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ohmygoodness that new piece with obi-wan accidentally creating a soul bond with qui-gon is so good! can we get the next scene where they deal with what happened in the council chambers?

Watching Obi-Wan for a long moment, Qui-Gon finally sighed. “I know I messed up Obi-Wan, but not speaking to me is not going to help anything.” He offered quietly.

The fresh knight, and how could he not become a knight when he had slayed a Sith, stopped what he was doing in the kitchen to finally stare at him. “…I’m waiting.” He finally said before returning to the thing out of Qui-Gon’s view.

Watching the other a few more moments, Qui-Gon sighed. “If I’m going to apologize, I’m going to do it to your face. Not while you’re hiding out in the kitchen and thinking I won’t really mean it.” He rumbled deeply.

That got Obi-Wan to drop what sounded like a small knife onto the board, reaching for a kitchen towel and clean his hands slowly. “…So if I come over there and sit down on the couch, you’ll start talking?” He murmured quietly.

“Yes.” Qui-Gon rumbled, watching the other and feeling the uncertainty pulse through their soulbond.

But slowly Obi-Wan did walk away from what he was doing towards Qui-Gon, sitting down on the furthest end from the older man.

He wasn’t scowling, wasn’t glaring but he was anxiously gnawing on his bottom lip which made the pink flesh go swollen and plump.

Reaching out Qui-Gon settled his thumb below the others bottom lip and pulled it away from his teeth. “… Stop that.” He smiled gently before reaching down and taking the others hands, stroking the pale callused hands. “And I apologize for what I did. I acted with haste and without care and opened up a painful chasm between us. I wanted to make the council listen to me but in my, I admit egocentric rush, I instead hurt someone that is precious to me.” He slowly let go off one hand and cupped Obi-Wan’s face with his hand, stroking his cheek. “You, my very clever once pupil and now my soulbonded, and I can only hope that you see that I am genuine in my repentance.” He whispered.

And there Obi-Wan went back to nibbling on his lower lip but only for a few moments before he sighed quietly and squeezed Qui-Gon’s hand as he leaned into the one on his cheek. “I won’t say I’m not upset and you’re going to have to earn your forgiveness but… I believe you weren’t intentionally trying to be cruel.” He half smiled. “And you rushing in when it comes to the council isn’t exactly new.” He added.

Qui-Gon winced at that.

Obi-Wan settled his free hand on Qui-Gon’s knee. “Just please, no more using me as a pawn between the council and you. No more just throwing me aside in an attempt to get one up on them. No more just discarding my thoughts and emotions Qui-Gon. We’re tied together for life now and I want this to be…” He let his words trail off.

“Healthy?” Qui-Gon added softly, smiling when Obi-Wan gave a slow nod. “I want that too, I want this to work out and not be a constant state of agitation and pain. I can’t promise to change my behavior on the drop but… I will be more conscious of you, that I can promise.” He leaned in slowly and pressed their foreheads together. “Forgive this foolish old man this time?” He whispered.

Slowly, like the sun peeking out behind a rain cloud, Obi-Wan smiled and pressed back gently. “Forgiven Qui-Gon.” He whispered back.

Force, this touch felt more intimate then any kiss or sexual encounter Qui-Gon had ever had and he nuzzled their noses together slowly.

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I know it's Gons job™ to make Killua as flustered as possible, but could you imagine when they're older and Gon gets flustered when Killua blushes when Gon kisses him? (Sorry did that make sense?)

Mmmm I think I know what you’re saying?

So like, they’re older, maybe in their late 20s or something. And Gon kisses Killua and Killua blushes like usual, but……..seeing Killua blush makes Gon blush in return and get all flustered and happy? Which I can see happening haha. Like Gon would just stare at Killua for a really long time, face slowly darkening, because ‘oh my god Killua is so cute and pretty I love him’??? and Killua would just blush harder because Gon won’t stop staring at him why is he doing that WHY. 

So they’d both be reduced to a blushing stuttering mess lol XD I hope this answered your question anon feel free to shoot me another ask if I didn’t answer this the way you wanted!

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talking about fans/stalkers, i wonder if there was a moment when they spot hl together n kinda talked to them (in good way), or maybe talked to one of them about the other? Like i just wonder if there was a moment when hl get direct support like that i mean after 7years.. there is no way that never happened right (tho i dont want people to make them uncomfortable since thats very personal)

People are probably allowed access either because they are being appeased, or used for narrative. In return, the “fans” say nothing publicly except what they are told to say, publish photos when they are told to publish them, etc. They’re not groupies, but the cultures are similar in that access is exchanged for secrecy. Both HL want to treat people like people, but they’re so often objectified themselves, as famous toys. As a fan, I would not ask anything about their private lives except, “How’s your cat/ dog/ goldfish,” because I don’t really know their interior lives. I know they want privacy and they don’t know me from a brick. I wouldn’t presume them to tell me anything.

As for spotting them together, I hate to think it, but maybe that’s why some of them have access.

