and this is the scene where i was like 'okay you are my favorite'

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hi there! Would you please make a coloring tutorial? I'm sorry if you already have one, I sawe a gif tutorial and your psds, but I was wondering if you could guide us into a coloring tutorial! Thanks anyways!

hey! i’m sorry i took so long, i’m a procrastinator and this takes motivation lmao. so please like/reblog this if you found it useful. i’m gonna show y’all how to go from this:

to this:

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okay. okay i can’t just start this and not talk about my expectations from tv!lyra
i usually try not to have expectations of any kind (see my approach to doctor who) but it’s impossible when it comes to my all time favorite female character
so, @bbc - 

  • give me a lyra who’s wild
  • give me a lyra who’s got torn, worn hand me down clothes and dirty knees and bruises and scratches all over
  • give me a lyra with twigs in her hair and stars in her eyes
  • give me a rude lyra, a lyra who yells, a lyra who doesn’t (and frankly, can’t) hide her emotions
  • give me a leader lyra, give me a decisive and arrogant lyra
  • give me a lyra who lies without hesitation, who lies like she’s been doing it all her life because she has, give me a deceiving and cunning 11 year old child
  • give me a lyra who’s still CHILDISH as hell, who looks up to the adults she admires like they’re magic, who bluntly acts like she can blend into societies she admires with varying degrees of success (mrs. coulter’s lifestyle, the gyptians, bolvanger - depends on how hard she’s trying to lie and whether she’s just trying to have fun or actually lying for her life)
  • give me lyra’s and pan relationship - something deeper than anything else
  • yet give me a lyra who seems so different from her daemon - from responsible, planner, voice of reason pan who always has to look out for her
  • YET give me lyra and pan who are children and play together and laugh together and act as the one whole being that they are
  • give me the lyra who drove jordan scholars mad
  • give me lyra who lad gangs of street urchins into wars
  • give me lyra who earned the respect and admiration of iorek byrnison, lee scoresby and serafina pekkala (two of which are monarchs)
  • give me lyra goddamn silvertongue

Okay so this is actually one of my favorite parts of Naruto:

OKAY so Itachi and Kisame SOMEHOW MANAGE to get past Konoha’s border guards by scaling the wall ((LITERALLY WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT WALL IF YOU DON”T PATROL IT)) allowing Kisame–a 6-foot BLUE MAN with a very VERY distinctive sword who is definitely in the bingo book– and Itachi Uchiha–who was a previous anbu captain BEFORE MURDERING TONS OF PEOPLE AND fleeing the village in disgrace aS IN EVERY NINJA WORTH ANYTHING IN KONOHA SHOULD KNOW HIS FACE–to just walk around??? Like no one recognizes them???!! HOW MANY ninja do you think they’ve already passed??? EVEN Kakashi who SHOULD BE VERY FAMILIAR WITH ITACHI AND HIS CHAKRA doesn’t catch on until way later. SO Kisame and Itachi are in the middle of enemy territory where everyone should be able to recognize Itachi (if these ninja weren’t trash) and Kisame just goes:

“Hey, wanna go for a ‘lil snick snacK?”

and Itachi’s just like “Yeah, k”


It keeps bothering me that they decided to show that galra shield in Sendak’s ship to the audience through Keith, when they could very well have used Shiro or Allura, people we know has a past with the Galra empire, or even Sendak himself.

Okay, that sounded confusing, so let me try to elaborate. English is not my first language, so it will be a bit hard.

On the first episode, after Shiro and Pidge casually ditched Keith to his own luck on finding Red, we see him running around until he find himself in a… A…

He has two paths to go and doesn’t know which one to take.

You know, this

Now, the composition on this scene is interesting. You have the galra symbol hovering above Keith, who is right in the middle. It’s almost like it is pointing at him. 

Scratch that, the whole scene seems to be pointing at Keith in this one. No matter where you look, the lines take you back to our favorite Red Paladin. 

And then, this happens.

His whole body language changes when he sees it. He straightens his back, his arm falls to his side and I do wish I had HQ screencaps of this moment, but I don’t, so bear with my rushed kisscartoon misery.

And then he actually stares at it.

He stares at it for sometime, and only stops when he hears the galra soldier coming. His whole expression is… I don’t know how to put it. fucking language barriers, dude. If I were to name it anything, it’s almost of somewhat familiarity. 

As if he’s seen it before.

And then we see his expression changes yet again as he hears the soldier approaching and remembers why he’s there.

