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Dean and Seamus were totally a couple but Harry is just the least observant ever or he's so chill he just doesn't bring it up. You have to fight me to change my mind on this.

concept: several years after graduation, harry gets a letter from dean thomas asking if he’ll be his best man for his wedding- he, seamus, lavender, and parvati are having a double wedding.  harry says yes, of course, he’s very flattered (though a bit surprised seamus won’t be best man, but he supposes they’ve got the double wedding thing going on).  he’s a little embarrassed, though, because he’s not actually sure if dean is with parvati or lavender, but he figures he’ll just not put names on the wedding gifts and work it out when he gets there.

fast forward to the practice for the ceremony.  harry shows up ready to best man the hell out of this, even though he still doesn’t know who the bride is.  but oddly enough, the girls’ dresses don’t really match the tuxes?  parvati is in traditional indian clothing with bright pinks and yellows, and lavender is wearing a light pink and white dress that complements it surprisingly well.  dean and seamus are wearing contrasting white and black suits, respectively.  harry comments on this oddity to dean, asking why they don’t match the brides.

“mate,” dean says, looking harry directly in the eyes and probably losing eight years of his life in that moment.  “seamus and i have literally been dating since fifth year.  every single one of us is fucking gay.”

Give me angry Pansy pining after Draco who's pining after Harry who's pining after Ginny who's pining after Dean who's pining after Seamus who's also pining after Dean

Give me Pansy who tries something new every year to get Draco’s attention and being so angry when he doesn’t notice
Give me Draco ignoring Pansy because Potter is nearby and that Granger girl is far too close to him Pansy /look/
Give me Harry ranting to Hermione about Ginny because she’s been spending a lot of time with Neville, are they dating? And Hermione patiently explaining that, no, they aren’t dating because Luna and Neville are dating
Give me Ginny ranting to Luna about Dean because he’s always with /Seamus/
Give me Dean talking to Ron in a hushed voice in the common room at night about Seamus and how he totally likes me, right?
Give me Seamus having the same conversation with Ron the next morning at breakfast and being confused when Ron sighs and mumbles something about pining idiots

Give me eighth year friendships that turn into relationships
Give me Hermione and Pansy who try and get Draco and Harry together and end up having a fling. It doesn’t work out because Pansy starts thinking that maybe she doesn’t want a relationship
Give me Pansy who gets a dog and names it Clifford because what, Hermione, I’ve watched the show
Give me Draco and Harry who are pushing into a relationship by Pansy and Hermione and are reluctant at first, but then they realize that, hey, they actually work
Give me Ginny who gets even closer to Luna after the war and when Luna and Neville break up, is confused as to why she is relieved because she doesn’t like /Neville/
Give me Dean who draws Seamus in all his free time because he has a really nice smile
Give me Seamus finding the drawings and confronting Dean about them because these are /good/ but there are so many and how long has he been doing this?
Give me Seamus getting confused when Dean gets flustered because he doesn’t like him, right?
Give me Dean who kisses Seamus on the spot because it’s now or never
Give me Hermione who is fed up with all of this pining
Give me Ron who laughs harder everyday because these gay idiots have no idea they like each other
Give me Neville who ends up in a relationship with Hannah Abbot because she shares his love of plants and he really loved Luna, but more as a sister than anything

Give me Weasley dinners with Ron and Hermione, Draco and Harry, Neville and Hannah, Luna and Ginny, Dean and Seamus, Pansy and Clifford
Give me Molly going frantic because /so many jumpers/ and how do you even make a jumper for a /dog/
Give me couples swapping jumpers

Give me happy Hogwarts kids in happy, loving relationships

Reasons Dean and Seamus totally got married after leaving Hogwarts
  • They were minor characters but the most noted thing about them was they were best friends
  • When Dean got the new chaser spot on the Quidditch team that Seamus wanted they stayed friends and had no conflict 
  • When Dean returned to Hogwarts to fight in the war Seamus roared with joy and hugged Dean
  • They’re always seen together even after the war like just casually talking to Aberforth Dumbledore, probably holding hands but Harry is the least observant person ever 
  • They were way closer to each other than anyone else
  • Seriously did they have any other friends besides the other
  • They’re pretty relevant characters but don’t have canon on marrying women
  • Seriously, Dean even has a biography on actually being a half blood and how his dad was a wizard and left him and his mum to protect them but really nothing on him getting married to some random witch? 
  • This tweet from Seamus’ actor 

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Omg, please do a fic where Harry's drunk and accidentally confesses to Draco while arguing. Love your writing❤❤😘

((omg you do?! thank you so much!!  And in honor of the topic of the prompt, alcohol was involved in my creative process :D))

“What do you mean Muggle alcohol is garbage?! We have so many options, you’ve got like 5. Total!” Seamus screamed with a bottle of Irish whiskey in his hands.

