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I love your game so so so much! It's super fun and inspiring and it physically pains me to be an a hole lol, so I try my best. I think your message could be taken as rude but it's really sweet and I wanted to thank you lol, you convinced me to get off my butt and do some work >:< and also I was wondering (I don't wanna be rude or demanding or anything) but is there a way to set yourself to be a boy? Just wondering and thank you :3

Ok so the thing about MC is that she’s actually her own separate character, not a self-insert for the player. So like when you play as her it’s like some weird form of possession of something. Also there isn’t a setting to change the mc sorry

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I am having a mini break down every time my phone vibrates/lights up/does nothing. I'm not even gonna make it until I'm legal. ffs

Me - I have notif on for Ed, and he’s posting a lot - needless to say I die every single day 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Ok my phone says A Day exactly PULL THE TRIGGER STYLES- TOMLINSON, SORRY


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:The thing that makes me doubt both babies the most is that OTRA show where Louis and Liam had the baby doll and emphasized multiple times that it was not real. What a frickin’ coincidence would it be that exactly those two are now fathers? A lot is shady, but this is what gets me the most. :)

Ok…. that was shady 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Hi!! The best thing they could do its to say he know for months that he is not the father because I saw people starting to question why hes never with his son and feel sorry for bri. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Hm do it 

Laucy VS Camren

Well, this is not a theory. I got up to these pics and they hit me like a truck. I’m not a morning person, but this even overpowered what an alarm could do.

I admit I wasn’t on the best state to see these pics because I just got my heart broken. So seeing the 1st pic posted on wildflyme’s instagram was breaking my heart even more because I’m a camren shipper af.

These pics are so sensual, yes. They both look really happy. With the fragile state of me right now, even the 1st pic had me so down and sad because my ship has lost in the middle of nowhere LOL. It felt as if my heart was ripped to two.

But again, this is media. One thing that is consistent about me wherever I am on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr) is that I don’t trust media anymore. MTV is one of them. I don’t even believe in Billboard, then how can I even trust MTV? This is the link

After all, we all know, these are from a photoshoot in November 2016.

There are many possibilities out there, but I’m just gonna narrow them down to 2 possibilities here. If I list all the possibilities one by one, it might end up like a novel. It’s better to just focus on two.

1. Laucy did date just like what was mentioned in the article and Camren was NOT real or even if Camren might be dating at some point

2. Laucy did date just like what was mentioned in the article, but Camren IS real as well

You know, when you read these 2 possibilities, you will feel like, “No, I think..” or “Wait.. but..” Save it. Let’s just focus on these 2, because I know it’s a never ending debate if we talk about all possibilities.

But now, let’s see the big picture and let’s stop with “No, Camren is real” and “No, Laucy is real” debate. Let’s look at another point of view here. What if both ships are real?

For me, the 2nd possibility is what I believe. You know I don’t trust media anymore just like what I said earlier. But, what was mentioned in MTV is STILL one of the many possibilities, right? We can’t just exclude it just because we are denying that Laucy is real.

Laucy might be real at some point (or not). They mentioned they dated on and off for a few years. They have known each other since high school. The context of “a few years” might be around 2 - 3 years. That’s my definition. 4 years for a relationship for me is a long time. I can’t define it as only “a few” years. But, what if this happened before Camila and Lauren met each other? Or what if this happened before Camila and Lauren realized they fell in love with each other? For God’s sake, this might happened during the X Factor as well, and Laucy & Camren might be a complicated love triangle (okay, I’m delusional but this is one of the million possibilities out there, right?)

It was mentioned in MTV article that they did this photoshoot as part of their coming out. It was mentioned “They did really like each other” but there was no timeline mentioned about when they had the relationship. It was only mentioned “They dated for a few years”.

Those photoshoot pics might break my heart, but I’m not losing my Camren heart. No.. Why? Because of these.

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I’m sorry but they look really happy here as well? Or are you still gonna call me delusional?

Well, these gifs seem too friendly though. But these iconic moments will always be in our minds.

