and this is the first hug they give in months

△ “You can control it, Credence.” 


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Better Off

Bucky x reader modern au

Summary: Everyone thinks you’re fine.  The truth was you’ve never been worse.  And seeing Bucky with some new blond doesn’t help.

Words: 1,420

Warnings: Angst, like one curse word?


“Y/N!  How have you been?” Wanda asked you as she wrapped you in a hug.  It took you a few minutes to respond to her hug.  You haven’t seen her in a month.  

Not since you were with Bucky.

“Hey Wanda.” you hug her back.  She pulls away, placing her hands on your shoulders to look you up and down.

“You look great!  Did you lose some weight?” she gives her a big genuine smile.  You return, only yours is fake.  You had gotten better at doing it.

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A Real Hug || Peter Parker

So since I’ve watched the Homecoming trailer at least a million times already, you guys should feel me when I say that Peter’s awkward hug with Tony Stark was my favorite part. 

Peter just wants all of the affections, like he so rightfully DESERVES, and I’mma go ahead and give him all of the hugs that he needs ♡♡

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story! reblogs are fine!

Originally posted by mychemicalmaria

This is the first time I’ve spent the night at my boyfriend’s place, and admittedly, I’m a little nervous.

You were settled on the couch with Peter as he sat next to you with his arm casually draped across your shoulder. Because you were still new to this whole dating Peter thing, you weren’t sure what Peter’s preference was when it came to being physically affectionate. 

In fact, everything about this relationship was still so new to you. 

You and Peter had only been friends for about 6 months tops when Peter had confessed to you. He told you that he really liked you and wanted you to be his girlfriend, to which you accepted his request with zero hesitation. 

You didn’t care if Peter wasn’t exactly the richest kid in all of Queens, nor did you care about his loner status at Midtown High. All that mattered was that his feelings for you were mutual, and that he was willing to share all of his firsts with you. 

Despite how you had your eyes glued to the screen, you were barely paying attention to the movie. Your mind was preoccupied with Peter and whether you should just give in and cuddle the fuck out of this boy because you were so in love with him. 

You knew that it was silly of you to be afraid, but you couldn’t help it. You’ve had a few boyfriends in the past, and the majority of them didn’t like to cuddle and preferred to have their free space, even when you were around. Because of all those shitty relationships, you became wary of what you could and couldn’t do. 

But Peter’s not like those douchebags, he’s different. Your internal thoughts help a great deal with strengthening your courage when you faced him, inching closer to where he was on the couch. 

Peter notices how you were getting closer to him and looks at you. Before he could ask what was wrong, you were practically on his lap as you wrapped your arms around his back. You hugged him tightly, expecting him to hug you back when Peter suddenly turned away from you. 

You give him a questioning glance while still having your arms around him, watching Peter as he reached over to the side table to give you your open can of soda, “Sorry babe, were you thirsty?” 

“Huh?! W-Why would I be thirsty?” You loosen your embrace to finally get a good look at him, absolutely adoring the red blush that dyed his cheeks. 

“W-Well, you were reaching over me. So I j-just naturally assumed that you were getting your drink.” 

You shake your head and press a quick kiss against his nose, making his stutter even worse when you hugged him again, “You’re such a dumb, oblivious idiot when it comes to romantic cues. The reason why I have my arms around you is because I wanna cuddle with you, you dork.”

“O-Oh!” Peter apologizes and quickly places the drink back on the table. Once his hands were free, he wraps them around your back before pulling you closer to his chest, “Sorry for not realizing, it’s just…This one time, Mr. Stark reached over me, and I totally thought he was gonna hug me, so I-I awkwardly hugged him back only for him to say ‘I was just getting the door for you.’”

You gasp, feigning a forlorn expression at hearing that his all time idol didn’t genuinely hug him, “My poor Peter Parker, you’ve been wary of hugs ever since that tragic event!” 

Peter laughs and nods, going along with this so called ‘tragic’ event when he answers you with a pout, “I can never trust hugs again. But maybe- just maybe, I can learn to trust hugs again so long as this beautiful girl in my arms gives me plenty of hugs and kisses every day.” 

You smile and gently pinch at his cheeks, unable to handle how adorable he was when you reply, “It’s a deal.”



[11.07.2016] // 1 month old of the twins!

My chubby babies are doing one month, how to deal?
It seems like yesterday that I took them in my arms for the first time and hugged them, that hug that I will never forget, and never will have another like it. It seems like yesterday that I filled it with kisses or nursed them for the first time, and today it is something normal and routine. I have no words to describe how happy I am to have them here with me, how happy I am to be able to embrace them and be able to give a kiss on their foreheads when they sleep, these little things that already occupy a large space in my heart ❤
My babies, I’m very happy to have you here with me, and you are completing the first month of life of you! Love you so much, like his brothers also love you too, and Dad also ❤
PS : The post talking about how was their 1st month will be up tomorrow guys! <3

So guys, that was the post of today! I hope that you all liked!
Any questions? Just ask! My inbox is always open for you!
Have a great day/night! <3


anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I have a scenario where Akashi goes for the first time in his s/o's home for holidays (she lives in another country) but the s/o is really nervous because he lives in luxury but her house is average and she doesn't want to disappoint him

Of course! Here! Hope you like it! Enjoy! ^^

You looked for him on the subway station. You spotted him, his red crimson hair blowing in the wind, his eyes met yours and his face lighten up.