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hiiii. this is such a big ask but please answer i feel like your opinion will be the best one! what do you truly (no bullshit) happened during the x factor era with larry? like from when they first met in the toilets to getting a house together? do you think they both romatically liked each other or was it just real friendly? i like to think harry had a lil crush and louis admired harry but didnt return his feelings. if u answer this, thank you so much !

hiya, anon. i’m going to try to answer this as honestly as i can. it might come across as wishy-washy, because we’re speculating about two people who are strangers to us, even though it doesn’t always feel like that. and the contents of anyone’s head and heart is always going to be, to some extent, unknowable to an outside party. and it can even be unknowable to the person whose head or heart it is.

before i talk about harry and louis, i want to talk about myself. as a young girl, i was socialized to like boys, and so i did, and that was that. i didn’t even really know what being gay was until i maybe eleven and i read the word “homosexual” in a sweet valley high book and had to look it up in the dictionary, and even then, i didn’t really understand it. later, my younger sister asked my mother what being gay was, and my mother said, “it’s when men like to kiss other men,” and that was it. it was something distant and unreachable that happened to men in books. it had no relevance to my life.

but of course, it did, because i like girls, too. and looking back now, i can see that i’d had crushes on girls when i was as young as seven. i just didn’t realize that’s what it was, because i didn’t know that was even possible. for some people, their sexuality is obvious and immediate, crystallized perfectly from a young age. i was not like that. i had feelings when i was younger that i didn’t recognize until many, many years later.

so one possibility is that young harry and young louis had feelings for each other that they didn’t even realize. that they thought they were just really close best friends, even if there was something deeper happening there that they never put a name to. another possibility is that each of them had feelings and knew about it, but didn’t talk about it, didn’t act on it, and eventually, they went away. or maybe only one of them had feelings. or maybe they each had feelings, but at different times, out of sync, destined always to pine.

these are headcanons, right? this is the speculative nature of fandom, where we gather evidence and fill in the gaps with our own experiences, or with what we find sexy or compelling or escapist. three people can look at the same pieces of information and find three entirely different explanations. some of those explanations are going to be elegant, requiring only the slightest bending of reality. some of those explanations are going to be tortuous, and you’d have to turn yourself inside out to reconcile so many different pieces that seem inconsistent with your story.

sometimes, fandom talks about reality as something you can have “opinions” about. so some people might say, “it’s my opinion that louis and harry are together.” but i think it’s important to remember that there is one objective truth. there is one set of circumstances that is exactly the way everything happened, and that is right and correct, and literally every other set of variables and guesses is wrong.

so, if the truth is unknowable, i think the best that any of us can do is believe what a person tells us about themselves, as long as that’s consistent with everything else we know to be true. so if louis tomlinson says he’s straight, i can check to see if that’s consistent with what else i know to be true. as far as i know, he’s only dated women. he’s been seen with them publicly and privately. he’s written songs about them. he has a child with a woman. this tells a consistent story, and i don’t know of any compelling evidence that contradicts this story, so i feel comfortable accepting it as likely true. and when a person consistently tells true stories about themselves, you can feel more comfortable trusting and believing them when they provide information in the future.

one last thing that i want to talk about is this idea that louis and harry were so close that it must have been something more than friendship, because i reject the idea that a romantic relationship necessarily is more than friendship. friends can be fucking amazing. i have had friendships that literally kept me alive from day to day. i have been so vulnerable around my friends. there are people who knew me so well, who got inside every last corner of me. i had a friend who was absolutely my soulmate, someone i loved so profoundly and fearlessly, someone who really completed me. and this was not a person i wanted to be in a romantic relationship with, but they were the most important person in the world to me, and i loved them more than i’ve ever loved anyone.

and that’s where i’m going to land, i think. i think those two boys had a really special friendship, the kind of soul-bonding friendship that only comes from sharing the unreal, life-altering experiences they went through together as part of a very small unit of international celebrities. i think they loved each other very profoundly. and i think we do their friendship a disservice if we assume that sort of love can only be associated with romantic or sexual interest.

none of this has really addressed your question, and the problem with this is that…i don’t know. and as a scientist, i believe that not knowing is okay, and saying that you don’t know can be more honest than hazarding a guess based on sketchy data. louis and harry repeatedly denied being in a romantic relationship, so the most respectful thing to do is to believe them. is it possible they had feelings for each other that they kept secret from one another? yes. is it possible they had feelings for each other that they kept secret from themselves? yes, that’s also possible. i don’t think it necessarily hurts anyone if we come up with different stories and explanations for what might have happened, as long as we are honest with ourselves about these just being stories and guesses, and we don’t pretend that we are able to discern the contents of a stranger’s soul.

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Can I request a fluff fic with sleepy cuddles with Soldier: 76?

Sorry this ended up so short, dunno what happened.
- - - - - - - - 


The recent mission was long, hard and very tiring- much like the night upon his return. All he really wanted to do was sleep and cuddle afterwards, relaxing is a priority when you’re around. He chucked the blaring alarm clock to the other side of the room breaking it.
“Was that necessary?” You voice was still laced with sleep. You shuffled snuggling into the pillow, one eye open lazily gazing at him.
“Yes.” Jacks voice was husky with a hint of annoyance from the sudden alarm.

Jack reached over wrapping his arm around your waist and brought you to him, hips connected. He placed a soft kiss in the crook of your neck, the ever growing stubble tickling you.
“Jack stop it.” You giggled causing Jack to brush his chin over your neck in order to hear you giggle more. “Can we just go back to sleep?” You tried your best to swat him away but you were just too tired. Jack stopped soon growing tired as well and just wanting to sleep with you.
“I guess so.” Is what he said before continuing his tiresome stubble attacks.

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Ale's baptism, I bet he was so sacred when it happened

Spain had the arrangements for the baptism made, being careful about the details. He had the epiphany the night before that it would be best to baptize the child while they were at sea. He could wait for them to return to Madrid and do it in a proper cathedral, but the priest serving as his personal confessor had already said he was willing to administer the sacrament, and what was really important was God’s presence, and Spain had no doubt that God had been on his side this whole campaign.