“What do you mean we have options?  You’re a wizard, too.  And if you do it right you don’t need that many options,” Theodore argued.

“You expect me to think Giggle Water is better than tequila?  No, I mean, it’s just noisy champagne?” Hermione said.

“Where did you get good limes this time of year?” Neville asked.

The noise and arguments over booze were overtaking the party.  The Eighth Year parties were the worst kept secret at Hogwarts, but since they technically were adults, most of the professors turned a blind eye as long as it stayed among the eighth-years.  

Ron’s voice grabbed Harry’s attention, “Blaise is about to do a Jägerbomb.”

“No, Seamus! Not that kind of bomb!” Dean shouted.

Harry shambled over to the crowd forming around Blaise, “Never thought I’d see one of them do something as Muggle as chugging a Jägerbomb.”

“One of them?” a voice drawled behind him.  

Harry realized he had spoken aloud.  Turning to see Draco standing behind him he tried his best not to eat his words, “Well, yeah.  You all look so, er, I don’t know.  Professional?  That isn’t the word I’m looking for.”

“You mean they always look like they have a stick up their arse,” Seamus slurred.

Draco glared daggers at Seamus.  As he opened his mouth to undoubtedly say something equally cutting to Harry, he was interrupted.

“One pass,” Harry said, raising an empty shot glass to Draco’s line of sight. “I’m in no state to be speaking.  I’m just asking for one pass.”  Without waiting for a response, Harry stumbled away.  

Harry made his way to Hermione and her bottle of tequila.  

“Not enough liquid courage to talk to him yet?” Hermione asked.  Thankfully, Blaise was still the center of attention because she’d lost her ability to keep her voice down.

“Fat lot of good it would do me.  I’m not trying to get hexed in the face,” Harry said.

“He’s been flirting with you all week,” Hermione pointed out.

“Telling me I’m not the flier I was two years ago, that my hair would look better if I’d let Hagrid brush it, and bloody weird questions like ‘why do you smell like trees?’ isn’t flirting,” Harry said, taking another shot.

“You’d think you never met him before.  Of course he’s flirting with you.  And may I point out, he’s been on your arse all night,” Hermione said.

“But not in the way you want, hey Harry?” Seamus shouted, already laughing at his own joke.


“From behind usually,” Seamus said.  He was now howling with laughter.

Harry’s already drink-blushed face reddened, “What th- fuck. Nope.” He turned to escape the conversation but stepped right into Draco, sloshing tequila on the both of them.

Draco shoved Harry. “Is talking to me such a horrible concept that you’d rather spend the evening trying to insult, trample, and drown me?  Too drunk to fake being nice to me?  I don’t understand-”

Draco kept talking but Harry couldn’t focus on his words.  He was too busy staring at Draco’s lips.  Harry always thought they were thin, but when Draco didn’t have his signature sneer in place, his lips actually looked full and soft. They were a bit more pink than usual and he smelled of cinnamon.  Harry laughed.

“What the hell is so funny?” Draco demanded.

“Of course you found the Goldschläger,” Harry said.

Whatever Draco was read to say was lost when Seamus ran past Harry singing “Gold up in my teeth-” and bumped hard into him shoving Harry into Draco.

Draco was livid. “Are you kidding me?  I just wanted to have a good time, but I’m feeling so attacked-”

Harry raised his hand to Draco’s mouth.  He felt Draco gasp sharply as his fingers pressed against his lips, “Shh. Can you just stop?  You’re fucking gorgeous but you can’t stop being a poncy git.” Harry stepped closer and dropped his gaze to his fingers on Draco’s mouth. “Now I’m going to move my hand, but I don’t want to hear a thing from you.  Nod for me.”

Draco stood frozen, eyes wide and blushing thoroughly but after a tense second nodded.

“Fuck, mate, if Dean talked to me like that I’d already be on my knees,” Seamus said.  

Harry and Draco both looked over to him in shock. 

