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Okay so what I want to know (as a theatre major alum) how does the appearance of the court in the theatre affect those students and do they ever stage A Midsummer Night's Dream?

There are some days where you just know, on the level of base animal instinct, that this is Not A Good Day To Visit The Theatre, by silent agreement the class group chat hashes out somewhere else to meet. But you’re a theatre major, and the Theatre is at the end of the day still pretty goddamn integral to what you do. So -

There are other days where you feel your instincts shouting warnings up your spine, and you grit your teeth and walk into the auditorium anyway (although you knock, first. It’s a courtesy thing). It always looks empty, unless you’re unlucky enough to have been stricken Sighted, or you’re a customer of Cat Eyes. Even then, you don’t look. You do what you have to do, and you pretend that you can’t smell apple blossoms, cloyingly sweet, and you pretend that there’s not an audience, a vague sense of amusement, eight-fingered hands paging paging through the lines when you put down the script. You think the whole thing amuses them, most of the time. If you’ve interrupted something you shouldn’t have, there are accidents.

No one intends to stage The Play. No one ever sits down and goes, ‘You know what would be a good idea? Flipping off the gods during a thunderstorm while wearing metal gloves’. Nevertheless, it happens. People say it was a fantastic show. You wish you could remember it.


I can’t be the only one that found it hilarious that, despite not knowing a thing about altruism nor what had been taught in the class for who knows how long because she couldn’t understand her fish professor at all, Akko managed to exhibit the nature of altruism in witch ontology as well as reciprocal altruism with members of another species by the definition without even realizing what she was doing nor that she was comprehensively understanding fish language without any prior teachings, and through her natural actions throughout the episode she managed to impress her professor enough to pass by somehow, almost entirely accidentally, exhibiting these qualities in a real-world environment.
The subtle foreshadowing and rewatching this episode with prior knowledge made me laugh just because of how stupidly amazing Akko is without even knowing what she’s doing.

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hello friend! here is a lavender just for you!

Ahhh thank you friend!! This sweet pea is especially for you, I hope you like it!

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hi! i'm curious who/what pierrot is? and what sorta is the project ur doin with him?? they're real cute

For the project, I’m doing doodles of 200 variations of Pierrot’s costume (most of them based on real costumes, illustrations, dolls that I’ve found) and as for who Pierrot is…

Once upon a time, Italian improv troupes roamed around giving comedic open-air performances that exploited the character tropes of the day (servants, masters, officers etc) and it was called ✧ COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE ✧

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i studied german for like a year when i was around 13-14 (i'm 16 now) and i quit it bc i felt like i didn't love it as much as i'd thought i did. and i just had my english class with a teacher from england and when i asked what languages he could speak besides english, he said german and started drowning me in german sentences that i couldn't understand (i forgot like everything) and now i'm crying badly like i miss german so much, i'm actually missing it what should i do?

spuck in die hände und mach dich an die arbeit

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what thing does the other do that annoys you the most?

JK: well jiminie hyung literally takes so long to shower!! we sometimes get late in our first class aaa //its a good thing our prof is kind~

JM: jungkookie is a messy sleeper indeed! back when we share one bed, i often fall off the bed lmao;; its a good thing we have separate single beds now


I lost my best friend because of you, you know that? I stopped answering his calls, stopped talking to him, started taking the long way to my classes so I didn’t have to see him. Eventually he stopped calling altogether. He probably still wonders what he did wrong. Truth is, he didn’t do anything wrong. You did. You played with my mind and messed with my emotions, and now I can’t even look the boy who used to be my brother in the eye because he reminds me of you. He reminds me of when we were all still friends and everything was still perfect. I lost someone that I thought I would know for the rest of my life, because I made the mistake of telling you the truth.
—  Journal Entry; Summer 2015
Hey, I just want to talk about something important for a minute.

