and this is where everyone starts unfollowing me

hi guys !! it’s finally 2017 and i thought i’d write up a post on how to clean up your life + prepare for 2017 to ensure a “new year, new you!” (:

clean your laptop!
over the year, you’ve probably saved some random images, downloaded some random music, or just have documents from school that you honestly don’t need anymore! rummage through every folder and send everything you don’t need to the trash!

file everything
this kind of relates to my first tip but file everything! don’t let everything on your laptop linger in the ‘download’ folder. since i’ve gotten my laptop, i’ve set up a strict filing system for every single thing, and the stuff that don’t belong in any home go into the ‘misc’ folder where it’s cleaned out every once in a while (:

change up your bed
okay, i don’t mean buy a new bed frame or anything aha but change out the sheets, change the pillowcovers, sort through that entire bunch of plush toys you have and decide which ones you want to keep or give away/donate!! also, decorate your bed frame if you can (: i put up a bunch of xmas lights that my sister had (she used it for a halloween costume) which were bought from the reject shop for a couple dollars = makes my bed look cute + great

discover a new hobby
when i say this, i mean actively look for a new hobby. go online, search up some stuff and take up a hobby that interests you. examples include crosswords (my new hobby!), sudoku, swimming, learning chess, playing card games, writing your own book, vlogging and creating your own videos, starting a youtube channel etc.

clean out your clothes
it’s the new year and honestly, you know that half the clothes in the closet, you’ve probably never worn or don’t even remember buying! clean that shit out and either donate it or sell it!! some people out there may need it more than you do

clean out your bookshelf
kind of like my last tip but clean out your bookshelf!! i plan to do this over the next month but some books on your shelf, you don’t have any plans to read or have just read it already. donate those to any charity stores, or set up a stall at a local market to sell each for a couple dollars (extra points if they’re still in perfect condition!)

clean your social media!
i don’t mean revamping your whole image, but cleaning up that long-ass friendslist on facebook. some people just add everyone (safety concerns!!!! where they at !!!) and some people have never talked to who they’ve added. delete those people, and trust me, they won’t know.
other social media tips:
- go through your ‘liked’ tweets and unlike the ones you don’t really like anymore (did this last night with my friends, and it was really funny sharing some of our liked tweets!)
- if you have a linkedin profile, clean it up and add some of your new achievements
- go through your likes on tumblr and clean that up too
- unfollow on instagram!! and twitter!! and tumblr!!

start budgeting + set up saving goals
this is the inevitable finance tip where i tell you to save, despite me spending all my work money every week )))): but honestly though, budget (keep track of what you spend and how much you have) and set up saving goals for the new year to ensure you have some $$ at the end of 2017 !! there are many apps to help you keep track, and some banks allow their customers to set up saving goals for their card (:

get a new hairstyle or new style
2017 is the opportunity to revamp your look and have that 2017 glo up (: if you’ve had an inkling to change up your hair, do it. want to buy those new jeans you’ve been eyeing for the past freaking year? do it. the beginning of the year is the opportunity to restart and create a new you !!

i hope this post was helpful w/ helping you guys clean up your life for 2017!! i plan to complete all of this over the next week or so ((((((: but yes, remember that 2017 is a year all about you!! focus on yourself, stay healthy, work hard, and take good care of your body (: good luck all and my ask box/messages will always be open if you want to rant, talk, or ask any questions

- kimm

I guess I should post this. My blog started out as a danse blog but has evolved in a somewhat personal blog of the mess that is me. I understand if people unfollow and in fact I encourage you to do so. I have no other outlet where I can vent and this is the only place I feel comfortable. I’m sorry for the change, everyone.


alright, my dudes. here’s the deal      i’ve been in a ridiculous writing funk lately (and just in an overall weird place mentally), to the point where i legit considered quitting rp for a while. in the end i decided to give it another shot, but i really need a fresh start. now what does this mean? it means i’m archiving this blog and moving to a new one. there’ll be some changes too: i’m talking new muses with actual info pages, a better tagging system, and just overall me being more chill about rping (this is a hobby after all, and i take this shit way too seriously when i have irl stuff going on).
also, here’s a few other important changes:
- i’m changing some of my muses to a ‘request only’ status (they’re still there for interactions, i’ll just be much more selective about writing them); if your muse had a significant relationship with any of them over on this blog, they’ll be kept, so i’ll definitely be down to continue writing with them;
- blog won’t be as active as before, though i’ll still be around plenty;
- i’m gonna be changing my alias, too. i kinda feel like i’ve outgrown my old nickname, so i’ll just be using my real name from now on. so hi y’all, i’m sofia and i love u. (but if you’re an old follower, you can just address me however you want ok; it’s not a big deal, i just figured i’d make use of the revamp to finally change it).

