off, to everyone, even Andrea. Rick was there when she cried for Andrea, probably her first really vulnerable moment that whole season. However, for both of them to find that place where they can be vulnerable alone together, took seasons of cultivation. 

For Michonne to look Rick in the eyes and tell him that all of them (Team Family, Alexandria, Hilltop, etc) could fight the Saviors, but only if RICHONNE were able to do this together as a team, and FOR HIM TO AGREE. 

The weight that this scene holds comes from the knowledge of how they got to that point. That it started with distrust and reluctant cooperation and has taken root (to use Hershel’s words) to sprout this beautiful, strong, inspiring, loving relationship full of respect, trust, friendship, is amazing.

We are truly blessed. 

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I’ve been thinking a lot and I need to let this out somewhere, bear with me this is going to be long

soooo the first time we see the trolls, they are carrying the princess all the way to the king.

and King Peppy is not worried about his daughter, he’s not worried about where she might be or if she’s safe or not, because he TRUSTS his people and knows they’ll keep her safe, he knows she’ll find a way back to him during the run or after

I think the fact that THIS is the first view we have of the trolls tells us something, and it’s that the trolls are like one big family. They all know each other by name, they all help and support each other, they hug each other every hour?? no matter who’s next to you, when hug time strikes you can bet you’re gonna be part of a big group hug.

And this makes me think a lot, especially in regards of Branch and Creek.

Because if Branch hadn’t left the village and isolated himself, the trolls would have totally taken care of him. This little kid with no family, he probably would have been adopted by the whole village. Everyone would’ve made sure he was always well fed and had everything he needed, practically AND emotionally. Unfortunately, Branch didn’t ask for help, and having lost his positive emotions all that was left was sadness and anger and the personality we all can see when he’s first introduced. BUT even as a grumpy hermit troll, he still cares about the others. He cares enough to show up quite often and warn them, either quietly or panicking, but he still wants everyone to be safe. He still has a bit of that “no troll left behind” attitude.

Creek though, Creek does not. Through the movie he seems to be perfectly fitting in the troll society: he joins the group hug, he parties hard, he’s one of Poppy’s closest friends. But as we find out later on, he doesn’t care about his people that much. He is selfish enough to sell everyone out just to survive. His decision goes completely against the troll philosophy. Poppy, the Snack Pack, THE ENTIRE VILLAGE trusted him, and he broke that trust. No wonder Poppy is devastated when she finds out: Creek did something no troll would ever even consider doing. Not even Branch, who seems to hate the other trolls and their “cupcakes and rainbows” view of life, would consider doing that. But Creek did, and I think that’s the reason he actually makes a better villain than Chef. He does a terrible thing, but it’s even worse if you consider where he comes from, and what that action means for his people.

Ally will be the one to address this on camera...

This day has been pretty calmed, which I believe probably tomorrow or one of these upcoming days will get another statement from LAND.
Dinah, is out of the question, after seeing how she showed her love & support to Camila the last few days, mgmt knows we didn’t believe the letter, we won’t believe anything shady coming from Dinah from now on.
Normani, she might be a possibility considering the whole Normila situation but that snapchat where she’s hugging D all emo will leave more than one doubting.
Lauren, I imagine most of you have seen that rumour saying how she will be the one to address it on a scripted video. But by now, their team is watching all activity on Twitter, if they’re smart enough, they won’t put Lauren on camera, not now.
Ally… She’s the perfect candidate if u ask me, here a couple of reasons:
1) Tomorrow she has a meeting, she’ll get asked many questions, she’ll have to answer at least one, otherwise I believe mgmt would have told her to cancel the event knowing it will happen(I’m praying y'all take it easy on her).
2) The girls have mentioned how much Ally loves to play characters & how invested she’s in acting, I think Ally has got a couple of acting skills hidden under her sleeve, at least enough to feign a shady scenario.
3) Out of all Camila’s ships, for the majority, Camally was the “weakest” one (who knows maybe they were closer than we thought) but interactions on camera, very few.

