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i've been wanting to gif for a very long time but i find it so frustrating bc i don't know how to download the video or where i can download what things i need to download it and so forth plus i have a mac so it limits me from certain apps and stuff. can you please help me out?

of course darling!! crap i still haven’t done that giffing tutorial. okay i’ll work on that later today but until then, i’ll answer this first :) i guess this is like the stage before giffing? this is a tad long but oh well.

pre-giffing tutorial + tips

first: i download most of my movies from the pirate bay, but they’re torrents. i use utorrent. i also use twitter sites like lovelylogoless. for some animated films, i use kisscartoon but there is no distinct download link. make an account, search + click on the film you want to download and scroll to the bottom:

right click on 1920x1080.mp4 and right click ‘save link as…’ and it’ll start downloading. to see quality difference, i torrented the little mermaid and downloaded it from kissanime. in all honesty, the torrent was better quality but this is a good alternative for those who don’t necessarily like torrenting. 

youtube is also great, but you gotta make sure the quality is 1080p. 720p is okay but sometimes 1080p trailers still turn out to look a bit grainy (that’s normal for downloading from youtube). to do this, get the link of what you want to download (from youtube) and i use on this site, you can select the quality (always choose 1080p or higher, if there is an option for higher). some automatic youtube to mp4 sites record the video in bad quality. 

second: i have a mac too! it’s not that frustrating as expected tbh. here you can find some photoshop downloads for mac. i personally use cs5 and MPEG streamclip for screencapping. these are my screencapping settings:

if you don’t know how to screencap with streamclip, see this tutorial. the only downside about using streamclip (rather than windows’ KMPlayer, which isn’t on mac yet) is that it can only screencap from mp4 films. if you download a film in mkv (or a different format), i use handbrake to convert to mp4. these are my settings:

i’ve used this to convert all my mkv film files to mp4 and it’s great. quality remains the same, which is the most important thing. usually whatever the duration of the film is (e.g. 2 hours) is how long it’ll take to convert. i fill up my queue (see this image if you don’t know what i mean) and start converting before i go to bed, so i get about 3-4 conversions then rather than lagging my laptop and converting them during the day (while i’m doing other stuff). 

that’s about it!! as mentioned above, i’ll do a proper giffing tutorial later today but i hope this helps xx

  • Namjoon: Hey Tae what's wrong? You seem tired?
  • Taehyung: I couldn't sleep much. I was up till 4 am just questioning without any answers...
  • Namjoon: Trust me I've been where you are. Maybe if you tell me what you were thinking about I can help?
  • Taehyung: I was thinking about the ocean.
  • Namjoon: Yeah? Like the fact that it is still so deep and mysterious to us highlighting the limits of human will?
  • Taehyung: No not that, just... Do you think the ocean is so salty because the beach never waved back?

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Hi Mimi! I'm a relatively new ARMY and this is gonna be my first comeback, and I've been seeing people saying that we aim for the boys to get Triple Crown and all kill? Something like that? I know what daesang is but could you maybe explain these awards? Thank you!! ^^

Of course, dear, or you know what let me give you ALL the basic terms you will need because this is “important business”: 

Originally posted by bwipsul

TRIPLE CROWN: Name of the award when an artist’s song wins three weeks on the music programs M! Countdown and Inkigayo. The song is then “retired” and cannot win again. The show Music Bank does not have a win limit.

ALL-KILL: When an artist has the #1 song or album on all the legal music download sites, such as Melon, Dosirak and Soribada. An all-kill on a daily chart (on the day of a new release) is normal for most popular groups. Weekly and monthly chart all-kills are much more difficult (and that’s what we aim for).

DAESANG/ BONGSANG – Awards. While the “bongsang” award is given to a number of the top artists of the year, the “Daesang Award” is only given to the best artist of the year. Essentially, the “bongsang” is a nomination to be able to win the ‘daesang.”

MUSIC PROGRAM: Includes shows such as M! Countdown, KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core, SBS Inkigayo and more. During promotions for a new song or album, performers will want to appear on these shows to promote their new release. The MCs of each program may change several times a year.

COMEBACK STAGE: The first performance in a music program for the promotion of a new title track or single. There is no minimum time wait following the promotion of the previous title track. An artist usually has a special comeback performance on each of the music shows. During that stage, they are usually allowed to perform a second song. 

GOODBYE STAGE: The last performance on a music program before ending promotions of a song

FAN-CHANT:  Words chanted by the fans to cheer on the singers during a particular song. They are created to go along with the melody. They are shouted during a part of the song when the singers are not singing, as to not disturb them. Fan-chants generally consist of names of the singers.