regarding threads, i plan on keeping most of them. i’ll be moving the few drafts i have over to the new blog, and i’ll reply to them when i can. if you want to continue our thread, just please @ me so i can see it; if not, feel free to take this opportunity to drop it.

ok and !! i think that’s that?? this turned out really long, sorry. i just wanted to get all this written down before the move (this will all be up in my rules page anyway     which i ask that you please read if you decide to follow ). and if you decide not to follow the new blog, that’s a-okay, man. i enjoyed having you on my dash and writing with you, if that was the case, and happy rping !! to everyone else, catch you on the flipside.

I want to apologize if I make anyone uncomfortable.

I don’t really know where people’s boundaries are, and when I feel like I’m comfortable around someone I start to act different, and so I end up making them uncomfortable instead. 

Taking about my fictional crushes or smut, for example. I can imagine not everyone wants to hear that. 

I’m sorry. 

But at the same time, it is something that makes me happy at the moment…

Don’t be afraid to unfollow me if I ever make you uncomfortable because of the things I say or do. Better yet, blacklist “samrot talks” since I tag 90% of my text posts with that. Whatever it takes, pals.

anonymous asked:

I like your blog, but there are some parts where you bring up race? Why is it everyone brings up race? When are all people going to start caring about all of the other Humans. When I see #blacklivesmatter I feel sorry for all of the other humans on the planet! Why can't we all come together as one, Humans. Humans need to stop segregating each other! Stop bringing up the past! Why can't people look to the future as everyone being a unified whole? Where is that kind of vibe at?

There’s also no vibe in stealing other people’s culture, heritage and history.. Or stealing and claiming ownership to someone’s history, whilst continuing to oppress them and when they have something to say, complain and silence the issue by saying “we are all humans, let’s live in peace” blah blah blah

Let Africans own their history. 🌻

And don’t get me started on your comment about #BlackLivesMatter Unfollow me if you want. X
The State of And Steven (or, ABOUT LAST NIGHT)

There’s something that’s been increasingly true of me and And Steven: I’m not really having very much fun anymore. I still love it! When I’m able to sink into it, pick it apart, savour each moment? It’s fantastic. This show is, in so many ways, custom made for me and the way I love to experience stories.

But then there’s everything else.

Oh, everything else.

Lately, when I think about And Steven, what’s coming to mind isn’t the wonderful characters or the intriguing story or the amazing humour. It’s the frustration, the entitlement, the lack of basic respect. More and more, the negatives of what I’m experiencing are outweighing the positives. Last night brought all these feelings to a head, and forced me to acknowledge that I’m coming to really dislike this show that I like very much.

That’s a problem, and I need to do something about it.


I have essentially two choices. One is to stop doing anything with it entirely. Just watch it on my own time. Quietly. Passively. But that’s a separate problem, because a huge part of what I loved and love about And Steven is digging into it, thinking about it, trying to put the pieces together. The liveblog is how I do that, it’s a huge part of why I liveblog at all. If I’m just sitting here and watching, I’ll … just be sitting here and watching. And when the moments come where I WANT to talk – which will be often, because I am me – I’ll be reminded that I can’t. And why.

If getting rid of the outlet won’t work, then, the answer is to change it.

Effective immediately and for the foreseeable future, my Steven Universe liveblogs will occur in a private, password-locked blog.

Those posts will not be rebloggable. I will not be putting them here. I will no longer be discussing And Steven on this blog.

FOR NOW. It may be that this doesn’t work out for me and I have to do something else. Maybe later, after I’ve been able to get some distance from the jumbled mess of unpleasantness, I’ll change my mind. Maybe after I catch up, I’ll be able to commit to watching it alongside everyone else and the atmosphere of it all will be different. I don’t know! Life changes and we change with it. I’ve been around too long to never say never.

But for now, and for as far as I can currently see, this is how it is.