And not once the galra symbol leaves the screen in this brief moment. It’s always there, pointing at Keith, above Keith, on Keith’s visor…

Now, after three years hearing my teachers saying over and over again that nothing in animation is there just because, that everything was throughout planned to be there and be the way it is, I can’t help but wonder what were dreamworks and studio mir’s intentions with this one.

I mean, there’s the obvious one: to show the viewers one of the shields of the Galra Empire. To know that, whenever this symbol and others similar to this appear, it means that it’s related to the Galra in one way or another.

The thing is… Why do it through Keith, out of all the characters?

They could have done it earlier with Shiro’s flashback, as he remembered that he was in that ship before, at one point of his time as a slave from the galra empire. 

They could have done it with Sendak, since, you know, it’s his fucking ship.

They could have done it even with Allura, when Sendak first contacted the castle, and she could have recognized the symbol from the time Altea was being attacked.

But they made the deliberate choice to do it through Keith’s eyes.

They sat down in a room, discussed over this scene, made the storyboard, and decided that showing a Galra symbol through Keith, going even as far as keeping the reflection on his helmet’s visor when there were very few other times they used reflection to show anything in this show.

And here’s my guess on their not-so-obvious reason on to why they made this choice:

They want us to associate the galra with Keith, even if in the back of our minds.

The last time I saw a show giving this sort of hint was in the really fucking good anime Erased. In the op, for a very brief moment, you see the reflection of the killer in the shattered glass.

It’s not a really obvious reflection, for you still have a hard time associating the face with any named characters before the great and majestically composed reveal. And it lasts not even a second, so, unless you’re an obsessed theorist who lives in a shack in the desert and went through the op frame by frame, you barely notice it.

But is enough for you to make out a black suit, and now it’s imprinted in your mind that you cannot trust the man in the black suit.

SPOILER: And, as it turned out, the only character who used a black suit in a regular basis was the killer.

And just like in Erased they wanted you to associate black suit with the antagonist through the reflection, I feel like Voltron is trying to do something similar in here with Keith.

They aren’t straight out telling us, but they aren’t exactly keeping it from us. At a first glance, it’s just another in between scene before Keith gets to his lion.

But when you put it together with all the other slightly more obvious pieces of evidence…

… I dare to say it’s a quite brilliant hint.

TL;DR: Either Keith is a galra and they want us to associate one of the galra symbols directly to him as a hint, or I’m going completely crazy here.


Bernie Wolfe Appreciation, day 18

S18 E48 Brave New World: The moment she starts putting it into words with “I can see how uncomfortable the whole thing is making you,” my heart just turns over in my chest because you can see where this is headed. 

This whole scene is Bernie trying to take away all of the discomfort she’s seen Serena suffer throughout the day. It’s her trying to smooth things out in the kindest way she knows how. From her saying she kissed her because she wanted to, to toasting their “undeniable sexual chemistry” and saying:  “I think it’s wise?” with the little lilt at the end. It’s all aimed at making Serena feel okay about it, or as okay as possible.

There are definitely things Bernie could have done differently here, such as ask Serena what she wants, but her actions stem from her care for Serena and I think that is a wonderful thing.

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Post 1 is also where you’ll find the reason for this little series and the disclaimer.

Yuri is not ready to date Viktor yet, and that’s okay.

In fact, I’d argue I’m glad or their relationship wouldn’t be healthy. Yuri still very much sees Viktor as his idol (I mean, he literally called him a god this episode) and doesn’t see Viktor as anything less than perfect. However, throughout episode 4, we’re getting to see Yuri slowly and subconsciously realize Viktor is just human.

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how did you get into writing fanfiction? im a huge lurker in lots of fandoms, and usually have a pretty good grasp on correct grammar and spelling - but how do you manage to come up with a story, plot, everything, and make words work to tell that story at a nice pace?????

Ah! Okay, so this is a multi-layer question, and I will try to answer the different parts of it one at a time. 

(Remember that the following is just what I do; if something doesn’t work for you, then you shouldn’t feel pressured to do it by any means.)