You walked over to him giving him a long and tight hug. It was a long time since you two met so you really looked forward to this.

He lived in Japan and you in England. You were there to study abroad   to Japan and got lost in the crowd. Akashi had picked you up for some reason that you didn’t had figured out yet. And now he was here, your boyfriend.

You had been together for a few months. You had visit him three times after the first time in Japan and now he was at your place. You felt so nervous about it. He lived so fancy and had so much money that he they could eat out often.

Your house wasn’t so big and you hadn’t so much money so you could afford expensive food. You never eat out, if it wasn’t someone’s birthday or something else to celebrate.

“I’ve missed you so much” Akashi said against your hair. “I’ve missed you too” you said giving him a soft kiss.

You drove to your house that was far from the station. You were so nervous that you sweated. What was he going to think of it? That you didn’t live so fancy like he did. 

You parked on the driveway to your house. “So this is where you live” Akashi said. You nodded. “Yes this is were I live.” You looked at, him wondering what he was thinking.

You took up your keys and tried to find you’re the right key and open, but your hands arsshaking so much that you can’t unlock. Akashi laid his hand over yours. You looked up at him.

“_____? What’s wrong? You’ve seemed a bit strange ever since I arrived. Is something wrong? You are shaking so much.”

“No it’s just…just that you live a really rich life in a big house with so much stuff and can afford to eat out whenever you want. I just can’t give you that. I’m sorry, I really don’t want to be a disappointment to you” you turned around and tried to avoid him. 

But Akashi pulled you into his arms. He took your head between his big hands so you only could look at him.

“Silly, how can you think so low of me. Of course you’re not a disappointment. Don’t ever think that way.” He said giving you a tight hug. 

I don’t even know. Just angst. Angst.

It was awkward, to say the least.

Lily was looking at James, James was looking at Sirius, Sirius was looking at Remus, and Remus was defiantly not looking at anyone at all. Marlene and Alice’s eyes were flitting nervously between both Sirius and Remus, and Frank was looking at James, waiting for his first move.

James finally broke the silence by scooting his chair back, “Well look who finally decided he had time for actual people!”

Sirius finally tore his eyes from Remus’ still unmoving, slightly hunched place at the restaurant table to give James a broad smile, holding on tightly as he hugged him. He cast the same smile around to the rest of the group as he took his own seat, diagonal from Remus, across from James. He really was happy to see everyone, after all, it had been a good four months since they’d all really had time to sit and have a real get together. Or maybe it was just that no one knew how to make time, ever since-

Sirius glanced at Remus who was pointedly reading his menu. Sirius cleared his throat, blinking a few times and then looked to Lily,

“Set a date yet? Probably soon, y’don’t want to look like you’re about to pop one out while you walk down the isle.”

Marlene kicked him under the table at the same time as Alice said, “Sirius.”

Lily just smiled dryly at him, “Why should you care since as of this moment you’re no longer invited?”

Sirius’s laugh was only drowned out by James’, who leaned over and pressed a kiss to Lily’s cheek.

“Ah, Evans…”

Lily picked up her menu, smiling and mumbling something about ‘not for long…’ as she fondly pressed a hand over her small belly.

After they’d ordered, Marlene started talking about some class she was planning on taking, while Alice started questioning Lily on baby names, and James kept interjecting with absurd suggestions.

No questions, however, were directed towards Sirius, giving him most of the meal to focus on Remus who only said a few words when directly asked, maybe cracked a joke or two. But Sirius could tell the jokes were only to keep people off his back. Sirius kept trying to get up the courage to say something, but by the time dessert had arrived, he had yet to find it in him.

The went back to James and Lily’s after. They stood around the tiny island in the cramped kitchen, opening firewhiskey and laughing too loudly. Sirius even saw Remus start to smile a little more, that is, until he caught Sirius looking. Quite a few times.

“Lils, that is not what happened.”

“It is completely what happened!” A bit of whiskey fell out of Lily’s glass as she waved her arm, “You practically tortured Marlene to tell you if I liked you back in fifth year.”

James scoffed, “I did not torture her,” he pointed at Marlene with his glass, “Did I torture you?”

“If by torture you mean threaten to release dung bombs in my bed, then yes.” Marlene smiled dryly at him, “You tortured me.”

“I didn’t-“

“How was abusing my best friend going to make me like you, James?”

“I was fifteen.”

“And now you’re 20. Five years later Jamie, and I do believe you still use similar tactics.” Sirius jumped in.

James rolled his eyes, “Oh please, name one. One time. Name one.”

And, despite this being the answer Sirius had wanted, he hesitated, trying to gather the nerve.