So, of all girls, Ally is the perfect one to keep OT4s & media believing this “battle” strategy​. To add fuel to the fire. That’s why I said it in the beginning, most likely tomorrow or after Christmas.

Graduation from Hogwarts

I think it’s so weird that we literally get no information about each years students who graduate. Like??? Sure we get that Oliver Wood like cries when they win the Cup in his last year but???Why is there literally no moment (at least none I can think of) where we get that part. I mean Dumbledore never said something to the graduation class at the last dinner of the school year and there is no thing like a senior prank and it makes me so sad??? Like do they get a goodbye?
Because I can see McGonagall hugging her students goodbye especially during both wars because there is the possibility they’ll never meet again.
And what about all the seniors from every house (yes Slytherin as well come on they’re humans and it’s also the end of school for them) just pulling pranks on everyone and the teachers are fine because yeez the deserve it? And just you see bawling 7th years everywhere because shit they are gonna miss this so much.
And the whole senior class having a party at the lake the day before they leave just celebrating all these memories and friends they made at this place. And every year without fail the day the terms ends and everybody packs there are just 7th years walking around hogwarts just looking at every little thing. Just taking in their second home one last time because they probably won’t be there ever again. The place they grew up in and became the witch/wizard they are now.
We never got that and it makes me so sad because I would be heartbroken to leave this place:(((

Surprise? (BuckyxReader)

Ok, first I wanted to thank you guys because I got 100 FREAKIN NOTES ON TALE AS OLD AS TIME❤❤❤YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING
And this is a requested oneshot based on MY DARLING BUCKY I HOPE YOU LIKE IT MY LOVES!!
“I was wondering if I could have one with Bucky..where we are having an argument in front of the team and without thinking, I tell him I’m pregnant?”


You raced into Avengers Tower and threw your bag onto the couch, receiving a few looks from the other teammates who were there.

“Someone’s in a rush,” Natasha comments.

“I’ve been in a briefing for 5 hours and all I’ve been thinking of was that damn cheesecake,” you reply as you give her a quick hug. Sam and Steve share a look.

Steve clears his throat. “Y/N, about that cheesecake-”

“SHUT UP I’M HUNGRY,” you snapped. Your cravings have been out of control lately. You ordered your favorite cheesecake from your favorite bakery and had it delivered while you were at the bakery. It’s been the only thing on your mind.

You run inside the kitchen, not paying attention to anything else but the fridge. You open it wide in search for your cheesecake.

“Where the fuck is my cake?”, you grumble, still searching.

“Oh shit.”

You whip around to find your boyfriend, Bucky, with an empty cheesecake box in front of him and a fork in his hand.

“I’m sorry, babe,” he says as he drops the fork. “I didn’t know it was yours.”

You feel yourself start to get hot. Your eyes narrow as you breathe heavily.

“Did. You. Just. Eat. My. Fucking. Cheesecake?”

“I didn’t know, Y/N. I’m sorry.”

Stay calm, you thought. Don’t get mad.

Fuck it.


“Why are you so pissed? It’s just a cake.”


You notice the team gathered behind you, and you can already tell they want to laugh.

Bucky grabs your hands. “I’ll buy you another cake!”


The room fell silent. Bucky let go of your hands.

“Are you… pregnant?,” he whispers.

Damn it, Y/N, you thought.

You cooled down instantly.

“Surprise?”, you respond, feeling extremely nervous over his reaction.

He is emotionless for a moment, then breaks out into a big smile.

“MY GIRL IS PREGNANT,” he shouts, picking you up and spinning you around. The team cheers behind you.

“I’M GONNA BE AN UNCLE,” Steve screams, hugging everyone in sight.

“I’M GONNA BE AN AUNT,” Wanda adds.

“I’m gonna pay for everything,” Tony mumbles. You laugh and kiss his cheek.

Bucky pulls you into a hug. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

You sigh. “I didn’t know how. All that was on my mind was the damn cheesecake.”

“I’ll get you another one, I promise. But first things first. STEVE GO GET THE THING.”


Steve runs out of the room, leaving the rest of you confused. A few moments later he runs back in with a small box.

“HERE IS THE THING,” he screams as he throws it to Bucky.

