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At first the marchers came one by one, then in droves. By 7 P.M., on April 24, 1993, Dupont Circle was filled to bursting, spilling over like a dyke Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Young ones, old ones. Suburban dykes in their khakis, city dykes in their boots, softball dykes with the little rat tails in the back of their short-cut hair, shaved Sinéad heads like mine, the big hair of die-hard femmes in dresses, butches dressed to the nines. People who knew about the march before they got to D.C. brought their own banners and signs. The rest dragged each other. I was supposed to be in charge, but how can you manage a hurricane? A tsunami of twenty thousand dykes? You don’t. You just try to get out in front. The Avengers gathered the fire-eaters and drummers together and with the banner pushed our way to the head of the crowd. When that huge entity started moving, what a roar.

[…] I bellowed the few words I had to say into a bullhorn. Probably no one understood, though it didn’t much matter because all those dykes knew where we were (in front of the White House), and how many we were (enough to fill the streets of the entire city), and that together we were Dyke America taking over the capital.

After I got done shouting, a dozen of us Avengers stood on the plastic crates we’d toted from New York. The crowd around us grew quiet. It was getting dark by then. You could hear voices shouting in the background, others yelling, “I can’t see. What are they doing?” We dipped our torches into lighter fluid, lit them, and raised the flames in the air. Then, silhouetted against the familiar glowing white form, we brought them slowly toward our faces, which were lit up, too. Exhaling, as the heat approached our lips, fire entered our mouths and disappeared. The crowds hollered and screamed. And we did it again, while Marlene Colburn tried to get a chant going, “The fire will not consume us. We take it and make it our own.”

That moment, of dykes eating fire in front of the White House, endured as the image of the Avengers. Photographers sent out their photos. The Ministry of Propaganda shot off their press releases. Journalists from major venues beat down our doors for interviews, marveling at the turnout, at the drama and life compared to the same old, same old of the official March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Rights and Liberation with all the groups lined up and orderly. All the speeches predictably moving.

The message of the Dyke March was in our bodies. All twenty thousand of them there together in front of the White House, lit up with flame. We were disorderly, raucous, happy to be behind our own lesbian banner for a change. I can almost hear a couple of dyke readers murmuring as they turn the pages, “What’s the big deal? I don’t need anybody’s validation.” But if you don’t think it makes a difference, it’s because you don’t know. Maybe you’re dulled a little by seeing one or two lesbian faces on TV, in your local politics. One among thousands. Well, imagine what it’s like to suddenly be the majority. Not even the one in ten on the street or whatever it is. But the 100 percent. I suppose that would be my Lesbian Dream if I could describe it now. To be big enough to count. To take up space in the great brain of the country, for even ten minutes a day. To be free.

—  Kelly J. Cogswell describing the first national Dyke March in Washington, DC, in Eating Fire: My Life as a Lesbian Avenger (2014), Ch. 1, Pt. 8

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I recently combined two similar characters, both mentors, into 1. He became Albert Fig, a retired African-American mage in Angel's granny's nursing home. He mentors her in magic & helps her research in exchange for her running errands or doing chores. The other man was a crow mage who could shape-shift and use trickster magic, like illusions. Since crow was a slur, would it be insensitive for Al to use crow magic? If so, could you recommend a trickster animal that would be unoffensive? Thanks!

Avoiding Offensive Trickster Animal Roles

A fox.

~ Mod Brei

Do research on animal trickster roles and you’ll get plenty of ideas. Just avoid direct pulls if a trickster animal is heavily associated with a certain ethnicity or culture if you’re not going to keep the animal within that culture. Also, upon finding animals, do research on whether existing stereotypes or racial meaning is associated to the animal.

Like Brei recommends, a fox is a common one. It crosses many cultural associations so should check out as non-appropriative. It’s good you’re checking for stereotypical depictions and avoiding that. 

Crow magic does sound cool, but yes, slur. Plus when I hear Black people and crows being associated in this way, I think of those Black-coded crows in Dumbo and just ick. Might be best to leave that up to Black folks if they want to reclaim or re-envision such a depiction.

I also think of Anansi, the West African trickster god who takes the shape of the spider.

~Mod Colette

Followers, feel free to throw out your suggestions!

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Hi, I can't stop thinking about how it's such a shame that Yuzu never did ballet because he would be such a beautiful ballet dancer, I just needed to share this with someone and I thought you would appreciate it.

