and this is the single hottest moment in the movie

I want solo Zayn but....

Why hasn’t Zayn’s new management team claimed him yet? He would be a big act for Turn First Management why is this so quiet ? Their biggest acts at the moment are Iggy and Rita Ora ffs. No shade but come on now.

Why is Dan Wootton telling us that Zayn has new PR and why are we supposed to believe him?

If RCA has signed Zayn , why no interview with Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood ,  or anyone ?

Why is his picture on the RCA roster with the bosses of RCA? They really cannot find time to take a proper picture?

Why is Dan Wootton so adamant that Zayn cut off everyone including Dan himself?

If Simon is still working with Zayn with SYCO UK why are his cronies trying to destroy his reputation?

Why is he talking about releasing “this album for you” ? What happened to the Non compete clause that any small band would have much less the most popular band in recent history?

I love Zayn but how could he have really been able to escape ?

Why is MM still so involved with Zayn?

Why is everything with this band so shady?

Why are prestigious media outlets reporting on his every movement ?

Why is Harry, the face of the band ,practically untouchable? The media harassed him for years. now nothing .

Has anyone actually heard Zayn’s voice recently?

I thought that maybe Zayn’s voice might be an issue and they are hiding it .

Was Caroline fired or did she quit ? And why are they reporting this now ? Its obvious that she was out for awhile.

The Twitter foolishness was lame. Although the spats are over the top , they were unnecessary . Zayn knows that his account is being policed by everyone  those retweets were passive aggressive and obvious. They were put out there to be seen.

Who is really behind all of these shenanigans ?

Why are Harry’s tweets so wooden and impersonal?

Why is there this almost pathological push to ram LM down everyone’s throat on the basis of a single ? Are they on the chopping block?

Why would Zayn still follow Dan Wootton after all of the horrible press he has received from the SUN?

What really was the point of Naughty Boy?

The hottest young star at the moment and he couldn’t do a red carpet interview at the movie premiere?

Why for every positive Zayn story a negative story comes out 24 hrs- 48 hrs  later from the UK?

No one wants solo Zayn more than I do . But I am an adult and I feel like I am being hoodwinked.

Do these boys possess any agency of their own. Is everything they say controlled?  I mean like everything ?

What ever is going on these boys are involved with some heavy players . The business is messy but One Direction is on another level .

How many things are they really hiding ? 

I know some of the answers are obvious .

This is for me to be able to come back in a few months and see whats changed or not