“Thanks, punk.”

Bucky gets down on one knee and opens the box, revealing a gorgeous diamond ring.

You gasp and cover your mouth, already feeling tears about to form.

“Y/N L/N, I can’t imagine my life without you. You are my world, my savior, my guardian angel. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, but I could never find the right words. I love having someone who challenges me everyday, makes my life interesting. I mean, you just yelled at me for eating your cheesecake! You’ve saved me from Hydra, the Winter Soldier, and my nightmares. Every time I wake up, I love seeing you there right next to me. I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?”

You wipe the tears from your eyes. “Of course, you dork.”

The team starts to cheer behind you as Bucky places the ring on your finger. It fit perfectly. As he stands up you press your lips to his, feeling more in love with him than you ever had before.

As you pull away, you whisper, “But you still owe me my cheesecake.”

He laughs, letting the tears fall from his eyes (you loved how he wasn’t afraid to show emotion). “Whatever you want, Mrs. Barnes.”

You can hear Tony grumble, “Another thing I gotta pay for.”

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Hello, can i get RFA + V finding MC's anti-depressants and realizing they have depression? Please and thank you!

Anon said: So the link says requests are closed but your bio says they’re open so I’ll just send this and feel free to ignore it if they are closed. Could you possible to the RFA +V finding MC’s anti-depressants and realizing they have depression?

Anon said: hi there, I really love your blog, it gives me purpose in life✨✨✨✨ so I was wondering how would the rfa+v+saran react to a scenario where mc lost a family member to suicide and is so depressed about it that she will to exhaust herself with work or school (whatever you feel like) so she won’t have to think about it and Will barely talk to them. like how would they talk to her, comfort her or shake her out of it?

These were all very similar, so we combined them into one post. For anyone struggling with depression out there, a big hug from the both of us! 

Trigger Warning: Themes of Depression and Suicide


  • It was almost a year since you started dating
  • But lately, you’ve been declining to go to his shows
  • You seemed to refuse going out on dates, but seemed okay when he came over
  • It was one of these times that he was at your apartment and you asked for him to get something out of the fridge
  • You had left your antidepressant pills on the counter
  • He noticed and was in shock for a few minutes, but decided not to bring it up
  • He wanted you to tell him when you were ready
  • But you just seemed to get worse
  • On another impromptu, he sees a really old newspaper on your coffee table, open to a certain page
  • It was a short story about someone who committed suicide months ago…the same time you started growing distant
  • When he confronts you about it, you break down, admitting you’ve been depressed since your cousin committed suicide
  • You had even seen a doctor
  • He wants you to be comfortable and happy again, so he’s very understanding on your bad days
  • Always supportive and is always ready to listen when you just need to talk


  • You’ve been taking the antidepressants for awhile, but hadn’t told him
  • You had your depression under control for most of the time since you’ve met him, so it never came up
  • But then you found out an uncle you were close to committed suicide and you fell into a deep depression
  • Meanwhile, Yoosung realized you’ve been skipping classes a lot lately
  • And you haven’t been your usual enthusiastic self
  • He’s really sweet about asking you though
  • “You haven’t been yourself…is there something I can do to make you feel better?”
  • You try to brush it off and say you just didn’t take your vitamins so you’re drained
  • He cheerily goes to get your vitamin case from the kitchen
  • Your antidepressants are in there too…but they’re not in a bottle so you think he won’t notice
  • But Yoosung studies medicine…and recently had a pharmaceutical internship…he recognizes them
  • You see the shock on his face, but he doesn’t say anything and continues to hand you your pills with a soft smile
  • Later, you find one skittle in each and a smiley drawn on each day


  • You two are experimenting with some new recipes in the kitchen when your phone goes off
  • Your hands are sticky from batter, so you ask her if she can grab it for you out of your purse
  • As she’s pulling the phone out, a pill bottle tumbles out
  • When she reaches for it, she sees the label
  • You come out to see what was going on when the call dropped
  • She turns to you very solemn
  • “MC, we need to talk.”
  • She asks what had been going on and when it started
  • You tell her about your brother who had committed suicide two years and how it had affected you
  • She tears up while you’re sharing your story
  • She wants you to know that she’s always there for you
  • On the days where you didn’t really feel like doing anything, she’d sit with you and talk with you or just listen
  • She’ll ask you every day how you are and is completely involved in your recovery process