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Your other expressions can lie, but your eyes will never lie. These gifs are heart-warming to be honest.

Then, these indirects.

Lol, I’m sorry for being extra on this. But have you realized that the article confirmed yet killing Laucy at the same time?

I’m NOT losing hope on what I call as true love. I might be so lowkey about it on my instagram and twitter accounts cause I use those platform for another purpose. I never posts about Camren there. But here, in Tumblr, I’m quite vocal about it. I might not be as intense as the other Camren accounts, and I might be lowkey about it, but since the very beginning my fan account was made, I AM a Camren shipper.

You have your right to believe what you wanna believe, but I believe in true love and that revolves around Camren, because the way Lauren looks at Camila is love.

P.S. Guys, I don’t know why but on my phone the pictures shown are only a few. Even the indirect pics are only one which is shown. Is it like that in your phone as well? Because I posted this using my laptop. If you see it from the laptop or computer, you’ll see all the trolls lol

I asked my mom to name some of the Underverse characters (Sans)

I promised to do this thanks to @ munchkinthefandomcat and their Dad post.

Mom doesn’t know so much about Undertale and Underverse, so this is my first attempt trying to involve her in my current job lol.

So, this is the result. Mom gave them a name and a…profession? or something like that?

Fell is just Olafo XD.

- You did your best, Mom XD.

Note: “Chaparrín” is a spanish term for “short”.  It could be used for a really short person or even for a lovely nickname.

26 Unusual K-pop Asks: What's/Who's...
  • A: Something really attractive that your bias does?
  • B: A favorite physical feature of your bias?
  • C: A color that you think your bias looks good in?
  • D: Your favorite dance?
  • E: An idol you think would be easy to get along with?
  • F: The first group you loved?
  • G: A group you wish you could see more of on your dash?
  • H: The best hairstyle your bias has ever had?
  • I: The most interesting voice or style in K-pop?
  • J: A group you love to jam out to?
  • K: Your favorite non-Korean idol?
  • L: Your favorite line from a song?
  • M: Your favorite Maknae?
  • N: The best/catchiest name (or stage name)?
  • O: Another occupation you could see your bias being?
  • P: Your favorite photoshoot?
  • Q: A quality your bias shows that you absolutely love?
  • R: The best rapper, or, the best rapper line?
  • S: A song that never fails to get stuck in your head?
  • T: Your favorite hidden talent an idol has shown?
  • U: The most unusual group?
  • V: The best/sexiest voice in K-pop?
  • W: Something you wonder about?
  • X: Your favorite cross-group friendship?
  • Y: The last M/V you watched on Youtube?
  • Z: Not related to Z, but... Your favorite Kpop blogs?
HOW TO TREAT UR BITCH RIGHT: A Guide by Tamlin of the Spring Court

Hey everyone, it’s Tam. Me and my girl Feyre got the best love story of all time! I just got her back at my court, so imma tell you how to treat your bitch right like I’ve treated mine! (:

  1. If ur bitch about to die for you, don’t do nothing brave, just sit there idly and watch shit go down. lol you could get hurt brother! 
  2. Let’s say you manage to escape ur captor for like one night. What you gonna do? YOU GONNA GET THE BOOTY. that’s right my guy!! i mean it’s not like u and ur girl aint already done the do, but like if u wanna leave a good impression before she risk her life for u… give her Tamlin Jr lol
  3. when ur bitch bout to get her neck snapped, don’t do nothing brave, just sit there idly and watch another man jump in and try to save her. bc yo… u gonn be so tired after watching everything for days ://// like u already tried to give her one last night of magic sooo oh well
  4. If ur bitch gets up in tha middle of the night and vomits and has nightmares and shit, don’t wake up and help her, she’s independent, she can take care of herself
  5. ur bitch cannot take care of herself. lock ur doors. leave her with some toys and servants. she’ll be ok
  6. if ur bitch loses a bunch of weight all of a sudden, compliment her diet!! she look hella good
  7. ***IMPORTANT!*** if another man who wears the same fukin emo outfit every day made a bargain to take ur bitch on a bad vacation every month and she come back lookin healthier, its a trick.. he tryna fuk!!
  8. even tho ur bitch may have won a bunch of crazy ass trials and saved ur ass, she cannot defend herself 
  9. if your bitch tell u she ran away out of free will, its a trick
  10. if an evil king offers help get ur bitch back, take it bc he’s super trustworthy (worked for me lol)

Thats all for now! I’ll be back with book 2 soon!!

