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Worms - Lolly Jane Blue [xx]
Happy 2B Flying Away - Carolyn Mark [xx]
Out of Our Minds - Melissa auf der Maur [xx]
Ride the Out - Imaginary Cities [xx]
Ukiuq Inuktitut Northern - The Jerry Cans [xx]
Near to the WIld Heart of Life - Japandroids [xx]
Whether Report - Derik Hultquist [xx]
I’m Still Here - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings [xx]
Turn Your Radio On - Gus & Kati & The Mighty Ghosts of Heaven [xx] (The link is NOT to them, but it is an ooooooold Appalachian Folk standard so I found a version that is similar enough & not gospelled up or all country - it’s actually old timey folk music & I have the compete Alan Lomax so I think I’d know) 
Heatwave - Backburner crew [xx]
Watershed - Amelia Curran [xx]
Ordinary Love - Selina Martin [xx]
Left & Leaving - The Weakerthans [xx]
Voodoo Mama - Lindi Ortega [xx]
Empty Threat - Kathleen Edwards [xx]
Sisters (ft. Northern Voice) - A Tribe Called Red  [xx]

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anonymous asked:

Hello there! may I ask you which is the character you liked to color the most? tia

Hi, anon)

It`s really hard question, because it depend on fandom) I liked color Tsuna, Gokudera(reborn)(there was my old coloring style and i uploaded colorings on devianrtart) Gilbert(Pandora hearts), Dazai and Chuuya(BSD) and Sakura/Syaoran(CCS|Tsubasa RC, ooooooold colorings, 2009-2010 years, if i`m not mistaken XD)

Current work cargo: external hard drive by Glyph in a zippered pouch (barely visible here), brown Midori Traveler’s Notebook, black Lihit Lab pencil case, Filofax Malden Personal Ochre with Field Notes memo book tucked in the back pocket, makeup case (red vinyl case in the shape of lips, purchased at Ricky’s here in New York) and last but not least: the DAY DESIGNER with daily pages, serving as an extension to the Filofax and solely for my brand development work. About this $20 DD, can I just say WOW! I loved the layout in photos I had scene on Instagram, but holding it, turning the pages, writing in it, the thought process it encourages, all the details, wow. With one year’s use, if I find it indispensable to my work, I will purchase their standard Flagship model next year as I read the paper quality and additional details are outstanding. I believe it! The brown leather tote is an ooooooold bag from Banana Republic, weathered from all the years of use; it’s my Old Faithful. ;)

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Since you're talking about it again... You're always saying how ooooooold you are, but you mean in Tumblr terms, right? What was the birthday you turned the other day, I'm gonna guess... 28? You don't sound like like someone who's in their thirties...

I mean in Tumblr terms, yes…but I’m definitely older than 28. And I’m taking that as a compliment, Anon - thanks! :)