  • He was with you when the story of your nephew’s suicide aired on the news
  • It had hit you hard, he could see it in your face
  • He was there with you through it all, and even offered if you needed any other assistance
  • A few months later, he notices you’re taking a few extra pills than your usual ones and vitamins
  • You’re very straightforward about your antidepressants when he asks about it
  • He is always super careful on days when you seem more reserved or don’t feeling like doing things
  • He’ll try to bring you small things that might make you smile a little
  • But he makes sure you have everything you need on really bad days
  • He’ll even drop work some days if he feels like you sound a bit off on a phone call


  • Your pills must’ve fallen out of your bag when you were at his house
  • He finds them soon after you leave back to your own place
  • He hops in his car and goes to your apartment to return it to you
  • When he gets there, he hands you the bottle but lingers
  • “Get in the car. I want to take you on a little trip.”
  • Despite it being a little late, you decide to join him
  • He brings you to a church in the middle of a really small town nearly an hour away
  • There’s no one there when you get there
  • He explains that he came there to pray on days he was feeling really down
  • You break down and end up explaining how your sister’s suicide a few years back had affected you
  • He listens patiently at everything you have to say
  • After that, he doesn’t really change his behavior towards, but he’s very accommodating when he can feel you’re not having a good day


  • He’s been through depression himself…and seen others with it
  • He recognized the signs in you early on, so when he found your pills lying around it was no surprise
  • He didn’t really press you about it
  • But it all came out naturally in one of your conversations when you two were talking
  • You admit that it started when your father committed suicide when you were younger
  • He understands, and you two sympathize with each other on bad days
  • You always support each other


  • You and he were just having a night-in where you were baking
  • He had noticed you’d been averse to going out lately, so he wanted to spend some time in a place where you seemed comfortable
  • “Hey, MC, where’s the sugar?”
  • “In the cupboard!”
  • When he went to get it, he saw a bottle of pills…the name of the meds looking very familiar
  • You notice he gets quieter as the night goes on and you just have to ask him
  • When he admits he found the pills, you open up about your older sister who had recently committed suicide
  • You had depression for awhile, but lately with that it’s been bad
  • He tries to be really supportive, but inside he’s terrified
  • He feels like he failed with helping Rika when she had those problems, and he didn’t want to mess up with you
  • You assure him he’s helping by just being himself
  • He’s very careful about what he says and is very understanding whenever you have bad days or just feel upset some days

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Can’t wait for the scene in season 3 where Keith and Allura comfort each other over Shiro’s disappearance and Keith tells her Shiro was like his brother and the only family he ever had and Allura confesses that she was in love with Shiro and she can’t bare losing him so soon after she lost her father and they hug it out and then we get the episode where they find Shiro and everyone group-hugs him and he and Allura have an almost-kiss moment and Keith keeps dropping not-so-subtle hints at Shiro for the rest of the season until the finale where Shiro and Allura kiss for real in slow motion with explosions all around them.

I feel like, even after the (adorable) True Colors scene and the whole “and that’s why I love you” part (that seriously hit me in the feels), and even though literally everyone else sees/ships Broppy, Branch would still act like a nervous wreck near Poppy, doubting his every move because, “yeah, we sang a SONG, but neither of us ever OFFICALLY said we were together, together!” and, “we HUGGED, that is nowhere near kissing! You all hug each other at least once every hour! It was no big deal!”

Poppy took the True Colors thing in a totally different way, and there was this one time where she casually referred to Branch as her ‘boyfriend’ and Branch just f r e a k e d

(and later made a point of calling Poppy his 'girlfriend’ after the shock)


This paparazzo followed Jen and D for several city blocks.

This is not an easy task with snow all over NYC. Yet he knew where they were headed and was perfectly positioned to take their picture.