“Fine.” He swallowed the last of his glass, “Me and Re.”

He heard Frank choke on his drink. James’ eyebrows shot up in surprise, and Remus jerked in his seat, looking at Sirius for the first time.

Sirius stared right back, “C’mon Re, you remember James not letting you leave the dorm until you said you did. Then he dragged me upstairs and, well.”

The room was silent. No one was drinking anymore. Sirius wasn’t even sure anyone was breathing anymore.

He tried for a smile, “C’mon I’m not the only one who remembers… Re?”

He looked back to Remus, but almost wished he hadn’t.

Because on Remus’ face was an expression so blank and unreadable, Sirius wanted to sink into his chair.

Remus didn’t blink as he set his glass down, didn’t blink as he picked up his coat, didn’t flinch as his stool screeched back when he stood up.

His voice was low, steady, and dangerous when he spoke, looking down at Sirius,

“Fuck you.”

And then he was gone, the door to Lily and James’ flat slamming before Sirius was even out of his seat.

Lily ran a hand over her face, “Jesus, Sirius-“

“I know, I know.” Sirius hissed at her before grabbing his own jacket and racing out into the hall.

He found Remus on the stairwell.

“Remus-“ He reached out, missing Remus’ sleeve by an inch as he rounded a corner, feet quick on the stairs. Sirius reached again, fingers catching a hem this time, “Remus.”

“Let go-“ Remus rounded on him, yanking his arm out of his grasp, “Fucking hell, let go of me, let me go.”

Remus voice echoed off of the walls, the metal stairs. Sirius flinched.

“Remus, I didn’t mean-“

“Oh you didn’t mean it? Well, now I feel better.” Remus bit back. He turned towards the wall, fists at his side, before rounding back on Sirius, “I mean, Jesus fucking christ, Sirius, what was that?”

I was trying to get your attention. I just wanted you to look at me. I just needed you to look at me.

“I… I don’t know..”

“Then why?”

“I..” Sirius felt like his chest was going to cave in at any second. He couldn’t bare the look Remus was giving him, “I don’t-“

“Yeah, You don’t know, okay.” Remus was turning away again, forehead against the wall.

Sirius stared helplessly at his rising and falling back, opening his mouth and then closing it again.

“Four months.”

Sirius closed his eyes, shame tugging at his chest, “I know.”

“Four months, Sirius.”

Remus pushed off the wall like it took all of his strength, and faced Sirius again, eyes tired and sad.

He sighed like he needed all the air in his lungs to speak, “That isn’t that long ago, you know.”

Sirius stared at the ground, his entire ribcage aching, his voice coming out too weak, “I know-“

“But it’s when you-“ Remus sucked in his bottom lip as if he was biting his words back. He stared at Sirius for a long moment before continuing, “You come here tonight and start talking about how it was when James brought us together? You practically drop off the face of the earth and that’s what you talk about?”

Sirius rubbed a hand over his eyes as Remus’ voice slowly rose again, “Remus-“

“You broke my heart four months ago, Sirius!”

Sirius flinched, visibly this time, and pressed his back to the stairwell railing. Remus’ eyes were glassy with tears and fiery.

You fucking broke my heart-”

“I just wanted you to look at me-“

“Well I’m looking at you now, how do you like it?”

“Re…” Sirius’ voice sounded desperate.

No, you don’t get to say that. You don’t-”

Sirius felt his breath catching in his throat, his head throbbed.

“I’m looking at you now, Sirius! How is it? Is it what you wanted?” Remus took a step forward, breathing hard, “And I was looking at you then too, wasn’t I? Four months ago. I was looking right at you when I walked into our bedroom and there you were, dick deep in another-“

But Remus’ voice broke. His hand came up to cover his mouth and he closed his eyes, bowing his head slightly. His hand moved to cover his eyes, fingers digging into his temples, knuckles white.

It was silent for a long time, neither trusting themselves to speak, Sirius crumbling on the spot, Remus feeling like the last of what was left of him finally being torn down.

Finally, Remus let out a shaking breath, head turned away, hands dropping limp to his sides. He shook his head, eyes disbelieving and blanking out again. His voice came out almost too soft for Sirius to hear.

“You broke my heart… You just…”

But Remus was gone.

Sirius didn’t realize his cheeks were wet until he was left alone, standing in the stairwell, his own heart walking out the door and into the streets of London.

BlackPink[Lisa]- Dating Profile
  • Ideal Type:

Some that can deal with her hyperness, but also can tell her when she’s being too hyper. Someone with a nice smile and kind eyes.

  • How they act around their crush:

Shy baby that will slowly approach you. She’ll just wave and say ‘Hi’ while walking, too nervous to make conversation.

  • Confession:

She’ll have Rose` give you a confession letter for her.