“Didn’t you just leave?” Harry asked.

“Can’t be wing man if I can’t show up when you need me,” Seamus raised the bottle to them before walking away.

“Don’t play with me like that.  If you lot must have a laugh at my expense,  I would appreciate it if you could limit it to times when I’m not around,” Draco said.  His words holding more venom than Harry expected.

“No one is laughing at you.  They’re laughing at me,” Harry said.

“And why would they be laughing at their precious Golden Boy?  Don’t lie to me, you’re not up to the challenge.“ 

“Well, I guess they think it’s funny that I fancy you even though I can’t talk to you,” Harry said.

From somewhere across the room, Seamus yelled, “You’re talking now, yeah.”

“See, not everything is about yo–oh Merlin, what the fuck.” Harry stopped talking, struck by his own words and Draco’s smile.

“Words getting ahead of your brain?” Draco asked.

Harry turned to leave, “I need another shot.”

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Deamuussssss "Okay, am I drunk or did you really just say that?"

137. “Okay, am I drunk or did you really just say that?”

“Okay, next round’s on me.”

“Nonsense. We’re celebrating your and Harry’s engagement. The bride-to-be does not pay for drinks.”

“Fine, then everyone give me their money. I’m at least still fetching them.”

There was shuffling around the booth as everyone reached into their pockets for money, and after collecting the coins and everyones drink orders, Ginny went up to the bar.

“She’s a good blade, our Ginny,” Seamus said, draining the last of his pint.

“Yeah, she’s the best,” Harry replied dreamily, resting his chin on his arms as he looked over to where Ginny was trying to get the attention of the bartender.

“Yeh know, it’s a real good thing yeh called dibs on her,” Seamus continued, his words slurring slightly. “Otherwise I might be tryin’ teh marry her.”

At this, Dean snorted. “Okay, am I drunk or did you really just say that?”

“What?” replied Seamus, turning to his boyfriend and looking offended.

“You realize Ginny is a girl right?” Dean said, his voice amused. “And you’re bent as–”

“–a nine bob note, yeah yeah,” Seamus finished. “Listen, love can overcome all sorts of obstacles.”

“Is that right?”

“Just because yeh missed yehr shot with Ginny doesn’t mean there’s no hope for me.”

“You better consider yourself lucky I missed my shot with Ginny. Otherwise I wouldn’t have settled for your arse.”

Seamus grinned. “Yeah, that’s true.” He leaned over and gave Dean a kiss on the lips.

“Are you two done talking about stealing away my girlfriend?” Harry interjected. Dean broke away from Seamus.

“She’s your fiancée, mate. You better get used to saying it.”

“Hey, he’s got time,” Ron chimed in. Then, raising his voice so he could be heard across the room. “Oi, Gin! You gonna come back with those drinks before we have beards like Dumbledore?”

Ginny weaved her way through the crowd, levitating the drinks in front of her with her wand. “Careful, Ronald. Or these are going on your head.”

Despite her threat, Ginny simply lowered the drinks down on the table and everyone grabbed their orders.

“Speaking of beards,” said Neville casually, taking a sip of his Firewhisky, “would you like to hear about how Seamus wants you to be his?”

News Alert!

Seamus and Dean more than likely went to the Quidditch World Cup together.

Dean had probably read about all of the most interesting Cups since he first learned of the Magic World’s favorite sport, but thought it impossible that he’d actually be able to see one.

Of course Seamus knew that Dean would love the Ireland vs. Bulgaria match, so he convinced his mother to get an extra ticket when she ordered them, and quickly sent an owl to the Thomas household about ‘having an extra ticket if Dean wanted it no big deal’.

Unfortunately, since the tickets were bought last minute, Mrs. Finnigan was unable to get a bigger tent, so they were stuck trying to sort the three people attending into two bedrooms.

Dean and Seamus would totally act like it was no problem if they had to share a bed, but both of them were slightly overjoyed that they’d be spending the last week or two of summer break in such close proximity, though neither would admit that to the other for years.

And when Ireland won the game, if they partied a little too hard and fell asleep, exhausted in each other’s arms, Mrs. Finnigan wouldn’t mention it but would definitely be shipping her son and his best friend on the down-low, because it was impossible to view the way they looked at one another and feel that it was 100% platonic.