FULL ALBUM:  A full-length album generally contains a dozen songs. Recent trends have K-Pop artists release many singles and mini albums before releasing a full album.

MINI ALBUM: Usually contains two to three new tracks in addition to remixes or instrumentals. It is the middle ground between releasing a single and a full album.

REPACKAGED ALBUM: When a full album is re-released with a new title track, in addition to other tracks and remixes. It is usually released shortly after the promotions for the first title track have ended.  

MR REMOVED:  A song that has had its music backing removed so that only the singer’s voice is heard. They can be used to hear how well a singer can perform live

Source: Soompi 

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Just a few questions relative to my personal speculations that I've been debating asking... 1.) In Dust, Betty accosts Sans and Asriel in the AMD camera room, so I'd assume she's been there before. Has she been keeping tabs on the monsters from the beginning?2.) You said that Hate is an enhancer, but what souls does it work on? 3.) In Dust, the car illusion didn't appear on video. What are the limitations of Betty's illusions? 4.) Does Betty have the memories of the Bravery soul who created her?

1)Betty only befriended Frisk to evaluate which monster was the most powerful/easy to kill. Since humans aren’t really a threat they are ezpz job. She wanted to destroy the bigger threat first.

2) Any

3) Well of course, cameras can’t record things that aren’t there

4) Yes

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Ay yo boi, do u got a redbubble? I forget if you do or na but if u dont, hint hint !!!! Shirts would be rad :7

i do, but not a lot of stuff is up on there (most of it is old art). i’m probably gonna move to society6 if i ever make shirts or want to put my art on things i can’t personally make myself (pillows, pencil cases, tapestries, full print shirts, etc.) 

i have a storenvy though, where i get everything made and shipped myself! there’s prints, stickers, buttons, and acrylic charms


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what are some of ur fav movies?? I've been looking for a couple good movies to watch but not many of them interest me, suggestions?

I adore Manhattan Murder Mystery, Moonstruck, the royal tenenbaums, Badlands, Romeo and Juliet (1968) , La Piscine, Stealing Beauty, Rosemary’s Baby, The Talented Mr.Ripley, The Godfather (#1 on my list ❤️) Manhattan, vicky cristina barcelona, the blue lagoon (1980), Breathless, Darjeeling Limited. This is just the beginning i have so many recommendations!! I love these films for their cinematography but also their stories. ahh i love films

ohh I’m adding more Chinatown, Marie antoinette, une femme est une femme, Taxi Driver, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, And While We Were Here, The Graduate,Fantastic mr. fox
🎶 10 Songs Tag

 Rules: List 10 songs you are currently vibing to then tag 10 people 

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This is in no particular order

  1. JJP- VERSE 2 + their solos
  2. M.O.L.A - CHILLIN’ 5MOLAs Ver.
  4. Blackbear - idfc
  5. Offonoff ft. Miso, Tablo - Cigarette
  6. Kiana - Congratulations x Passionfruit
  9. BewhY (비와이) - 중2병 (Feat. C Jamm)
  10. ELHAE - You 
  11. Ella Mai - A Thousand Times
  13. Logic - Ballin (ft. Castro)
  14. SAARA - Superpowers (Acoustic Version) 
  15. Kali Uchis - Nuestro Planeta ft. Reykon
  16. Kelela - LMK
  18. Gallant x Tablo x Eric Nam - Cave Me In
  19. 갓세븐 영재 내하루 sing by Ars
  20. Hoody (후디) - 한강 (HANGANG)

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Astrology is neutral.

If you guys have been following my blog, I think I’ve said this statement countless times in countless ways. And really, I am not kidding. Everything about astrology is neutral. I think a lot of people can misunderstand astrology for what it is because of their own perceptions, and because concepts that are made to simply help one understand astrology can actually limit their views in the long run. I’ll explain.

Since astrology is neutral, the “doomed” dilemma should logically cease to exist. Have you ever read Saturn in your chart and thought, “Wow, I’m so screwed?” Have you ever found your crush’s placements, only to be crushed that he’s a Sagittarius, and you’re a Cancer? I think the main misconception here is that with anything that is seemingly negative in astrology (malefics and challenging aspects,) the only outcome that can result from those things are negative, which is not true at all. The signs are neutral and the aspects are neutral. Period.

