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Tally Mark pt4 // draco x reader

Title: tally mark

Part: Numero Four.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

Description: What if you fall in love too easily, and every time you do something happen to them? They do not return the feeling, or they die? What happens when you fall in love and they return the feeling and do return the feeling?

A/N + warnings: this is shorter than the other parts but part 5 is going to be crazy.

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We all arrived at the airport, and nobody really had an idea of what where we are supposes toga.  Draco and I avoided anyone and avoided each other. I walked around clueless with the small group and Blaises parents we looked for the plane opening and finally found it; I let out a loud sigh. “Are you scared?” Draco asked as he looked at me, I looked over at him and nodded slightly.

“You do not have to care Draco, I know I ruined your relationship and friendship, so you do not have to talk to me.” I replied looking away from him, he looked at the group in front of us then back at me. “It’s okay, we all knew it was going to happen,” he muttered, “I shouldn’t of made that scene though,” I didn’t want to look at him, because I knew I’d start to cry. I felt horrible for it. “I lost my best friend,” I somewhat whispered, he looked at me. “You still have me.” he said reassuring me, I looked at him this time, “Really?” he nodded, smiling. I smiled back, “Yay,” I whispered.

We all took our seats and I couldn’t help but to look at the other passengers, there wasn’t a lot at this moment, which surprised me. Most people would be flying and traveling to different areas of the Earth, but I guess not.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please buckle your seat belts, watch the flight attendant as she shows you how you buckle and unbuckle. Please, stay seated and enjoy the ride.” I looked at the flight attendant and buckled my belt. I sat beside Draco and took a deep breath, he turned his head towards me and grabbed my hand, my heart all of a sudden started to flutter, “It’s okay.” He whispered. Maybe it will be okay, but there’s always that chance that it won’t be, a very, very low chance. I looked at him and nodded, smiling.

The first few hours went accordingly. I read some books and slept for awhile. Draco had woken me from my sleep when he was bored. “You looked cute while you were sleeping,” he smiled, my eyes narrowed slightly. “Then why did you wake me up?” I muttered, closing my eyes. “Because I’m bored and you’re my only friend,” I sighed out and looked him in the eyes, “So, you’re bored?” I asked, he nodded. “Oh well,” I replied, closing my eyes again. He let out a small whine, I groaned and looked at him, “What?” I asked, opening my eyes to met his blue grey ones, “I want attention,” he laughed slightly, “And I want sleep.” I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, “Goodnight Draco,” I muttered.

The next time I woke up it was because I had a constant feeling of being stabbed. I opened my eyes, looking down at myself. My mind didn’t comprehend the fact that my femur was gauging out of my body. The skin had broken and my blood was pouring out of me. I bite my lip from screaming, I hit my head against the wing of the airplane that had part of my arm under it. I couldn’t move my legs, let alone feel them. I looked around for a second. Where the bloody hell am I? I saw a couple bodies that didn’t seem to be moving, let alone breathing. “Okay, okay.” I whispered, “Do not do anything that could make matters worse.” I looked at the trees for a second, it was dark. “The plane ride was twenty hours, it has to of been like twelve hours, right?” I asked myself, “No, that’s stupid. We left at six in the morinig,” I shook my head, “This is all a dream,” I mumbled, closing my eyes. I pinched the skin above my collarbone, before I screamed out in pain. “Okay, not a dream.” I whimpered and closed my eyes.

I spent hours like that before I saw someone else, it was Pansy. He black hair had twigs in it, and she was walking as if she was drunk, I looked at her and saw that the blue skirt had blood on it, and blood was dripping from between her legs. She was wheezing and she didn’t seem to know what she was saying or doing. “Pansy?” I asked, “Pansy, look at me.” I whispered, she muttered something under her breath. “Listen to me, okay?” I said, before hitting the plane wing with a rock. She turned her head towards me, “Everyone’s dead.” She said, “Nobody is alive.” She whispered, “Why is there blood going down your legs?” I asked, “I had a miscarriage. I-I had a miscarriage.” She whispered again, my gasp was audible; I tried to get up, but ended up screaming in pain because of my hand being under the wing. “Pansy? Pansy, listen, you’re going to be okay.” I said, barley above a whisper, she shook her head. “No I’m not,” I shook my head as tears started swelling in my eyes; she came closer before sitting on the ground. The shirt that she had been wearing was torn and she had bruises and bleeding from her head. “I’m going to die. Please, tell Draco that I’m sorry for any of this. I didn’t find him when I went looking for Blaise. I found Blaise, his leg was being torn from his body and I don’t – I don’t know where Draco is, but I need you to tell him, I’m sorry. And, I love you I really do. Y/N you’re my best friend,” she whispered, tears streamed down my face as she chocked out another ‘I love you.’ She closed her eyes before falling back. I screamed and lunged out towards her.