So! Here we go:

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okay got one : what's your favorite Leonard Snart quote ? or i mean ... Leondard Snart ?

ashgkdgsh ok i think it’s:

“i’m a criminal and a liar and i hurt people and i rob them. what did you expect me to do? not be what i am?” and that whole exchange tbh

honorable mentions:

•"there are no strings on me.“
•everything he says to ray
•there’s a scene where rip and sara wanna infiltrate that bank in blood ties i believe and snart just strolls (i’m serious fucking strolls i hate him) right into the bridge and says, “somebody say bank?” like an asshole
•and of course we can’t forget the exchange in the famous break in scene that scene single handedly saved my life

i love everything that man says does is i would die for him

Anonymous asked: What’s your opinion on the scene where Bellamy tends to Clarke’s wound in 3.11? Would you say it was romantic? And do you believe that Clarke wanted to maybe hug or even kiss him, since she looked at Bellamy like she is in love with him?

Did you know that the ‘Bellamy tending to Clarke’s wound’ scene from 3x11 happens to be my favorite bellarke moment in season 3? Like, I am your casual viewer who doesn’t ship anyone, but I really adore that scene - not for the possible scenarios that you have listed in your ask, but rather, because it shows how Clarke and Bellamy start to form a team again, while also creating a very good parallel to the handcuff scene from 3x05.

One thing that this show does really well is how it works with the settings. 3x05 and 3x11 are contrasting each other extremely.

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my favorite part about the scene where Tadashi takes Hiro home and scolds him

is when he says “I hope you learned your lesson, bonehead.” and Hiro turns around and gives him a cute face and says “Absolutely!”

And for a split second, Tadashi’s like “okay, maybe this time I’ve gotten through to him.”

but then he actually sees Hiro and he’s like

“oh my god”

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any dramas you recommend watching? i feel like i've already watched/tried watching sooo many shows (you should totally talk about dramas you enjoy more often^^) -drama anon

Wah I’m excited! Okay I haven’t watched that many dramas but I really enjoyed these (I usually gravitate towards comedies):

Oh my ghost: One word ADORABLE! I love the leads (the chemistry omg) and the whole cast tbh. In general it is funny, it has romance but it also has suspense because of the supernatural element. Also I love how the female lead gets out of her shell as the story progresses but she still remains a little bit shy, because it made it more realistic. One of my favorites.
Healer: Ji Chang-Wook! Other than the lead being hot as hell it has a really nice and thought out story line. Really strong characters. I love how it mixes romance, mystery and action so well. Also it is super funny. I cried laughing watching the scenes where the male lead talks with the female lead’s dad TT.

Beautiful Gong Shim: Also really funny, I love the male lead! The female lead’s parents really got on my nerves but as the drama progresses things get better. Some people say it drags out and gets boring because it has 20 episodes and the drama should have been more focused on Gong Shim’s growth as character but I still think it’s worth watching.

Oh My Venus: Reading the plot this drama may seem cliche but it really isn’t. I love that the’re is minimum drama between the leads, even when the got jealous for no reason it was funny and not frustrating like it usually is. Also I really like how determined and strong headed the female lead is and how supportive the male lead is. The side characters are really funny too and they certainly added to the drama’s appeal. 

Let me know if you’ll watch them or if you want any more recommendations :)

The 6 Most Romantic Moments From Richelle Mead Books

Whether it’s about vampires, Alchemists, half-humans, or people rooted in ancient mythology, Richelle Mead knows how to write sparks – nay, raging fires – of love that get our hearts pounding. Read on for 6 of our favorite romantic moments from all of her books!

1. The cabin scene from Shadow Kiss

“The electricity that had crackled between us when I’d fought and held him down earlier returned, wrapping around us now.”

2. When Sydney tells Adrian “the center will hold” in Fiery Heart

“‘Everything’s going to be okay. The center will hold.’”

“‘How do you know?’”

“‘Because we are the center.’”

3. Dimitri and Rose’s hotel scene in Last Sacrifice

“Being with him after so long, after everything we’d endured…it was like coming home. Like finally being where–with whom–I belonged.”

4. When Dimitri gives Rose her favorite lip gloss in Vampire Academy.

“What’s this for? For my first day?”

“‘No,’ he said simply. ‘Because I thought it would make you happy.’”

5. When Adrian tells Sydney what he would’ve said if he were Brayden in The Golden Lily

“If I were him, I would have said, ‘You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen walking this earth.’”

6. When Adrian asks Sydney to dance in front of the Alchemists at Sonya’s wedding in The Indigo Spell

“Even with appropriate spacing between us, our hands were still clasped, our stances still intimate. I was hyperaware of every single place his fingers rested on my body. His touch was light and delicate but seemed to carry an extraordinary heat and intensity.”

Come November 10th, we’ll have to update this list because Richelle’s newest book SOUNDLESS will be out! And trust us…your heart will NOT be disappointed.