How is it that you can see an Aries and Cancer couple last forever, but see a Virgo and Capricorn couple fail? How is it possible to see a couple with hopeless synastry make it through, but a couple with a trine-filled synastry chart fail? All of that would be possible, if astrology was neutral. The signs are neutral because there is a a positive and a negative expression. The aspects are neutral because there are good and bad expressions. 

To be specific, having a square aspect can definitely be challenging, which is the negative expression everybody cries about, but overcoming that challenge is definitely rewarding and fulfilling, which is the positive expression some people forget to see. Not so bad anymore, right? With harmonious aspects, a lot of people can see how easy it is to channel your positive characteristics, but people tend to forget that with easy access and harmony to a certain part of your chart can bring laziness and ignorance. With harmony comes a lack of a need to improve. If you can already do a certain thing so well, why look at it? And since the harmonious energy comes so naturally (especially with a trine,) it can bring ignorance. Since the harmonious energy comes to you so naturally, you can think that other people are able to handle energies nicely like you, which is definitely not the case. Not so good anymore, right? With that being said, aspects are neutral.

And if astrology’s neutral, it really gets rid of a question people tend to have with astrology: Does astrology limit free will? If astrology is neutral, it will most definitely not. If astrology was viewed in a biased way, then yes. Whether free will exists or not is another topic, but for those who do believe in free will, the fact that astrology is neutral should give you hope. Imagine having the freedom and ability to transform that ugly Sun square Mars aspect of yours into something great. Imagine having the freedom and ability to also transform that beautiful Sun trine Pluto into something truly terrifying. With the neutrality of astrology, you can really do whatever you want, and that can either be very comforting or terrifying.

Astrology is really not supposed to limit your abilities. It’s really just tragic that some people will let their own perceptions of astrology limit them from what they can do. Astrology is not meant to limit the way you think, it’s supposed to make you understand yourself, others, and the world around you. The moment you let some “astrological knowledge” limit the way you think, you are not practicing astrology.

The only thing that is not neutral is ourselves. We are not neutral because we are people that ultimately decide what we do with the natal charts given to us. The natal charts we have affect how we see certain things, which ultimately brings bias. Couples, not aspects, ruin relationships. People, not malefic planets, ruin their own lives. With that being said, we are completely responsible for our successes and failures, not the stars.

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How do I get a job, like I've had two previous jobs in fast food but i had school and other things going on they weren't very understanding with scheduling, I'm trying to get a new job and I've been applying online going in for applications and taking those back but no one seems to want to hire me, I'm only 18 and that sometimes seems to like think I'm inexperienced but honestly I'm just trying to pay my bills

From what you’ve said, it sounds like you need to update your resume and/or your interviewing technique. I’ve done a step by step listing below, but take a look at this right off the bat. 

Resume + Cover Letter

1. Creating a resume. The first step to setting out on a job search is creating the perfect resume! Try to limit your resume to one page that is packed with well worded information about all you have to offer. You may want to create several different resumes that highlight your different skills. For example, I have an IT resume, a teaching resume, and a general resume. Here is a pretty thorough article on creating a resume.

2. Buff up your resume. Now that you’ve created your resume, go over it and exaggerate the fuck out of everything. Nobody is going to stick their neck out for you or going to talk you up. You need to be your own cheerleader. You need to create the most impressive version of yourself on paper as possible. Check it.

3. Keep it clean. First impressions matter! Your resume is going to be your potential employer’s first impression of you. You want that impression to be of someone who is organized, intelligent, and talented. Don’t clutter your resume or make it overly complicated.

4. Cover letter. Not all entry level jobs will require or even ask for a cover letter, but it’s good to have one prepared on the off chance that they do. Think of your cover letter as a teaser to your resume. You don’t want to reiterate it word for word, but you want to spark your potential employer’s interest. Check out this post on constructing the perfect cover letter. Remember- keep it brief, intelligent, and tantalizing.

The Interview

1. Work on your interviewing skills. Your resume will get you through the door, but your personality is what will eventually win you a job. Extroverts have an easier time turning on the charm, but introverts may have to work harder to gain the same ease of conversation. I would recommend seeing some amateur theater or live music performances in your community. Go to a high school musical, see the college Drama Club’s new play. You want the chance to see different levels of confidence in people. Just by watching the performers you’ll be able to easily see who is comfortable being the center of attention and who is not. Let the mistakes or triumphs you see on stage influence the movements, eye contact, and tone of voice that you will use when addressing potential employers. Also, if you don’t want to actually go out, there are loads of community theater youtube videos.