“Draco!” I screamed once more before laying my head down, “I love you.” I whimpered.

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hey serra, just wanted to ask real quickly, what is hd erised? i see the name mostly in the beginnings of ao3 fics with years next to it like is it an event that takes place every year? what exactly happens?

Heya! HD Erised is a Draco/Harry exchange fest that takes place every December. Every year a couple of fic authors and fan artists sign-up for the fest, and indicate what they’re willing to draw/write and what they’d like to receive in return, the participants get matched and when December comes the mods post all the content anonymously during the course of the month. When all the posts are up, there’s a guessing poll and then the names are revealed. It’s a fantastic fest that’s helped create a lot of the fandom favorite Drarry fics and art. I certainly count the days till December every year!
Here is the fests LJ, here is the ao3 collection, this is the fests tumblr @hd-erised and here is this years masterlist. :)

Friendly reminder that

this scene happened.

Some people still claim that Victor wants to return to competitive figure skating and I just wanted to remind all of us of this scene from episode 2 because this alone is a good indication of Victor’s intentions.

When Yakov tells him to stay, Victor only smiles

A defiant, but nostalgic smile.

But what happens next is crucial.

Yakov tells Victor in no unclear terms that leaving now means the end of his career.

And what does Victor do?

Yes, dasvidaniya - goodbye. Victor kisses Yakov, his career, his entire life in Saint Petersburg goodbye.

Victor had already made up his mind. He left knowing that he may not be able to come back. He knew the consequences of his decision and didn’t even hesitate.

He really doesn’t care anymore.

To Victor, his career is already a thing of the past.

He moved on in order to find a new path in life.

That path being Yuuri, in more ways than one.

If the anime ever clearly showed that Victor isn’t returning to his competitive career, then it did so here, as explicitly as it was possible.

Tally Mark pt 5.// draco x reader

Title: tally mark pt. 5

Part: Numero Five.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Five

Description: What if you fall in love too easily, and every time you do something happen to them? They do not return the feeling, or they die? What happens when you fall in love and they return the feeling and do return the feeling?


Tags: @problematicpastry, @princeofsassgard, @legit-trash-bro, @johnmurphys-sass, @shadow-hunters-lover, @flynneus, @readerisland,

I breathed in a shaky breath and looked around for a second, the sun was coming up and it was slowly getting brighter. I heard my name being yelled, and I couldn’t help but to set up the slightest bit, the pain had started getting too much and I couldn’t feel most parts in my body. I listened for the scream again, and it happened. I moved a little and screamed out in pain, this time it hurt my throat. I whimpered and tried to stop my breathing. I heard footsteps approaching and I picked up a rock and started banging the wing, not as hard as last time, but hard enough to make noise.

Twigs were snapping and I saw a figure approaching. “Y/N?” the voice asked, it was scratchy and barely audible, but the silent in the trees made the noise sound like a scream. “Y/N, oh my God, thank God you’re alive!” they said, I looked at them, confused. “What?” I asked, the figure kneeled down, they were able to see Pansy, her lifeless body had maggots crawling all over her and their hand went to their mouth. “Oh my God,” they whispered, “Draco?” I asked, they looked at me and nodded. I smiled softly.

“She said she was sorry.” I whispered, he looked at me, he touched my face. “She said she was sorry for hurting you, she told me I was her best friend.” I swallowed hard, “She said she loved me, she said she was sorry.” I choked out. He looked at me, his eyes looked at me.