There are 40 pics that have been posted and despite Jen and D “hugging and kissing the whole time” this pap didn’t get any of those pics.

Just one awkward hello/goodbye hug.

And again E! has to bash Chris Martin about how high-profile that relationship was despite the fact that we never really saw them together and have seen Jen and her aging director in at least 5 different sets of pap pics.

Believe me, celebrities hide in NYC every day. It’s probably one of the easiest places to hide for a famous person. Yet we see Jen and Darren a lot. Too much. Way too much.

I think what’s so upsetting about the Tomb Raider comics is that we’ve invested 3+ years into being told stories about Sam and Lara, only for there to be no happy ending and no emotional payoff. I think this is poor storytelling. 

Fans of characters are often content to endure the characters suffering through untold misery… as long as there is a payoff in the end. Where was Lara & Sam’s emotional reconciliation? Where was the hug, the tears, the ‘YOU’RE SAFE!!!’? I wanted to feel something for them, to feel like all their suffering was warranted. Instead, we just got Lara telling Sam’s mum to take her somewhere beautiful and safe and “I’ll always be there for her even though i’m not there for her” and riding off on a motorbike by herself like “I need to do this alone”.

The only reason she needs to do it alone is because there is a rigid inflexibility about storylines in the new Tomb Raider series. There was never any acceptance that Lara and Sam play off each other well and that the pairing is a popular one, even if you don’t consider them more than friends. 

I wish, I wish wish wish CD had taken a step back to consider if their original idea - that Lara was a lone wolf - wasn’t playing out in their universe as well as they’d hoped, and that perhaps they should make a tough decision and revise it. 

Lara developed past being a lone wolf. Sam shone a new light on her and made her a three dimensional character and a real person. I wish they’d let her grow towards that instead of stubbornly shoving her back into her ‘lone wolf’ box :(

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might be wordy but my wishlist of shallura "non romantic" romantic actions in S3. Shallura victory hug after a particularly hard battle, shallura mission planning where they're bouncing ideas off of each other and working as a team. SHALLURA FIGHTING SIDE BY SIDE WHY HAVEN'T WE GOTTEN THIS ALREADY. Allura supporting an injured Shiro like in the S1 finale. Shiro protecting Allura by jumping in front of her or something. A CONVERSATION ABOUT HER TWO SACRIFICES. *ahem* off the top of my head ^u^


I NEED ALL OF THESE AND I NEED IT NOW, tbh. also consider:

  • allura patching shiro up after a mission, and vice versa
  • them finding each other after nightmares, wandering around the ship, like we all headcanon
  • allura telling shiro, who has expressed interest/amazement about Altea before, about her home
  • shiro dancing with allura in that old dusty ballroom to make her smile again
  • both of them being exhausted and leaning on each other
  • seeing each other after a mission and hugging and then pulling away to look at each other like they’re all the light in the universe

Gifs: x | x

Maybe there’ll be a sequel where he finally sees reader at last and just envelopes her in a giant hug? @outside-the-government


„Shouldn’t you be meeting the doctor?“, Nyota asked as she walked into your apartment in San Francisco, carrying an empty suitcase. „We are leaving tonight, after all.“

You had invited her to stay with you during her shore leave, because you had the hopes it would somehow make meeting the CMO of the Enterprise easier. Of course you could have and even would have invited Bones himself, but he was needed by the captain, so he had to stay in the same hotel as Jim.

„And let myself get disappointed again? No thank you. I’ll just stay behind and wait for another few years until you visit Earth again. Who knows? Maybe they decided by then that inner city beaming should be a thing!“, you cried, throwing your hands desperately into the air and accidentally knocking over the pot with scalding water.

The stove plate gave a hissing sound as the water spread over it, much like you as you shouted angrily in pain and bit your lip, hissing and running to the bathroom to let cold water run over your burnt arm.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.”

“Yes, I know it hurts, but keep it under the water until I get you a bandage to wrap it. Then I’ll bring you to the infirmary.”

“But you need to pack your things! And I’m a nurse! I know how to patch myself up!”