He walked down the hall to the room where the young Aztec prince was. He saw that the translator was standing outside the door, and he took that to mean that the boy was sleeping. It seemed that he had been doing that when he was not crying or asking endless questions about his new surroundings. It was a very good sign that Mexica was so curious about everything, but Spain was getting tired of the constant questions because he was not able to explain the little details of his routines that he had never thought about. 

He pushed open the door slowly so that it would not make a sound. Mexica was curled up on the bed with his blankets in his arms. Spain felt a pang of sadness that the little prince wasn’t holding onto him, as he usually did when he was asleep. But, there was plenty of time left in the trip, and he had no intention of putting Mexica in a different chamber. The child stirred in his sleep and whimpered sweetly, which made Spain smile. He was so innocent still, which gave Spain even more reason to baptize him now. He wanted to save the boy from a life of savagery and there was no better time than when he was still innocent. 

Spain closed the door, still being sure to be quiet. He could wait until the boy woke up, there was plenty of time. Once outside, he turned to the translator, and said, “Bring him to me as soon as he wakes up.”
She asked, “What should I tell him? He will ask why.” 

Spain knew that she was right, but he did not know how to explain. He said, “Tell him it is a religious ceremony.” He then paused for a moment as he remembered what was the boy’s experience of religion was, and he added, “Make it clear that no one is going to hurt him.” 

Mexica awoke and his immediate instinct was to look up for his mother, since he couldn’t feel her arms around him. But after blinking a few times, he remembered where he was. He saw the walls of the very familiar loathsome little wooden room.

 Then the image flashed across his mind again of his mother with Spain’s sword through her heart. The pain came back in the middle of his chest and the tears welled up in his eyes. His beautiful life with his mother seemed so far away now. He pulled in a sobbing breath.

The door opened and Mexica pulled in another sob. He was frightened with every fiber of his being that he would see Spain walk through the door. But, it was the translator who had introduced herself as Malintzin. Mexica did not trust her but she seemed to be the only person who spoke his language and had some concern for him. 

She saw the tears that had started to form in his eyes and immediately walked over to him. She kept a respectful distance but said, “Don’t cry, dear prince.” Mexica shook his head. His mother would have told him the same thing. But, he couldn’t help but let tears roll down his face. He wiped them away as well as he could.

Malintzin spoke to him, and when he looked up he saw pain on her face, “Spain wishes to see you, your highness. He is waiting for you.” Mexica knew he should maintain his dignity, but the last thing he wanted to do was see the man who murdered his mother.
He snapped back, “Why can’t he just leave me alone?” As soon as he said it, Mexica regretted the lack of dignity and said, “I didn’t mean that. I will go.” 

Still feeling like he was moving through a nightmare, Mexica followed the woman out of the room and down a hall. The few sailors he passed still stared at him and spoke to each other in that language he did not understand. He shrank away from any of them, scared of the blood he knew was on their hands. 

They reached the doors to a chamber, which were pushed open in front of him. Spain was standing behind it, and the sight of those green eyes made Mexica want to recoil and run. But, he stood still and did the only thing he could think to do. He questioned, “What am I doing here?”

Malintzin translated it, and Mexica saw anger flash over Spain’s face. He said something and the native woman flinched. She turned back to Mexica, and tried to explain, “He wants you to be part of a ritual.” 

Mexica felt uncontrollable fear overtaking his mind. What did that mean? Would it hurt? Upon seeing his face, she quickly added, “No one is going to hurt you.” Mexica looked around her at Spain suspiciously, but the man seemed to be trying to put a comforting expression on his face. Mexica did not trust it, but he hardly had a choice, so he nodded.

He got as close as he felt comfortable being to Spain and then he stopped. Only then did he notice that there was another man in the room, and he was wearing clothing that seemed stranger than even the usual for these strangers.

Spain stepped closer and put his hand on Mexica’s shoulder. He tried not to cringe away from the touch. Spain looked at him and said something, which Malintzin translated, “He says not to worry. This is sacred and it is for your own good.”

She did not seem to believe  the words, even as she translated them. Mexica felt fear rise again, and he could find nothing to comfort himself. He did not understand what was about to happen and was afraid to question it. Spain guided him over so that they were both standing in front of the unfamiliar man in the strange clothing. 

Mexica noticed a basin of water in front of him, and he did not know the purpose. There was some conversation that passed between the man he took to be some kind of priest and Spain in a language that sounded even more foreign. Mexica did not understand and it apparently would have been inappropriate to translate for him. He decided to stand perfectly still and hope for some kind of explanation.

The priest suddenly reached down and touched Mexica’s forehead with his finger, and left something wet where it had touched. Unconscious of his actions, Mexica stepped backwards. But, he couldn’t go far because Spain’s hand stopped him. Mexica looked up questioningly and Spain only responded with a smile that was supposed to be soothing. 

It did not have the intended effect; it only made Mexica feel less certain. Why was he being touched? What was on his forehead? It became even worse when Spain reached down and picked him up. It was not the first time Spain did it, but each time was more uncomfortable. Those same hands that were now holding him had killed his mother. 

Spain stepped forward so that he was standing next to the basin. The priest said something and then Spain looked directly at Mexica and said something. But with no translator present, it meant nothing to Mexica. He responded, “What?” but he realized that Spain couldn’t understand him either.

 He felt himself dipping backwards towards the water and took an instinctive breath before his head was completely submerged. He tried not to panic, but the thought occurred to him that Spain was trying to drown him. Was this a sacrifice to some water deity?

