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trimberly dating in secret and the team finding out?

This became a oneshot length fic, I’m not sorry. I got lazy proofing so sorry for any mistakes.

It started out small, they would show up at each other windows late at night, after long, gruelling days of training, after tough battles, or even bad days at school, they would check in on each other, they would talk for hours, they were just there for each other, it became there thing, and as each other’s feelings for the other grew, every night was more tension filled then the last, so when they eventually kissed, they didn’t think much of it, so every night after that, there would be a lot less talking, and much more of something else, which neither of them minded.

The team also noticed a shift in their dynamic, they began to act different, Kim and Trini had always worked well as a team, they were the two arms of the megazord after all, but after the late nights spent doing a lot more than talking, the tension in the air around them was so thick, you could probably cut it with knife. Trini and Kim’s sparring sessions would get much more intense, their gazes only on each other, their eyes were filled with intense passion, rather than the usual playful, teasing banter. Jason usually had to force his gaze away, or he would most likely get much more than a fiery glare from Trini. The team noticed the changes, but they didn’t push or press, knowing that both the girls could kick their asses without a second glance, so they just let it be, but they noticed.

Zack being the closest to Trini, the two wild cards, the bees, black and yellow, which the team teasingly sang whenever they sparred or did anything as a duo, Zack and Trini both had an equal distaste for the names, but they knew it was just friendly teasing, it was part of the team dynamic, so it didn’t surprise Trini when he was the first to try and figure out what was going on with the girls. He dropped little hints and questions about Kimberly, vaguely asked about girlfriends, but each of his attempts failed, always met with a “I only want to spend time with you, bee” or “yeah, sure, me and Kimberly”. He backed down, but Zack knew something was up, he was the captain of the ship after all, he was determined to know if it was canon.

The girls knew the boys were catching on, the boys didn’t know exactly what was happening, but they did know something was different. They still hadn’t discussed when or if they were going to tell the boys. They loved the late nights, the secret glances, holding hands secretly when they could, they enjoyed just being, no ones expectations or worries clouding there mind, they were just them. So they kept it that way.

After a couple of months of them sneaking into each other’s rooms, kissing, talking, among other…activities, they knew they should tell the boys, whom were very clueless about what was happening, each of them asking non to subtle questions, desperately trying to figure out what had changed between the girls, but to no prevail. So the next day, at four o clock, the made there way down to the pit, arms intertwined, Trini’s small frame leaning against Kimberly, and for the first time ever, they were acting blatantly like a couple, in public, and they’d both be lying if they said it didn’t cause warmth to radiate through their bodies.

The boys were already down at the pit, the sound of pads being hit, gasps and grunts, a piece of rock dislodging from the structure “Zack” they both muttered. Trini could feel butterflies in her stomach, she was defiantly nervous, they both were, but these were their friends, their brothers, they knew they’d be accepted and safe, but that didn’t make it any less nerve wracking. They had agreed to be very subtle with there “coming out” it wouldn’t be the power rangers without a little teasing and fun.

As they walk down to the pit, their hands and fingers intertwined, no space between their bodies, the boys noticed, but they didn’t really bat an eye, the girls had been slowly becoming, much, much, closer, not just emotionally, but physically. So they returned to sparring, back to their norm, but the girls did notice Zack narrowing his eyes, a small smirk plastered on his face. They began to spar, circling around the other, jabs and hooks were thrown, roundhouse kicks, take downs, with each move, the girls gazes grew more intense and heated. As the girls circled around each other, the boys started paying more attention, getting curious again, which the girls noticed. Kimberly glanced quickly over her shoulder at the boys, while throwing a sloppy jab, which Trini caught, flipping her over, Kimberly falling to the ground with a loud thud, her breathing ragged and sharp. Trini offers her hand to help Kimberly up, while the boys are still watching, forgetting about sparring. Kimberly takes the opportunity and yanks Trini’s hand and smashes their lips together, carefully grabbing Trini’s small frame and bringing her to the ground, and flipping them around so Kimberly is on top, pulling their lips apart. The girls both gasp for air, while the boys looked like they’d seen a ghost, mouths agape. Kimberly helps Trini to her feet as Zack yells gleefully, “I KNEW IT!!!” Trini smirks, while Jason and Billy are still stumbling for words. The girls chuckle before returning to sparring, and moments later, Billy and Jason both exclaim. “WHAT!!!” Alpha finally speaks, “Humans confuse me.” leaving the power rangers giggling as they returned back to sparring, Trini and Kimberly both joyful beyond words, as they got back into a rhythm, the world fading away.

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(for those who were wondering, since last time I mentioned this there was a bit of confusion- HoH is the abbreviation for  Hard of hearing)

He uses hearing aids, but there was a time when he was completely reliant on sign language, which is why him and Malek are so close in the first place, Malek’s sister is mute and he’s learned sign language for her. Ben’s dad is kinda stubborn and didn’t want him to get hearing aids at first, so most of communicating with him consisted of asl.

