and this is such a nice song


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Lockscreen’s from this twitter called bittersweet I think? But I can’t seem to find it anymore (╥_╥) My home screen is from the twitter kookiechimm - her art is amazing and I love how cute this one is!! Okay and last song is (not bts but it’s) something I’d totally recommend even though it isn’t a title track ( ^ ~ ^ )/ 

AND okay so there’s a story: I went to school for a project meeting yesterday (28th), and my friend took one look at my shirt and then checked her phone and was like “WRONG DAY! You should wear that tomorrow!!” Bc yeah March 29… So here’s my selfie for 29th March even though it’s not any special day bc shirt calls for it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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a little sneaky peaky on a music video i’ve been editing (that will be up on friday!!)

Just because bt* are the most known group to you that doesn’t make them the biggest group nor does it make them the first most influential group in the west, a lot of groups had gone to Europe and America even before they debuted please think before you talk… 😩

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Also can you imagine cyaron meetings? Chika is very enthusiastic about writing the songs, You just kinda laughs and goes along with everything, and Ruby is Suffering "chika we can't sing about dogs and food and the ocean at the same time pls" I actually never considered this ship before! It's cute though!!

Oh my god that’d be so adorable

Chika: Okay today I was thinking we could work on writing a love song!
You: Nice
Ruby: Cool! What about?
Chika: Mikan!
You: Nice
Ruby: Nooooo!!!! You can’t write a love song about food!
Chika: * blasts after school navigators *
You: Nice

So, because the booklet from the Junior High limited edition bluray is so small (The “Eren Jaeger Year 1″ Journal shown above), it’s a bit hard to take quality pictures (at least for now, until I can figure out a good way to keep the pages apart without ruining the book). But the Directer’s notes in it are really enjoyable to read, so I thought I would transcribe them in the meantime. I typed the words up verbatim so excuse weird name spellings (yes, they’re in there lol). Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did! The remaining episode comments are under the cut.

Episode 1: Starting School!

First, the opening song! I’m so very pleased with Revo’s incredible parody song and Mr. Nishio’s wonderful animation. My favorite parts in episode 1 are when Marla says “have a good day” and Marco says “nice to meet you.” I included these bits to show how tremendously different this world is from the world of the original show. Having Thomas get eaten and then spit out was another way of referencing the original show while taking things in a different direction.

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So I was listening to I was feeling down, found a nice witch we're friends (amazing song by the way) and just wanted to know the feeling you got once finally completing that song (or the whole healing ep) and I also wanted to know if you honestly had a story about either the album in and of itself or that song (was feeling down find a nice witch) on why it or they were made. Love the music and you :) P.S was also wondering your favorite music but I got to many questions as is

hey, yes i have a huge story i want to tell, and healing is only a chapter

when i was doing i was feeling down, i was experiencing an episode of derealization and high anxiety, so i don’t remember it well but i didn’t sleep all night because i was happy i made the song

i don’t know if i have a favorite song but flowers ans i was feeling down really mean something for me

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Man is it weird for me to be hyped about you seemingly liking that whole Lana Del Rey vibe and Otayuri together too ? Like I based a whole fic on 'Love' and I really like your art and then I read that you put some Lana songs in the playlists for your brilliant AU's and for some reason that made me so excited that I apparently had to tell you 🙈😅 okay I'm done, have a nice day

look lana del rey has been ghost writing songs about otayuri all these years and we literally had no idea

like, thats just how it is

lana del otayuri, its canon


Reggie, believing himself to be alone in the locker room, is jamming along to his post work out mix. He’s so engrossed in his singalong that he nearly collides with Archie on his way out. Arch is stood by his own locker where he’s been leaning quietly for half a minute, smirking at Reggie (unbeknownst to the poor guy). Startled, Reggie instantly breaks off the bridge; instead, focusing his efforts on attempting to regain his bearings.

“Nice harmonies”, Archie chirps as Mantle yanks at his left earbud. Though he cannot know whether his judgment is in any way valid he suspects that Reggie’s voice sounds stunning gr8 alongside Halsey’s. They’re both aware of the fact that Riverdale’s Got Talent Reggie will not be living this moment down without some lighthearted taunting.

“So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover? And bite that tattoo on your shoulder?”, Archie paraphrases. He poses the lyrics as questions. “Is that right?”, he adds, mockingly, after halfheartedly mimicking his teammate’s performance.

The two of them are standing unexpectedly and uncomfortably close to one another.

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I wanna strangle the person who called got7 'flop7' and thank u for handling that so nicely But I'm curious too, what're your thoughts on never ever

i like got7 but the song is not my cup of tea

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hey! i just started listening to mucc (even i listen to japanese bands for like seven years now lmao) and honestly, i'm hooked. I found your blog and it's really cool that you do all the translations, but do you have any songs or albums to recommend? And do you perhaps have a masterpost with all the lyrics you translated? Keep up the great work :D

Hello, and thanks for your nice words!
Recommending is hard, it’s impossible to pick only a few. When it comes to albums my favourite from them is Karma. I prefer the gloomy songs, Sorawasure, Shangri-La, Hanabi, A., Hane, Kokoro no nai Machi and Heide just to mention a few. Libra is also really precious for me, as this was the first one I heard from them. And Ware arubeki no basho as the lyrics is very meaningful for me.
You can find all my transltaions if you search for ‘translation’ in the menu, but I don’t post lyrics translations. Honestly, I find them hard to translate. :D Harder than a 4-5 pages long interview. They are really simple gramatically, and frequently omitting the noun and the verb, which makes it difficult to figure out the exact meaning.

