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Sarah J Maas Transcript (2/3)

I did not expect the transcript to blow up as much as it had! I apologise for the delay in getting these out, they take a lot of time to make and I just didn’t have it last weekend. This goes on straight from the last one, linked here.

I’m willing to answer any questions!

Interviewer: A lot of love on the stage –

SJM: Where are all my moonies at?

Interviewer: So Sarah, both ACOTAR and Throne of Glass feature some pretty inpirational, badass women – who are the women in your life who were inspirational to you?

SJM: I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by an amazing group of women. I grew up surrounded by women who never told me I needed to put limitations on myself or my dreams or my expectations or my future because I was a girl. There was never any of that. One of my heroes is actually my grandma. She’s just the most amazing woman ever – she’s eighty-seven years old, she’s about fife feet tall and she’s like a little firecracker, but her story is like… kind of like my story that I like to share.

But my grandma was born in Germany, in Frankfurt, in 1930, and… my grandma was born into a Jewish family. You can imagine what it was like to be a Jew… born in Germany… in the 1930’s… not great. But she actually had a pretty happy, early childhood. Her family was pretty well-off and she had a very loving mother and father and little brother. But as the years wore on, and the Nazis rose to power, things started to get worse, bit by bit. And – with the gold stars – but then it started to really get more intense. One of these instance was, um, my grandma was walking home from school and she was surrounded by a bunch of German school children with stones in their hands. And they literally, they stoned her and she was hit in the head by one the rocks, blacked out, doesn’t remember anything after that, or how she got home, or anything.  

That really prompted my great-grandfather to realise that Germany, for them, as Jews, was no longer safe and they had to get out before it got even worse. So he decided to put a lot of their valuables – jewellery, art, they had very valuable camera – into hiding with their friends, all across Europe. To jump ahead… they never got any of that back.

Then he took all of their assets and liquidated them, all to buy tickets to go to England. For himself, his wife, my grandma, her little brother and then myy gread-grandmother’s parents, who lived in Poland and had a very successful textile factory. They were all ready to go to England to get out of Germany, but my great-grandmother’s parents didn’t want to leave Poland.

Things in Poland hadn’t gotten that bad yet, and they had a pretty successful factory that they didn’t want to abandon, they’d been their for generations. So they didn’t want to go. And then my great-grandmother refused to go if it meant leaving her parents behind… so they wound up not going to England. They stayed in Germany.

…And not too long after that, Kristallnacht happened. My grandmother still remembers that night when the Nazis and the Gustapo broke into their house. She remembers the man coming in and his giant trenchcoat and with his giant machine-gun, and she remembers her father being taken away that. And they didn’t see him again.

And it was after that my great-grandmother realised that her children were in grave, grave danger, and that they could soon be killed for being Jewish. She made the incredible decision – the decision I can’t even imagine making – to put my grandma and her little brother, her children, onto a train to get out of Germany and go basically into the arms of strangers. Into an aid organisation that was getting Jewish children out of Germany and putting them across Europe.

And I have no idea how – I – I can’t even picture that moment where she put her two kids – my grandma was about eight, her little brother was around six – she put them onto that train, and said goodbye to them. She had no idea where they were going, who was going to look after them, the world was going to hell… like, I can’t even imagine making that choice. But she did it, and she went back to her family in Poland.

My grandma and her little brother were separated pretty quickly. My grandma spent the next few years literally being hidden all across Europe, basically out-running the Nazis as they spread. She was hidden in church basements, she was hidden in schools, and she wound up being placed with a fammily in Brussels, who had a son who was around her age.

They took in my grandma, hiding her and basically treated her as their own daughter. But when the Nazis invaded Belgium, they actually took her with them to evacuate Brussels… and my grandma still remembers the grid-lock of cars on the highway fleeing the city, and how cars were just bumpered and not moving, and the Nazi planes swept in and began shooting the people of the highway and the cars standing next to their car – she remembers having to hide in a ditch and having to push the car at night when it was safe when the planes weren’t flying overhead. And this family realised, because my grandma was Jewish, it could get them killed and worse than that, it could get their son killed. And my grandma realised that, as well.