It lasted for only a moment before he was pulled back out of the water. Mexica shook his head to try to get the water out of his eyes. He pulled in deep gulping breathes and hoped that he would not be submerged again. 

But, thankfully, Spain put him down. He wanted to run, but Spain would not allow him to. Instead, he kneeled down next to him and took a necklace from his pocket and put it around his neck. 

Only then did Spain guide him back to Malintzin. Spain said something to her and she, in turn, said, “He says that your name is Alejandro now.”
Mexica, shivering, cold, and wet, started to cry again and said miserably, “I don’t understand.”
Breaking the usual boundaries of respect, Malintzin hugged him and said, “You will survive this and thrive, little prince.”


“No doubt you’ve been wondering. You’d been waiting all year to see if I’d return. Well, you’ve nothing to fear. Night falls once again, and the wind howls through. It’s me, Dr. Junkenstein, and, oh, how I’ve been waiting for you.”

because you’re a different person.
because you don’t feel the same way anymore.
because we’re growing apart more every day.
because i’m scared to tell you how i feel.
because i think you’re only staying since it’d be easier than leaving because you tell me you love me but i don’t feel the same want and warmth now.
because i cried and begged and poured my heart out– left everything out on the table and you ignored all of it so easily.
because i think i’m being crazy and insecure and imagining things, but am i?

how did we go from laying in bed with my face buried in the nook of your arm, crying while you held me and told me things would be different this time. that it would be hard but you wanted me and us and a future together. that you loved me and we were partners and we would grow through life.

now i’m laying here wondering why i even told you what was bothering me. you brushed it off, made me feel like i was overreacting or being the crazy girlfriend. we didn’t even talk today. we don’t talk much anymore. maybe it is my fault. i didn’t see it happen, things were good and slowly we just stopped having things to say to each other.

how else do you react when you feel like you’re losing someone that’s supposed to be your person? i fought for him and our relationship– so he stayed. except i keep thinking back on everything i said and the silence i got in return. and it hurts and it scares me that he feels distant now. so i tell myself i am overreacting, i’m asking for too much. but he used to love that, he used to tell me he loved it when i texted him constantly, tell me sweet things throughout the day. i loved it. i miss it.

the moment i begin to feel insecure and doubt the other persons’ feelings, that’s when all hell breaks loose. thoughts race in my mind, jumping from conclusion to conclusion without a break.

i never had to question it before, that’s why i’m so terrified now. i thought telling him would make me feel better, but his reaction wasn’t what i’d expected.

he used to want to know what was going on in my mind, reassure me of my doubts. things aren’t the same anymore. i’m scared that it won’t be again. i’m not sure how to fix this. i love him more than anything and as much as i can’t stay with someone who doesn’t love me, i can’t bear to leave.

—  aftertheam 


The episode ended a few minutes ago so this is what I remember from the conversation.

Basically Master Fu explained what happen when ladybug’s earrings and chat noir’s ring are used together. It gave absolute power who can grant a wish.

Marinette then ask why they don’t used them to stop war or eradicate poverty.

So listen master fu explain that when we make a wish something in return is taken. He gives the example of Markov who wanted to become human. If markov had realize his vow to become human then someone else would have lost his humanity.

Edit: The episode is already on tf1 site so I rewatched the scene and master fu also talk about a special invocation. You need to know the invocation to be able to use the power of the miraculouses. He also talk about how the power shapes the reality and the universe must keep its balance.


He finds Lance waiting on his bed for him when he returns to his room, and can tell from a single glance that Lance knows. That somehow— either because Matt or Coran told him, or because he just understands Keith that well, even after so many months apart— Lance knows exactly what happened while Voltron was fleeing Naxzela. What Keith had been prepared to sacrifice. What he’d nearly done.

Lance looks up at the hiss of the door sliding shut. He hasn’t even changed out of his paladin armor. Not fully. His arm guards and chest plate have been removed and discarded on the floor, but otherwise he looks just as he did when Voltron finally reached the Castle again— singed, disheveled, and staring at Keith with large, mournful eyes.

Keith can’t bring himself to meet those eyes. They’re even more blue than Keith remembers, and so full of hurt it makes Keith’s chest ache. Lance should never have to look that way about anything. Particularly not because of him.

Keith turns away and takes his time removing his black, Marmora armor. He can’t bear to see Lance so upset. Can’t stand the heavy silence between them. The thick tension just waiting to snap. Can’t stand it at all, but also can’t think of anything to say to dispel it. Words were never his forte, after all. He was much better with actions. Except, this time, his actions are what’s causing this situation, and he doesn’t quite know how to handle it.

He hangs his armor in his closet— the one spot of black among all the red and white he’s so used to wearing. A visual reminder of all he’s left behind. All he’s given up so his team can keep moving forward. Across the room, Lance shifts. He shifts, and he clears his throat, and Keith closes his eyes, waiting, as always, for Lance to cut through the tension. For the berate that’s surely on his tongue. For the angry words and endless rants he’s come to expect from Lance.

It doesn’t come, though. When Lance finally speaks, it isn’t loud, or enraged, or anything Keith’s used to. It’s soft, instead. So soft he barely hears it. And so rough and broken it nearly breaks his heart.

“Keith,” Lance murmurs, voice shaking even over that single word. “Why?” Why did you leave? Why did you abandon us? Why did you give up? “You glorious, reckless idiot. Why did you do it?”

Why did you almost let yourself die?

Keith swallows thickly. “Something had to be done,” he answers. “It was the only choice.” He glances over his shoulder at Lance and gives him a sad smile. “After all, the universe needs Voltron. It doesn’t need me.”