You Like That?

Title: You Like That?

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,025 (I know it’s long, but it’s worth it) (that’s what He said lol)

Warnings: SMUT!! Hair pulling kink, Praise kink, bondage, dom/sub

Anonymous said: Can you possibly do one where reader and Dean are best friends and he has a thing for her and has secret kinks, and the reader somehow does different things and finds out about all those kinks? Like maybe one could be that he has a hair pulling kink and one day the reader is playing with his hair and tugs it a little and Dean like moans or something

A/N: Anon I hope you’re reading this and liking it! I know some people wanted it in two parts but I just thought it flowed so much better this way. Enjoy!!


Dean whirled around, dumping the bowl of popcorn all over the floor. “Shit Y/N, you scared me.”

“Sorry! Didn’t mean to. What are you up to?” You bent down to help him pick up the popcorn. “I’m super bored and Sam left for the weekend.”

Dean’s eyes dropped to the floor. “I, um, I was going to watch a movie. If you want you can join, gotta make more popcorn though.”

Grabbing Dean’s shoulder to help you up you wiped your hands on your pants before resting them on your hips, “I’ll set it up while you make it.” When Dean didn’t respond you snapped your fingers in his face. “Dean, did you hear me?”

“Huh? Wha-“ Dean’s words were lost as he looked up at you standing over him.

“Did you hear me? I’ll set up the movie while you make more. You okay dude? You’ve been really spacy lately.”

“No, yeah I’m fine, just tired. The movie is by my TV, I’ll be there in a minute or two.”

Dean’s POV

Waiting for Y/N to leave the room you stood up, letting out the breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding. Adjusting yourself you headed to the counter, grabbing the bag of microwave popcorn. Dude, keep it together! You gotta stop acting like such a spazz around her!

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Merry belated Feast of the Winter Star!! @otagen
I’m you’re stand-in Secret Santa but I’m really glad I could draw this. You’re farmer is great and all I could think about with you’re request was “bad winter sweaters” and no one actually looking at the camera while they’re trying to do their holiday photo. They all make a great little family~  Cheers!!

“Uh…. not what I was planning, but okay…”

here have this completely out of context comic I couldn’t help drawing

in which ford (while dimension hopping) comes across a dimension where billdip is a thing and has now vowed to keep them apart at all cost in his own dimension even tho no one understands what he’s talking about

more context under the cut

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What would the 104th & vets do after they found out their significant other has cheated on him/her?

Mikasa: Punches the next best thing there is
Reiner: That’s cool, then we’re quit now. 
Bertholdt: Oh… okay…
Annie: Punch a hole into the wall right next to their head ‘How could youuuu?!’ is actually crying
Eren: What the heck? I trusted you?!
Jean: What does he have that I don’t?
Marco: Don’t worry, we can work this out!
Sasha: Dramatic af
Connie: Screaming in confusion
Historia: lol bye
Armin: Needs time for himself to think about it and see if he wants to go on with the relationship 
Ymir: Laughs and goes on eating chips
Levi: You can’t be cheated on if you don’t let anyone close enough

Hanji: Doesn’t mind, depending on who it is
Erwin: Drinks away his sorrows
Nanaba: Dramatically slaps S/O in the face and rage cries
Mike: Frowns until person explains themself

  • Me: *watches episode*
  • *I want to break free starts playing*
  • Me: Hold on... A completely random song that came out of nowhere? That could only mean...
  • Moriarty: *makes a dramatic entrance*
  • Moftiss: lol bitch u thought
You’re just a kid