[–I stopped recording here. The next video starts a little after. Basically, her grandmother doesn’t blame them at all and is sent away and ends up in a church basement somewhere. Somehow, social workers find her a little while after and she has the chance to be shipped off to safety in America–]

SJM: – and my grandmother said, “I’m not getting on the boat.” And they said, “Why?” And she said, “I’m not getting on the boat without my little brother. Find my little brother.” And they said, “He could be dead. We have no idea where he is. He could be anywhere in Europe, he could have been killed months or years ago.” And she just said, “I’m not getting on the boat without my little brother. Find him.”

And the social worker actually listened to her. The social worker actually looked. And they found him hiding in a church… a couple of miles down the road.

And so they got him, onto the boat, with my grandma – one of the last boats to ever get out of Europe with Jewish children. It breaks my heart – every time I tell this story, it breaks my heart not just because of what my grandma did, but also just thinking about the kids who were left who were left behind. Who didn’t get onto the boats.

So they sailed to America, and it wasn’t until my grandma – and she says this, to this day – it wasn’t until they saw the Statue of Liberty as they sailed into the New York harbour that she knew that she was safe. And from there, they were placed with a Jewish family, in upperstate New York, and they raised my grandma and her little brother as their own.

The war eventually ended, and they had not heard from their parents or what happened to them. They had no idea. My grandma and her little brother quickly adapted to American life. They learned English, they loved being Americans and then they got the news that their father was alive.

It took him a while, after the war, to find them because my great-grandfather, after he was taken away by the Nazis, kind of shuttled around to various concentration camps. For years. And, he sruvived Auschwitz and was moved to Buchenwald. He was in Buchenwald when it was liberated. He actually stayed after the liberation because while he had been in the camp, he had formed pretty close bonds with the rabi. He and them, while they were in the concentration camps, actually continued practising all the Jewish holidays under the Nazi guard’s noses.

But after the campe was freed, he and the rabi stayed because they realised there was a large number of young adults who were too old to receive the aid a lot of the children were receiving to get them out of the camps, but they were still basically kids who had no family, nowhere to go, with no money and nothing. So he and the rabi stayed and forged documents –

[I stopped recording again. In the end, her great-grandfather found his kids, but they also learned what happened to her great-grandmother. She had been smuggling Jews while in her parents’ textile factory, and were unfortunately, they were discovered by the Nazis and were killed.

They continued to live in America, and Sarah’s grandmother eventually married her grandfather. She’s apparently still as lively as ever, and does things like sky-diving and bunjee-jumping to this day.

She went on to say that her grandmother’s story and personaltiy greatly influenced Yrene’s story and character. There is a moment in Tower of Dawn where Yrene feels the presence of all of the healers before her and their jounrey to reach Torre, and that is a moment that Sarah has felt towards her own ancestors.]

That’s where I’ll end today’s transcript. I apologise for any typos. After this, we go into more of a Q&A about the books again, and Sarah answers some more questions (one of them is on Elain’s mating bond with Lucien). So far, we have convered twenty minutes of the recording and have another eleven to go. There will probably be about one (or two) more. I will do them whenever I get the chance (most likely the weekend after next) but please know that I am quite busy around Christmas!

Thank you for all the notes on the last transcript !! >.<

malfoviing  asked:

Ddlc isn't as bad as it could've been but it catches you so off guard that you've pretty much gotta go in expecting the worst and that's all the advice I can give without spoiling

oh trust me i already know all the spoilery stuff lol but thanks for the heads up!!

luminouskylo  asked:

God that leak was so bad. I ship reylo but I don't want it at the expense of a good story. And Luke dying of what is essentially being too tired is a fucking BAD story.