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9, 21, 24, 27, 28, 45

9. Do you set yourself deadlines?

Sometimes, but usually only if the project is for a challenge or an assignment. This thing happens where I’ll give myself a deadline and I’ll all of a sudden not do it. I set loose deadlines where I’ll be like “Okay I’ll answer this many prompts this week!” but that’s about it. 

21. Least favorite character to write?

Laurent from Captive Prince because writing his perspective and everything about him is SO complicated. I wrote a fic but writing him was so complicated that I just couldn’t continue it.

24. Favorite scene you’ve ever written?

Probably some of the scenes in mafia!verse because those are rare scenes where what I visualized in my head actually came out on paper. 

27. Best review you ever got

I actually commented on a jaydick fic once and the author told me that my writing got them back into the ship. 

28. Worst review you ever got 

I haven’t actually gotten fic reviews that I consider to be bad. Though in one fandom, I had a headcanon where I disagreed with a majority of the fandom and they didn’t like that. I was called out in the tags super passive aggressively for it and I left the fandom shortly after. 

45. Share the synopsis of a story you work on that you haven’t published yet

Smart question! I’m going to be super vague and say this:

Lifeguards, surfers, and bonfire makeouts!

I’ve wanted to draw Iris Wildthyme’s incarnations for a while, because it’s difficult to find references for her and I’ll need some if I ever want to draw her (I’d still really like to draw a few scenes from The Scarlet Empress).

hozier obsession progression

*hears take me to church*

wow this is a really powerful song with a great vocalist, who is this person

*listens to like real people do*

i must have this song as well. i think i like this guy

*creates a hozier pandora station, listens to it 24/7*

okay i haven’t heard a song yet i don’t like i’m just going to buy his whole album

*listens to entire album obsessively*

wHICH IS MY FAVORITE I CAN’T EVEN DECIDE?? is it jackie and wilson? no it’s from eden. no it’s angel of death and the codeine scene. no it’s cherry wine. WHO IS THIS LYRICAL WIZARD AND WHERE DID HE COME FROM

Sasusaku 4

Okay this is one is by far my favorite moment, this is the Sasuke’s leaving the village moment and while some may disagree with me. I just love the fact that the person to see Sasuke go was no other than Sakura [Kishi, even stated that this is the hardest scene he ever had to do calling it the parting scene, he even joked that it made it sound like they were lovers… {which he may have been just correct to call it like that} ]

Who confronted Sasuke the night he was leaving? None other than Sakura herself

When sasuke is leaving ,sakura makes this big speech that she loves him and that he should take her with him. He could have basically ignore which he normally did but instead he gave a her speech which shows that he care about her enough to give her some last words .

There is moment where you can notice Sasuke shake his feet and WHY doesn’t Kishi show his face? Lets say we would see his moment of weakness.

Although we can’t see his face…this is an idea of how his face would look.

Just before, he says “Sakura… thank you.” you can notice how he unconsciously bits his lips and like I’ve said before you have to be cautious to see it.  

Honestly when he knocks her down, he could had left her on the ground but he chose to place her on the bench. And he doesn’t let her fall on the ground, he catches her. If she would had fall down she would had hit her head severely and i highly doubt it she would have woken up when ANBU found her the next.

I'd like to tell you all about a dream I recently had...

Okay so, I’ve been wanting to type this up for a while because even I can’t believe this was real. This is some of the most ridiculous shit you will ever read and it’s 100% true. Right hand to Chuck. I’m sorry I can’t put a ‘keep reading’ on because I’m on mobile, so this is a bit long.

Let me set the scene.

I don’t know if anyone has ever watched the show Naked & Afraid before. My hubs and I watch it a lot and it’s one of my favorite shows. Two survivalists are sent to a random location, where they have to make their own shelters, find their own water, and hunt their own food - naked.

I guess on this particular night, I was on my own episode of Naked & Afraid.

It started out with me, walking along in a desert-like area, completely naked. Now, I never see myself in my dreams for some reason, so everything was in my POV. I knew I was naked, and I had my pack slung over my shoulder, because on the show they get a pack and are allowed to bring two things a piece.

For some reason, I brought my cell phone (?) and, thankfully, I was smart enough to bring a fire starter.

Anyway, I was walking down this long dirt road. It was hot, and I could feel the sun shining on my face. After a while I come to a river, and a canoe. I get in the canoe and start rowing across this random Amazon-like river. Meanwhile, my canoe is literally bumping into crocodile after crocodile and I’m just rowing away, not a care in the world, as if these motherfuckers weren’t inches away from ripping my arm off.