“You look tired,” I whispered, “Where’s Blaise?” I asked, Draco’s head dropped, “He – um, he died.” Draco whispered, “And his parents?” I asked, “They’re both dead.” My eyes looked downward, “How did Blaise die?” I asked, Draco looked at me again. “He – he, I’m not sure.” He whispered again. “I’m dying Draco,” I choked out, tears in my eyes. Draco shook his head, “No, no you’re not.” He grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “I can’t feel that.” I whispered, “What? Y/N, listen to me, you’re not dying.” I shook my head at his responded, “I have always wanted to be a doctor. I know when I’m going to die, my mum taught me the symptoms of dying. I’ve lost a lot of blood.” I shook my head as he disagreed. “You cant die,” he cried out, “I love you, you can’t die.” He whimpered, “I’m going to die,” I whispered, “I love you so much,” I muttered, “But, I’m going to die.” He shook his head again.

We spent hours like this, he held my hand and asked if I could feel it.

I sat in the woods with him, Pansy’s lifeless body was staring up at the sky and the other bodies around us were all facing down. “This is what I was scared of.” I whispered, Draco looked at me, “I was scared of dying.” I muttered, “And I was scared to end up like my baby sister,” he looked at me, “What do you mean?” he asked, “I was,” I breathed in a deep breath, “When I was ten I was flying to America, it was to visit some distant cousins. We had gotten into a accident, the plane sucked out my little sister and I,” I let out a soft sob, “She hit her head, I left with a couple broken bones. Nothing much and I lost her, in front of my eyes, like I lost Pansy.” I whispered the end, “I always blame my mum and dad for leaving me on holidays but they’re not scared to ride on airplanes, but my sister and I are. We were so scared, and I wanted to live a little. Leave England for once since I was ten.” I laughed, “I guess living means I’m going to die.” I took in a deep breath. He shook his hand, his once blonde hair was now dirty and his black clothes were ripped. “You’re not going to die,” he muttered, “Do you hear that?” he asked, “Someone’s coming.” I listened, my eyes closed, “I’m dying.” I said a little louder so he could hear. He looked at the leaves that were flying everywhere as the nearby helicopter landed. I looked at him, “You have to promise me that you will find someone who loves you, do not let them go, okay?” I said as people ran towards us, a lady came over first. “There’s a boy and a girl,” she hollered, “Please do not miss me, and I love you so much.” I whispered.

A couple men came over to us, the lady was leading Draco away, he kept looking back. “Ma’am, ma’am, can you hear us?” the man asked, I nodded, my eyes still on Draco. “We’re going to lift the wing off of you, okay? It’s going to hurt,” I nodded again, “I can’t feel anything,” I whispered, the man looked at me. “Oh God,” he whispered, “On my count. Ready?” he asked the other people. “One, two, three, lift!” I looked at the sky as they lifted it, I looked down at my arm, it was completely crushed and I felt my lip quiver, “I’m not going to make it, right?” I asked, looking at the doctor with tears in my eyes, “I can finally see my sister?” the man looked at everyone and then back at me before lifting me up. My arms and legs hung from him, “You’ll get to see her again,” he nodded, I smiled. “And Pansy, Blaise? I get to see them?” he nodded again, “Please tell Draco I love him, and please, if he is hurt in anyway, make sure he lives.” I cried, he nodded again, “I promise.” I nodded and looked at the sky, “Make sure, make sure my parents have you come to my funeral, please? Make sure my parents know I love them too. That I appreciate them, a lot more than I lead on.” I chocked, “And my aunt and big sister, please tell them I wanted to see them.”   He nodded; I closed my eyes and at that point I  left my body.

A Few Hours later…

No bodies point of view;

