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Time Travel and a Cheese Grater, yes?

My wonderful lovely whumpster….

Those are objects, my love. I need people lol. 

Oh! I could do a time traveller and a cheese maker?

I know fuck all about history but I do know that Applewood smoked cheese is the best fucking cheese - I will fight anyone on this.

The first time she enters his shop, she smiled at him as she’s seen him before. He knows for certain if he’d ever crossed paths with such a woman, he’d never forget it. She looks simply out of this world, yet she enters his shop as if they were old friends.

“Good Morning, milady. How can i be of service?”

“i was hoping you had something… smoky.”

He’s been crafting a particular cheese for a while now. A mature applewood smoked cheddar that’s become his personal pride and joy.

He offers her a sample and she smiles as she tastes it. Nodding in approval and causing him to blush furiously at her pleasure in the cheese. 

“And how much would that be…”

“Killian. Killian Jones at your service, miss. And that’s Half a shilling if you please.”

“Killian. Right. I’m Emma.” 

Her accent tells him she’s most likely travelling from the American lands. She hands him the coin and takes the cheese, smiling and bidding him farewell, leaving him an awestruck mess.

She’s definitely otherworldly. 

The second time she enters his shop, she looks somewhat younger. She’s guarded, reluctant to speak. He offers her a sample of the Applewood cheddar and she takes the same as before. There’s no smile or farewell when she leaves this time. 

She’s a strange woman yet she fascinates him all the same.

She visits again and again over the next six months. Each time she’s rapidly different. Softer, harsher, lighter, guarded, sad, happy, flirtatious, sorrowful.

Killian finds himself becoming enamoured with the beautiful blonde ray of sunshine with the strange clothing. Each time she shows up he gifts her with the Applewood Cheddar and each time he falls just a little bit more for the mysterious miss Emma. 

“You always seem to have plenty of this.”

“I make it for you especially, Miss Emma.” he admits one day. Her blush is burned into his memory and his heart soars. 

It’s late October when she turns up again. His smile lights up his whole face at her appearance. His step lighter and his voice merry with excitement. She smiles softly at his mood.

He gifts her her regular order and suddenly becomes nervous. He swore to himself that he’d pluck up the courage to ask her if she would like to accompany him one afternoon to the park, and now the moment was here he was stuttering.

“Miss Emma. Pardon the forwardness of my query but, i was wondering, if you’d be interested in accompanying me on a stroll tomorrow afternoon?” 

She gives him a sad smile as her eyes turn watery. 

“I can’t, Killian. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s quite alright. I understand. Please, forgive my boldness.” he tries to reassure her, biting back the sting of rejection.

She leaves soon after, and his day grows that bit darker.

He doesn’t see her after that day.

Christmas turns to Easter and yet Killian still makes the cheese, hoping she’ll return, forgive him, change her mind, forget about his foolish request.

But she never does.

It’s five years later when the bell to the shop door jingles. It’s nearing 5 o clock and he’s soon to be closing but the person who’s entered his shop has him freezing in his tracks.

It’s her.

He almost doesn’t recognise her. 

She’s older. Far older than she should be. Her hair whiter, skin more frail, littered with decades of stories and memories alike. But those bright greet eyes are unmistakable. 


“I shouldn’t be here.” she tells him, moving closer to the counter. “But I had to come back and see you one last time.”

“I don’t understand.”

She turns to the shelf and smiles.

“You still make it.”

“I never stopped. I held hope that you’d come back again and forgive me.”

Her hand reaches out to stroke his cheek.

“There’s nothing to forgive, killian. Just regret. Regret for time. In another world and another place, i would have been with the man I fell in love with.”

Her words confuse him but the way she looks into his eyes has his heart pounding.

She leans forward and places a sweet kiss on his cheek.

“Goodbye, Killian.”

Without another word, she turns and leaves. Killian moves with haste around the counter and out the door, hoping to see where she’s headed but she’s nowhere to be seen. 

He never sees her again. But he never forgets her either. 

The mysterious Miss Emma. 

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Hi! Sooo… I really have no idea of what to ask, so… I'll keep it simple: How do you imagine Hinny's wedding? 💛

SO MANY THINGS.  I’m still brainstorming the wedding fic, but here are a few thoughts:

  • definitely at the burrow
  • probably harry forgets the mother/son dance is a thing and then when someone brings it up at the reception he doesnt even blink and asks mcgonagall
  • ron is best man always and forever yes
  • luna helps them plan it (someone’s gotta take care of the nargles)
  • it’s a small guest list and they probably leak a fake date to screw with rita
  • Ginny and Harry have a special dance with teddy (YES THEY DO)
  • They also cut in when Ron and Hermione get lovey - and Harry slow dances with ron

idk i have so many more lol i could go forever (welcome to my fic brainstorm lol)

Tell me things!