“My luggage can wait. Your arm… not so much. This is at least a second degree burn, you just threw scalding water over your arm! Look! I can already see the blisters! You will not patch yourself up. Not if there is a perfectly fine infirmary near you.”


“How can I help you?”, the nurse at the reception of the infirmary asked.

“She threw water over her arm”, Nyota said holding up your badly wrapped arm and showed it to the nurse.


“Hot water?”, the nurse asked Nyota as she eyed you curiously. You knew her, she was one of your students and was doing an internship in the infirmary.

“Scalding. There are already blisters.”

“I’ll send you to a doctor right away.”

Nyota nodded, grabbed your arm and led you two to the waiting room. ““Ow! Nyota! Caution please! This hurts!”


“No woman! I need to pack! Do you even know who I am? I’m Leonard McCoy, CMO of the starship Enterprise which is leaving tonight! And do you know who won’t be on the ship? Me! Because you’re holding me up!”

“I don’t think the Enterprise will be leaving without its Communication Officer, so no worries doctor, your grumpy ass will make it there in time.”

“Uhura? You’re the one that’s hurt?”

“No. Your little girl friend here thought it was a good idea to burn her arm to see you at least once before we leave Earth.”

“ACCIDENTALLY! … Wait, what? You knew that Bones was work-?”

Before you were even able to finish your sentences, two big and strong arms engulfed you into a strong embrace, carefully watching out not to touch your burnt arm. “Y/N/N!”

“Bnff!”, you murmured into his chest, which stared to shake due to his laughing.  

“I really hoped we could’ve met under better circumstances”, Bones said as he let you go and started to treat your arm.

“Be happy we met! I had already given up and would’ve stayed at home. Didn’t want to get disappointed again.”

Bones chuckled. “Yes, that’s typically you. How about a rain check for when I come back to Earth?”

The doors to the infirmary swished open and Jim entered the room. “Yeah… that won’t work Bones. Hello Y/N/N.”

“What? Why not? You planning on leaving him on a planet? Not that I can blame you, his temper and bedside manners can be rather- ouch!”

Bones glared at you, but you could see the amused twinkle in his eyes.

“No, because you’ll be working together! Bones, meet your new head nurse Y/N Y/L/N. Y/N, meet your new chief medical officer Leonard McCoy. It’ll a pleasure to be able call you a crew member from now on. My first order for you, when Bones finished treating your arm, is: Go pack your stuff!”

Prompt #9 (Barba x reader)

#9 Jealousy requested by @weezyonthemoon

This one is a bit longer, but I only have one explanation for that – jealous, sassy Barba.

Warnings: jealousy, sass, arguments, kissing

(I’m also tagging @supercarricat )

* * *

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take a break? ♡ ethan

requested: yes! 

anon: Can you write an Ethan imagine where the reader is being really clingy like constantly just hugging him and kissing him (lips, jaw, neck, ear, etc) and running her hands through his hair?

anon: PLEASE please please an imagine where the ready is kinda being clingy with Ethan? thank youuuu xx

word count : 957 

Ethan had been working on editing the new video for his channel for what seemed like forever, and all you wanted was for him to pay attention to you.

“Ethan!” You whine, falling onto his bed dramatically,

“Y/N, I already told you when i’m done editing we can do whatever you want!” He tells you and it was true, he had told you this plenty of times but you refused to accept that answer. You frowned at his tone of voice, and he sighs realizing he came off rude.

“Babe i’m sorry…I just really want to get this done, okay?” He says and you huff, crossing your arms stubbornly.

You take a deep breath and walk over to him silently, running your fingers through his hair repeatedly and you see his eyes start to close,

“Y/N, stop, your making me tired.” He says in a serious tone and you roll your eyes.

“Am I annoying you?” You raise your eyebrows and he hesitates for a second, “Fine, I’ll stop.” You say and suddenly his hand shoots out to stop you from walking away. he looks up at you and smiles sheepishly,

“You aren’t annoying me.” He answers your first question and you grin at him, happily continuing what you were doing.

You started to get tired of standing so you quickly and easily sit yourself on Ethan’s lap so that you’re nose to nose.