The groups of parents were standing around together. Pansy’s mum and dad were crying with Dracos and Y/N’s. “You – you mean she didn’t make it?”  Y/N’s mum cried, the doctor looked at all of them. “We tried everything we could; all three of them were badly injured.” He whispered, “Did – did she say anything? Anything about us?” she asked, the doctor looked at the rescue worker, “When I found her, she was barley awake.” He took in a shaky breath, “She asked if she was going to see her sister, Pansy, and Blaise. She said to tell you two that she does love you and that she does appreciate you two.” He looked around before looking at Draco, “She wanted me to make sure you knew that Pansy was sorry, Y/N also wanted you to know that she loves you so very much but you shouldn’t miss her.” The worker said, he sniffled. “She wants me to come to her funeral, but I understand if you do not want me to.” The two parents looked at him, “You tried to, right? Save our baby girl? She didn’t suffer did she?” they bombarded him with questions, “We’re not sure. Towards the end, when she was telling me all of this, she said she couldn’t feel anything, she asked if she was dying. I told her she was.” Her mother sobbed, “Pansy had a massive stroke, her heart couldn’t take the strain on her body, and a aneurism had erupted.” He described, “Both Blaise and his parents both passed, his parents passed instantly and Blaise seemed to be alive for awhile, a little over a hour.” Draco’s eyes squeezed shut, tears were forming, “He seemed to hit his head pretty hard, and his leg was basically torn off which caused him to die quicker, a few ribs were broken and it was a horrible sight.” Draco let out a whimper, he sat in the wheelchair. “And, as you can see, Draco lived. He has few broken bones, ribs and mainly his arm and leg suffered the worst of it. He had hit his head but not as bad, his hand is barley functional but once we get a graft in and do physical therapy.” He explained. Draco’s parents nodded and looked around. “I loved her.” He whispered, looking at the scar on his arm.

Boldly, he tries to redefine what’s happening inside our heads, claiming that the only people who care about his tax returns are “reporters.” Polls show this is patently false, but “false” is just four letters away from “true.” In response to the question, “You don’t think the American public is concerned about it?” he responds, “No I don’t think so. I won when I became president.” Let this sink in for a minute: By being voted president, he’s saying he won the right to ignore calls for transparency. His winning means he gets to determine what the country wants and thinks. The next president of the United States is putting Lifetime movie villains to shame, gaslighting not one woman but an entire country.
—  Trump’s first press conference as president is best described as an hour-long maelstrom of confusing claims, contradictions, and speaking in the third person. His glib catchphrases may be shiny and distracting, but they veil a much more disturbing trend of gaslighting. He makes us constantly question reality until we don’t know what’s real anymore
Dear Parents:

You may think that “My house; my rules” is an entirely fair position for your children to be in. After all, you bought the house, you pay the bills, you provide them with their food; it’s only reasonable if they abide by your rules in return.

However, please consider that this is not a trade. A trade can only happen when both parties choose to engage in it. Your child cannot freely choose to live with you because, if they ever leave, the police can hunt them down and return them. If they ever try to get a job to support themself - buy their own food, pay their own bills - the State can arrest the employer.

And the child never entered this arrangement freely in the very beginning. They appeared with the contract giving away their rights already signed. If you had a child by choice, you basically kidnapped a human being from the formless void and put them in your care. If you’re going to do that, you’d better hold yourself to some standards in caring for your inmate.

And, if you had a child by accident, then please have some compassion for your fellow cell-mate. They aren’t here any more willingly than you are.


favorite DCU relationships → Batman x Joker

Oh, you… You just couldn’t let me go, could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You truly are incorruptible, aren’t you? You won’t kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness. And I won’t kill you because you’re just too much fun. I think you and I are destined to do this forever.

I love the idea of Spock falling in love with Jim first. It’s this steady progression of emotion starting from the day they meet, and building over years. Little moments feed into it, to the point that he doesn’t know exactly when it began or if it would ever end, just that it’s been happening all along. And he’s okay with it. Just like, “this is a beautiful emotion, and– even though I’m not supposed to feel it– I’ll treasure it. And him.”

And so when Jim finally wises up and realizes what’s been under his nose the whole time, when he finally has that “aha” moment, Spock (who has been content to just love him with no expectations) just feels this culmination of the inevitable. And it takes him no time at all to return Jim’s affections because he has had years longer to absorb and reflect on his own.

I just think that’s how their individual realizations would go. Spock, steadily over many years; Jim, in one defining moment.

Familiar Melodies (Calum Hood Imagine)

calum posts videos and i cry and this is what happens. hope you enjoy xx


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Calum sat across the room, his hands gliding over the black and white keys in perfect time. It always amazed me how fast of a learner he was - especially when it came to anything music related. Suddenly he hit the wrong key and I winced at the harsh sound. 

“Fuck,” He muttered before starting to play again. I smiled and shook my head before my vision returned to the book I was curled up on the couch reading. This time the notes flowed flawlessly and I sighed contently before closing the book. 