1. post the rules
2. answer the questions given to you by the tagger
3. write 11 questions of your own
4. and tag 11 people

I’ve been tagged by @lolofangirl tysm! <3 I’ll do my best to answer!

1. Do I remind you of anyone?

Actually, yeah! You kind of remind me of my cousin. She’s really cool and I think you guys would get along really well lol

2. Least favorite book series?

Hmm…I don’t really remember books that I specifically don’t like…oh I’m not such a big fan of the Percy Jackson series. I like the Kane Chronicles and the Magnus Chase series though. 

3. If you could be a tree, what kind would you be?

Ooh I never thought about this! Hmm probably a cherry blossom tree or a weeping willlow.

4. Favorite super-hero?

Spider-Man!! Peter is such a relatable guy, it’s hard not to like him. He’s also really funny.

5. Your opinion on the Minions?

I don’t really like or dislike them. They’re kind of funny I guess.

6. Anime or Manga?

Manga. I generally prefer the format of manga over anime, I’m not sure why. (The book is always better!!)

7. Does your phone/tablet have a lock?


8. Would you call yourself ‘trustworthy’?

Can you trust me to keep a secret? Yes. I would never betray someone who trusts me. Can you trust me remember to remind you about something? NO. I am very absent-minded and I’m usually the one who needs reminding.

9. Fruits or veggies?

Fruits! I like sweet things.

10. Dancing or singing?

Neither? I can sort of sing, but not very well, and I can’t dance at all. I have zero hand-foot coordination.

11. Weirdest show you’ve ever watched?

Probably The Fairly Oddparents. That show is absolutly wacky but I love it XD


And now for my questions…hmm…

1. Favorite fictional character(s)?

2. Favorite movie?

3. Which aspect of yourself are you most confident in?

4. Country you most want to visit?

5. Someone you look up to:

6. Dream job?

7. Noodles or spaghetti?

8. Favorite color(s)?

9. What’s your clothing style?

10. Best moment/event in your life:

11. Favortie music genre?


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I will say, hands are some of the hardest things to grasp when learning how to draw! Even people who have been drawing for years can be intimidated by these lil appendages! My methods for drawing them might be a bit weird, but I’m happy to share some of the things I try and keep in mind while trying to capture the essence of The Hand

I hope some people can find this useful! I could probably have gone on and on about drawing hands in this post but it’s already long enough-

Be More Chill Themed Asks!
  • Jeremy: Are you in love with somebody?
  • Christine: If you could be any mythical creature which would you want to be?
  • Michael: Are you comfortable in your own skin?
  • Jenna: Are you more of a talker or a listener?
  • Chloe: Do you get jealous easily?
  • Brooke: Who are your best friends?
  • Rich: What's your sexuality?
  • Jake: Are you a theater kid, a band kid, an athlete kid, or a dance kid?
  • Mr. Reyes: What's your dream job?
  • Squip: If you had a Squip, who would yours look like?
Some Hella Cool Asks
  • 1: Marvel or DC?
  • 2: Do you have any siblings?
  • 3: Do you watch anime subbed or dubbed?
  • 4: How old are you?
  • 5: What is your favorite sport?
  • 6: Favorite soda/beverage?
  • 7: What is your favorite tv show?
  • 8: Do you marathon shows or watch a few episodes at a time?
  • 9: How often do you exercise?
  • 10: Do you wear makeup? How often?
  • 11: Favorite Disney movie?
  • 12: Would you rather watch a movie or a tv show?
  • 13: Do you have your driver’s license?
  • 14: What is your favorite animal?
  • 15: Black widow or Catwoman?
  • 16: favorite youtuber?
  • 17: What is your earliest memory?
  • 18: Favorite video game?
  • 19: What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • 20: Dinosaurs or dragons?
  • 21: What is the worst injury you have ever had?
  • 22: What piercings do you have/want?
  • 23: Any tattoos? if not, would you get any?
  • 24: Sexual orientation?
  • 25: What is your best subject in school?
  • 26: What is your favorite book series?
  • 27: Do you have a crush on anyone currently?
  • 28: Single or in a relationship?
  • 29: What character would you most like to cosplay?
  • 30: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • 31: Cats or dogs?
  • 32: What is the most embarassing thing to ever happen to you?
  • 33: Tell me a story.
  • 34: What is the strangest thing you've ever seen someone wear?
  • 35: Where in the world would you most like to travel?
  • 36: Favorite Pokemon?
  • 37: favorite color?
  • 38: Are you religious?
  • 39: Post a selfie
  • 40: Have you ever left your home country/state?
  • 41: Do you prefer to travel by car or airplane?
  • 42: Are you a fan of rollercoasters?
  • 43: What is your favorite OTP?
  • 44: Who is your favorite Disney princess?
  • 45: Who is your favorite Disney prince?
  • 46: Who is your favorite Disney villain?
  • 47: Do you sing along to the radio?
  • 48: Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?
  • 49: Any headcanons?
  • 50: If you could have one of the Deathly Hallows (cloak of invisibility, Elder Wand, or Resurrection Stone), which would it be?
  • 51: What house would you be in Hogwarts?
  • 52: When was the last time you told someone you loved them?
  • 53: Do you have any weird habits?
  • 54: What do you do when you're bored?
  • 55: What is the strangest thing you've seen at Walmart?
  • 56: What color are your eyes?
  • 57: What is your natural hair color?
  • 58: Have you ever broken a bone? How?
  • 59: What is your favorite food?
  • 60: What do you look for in a relationship?
  • 61: If you could live in any era, which would it be and why?
  • 62: How late do you usually stay up?
  • 63: What is your favorite website?
  • 64: Have you been to any concerts?
  • 65: Are you involved in any extracurriculars at school?
  • 66: If you could be the opposite gender for a day, what would you do?
  • 67: What are you most proud of?
  • 68: Do you have any big regrets?
  • 69: What was the best day of your life?
  • 70: Do you crack your knuckles?
  • 71: Do you play any instruments?
  • 72: First kiss story?
  • 73: Do you like hot or cold weather?
  • 74: What is your favorite song of all time?
  • 75: Any weird talents?