  • Unless we’re personal friends or mutuals, please don’t ask for access. I’m not soliciting requests, because that’s only going to put both of us in a position where I have to start saying no, and that isn’t fun for anybody.

  • Please don’t ask if I’ve changed my mind or if/when I plan to make those posts public. I may not reach that point. If I change my mind, I will be sure to tell everyone. Badgering is only ever going to help remind me why I made this decision in the first place.

  • To anyone feeling upset, I apologize. If you need to unfollow, I understand. I know several of you are here for the And Steven, and I truly wish things hadn’t gotten to this point. Please trust me, I’m pretty disappointed that this is where we’re at, too. As always, I am 100% about people cultivating their online experience, and if it no longer includes me, that’s okay.

  • My feelings about spoilers remain the same. Unless and until I mention otherwise, consider that I’ve seen no further than “Lion 3″. HubbyShield™ will be on high alert, and won’t hesitate to immediately block anyone attempting to spoil.

  • Under no circumstances should anyone use these events to attack or lash out at anyone else. This is the result of multiple and repeated events stretched out over a long period of time, and can in no way be attributed to one single person or situation. EVEN IF IT COULD BE THAT IS NO EXCUSE FOR PERSONAL ATTACKS. Let this be a reason to treat each other with more kindness and respect, not less. Don’t attack people. Don’t do it.

If I think of anything else that needs saying, I’ll say it. Otherwise, for now and the foreseeable future, this is my last public word on And Steven

anonymous asked:

Hello, I really love your blog! I love glimpsing into the accounts of CSers and Oncers but I fear that I have no clue how to go about Tumblr and joining fellow shipmates in the wonder that this site entails. Any pointers?

Well- first off- thank you!!!

Second off- now may not be the best time to tread into these waters- lots of unneeded drama over ships and what those different ships deserve.

I kind of came into this blind, but I was here for CS fan fiction so it was easy - I followed writers. Someone gave me a list of about 10 writers to follow and it grew a little from there. I still don’t follow that many blogs because you find your dash can get really repetitive with everyone reblogging the same gifset at the same time, but you do want to follow enough people to keep your dash interesting. That number is different for everyone!

I’ve become friends and friendly with a good number of people here and it has really, really enriched my experience. Now that replies are back, don’t be scared to leave a reply! Reblog and leave a comment in the tags! Leave feedback on stories of you’re reading fics! Writers love that (really we do!) all of these thinks will help you connect with others, and that’s really what makes tumblr great.

The downside- you’re going to run across people who post stuff you don’t like. Unfollow them. At first when I was here I thought there were people who I had to follow because they were bigger names in the fandom and everyone loved them. But their opinions and attitudes aren’t my jam. I unfollowed. And my experience has been so much nicer since.

This is your tumblr and you can use it however you want. Make it what you want.

If you want names of a few blogs of where to start– (and I hesitate to do this because I feel like I’ll be leaving people out and I don’t want to do this/ but this is just who comes to mind first)

@kat2609 - the first person to welcome me into the fandom after I joined tumblr - crazy nice
@lenfaz - just plain crazy about Liam jones
@ripplestitchskein - my brain twin
@nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable - watch the angst around this one
@mryddinwilt - all about the meta - she’ll break every aspect of the show down
@capitaine-odette - a CS and a ER and a wonderful person
@wheres-your-rum - absolutely fun and a great fic writer

As you can see I follow writers. There’s a great artist who always gets reblogged and crosses my dash who you should definitely add (trigger-the tenant?) fun OUaT artwork based on prompts.

Tons of great gif makers out there too!

I’m going to update this later maybe when I’m sitting at my computer and am not trying to do this from memory and can see everyone’s names in front of me- because I’m missing SO many others who would make your dash a better place.

Maybe someone could also reblog this with the list of fic writers that the book club compiled recently?

hello (its me thy lmao) it seems like yesterday I was making a post thanking you guys for 6k and now i’m back (3 months later), thanking you guys for 7k, which I think is crazy?!?!?! thank you guys for following this tumblr where all I do is cry over bangtan and park jimin lmao
honestly I never thought that so many people would follow me and I was excepting half you guys to unfollow after I started to reblog more of bangtan than shinee and vixx ;u; thank you guys for sticking with me and also thank you to the people that started to follow me because I started reblogging bangtan. also thank you to everyone that follows @jinseok-net (which also hit a milestone a while back!) 


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