With my favorite fuzzy blanket still wrapped around me, I stood up. My feet padded across the cold hardwoods until I gently sat down on the edge of the piano bench next to him. He was playing “Outer Space” and it was one of my favorite songs off of their last album. I hummed along to the familiar melody as I laid my head on his shoulder. The last chorus came along and I started to sing softly, 

“Guess I was running, from something, I was running back to you,” I felt Calum tense under me at the sound of my voice. I rarely sang in front of him. 

“Lost here in London,” His voice, raspy with exhaustion, joined me in harmony to the notes emerging from my chest, “With nothing; I’m still running back to you.” I looked up at him as he kept playing. He glanced down at me, his eyes twinkling, and motioned for me to continue singing. “If you could love me again, I could let go of everything.“ His hands came to a halt and his face scrunched in frustration, 

 "Dammit. I don’t remember the rest of it.” I smiled softly, 

 "’S okay babe, you’ve already learned so much.“ His arms suddenly snaked around my waist and he pulled me so I was practically in his lap. Looping my arms around his neck, I pulled him closer and his head nuzzled into my neck. 

"You should sing more,” He mused, his warm breath tickling my skin. Goosebumps spread across my shoulder. My hands played with the curls on the back of his head. 

“It’s not really my thing,” I murmured. 

“It could be,” He whispered, removing his head from my neck. I met his lips in a quick kiss before curling up in his lap and resting my head on his chest. “I don’t think I can practice like this,” He teased. I pressed my lips against the base of his neck, 

“You’re not s'posse to, babe.” His mouth formed a small smirk, 

“’S that so?” I hummed in response, my eyes fluttering shut as I gripped his white t-shirt. His fingertips slid under the material on my waist and traced circles on my hip. I yawned and stretched my arms, 

“I should probably get going.” I thought out loud, “’S getting late and Ashton will probably be back soon.” His arms tightened around me, 

“Stay?” He murmured, one hand reaching to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, “You’re tired. I just got back and I don’t want to be without you again.” I hesitated as I glanced up at him. 

“I don’t want to get in yours or Ashton’s way.” He squeezed my hip, 

“Ash won’t care, baby. It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve spent the night." 

"Okay,” I sighed, feeling defeated and more tired than before. 

“You sound so happy about being able to cuddle with your sexy boyfriend who has been touring for six months,” Calum smirked. I opened my mouth to respond when he scooped me into his arms, standing up, 

“Calummm,” I whined, “I can walk myself." He chuckled, kicking the door to his dark bedroom open with his foot before placing me on the bed. He threw his baseball cap across the room, yanked off his shirt, and dropped onto the bed to pull me back into his arms. 

"Comfy?” He murmured. I glanced down at my oversized t-shirt and leggings before nodding. He pulled the covers over us and I snuggled into his side, his arms snaking around my waist. Soft lips pressed against my head, “I love you.” I kissed his collar bone, 

“Love you back.”


I accidentally made a Yuri on Ice AU relating to Avatar the Last Airbender. Yuri is a untrained waterbender from the North. He tries to study under a master, but is rejected because he could not perform the moves when sparring, and was generally a clutz when it came to bending in front of others. He started training to become a healer instead, despite the fact that the role was reserved for women, but always wanted to learn more complicated moves.

Russian Yuri is a South Pole native and began training early, adept and naturally talented. There’s gossip he might be the next Victor.

Victor is a big shot waterbender, and insanely talented. He returns to his home in the North for a bit, and discovers Yuri. Guess what happens?

(I really want to draw Victor carving Yuri a betrothal necklace or vice versa! And Yurio getting hurt during a match and having to go to Yuri to get healed.)

In the second pic, Victor would probably be saying something like, “You have to treat water as if it’s an extension of your body. Would you like me to show you, Yuri?”


Last of Linktober, The Madness of Princess Zelda

Man outside of Hyrule castle:
> Oh hey, you there!

> I’ve seen you around playing with the princess from time to time…

> But lately the princess seems different.

> She doesn’t laugh as much anymore or take time to talk with the townspeople.

> All she does is spend her time in the castle with that absurd bird on her head.

> The queen too… She seems to have forgotten her people, wanting to go to war with the neighboring kingdoms.

> Even the Princess’s music has changed. I should know I taught her how to play.