If you’re in a relationship (be that romantic, just friends, whatever) and you feel like you’re walking on pins and needles around that person (or people), afraid to say what’s on your mind because of how they’ll react when you do, get out.

You should not be afraid to talk about things you’re excited about, or scared, or nervous, or interested in with your friends. If you can’t gush about this new book you read, or confess that you’re nervous about this one class, or that you’ve got some guy (or gal) that you think is interested in you, without your “friends” cutting you down, telling you to shut up, downplaying your fears, or even trying to one-up your problems, get out.

This is not a healthy relationship. Even if you used to be really close to this person (or people), this is not something you should have to put up with. It’s hard, to let go, to cut toxic people out of your life. It hurts. You’ll want them back, but you have to remember that what you want back isn’t the person you just split with but rather the person they used to be. There’s a difference. And once you realize that, and you let go, and you put some distance between you and them, you’ll be a lot happier. There’s a reason people like this are called “toxic.” Because they slowly poison you, they drain you of your excitement for things you love, they make you feel dumb for being genuinely afraid of things or genuinely excited for things.

Get rid of them!

It’s not worth it. You have a right to be excited about things, and to be able to express that excitement with your friends without worrying about whether they will cut you down. You have a right to be scared of things and ask your friends for help without them telling you it’s nothing and you should just get over it. You deserve to be able to ask them for help without being made to feel stupid for it. You shouldn’t have to feel like you are in a perpetual contest with your friends over whose struggles are the worst.

People like this are not your friends and you deserve better. Trust me, there are people out there who will celebrate with you, and help you fight off your monsters, and giggle over crushes with you, and you won’t have to constantly check everything you say around them and bite your tongue because you know if you talk about something they’ll make you feel like an idiot. Find those people, and sometimes it’s not easy, but find them and leave the toxic people behind.

You’ll thank yourself for it.

Suicide Runs - Liam Dunbar

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“50 Suicide runs! For everyone!” Coach Finstock yelled at the class.

“Coach, thats completely unfair! All she sai-”

“(Y/L/N). You can do 100.”


“200” I opened my mouth to object until I saw him raise his brows at me as if begging me to say something and have to do another absurd amount of suicide runs.

“Good. Now go go go!” He yelled and everyone started running.

“Sorry (Y/N). I didn’t mean to get you in trouble” Hayden ran up next to me.

“It’s not you’re fault. Besides, let’s look on the plus side - I might have like super toned legs after all this running. We laughed and ran in silence until I saw the lacrosse team running out to the field. “Something to entertain me once all of you guys have finished” I nodded to the team and giggled.

After a few laps I began to notice that one of the players kept looking at me. I slowed down my pace slightly to let Hayden catch up. 

“Hey, Hayden. Who’s that?” I nodded at the player who was staring at us.

“Ugh, Liam Dunbar. Total tool. Just ignore him” I giggled at her response.

“Will do!” I winked at her.

Everyone had just finished their last lap and as I reached Coach he shook his head.

“You still have 150 laps to go. And don’t worry, I’m coaching the lacrosse team just over there so I can keep an eye out for you. Wouldn’t want you slacking” He said before gesturing me to keep running. I complied and began to continue around the field again as Coach made his way to the team. I could hear a few questions about me being asked but I ignored them and kept running.

My pace had slowed down to a slight jog. I was at roughly 170 laps and I felt so tired and sweaty that I could collapse right there. It had turned to night and the air was refreshingly cool. Only a few lacrosse players where still on the field. 

“Heads!” I spun my head around and saw the lacrosse ball coming straight for my face. The next thing I knew I was laying on the grass looking up at the stars. My hands involuntarily made their way to my eye where I was hit as I hissed in pain. I heard a bunch on people running over to me but I didn’t make any attempt to look at who it was. 

“Oh my god I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hit you I swear!”

“Move Liam” I recognised the voice of Stiles. After his voice never ending in class I never thought I’d be happy to hear it. He slowly moved my hand looked at my eye.