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Deanmus for the ship thing? Or Neville/blaise

I’m gonna go with dean/seamus bc I don’t rlly ship Neville and Blaise :/ sorry man

  • who hogs the duvet

Seamus does - he likes things hot (yes I went there) and Dean is way too much of a sweetheart to fight for it. And, if he was totally honest, Dean loves cuddling Seamus (he’s like a hot furnace) and he doesn’t even need something as silly as a duvet anyway

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going

Dean does it, first of because he grew up as a muggle (and thus knows how telephones work and was the one who had to teach his boyfriend how to use them) and because he is a worrywart. Who knows what trouble Seamus gets into? 

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts

Seamus! Dean tries so hard to beat him every year, he even handcrafted an entire suit for Seamus and painted him in gold magic paint, but somehow Seamus always knows exactly the thing to give him that will make Dean cry like a baby

  • who gets up first in the morning

Dean. He likes to run for a bit outside to wake up, shower, make breakfast (usually it’s pancakes because, let’s face it, Dean is a sweet tooth) and a nice cup of coffee to then, when Seamus wakes up (around nine) kiss him good morning

  • who suggests new things in bed

They both do - they’re very curious boys, and they are each other’s best friends. They say anything that comes to their mind, including weird sex stuff they’ve heard other people talk about and wonder how it’d be like to do it themselves. 

  • who cries at movies

Seamus. He hasn’t told anyone - and he’d probably torch Dean’s hair if his boyfriend did - because he likes to pretend he’s all tough, but he’s cried so hard he couldn’t speak for two hours after seeing Titanic for the first time (he blames it on the wine they’d been drinking - Dean let’s him believe this)

  • who gives unprompted massages

Dean; after seeing this god-awful romcom where they gave massages all the time (”seriously, Dean, one more massage and that woman will drop to the floor for lack of muscle-tensing”) he went into this fase where he simply could not stop - he stopped by Seamus’ work at lunch to help him “relax”, gave him one before going to bed, one in the morning, and sometimes even during work - that’s when Seamus (with the help of Ron Weasley) pulled a big intervention. (Mainly because Dean’s massages were so awful they were almost painful.) Since then Dean’s been banned from giving massages.

  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick

Dean - he’s the worrywart, and for some reason, Seamus always gets hurt (”toast doesn’t blow themselves up for no reason, how did you even -”

  • who gets jealous easiest

Seamus. He tries to be cool about it and brush it off, but as soon as someone even looks at Dean the wrong way he is ready to blow that dude up - “with some nice chit chat, Dean, don’t look at me like that”

  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music

They both do, and they’re unapologetic about it.

  • who collects something unusual

Seamus - he sometimes goes full Arthur Weasley and “fanboys” over all the muggle stuff his boyfriend has lying around in his apartment. Dean finds it adorable (especially when Seamus jumped so high in excitement after seeing a vacuum cleaner at work he managed to knock off the ceiling lights)

  • who takes the longest to get ready

Dean. Seamus doesn’t really care what he’s wearing - he usually just throws on the first clothes he spots in the morning - but Dean likes to look nice, and “this hairdo hasn’t been grown perfect, it needs time - stop looking at me like that.”

  • who is the most tidy and organised

Dean!! And if Seamus’ stuff looks tidy - that’s all Dean’s doing, don’t believe anything else you hear.

  • who gets most excited about the holidays

They both do, they really like to buy (or make - Dean’s style) gifts for all their friends for Christmas; sometimes they even start as early as June (it just has to be perfect and better than any other couple’s gifts, that’s all, and they’re totally not bothered by the fact that Hermione always seems to have better gifts, absolutely not, what are you talking about?

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon

Dean is the bigger spoon - Seamus is tiny (don’t say that to him, he will light you on fire) and Dean loves burying his head in Seamus’ hair, it makes him feel like he’s keeping Seamus safe from everything harmful, and Seamus just likes how Dean smells and feels (he’s so soft)

  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports

Seamus - he once kicked Hermione in the head when she won at monopoly and threw the board away (Dean had to drag him out of the room, for both Ron and Harry were blowing steam out of their ears in that moment)

  • who starts the most arguments

Seamus, he’s a hot-tempered man, and he’s easily pushed over the edge. Dean usually tries to make things go smoothly and likes to postpone or avoid fights all-together, and that sometimes work. When they do fight, however, it leads to the most explosive sex they ever had

  • who suggests that they buy a pet

Dean!! He loves dogs, and he whined and begged and pouted for two full years before Seamus relented and allowed him to get one dog. They nowadays have four dogs, and Seamus will die for each and every one of them.