(A/N): I love Peter Parker so much man

Request: could you please do an imagine with tom holland where the age gap is like 5 years, and toms the older one, and they’re kinda scared to tell him but toms just like lol I like you too ? I know you wrote similar one with peter so it’s all good if you don’t wanna write this one, love all your writing by the way xx


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   It was nerve wracking to be the youngest person in the mcu at the time. You’d been cast as one of Peter’s best friends, one that had been added into the latest movie at the last minute, a character completely unfamiliar to the comics, and you were the youngest of the bunch. Even the x-men kids down at Sony weren’t even as young as you and now you were on the big screen, filming alongside some of your favorite characters in the history of everything. 

   Not only were you working with great characters but with more than great actors, more specifically Tom. It took you all of five minutes to fall in love with the guy, he was great to talk with, he constantly made you feel like you fit in on set, he was awkward but in a really cute nerdy way, and your damn hormones had gotten the better of you, making you fall in love. However, there was only one teeny tiny thing setting you back; Tom Holland just so happened to be five years older than you. Yes, you were 15 years old, coming in at the youngest player in the game of Marvel. 

   Most everyone was twice your age if not more but here everyone was at least a bit closer to you in age but there was still that damn age gap between you and all of your coworkers. To say that this realization but a damper on your mood would be putting it lightly. You almost felt inferior to everyone else due to your age, sometimes they even directly contributed to that little nagging inferior feeling. 

   More often than not you were the butt of everyone’s joke, whether that be your small size (puberty was still trying to make it’s way to you) or the fact that you were so young. So despite Tom’s best efforts to make you feel accepted amongst everyone you still felt like shit every time you walked on set.

    The teasing especially got bad in breaks and lunches. Every time you’d even set foot within one of your coworkers you were bound to be roasted for something and honestly you’d had enough. You wanted to quit filming, go back home and pretend like you never got this bit of fame but you Had a contract, an eight movie contract over the course of 6 years. You had to put up with all this ridicule for six years and you honestly didn’t even want to fathom what the later years were going to bring you.

    The stress of filming (aka your coworkers) was finally starting to get to you and you’d had enough. As soon as the director called for a break you ran off, locking yourself in your trailer to avoid any confrontation with anyone. With a shaky sigh you slump against your door, burying your face in your hands as you attempted to soothe your nerves so that when someone came to retrieve you you’d be ready to face  everyone. However, this happened a bit earlier than you had expected as a slight knock on your trailer door pulled you away from your hands. 

   “Hey, (Y/N)?” Tom’s voice rings in your ears, involuntarily making your cheeks heat up. “You in here?” 

   “Y-Yeah,” You manage, your voice shakier than intended. 

   “Are you okay?” His tone sounds hesitant, as though he was scared of asking you if you were alright. 

   “Yeah, I’m good, just a bit of a headache,” You lie through your teeth, wincing when you realized how fake your tone sounds.  

   “…can I come in?” God, if you said no he was going to know something was up, even through all this shit you had been absolutely chipper, putting on a fake smile even though the ridicule infuriated you beyond belief. If you started acting strange now Tom would most definitely know what was wrong. 

   “Sure,” You mutter, quickly turning the lock so he could open the door. Not even a moment later the door opened, revealing a rather concerned looking Tom. 

   “Um…” Tom closes the door behind him, leaving the two of you encased in the trailer. “Are you sure you’re okay (Y/N)? You seem…off recently,” You nod your head, gulping as you lied once again. 

   “Yeah, I think the stress of everything is just getting to me-” 

   “(Y/N), you are the worst liar on the face of this planet, don’t even try to deny it, now will you please tell me what’s really wrong?” You crack a small smile at his joke, even when you were feeling super shitty he was able to make you smile. But your smile soon dissipated when you realized that Tom had figured you out, he knew something was up and he wasn’t going to drop it until he knew what was wrong. So as of right now you had two options; tell him the truth and have your heartbroken by your best friend, or make up another lie that he was most likely going to be able to see through. So with a sigh and heavy heart you began to spill your heart out. 