Once I reach the other side of the river, I come to more dirt road, except this time there’s a road above me to my right, with guard rails lining it. I don’t pay any mind to it, and keep walking with my eyes fixed in front of me. Suddenly, I hear the sound of a car behind me. I turn as a Jeep pulls up and, who do you think is driving said Jeep?

Rob fucking Benedict.

It’s kind of awkward silence for a few moments, our eyes connecting, until he finally says,

“Kait…what the fuck are you doing?”

At this point I’m flabbergasted because I’m like – What is he talking about? Why is he here? I’m on Naked & Afraid rn. Explain yourself, Mr. Benedict. So I say,


Rob laughs. He points up to the road behind me and says,

“Kaitlin, do you realize you’re walking naked in a zoo right now? People are starting to get concerned.”

I turn around and sure enough, the rails are lined with people, just staring at me. I’m a human animal enclosure. Rob gets out of the Jeep and wraps me in a blanket, leading me to the passenger seat of the car.

Then, we drove off into the sunset and I woke up.

I need help.

I loved how at the SDCC panel the second the guy said “so Jon Snow and Sansa aren’t really brothers and sisters” Sophie went “Don’t ask me this”

She knew what was coming. 

The other favorite part is when she threatened D&D. You know it’s serious if she is threatening them. 

I wonder where they go from here. Next season Sophie and Kit will definitely have scenes together. This is how I picture it in my head, every scene they are going to be like have to act more like brother and sister, have to act more like brother and sister. Kit stop looking at my lips. Kit don’t look at me like that. Okay that hug was too intense. 

Okay so I was playing through some of my favorite romance scenes and seeing what different dialogue options were. And Solas just broke my heart again. I chose the option ‘I believe in us’ and she says I’m not going to give up on you. His response? His fucking response? You truly should. And when she presses again, says whatever he needs they can find together, he replies with we can’t. You’ll see. Like I just don’t get where the Solas is selfish and only doing it for himself thing are coming from. I know I’ve talked about it before but here I go again. He is doing this for her. FOR her. Yes it’s hurting her, breaking her heart, but since he cannot turn away from trying to make things better for the elves, in some ways inspired by her to not give up, he leaves because the alternative is to open her up to repercussions against him. She is the obvious target for any of the Elven Gods wanting to get back at Fen'Harel when they’re released from their jail. And all of this is before we get to if Lavellan is angry at him or even hates him, he feels that towards himself a million times over. He wasn’t strong enough to not start what they had. He wasn’t strong enough to keep them just friends. And he wasn’t strong enough to tell her the truth. And if he isn’t strong enough to tell her the truth he can’t ask her to stay at his side. So he finds the strength to end it but if you think he isn’t hurting as bad or even worse than she is, I think you’re wrong.

Okay, but...

Season 5 of Teen Wolf started really well and then derailed so bloody fast. And occasionally we’ll have amazing episodes, like the ones centered around Eichen house and Lydia, but then at the same time we get episodes like the last two, that make no sense and lack the quality of the episodes I know they can produce, like where they’re rescuing Lydia. Those were amazing, they made sense and didn’t have a mess of characters, and brought back the fact that Stiles and Lydia are actually friends, and more in my opinion. The scenes were all beautiful and the structure, writing, and set up was something that reminded me of Season 3 (my favorite season, mainly because I loved and will always love Void Stiles).

I’m not saying that I need Stiles and Lydia to always interact, but will we ever know or see the aftermath of what happened after she said “Stiles saved me.”? And will we ever, you know, actually have episodes match up and not jump from the Eichen house episodes, into another show that doesn’t add up to the previous episodes?

I mean, I like Teen Wolf, I love Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Stydia, and a few others (including Stiles’ Jeep). And I’m going to continue watching it because I always cave and I’m determined to see Stydia being in the same room together and talking about something related to Eichen house at least once. And I’m determined to see it actually make sense again at one point. Besides, I’ve watched it since the beginning, since 2011, so no way am I stopping now after spending so many years on it.

But I also miss the first three seasons, when there wasn’t an unreasonable amount of characters, when everything added up, when things weren’t left unsolved. I liked it when it actually made bloody sense. I liked it when it was simple yet still beautifully crafted.

I want that to come back. But I guess it’s like the tagline of season 4, “Can’t go back.”