  • what couple traditions they have

Sometimes, when Seamus falls asleep after a particularly tiring round of sex, Dean takes out his sketchbook to draw him (like one of his french girls boys). He has about ten of those sketchbooks by now. Their first date was in this crappy little pub in London with the grossest (and a bit sour) tuna sandwiches and beer that makes every grown man barf - so, naturally, on their anniversary they always come back to that place and eat, and drink, and barf their way into a new year with each other.

  • what tv shows they watch together

Seamus loves The 100 (”so many explosions!”) and he’s a fan of B99 (mainly because Harry and Ron would not stop talking about it, but they both watch Gilmore Girl with a passion. Seamus because he loves Emily Gilmore so much (”she’s the woman I want to marry some day” “Seamus, we’re engaged” “get over it”) and Dean because he understands Rory Gilmore is his child now that needs to be protected at all cost

  • what other couple they hang out with

Mainly Hermione and Ron - they play board games together monthly - and Dean, being a Professor at Hogwarts (he teaches DADA, his hero Remus Lupin inspired him to do so) sees Neville quite often, him now teaching Herbology. They occasionally meet with Harry and Draco, but Seamus still can’t stand Malfoy, mainly because Draco declined to play karaoke with Seamus that one time.

  • how they spend time together as a couple

Mainly going on awful dates or walking out with their dogs, when they’re not having sex (they just love each other, okay?) or meeting their friends

  • who made the first move

Seamus! He had enough of watching his best friend act straight and fail miserably. He always tells everyone he was very smooth about it, but the truth is that before they both graduated Seamus suddenly yelled “You’re very hot and I think I’m gay” to which Dean just laughed and said, “same” (they went on their first date that night)

  • who brings flowers home

Dean!! He loves flowers - especially yellow tulips - and he likes making Seamus smile

  • who is the best cook

Dean… no offense to our boy Seamus, but he tends to blow shit up overcook food now and then. It’s safer for them - and their entire neighbourhood - if Dean cooks for them. 

“Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…”

Okay but like Queer Harry Potter

Bi Neville Longbottom who has a crush on Harry in first year. Gay Dean and Bi Seamus. Agender Pansexual Luna who totally has snogged Ginny. Panromantic Asexual Ginny who has snogged plenty of Gryfinndors and a few Ravenclaws. Gay Lee Jordan who dated Bisexual Fred. Aro Ace Charlie, Genderfluid Sirius, Trans Remus, Aro Draco who constantly is talked about in the daily prophet for sleeping around , and Nonbinary Pansexual Harry who never had time to question anything until after the war and when he started to question his gender and sexuality things started to make sense.

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✤ deamus

  • who said i love you first?
    seamus, he blurts it out totally not meaning to, but there it is
  • who laughs when the other trips?
    both of them, but seamus is definitely the one tripping more often
  • who pays the bills?
    they split them evenly
  • which one makes a bigger deal around the holidays?
    dean, he absolutely loves the holidays, and seamus is more than happy to oblige him with any manner of sparklers or fireworks that seem appropriate for the occasion
  • who’s more clumsy?
  • who checks their daily horoscope?
    i dont really feel like either of them does, but dean looks every now and then because he likes to chat with luna about it
  • who sings louder in the car?
    dean, except when its the proclaimers - they may be scottish but damn seamus does love to belt out 500 miles
  • who leaves the cap off the toothpaste?
    seamus used to, but he and dean got into a fight over it because it drives dean crazy and so now he tries really hard not to
  • who is more up to date in pop culture?
    um, i think they both are
  • who insists on going to see the newest movies?
    hmmm, i feel like probably dean
  • who cries when the abused animal commercials come on?
    again im thinking dean
  • who’s the lighter sleeper?
    dean, seamus sleeps like the dead
  • who believes in ghosts?
    i mean, they both do, they’ve met plenty. im going to answer this as “who believes in the afterlife” instead ‘cause that’s more interesting in this case. seamus used to, in kind of a childish that’s-how-i-was-raised kind of way, but after the war, he has a really hard time believing in any kind of god or afterlife. dean is the opposite, he never really thought about it before, but when the war is over he clung to the belief that he would get to see all of his friends again. he and seamus don’t talk about it much because they both know that they believe what they need to to find comfort.
  • who does the grocery shopping?
    seamus does - dean always means to, but he gets distracted sketching or painting or something and he forgets
  • who updates their facebook status more often?
    dean, probably telling everyone what thing seamus blew up most recently

send me a ✤ + a ship and i’ll tell you…

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Hey there :) I'm sorry that you're angry and upset but where exactly is CC queerbaiting? They never advertised it as "Scorbus" (don't know how I can express this) if I recall correctly or what exactly are you upset about?

Oh anon, Oh, I’m glad you asked.
Queerbaiting: the perceived attempt by canon creators to woo queer fans but with no intention of actually showing a gay relationship.
Still, it’s more heteronormativity than queerbaiting that frustrated me, I will admit.
To begin with, I’ll have you know, I’d never even given Scorbus a thought before I read CC (a small lie, I’d heard of it, just didn’t like the idea). Hell, I loved the idea of Scorose. And then, I read the book.
So, no, I’m not being partial, not favoring queer relationships. I even tried to not ship it, you know, because I love drarry which makes shipping their sons a bit strange to say the least.
I would have been happy enough with Scorose, it had OTP potential for me. But either J.K. / Jack Throne do not know how to portray romantic relationships –-or the billions of fans that read/watched CC have the wrong perception of reality. You know which it is? Neither. Because the love – love that exceeds the friendship criteria – between Albus and Scorpius is clear as day to the most oblivious of people.
Anon, this is not to say that they don’t share the most profound friendship – that is undeniable; they share the same mutual affection and adoration like that of the marauders, and that is the greatest praise any friendship can receive. They are best friends before they are lovers, but they are lovers all the same.
If Scorpius had identified with the female gender, everyone – everyone would have been certain they’d end up together – as I believe someone has already mentioned earlier. But why didn’t they end up together, despite the fact that each of their interactions holds romantic connotations? Because they’re both guys, duh. Figures. Haha, they got us yet again. Surprisingly enough.
Yes, they didn’t advertise the book with “Scorbus”, so to speak – of course they didn’t. They’d lose their audience if they did that! (do note the sarcasm) But they queerbaited fans who had already started reading the book or watching the play into thinking that there was a possibility of a queer relationship between two leading characters and perhaps – perhaps, at long last, it didn’t matter enough to be publicized, or rather, for the audience to be “warned” about - that two boys falling in love wasn’t abnormal or anything out of the ordinary. Ha, I wonder when it will be logical enough for us to think like that. By the pace at which we’re going, not anytime soon.
I do not want to be one of those people who replies rudely to someone who was just curious, but the fact that the question you asked had to be asked is proof enough of how unseen the lgbtq+ community is in mainstream, popular media. So unseen that people don’t realize when people of seemingly the same sex fall in love – or, you know, stay in love – right before them.
See, personally, I’m not someone who speaks out about these things often, or even really pays heed to them. But I feel like this was the last straw, this time people had crossed the line.
Rose and Scorpius have next to no chemistry, and let’s be real, their relationship existed only to reiterate the fact that Scorpius was into girls. (As if) for fuck’s sake, Scorpius gave up a kingdom to just have Albus with him, and Scorpius was Albus’s ‘weakness’, in Delphi’s indirect words, and ‘all that he needed’, in his own. I’m not even going to get into all that ridiculous and heteronormative Albus-has-a-crush-on-Delphi thing because honestly, it doesn’t deserve my time. And my time isn’t even that precious.
There was so much build-up, so much – plainness of romantic feelings, that I doubt even homophobes would have been surprised if there had been, after all, a long due Scorbus kiss. I realize that this wouldn’t have gone down well with some more – uh, conventional people, but I am 100% sure that no one would have been surprised. Well, for any other reason than an actual gay couple existing. On the big, not especially “gay-themed” screen.
Also, this is hardly the first time J.k. has done something like this. I know she’s seen as this great, wonderful celebrity who is a prominent lgbtq+ ally, but really, I just don’t see it. She’s all talk, all offense. She has never once taken any opportunity – and she’s had quite a few – to maybe add even negligible lgbtq+ representation to her writing. There was that time with Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, where, when people started catching on, she KILLED one of them off and got the other married off to some random young chick who had had no chemistry with him whatsoever in the past because, you guessed it, everyone is heterosexual and don’t anyone dare get the wrong idea and stop reading her damn books. Oh, and that time with Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas when she’d totally intended for them to fall in love but alas, it would take too much fucking “attention away from the plot”. And that other time with Draco and Harry, or Luna and Ginny, or Teddy and James, or ANYONE who had more chemistry with someone from the same gender than with whoever the fuck they actually heterosexually ended up with. Even Grindelwald and fucking Dumbledore.
If it still doesn’t make sense, try thinking of everything Albus and Scorpius did with and said to each other as if they were saying it to or doing it with someone from the other gender. See it? Looks like a bunch of cliché, heterosexual romantic novel tropes, doesn’t it? So there you have it – I could go on, but my time isn’t that not-precious. And do forgive me, anon, I’m aware you were just asking. This rant wasn’t intended for you. I’m just angry. Sorry.

Deamus Thoughts; because I can’t these two out of my head

  • Dean is bi; Seamus is gay (though I’m flexible on Seamus’s sexual orientation)
  • Seamus realizes he loves Dean long before Dean realizes he loves him back
  • Seamus realizes his crush on Dean when Dean starts dating Ginny
  • Dean doesn’t get that he has a crush on Seamus until Ginny tells him they’re breaking up because “they’re both substitutes for who the other really wants” and basically spells it out for him because Ginny is a bamf and knows all things
  • Seamus definitely slept in Dean’s bed during 7th Year with a picture of the two of them on his pillow
  • Dean had the same picture in his pocket while he was on the run
  • Neither of them return for their 7th year
  • Dean sort of hides in the Muggle world for a few months after the war and Seamus does his best to adjust because he understands how scary the magical one must still feel to Dean
  • They don’t finally get it together until a year after the war is over and they’re sharing a flat together
  • Dean says ‘I love you’ first
  • Dean loves to tease Seamus about his height and often offers to get him a chair before they kiss so he doesn’t strain his neck
  • Seamus likes to whisper filthy things in Dean’s ear to make him blush in retaliation
  • Seamus secretly likes it when Dean carries him around the flat and also when they’re fucking
  • They spend a lot of time kissing each other’s scars
  • Seamus likes to pretend not to understand football just because it gets Dean all riled up and that’s super sexy
  • The Quidditch vs football bicker battle will never end
  • Dean’s mum is okay with their relationship; Seamus’s mum needs a few years to adjust
  • Sometimes Dean will disappear into their spare bedroom for days just for some quiet time and Seamus totally gets it
  • Ginny is the “best man” at their wedding

I just had a goddamn epiphany oh my god. 

You know how at the end of Deathly Hallows Dean and Seamus are while totally holding hands talking to Aberforth Dumbledore? This occurs in the book and in the movie (in the movie specifically Aberforth even does that point at Dean while looking at Seamus like he’s going ‘he’s a good one keep him’)

Aberforth could’ve been talking to anyone but he talked to Seamus and Dean.

And here’s why I think he was. 

His brother was gay, as we know, and his brother didn’t get to be happy. His brother didn’t get to find love. His brother had his heart broken. 

So of course he’d be talking to the residential happy queer couple, happy that they’re happy in their queerness. 

Like if you think about it it makes sense.

Lost In Translation

Seamus Finnigan played by @marauders-mess

Dean and Seamus at an Irish Pub totally not ogling over the other

Drunk Irish man yelling to his girlfriend: Adhair me tú!

Irish Man: Mo grā thú!

based off this text post by @flintxwood

also my fabulous Seamus played by @marauders-mess (guys, des is my favorite)

Detentionaire headcanons

Detentionaire takes place in the MysterySpies universe along with Martin Mystery, Totally Spies, and Grossology. 

Holger is from Scandinavia. There are seamus (sea emus) that rise from the depths every spring and summer to graze and raise their young. Snow aardvarks are native to the country and more common  in the mountains.

-Holger grows up to become a househusband, dad, and part time relationship councilor.

Biffy is a product of a semi-secret super soldier program run by Worst. He has many clone-siblings that have been adopted by many different couples working for MWF. Biffy has never met any of these siblings.

-MWF provides a stipend to families hosting the products of the super soldier project. Mostly b/c Biffy and his siblings are very big and expensive to maintain.

Brandy is one of the minority of people in the world with the super-spy gene. Her’s activates during the events of the series and its out to good use helping out with the Lee Ping super spy adventures.