   “Well, there’s this guy I like on set but since everyone is so much older than me I doubt he’d ever like me back and I guess it just makes me really sad,” Tom nods, his lips pressed into a thin line. “And I guess all the ridicule doesn’t really help either,” You mumble, your gaze falling to your fingers as you pick at your nails, anything to avoid Tom’s gaze. 

   “(Y/N)…do you-” He scoffs lightly at himself, almost in disbelief of what he was going to ask. “Do you like me?” You gulp, the line of your throat bobbing as Tom hit the head of the nail straight on, having already figured out your predicament weeks ago. 

   “I’m sorry!” You squeak, your voice a few octaves higher than intended. “I know you probably just see me as a kid and I get that but-” 

   “(Y/N),” Tom places his hands on your shoulders gently, efficiently shushing you gently. “It’s okay,” He stares at you softly, some form of twinkle in his eyes as he does. “I uh…I kinda like you too,” You immediately perk up at this, not quite believing the words that had just come from his own lips. “I just thought that the age gap would weird you out and-” You immediately shake your head no, staring up at him with wide eyes. Tom gives you a little smile, an almost relived chuckle falling from his lips. “You know…if we got together it’d kinda be illegal and frowned upon,” You nod your head, slumping down in defeat once again. “But I think I can wait three years for you,” You look up at him with a faint smile, your hopes rising once again. 

   “Really?” You ask softly, not quite believing his words yet again. Tom nods, smiling a bit brighter than before. 

   “Yeah, it’s not that too far down the road, we won’t even be filming our next movie by then,” You nod your head, your spirits a bit brighter than when you left the set. “Now why don’t you come out and eat lunch with us?” You nod your head yet again, smiling widely. 

   It may be a few years before the two of you could ever get together but you knew it was going to be well worth the wait. 

Sirius Imagine 6

Request: Hey it’s my birthday and I was wondering if you could do a Sirius x reader but it includes all the marauders and it’s just really fluffy and sweet but Sirius is I dunno he’s just the best

lol i 100% agree he is the best. and happy bday!!! sorry this took so long I’ve been super busy and i have to do my requests in order :( but anyways i hope u like this!!! 


You looked around, trying to find whoever was shouting.


You looked around the Great Hall again.

“Over here! Over here!”

You saw James Potter waving his arms frantically. Remus was sitting next to him, his face red with laughter as he and Peter were watching Sirius with his head in the hands, like he was trying to hide from the world.

You walked over to the Marauder’s slightly confused. You could never be too careful around them, and prepared yourself for a prank as you approached the table.

“Hey guys,” you said, sitting down slowly next to Sirius.

James, Remus, and Peter were giggling like idiots and Sirius was trying to hide in his cloak.

“Y/n,” Remus said laughing, “Gue-guess what Padfoot just said.”

Sirius groaned and you got a glimpse of his beet-red face when he wiped his face with his hands.

“What?” You asked, suddenly curious.

“H-he, h-he- Oh Merlin I can’t,” Remus fell over.

“He said-” Peter began but James cut him off, howling with laughter.

“You, and I quote, make him ‘feel like the sun is always shining on his heart.’”

Sirius let his head fall onto the table and groaned. 

You laughed, “Aw, how cute. Someone’s got a crush!!”

Sirius lifted his head up and glared at you, he was still blushing furiously and trying not to laugh from embarrassment, “You’re my girlfriend!!”

“Still..” you winked at him.

“Ughhh!! I hate you,” Sirius put his head back down on the table. 

You put your head on the table next to his and he moved his so that the two of you were looking at each other.

You both remained silent for a moment and then both exploded into laughter. 

You both sat up and after you quit laughing you smiled at him, “Do I really make you feel like that?”

He moved his face closer to yours and winked, “All the time.”

ok so this is short but its super cute!! happy birthday!!