R- “This is from Lisa” *runs off*

L- *watches your expressions while you read it*

Y/N- “Lisa come here, I know you’re watching me”

L- “Yes” *nervous smile*

Y/N- *hugs Lisa* “I like you too”

Originally posted by yggirlz

  • First Date:

Bowling. Who doesn’t like a little competition, and she’ll probably let you win. And I’m pretty sure nachos and milkshakes seal the deal.

  • Regular Dates:

Coffee shops, cuddling sessions, drive in movies with fast food, amusement parks, and ice cream parlors

  • Next Steps:

Sex- 8 months minimum

Parents- 6 months minimum

Moving In- 1 ½ years minimum

Marriage- 4- 4 ½ years minimum

  • PDA:

During the first month to 3 months she’s shy with PDA not sure if she should hold your hand or not. But if she see’s someone getting handsy with you while your pushing them away, she’ll pull you away and have her arm around you all day and night.

Originally posted by manobann

  • Pet Names:

Sweetie, love, jagi, jagiya, and babe

  • Who says ‘I love you’ first:

She does. While going out for coffee she asks the bartender to write ‘I love you’ with the cream into the drink.

  • Anniversary/Birthday Gifts:
  • Often Gifts:

Couples items, like charm bracelets or jackets, candy, favorite drinks, and pastries

  • Behavior:

Around Others-

In public she’s a shy baby that will just hold your hand. Though if you two are only around the other girls, she won’t be afraid to cuddle up to you and give you a kiss or two.


Cuddles, cuddles, and so many more cuddles. And an innocent cuddle session may end up with her on top of you in a very very heated make out session.

Originally posted by yggirlz

  • Pros:

You’re automatically added to the BlackPink family, which means 3 protective older sisters. The love and affection of the beautiful Lisa Manoban. Have I mentioned that she would give amazing cuddles, cause she would. Being the couple that everyone ships.

  • Cons:

Not seeing her often, occasional hate from some fans, and your privacy being invaded. When fights break out and get really bad you both give each other the silent treatment, and you both being too stubborn to apologize first.


Admin C

silver-twilight replied to your post “¦.”

I’m sorry to hear that. You have my condolences. *Hugs*

Thank you. -hugs back-

feelingsinwinter replied to your post“¦.” 

Fuck, I’m so sorry Akira, I wish life would give you some slack, it wasn’t so great for you lately. I’m with you, as much as I can, and if you ever need to talk, my door’s open. *hugs tightly* I’m sorry for your loss.

-hugs- Thanks. At least I was somewhat prepared for it (it was last month when I found out that the relative would be passing). Still, the way it happened and timed out was just…wow. I’m still stunned. It will get better though. This isn’t my first time losing family, so I know my coping mechanisms (although, this time around I find that I like to keep a steady stream of white noise going whereas before I didn’t care). I’m more worried about my other family members to be honest.  

mysenia replied to your post“¦.”

So sorry to hear that. I’m sending all the love your way xo

Thank you, Mys. xoxoxoxo

aylathebunny replied to your post“I’m really sorry to hear that. I think taking a break would be best….”


*tackles and hugs*

Dating Performance Unit..


  • Always playful
  • Tickles
  • Constant cuddling when at home
  • Bad aegyo
  • Dancing
  • Dancing
  • More dancing
  • When you get tired of dancing he’d have you step on his feet and dance that way
  • Yelling fighting a lot
  • Cheering you on for anything
  • So much coffee
  • Likes you wearing his shirts
  • Watching seventeens dance practice
  • Comforting him when he’s stressed
  • Playing with his hair to help him fall asleep
  • Helping him come up with dance ideas
  • Learning everyone’s parts before he teaches it to them so he can see how it looks
  • Sleeping literally anywhere curled together


  • “I’m prettier then you”
  • “We are the perfect couple”
  • “I’m the visual of this relationship”
  • Constant begging for attention or compliments
  • Annoying aegyo all the time
  • Talking in Chinese to confuse you
  • Ignoring you for small things
  • Having you judge his dancing
  • Limited PDA
  • Short amounts of hand holding in front of members
  • Asking you to come everywhere with him
  • Back hugs with him resting his head in the nape of your neck
  • Always comforting one another
  • You know when one another are stressed


  • Awkward in front of others
  • Awkward alone
  • Awkward
  • Shyly asking to hold your hand
  • You have to make the first move
  • After a few months he will give you pecks randomly
  • Very touchy in front of members
  • Like arm around waist, squished into side touchy
  • Afraid you’ll leave him for one of the others
  • Dancing to cheer you up
  • Blasting Michael jackson music
  • Random dance battles
  • Letting him act like a normally teenager
  • Pure, soft, relationship


  • Letting you wear his hats
  • Hugs
  • Hugs
  • Hugs
  • Hugs
  • Hugs
  • Messaging your head
  • Soft words
  • Always looking at you with love in his eyes
  • Gets too shy to say I love you
  • Speaks Chinese when shy
  • 我爱你
  • Blurts it out a lot
  • Jun give you smirks when he says it
  • You don’t know why
  • Always holding hands
  • Teaches you tricks
  • Singing you to sleep
  • Doing aegyo whenever you ask 

Dating Vocal Unit  

Dating Hip-Hop Unit

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to drop by and say I'm so excited for Wednesday. I'm having a rough week (or month... or year... oh boy, let's just stop there) and Kalex fic has been such a great escape. Your stories, in particular, have been a comfort to me at many moments. So, yeah, I can't wait, and a huge, huge thank you to you! :)

first of all, let me give you a big hug!