Ah, I see where you’re coming from. Yes I can sort of imagine how Yuzuru the ballet dancer would look and I do like that vision very much, but I like him pretty okay as a figure skater too (please feel free to nominate that one sentence of mine for any understatement-of-the-year award you might come across).

As for Yuzuru Hanyu the figure skater with a ballet background, hmm, I can sort of imagine that too, but I can’t say I like it very much. Despite many a hard sell from traditionalists, I remain a skeptic as to the merit of ballet training in figure skating. It might work well for some skaters, it might not in other cases - which is a statement you can apply to all training methods out there. I do like myself a bit of toe point when the ladies do spirals or attitude laybacks, but those are specific use cases. Generic toe-pointing while skating feels, ironically, pretty pointless, at least IMO. For one, skate boots are just not made for constant toe pointing, for another, whether toe point or any other similar classical ballet feature is appropriate depends a lot on what sort of music is playing, the choreographic style of the program, and the overall composition the skater is aiming for.

Now, Yuzu, I would say the lack of classical ballet training doesn’t make him any worse off. His extension and control are already plenty good:   

Doesn’t seem to be lacking in the body awareness department either:

Also, one point that I’ve always appreciated about Yuzu is that, precisely because of the lack of formal dance training, his movement on the ice always has this spontaneous and unrestrained vibe to it. Yuzu doesn’t deliver the choreography so much as uses the choreography as a general framework on which he delivers his program. Sometimes (or more like all the time) when I rewatch his performances, I’d find myself being surprised by a lovely gesture here or there that doesn’t exist in other iterations of that same program. For example the way he brought his hand up to shadow his face in this final spin in Phantom of the Opera at WTT 2015:

Or how he clenched his fists in this ending pose of Ballade No.1 at WC 2015:

Or this motion he did for the exit of the delayed single Axel in Notte Stellata at SC 2016:

Basically, that was me using your earnest opinion as an excuse to recycle gifs. Thank you very much for the opportunity and I do apologize for my shameless behavior :))

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Hii, I've never seen this request, but this is an important step in a relationship, can you do a RFA reaction to the first MC's fart ? Thank youu

i love you 


  • Playing games with Yoosung is always such a fun time, curled up together in his room, wasting away hours and hours with your bbe
  • You feel a fart coming on, and you’re like ya ok chill I can feel this one it’s the quiet type
  • So ever so slowly you unclench your butthole, focusing on the game in front of you
  • Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeephbt
  • what was that?
  • oh, just the sound of gas leaving your body
  • you’re pretty sure that your soul just left too
  • You bite your lip and keep playing, wishing Yoosung to not have heard it
  • but you bet he did
  • Yoosung excuses himself from the room, but you can’t make out his expression because it’s too dark
  • Did Yoosung just leave because of me?  Did I gross him out? Is he going to break up with me?
  • You follow him out, searching frantically for him
  • it takes almost ten minutes for you to find Yoosung in the kitchen, having a mental breakdown on the floor
  • ‘Y-Yoosung, ah! I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have I’m sorry!”
  • Yoosung looks back at you, tears streaming down his face, “N-No MC I’m the one who’s sorry - I just,” the takes a deep breath and scrunches his face, “I just…I just never knew farts could be so damn cute?!”
  • o_o


  • Zen’s been going on and on about how amazing you are
  • how you’re so lovely
  • so gentle
  • so inhumanely perfect 
  • and you’re 100% done with his bullcrap
  • Zen look at me I am human I sweat and pee and do humanely things
  • one day, you guys are watching a movie, some cliche flick about a man finding a fallen angel or something and them falling in love
  • Zen turns his head to you dramatically, comparing you to the angel, all like “See that’s you, a creature of the sky who came all the way here for me…”’
  • “Creature of the sky” my ass
  • you stare him dead in the eyes and just 
  • let one rip
  • it makes the whole couch vibrate like a magnitude 5.5
  • “Earthquake!” Zen cries, leaping into the air
  • “Zen!” you call out as he runs out of the room, “that was a fart.”
  • “It’s an-!” his head peers out from around the corner. “What?”
  • “I uh, farted.”
  • You can almost see the cogs in Zen’s head turning as he tries to come up with a suitable reaction
  • “…oh?”
  • “Well,” you pout, “You’re always describing me as some sort of inhuman thing…so I thought I should do something human to disprove your idea of me.”
  • Zen adopts his Theatrical Voice and swoons at you
  • “But my princess, even your flatulence is otherworldly! It sounds like the trumpets from heaven, signaling your descent-”
  • “ZEN!”
  • your farts sound like the trumpets of heaven 10/10