I may not be a Re/ylo fan but I am glad there are people in your fandom that want a good story, but dont want the ship to happen if its a bad story so KUDOS TO YOU!

Anyway yeah, like Luke dying of exhaustion? Like? The most powerful Jedi and he dies like a bitch! That doesnt add up AT ALL! I am pretty much expecting that Leia is really Snoke as a big ass fuck you to Carrie Fisher next.

Is it a troll or is Disney paying people to fucking make up these spoilers to start ship wars and lose viewers?

Science Side of Tumblr, why do we have permaspring?  Can’t my hormone system get the picture that it’s not wanted?

Nope!  Your system refuses to get the picture because that would be evolutionary suicide.

Let’s break this down.  As far as evolution - that thing which runs a strainer through all the genes in the pool every year - is concerned, if you don’t have babies you’re nearly as good as dead.  You can do better than nothing by helping your other relatives, but a family can’t coast on that for long.  Anything that correlates with not having babies will get sieved out.

Some animals are fertile year round, or in much shorter than annual cycles.  Those are mostly animals that have enormous numbers of babies and expect most of them to die.  Fifteen or sixteen is a much smaller number; even though historical Amentan infant mortality was pretty bad, it was never to the point where it wasn’t worth investing in the kids the way bugs don’t.

It’s only useful to be fertile at the same time as whoever you’re having the kids with (we’re not a sperm-storing species).  We’re all coordinated around spring.  In theory, spring could last a week and that would work fine!  But spring does several things all in one bundle: it makes us want to mate, it makes us want children, and it makes us able to get the one if we do the other.  Evolution doesn’t care about anything except how many babies it gets.  If shorter springs wouldn’t help with that, it won’t get us there.  And it wouldn’t: spring also makes us more inclined to go through with pregnancies (people who are pregnant in summer have a much higher voluntary abortion rate), closer to the usual suspects for coparenting, and better at bonding with the baby.  This is a pretty convenient length for evolution’s purposes: long enough to get pregnant and have the baby, not so long that you’re wasting energy being raring to go when a) everybody else has moved on and b) if it were going to happen it would probably have happened already.

And we’re using the seasons as an anchor, because that gets us an easily-coordinated time period (mating across hemispheres: challenging).  But if the coordination mechanism is ruined - because there are no seasons where you are - then after a grace period of “hmmm, maybe it is just me, being confused”, your system freaks out.  The absolute worst thing would be to be confused, forever, thinking it was some other season: that means no babies and that’s nearly as bad as dying, per evolution.  It’s better by far, if you can’t be absolutely sure it’s not spring, to just assume it could be.  That way you won’t miss any chances to have babies.

With all this it’s lucky we can reseason at all instead of going permanently out of whack whenever we confuse ourselves.

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For the Year End Fanfic Asks--how about 3, 13, and 15? Pretty please!

Thanks for the asks, @jennagill!!! *Muah!*

3. favorite line/scene you wrote this year 

This one was a lot harder than I expected. I’m gonna go with this:

“ So this is what it feels like with someone you love. Who loves you back. I feel naked and raw and glorious. Renewed and untouched by anyone’s hands but his. The only hands that really matter. This is real purity. “

From chapter 9 of Pure

13. favorite writing song/artist/album of this year

Oh this is hard. So much of my writing is influenced by the music I listen to. I always seem to gravitate to Sia and Zella Day to get me out of a slump, but I also owe a huge nod to Fleurie this year.

15. something you learned this year 

The difference between “unaware” and “unawares.” Thank you buttercupbadass. ;-) Unaware = adjective, unawares = adverb. Also, I already knew this, but there is really no replacement for a great beta reader (or multiple great beta readers).

fanfic end of the year asks


reenacting k-drama with Haechan and Winwin 😂😂

Honestly, I kind of have a headcanon of like…

Hunk and Lance are probably the best at taking care of themselves, physically. Even outside of the beauty routine Lance strikes me as pretty health-conscious. It’s just, here’s your leg pilots, they both have clear skin and moisturize and take good care of their hair and it’s nice.

