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May We Never Meet Again [1]

Pairing: Theo x plus sized!reader
Warnings: Make Out Sessions, i steal a scene right out of The Notebook, can you blame me?


Summary: At the end of 6a, Theo decides to leave. He also decides that you are going to be his last goodbye.

You inhale sharply, the door knob held loosely between your fingers.

Your uninvited guest draws his eyes to you quickly. The sound of your heartbeat so suddenly close startles him.

He flashes a smirk, cockiness on 10 as always – even when he dawns battle wounds.

“Hey there, princess.”

Your lips dip into a deep scowl as you eye the intruder up and down, clearly unamused.


“Do you usually show up to girls’ houses uninvited, Raeken?”

Theo cracks a smile, drawing the last of his cards from his part of the deck. “I’m not so sure uninvited as subconsciously longed for.”

You laugh through your nose, slapping down an Ace of Spades on to a King of Hearts. You only have two cards left. A 4 of Hearts and a 3 of Clubs. You’re definitely going to win. “You would like to think we have an emotional connection, wouldn’t you?”

Theo licks his lips and rearranges the order of his cards. His eyes flicker back and forth between the layout of Avengers cards on the table and the girl in front of him.

“We’re no Stiles and Lydia, but I’d like to think there’s something here.”

Your eyes snap up to his. “What.”

The chimera slams down card after card. First a Joker, then an 8 of Clubs, a 9 of Hearts, a 10 of Spades, and then—

And then the bastard’s empty handed.

“Speed!” It tumbles out of his mouth and you throw your cards at his chest in defeat. “Jackass!”

“C'mon now princess,” Theo stands from the table. He even has the audacity to smirk down at you. “Don’t be a sore loser.”

“What the hell?”

“C'mon Theodore,” you coax playfully, hand reaching out for his overshadowing figure. “Just lay down. The street isn’t even all that cold– I promise.”

Theo looks at you. Then he looks down the street. There aren’t any cars coming and he doubts that there will be at this hour of night. But still, he thinks frowns, you never know…

He takes a couple steps back from your body and crouches. He places his hands on the pavement, and stretches out beside you, scooting over a bit when he feels you’re too far away.

You smile wholeheartedly, bursting with a new found appreciation of Theo Raeken when you feel his shoulder brush yours as he gets comfortable— or as comfortable as one can get while lying in the middle of a street.

“Stranger,” you greet him softly, your voice almost a whisper.

“This is what you like to do?” Theo questions, glancing over to gaze at you. “Sleep in the middle of streets?”

You snort, “I don’t sleep, you piglet.” He eyes you incredulously at the insult. “I just– I like lying here, I guess? It’s dangerous and whatever, but–”

“That’s what’s so appealing,” Theo nods along to himself in understanding. The two of you lie in comfortable silence for what feels like forever. Only whispering every now and then to point out stars that look particularly bright.

“You’re kinda crazy,” he snickers, shaking his head while he starts to sit up.

You lurch up, your hand grabbing tight to his arm, “Wait!” You yell in a rush. Theo’s head whips around to you in surprise. “What?” He asks. “What’s wrong?”

You stare back at him, surprised at yourself too. Had you really just done that? Your eyes drop to where your fingers are wrapped around his one middle finger. “Lay here with me,” you amend quieter, your tone far less rushed and far more intimate. “Just for a little while,” you add.

Theo stares at you for what feels like forever. He really would stare at you forever, too. With your hair all out of place like it is. The bags under your eyes from countless days of disproportionate sleep. The little laugh lines that echo your eyes. The flecks of gray that dance across the roots of your hair, but so few and far between in their appearance.

From stress, no doubt. He’d bet $20 on that. High school and protecting an entire county— potentially an entire world from supernatural destruction? That’s a double whammy.

And God, does Theo hate knowing that he’s something you once needed to be protected from. He hates knowing he dared to hurt you in the past. He hates knowing that he’s a monster. All gnashing teeth and skin tearing claws and blood filled mouths.

“I think,” he begins, eyes bright with an adoringly sure gaze. “That you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

The boy stands, dusts himself off, and extends his hands to you. “And I think I regret not telling you that sooner.”

“You and Scott got stuck in the school with an alpha on your asses?”

You clasp your hands against your stomach, a nostalgic smile at your lips. “And Stiles,” you correct. Your eyebrows furrow. “And Lydia, too. Now that I think about it.”

Theo snorts. “No wonder you made it out alive.” You scoff and bite back, “Not all of our plans come from Lydia and Stiles.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” He mumbles between a yawn. He’s so tired, with his red eyes and his heavy heart that feels just a tad bit lighter in your presence.