  • After a long day of work, you’re closing up shop, washing counters and turning off lights
  • You hum to yourself, scrubbing away at a coffee stain, Jaehee doing something else in the kitchen
  • You let out a fart, not quite demure but not obnoxiously loud, glad that it doesn’t smell
  • You hear a soft giggle from behind, and you whip around, Jaehee smiling at you from behind the cash register
  • Fuck I thought she was in the kitchen?
  • Jaehee laughs again and says,” MC, please don’t be shy, if anything…it’s rather..endearing? It’s nice to know that your body is working, doing it’s own thing right here, beside me, so please,”  she tilts her head to the side, “never feel the need to restrain yourself around me. 
  • She is the best wifeu supportive to the max and will never judge you for any of you normal bodily functions
  • Jaehee’s always happy that you’re around, that you’re alive, that she can love you just the way you are


  • You’re having a formal dinner with Jumin’s father, and everything is dandy
  • the food is nice, the atmosphere is nice, you know you’re loved by Mr. Han
  • you’re so carried away by the moment that when you feel the urge to fart, you do so, thinking that it’ll be a quiet one
  • Lo and behold, even your neighboring tables heard it
  • Jumin doesn’t even bat an eye, but his father chokes on his food and stares at you, his face momentarily disgusted
  • the CEO-in-line resumes conversation without effort, and Mr. Han happily obliges, but he pointedly ignores you for the rest of the evening
  • You stare at your plate, which you no longer have any appetite for, and sneak a glance towards Jumin
  • His face is mysteriously pink
  • You frown, and turn your attention to the tablecloth instead, absentmindedly dusting crumbs onto the floor
  • The next time you look at Jumin, his complexion is even more flushed
  • he seems almost feverish
  • then, a moment later, his eyes widen ever so slightly, and he excuses himself from the table, pulling you along in his wake
  • luckily, you were dining in the restaurant within the same building as Jumin’s apartment
  • as soon as you return home, he precipitates himself to the nearest washroom, while you, confused and still rather mortified by the earlier occurrence, plop yourself down on the armchair
  • it is only when Jumin emerges a while later, obviously fresh out of the showers, that he tells you his reason for leaving so early
  • also note to self but blushing, abashed Jumin is a sight for sore eyes honestly what a cutie
  • anyways so basically it turns out that was trying to fart for you so that you wouldn’t feel humiliated
  • but he ended up shitting his pants instead


  • You’re having one of those days where you feel uncomfortable gassy
  • The air buildup inside your stomach hurts, and the pain shows on your face
  • Seven interprets it as some sort of foul mood, which he thinks he can solve by joking around
  • Therefore, he decides that tickling you is a good idea
  • all those who have ever had the misfortune of feeling gassy will know that this is the opposite of a Good Idea
  • Despite your many protests and struggles to contain both your laughter and your gas
  • They just sorta slip out, one after the other
  • As soon as your abs clench when you giggle, you let out flatulence the likes of which Seven has never heard (or smelled) before
  • Which is saying something because he is one heck of a Farty Boy
  • He pauses mid-action for a fraction of a second, but before you can even begin to feel embarrassed, Saeyoung flashes a wicked grin and dives right back in
  • Within a minute, you’re liberated from the painful bloating of your abdomen, although the room now smells like concentrated fart
  • Seven literally doesn’t give a shit though
  • if you ever feel insecure about yous gas, he’ll make sure to let one out that’s far louder than yours (but he’s more of the silent but deadly type so loud farting is quite the achievement for him)
  • on the occasion that you guys have fart wars, no guests are allowed within twenty meters of the house unless the wish to die from methane poisoning
  • except Vanderwood, who is quite welcomes during these times
  • he nearly passes out the when he visits on the same day that you guys have a flatulence competition
Shakespearean Drama: A True Story of Toxic Fans

OK, so those of you who know me will know what this means:

I am being serious.

I am not making this up for a good yarn, I am not building up to a silly punchline.  The situation IS hilarious, but I don’t need to embellish or embroider anything to make it so.  So many egos were involved that embellishment would be gilding the lily.  (Yes, my ego is among that number, I admit.)

I was briefly part of the Honors Program at my university.  (I later gave the whole in cursu honorum thing the finger, and this incident was just one of the reasons.)  I had to take a certain number of Honors classes to get that Latin tacked onto my degree.  Since I was a Secondary Education–English major, Honors Continental Lit was an obvious choice.  It was taught by the Director of the Honors Program.  

“Continental Literature”.  Meaning anything from Europe that is not Irish or English or any flavor of British. 