I really hope the fanfic will give you joy! that’s exactly why I wrote it. It’s been an escape for me many, many times, and so I hope it can be the same thing for you! thank you for your message ♥ it means a lot to me to know you’re out there!


Jared Photo Op - SPNATL

I’ve heard for months how amazing Jared is in his ops: how he gives you his full attention and how he gives amazing hugs. So I was probably more nervous about these photos than I was with Jensen. When it was finally my turn the volunteer had to practically pull me forward. Jared turned and gave me a huge smile and asked if I wanted a hug since I’d hesitated a little after saying hi. I was able to tell him that I had two photos with him and asked if the first could be a hug from behind but turned where we were looking at each other. So he grabs me and practically dips me back which made me squeak a little. 😂 Initially he was just giving me that closed lip half smile he does a lot during ops. And I was trying to do the same, but Chris must have been messing with the camera because after a couple seconds of staring at each other and no flash I started giggling a little. And it was like the sun came out. Jared grinned at me like he was having the time of life, and it literally took my breathe away. And that was when I saw the camera flash. But before he let me go, Jared gave me a little squeeze and winked at me. 😍

After he’d returned to his mark, I just grinned and said that I’d take that hug now. To which he grabbed me in the biggest most engulfing bear hug I’ve ever experienced and squeezed so hard I’m pretty sure it bruised my ribs. As I turned to thank him and go, he rubbed my arms a little and winked at me again before turning to the next person in line. At which point I somehow managed to gather my things and leave the room where I promptly sat in a corner and shook for a good ten minutes.

When the prints came out and I found mine, I actually gasped when I saw the first one and started shaking again. It’s beautiful and makes me want to cry every time I look at it. Jared Padalecki is quite possibly the sweetest and most genuine man I’ve ever met, and this experience with him absolutely made my weekend. I’m going to cherish that smile for the rest of my life.


Yeah, I got what you were going for with the laziness thing. That just sorta set me off on this ginormous character analysis. XD Since it’s kind of a subtle thing, and a lot of people don’t really take the time to see under the surface.

It just seemed like while he’d spent so long planning how to get Kat strong enough to do what she needed to do, he still wasn’t entirely ready for what would happen afterwards. Both for Raven and for him. Because there is no way he was going to be fine those first couple months either.

Yeah. I mean, he tried to be ready. And he didn’t even think he was going to be able to be there when she finally made her sacrifice. He was living on borrowed time for half of GR2, after he died on the Bismalia. That desperate hug that Alias gives Kat at the start of the Eto chapter was his goodbye. And his apology. Because he knew what the end result would be once he told her to go to Eto. And he thought that this would be the last time he’d ever see her.

That’s one of the most heartbreaking things about the goodbye scene between them, too. There’s so many subtleties there. Syd’s spent two whole games trying to protect her. He sacrificed his life for her. He made the gods bring him back twice. And now he has to stand there and let her go, because he knows that it’s what she truly wants, and he loves her too much to take that away from her.

Hell I was half tempted to have it mentioned that he’d had to talk Raven out of jumping off of Hekseville after Kat, and that being where she punched him, but that one felt way too excessively angsty.

Your original idea sounds a lot like a snippet I wrote for myself immediately after finishing the game (though I approached it from a different angle). Syd and Raven seem to understand each other so well in the epilogue. She’s more comfortable with him than anyone else she meets. I think that, in some ways, they’re very similar. Raven keeps a lot of things locked up inside herself. She spent years dealing with grief and powerlessness after repeatedly failing to save the children. She’s also more shrewd than she sometimes lets on. She tells Kat that she always thought there was something off about Syd.

They’re also both terrible at accepting support, but for different reasons. Raven puts up walls because she doesn’t want to risk relying on people. While Syd never lets slip that anything is wrong in the first place, because he’s always so focused on supporting others.

Anyways, I’d love to read your take on him when you get around to it! :)

The Announcement.

– Requested–

“ (Y/N), Sharman says that he will be here in a few.” Hoechlin sits next to me on the couch in the green room. 

“ Sounds great. I’m kind of nervous.” I cross my fingers and look into my lap.

“ Don’t be nervous.” He chuckles and wraps an arm around my shoulder.

“ It’s the the first press interview I have done in months. I could fuck this up really badly Hoech.” I lean my head onto his shoulder.

“ No you won’t, just talk about how wonderful it is to be my little sister on TV.” Tyler gives one of his signature grins and squeezes my shoulder into another hug.

“ Sharman!” I hear Ian yell from the back of the room.

“ What’s up Ian? Is (Y/N) around here, she sounded a little nervous on the phone earlier.” 