2. Practice makes perfect. Come up with a list of questions that an employer might ask you, and ready your answers confidently. Have a friend “interview” you and have them rate you based on how you respond. If your friend is too positive about your performance, get another one to interview you. You want honesty, you want critiques! If you have no friends or relatives who are able to help you, record yourself answering questions using a webcam. Luckily, there are lots of posts about job interviews on the internet. This is a good one.

3. Talk yourself up. In the interview, you never want to even imply that there is an aspect of the job that you can’t handle. You don’t want to outright lie, but exaggerate your skill levels knowing that once you get in the door, you’ll be competent enough. Never say “I don’t know that skill” say “I’ve heard a lot about that skill, and I’m interested to learn more”. 

4. Ask questions. After the interviewer has asked you all their questions about the prospective job, make sure to ask them several questions in return. The more, the better. Really, truly, honestly. Ask them so many goddamn questions that they feel like they’re being interviewed! These questions should be as specific as possible and should show your interest in the company. Tie in any tidbits of information that you picked up on during your interview, and reiterate important points. Remember, people love talking about their jobs. Use this to your advantage. Get your interviewer talking about the different aspects of what they like and dislike. 

5. Follow up. Send a “thank you” email to your prospective employer directly after meeting them. Thank them for taking the time to meet with you, and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them soon. This will show that you have initiative and follow through. Employers love that shit.

Feel free to message me directly about any of this information! I literally got an incredible job by beefing up my resume and talking myself up.

My dudes. I know this is crazy to hear. But some of us adults… we have hobbies.. that we’ve been enjoying since we were KIDS!! It’s like?? When we were young and we liked it? It wasn’t a phase!! WOW!!! And you know what??? There isn’t an age limit to joy. Costumes, cartoons, drawing, games, and friends don’t expire when you turn 18.

  • sasuke: what i'm after... is revolution
  • naruto: well have you planned out what to do after revolution
  • sasuke: what
  • sakura: yeah, after all, it'd be reckless to believe that just knocking down the existing structures would fix everything
  • sasuke: what
  • kakashi: that's right. the economic/political structures through the various villages right now are pretty hard-wired, and to change them for the better, certainly, the first step is doing away with the old, but if you don't have any steps afterwards, you're likely looking at the same old kind of powers rising up and taking control.
  • sasuke: what
  • naruto: so if we're going to go ahead with this revolution we also need to make sure that, beyond just killing the five kages, we tear down other capitalist structures underneath their reign and replace them with a system that uses resources and abilities - of which we seem to have almost no limit to, considering our own sizable skill with jutsus that allows us to move mountains themselves, our generate massive amounts of electrical power, for just a few examples - and put them to work making sure everyone is fed, sheltered, and has what they need.
  • sasuke: what
  • sakura: which isn't to say we can just stop there. there are other oppressive structures at work, not limited to just capital and how it is used and who it is put in the hands of, but multiple axes of power in general, as brought on by how history has been structured and the narratives given to us by both those in power and society as a whole, and working to remove those should also be part of our goal.
  • sasuke: what
  • kakashi: correct. now, if you'll look at this scroll here, i've started writing some theories on how, after revolution, we can use our jutsus, both as individuals and as a collective, to keep food production intact and distribute it to absolutely everyone
  • sasuke: i just
  • sasuke: i was just thinking i'd kill the five kages
  • naruto: well that seems very short sighted of you

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Hey, I'm not an architectural student but I am studying civil/structural engineering and I was wondering how I should go about contacting/emailing a company(engineering, infrastructure or architectural firms) for work experience or a placement or internship. I've just finished my first year and I'm not too sure what i would be able to offer to the company but I really want to learn and gain experience over the summer. Any help or tips would be great and thanks in advance :)

Most firms understand that interns bring limited career experience, but a heartfelt honest note with a resume/portfolio including your work so far should be enough to at least get some responses. I must warn you, interns for most this summer have been chosen already by most firms.

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Hey guys, I've been following you anonymously for years now and I love the way you go in depth about your own thoughts. So my question is what do you think Finns current arc is building to?

aw HECK yeah i wanted to write about this a couple weeks ago but never got around to it.

I wanted to make a post about open plot threads, and which threads the show would probably address in its limited 32 remaining episodes. A lot of my thinking for that post went into individual character arcs. LSP will probably get some closure about her place as princess of Lumpy Space. Betty and Simon will probably wind up together. PB mastering her candy powers and protecting her citizens. Stuff like that.

