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Closing Time

Written for @quitbeingbanished​ as a thank you for donating to my Buy Me a Coffee fund. Posted publicly with permission.

Summary: Dean x male!reader a/b/o/. Dean comes into your bakery just before closing time. Normally, you get annoyed at late customers, but you make an exception for Dean.

Warnings: Smut, a/b/o dynamics

Word Count: 1500ish

A/N: This is my very first male!reader fic. I hope you enjoy it! XOXO

There’s only a few minutes left before you can lock the doors, and you’re counting them down. It’s been a pretty decent day, all in all, but the last hour has seen almost no customers, and you’re ready to go. With everything cleaned up and put away, you’re literally just leaning against the counter, waiting. Not the most exciting thing you could be doing with your evening.  

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Seven things you must know
before falling in love with me:

1. You’re right, my eyes mimic the gray waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but so does the rest of my soul. At times completely balanced, lapping at your feet, in a moment’s notice it can swallow you whole. Of course, if you are a decent sailor with a halfway decent ship, you should make it out alive with tales of adventure to spare. 

2. My feet are small and narrow, but I always find them a step ahead of my head, wandering into valleys and mountain paths uncharted. If I find in you a point to which they always return – or better yet, a compass – you have won me over to my core. Do not become frustrated if this does not happen, as it never has before.

3. The most intimate thing you could possibly think to do is to interweave your fingers into mine and search my eyes without saying a word.

4. I don’t really believe that I am beautiful without makeup yet, as much as I insist and flaunt. I’m getting there, and perhaps the more my bare skin meets my clean eyes, the more I will become convinced.

5. I want you to tell me what you think of me, the kind thoughts that I can see brewing like a lovely herbal tea behind your eyes. If in a moment you think I am smart, beautiful, stubborn – interrupt the conversation to interject your comment. I promise I will only be upset for a moment before shyly smiling in response. 

6. My heart is scarred from past wounds, so I am perhaps more cautious with it. If I hand it to you for a moment, please examine it as you would a lovely and fragile piece of art before handing it back to me. There may come a time when I press your hand around it as a gesture of my giving it to you, but don’t expect that to be soon. I need clarity and I need assurance.

7. I can almost guarantee that I will fall in love with you first. Please be kind.

—  // The tutorial that I refuse to hand you // S.K.K. // December 6, 2016 //

“That feel when you leave your wallet in your dorm, and it’s so far away, but you’re as dead as you probably are in alternate universes? Yeah, I’m feeling that… okay no seriously, could you please buy me a coffee? I am desperate and there is no way I’m getting through schoolwork without it.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your illustrations and I want to ask,how do you scan your drawings to find the better quality? I draw on the paper too but when I scan them they doesn't look like what I draw..(colors, brigthness etc.) Could you give a few tips about that? Thanks a lot:)

Interesting question! I use an Epson V600 scanner which is essentially the cheapest pro scanner you can use. Most scanners attached to a printer will make things look grainy and overly blown out. Depending on the image, I scan it at around 300 dpi for decent resolution if i want to to be the same size as i painted it (higher dpi will increase the size as well). Also sometimes it can be tricky with the kind of paper that you’re using. For awhile i used watercolor paper but it just wouldn’t translate well digitally. Once i switched to illustration board it made a huge difference. From there, i bring it in photoshop and bump up the levels/ contrast/ brightness to make it look like the real painting since scanning has a tendency to flatten images out. Hope this helped! 

So anyway I posted on how I wanted fahc backstories and I wanna focus on Jeremy tonight. Quoting the line I wrote:

“Give me Jeremy, fighting to protect the people closest to him until he can’t anymore.”

Jeremy was a good kid, don’t get me wrong. His family was just in debt to some bad people and he did all he could to them. It was the people he loved the most, and he tried his best, his damn best.

And then one day he just couldn’t.

He left Boston that day, doing what he can to scrape together a decent life. He makes friends that end up on the wrong side of the law and the bad side of some powerful people. He wanted to protect his friends, they were his friends, after all.

He fought for them until he couldn’t.