“We need you,” Lance protests, standing. He crosses the room in three quick strides and turns Keith to face him, hands gripping Keith’s shoulders like iron vices, and the most serious expression Keith’s ever seen across his face. “I need you.”

And if that isn’t the most ridiculous thing Keith’s ever heard. Because if either of them needs the other, it’s not Lance. It’s not this boy who shines so brilliantly, who is everything Keith has ever wanted to be and more, who could probably charm the whole universe into peace if he really put his mind to it.

Keith’s smile turns wry and he shakes his head. “No you don’t, Lance,” he says, emphatically because he needs Lance to understand. “You don’t need me. Just look at everything you’ve done.” Look at all the people you’ve saved and inspired and encouraged in a way that I never could.

It’s not enough to convey everything Keith thinks about Lance, of course, but he honestly doesn’t think any words in the English language (or any language, even) will ever be enough. There’s no way to describe the way Lance shines in his element. The obvious joy he brings to his flying, and the fierce passion that flares through his fighting. The excitement he exhibits whenever they find a new ally. The way he draws people to him without any actual effort. The way he cares and protects and gives hope wherever he goes.

He’s a much better paladin than he gives himself credit for, and much more valuable to the team than Keith ever could be. Keith’s absence over the past few months has proven that. Has shown Voltron can continue, and even thrive, without him. That they would continue to do so even if Keith had died. They’d still have their heart, after all— it’s right there inside Lance. He’s the drive that pushes them all forward, and the glue that holds them all together, and if Keith can keep that alive by sacrificing himself, he doesn’t consider death too great a loss.

Clearly, however, Lance doesn’t agree. “That’s not what I meant,” he chokes out, voice watery and blue eyes shining with unshed tears. “That’s not what I meant at all, you idiot. This isn’t about the team, or Voltron, or even the whole goddamn universe.” His hands shift, sliding across Keith’s shoulders and up his neck to cup his face. Keith fights not to lean into the warmth of Lance’s hands, but when Lance gently tilts his head back he knows it’s a lost cause. He’s so weak to the man standing in front of him. Weaker still to the way his bright blue eyes bore into Keith, more intense than they’ve ever been before. More urgent. More desperate. More filled with longing.

“I’m your right-hand man, aren’t I?” Lance asks softly, so close now that Keith can feel his warm breath against this skin. “We’re in this together, you and me. I’d follow you to ends of the universe. So just please,” he pleads. “Please. Promise me you won’t go where I can’t follow.”

And how can Keith say no to that?

The tears are falling down Lance’s cheeks now, wet streaks against his dark skin. And, this time, seeing Lance so upset over him, over the near loss of him, Keith’s heart does break. It cracks and shatters under the weight of Lance’s grief, and Keith already knows it will never fully recover. Even if he tries to tape it back together and pretend it’s all alright, there will still be fragments missing— little shards that will belong to Lance, and Lance alone, whether Lance realizes that or not.

Keith closes his eyes and lets out a long breath. He turns his head into Lance’s hand, pressing his lips lightly against Lance’s skin, and if Lance is surprised by the gesture, he doesn’t show it. Doesn’t try to pull away or even protest.

“Ok,” he murmurs against Lance’s hand. “Ok, Lance. I promise.”

He’d do much more for Lance if Lance ever asked it of him, but supposes this promise is a good place to start. And when Lance smiles for the first time all day, and then pulls Keith into a tight embrace, he wonders why he ever thought leaving was a good idea. Lance’s arms are warm around him, more comforting than anything Keith’s ever known, and beneath the palm Keith’s spread flat against Lance’s back, he feels the faint, steady thump of Lance’s heart. Takes comfort in the fact that Lance is alive and well and right there with him. Takes comfort in the fact that Keith himself is still alive to feel it.

And, for now, that is enough.

I honestly don’t understand people who complain about lack of updates from writers/artists.

You’re getting a whole story/comic/piece of work for free. They could be like those “helpful” sample essays where you have to pay to read past the first page. They could make you pay per chapter/page.

I don’t get it. Why would you be an asshole to someone doing so much for you and asking for little in return? 

Like, my first concern when people stop updating regularly is if that person is okay or not. Like, life is unexpected, my dudes. You never know what could happen. One fanfic author I knew of died in a car crash and her brother had to notify everyone on her story’s page after a few months.

I just don’t understand. How can you be so impatient and ungrateful to demand more work from someone who isn’t obligated to do so? 

Captain America #695 Review

Captain America #695 not only lived up to my expectations, it exceeded them, and wow that was a tall order.

I have spent a fair amount of time since July, when the new Waid and Samnee run was announced, worrying if I should dial back my excitement. Because a lot of times when you build something up in your head that makes it all the easier for that thing to disappoint you. Before we found out Nick Spencer was the way he was™, I was excited for his run, and, well, we know how that turned out.

But I’ve loved how Waid has wrote Steve in the past and I loved Samnee’s art, and the hydra!Cap storyline was so bad that I honestly felt there was no where to go but up, so I allowed myself to hope that we were in for a real treat.

The hope paid off. I’m so thrilled right now I’m giddy with it.

Mark Waid knows how to write Steve Rogers and Chris Samnee’s art is gorgeous.

We start out ten years ago, when Steve Rogers, newly woken from the ice, saved the town of Burlington, Nebraska from the terrorist organization Rampart.