But Finn! I was kind of at a loss with Finn because I wasn’t sure what all there was left for him to actually do. He knows his parents, he’s found more humans. He could possibly seek again to bring them back to Ooo? The Guardian won’t be stopping them anymore, so future travels aren’t out of the question. But Ooo is a wasteland in Graybles 1000+ so whatever happens with that, if anything, seems like it might not have worked in the long run. Don’t know if that’s the road the show wants to take at the end.

The only thing that I know for certain will come to a boil and that he will have to address doesn’t actually have to do with him, but with Fern. Finn identifies himself within Fern now, and he is going to need to see the Finn within Fern prevail over the curse within Fern.

I’m not sure I see an external crisis that doesn’t even directly affect Finn as Finn’s series-defining arc, though, and it’s hardly something that I think the show would need to stretch over the final 32 episodes. So I took a look at Finn’s current place in the story aaaaaand season 8 so far has made it pretty clear where they’re steering him down the stretch.

He’s a helper. He acts as a doctor in Do No Harm, says it “feels right,” and then he meets his MOM the doctor. For the first time in his life. Whatever she tells him will have a ridiculously profound impact on him. And what does she tell him? That he’s a helper, too.

I don’t see his core character taking much more shape over this last stretch. He’s pretty much arrived at a really good place for himself. So what he still needs to DO is to help people. He needs to make sure everybody is okay.

The reason I didn’t see much for him to do at first glance is because the thing that will ultimately threaten everyone’s okay-ness is still hidden. It could be Sweet Pea, with the Lich inside of him. It could be whatever Patience St. Pim is planning with the Elementals. Could be the Ice Thing or the Crystal Dimension, or maybe Fern loses his internal battle to the curse and Finn has to deal with that. Could be something else entirely. There’s a threat - a number of threats - lurking on the horizon and waiting to strike. All that’s left for Finn to do is to do his best to make sure everyone’s okay.

His character arc could take a twist if he at some point FAILS to make everyone [cough cough Jake] okay, but at the end of the day, I think he’s a helper and that’s what this has all built up to.

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I've been freed from ask limit so can I get??? Ichiruki headcanons about pets?

Originally posted by ichirukianimatedworld

  • If Ichigo and Rukia had a dog they will always walk their dog together no matter what. They take time out of their training and busy lives to do one mundane thing together. Ichigo isn’t particularly fond of the dog but if it makes Rukia happy he’ll deal with it
  • Rukia got a fish once because she watched Finding Nemo with Yuzu and while walking one day she came across a street vendor selling gold fish. She felt bad for the cheap fishes and decided that she must save at least one of them so she got one. The fish died within a week because she was too busy to feed it. Yuzu found out and made the whole Kurosaki family attend the funeral.
  • Ichigo and Rukia saw a bunny once while on a mission and she pushed Ichigo to help her catch it. He chased after it since she was so persistent but then he got exhausted and told her she can’t just have a wild bunny because they belong in the wild. She agreed. The bunny came up to them after a while and she named him Chappy and still visits him from time to time.
  • Rukia once went to see a pet store with Karin and Renji and fell in love with a orange tabby and adopted it. Ichigo thought she was being unreasonable by adopting a cat without asking him first and made a big deal about it. But then the cat really grew on Ichigo and the cat prefers Ichigo over Rukia now and she gets really mad when Ichigo is all smug about her cat liking him more than her. She feels really betrayed by the cat. 

I believe people fail to realize that every moment that happened following the Doctor and River crashing on Darillium, the Doctor actually being able to follow through and stop running away from goodbyes every time he loses someone like in his previous life, all of that was because of Clara, and that’s where it shows her influence on him. It was thanks to Clara for getting him to that point that he was able to fulfill that time with River and truly say goodbye after it haunted him for a good 1200 years, give or take. That was all of Clara’s influence.

And because we know the Doctor told River about Donna during their 24 years since River knew who she was when they met at the Library, the topic of loosing memories was brought up, including his own of Clara. The girl he knew he traveled with, but couldn’t recall what she looks like or the sound of her voice. And River told him that Clara was right, it wasn’t his choice to take her memories away. And that’s why River just couldn’t bring herself to even try and answer Donna’s question about where she was in the Doctor’s future.