Trying not to get in his way, you lay your head on his chest as you continue to play with his hair. He sighs and doesn’t even glance at you, making you go one step further by placing small kisses to his neck.

“Y/N,” He warns and you look at him innocently, stopping momentarily.

You continue by tracing his jawline with kisses, making your way to his lips. You tease him by hovering your lips over his for a second before he closes the gap quickly.

You gasp at the intensity of the kiss, making him smirk. This kiss was rough and unexpected, but you didn’t mind considering he was giving you just what you wanted.

He breaks the kiss quickly and trails sloppy kisses up and down your neck and you tug on his hair making him grunt. He stands up and your legs tighten around his waist, and he walks over to his bed, dropping you on it gently,

He leans in and kisses your already swollen lips once more before whispering in your ear,

“Let me finish editing, and then we can finish this.”

Your eyes widen and you push him lightly, “Seriously E?”

He sends you a grin and you huff once more, “Can’t you take a break?” You frown and give him puppy eyes,

He sighs, “5 minutes.” You squeal happily and jump off the bed and into his arms making him laugh. You bury your head in the crook of his neck and mumble,

“Your so clingy,” He teases and you gasp, lifting your head up so that you were face to face.

“I just want your love!” You yell playfully which makes him laugh placing a light kiss on the tip of your nose, “And an ice cream sundae.” You add on, putting on a thinking face.

“You’ve got it,” He winks and takes you downstairs, placing you on the counter once you got there.

He takes out all of your favorite toppings and the ice-cream you like, taking a bowl.

“One ice-cream sundae, coming right up.” He says and you admire his back muscles from where you were sitting, “Like what you see?” He wiggles his eyebrows and you scrunch up your nose,

“Hm, nope.” You reply and he gasps, taking a small amount of ice-cream on his finger and placing it on your nose making you squeal, “Ethan!”

He grins and pulls out his phone, pulling up snapchat to take a picture of you. You frown and he takes the picture quickly, smiling to himself as he does.

He puts his phone in his pocket and hands you your ice-cream as you grab a napkin, wiping off the tasty ice-cream, “What a waste of ice-cream!” You say and he looks at you with an, are you serious? look.

“Y/N, it was literally a drop of ice-cream!” He laughs and you widen your eyes,

“Yeah, a drop that could’ve been in my mouth and not the napkin!” You complain and he laughs hysterically.

You put a spoon of ice cream in your mouth, a satisfied smile on your face. Ethan takes a spoon as well, leaving a little bit of the whip creme he sprayed on his lips making you giggle. You swipe your thumb across his lips and capture the whip creme, wiping it on a napkin.

“I think this was more than 5 minutes.” You laugh and he sighs,

“You always manage to distract me,” He scolds, “But thank you, I seriously needed to get out of that chair.” He says and you give him a quick kiss on the lips,

“Your welcome baby,” You reply, “You should probably get back to that. Don’t worry about all this stuff, i’ll clean it.” You say and he nods giving you a few more kisses on the lips making you laugh, “Ethan!”

“Sorry, sorry!” He puts his hands up in defense, jogging away to his room, leaving you in the kitchen with a small smile on your face as you cleaned up.

a/n – LMAO NEW FORMAT HURRAY but sucky ending AS USUAL but yeah this is probably really bad i’m so sorry i’m just tired and i’ve been binge watching pretty little liars and then teen wolfs tonight and todays video like its too overwhelming man. anyways! love your requests!! keep them coming (: (p.s i’m using new hearts cuz i thought these looked cuter haaaa)


All this talk about people being upset about Sam not being at GGs makes me think about how Cait feels about it.  From some of the interviews we have seen in the last day or so, she looks lost.  She just stated that she is dealing with it better than last year, where she said she was terrified.  So what I’m sensing is that she is not happy to be alone, I think at the very least she relies on him for support.  I think he is somewhat of a security blanket for her; she is the one who we see looking to him for the hugs.  She seeks him out when the photographers are around; she is conscious of his whereabouts at all times–as he is of hers.    I think he is not there because he could not be there…whatever the reason may be, I am not privy to it.  But I will go out on a limb and say that if he could be there, he would be there.