Ian points to where I am sitting on the couch with Hoechlin.

I can hear his footsteps getting closer and I turn my head to face him.

Hoechlin gives me one last squeeze before walking over to J.R. and Ian.

He gives me a big smile and walks up to give me a kiss on my head.

“ How are you love?” He walks around the couch to come and sit next to me.

He wraps one arm around my shoulder and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“ Anxious to say the least. How about you babe?” I wrap and arm around his torso and squeeze him.

“ I feel fine other than knowing my girl isn’t great.” He kisses my cheek and it puts me at ease.

“ You know what. I’ll be fine. Let’s just do this interview.” I put my hands on either side of his face and pull him in for a sweet kiss.

“ So (Y/N), you play Phoebe Hale on Teen Wolf, correct?” The interviewer asks me.

“ Yeah I do!” 

“ What’s it like to play her?” She looks at her note card and then back to me.

“ Well it’s actually quite amazing. She is such an empowering character and I love the relationships she has with everyone on the show. I love the relationship she has with her brother Derek on the show. Tyler and I have a very similar relationship in real life. I love the relationship she has with Stiles and how they’re best friends.” 

“ Well that’s not the only relationship you have on the show. Everyone really seems to love Phoebe and Isaac on the show. How do you and Daniel have such great on screen chemistry?” She has a mischevious grin on her face.

I look at Daniel, wanting to let him respond to this one.

“ Well I don’t think we really know why we have good chemistry. We’re both really glad that everyone enjoys the show so much.” He nods his head in conclusion.

“ Great! Well we would like to play a game with you guys now. It’s called Never Have I Ever, this is normally played with lots of alcohol but for obvious reasons we will not be playing that way.” She chuckles and starts handing out paddles of some sort.

“ I was told tequila would be provided, you know what-” Ian jokes and starts to stand up.

We all laugh and inspect the paddles we were given.

“ Alright, I will make a statement and you guys will lift the paddle and say you have or you have never. Sound good?” She lifts her eyebrow in question, and tries to makes sure we all understand.

We all nod and wait for the first question.

“ Never have I ever hit someone in the face.” 

I immediately turn mine to I have.

I look around to see that Ian, Daniel, J.R., and Tyler have theirs flipped to I have never.

“ Tyler! You liar!” I smack his shoulder.

“ Hoechlin do you not remember that night in Cali? With those little punks?” Ian tells him tapping his shoulder with his paddle.

“ Ohhh yeah! I lied switch mine to I have.” He laughs and flips his paddle.

“ (Y/N) what about you? Gettin’ into fights at the bar?” The interviewer laughs, making me laugh with her.

“ Actually I punched Daniel.” I place a hand on his shoulder and pat him.

“ That was honestly the worst bloody nose i’ve ever had. She can pack a punch.” Daniel wraps an arm around my shoulder and laughs.

“ Oh please. I accidently punched Danny in the face during a scene. I felt so bad after!” I pleaded with the interviewer who was laughing in shock.

“ Oh don’t worry about it love.” Daniel says laughing.

“ Next question. Never have I ever dated a fellow costar.” 

Daniel and I both held up the I Have side. When the rest of the guys see this they start laughing hysterically.

“ I’m sure everyone wants to know who.” The interviewer says in a sarcastic tone, joking with us.

“ Well you caught us.” I smile at Daniel who is laughing with the guys.

“ Is it official? Can we confirm that you guys are actually together?” The interviewer looks excited.

“ Yes that’s right. We’ve been together for about a year and we couldn’t be happier.” Daniel says before I can.

“ Aww Danny.” I lean over and give him a quick kiss.

“ Aww Dannyyyy” The boys mock me and poke at Daniel and I.

– anyways I hope you all enjoyed! i will be making a two part request next so look out for that! my requests and ships are open! thanks for reading! i love you all! :)–

Indicators that Vex may be Pike's crush:
  • Laura is the only one who knows who Pike’s crush is, maybe Ashley was checking in with her if she was comfortable with a relationship between their characters. So if Pike’s crush was Percy and Laura knew, I feel like Vex would be (even) more hesitant and/or there would be a different tension.
  • Pike blushed when a half-naked fresh-out-of-the-shower Vex hugged her.
  • Pike gave the amulet of life-giving to Percy, but maybe it was not because she (romantically) loves Percy, but she knows Vex loves him.
  • Pike left Emon for sailing months to get away from someone she was in love with. Meaning it was someone who lived in Emon at the time. (Could be any member of VM ofc.)
  • Pike/Ashley used the word “he” before when describing the crush, but we all know how tricksy the Trickfoot can be.
  • Vex is canonically bi, so I am saying there is a chance.
  • It wouldn’t be the first non-straight relationship in Critical Role, not even the first one involving a player character.

In conclusion: Pike'ahlia is not nearly as unlikely as people think it is and should be seriously considered as a canon option.