And now, ten years later, Steve returns, wary and depressed because of the events of Secret Empire. And what he finds there surprises him. He’s not expecting kindness, I mean despite the fact that the entire country saw real!Steve take out hydra!Cap via live feed and despite the fact that Sam Wilson had announced what had happened with the cosmic cube via satellite, this is the country where a fair amount of people believe that the moon landing was filmed in a Hollywood studio, so long story short Steve enters the town as Steve Rogers, not as Captain America. 

And what he stumbles into is a festival celebrating Captain America. But before I get into that, Chris Samnee’s art is so fantastic. I love his Steve. Look at him, can’t you just squish him…

Anyway, as I said, Captain America festival, where people are going on a podium talking about how they still believe in Steve (which had to be good for his soul, my word).

That’s not to say this town doesn’t have it’s own conspiracy theories. Waid and Samnee invented a new term, “icer”. This is someone who actually believes that Steve was frozen on the ice and not a new Captain America appointed by the government just when the Avengers needed him most. ;)

Anyway, this festival is going down and I love the people of this town. They’re awesome…

Then Rampart attacks, again, because every party has a pooper, and Steve is forced to reveal himself. He saves the town, again, because that’s what he does. 

But when the town calls him a hero he deflects and points out all the heroes in the crowd who moved to protect and assist those hurt when Rampart attacked.

(…he admits he gets flustered and self-conscious at attention. Oh my Steve. It’s you, you’re really back. I’ve missed you so much buddy!)

He also meets a grown up Donna, whom he had inspired, and solutes her.

This is Captain America. Defender of little guy. Someone who inspires others to do the same. Waid and Samnee get it.

This issue is 100/10, would recommend. Cap fans, you’re going to love it.


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Can we, we keep
Keep each other company?
Maybe we, can be
Be each other’s company 

A/N: so i was working on the yoongi art school fic and i got distracted (story of my life at this point tbh). i told myself it was going to be a short fic but i clearly got carried away. anyway i hope y’all enjoy!

genre: fluff, angst, touch of smut STARRING tattoo apprentice!jk and FEATURING best friend!tae

wc: ~6.9K

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When you Return {Loki Laufeyson}

Imagine Loki seeing you while Thor is smuggling him out of Asgard to get to Svartalfheim. 


Warnings: None except for some slight fluff? I don’t really know, to be honest.

Word Count: 1,169


Loki pranced alongside Thor, in the form of his adoptive brother’s new companion, Captain America. 

“Oh, this is much better,” Loki mused. “Oh, the costume is a bit much. So tight.” Thor ignored Loki’s antics as he quickly led the way through the corridor, keeping a watch out for any guards. “But the confidence. I can feel the righteousness surging.”

From the end of the corridor, you were approaching the corner. Your boots clicked on the stone floors and echoed off of the walls.

“Hey, do you want to have a rousing discussion about truth?” Loki spoke up again, disregarding the threat for guards. “Honor? Patriotism? God bless Amer-” Loki was suddenly cut off as Thor placed a mighty hand on Loki’s chest and mouth, silencing Loki and forcing him against the wall, causing him to revert back to his normal form. 

Annoyed, Loki pushed Thor’s hand off of his face.

“What?” He whispered, looking up at Thor as the blonde stared past him. Loki turned to see what Thor saw, only to see you searching around for the hushed voices you heard. Thor glanced down at his brother, noticing the longing look Loki sent your way.

“We mustn’t be seen,” Thor whispered, grasping onto Loki’s arm as he was about to walk over to you. 

“You mean to say she’s not a part of any of this?” Loki replied, slightly disappointed. In all the time that he had returned from Midgard with Thor, you had not come to visit him once. 

“She had thought you were dead, as did the rest of us. To hear that you were alive and didn’t come back..” Thor trailed off as Loki turned back to him. “When you had returned, it was not fair for her that she would have seen you again under such conditions.”

Loki and yourself had met as children. When Thor had befriended Sif and the Warriors Three, Loki had been left all alone, until you showed up to him. Growing up together and being alongside one another, it was your sole duty to protect Loki, as a favor to Frigga and Odin, but it soon grew to be much more than that. For both of you. When Loki had gone against the House of Odin and banished Thor, it broke your heart to go behind Loki’s back and venture to Midgard to retrieve Thor. You had felt even worse at the news of Loki’s death, and only to hear months later that he had survived and had tried to take over another realm. Your heart couldn’t take it.

“Come on. We have to go,” Thor reminded Loki, grabbing onto his thinner bicep, only for Loki to grab back onto Thor to stop him. 

“Please let me go to her.,” Loki begged quietly, finding it difficult to look Thor in the eyes and show his sincerity. “Just for a moment.” Thor furrowed his eyebrows in thought.

You turned to walk away, back down the hallway in which you came from, only to be stopped b someone calling your name.

“Lady (Y/N)!” Your head snapped around and you noticed Thor striding up to you, his chest puffed out and his arms swinging past his hips. He was grinning at you and you felt your face twist into a confused expression.

“What can I do for you, Your Majesty?” You asked in the most courteous of ways. Thos let out a loud and obnoxious laugh as he batted his hand at you.

“No worries, my dear, I don’t acquire anything from you,” he assured in his deep, accented voice. ‘My dear’.

“Then to what do I owe this gracious pleasure?” Thor’s relaxed and casual expression softened as he looked at you.

“Just wanted to see you,” he confessed a little above a whisper. “And to see how you were doing, of course. What with my mother’s death.” You ignored his concerns toward you.

“How did he take the news? Loki?” At the mention of Loki’s name, Thor stiffened.

“Oh, him? Yeah, he’s fine. Nothing to worry about for that guy,” Thor brushed off, nonchalantly. 