imagine stydia holding scott baby for the first time,imagine when they enter the hospital room stiles looks at scott and his wife ( hopefully kira ) with teary eyes and adorable smile on his face and scott know that stiles really want to hold the baby so he picks up the baby from kira arms and hand it gently to stiles,and when the baby finally is in stiles arms he starts to gently rock the baby back and forth. his face softens every time the baby make little noises , then he looks at lydia who is right next to him,he gives her encouraging smile , she comes closer wrapping her left arm around stiles waist ,her face softens when she sees the baby face,she looks at stiles and he says in a cheery tone  “i know she is so adorable” , and then she start to caress the baby cheeks gently and then she starts to stroke the baby hand and when the baby grabs her finger,stiles and lydia look at each other smiling in awe , after minutes of them staring at the baby, stiles feeling all the emotions,happiness,protectiveness and sadness all he is thinking about was that they spent most of their life losing people it’s a good change that now scott brought a new life, she gonna grow up with both of her parents next to her, they will shower her with love , she will have the whole pack to protect her , he looks up and shares a look with scott that both of them know what it means “we’re alive,we’re happy and i am glad that you’re with me” 

stiles says while stuttering “scott you made this” then he looks at the baby “ how?wow” scott laughs at his best friend and then he say while he kisses kira temple “i am sure you know how buddy” and stiles looks at him still overwhelmed “scott you and kira made this” and lydia laughs at him then she rests her head on his shoulder and drops gentle kisses on it .  

scott then tells lydia “ do you want to hold her? “ lydia hesitate a little bit but then she nods and when she opens her arms for stiles to hand the baby to her stiles turns his back to her , lydia,scott and kira raises their eyebrows at his behavior and he tells them “give me 5 minutes” and the three of them roll their eyes  .

after 30 minutes stiles speaks,looking at lydia who is almost falling sleep on the couch “okay you can hold her now” 

  “5 minutes huh ?” lydia replies yawning 

he just rolls his eyes 

  “ okay lydia, first you have to slide one of your hands under her head and the other under her little bottom and then-”  stiles says while leaning down to hand the baby to lydia .

she interrupts him saying “ smart ass,i am sure that i know how to hold a baby” 

stiles looks at scott and he sees him face palming and next to him kira laughing  . 

as soon as stiles locks their apartment door , lydia goes on her toes and kisses him,her arms around his neck pulling him down to her , his arms goes around her waist bringing her body closer to his , she grabbed a fistful of his shirt and deepens the kiss , he picks her up pushes her against the wall and whispers against her lips “ i thought we said that we want to wait “ she kisses him and pulls back “do you want to wait?” he groans and says “lydia, i want whatever you want , you know that”

“take me to bed then” 

Mmm i dunno how i feel about this
Angry??? Fresh without glasses??

He cant feel emotions though? But hes angry somehow
I dunno eh

Fresh/ @loverofpiggies

and since it kinda looks like kidfresh im just gonna

Kid!fresh/ @alainaprana


Tumblr completely killed the quality, click to see them properly.

I have been trying to finish this since Wednesday

I’m not really happy with how it came out, particularly the bottom half, but I spent too much time not to post it. Deciding to draw this particular dress may not have been the best idea.

posting schedule ♡


for all of those who keep up with this blog and my posting rate, you know I am not very good with posting EVERYDAY. 

SO, because of this, I decided to switch up the schedule. 

EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT I will be posting 1 imagine, 1 preference, and 2 would includes. I feel like 4 posts is good, but I also know that a week is a long time to wait. If you guys want me to post on Fridays as well, I might be able to make it work. 

I’ve just been really busy lately and I haven’t been able to post, but I love writing for you guys and it’s kinda like a getaway! (: so yeah. if you guys feel that Tuesday isn’t enough feel free to message me and I might be able to do Fridays! 

thanks for understanding, i love you all xx 

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Hi ☺️👋🏼 what about Josh and Tyler fucking ftm reader, he's lying between them and they're being so gentle and giving him so much praise bc they know he's been struggling lately uwu Sorry this is so bad it's my first one amd I'm super nervous 🙈

josh reaches down to thumb your clit, grinning into your shoulder when you jolt against him, fingers wrapping around his wrist to try and press him away.

“you don’t like it?” he murmurs, lips gentle at your ear.

you jerk again, and whine as tyler dips his head to suck at your nipples, dark eyes lidded and his hips rocking into you. “’s…too much. too good.”

“’s what we want,” tyler mumbles, muffled with his lips still wrapped around one of your nipples. his hands join at the small of your back, between where you and josh are pressed together. “wan’ you t’ feel good. you deserve it.”

josh nods, hair tickling at the nape of your neck. he sinks his fingers down further, scissoring them around where tyler’s inside of you. “how’s he feel?”

“good,” you and tyler say at the same time, and tyler blushes as he grins up at you, abandoning your nipple to lay his head instead against your chest, listening to your heart beating.

“he feels really nice,” tyler sighs, and the smattering of facial hair across his chin makes you shiver when it brushes against the swell of your breasts.

you say, “he feels better,” and reach around to palm gently at his ass, making him squeak and rut harder into you.

“my beautiful boys,” josh mutters, brushes your hair back and kisses your temple. “all mine.”

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Do you think Jesse and Hanzo ride together?

anon im afraid i dont understand the question could you perhaps,,, explain

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((hi! your art is so cute!!)) Kookie! What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to do lots of things! Especially the things I’m good at!

Like drawing and dancing!(and of course hanging out with my amazing unnies)

((Hello Anon!! Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my shitty digital art!~Purple))

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Oml what color do you use for Avdol's skin, as in the RGB numbers?? 😭 It's so pretty oh my gosh!! 💞💞

waaaah !!!! thank you so much aaaaaaaaah !!!!! it really depends on the drawing i use a lot of filters so most of the time the colors are a little bit altered………..

((putting a readmore so it wont extend you guys’ dashboard LMAO))

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