Best summer ever

Rated: T

Farkle wasn’t sure when things had started to shift between him , and Riley . The piece in time a childhood crush turned into something with real substance. It’s was like it was a string of many days adding up , and one day as Riley was leaving after a hang out she hugged him making his heart race. It didn’t click at first , but then later that night when Riley called to give him a rundown of her date he just felt like he had been punched in the gut. That was the night he realized he was in love with Riley Matthews.

It had been 3 months since that night , and the guy had broken up with Riley about two week after that date. Riley , and Farkle started to fall back into their old routines over the summer before their senior year.  Though Farkle knew he would only ever get to be friends he enjoyed every second he was around her. He had his moments though when she was asleep on his chest after a movie night , or when she was just doing something so damn cute where he really wanted to just grab her tell her how he felt. Farkle would then talk himself out of it being to afraid it would change them , and he would lose all the things he had with Riley. Farkle had loved this summer , and he actually even canceled going to camp after Riley had looked so sullen thinking she was going to be alone. Lucas had gone to Texas , and May a had gone on a road trip for colleges with Shawn  When it was Farkle’s time to go he told his dad he changed his mind then went to Riley’s to surprise her , and her smile made him know he had made the right decision. School was starting tomorrow , and even though he was happy to have the whole group back he was bummed out that he wouldn’t get Riley alone so much anymore.

Maya .and Riley strolled in to their first day as Maya turned to Riley with a smirk “ We are kings again” Maya let out a cackle while strolling next to Riley“Feels good!”

Riley giggled at her “You will be a great king Peaches”  Tilting her head to one side when all of sudden a cup was in front of her face.

“Be careful it’s hot” Farkle said before walking out in front of them both with a smile. “It’s a hot chocolate. I figured you might need it on our first day of school.” Riley grabbed it smiling at Farkle Making him feel all warm inside.

“Thank you Farkle!” Holding her hot chocolate she used her other arm to wrap around him. Her head rested on against his chest as Farkle held her tight until she let go. “You may have just saved my life again” Their eyes lingered on each other without them speaking a word until Maya who had been quietly observing them both did.

“Farkle we will be right back!” Maya announced before starting to drag Riley to the other hallway. Riley just blinked at Maya wondering what the hell was up with her. “Peaches what are you doing?”

Maya let her go , and pointed down the hallway “What was that? Are you dating Farkle or something?!?

“WHAT?!?” Riley remembered she was In the school hallway. “No..I mean we spent most of the summer together , but no still just friends.”Riley nervously sipped her hot chocolate. Over all the days of summer Riley had started to see she had Feelings for Farkle , but when he never made a move she just assumed he didn’t want her that way. So she decided what they had was worth more then trying for something else.

Maya Laughed then patted Riley’s back “Oh honey…Did you really fall for Farkle?” Honestly if anybody was good enough For Riley is was her other best friend , but she just had to much fun asking questions.

“No we are just….” Riley had started to turn the corner when she caught Farkle within ear shot some girl way to close to his face well In her opinion at least. Maya saw her stop so she peeked her head around too wondering what was going on.

Farkle was just waiting for the girls to return when some random girl had walked up to invading his personal space. She started asking him all these questions about him , and Riley , but each question made him feel more suffocated so he just quickly said “We are just friends!” Loudly as he exited making his way to Mr. Matthews class hoping to get distracted for even a little while.

Riley clutched her hot chocolate tight then walked over to a trash can throwing it way. “Rile…” Maya knew she was hurting as she tried to comfort her , but Riley turned to Maya . That is when Maya discovered she was wrong Riley actually seemed angry maybe even betrayed . “as I was saying Farkle and I are just friends.” Riley spoke before stomping her way into her dad’s class with Maya in tow , but Maya had plans to force a bay window meeting later between those two if they didn’t fix it.

When Maya took her seat Lucas leaned over whispering in her ear “Are those two okay?” Lucas gestured his head at Riley who look frustrated , and Farkle who stared at the front of the room depressingly while staring straight in front of them.

“It’s complicated huckleberry , but keep your eye on them I’m sensing something in the air” Maya winked at Lucas making him smile , and raise his eyebrow at Maya before slipping out of his desk sneaking up to Riley. This was the day Cory always showed up about 10 minutes after the bell rang so Lucas took advantage to try to cheer up.

“Hey beautiful why are you so mad?” Lucas gave her one of his big Texan grin’s as he waited for his answer. Maya swore she had never seen Farkle move so fast as he went over smacking Riley’s desk glaring at Lucas.

“Back off! You had your chance with her…And other people care more about  her  then you do. So just sit back down , and keep being a Face the thing your good at.” Farkle demanded as the whole class turned their attention to the commotion now forming in the front of the classroom. Everybody thought Lucas would fight back , but he just glance back at Maya who shook her head no at him so he just retreated back to seat trusting Maya. “Good guess Maya” Maya reached over putting her hand on his while they kept their eye on the two.

“Lucas..I’m sorry Farkle is being so inconsiderate today , and Don’t take it personal he was mean to me as well” Riley smiled at Lucas before turning her attention back to farkle who was now standing up his hands in his pocket his eyes full of confusion.