Coran is normally pretty good, but isn’t above overtaxing himself because his workload just… never stops, he’s got to be on top of everything but he knows how to all-nighter responsibly and manage crashes so they’re less of a train wreck. This applies to his grooming as much as his health.

Pidge I think is pretty prone to cutting into sleep or missing meals if unchecked and having a Project. She will at least attempt to offset with junk food if not proper meals- though somebody else has to get the food usually- just waving something under her nose if she’s busy and hasn’t eaten in a while is usually all the incentive she needs to nosh on it. She’s pretty good at taking care of her appearance, though if in part because with the natural curl in her hair if she doesn’t at least brush it out in the mornings she will be eating it all day.

Keith will straight up forget to eat and his nutrition is entirely microwave meals I’m pretty sure if he stretches you can see his ribs through his shirt. He has like really good genes with his hair/skin but pretty much never takes care of it, boy pretty much wouldn’t know chapstick if it bit him and his hands are always beat up and full of dead skin and old scars. The real reason Lance is mad, like listen, dude, no amount of how stupidly naturally pretty you are is going to change the fact that the most demanding thing you do to take care of yourself is brush your hair and wash it like once a month.

Allura is a princess and princesses have expectations to be clean and pretty and proper and she sticks to that, but only so much because she spent her entire childhood as a super rambunctious high-energy kid who pretty much had to do sports and martial arts because that was the only way for her to tire out enough to sleep at night and it just fed her competitive streak. Your body is a temple? Her body is a sports car. She takes care of it because it is hard-won and check out this acceleration. She is here to Get Stuff Done.

Shiro is like a werewolf except instead of a wolf he turns into someone who makes bad life choices. Seriously he seems so responsible and trustworthy and he tries to be but out of the team he has the greatest familiarity with, and is most likely to consume, incredibly dubious caffeine mixtures while he has a headache. He will do things with coffee that Pidge might attempt only once in her darkest moments and regret evermore, only he won’t even blink. This is what the team needs right now. This is the burden of the Black Paladin.

Allura catches him pouring the equivalent of space red bull into his coffee and he just looks her dead in the eye, “Please don’t tell the rest of the team how I live,” and downs it in one go.

@marzipantwist suggested more nail art-themed Tiny Sapient Ungulates via ask, and I took a break from drawing to… draw more stuff. Sweetie Belle manages not to smudge the polish but then chips it the very next morning, Rarity is furious

Do you want to have an Alpha?

Summary: When you confess to Bucky that you’ve never been with an Alpha, e offers to show you what it feels like. 
Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Beta!Reader
Word counting: 1.7k words
Warnings: Dirty talking. Shameless smut. Porn with little plot. Gif is from Google. (But I wish this man was mine). Benny version

Originally posted by hollandersweb

You sipped your beer besides Bucky, both of you spread on his couch. You were a sort of hero just like him and was very good friends with him.

Bucky was an Alpha. Actually, most of the Avengers were Alphas or Betas, only Wanda was an Omega, not that it changed much of her status to them. You were a Beta.

“I’m surprised you manage not to kill each other when you’re close to your rut.” You chuckled to yourself.

“We manage.” He chuckled. “You know… when an Alpha needs it, an Alpha needs it but you know that from experience already, especially in sex, I bet. We all understand that and try to help.”

You shook your head, the alcohol making your head a bit lighter.

“Well, not from such a personal experience. I mean, with the sex thing.”

Bucky frowned, holding your calf before you could move.

“What do you mean?” He questioned. “You’ve never had sex?”

You rolled your eyes.

“I did.” You corrected him. “With Betas and Omegas. I’ve never had an Alpha.”

Bucky was surprised.

“You can’t be serious.” He sat straight. “Never?”


He stood in silence, his face impossible to describe, and you reached out for another beer. Before you could, though, he held your hip.

“What?” You frowned.

