and this is ooooooold

OKAY, SO This is really really old, I was searching thing on my WIP folder and i found THIS. 
It’s KuroTsukki love child!, i remember i drew it when the LoveChild! thing was like super popular, so yeah. kkk
There’s some headcanons about him, he’s also naturally blond, but he usually dye his hair black, because…you know fuck the natural hair dk 
He was supposed to go to Karasuno, but he ended in Nekoma because Kuroo sign him sooner than Tsukki in Karasuno. 
He’s also really tOL, you know tol x tol= sUPER TOL SON, but he’s a dork. 
I still don’t put him a name, but you can suggest one! 

Anyway, see you soon! 

“I live to let you shine…~”

sorry this isn’t a shippy 4th of july usuk artwork, i just suddenly wanted to redraw an ooooooold drawing from 2012- :’^)

there’ll be a speedpaint coming soon, but i’m gonna make me and bae some burgers for dinner <3 happy birthday, alfred!! 

My friend grimapparitions is old. Very old. Old as balls. Her birthday was yesterday so she’s even older. Gross. Maybe this domestic Bagginshield will make her forget how ooooooold she is.

I know a lot of people headcanon Bilbo as being a great gardener and everything, but in book canon he actually has someone to do all of his gardening for him. So I like to imagine him as actually being very bad at it and having a black thumb. But he still likes plants and things and wants to grow them himself. Thorin is trying to help create optimal conditions for growing a garden by making a raised flower bed for him.

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Noncanon moment where a Covy kiss happens right in front of Star and Marco, and Marco is just like. "ANSJDNDHJSOAKAB"

E: sure! but I am putting a limit on noncanon moments of covy because I understand you all want to see it but i feel like the story moments aren’t going to be as special if you’ve already seen it here or what it could be. Everything is good but I am just saying, ya’ll spoiled haha just  abit.

Connor and Nova shared a quick kiss, smiling at once another when they heard a loud sharp crack fill the house.

they turned and could feel the blood rushing to their faces upon seeing marco’s frozen face, a shattered plate of nachos scattered across his feet.



Nova; umm, dad?

Marco: Bwhaidosjiwher ksj *points at connor

Connor:…i….don’t follow sir

Star: it’s okay sweeties. i got this *Star begins dragging marco away as he’s just frozen there* come on honey


Star; I know, i know *out of view, her hand comes back with a thumbs up* 

Current work cargo: external hard drive by Glyph in a zippered pouch (barely visible here), brown Midori Traveler’s Notebook, black Lihit Lab pencil case, Filofax Malden Personal Ochre with Field Notes memo book tucked in the back pocket, makeup case (red vinyl case in the shape of lips, purchased at Ricky’s here in New York) and last but not least: the DAY DESIGNER with daily pages, serving as an extension to the Filofax and solely for my brand development work. About this $20 DD, can I just say WOW! I loved the layout in photos I had scene on Instagram, but holding it, turning the pages, writing in it, the thought process it encourages, all the details, wow. With one year’s use, if I find it indispensable to my work, I will purchase their standard Flagship model next year as I read the paper quality and additional details are outstanding. I believe it! The brown leather tote is an ooooooold bag from Banana Republic, weathered from all the years of use; it’s my Old Faithful. ;)

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How Sans and Chara meet?

it’s practically ancient history at this point.