“That was the first time Allison broke up with Scott,” you recall as Theo turns onto his side to face you better. “And I remember being with Stiles and I remember looking at her walk away from him. Shit, my feelings were hurt.”

“I wonder if Scott goes street-napping in the middle of the night–”

You laugh, quickly tapping him in the chest. “Shut up,” your voice melts into a mumble as you give his face the once over, suddenly so aware of how close he is.

Since you’re lying on your left side, you take your right hand and trail your fingertips across his cheeks. His jaw, his chin, his neck. Theo’s eyes flutter shut under your touch, lips parting organically when you drag your nails lightly down his chest.

You stare at him in wonder, amazement. He’s a precious sort of being. One you’d like to keep. One who you hope wants to keep you.

“Your bed is much more comfortable than that street, just so you know.”

A smile dawns across your face. “That makes sense. Considering one is for car wheels and the other for living bodies–”

“What would you say if I told you that I want you.” The words that float out of his mouth sound like a statement than anything else. His eyes are barely open as you continue your assault on his body, fingers curling into the hair at the nape of his neck.

You fall silent, weighing his statement out. He wants you. Wants your lips and your sharp mouth and your thick thighs and— all of it. He wants all of you. Theo Raeken wants me. And I think I want him too.

And then you’re sitting up, and then you’re reaching for his face, and then you’re pulling him into you. And then he’s closer, closer, and closer, and then you can feel his body flush with your own, his arms on either side of your hips.

You swallow hard as he readjusts his position, moving one of his legs to lay between both of yours. You wrap your legs around his hips, just as lips collide. He slides his hands up and down your thighs, greedy in his need to touch and taste you.

The two of you wrap up in the other, limbs entangled and fingers intertwined, lips slotted against each other in such pliant and giving kisses.

Theo pulls away for a moment, panting, mouth swollen, and hair freshly finger fucked. “I always knew you were attracted to me.”

”Shut the hell up, Theo-“ and you kiss him again, all gentle tides and low ocean waves, and you know you could kiss Theodore Raeken for the rest of your life. For the rest of your life.

What you don’t know, is that Theodore Raeken still plans to leave Beacon Hills before the sun comes up.

Yes, so I’ve finally have the time to read King’s Maker. I won’t dwell too deeply on the writing and the art. However, I am sooOOOOO freaking worried about the next chapters. When Wolfang had his revenge, the first thing that came to mind was ‘What now?’. I mean, he just killed his antagonist? So, what now. Despite the fact that I love how the writer paced the story. There are still moments were I went 'bitch what happened?!?!?!’ with some scenes. I love how the beginning was paced but the middle leading towards the rebellion got me a bit confused. I had so many questions running through my mind. But the dawn visits were the bESTSSSS. (So bloody sweet.) Also, now that Wolfgang’s antagonist is actually dead. I’m wondering where would the story lead us? That latest chapter solved all the goals set in the beginning. The only question is what now of Wolfgang and Shin. But I do hope their romance wouldn’t take center stage too much. Because, I think, that’s what made KM such a good story. Is that the romance is part of it, but it’s subtly placed. So when they actually gift the readers of something (e.g. Chapter 24), we died, dead, deaded. Flatlined. I hope KM would still deliver beautifully and I do hope more people would come to read it. Support the artist if you can at Lezhin.

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32 for the kiss prompts

32. Kiss at dawn

Thanks for the prompt! :) This was probably supposed to be cute and carefree and fluffy but somehow this one of all the prompts I’ve done today turned serious and angsty?? Whoops. 

It’s a pretty stark contrast from nearly everything else I’ve written about Ioren and Cullen, but I’ve been wanting to write a scene like this for a while now because it’s as much a reason for their closeness as anything else I’ve written. Ioren never talks about it, but Cullen gets it. 

Content warning for alcohol, chronic pain, and vague mentioning of PTSD and withdrawal symptoms.

Drinking moon tea in the moonlight might have been poetic, Ioren thought, if the sharp, aching pain along her arm would have allowed her mind a moment’s peace. She’d been up for hours—had she even slept at all, or just tossed and turned? she couldn’t remember—sitting on the balcony and nursing the pain with tea spiked with whiskey. It was finally beginning to recede, little by little. By the time the sun peaked over the mountains, gods and anchor willing, maybe she would be able to finally fall asleep.

“The anchor again?”

Ioren jumped, nearly spilling her tea before she recognized the voice and set the cup down. Cullen, leaning against the doorway, a blanket with hand-stitched mabari hounds thrown around his shoulders, otherwise bare from head to toe. He wiped at his eyes, complexion paler than usual.

Cullen, of all people, understood restless nights. It had gotten better, as of late, but he still had his bad days. Don’t we all?