> It sounds strange… even otherworldly and people don’t seem to notice.

> But when I said something about it she had me thrown out of the the castle….*sigh

> Do you know what happened to the princess?

I’m sorry to say this is the end of Linktober for me. I wanted to finish it off with a story…I hope to return to this someday but that may be a long while before that happens. Unfortunately life intervened…

*Note The illustration on the bottom is an older version, The one on top being the more current model.

“I want this to be a slow painful death, one of a thousand deep cuts… and then when this bird is broken and alone we do the humane thing and put him out of his misery”

Did any of you see the positivity in those words because I sure did. Edward won’t kill him, we know that. He cares for Oswald too much, but he does have to pay for what he did to Isabella.

When Oswald is broken and alone, Ed will leave the trio and return to his side, letting him know why this had to happen the way it did. He will forgive him in the end.

I literally haven’t stopped thinking about rebel pilot!bodhi for hours and while I have a lot of thoughts this one has compelled me the most-

imagine cassian hanging out around the hangar waiting for bodhi’s squadron (rogue squadron- in this world bodhi is rogue leader, not luke bc he’s!! the!! pilot!!! and he’s also not dead) to return from some mission. it’s chaos when everyone gets back- there are pilots everywhere, intelligence officers and other concerned friends/loved ones showing up to see their pilots. so cassian is not-so-subtley scanning the crowd for bodhi and lo and behold, his pilot appears.

imagine bodhi taking off his helmet and beaming at the pilots around him, talking excitedly and laughing along with his comrades. for cassian, all of this happens in slow motion while “i wanna know what love is” plays in his head and the heavens open up to shine their holy light down on his pilot, his bodhi, ruffled and sweaty from his mission but so. beautiful

(bonus: jyn sidles up beside cassian and makes fun of him by pretending to swoon- cassian reminds himself to call her out next time he catches her blatantly staring at leia’s ass when the princess is within earshot)

Return of the native : parallels to Sherlock

Listen, I found a breathtaking analogy between the story in this book that sits in Sherlocks shelf and his own story. For real! The book describes exactly what happened after Sherlock came back and it’s heartbreaking!!!

Here’s what amazon writes about the book:

The narrative begins on the evening of Guy Fawkes Night as Diggory Venn is slowly crossing the heath with his van, which is being drawn by ponies. In his van is a passenger. When darkness falls, the country folk light bonfires on the surrounding hills, emphasising—not for the last time—the pagan spirit of the heath and its denizens. (Empty Hearse Analogy!)

  Venn is a reddleman; he travels the country supplying farmers with a red mineral called reddle (dialect term for red ochre) that farmers use to mark their sheep. Although his trade has stained him red from head to foot, underneath his devilish colouring he is a handsome, shrewd, well-meaning young man. (Sherlocks “trade” as in his work has stained him, he seems unhuman etc. to others. But underneath he’s a warm cinnamon bun who just wants to be with the man he loves).

His passenger is a young woman named Thomasin Yeobright, whom Venn is taking home. (John)

Earlier that day, Thomasin had planned to marry Damon Wildeve, a local innkeeper known for his fickleness; however, an inconsistency in the marriage licence delayed the marriage. (The proposal that did! not! happen!)

Thomasin, in distress, ran after the reddleman’s van and asked him to take her home. Venn himself is in love with Thomasin, and unsuccessfully wooed her two years before. (Hmmm..what was two years before TEH and Johns proposal? Right, Sherlock lost John because he had to jump from that stupid roof).

Now, although he believes Wildeve is unworthy of her love, he is so devoted to her that he is willing to help her secure the man of her choice. (Yeah, thats basically what happened in TSoT)

Tagging some people because I do not think this is a coincidence!
If this has already been pointed out by somebody else, I’m terribily sorry!

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Tally Mark.// Draco x Reader

Title: Tally Mark

Part: Numero Uno.

Part Two // Part Three

Description: What if you fall in love too easily, and every time you do something happen to them? They do not return the feeling, or they die? What happens when you fall in love and they return the feeling and do return the feeling?

A/N + warnings: THIS SUCKS SO MYCH BUT THIS IS PART ONE OF MAYBE THREE OR FIVE ; feed back is appreciated.

