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While I was looking at some gifs of the very first episodes, it made me wonder how everything with Yusuke and Keiko would have happened had he not died.

Because he seemed a little oblivious to how deeply she cared for him, and I feel like his death sort of forced the issue and made them acknowledge that those feelings were there. Especially for her, at least at first, because it really shifted her priorities. And for him, and how life wasn’t going to be worth it if it meant she died in the process.

Of course without all of those events we wouldn’t have the show, but I think if they had grown up without all of that, they would have still gotten together, but a few years later. I feel like maybe someone would ask Keiko on a date and Yusuke would go a little crazy, or something.

There’s no real point to this but it’s interesting to think about. :)

igot5secsofbts  asked:

Hi😊. I just started making my own content on my blog and was wondering if you could help me out with any tips on how to develop my own style when it comes to my works or where to get some inspiration for my writings. I’m asking you because I really like your works and you seem like you would give some good advice on this subject. Thanks😊

Do people really give advice on how to develop a style or find inspiration?  It seems like those are the two things that are so completely inherent to who you are as a writer and dependent on your individuality that advice would be somewhat pointless. My advice would be to just write whatever comes into your head and see where that takes you. 

Inspiration is different for every person and for every story.  I don’t pretend to be anything more than a smut writer.  Most of my inspiration comes from sexual desire and a sudden need to see some idea manifest itself on my computer screen.  SPOILER ALERTS!!! Some examples from my writing are: Worth the Wait was inspired by a desire to show premature ejaculation in a story.  Nursemaid was inspired by this GIF of Jimin where he looked like he was in a state of ecstasy and I just suddenly thought – “He needs to get a handjob.”  Unexpected was inspired by my perverse interest in sloppy seconds and the lack of stories that explored that particular kink. Conditioned was inspired by the random desire to make Taehyung jerk off in public under orders from a more dominant woman.  None of these are high minded or complicated.  It’s all pretty base.  But then I take that idea and start thinking, “How can I put these into a context that seems feasible and real?”  

Using Conditioned as an example, I had to figure out how to make the fantasy of Tae jerking off in public seem not entirely insane.  So then I toy with different ideas.  Where is he?  Who is he with? How did he get there?  Why is he willing to perform this act?  What is he feeling?  Why is he feeling this way?  So I come up with the idea of Tae meeting up with his teenage crush and he is instantly reminded of the horny teenager with no sexual outlet he used to be and now he wants to fulfill his past desires.  So then I think of how I can get him in a position to meet this former crush – thus the blind date scenario – and I just start writing.  While I’m writing, the story starts to unfold.  I know a lot of people have everything planned out ahead of time. I do not.  I have a rough idea of where I’m starting and where I think I’m headed, but everything in between just unfolds organically.  In this case, the idea of having the OC hooking up with Jimin was a spontaneous decision that I made to force Tae to work harder at gaining her attention and then I used that as a guide for the rest of the chapter.  I was only planning on having a couple paragraphs showing the OC’s and Tae’s backstory as teens, but once I started, I just kept going, so it was much more detailed than I ever intended.  I wasn’t even sure how I was going to get the two of them alone together as I was writing, but I’ve learned to just keep writing and look for the opportunities as they arise – so eventually it made sense that the OC might need to excuse herself to go to the bathroom and that was the opening for Tae to make a move.  

The subsequent chapters have all been an outgrowth from that original chapter.  I start thinking, “What happens next? How does everyone feel about what happened in Chapter 1?”  And then I keep going.  As I write the following chapters, I start to get a sense of where the longer term plot is headed.  I was writing chapter 3 before I had any idea of where I planned on taking the overarching plot.  So, as of right now, I have a rough idea of what the ending should be, but I have no clue how I’m going to get there. I’m more character driven than plot driven, so I just trust that it will all work out in the end if I stay true to my characters and keep writing.

All my stories follow a similar path from inspiration to creation.  I’m not saying that’s the way you should do it because everyone is very different in their approach and what they are comfortable with.  I’ve tried mapping out detailed plot summaries and profiles in advance, but I still end up going off the rails and ending up with a story that I never expected to write.  Maybe you are the more organized type.  Maybe you have well thought out ideas and whole plot lines you want to express.  Do what feels natural to you.  The most important thing is to just get started.  You will refine the rest over time.

hey,,, tumblr,, i got some constructive criticism on ur “safe mode” policy.

1. let users chose what to see and not see. you say that we have more control over what we see, we dont we have the same control because youre controlling it for us

2. specify why the post is being filtered

3. make it have a “show this post anyway” button on blocked posts

4. just refine it so it doesnt block posts seemingly at random. In the span of about five minutes I have found blocked posts including

  • a post about sonic the hedgehog
  • a post about the heatwave in europe
  • a post about skyrim
  • a video of birds dancing
  • multiple posts about being gay

things it did not filter out: porn, both real, and drawn/written

k thx bye

Pidge: Ok, so don’t get too excited, but I’ve worked out a way to connect the laptop to the internet…
Lance: Pidge how the quiznak did you think I was not going to get excited about this?!?!?!
Hunk: Anything I can help with?
Pidge: Ok, so the thing is that from our end it’s pretty simple right, I mean it’s just a case of sending and receiving correctly coded signals, and my laptop has the inbuilt hardware for all that. The real problem is that we’re light years away, and even with the ship’s range, it’d take years for our signal to reach Earth, and we can’t use the speed-enhanced Altean frequencies because it has to fit in with the existing architecture, and then coming back there isn’t enough range anyway and-
Keith: Pidge, breathe
Pidge: …Anyway, if we had a way to transport the signals instantly we could simply relay them back and forth through, say, a wormhole specifically designed to transport waves rather than matter?
Hunk: But the only way to do that is if….
Pidge: … yeah

Shiro: I can’t believe you’re seriously debating asking the princess to use her Altean energy so the castle can get a wifi signal
Shiro: *leaves*
Other paladins: *ashamed shuffling*
Five minutes later
Shiro, running back into the room: SHE SAID YES!!

“Will you be alright?”
“Yeah. You?”
“If you write to me.”
“You know I will.”
“Bye, Harry.”

When she looked over her shoulder, Harry was still there. And he waited to see the train leaving one last time for Ginny.

Sleep On Your Own Time, Potter
  • <p> <b>Draco:</b> Potter.<p/><b>Draco:</b> Potter.<p/><b>Draco:</b> Potter.<p/><b>Harry:</b> Malfoy, what. What, Malfoy.<p/><b>Draco:</b> I've decided - I love you too. You have a really hot body. I'm always thinking about it-- you...thinking about you.<p/><b>Harry:</b> ...<p/><b>Draco:</b> Because I love you.<p/><b>Harry:</b> That's...great. Was it necessary to wake me up at half past three in the morning to tell me this?<p/><b>Draco:</b> Love doesn't wear a watch, Potter.<p/></p>

Things Matthias deserves

  • love
  • happiness
  • cuddles from Nina
  • appreciation
  • waffles
  • warm sweaters
  • his friends
  • sunshine
  • hugs
  • wolf puppies
  • everything good because Matthias is amazing and deserves great things

Things Matthias doesn’t deserve

  • chapters 38-40 of Crooked Kingdom
  • being called a boring and dislikable character like come on yall

The Entire SH fandom to Luke: