and this is them

“Weakling shells“ “You can do this….. fingertips only“

“Do you even know how to crack an egg?” “Silence!!!!“

Vegeta was killing me this ep….OMFG my sides they hurt XDDDDD

Cannot right now!!!!!!

2017 KTMF with NCT 127; a summary
  • as usual, the boys looked so handsome rocking those cool outfits
  • the stage was on fire and everyone really enjoyed it (even nonfans think their songs are lit)
  • a fan was able to take a selfie with taeyong ; ;
  • oh and this same fan also took a selfie with JAEHYUN
  • you thought im done? no. THIS FAN TOOK A SELFIE WITH YUTA TOO im crying goals af
  • Taeil took a fan’s phone and took a selfie with Doyoung
  • Yuta did the same why are yall so lucky?? im tearing up
  • Donghyuck looked so good with his melanin poppin HE.IS.GLOWING
  • a fan had a sign with doyoung’s meme face 
  • Taeyong looking straight into a fan’s camera, resulting to a breathtaking photo
  • the boys’ english ment ; ;
  • “Hi my name is TY”
  • johnny honestly looked so good in blue 
  • and johnny also took a selfie with a fan’s phone LUCKYYYY
  • ok wtf so the phone taeil and johnny took is from the same fan
  • Taeyong took the fan’s spongebob toy
  • Taeyong interacting with fans 
  • taeil stans are wildin ahem
  • fans with Haechan’s sign i love them so much
  • fans are so shook about mark bc just slayed his parts like yasss



hwanghaes @ society6
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good taz thought: on the tenth or eleventh plane the ipre squad visits, cameras have already been invented, and they manage to take a couple polaroid cameras with them when they yeet outta there at the end of their year. after that, they make a point of taking pictures of every world they go to — for documentation purposes as much as for fun — but they also end up with a lot of silly candids of each other, and the pictures get taped up all over the walls of the starblaster, and its real good + happy

Blarkes are like “No bellarke shit kiss, no show! We’ll riot (ง'̀-'́)ง “

And I’m like, there hasn’t been a show since March 3rd 2016 tf are they talking about Lmao I thought the show “isn’t about relationships”, I thought rioting was “disgraceful and only hurts the cast because they’ll never find work again, be homeless and starve” Lol Now their hypocritical delusional asses are begging for a kiss by making threats… didn’t they boycott the start of S3 because “leaks” confirmed canon Clexa, but they couldn’t even make a dent in the ratings since Clexakru carried the show then… no one cares about pathetic blarkes making threats and demands trying to force the shit ship down everyone’s throats lmao

Green eyes meet blue and kiss

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Space met earth and kissed…

Enemies to soulmates kiss…

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Heda and Wanheda kissing… 

So great that Clexa was actually romantic and a canon soulmates ship that shared multiple kisses, admission of love, and passionate love making <3

Day One: Selfie

AU where everybody lives and they rebuild Lucis together and NO ONE IS SAD!!!

I may or may not do all 30 days of the OTP challenge, but I’m definitely gonna try! Each pair should be different (no promises) and I highly doubt I’ll get as carried away with the rest as I did with this one. Also drawing people taking selfies is really weird and I don’t like it one bit, no sir.