“It’s just a little red. You should be fine.” I rolled my eyes and stood up.

“No thanks to you guys.” I muttered as I began to continue on my last laps.

“Hey, wait up!” I heard from behind me as a figure caught up to my left side.

“What do you want Liam?”

“You know who I am?”

“No, but Hayden does.” He seemed worried by my response.

“What did she say?”

“That you’re a tool” I smirked.

“Oh” he mumbled as he continued jogging with me. “Why are you running by the way?”

“I tried to talk back to Coach. 200 suicide runs. I’m just about done” I puffed. He looked at me with wide eyes but continued jogging.”Why are you running?” I asked skeptically after a few seconds.

“I didn’t want you to be lonely. Plus I’m pretty sure you have a concussion or something.”

“I’m fine” I giggled. 

“Good. I promise I wont hurt you again” He winked and I rolled my eyes.

“Who says there’ll be any agains? I’m pretty sure I’ve learnt not to talk back to Coach by now.” He gave me a look as if to say ‘really?’ which I laughed at. “Yeah you’re right, probably not”.

We continued jogging until I reached my final lap. “I’ll race you?” He asks.

“You’re on” I yelled as I began sprinting. I was certain that I was going to win until right before the finish line Liam sprinted at lightning speed past me. I slowed down and hunched over puffing. “How did you - do that?” I asked in between breaths.

“It’s a secret” He smiled and breathed out loudly. “Liam: One, (Y/N): Zero”.

“Yeah but you cheated.” He went to speak but I cut him off. “I bet you cant beat me at Xbox though. Its my secret talent” He laughed and a spark went off in his eyes.

“Try me. Friday after school.” He stuck his hand out.

“Deal” I shook it “You’re going down” I giggled and walked off towards my car. “See you then!”

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does this make sense | drabble 04

• pairing: min yoongi x reader
• original series: dtms
• words: 938
→ request: first semi-serious argument (takes place somewhere in between part 3 and 4.)

“What the hell were you doing just then?” Yoongi hissed at you as you joined him on the sofa he was sat on.

“I was just dancing,” you shrugged, purposely playing dumb, because you knew exactly what you had been doing.

Yoongi had been grouchy all night at this party, in a foul mood and you had no idea why. The last straw had been when he’d blatantly, right in front of you, as he spoke to some guy he knew from a college class, dismissed you as his girlfriend. Of course, you weren’t stupid. You knew what you two had wasn’t serious, and there were no labels, but to be basically insinuated as his fuck buddy was not only insulting, but upsetting too. He hadn’t used those crude words, but to hear him scoff right beside you, “oh no, Y/N’s not my girlfriend — C’mon dude, you know I don’t do girlfriends,” as his friend snickered, was horrendous. Had you missed something, was it cool to turn into jerk of the century when it came to trying to act the big man in front of other guys?

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You made a post that had confusing information on it, I replied but I do want an answer, here's what I said: "need I remind everyone, disabled people at most make around $8000 a year" this statistic confuses me. Not everyone who is disabled is unable to have a career or go to college. The major I'm in leads to a career that is 68k. I am disabled. Where is the source for this? I'm not doubting you I'm just very confused by the statement and I think I'm missing some context for the statistic.

Here look under SSI Federal Payment Standard

Now there are many types of benefits the government gives out to people, but I’m talking specifically about the people who have never been able to work due to disability, or have not been able to work long enough to receive higher benefits due to their income. I try to always specify I’m talking about SSI. SSI is given to those who have been disabled for their whole lives pretty much.

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Hey Lumi, I've been really struggling with school lately and I've had multiple breakdowns because of it. It's been getting much worse lately. I need some help and comfort.

Let me tell you something.

When I was a Junior in high school, I took 2 AP courses. I had no idea what I literally signed up for and the stress of AP English was actually causing me to have breakdowns as well. I would focus on my other course rather than English because it was easier, but whenever I forgot my homework my mom would take me out of school and I’d have anxiety attacks, often during the class period beforehand.