Every town he settled in became bad karma for him, always losing the people he cared about. Jeremy was forced to resort to theft to make his way in the world, all the moving around made it impossible to get a job.

Then he meets his first friend that he doesn’t accidentally kill through unforeseen circumstances.

He goes by TreyCo, Jeremy goes by Lil J. They become friends with secrets, hiding themselves from each other. After five months of TreyCo still being alive, Jeremy says his real name, TreyCo says his name is Trevor.

Trevor doesn’t die like the others, isn’t ripped away from him like the others. Jeremy is ecstatic he finally has a friend.

And he meets more, meeting two people who were arguing about if Pokemon or Digimon is better. Kdin and Matt, and soon Jeremy has three friends and they aren’t dying despite everyone’s jobs and it’s refreshing.

B-Team, they call themselves, becomes a name briefly mentioned in a newspaper that one time, and they don’t care about the infamy. And they aren’t dangerous people. They are a bunch of friends that occasionally go on extreme food runs, that’s all.

Somehow they get picked up the Fake AH Crew, and Jeremy realizes that he doesn’t just have friends, he has a family.

And just like the first family, he fights for them.

Right down to the moment where he can’t anymore.

Old habits die hard, I guess.

You know you’re Supernaturally whipped when... (Part 1)

1)  The thought of going to a morgue to get real “dead man’s blood” doesn’t gross you out at all.

2) You make your own personalized hunter’s kit.

3) You start believing you could actually make a decent hunter.

4) You wish monsters actually existed just so you could hunt them.

5) You learn how to do hunter shit after watching the show.  i.e. lock picking, fighting, reciting the exorcism from memory

6) You call your friend bitch or jerk in hopes they’ll respond appropriately.

7) You’ve memorized how to draw quite a few of the sigils purely because you’ve drawn them so much.

8) Your doodles consist of anything Supernatural.

9) You see certain people and say “Christo” to them at least once a day. (Maybe that one’s just me?)

10) You have a blog dedicated to Supernatural. (Hah, got you guys there.)

Clexa is the new Camren

People are going to destroy the friendship between Eliza and Alycia because they can’t behave like decent fucking human beings. Lesbian are horny little shits and I can say that because I’m one of them. But I know the line. I WILL freak out and fangirl about Clexa with my friends but I know the meaning of respect and I would never do anything in a way that could make them uncomfortable.
If you guys are smart you will stop it now.
The disrespectful Camren shippers have destroyed one of the most beautiful friendships out there and turned an entire girl group in one big awkward situation to a point that Camila and Lauren barely say 3 words to each other on camera unless is scripted.
Please don’t destroy Eliza and Alycia lives like they destroyed Camila’s and Lauren’s.

Malcolm Turnbull

I have a problem with people liking Malcolm Turnbull. He’s the most moderate Liberal. So what? He’s the most talented Backstreet Boy. He’s the least evil Death Eater. It means little.

Turnbull is a smart capable person who is nice and decent in many ways. But he could literally do anything. Noone had a gun to his head. He could have put his amazing skills to use anywhere – in a political party that helps people, in a business that helps people, in an NGO that helps people, in a company that makes him millions – and he did not. He chose to join a party of dodgy damaging privileged men and push their/his agenda. He’s the most moderate out of all of them? Who cares. If I joined the Liberal Party, and spent years of my life helping Tony Abbott become Prime Minister and then spent my time after that defending and fighting for his policies, what would you think of me? Would it make a difference that I did a bunch of harmful stuff but ‘my heart wasn’t really in it’? Of course not. I still did that stuff.

And is his ‘heart not really in it’? Yes every 18 months he makes some great sideline quip about his colleagues. But the rest of the time he is pushing their/his policies hard. And they’re crap policies that hurt people. No Minister believes a 100% of what they’re pushing, they have to toe the party line. I get that. But you have to believe in enough of it for you to stay. Unless he’s doing some serious Snape-like sabotage from the inside because he’s secretly in love with Bob Brown’s mother, he should not be seen as some good guy in a bad party. He is not an exception. He is a central active member.