“When were you going to tell me you were sneaking him out of here?” You asked him, only to be responded to with a hanging jaw and open mouth. “Sif told me.”

“I’m sure I meant to tell you.” You only laughed and reached out to Thor’s face, gently brushing his cheek with the back of your fingers. He flinched and retracted away from your touch. You smiled softly at him.

“You know, you don’t have to cover for your brother, Loki.” Thor’s eyes widened but then narrowed with his jaw clenching. With a green shimmer of light, Loki replaced where Thor once stood.

Loki opened his mouth to say something but was quickly stopped when you punched him in the chin. You watched as he recomposed himself, stretching out his jaw and massaging his chin.

“Alright, I deserved that-” You threw your arms around the back of his neck and pulled his taller figure down to you, hugging him close. It took Loki a minute to realize what you were doing and he finally wrapped his arms around you to hug you back.

“I’ve missed you so much,” you muttered into his shoulder, bitterly, narrowing your eyes. You pulled away from him, but his arms around you kept you close. 

“I thought you were angry with me,” Loki spoke carefully.

“Oh, I am,” you clarified. “But, right now, all I’m thinking about is that you have to leave again.”

“I’ll come back. For you.” Loki looked you in the eyes, urging you to trust that he would. You put your hands on the sides of his face, comprehending that he wasn’t just another illusion.

“You better.” You leaned forwards while bringing his face down, and lightly kissed the very corner of his lips, earning a little chuckle from Loki.

“You missed, darling,” he said with a grin. Behind him, you noticed the real Thor, waiting patiently for Loki to finish.

“Teach me a lesson for that when you get back. For now, however, your brother is waiting for you.” Loki looked hesitant to leave you at first.

“To when I return,” he promised you, turning around and taking his leave after Thor. You watched as their figures turned around another corner and disappeared, with Loki glancing back one more time to see you.

You stood in that same spot for a few moments, taking in what had just happened. The thought of Loki crossed your mind and you couldn’t help but smile softly, staring dreamily at the corner where they had turned.

‘To when you return.’

Atomic Blonde (and why I’m a Sapphic who adored it)

Okay, first off…WOW! What a ride that film was! After having a full 24hrs  to really digest this film, I can honestly say that this film really blew my  expectations, in so many different ways. Since there seems to be so much  discourse over this film, I thought I would post a POSITIVE list of all the  reasons why this film is as important and special to me as it is, even with  That Scene. As Lorraine Broughton would say, “ Shall We?”

Okay first off, the obvious…

  • 80′s soundtrack with phenomenal remixes.
  • Charlize Theron, playing a truly Bad-Ass Bisexual MI6 Agent while still looking sexy as Hell!
  • The action was some of the best I have ever witnessed!
  • The general setting of this film, Communist Berlin, gives a remarkable window into just what the Cold War in its later stages entailed. The Cold War was perhaps one of the most deceitful wars in history, and when you figure in just how sensitive the situation was, you realize that Every. Move. Counts.

Lorraine Broughton

  • She owns my ass.
  • Again, we have an Openly-Bisexual Female Lead, who’s only main love interest is another woman!
  • Charlize Theron not only did 98% of all her own stunts, but she sustained injuries because of it.
  • I loved her characterization, it was one of the highlights of this film. We often forget that movies like this are hardly ever realistic, but in this film the opening scene is of Lorraine, MI6′s Top Agent, wearily trying to attend to her beaten body. She is barely alive, and as the film goes on we see just how much of a toll her physical and emotional well-being takes due to the nature of her job. As the film progresses we see her grow more cold and disconnected to the point where she is practically numb to those around her (her interrogation, mostly).
  • She wins all her fights, but not without repercussions. Her body takes. A. Beating. And unlike most films her wounds don’t just magically disappear or just “get better”. No, they are there for weeks, in all their ugliness, to display just how vulnerable as a person she is, whilst also reminding those who see her how tough and strong she has to be just to merely survive.

Lorraine and Delphine

  • Okay, first off…OMG THESE TWO!
  • Sofia Boutella was adorable as Delphine, and the way her innocence and naive-ness abolutely melted Lorraine was so cute!
  • The way Lorraine looked at Delphine with such intrigue, and the way Delphine looked at Lorraine with such awe.
  • The whole “Harold, they’re Lesbians”-like scenario with the dude at the bar (even tho Lorraine is Bi).
  • Again, we get another glimpse into Lorraine’s characterization here, which is basically she gets distracted by pretty girls we see that, even though Lorraine is still skeptical of Delphine at first, she very easily falls for her, a softness that we up until that point had yet to see in her.
  • Delphine’s slight hesitance when she gives Lorraine that adorably soft kiss and Lorraine’s shyness in returning it!
  • The way we see Lorraine follow Delphine into a more private place and being so dazed and transfixed by this tiny French Girl is mesmerizing and makes my heart skip a beat!
  • OMG their wicked make-out session and the slamming against the wall and the WHOLE SCENE THAT FOLLOWS I COULD NOT BREATH!
  • “…So you made contact with the French Operative?” “Obviously”
  • Lorraine in nothing but a sweater looking over Delphine as she sleeps-watching, wondering, worrying about what will happen to her.
  • Honestly, them snuggling was one of the most tender moments in the whole film. For once it feels as though Lorraine is being genuine with Delphine, which she picks up on.
  • Lorraine stroking Delphine’s hair while Delphine nudges her head in Lorraine’s neck is so precious. The way Lorraine is so gentle with her and laughs and smiles at her makes my heart melt so much! She cares so much for this one woman she just met and it is so beautiful!
  • Tiny Soft Nose Kisses!
  • The fact their relationship, no matter how brief, is actually a small subplot means so much because it really feels like this was for us Sapphics, despite what happens later.