She nodded in response, looking back towards the mountains. “There’s whiskey if you want it,” she told him, voice hoarse and shaky both from hours of silence and the pain radiating from palm to shoulder, and tilted her head towards the bottle nestled beside her, on top of the pile of blankets and pillows. 

With a pained groan, he bent to snatch it up, then took it’s place. He slid an arm behind Ioren, pulling her to him both for warmth and comfort; he was damp with sweat and dripping with anxiety. Ioren didn’t need to ask to know what from. 

A pale, glowing warmth illuminated her hand as she reached up to him and her fingertips made contact with his forehead. Though she couldn’t get rid of the withdrawal, or the dreams, she could help with the headaches now that her magic didn’t make him flinch.

Almost immediately, Cullen relaxed, letting out a soft sigh as Ioren caressed the side of his face, hand no longer glowing, and brushed the hair sticking to his damp skin out of the way. “You didn’t have to,” he murmured. 

She settled into his side. “It’s—augh, fuck,” she hissed, the aching in her arm spiked, making itself known. She clutched it to her stomach, brow furrowing as she winced. Stars shone behind her closed eyes.

In a singular, fluid motion, Cullen scooped her onto his lap, cradling her against his chest and wrapping her in the blankets. “It’s okay.” Calloused hands stroked her hair, gentle in a way that defied them, and he spoke in a voice even gentler. “It’s okay.

Cullen held her until the dawn broke, sun rising above the mountains and spilling color into the sky, and kissed salty tears away from her cheeks until, finally, she fell into another restless slumber. And soon, he joined her, head resting on top of hers and dreaming of spring days.

What Sarah said at her book signing

- Rhys’s last name is Hotpants (then she retracted and said his name might be revealed in future novels).

- She doesn’t think Aelin and Rhys would fight if they met, they have to much in common. If they met Aelin would be like “I’m too distracted by how attractive you are.” If they got into a verbal fight Aelin would win. Her mean streak runs deeper than Rhys’s. Then she’d feel guilty because “he’s too pretty to cry.”

- If Amren and Manon were tapped in an elevator they’d have a stare off until they both got too hungry to continue. Manon would tear off the elevator’s ceiling panels with her claws and Amren would climb the wires. Then they’d go get a cup of blood together.

- Sarah likes to write “not nice” female characters like Amren and Nesta because she doesn’t think she was always the nicest person in high school. She also believes that no one is ever completely sweet and kind all the time, we’re all a mix of good and bad (except her sister-in-law who is apparently the nicest person in the world). 

- She wrote 20 000 words of Tower of Dawn her first day sitting down to write it. 

- Tower of Dawn will be told from the perspectives of Chaol, Nesryn and Yrene.

- If her characters order Starbucks Amren would be super strong expresso, Rhys would get a latte with pretty foam art and Feyre wouldn’t drink coffee but she’d get English breakfast tea.

- If she could bring her characters anywhere in our world she would bring Feyre to the Louvre. She would just watch Feyre look at the art for hours. She would bring Aelin to the Metropolitan Opera House, which is her favorite place in the world.

- Page 666 of ACOWAR was completely coincidental. When she was reading the version with numbered pages for the first time she burst out laughing when she saw what happened on that page.

- She refused to answer who has the longest wingspan but says she might throw it in at the end of the very last novel. Until then we can choose for ourselves who has the longest ‘wingspan’ and the best ‘flying skills’.

- It upsets her that people feel like they need to apologize for reading fantasy or romance novels. She gained most of her knowledge of healthy romantic and sexual relationships from those kinds of books.

- She still has her copy of Pride and Prejudice from ninth grade where she drew hearts and wrote Sarah Darcy in gel pen.

- Throne of Glass wasn’t a huge success right away. If Crown of Midnight hadn’t sold well she only would have gotten three books.

- She went off on a really long but super sweet tangent about how much she loves her husband. She says that despite common fandom belief he is not the inspiration for Rhys (their only similarities are that they have dark hair and are tall) but their relationship did inspire the tone of Feysand’s relationship, especially the importance placed on equality and partnership. Josh was smiling like crazy the entire time to the point where Sarah had to stop because she kept laughing at his “goofy grin.”

- The very first scene of ACOTAR was inspired by the first song of the Princess Mononoke soundtrack while the last scene of ACOWAR was inspired by the last song on the soundtrack. This was a coincidence.

- Her dog sleeps in Sarah’s office while she writes. She goes there after her walk every morning like she’s going to work.

- She gets inspiration for her female characters through music. She gets inspiration for her male characters by trying to figure our how to get their shirts off in a rainstorm.


And josh? what about him? we haven’t recovered his body. the wendigo. what? it’s the only thing that makes sense. the wendigo took him down into the mines.