Instructions: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping.

i ws tagged by @z0w0z n @milkrot !!! TY CLEM N TY BUNGA!!!

1. run away fugitives - PMD blue and red (( 8’( ))
2. dead girl walkign (reprise) - heathers th musical
3. dumb dumb - red velvet
4. tchaiovsky violin concerto 1st mov - jascha heifitz
5. if you like it or not - the brobecks ((I LOVEEEE TH))
6. 虹色のSeasons - trickstar (enstars)
7. lovesong - the cure
8. very nice - seventeen
9. bad habits - FIDLAR ((haha edgy ))
10. brother - gerard way ((i als love th)

UHH I TAG!! @toxicpex @jxwelry @purplehazed @irlu @starsoverviridian @ushia @luckies @fundipz @translars @sanyajin AND ANY1 ELLSE WHO WNTS TO DO IT!! U DNT HAV 2 IF U DNT WNNA THO

This was about the episode where Francis lost the mine. Anne Dudley talked in her discussion with the Royal Television Society about how she writes songs that go with specific themes and scenes rather than particular characters. “Resurgam” in its original form was meant to convey how “Elizabeth has maintained her dignity and poise and she’s the one who emerges with great grace.”

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4, 5, 10, 15? :)

@sanerontheinside I’d just finished typing the whole thing when my computer died. I’m retyping, but paraphrasing some. <3

4. Do you prefer writing long or short fics?

I love both! There’s nothing quite like having an audience react to something you’ve planned layer by layer in a long fic, but short fics have that nice, punchy emotionality. And they’re good for days when writers don’t like delayed gratification :) my recent QuiTahl oneshots and Kallus oneshot were like that.

5. What’s your favorite headcanon you use in fics?

That Obi-Wan is constantly laughing uproariously in his head. His beard hides much, and the laughter only finds its way onto his face as a twitch of the lips, but it is enough sometimes to have Mace glaring at him from across the Council chamber.

10. What would you change if you had it all to do again?

I’d add more female characters. My two main OCs are both male because of the roles their characters had to play (Dooku’s padawan, Obi’s roommate) but while Ezhno is quintessentially Ezhno, I think the character that eventually became Huei didn’t necessarily have to be male. It’s arguable whether Dooku’s elitist mindset would have made it unlikely for him to choose a female padawan, but there we go.

15. Give us a snippet of something from your WiPs!

I haven’t written much since I’m so busy recently, but here’s a little from the next chapter of The Silent Song!

“Of course he’s a prince,” Qui-Gon mutters as he rubs his face with the hand not occupied with swirling a half-tumbler of Corellian whiskey.

“Of…course?” Feemor hazards, pouring himself a drink, too, before placing the bottle back in its cupboard.

Tahl watches the both of them calmly as she takes a slow sip of tea.

“Did you know,” Qui-Gon murmurs wearily, “That he kissed Candidate Naberrie’s daughter’s hand on our first mission to Naboo?”

“No!” Feemor’s horror-struck tone is at complete odds with the delight spreading across his face.

Tahl makes a noise into her mug that sounds suspiciously like a snort.

“She was two years old,” Qui-Gon moans into the crook of his elbow, face down on the table now. “And then she patted him on the head and said she’d trust him forever. What does that even mean? Is it a Unifying Force thing? Feemor? Tahl?”

“What’s astonishing is the degeneration of your vocabulary from half a glass of bootlegged Corellian whiskey, Qui.”

Poor Qui’s losing it over his padawan, already. That’s what happens when the Unifying Force has Plans for your padawan.

Send me a fic ask? (2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, and 14 are free!)

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4, 22, 29, 49~

4.) A song you’re embarrassed to like

Ah jeez JubyPhonics covers of yuukei yesterday and drop pop candy they’re so cute and happy I’m a sucker for cute and happy songs

22.) A song that motivates you to work/helps you focus

Idk it might be weird but Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko helps me focus when I’m doing homework :,D when it comes to something like volleyball I usually listen to upbeat songs like yesterday by Block B or Sober by BigBang or hardcore rap/emo songs like the Cyphers or One For the Money by Escape the Fate

29.) A song that cheers you up when you’re sad

Drop Pop Candy (JubyPhonic), Yesterday (Block B), Sober (BigBang), Mansae (Seventeen), Very Nice (Seventeen), Mama (J-HOOOOPE), and maNY OTHERS ASDFGHJKL

49.) A song whose lyrics you’ve memorized

Idk why but the first songs that came into my head was Car Radio by tøp and Super Bass by Nikki Minaj??? I???? ??


I see your monsters, I see your pain.
Tell me your problems, I’ll chase them away.
I’ll be your lighthouse. I’ll make it okay.
When I see your monsters I’ll stand there so brave,
and chase them all away. 

THIS SONG JUST SCREAMS KUROMAHI!!! I really want to edit with this song and kuromahi now. The chorus is really nice and I like the song. But if you follow the story line of the song, it gets pretty sad.

might also use atsulucy or Kyouya/Erika