What I found was taking an hour or so off from doing work to do things that would normally calm you down works wonders. Take a day off from school to really recharge, get organized, and calm down. If you try to keep doing it while you feel like crap, things will only get worse.

Needing a break isn’t weak, it’s a necessity. <3

No Show

Hey guys, David here!

I have a question for you all. Has your teacher ever skipped class on the first day of school?

My professor didn’t show up today. He didn’t even send us an email saying he wouldn’t be coming either. We all just sat there, not knowing what to do for the good hour that we waited for him. I have to say, I’m severely disappointed in his professionalism readers!

A few of my peers mentioned that he might have been ‘taken’, but I’m pretty sure that’s just the sophomores messing with us freshmen. Taken by what? The ‘secret campus police’? Even I can come up with more creative jokes then that!

Oh right! I almost forgot, I was going to give you all a picture I took of somewhere on campus. Goodness I apologize readers! I keep forgetting to give you a new picture a day like on the old blog- but I’ll see what I can do today! Expect a second blog later tonight!


when i’m starting to hope for any fragment of reconciliation seeing how yona has matured and hak in his way to do so SOO WON UNEXPECTEDLY IS THE ONE TO SCREW IT UP

well, he has his reasons but what does that mean kusanagi? They gonna have a go? Finally fight against each other for real? Is that your final step toward true understanding or tragic end?? If this proceed then we are to stand on a crossroad soon.

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For hijab day I saw a few articles online showing ally women wearing the headscarf for a day, on solidarity. It del different than the usual "white person wears oppressed people's attire for a day and now we can understand them" thing. So I was wondering what your thoughts (or other hijabi's) are on the matter. Is it ok? Is it appropriation? Thank you!!

We had a big discussion about this in my Anthropology class the other day and I got heated. This, to me, is the most pointless ‘act’ of solidarity to do. What is wearing a hijab going to do for me? for us? for the future? If you want to be an ally then act like one not ‘dress’ like one. Show your respect for me, for her, for us. Show your strength for humanity, for feminism, for equality and demand it from others. Thats what an ally does! You get to take your hijab off at the end of the day and what does that do? Are you suddenly not in solidarity anymore? I know that may seem like a dumb question but seriously at the end of the day I am still wearing my hijab and the world will still see me as extreme. So you dressing like me in hijab literally does nothing for no one. And I promise you when there is a day that any of you are oppressed how you choose to dress. I wont be taking my hijab off because what we’ve been trying to prove all along is this: Our actions and words speak louder than how we look. 

A week in vet school

I’ve been on my emergency rotation all week and man was it rough. I just did some calculations of how many hours i spent doing vet stuff this week and the numbers are scary. 

  • 52 hours on emergency (40 spent in the clinic, the rest were on call)
  • 22 hours in classes including my rounds meetings for emergency
  • 2 hours in lab
  • 1 Exam that I had to pull an all nighter for because I was not prepared because we had 2 exams last week

This was by far the hardest week of vet school i’ve had and I know it’s a glimpse of clinics. Gimmie all the work hours in the world and i’m okay with it just don’t make me take exams and sit in class too.

For everyone who asks me how they can figure out if they want to be a vet, if being a vet isn’t worth doing this then maybe explore other options. This may have been the worst week for me so far but this is what the schedule is probably going to be like for the entire final year. I may regret vet school at the moment because i’m cranky from not sleeping but I got some work done this week, gained some awesome experience, and helped save some lives. I’m sure in 2 months when i’m on break i’ll appreciate this rotation a bit more.

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Never leaving you - Draco X reader

Character : Draco Malfoy

Word count : 783

Requested ? no

Summary : What happens when Draco don´t think he isn´t good enough for you.

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It was anormal day for Y/n.Well that was what she thinked.