That Scene among other things

  • Oh boy, here we go. In my opinion, I did not see this as partaking in the horrid “Kill Your Gays” trope.
  • We saw it coming in the trailer you guys, and I was fully prepared for this scenario.
  • She was a naive, inexperienced spy who got too close to Lorraine, and suffered the ultimate price for it. This happened to all of Lorraine’s lovers (although I honestly think she was just using her first one for information, where as she truly cared for Delphine).
  • Delphine Fought. Back. Hard! And she did a damn good job at keeping up. But unfortunately she did not have the skill nor the experience to win that battle. She is not Lorraine, who barely came out the mission alive!
  • This is a spy film about the Cold War, there were going to be many, many casualties. Lorraine (Another Queer) was the only one to make it out alive.
  • When Lorraine found Delphine, I truly felt for her then. This is the first time we see her fully shut down as she Empathetically mourns her girlfriend (which we hardly get to see in general, the LGBT Hero mourning the death of their lover).
  • At this point, after all that she has gone through (the beatings, the betrayals, the loss of intelligence, etc) this is the one thing that finally breaks her, and LORRAINE. IS. FUCKING. DONE.
  • She is done with everything around her, and we see this as she goes from on-the-ground vulnerable to STONE. COLD. NOTHING. And she goes out for blood, and Damn-It does she get it! She shows no mercy for Delphine’s killer, and it is obvious that this is revenge in its most raw form.
  • In the end this is a story about a spy in the Cold War, and in a genre like this things are going to be very brutal. We see this brutality play out on Lorraine, and how it affects her and all of those involved. She made it out with her life, and that was her reward. 
  • So Delphine’s death, to me, was the final Plot Point to move us into the final act, as it was portrayed as the one act of Evil that Crossed That Line, and to further the Characterization of Lorraine.
  • I could go one about the phenomenal action sequences, because I have never witnessed such raw and realistic fighting in an action movie, and to have a Female Bisexual as the lead taking as much as she dishes out was both horrifying yet empowering!

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you think this film will seriously trigger you, then by all means please take care of your well-being, because that is ultimately the most important thing.

Was I sad that Delphine died? Yes, of course! Did I see it as strictly because she was gay? No, I did not. Do I see this as good representation? Ultimately, yes because I still felt incredibly valid as a Bisexual in more ways than one with this film, and the last time I felt this good about myself was when I first saw Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes in theaters (which nothing will ever top that film).

But for everyone else, please GO SEE THIS FILM. For the one negative we must also see all it’s Astonishing Positives this film has, and for it to get the attention and praise that it has is such a big deal for all of us, because if we show our support for this truly Rare Gem then they will make a sequel, and other films like it! Only then can we move forward!

UPDATE: So I just saw Atomic Blonde today for the second time in one week, and upon my second viewing I’ve come to realize just how much I love this film, and why it beat out my expectations originally! And it mainly falls back to what I discussed earlier, about Lorraine and Delphine’s romance and Lorraine herself, for instance:

  • Again, I love Lorraine’s characterization! Being more aware of the story my second time-round, I got to focus more on Lorraine herself, and I think I underestimated just how cold and numb and positively DONE she is by the “end” of her mission (again, in reference to her interrogation).
  • The physical and emotional toll on her and her body really is just as prominent as I remember, and my goodness I cannot recall another film where I actually left the theatre physically exhausted by what I just watched. Everything she’s endured sort of rubs off on you, and if that isn’t the most engrossing experience a character can portray, than I do not know what is.
  • Delphine and Lorraine, my god I love their relationship! It is the only relationship in the whole film solely built on attraction and Mutual Trust, so much so where they would rather protect each other over their mission.
  • In fact, going in this movie the first time all I was expecting between them was the “One Night Stand” that was so heavily portrayed in the trailers-which I would of been happy with-and, (just like in the trailers) I prepared myself for Delphine’s demise soon after-But we had an entire subplot dedicated to their relationship, right up to the very end!
  • Because of this Lorraine’s and Delphine’s romance felt genuine, filled with love and tenderness and worry and drive to protect each other-and that really is beautiful representation.
  • Which, I believe, is why Lorraine truly shuts down when it all goes south, and why we see the Lorraine we do in her interrogation. SHE IS COLD. SHE IS BEATEN. AND SHE IS TIRED.
  • In the end, I do think she cared more for Delphine than past lovers, which is why she seems so utterly broken when we first see her. She went back to Delphine even after her superiors threatened to end her, and she lied about Delphine to protect her from them, even though she was gone.

Anyway, as you can see this film really did a number on me, and I am absolutely fine with that! I apologize for making my crazy long post even longer, but there were things I still wanted to get off my chest, because this really is a Dream Film-a Queer, Female Lead 80′s Spy Film actually exists, and I think Atomic Blonde really hit it out of the park-and has ruined all other action films for me here-on out!

Steven Universe Ship Tribute!

Well here it is! 17 selected artists helped put this all together into one HUGE masterpost! Every piece on here is amazing and I can’t thank all of them enough! I hope this is not only a good celebration of the ships of SU, but also a great way of promoting all these talented artists! 

For the last 2 artists, who haven’t submitted yet, you still can and I will edit your pieces into the post.


Warning: it’s a long scroll! Reblogs are VERY much appreciated. Enjoy! :D

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