Later, River’s ghost shows up with Eleven again, and this time with Clara, the very beginning of their relationship and just when he realized he was wrong to think of Clara as “the impossible girl”. This was the girl that her husband went off about on Darillium, this is the face he couldn’t recall, but meant so much to him regardless. (And don’t kid me, Clara and River did get married at one point; “Oh you’re Professor Song. He’s mentioned you, but I didn’t realize you were a woman,” as River lights up thinking, “oh Honey you have no idea”)

Yes, the Doctor’s incredibly heartbroken, over both River and Clara. He had to say his final farewell to his wife, something that haunted him during three of his lifetimes, and he has how many holes in his memory because of what he can’t recall of Clara, the person who showed up and was there for him after loosing his family, but he knows deep down it’s her. All of this weighing him down when he meets Bill. Just because he has a picture of River doesn’t mean she’s the one who helped Twelve develop. Moffat brings up River and Clara in very different ways than the way RTD brought Rose up throughout series 3. I see Clara quite a bit, respectfully, throughout The Husbands of River Song, because of the parallels of what just previously happened in Hell Bent. Clara is gone, but she has that last heartbeat to enjoy life to her fullest potential just a little bit longer before going to face the raven, the Doctor remembers that much. No different than him revealing to River she has 24 more years before her inevitable end of facing her own “raven”, just like Clara, which is what helps him accept it all. Doesn’t mean he’s not sad, but he can finally accept it. Because Clara taught him that, something that he was able to work on from his regeneration from Eleven to Twelve and continue with her while she stayed by his side, because he trusted her. You use that limited time to make your own “happy ever after”. River and Clara actually have a very beautiful connection, and I can’t help but feel I’m the only one who sees it.

March Motivation: 🌹
  • It is a new month, a binge free, exercise filled, calorie limited month. No more "i'll start tomorrow" no more "monday is my day" - today is my day and march is my month. Limiting myself to 400-500 calories a day with excersise and a few fasts chucked in. If anyone feels like joining just shoot me a message. This is what i've been waiting for, my time is now and by april i'll be a new person, let's see the potentials 🌸🌸

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Branching off of that advice post (it was super helpful!), do you have any advice for someone who works a full time job and wants to pursue art on the side but feels like they never have the time to do so? I've been in a complete stop with my art lately, and I work full time so I'm always struggling to make time for it.

This is not currently my situation, so my advice may be very limited and again, I will be speaking personally only: 

-In this situation, what I would personally do is, in my designated work space (which is very important to have! even if it is tiny space on your desk, when you’re in that space your brain knows that it’s time for art-work!), keep a sketchbook open and ready to be drawn in. The pens laid out. I would make it as easy as possible for myself to begin drawing physically. Otherwise, I’d have my digital set up ready to go always.
-I’d make distractions harder to get to. Right now, the wii u is not set up. That makes me reluctant enough to not play Pikmin 3 haha

-I would also always carry a sketchbook and pen with me in my back-pack, whenever I would go out. Every sketch counts. Coffee break for 15 mins? A nice chance to squeeze in some observational drawing. Really good for recording down thoughts and idea too!

-I would try to find out whether I work better in the evenings or mornings (of course this depends on your work schedule also)
-Schedule time in, and write it down and keep it where you can see it. Thursday, 7pm, 1 hour, painting. Pomodorro timers help me a lot in staying on task, and in reminding me to take breaks. Knowing what time of day you work best would be good for this step. Its really hard to draw when you’re drained. Art is hard work.
So if you are very constricted for time, and this is one of the main issues, I would look into scheduling methods.

However what would be most important for myself, first, is focusing on my health and well-being, that is, sleep, diet, hydration and exercise. I just can’t draw, learn, or work well at all, free day or not, if I’m not feeling well, if I’m not sleeping enough, if I don’t have enough energy. Being able to work+draw is a top priority for me, so from that, good and consistent sleep actually, is my #1 priority. 
A great tip (which I fail to follow) is to turn off and not use electronics an hour before bed. Ideally, this would be a great time to draw traditionally! (if youre not reading or doing anything else responsible haha!) 

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I've been so thirsty for Chuuya but instead I was slapped by a huge load of [DAZAI] (order now or the limited time offer of [DAZAI], [OSAMU], and [DAZACLES] all in one!) and now I'm completely traumatized with no Chuuya to buffer or soften the deal. Chuuya is precious and adorable and perfect and should probably stay single for the sake of his well-being.

Anon pls Chuuya is the Mafia Executive ™ he kills people cannot be precious and adorab-

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…u know what u right I’m deleting my blog abort no more R18 in this fandom all dazais prohibited all fyodors burned to the ground all tachiharas… can stay bc they don’t do anything anyway