Welcome to @zyxnet: Call Me Baby era
Harry Styles tweets - and quickly deletes - snaps of Louis Tomlinson
The side-by-side images, which were retweeted by Harry's account, showed his One Direction bandmate sipping iced beverages in pictures apparently taken years apart.

On Monday, he was seen touching down in New York City as he prepared to pressed on with promotional efforts for his newly-released single Sign Of The Times.

But Harry Styles left fans scratching their heads by Tuesday night, when he tweeted - and then quickly deleted - snapshots of Louis Tomlinson, captioned ‘then and now’.

The side-by-side images, which were retweeted by Harry’s account, showed his One Direction bandmate sipping iced beverages in pictures apparently taken years apart.

And as if the point of the post - which was also accompanied by a link - wasn’t confusing enough, it vanished almost as soon as it arrived.

Hordes of followers took screenshots of the fleeting post - and then promptly took to discussing it, with an almost unanimous chorus of fans concluding he was hacked, while other speculated that he may have sent out the tweet in error.

As a scattering of fans popped up to counter both theories, another struck back by writing: 'Do you really think Harry would come out of the blue during SNL rehearsals to tweet a picture of Louis when he never even tweets?’

The 23-year-old heart-throb is currently in the Big Apple, ahead of making an appearance on Saturday Night Live, where he’ll perform his new track.

Harry will be performing Sign Of The Times and another track yet to be revealed on SNL, in an episode presented by comedian and former SNL regular Jimmy Fallon.

The singer - whose band embarked on an extended hiatus in March 2016 - sent social media into meltdown after unveiling his hotly-anticipated debut solo single on Radio 1 last Friday.

One fan enthused: ’@Harry_Styles my baby! I’m super proud of u! That was amazing. I’m feeling like a proud mum love u so so so much! #SignOfTheTimes’.

'Holy s**t @Harry_Styles . Brilliant. #signofthetimes Not what I expected. Loving it. Can’t wait to hear more’, another posted.

Others cooed, @Harry_Styles IM SO PROUD FOR YOU ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤’, 'Harry Styles is the best thing to happen since sliced bread!!!’, and 'my ears have been blessed <33 @Harry_Styles’.

His fellow bandmates Liam Payne and Niall Horan also took to Twitter to congratulate Harry on the track.

New dad Liam wrote on Twitter 'proud of you H. Glad you’re getting to do your own thing’, while Niall added: 'Love it H.’

However, there are concerns that Harry could miss out on the number one spot, as a number of fans could not listen to the single on streaming service Spotify due to a 'glitch’.  