It started like any other day. I woke up ,got dressed,put on some make-up and brushed my hair. I walked down the staircase and looked around for some of my friends and saw Harry. I sat down on the couch across of him and said “ Hi harry.Do you want to go to breakfast ? “ “Yeah that would be great. “ He smiled at me.

We started walking and I asked “ What´s your first class ? Mine is  DADA. (Defens against the dark arts. )” “ Cool that´s mine too. “ said Harry. We sat next to each other and started eating. I put on my plate some some bacon and eggs. When we were finished ,we got up and started to walk to class.We were talking about nothing and everything.

We sat down and I looked around and found Draoco - my secret boyfriend. We were secret ,because I know that if we went public almost all of my housemates and Draco´s would try to tear us apart and I didn´t want that.

I smiled at him and he just glared . I furrowed my my eyebrows. What is his problem ,I didn´t do anything to him.I questioned myself.the class started ,but my mind was set on Draco. Maybe he didn´t sleep well? That= s only explanation I could come with.

So I moved on and started to listen to the teacher. It was so boring that I almost fell asleep on Harry´s schoulder.I ended up falling asleep eventually.Harry shaked me and said “ Get up, the class already ended.” I yawned and get up to go to my next class. The day was all the same and I just wanted to be with Draco ,but we couldn´t. Not now ,but later at  9 pm. That´s the time we met everyday.

We were at the Great hall eating dinner and Neville came and tapped me on the schoulder and asked ,well more like stuttered “ He Y/n ,I w-was t-thinking if-f you w-wouldn´t l-like to go to Hogsmead?” “Neville ,yeah why are you asking you know I would like to go with you ,we are friends. Aren´t we ? “ I said confused to why he was so nervous. He looked sadly at me and sadly said “Yeah ,we are.” And then we left.

I turned around and asked Hermione “What was that about ? “ She looked at me as if i was blind “ You seriously don´t know , Y/n ?”  “No that´s why I was asking.” I answered her as I shrugged. “ Well that was Neville asking you on date and you friendzoned him .” she said as if everyone knew that already. I cursed under my breath.Why am i this stupid? Poor Neville , but even if I wasn´t that oblivious I would still go with him as friend at not at all.The main reason I wouldn´t go with him was that I loved Draco and that I don´t like him like that,just as a friend.

It was 9 pm and 20 minutes . Where the fuck is Draco ? I´m waiting for him and he is somewhere wandering around. Then suddenly he walked in looking like someone pooped on his head. Well technically he looked like Snape.”Hey ,you are late.Where have you been ? “ I asked as i hugged him ,but he didn´t hug me back. That really caught my concerns,normally he was the one for PDA.

“ Hey what´s wrong ? “ I asked. He was just looking anywhere ,but at me. “ Why are you asking ? I think you should just go back to Potter or Longbottom.” he said angrily. “ Why I would go to Harry or Neville?” I asked confused. “ Well isn´t it obvious ? You clearly are in love with one or another .” he said now as if he might cry. “Draco you know I love you and only you. I don´t know why would you think that .” I said as I kissed him lightly on the lips.He kissed back. When we broke apart ,he whispered “ You just looked really cozy with him today and I was thinking that you don´t want me anymore.” “Draco you are the only one I want ,okay?” I said and kissed him with everything I feel for him.

“I know, I think that ,I was just afraid of losing you to someone who is better. “he said sincerly as he looked deeply into my eyes.”There is nobody who would be better for me than you. I love you . “ I said while hugging him. “I love you too Y/n. I can´t even describe how much you mean to me.” he said in a little whisper.


-Friend is trying her hardest to pass her exams and not fail/get expelled
-Friend accidentally almost kills her professor with mineral water
-Friend accidentally flushes her professor down a sink drain and loses her in the sewers
What does Sucy do?
-Acts surprised when her friend actually tries her hardest to study and pass her classes for once
-Grins and giggles when her friend is in deep trouble
-Laughs every time her friend messes up with a smug look on her face
What do I do?
-Continue to love her