A red tally mark is how you knew you found your soul mate. Black is if they returned the feeling. If it became a scar that means they have died. That one’s always the worst, I would know from many personal experiences.

I looked at my best friend, Pansy, as she muttered about how she shouldn’t be doing the work. I laughed at her though. She flipped through the book as I took the straw berry from the small plastic box I had put them in and took a bite from it. Moaning slightly I closed my eyes, “Pansy, if it’s really that hard to find one spell to learn, then why don’t you just learn the spell where you can show invisible ink? It’s not very hard if you ask me.” my eyebrows raised as I bit into the strawberry again, “Yes, but you’re smart.” She muttered as she flipped through the page and skimmed it, “I’ll learn Duro.” She said with satisfaction. I nodded as she spoke, “I’m learning Expecto Patronum, with Draco because Lupin had said it is a very big spell, and we all must have someone there so Draco and I chose each other.” She made a face at me, “You chose my boyfriend.” My eyes rolled and I looked at her, “We’re friends. You and I are best friends. So, why are you getting so jealous?” she huffed out a breath, “Because you fall in love easily. You could fall for Draco, and every time you fall for someone they die.” She hissed, “Remember Cedric? Because I do.” Her arms crossed, she knew she hit a sensitive spot. My eyes closed and I stood up, “You’re overreacting.” She shook her head, “No I’m not.” I rolled my eyes, taking the book from her hands, “If you were so worried why didn’t you chose to do the spell with him? Oh that’s right, because you’re not capable.” I stormed off to the Slytherin Common room.

Draco was sitting in the common room, he had been reading a book I had loaned him, and his eyes didn’t leave the book. I walked up to the empty seat next to him, taking the cup of tea that was sitting on the side table, sipping on the hot liquid I looked at him. “Are you ready?” his eyebrows knitted together and I laughed at how stupid my question was, “To do the spell? We’re starting tonight; Professor Lupin said that we’re going to go before we all eat because if we fail, it’s best for us to eat.” Draco smiled a little, “I’m always ready with you.” He closed the book and took the warm cup from my hands, sipping on it. “When exactly do we have to be there?” he asked, I looked at the clock, “Ten minutes.” He nodded as he handed the cup back to me.

“How’s Pansy doing on hers?” he asked, crossing his arms, I shrugged “I haven’t talked to her since she and I got into an argument,” I muttered a bit and his eyebrows once again knitted together, “What do you mean? I thought you guys were ‘best friends?’” I shrugged again, “She believes that we are more than friends, but if you were to look at my wrists, all the lines are scared over, no new ones.” I laughed. He looked at my arms to see dozens of small tally marks; he gently grabbed my wrist.

“All of them are like this?” his voice was soft as his thumb grazed over the scars, I nodded, “Every single one.” I gave him a sad smile, his eyes met my watering ones, “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I have none.” He pulled up the sleeve to his black jumper showing me his pale wrist. There was only one mark on his wrist, it was a blood red. My eyes drifted up to his, “Why isn’t it black? You and Pansy – I thought you loved her?” I muttered, he shrugged and took the cup from my hands, “We should leave,” he whispered putting the cup on the side table, helping me up. I grabbed the bag that I gave Draco, and we left.

Walking into the classroom we saw Lupin reading. I guess reading is the best thing to do today. Draco cleared his throat which made Professor Lupin jump a bit, “I didn’t hear you two come in,” he smiled as he closed his book, I looked at Draco as Lupin talked. He said something’s about what could happen, and what it should actually do. I looked at the ground; the plaid green skirt I had been wearing was now wrinkly.

“Think of your happiest memory, Ms. Y/L/N.” Professor Lupin said as he opened the box, a dementor came out. I thought of a memory that made me very happy. I was with my mum and dad and we were all out with a couple of family friends, we all had gone to a musical, and it was a gorgeous night.

That memory didn’t work though. When I said the spell, I didn’t produce enough power to banish the creature. Lupin jumped in and got the dementor away. “You need something stronger,” he said, kneeling down to my level. I had been knocked over and I didn’t know what to do, breathing heavily I nodded. Draco was up next, he looked at me and then at Professor Lupin. He asked Draco if he was ready, Draco nodded and that was that.

