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AU Morganthe where she Isn’t trying to kill us.

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do you have any oumami headcanons?? there's barely any for this ship ;; sorry if I'm bothering you!

I-its totally fine, I’m so glad there are people who still love oumami as much as I do!

This is more like general non-despair hcs post so feel free to interpret it as a school bonus mode or something. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes my English isn’t perfect. UwU

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So apparently Gladio is like, weak to crossbows? Not to say they damage him a lot, but more in the sense of if you get him cornered you can switch to crossbow and just lay into him until he eventually breaks free? 461 uninterrupted hits in a row Gladio are you toying with me??? (Also I hope taking revenge on Prompto was worth the pain caused by beating our poor sunshine boy, glitched file or not)

Maybe your strategy will help someone having trouble taking him down, Anon! Personally, I used fire and dodge-rolled around like crazy until he fell down. Wasn’t too hard! He never even got my health down to critical. UuU

As for beating up Prompto… I’m not proud of what I did… but it had to be done. He understands.

I’m cleaning my room in between doing some writing and I found something I thought would be useful to Middle - a paper tray/organizer thing. I brought it out and asked him if he wanted it. He said yes, so I grabbed it and asked him if I could put it in his room. He said yes. I took it in and the only good space was on his dresser where a bunch of stuff was piled, so I said I’d clean it off but asked if there was anything there he didn’t want me to see. He said no. I did it and in 5 minutes he had a useful space for his magazines and manuals. 

The point is just that his privacy is important, I kept asking questions to preserve it. I don’t always do such a good job, but if you’re living with your parents, the paragraph above is what you have a right to. Anything short of that isn’t good enough. 

Just wanted to give some of you who struggle with this a benchmark, and some validation that your expectations around privacy are reasonable. 

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What has each of the band members taught you? (Current or former)

Wow what an interesting question..Hmmm..
James has taught me to keep going even when it feels like the world is kicking you down. When the world feels like hell and when your eating dirt, to just pick yourself back up, brush yourself off and grow and develop better as a person from the situation that just happened.
Lars has taught me to take chances. Anything is possible with enough persistence and if you stick your mind to what you want, you will eventually get it one day.
Kirk has taught me that being yourself is one of the coolest things in the world. I mean look at him and his horror collection. As a kid who never spoke about what I was interested in cause it was “Nerdy” or “Dorky” seeing him completely wrapped up in what he loves, makes me less scared to talk about it.
Jason taught me that dreams do come true and staying true to who you are and doing what you truly believe is right for your mental state and physical state, will make you happier in the long run.
Rob has taught me to stay humble, to ignore the haters that believe that you can’t live up to someone else expectations and to really strive to hit your own.
And Cliff has taught me that kindness goes a long way even after you leave this world. Hearing stories or reading stories about how he was super sweet and kind to fans, pretty much acting like they were his mates even if they had only just met, how that interaction stuck with them just makes me want to be even more nice to people everyday.

Melissa Benoist acting her heart out while Chris woods states dully at a wall plays less like a supergirl episode and more like an abstract play on the futility of man

Hm. Maybe I can’t fathom why policing stupid shit like fandom ships and fictional characters sexualities (that really AREN’T canon unless stated in a series itself, so it’s still HEADCANON regardless of what you say, dude) because outside of tumblr and my hobbies with fan art and writing, I have a life. And I also don’t feel a need to tell people what they can and can’t do or like when it’s not my business.

Maybe if you actually got off of tumblr and went outside and made some friends (which might be impossible for someone who has a personality like yours), you’d find that letting people have m/f ships is pretty okay, and that a canon male character being shipped with a female oc character got popular and it’s not a big fucking deal because it’s not actually hurting anyone.

You getting pissed off over fictional characters isn’t gay rights activism you fucking joke. You’re honestly really funny.


hey guys ha,, i’m so sorry i haven’t posted in a few days, i /have/ gone in game and taken pics, i /have/ cooked up a plan, but then. instead of editing. i sit here and talk to a boy. CRAZY to me how i didn’t like to socialize very much until he comes along???? and. he then called me at one am. couldn’t sleep. isn’t that like ??? a big step? when someone calls you late at night cause they can’t sleep ????? anyway.

tonight i’m meeting his parents.

kill me.

but! i will edit very soon before i get busy today. and aH then i can’t do anything for a few days cause of thanksgiving. and then. WOW IM SO BUSY IM SO SORRY GUYS )~: !!!

im on break, too. im not supposed to be preoccupied sigh.


TALK TO YOU SOON (maybe even this afternoon) ❤️❤️