Barrage feeds ducks and geese on his weekends.

Kimmie eventually takes over her mom’s company but makes it slightly less evil. Biffy becomes her resident tech wizard.

Tatzlwurm are the most well documented dragons in the world but there are others that are known to exist. 

-Red’s are a rare variant of blue tatzelwurm.

- the lizard men are yellow tatzlwurms which are a different susbspecies from the Blue/Red

- Green and Black tatzlwurms live in the sea and are much larger than their land based counterparts.

- Li’s Priscilla is a young wyrm.

Poly goodness. 

-Cam and Brandy eventually take in Cyrus as their third.

-Holger is entirely serious about marrying Cam and Lee.

- Tina and Kimmie are bonded through the queerplatonic relationship between their bfs.

After the war with the yellow tazes is over The Center arrives to clean up the mess and arrest the guilty parties.

Someone ends up punching Chaz’s lights out.

Okay okay but let’s talk about that Deamus height difference YEAH??!!

-Dean is SIX FOOT THREE, ya’ll
-Seamus bein’ all DEAN I CAN’T REACH and Dean reaching up to grab something for him and Seamus tickling that little bit of skin that shows when his shirt rides up
-Dean growing up a HUGE LOTR fan and calling Seamus his hobbit and Seamus HATES Tolkien so it makes him SO MAD
-Seamus is totally the kind of guy who complains that Dean walks to fast with his too long legs and demands piggy back rides fight me on this
-Seamus asking Dean to get up and get him things and Dean telling him his legs work fine and Seamus coming back with well your’s are longer you’ll get there faster

I could do more but I’m going to stop here for now just DEAMUS HEIGHT DIFFERENCE IS LIFE

anonymous asked:

Dean Thomas having the biggest fucking schoolboy crush on Professor Remus J. Lupin, ok. Like can you not imagine Dean being the very first to head to the DADA classroom? Taking a seat immediately? Even though his other classmates won't be joining him until for like, five minutes at least? Because it's still too early? And can you not fucking imagine the biggest blush on his face whenever Lupin walks in and he's like "!!!!! ahh" and is constantly trying to not gulp like a fish at him?

Bonus: “no, Seamus, you don’t understand. You can’t understand. He’s /perfect/. Oh my god, give me a moment I need to master this spell real good so I would impress him and maybe then I’ll be his favorite student, ok.” “I doubt that. Harry seems to be—” “Seamus, /don’t/.”


  • You are so right, Dean Thomas totally would be five to ten minutes early. Seamus and the others waking up in the morning and they just look at Dean’s empty bed and roll their eyes because of course Dean is already down getting an early breakfast. DADA is first period.
  • Dean randomly sitting next to Seamus on his bed going all “Remus J. Lupin. What does the J stand for? I think I overheard Professor Flitwick saying it was John, but I don’t know…Does he look like a John to you? Remus John.” “Dean it’s 3 in the morning”
  • You know how in every other subject, every student who has classes with Gryffindor always hears the words “Anyone know the answer? …Other than Ms. Granger???”. That doesn’t apply to third year DADA. “So, any volunteers? …Uh, Dean, it’s pleasure to see you participating so much, but perhaps let’s give chance to others this time, yes?” Remus will say with a smile
  • Seamus snickering at Dean’s attempt and muttering “How does rejection feel?” but Dean just sighs with a stupid smile whispering “Did you not hear his exact words? He said it was a pleasure to see me.” 
  • Dean hearing that Harry spent the day with Remus while everyone at Hogsmeade though. “Damn it, Seamus, I knew we should’ve just stayed in”
  • Dean Thomas being almost as good as Harry in DADA because not only does he have a huge crush on Remus, but he also respects Remus so much and idolizes him and wants to impress him and make him proud
  • When Seamus tells him about the rumors of why Remus resigned, Seamus expected him to freak out and cringe or something. But Dean just gets really bummed out that his favorite teacher is forced to leave. He visits Remus’ office to say goodbye and thank you all shy and sad, but he has to do it, and Remus just smiles and ruffles his hair and goes all “I hate saying goodbye to one of my best students”
  • When Seamus asks him how it was he just murmurs “never washing my hair again”
  • Even after he gets over it he has these little relapses. In D.A. Dean goes all “I told you Harry is a fantastic teacher” “Yeah, I’m sorry, I know. He’s just as good as Professor Lu-” “um eXCUSE YOU”