“Expecto Patronum!” Draco hollered as the dementor came after him, I wondered what memory he was using because that bloody memory worked. After the dementor was banished, Lupin clapped, handing us both a piece of chocolate. “Now, you two are going to sit in here until everyone leaves for dinner, and you’re going to write me a essay that tells me about your happiest memory.” He smiled before walking up to his office, I looked at Draco.

“What was your memory?” I asked, quickly scribbling my name on the parchment. Draco looked up at me with his blue eyes, our eyes met and I quickly blushed.

“That one memory, it was me and you over the summer. We had been out to eat with your parents because mum wanted to know what it was like in the Muggle world. So, we went to that musical, and we went out to dinner, and then we went to see a movie.” He said, writing down what he just told me. I looked at him, surprised. “Oh,” I replied looking down at the parchment.

Good to Be Home

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Characters: Alex Danvers, Kara Danvers, mentions of Maggie Sawyer.

Rating: T

Summary: “I’ve got the best sister in 38 earths.”

Author’s Notes: I saw a post where someone wondered how Kara would feel being controlled by the Dominators after her experience with red kryptonite. I wish I could find it, but no luck. It got me thinking, though, and this was the result. Just a quick story about what could happen when Kara and Alex finally get to talk after Kara returns.

Thanks to @zennie-fic for the quick beta.


“Kara?” Alex closed her front door, her heart rate slowing after spiking at the sight of a shadowy figure sitting on her couch. “You okay?”

Her sister’s head was down, and as Alex came closer she heard Kara swallow roughly. “I just… I needed to talk to you.” Kara finally looked at Alex, although the darkness hid most of her features. “Is this… is this a bad time?”

“There’s never a bad time to talk to my little sister.” Alex smiled encouragingly. She dumped her bag on the floor and slid her concealed holster off before setting the weapon next to the door. “You hungry?”

“Not really,” Kara admitted.

Alex’s stomach knotted with worry. Kara had been different since returning from the other Earth two days ago. She hadn’t said much about the experience, but there had been a shadow in her eyes, something weighing on that already overburdened soul.

Settling next to Kara on the couch, Alex studied her sister in the low light. Tears were drying on Kara’s cheeks, and Alex wondered how long her sister had been sitting there, alone in the dark, hurting. Reaching out, Alex gripped Kara’s hand, tangling their fingers. “Talk to me,” she urged.

“That’s the problem,” Kara said quietly. “We always say we’re going to do that and we don’t.”

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You were peacefully walking down the halls of S.T.A.R. Labs, in your comfy sneakers at 11 PM, about to return to your home.

Just when you set one foot to turn right, it all happened to fast to know what exactly happened, but you saw a flurry of yellow sparks, after which found yourself on the floor with a yelp, and with throbbing pain in your whole body as if you were hit by a speeding truck.

You gasped in surprise and at the excruciating pain and moaned slightly as you slowly got up. “Oh my God, (Y/N). I am so sorry! Are you alright?” Barry kneeled beside you in a second, and gingerly grabbed your shoulder.

His brown eyes looked at with concern, and something more, guilt. “Yes, I’m fine” you managed to say with a groan and closed eyes, rubbing your forehead in futile attempt to ease the headache. “(Y/N), I am seriously so sorry! I was lost in thought thinking about stuff and I- I didn’t know anyone was at the lab at this hour, I just came here to clear my head and now your hurt because of my carelessness. I should have watc-“ he started babbling due to guilt. “Barry” you mumbled wanting him to shut up but it just came out as an incoherent whisper.

“Barry!” you said more loudly and looked up at him. “It’s ok, I’m alright. Just, get me home and give me a pain killer if you wanna make up for it” You said with a small smile despite the aching in your body. He miserably nodded his head and the next thing you knew, was a rush of air in your face, and strong arms holding you in place, making you hold fast to Barry and sealing your eyes shut.

Then you felt a soft mattress beneath you making your eyes flutter open, to be met with the familiar walls of your room. You again saw a yellow streak going around the room, making you shut your eyes yet again due to the strong gush of wind. You opened them to find a glass of water and a tablet on your nightstand, with Barry standing next to you, his puppy dog eyes, still gazing at you in guilt and worry.

“Can I get you anything else?” he said making you chuckle. “No it’s alright. Thank you”