“I was not mean to you! Unless bringing someone a hot chocolate is now bad…I did not get the memo” Farkle said back still not fully following what the hell she was even referring too. “Then Maya dragged you away , and I waited for you like I always do! So please do enlighten me on how I was mean to you Riley.”  A sound of exasperated sigh fell from his lips.

“You were waiting , but with some girl who you were awfully close to” Riley started to take her jacket off starting to feel a bit stifled.

Farkle ran a hand through his hair still not remembering not talking to a girl in the manner she was speaking of. “I still don’t know what you are talking about Riley.”

Riley got up throwing her jacket on the floor they both had completely forgotten about the rest of the room at this point. Both of them to focused the other just the sound of their voices , and hearts filling the room. “Yes you do!” Riley raised her voice a bit her eyebrows started to crease “ The one you said we were only friends too!”

Farkle swallowed hard as he took his hands out of his pockets waving his hands in front of him. The feeling was building up in his chest as things grew more tense “I didn’t lie..Isn’t that what we are? Isn’t that what we always have been? Isn’t it what you want us to be?!?”

“Whoa….wait one second.” Riley raised her hand up pointing at him her voice full of tension , and a new passion she had never used before. “it’s not like you did anything to change it…We were together all summer , and you never made one move on me.” She then poked his chest for emphasis “So don’t you dare try to pin this all on me”

Farkle bit his lips his eyes searching hers . All of his emotions came crashing together as he stared at The woman he loved. He felt angry , nervous , and excited all at the same time. “I’m going to show you what I’ve I wanted to do all summer.” Farkle closed the space between them putting his hands on hips as he pulled her in pressing his lips to hers. It felt better then he ever thought it would , and when Riley started to kiss him back he relaxed wrapping his hands around her. All the tension they had built up over the summer faded away. With Riley in his arms the whole world disappeared the only thing on his mind now was happiness , and he really wished the kiss didn’t have to stop.

They both pulled away from the kiss at the same time Their breath in sync as a silence past between them. Farkle removing his hands from her back placed them on her face , and he was pretty sure she would be able to feel his heartbeat through his hands.

“I am deeply in love with you Riley , and I hope that made up for how stupid I was all summer. If it’s not enough I would love to keep making it up to you as your boyfriend if you will let me?” Farkle licked his lip the words lingering in the air. The whole class was in suspense at this point not wanting to react yet , and ruin anything .

“Yes!Yes! Yes!” Riley got all giddy as she giggled loudly Farkle pulled her in for another soft kiss when Maya , and the class couldn’t hold it in anymore.

The whole class started to clap as Maya smacked Lucas desk “NATURE! Nature always wins!” Lucas chuckled at her with a twinkle in his eyes.

Riley , and Farkle turned bright red as they both were reminded they were in the classroom “Oh I forgot…”Farkle nervously shifted running his hand across his neck as Riley put her hand in his with a grin.

“I did too…”Riley squeezed Farkle hand as he led her to his desk.

Farkle made sure she got into her seat then sat in his while glancing over at her “Best summer ever…Bring on a life with Riley Matthews as my girlfriend.!”

Riley shook her head , and smiled brightly “You are such a dork”

Farkle sat up proudly “But I’m your dork.”

“Always” Riley giggled being so excited to finally have Farkle as hers.

“Oi….you two I’d rather not throw up on my first day of school” Maya stuck her tongue out of the two then Squeezed Lucas’s hand before retaking her seat just as Cory came in.

“Morning class sorry I was so late…I hope you were all good while I was gone.” Cory noted how they were all perfectly in their seats , and they all looked too happy.

“Anything happen While I was gone?” The whole class shook their heads as Lucas , Maya , Riley , and Farkle all smiled at each other. “Meet us in the bay window after class Mr. Matthews.” Maya said with a smirk making Cory blink.

“Oh boy that serious huh?” Cory glared at four suspiciously then finally started to teach.

Farkle didn’t really remember anything that was taught that first day of senior year , but He knew he would never forget the day he became Riley’s boyfriend.

Clifford’s mood brightens later in the dressing room when Irwin presents him with a birthday gift from the band, which Irwin had been planning for months: two black custom-made Gibson Les Paul Junior guitars. “Holy fuck!” says Clifford, opening the first case, putting his hands over his face. When he sees the second guitar, he screams: “This is the best day of my life! Oh, my God! Holy fucking shit! This is literally the last fucking thing I expected!” He gives Irwin a huge hug.
—  ok but this part was cute x

foggy mornings would be be best mornings to drive to meet luke @ the airport because you’d have to drive slow until you got out of the fog and it’s give you time to think about how you’d literally be getting to feel his face against yours for the first time in months and he’d be wiping the sleep out of his eyes when he first saw you and he’d get the cutest smile on his face because you’re finally in front of him and it’d be so nice to hug him after that long and just admire his scruff and look up at him and if a few happy tears fell that’d be fine & dandy because he’d be there at last