Bucky licked his lips, staring like you like you were a prey.

“Do you want to?” He questioned.

Your breath got caught in your throat, and you stared at him.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you want to have an Alpha?” He kept looking at you, his blue eyes deep and hungry. “You know… You only live once.”

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Obviously the ‘Tombstone’ scene with Dean and Cas has been yelled about all weekend, but one thing I’m super surprised I haven’t seen discussed is the way it blatantly uses polysemy and then destroys it as this was the first thing out of like a million in that scene that had me silently screaming.

Like, as soon as the name of the episode was released, everyone latched on to the fact that, especially as it was about cowboys, it could be a reference to the movie or to the town. A third reading is that it’s an episode about ghouls. This is not a new thing: Supernatural has always used polysemy, but especially in the last four or five years it’s been an increasingly important part of Destiel discussion. Almost every single scene with Dean and Cas has had multiple readings, to the point where we’ve had to literally discuss what qualifies as ‘canon’, because by so many definitions, it’s literally already canon.

So I pretty much expected them to lampshade the ‘Tombstone’ movie and move on, kind of as a wink wink nudge nudge to the audience, because this is the usual move. Veiled acknowledgement, but nothing more. BUT OF COURSE, in this GLORIOUS season where there is literally no sub to that text anymore, Davy Perez went straight past wink wink nudge nudge to a fucking “I’m your Huckleberry” god bless this season.

Dean brings up ‘Tombstone’, and then Cas says, “The city?” This is literally Perez pointing out the two readings of the title. (And like, look. It’s not a coincidence that one reading is pretty obvious and the other reading is literally a queer-coded one.)

Then Perez has Dean go, no, not the obvious one. The queer-coded one.

And then makes it gayer. Not just ‘nope, the queer-coded one’, but ‘the queer-coded one that we watched together’.

And then makes it even gayer. ‘The queer-coded one that you made me watch with you (singular) and will now use a reference to in a deep voice and you’ll have to swallow and look away.’

The “I’m your huckleberry” line has also been scrutinized like hell, but something that’s really, really interesting to me is, as pointed out in this great post by someoneworthfinding, it’s not a romantic-coded line. It’s a taunt. It’s a dare, and Cas watches Dean’s reaction to it very closely.

And Dean looks away, swallows hard, licks his lips, and then tells Cas honestly, without any posturing or nicknames or jokes, that he’s glad to have him back. This part of the scene, more than anything, feels like testing the waters and a huge step forward.

When retired marine Sgt Derek Hale takes a job as a private security contractor on Isla Nublar, he expects it to be a piece of cake. The pay is good, the weather is nice, the hotel bar is always full of pretty one night stands, and the nerds keeping a watchful eye on their pets make his job super easy.

 It gets boring real fast. 

Derek is not much into gossip, but when he hears about the “raptor whisper”, he is obligated by duty (and by boredom) to check it out. 

The whisperer turns out to be an obnoxious little jail bait with snarky attitude and a name impossible to pronounce. And yes, Stiles (what kind of nickname is Stiles?) is 22 and a fully grown man, thank you very much, but his doe eyes and bouncy enthusiasm make Derek itch to ask if he should be in school. So Derek does. 

“Sure, if you’ll be my homework”. 

And the bastard winks -which redirects the blood from Derek’s brain to down south, and that is probably why he doesn’t notice Stiles’s pack raptors, offended for their mom’s virtue, go into full attack mode and launch at Derek’s ass. 

What happens next seems like something straight out of a movie- Stiles grabs Derek’s booty and fireman-carries him out while shooshing raptors to behave, dumps him on the ground outside of the enclosure and goes back in, grumbling about marines and their stupid tendency to upset the pups.

Derek is one part pissed, two parts impressed and seven parts aroused.  

He immediately hatches a plan to snatch Stilinski all for himself, no matter the competition.

He doesn’t expect, however, the competition to be so dangerous or so relentless.

Or so hungry.