“Uh…. not what I was planning, but okay…”

here have this completely out of context comic I couldn’t help drawing

in which ford (while dimension hopping) comes across a dimension where billdip is a thing and has now vowed to keep them apart at all cost in his own dimension even tho no one understands what he’s talking about

more context under the cut

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hockey tough is just regular stupid

in which a steeler doesn’t understand why bones is walking on his peg leg

(ps if someone else could please gif this like the struggle was real since i have no idea what i was doing or if this will work)

Azkaban Number

(AO3 link)

Harry had testified at Draco Malfoy’s trial. It hadn’t even occurred to him not to do it. Draco had been a git and a constant pain in Harry’s arse for years but he had never lived up to the cruelty of a real Death Eater.

But even Harry’s testimony hadn’t been enough to save Draco from a couple of months in Azkaban. He had been released just in time for the start of the next Hogwarts year and Headmistress Mcgonagall had allowed him to return to the school and complete his final year with the rest of the 8th year students. Harry’s plea to her to give Draco a chance had been completely unnecessary and he had flushed with embarrassment once she had told him so.

So not having avoided Azkaban meant that Draco Malfoy hadn’t avoided being branded yet again either. That time - with a short prison number, right bellow his right year. Unlike the Dark Mark, the Azkaban number was an ordinary tattoo and could easily be hidden with a well - placed glamour.

But Draco wasn’t hiding it in any way. And that was the current problem of one Harry Potter, who just couldn’t stop staring at it. At first he hadn’t understood why he was doing it. But his eyes always landed there when he looked at Draco. And soon he had realized that he was looking at Draco very often.

Harry thought the black ink of the number contrasted beautifully with Draco’s pale skin. He wasn’t sure where that thought had come from. But once it had - Harry could not stop thinking about it. And with it came other thoughts.

And with them - the undeniable realisation that Harry wanted to kiss the number. He wanted to kiss Draco’s throat and make the other boy moan with pleasure. He wanted to suck gently on the skin and leave his own mark on Draco as well. He wanted to comb his fingers through the pale blond hair and tug at it enough for Draco to tilt his head and bare the number even more for Harry.

And thus, Harry came to the conclusion that he probably had a thing for necks and throats. And possibly for tattoos. But mainly - he had a thing for Draco Malfoy. And Draco Malfoy’s neck. Draco Malfoy’s tattooed neck.

“Fuck.” Harry hissed as he adjusted his trousers for the third time since Draco had entered the Great Hall.

BTS Reaction | Anti-social

Anon request: Hey! I saw that your requests were open and I just wanted to say your account is one of the best on Tumblr, so I was wondering if you could do a reaction to the S/O being too caught up in studying and being generally anti-social (just to get me through my own exams lol) thankYOUUUU keep being amazing ^-^

A/N: Thank you so much, also good luck with your exams (and good luck to others who are currently taking exams too!)

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hey! kinda weird but do you have any Verified 11thsense Tips on drawing mouths / smiles? thank u!

I’m not the best at mouths considering I always draw them in the same position lol but I shared what I could Tip wise. 

Behind Closed Door Pt. 1 - Jeff Atkins (Requested)

Originally posted by hannah-db

Requested by @fuckkoffcourtney love the username btw haha, this will have a part 2 but it is yet to be written, sorry for not posting for the past 2 days, my depression struck and I lost myself, but I’m back, thanks everyone who had been reading my other posts and following me! You are all angels and I hope to keep pleasing you with more, so without further ado I hope you enjoy and as always thank you for reading ♡ 

A beep sounded outside my house so I quickly grabbed my backpack running outside to Zach who was waiting for me in his car, I jump in and he smiled at me before driving off to school. Usually Jeff would pick me up but he had gone to school way earlier to practice for the baseball game after school today, and although I wanted to be there for him for encouragement, I just couldn’t force myself to wake up that early.

Zach and I arrived at school, I kissed his cheek thanking him and got out smiling when I saw my boyfriend waiting for me in front of the school with open arms, I instantly ran into them, latching myself onto him as I kissed his face whispering I love yous to him. He chuckled and securely held me in his strong arms as I showered him with love, I finally stopped kissing his face and softly cupped his face to kiss him deeply, Jeff kissed back and I gasped as his hand clenched my ass, I quickly pulled away and brought my legs down remembering we were in school.

However, Jeff wasn’t very happy with the loss of contact, “Baby” he whined but I just intertwined our fingers and pull him inside school to our lockers.

Jessica stood next to mine and gave me a quick hug before asking me how was my weekend while Jeff went to greet Justin and Alex, I opened my locker to get out the books I needed for first period and smiled at the pictures covering the inside of my locker, many of them were Jeff and I but there was a few with our group.

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