Don’t ask me how we got on the topic of “What are the Job Qualifications to be a Shakespearean Scholar?” in that class!

The class was mostly straight-up English majors, a few SEED(SEEN) (yes, that is how future English teachers were coded in the system at that time) majors like myself, and a couple oddball Engineers who were taking what they saw as an “easy A” for their Honors sheepskin.    The math-geeks were just laughing quietly to each other, the other English Education folks were trying to participate enough to avoid being called on in particular, and I was sitting in a corner by the window (third floor!) quietly plotting mayhem.  

The “pure” English majors (who looked down on we mere peasants who sought to teach) were waxing eloquent on what it is to be a Shakespearean Scholar, and their future careers as Distinguished Examples of Same.  (I had no idea there were that many job openings every year.)  

The professor (who normally spoiled and pampered those English majors rotten, she did not approve of my Education aspirations as being beneath me) called me by name and said, 

“You’re being awfully quiet. What do you think?”  The room went silent, and everybody turned to look at me.

I stretched out my legs and drawled, “Well, I hate to break it to you all, but I don’t think Ol’ Bill wrote all those plays so you could argue over what he meant three hundred years later: I think he did it to put clothes on the kids and keep The Globe open!”

The room went mad.

The professor literally, and yes I do mean literally, fell out of her chair laughing!  She was curled up into a ball on the floor laughing her ass off!  

The Engineers were giggling.

The other Education majors were sliding their chairs away from me as best they could (we were in a circle). “He’s not with us.  Really.”

The English Majors were about to riot.  I had insulted their God!  I had imputed base human motives to their idol!  Yelling, cursing, a couple out of their seats, it got pretty intense. 

I was debating whether I had a better chance of survival trying to break for the door, or if the third floor window open behind me offered a better chance at continuing to live.  

Finally the teacher got her laughter under control, got off the floor and back into her seat, and brought the class back under (nominal) control.

This was around 1994, when the World Wide Web was in its infancy and only total nerds (or anyone in the Honors program, same thing) had a university email address.  I got hate emails for a month about that class!  Some of them just never ever spoke to me again.  

The moral of this story:

No fandom is inherently toxic, but every fandom–every fandom!–has some toxic people in it.    The fandom doesn’t make them toxic: some people are drawn to fandoms because they want to feel special, or powerful, or like they have lots of status, and when you are discussing the merits of something creative, the crown often goes to the person who can fight better rather than the person who can write better.  They bring their own toxicity with them.  (It’s also much easier if the creator is conveniently dead and can’t argue with them–that always gets so awkward.)

The greatest and most unforgivable sin in their eyes is to call them out on their own bullshit and feelings of privilege.  To remind them that the source material is in absolutely no way about them!  That no matter how much they talk about it, they will never own it.  

It can be a lot of fun, but learn from my mistakes: have an escape route planned ahead of time, and don’t give them a way to contact you that you aren’t willing to burn behind you.  

Bill Skarsgard X Reader (Too Shy)

Request: Could you do something where reader and Bill are taking a holiday somewhere, but as friends. Fans get in the way of reader’s true feelings, but she realizes her feelings for Bill and admits them.


Requested  By: @weallhaveadestiny  

Bill tossed the last of your suit cases into the backseat before shutting the door, and hopping into the driver’s seat, ”Ready to go, (Y/N)?” He asked digging into his pocket for the keys. Once he found them he started the car. “Yeah, I’m ready…but like are you sure you wanna take a break? Y-You didn’t have to come you know?” Bill only laughed pulling on his seatbelt, glancing back at you, “We both deserve a break, (Y/N). I from acting, you from writing. Besides we are going to somewhere quiet because we both need it.” You did not dare to argue back once he had his mind set on something, he was going to do it.

The ride to Atlanta wasn’t that long since you’d slept most of the way, Bill and you had rented a hotel room together. Bill said he didn’t mind sharing beds even though the room had two. Wanting to respect his privacy you decided to sleep on your own, but you honestly had feelings for him just kept that part to yourself. Grabbing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts you walked past him to change in the bathroom. Once you shut the door you stripped yourself of the dirty clothing and into something much more comfortable. After completing your nightly bathroom routine you went back out to the room to lay down and rest to prepare yourself for the next day. 

Bill watched as you laid there sleeping peacefully, “Goodnight, (Y/N).” He murmured flicking off the lamp before laying down himself.The next morning you woke up to the sound of frantic knocking, “I don’t wanna get up… it’s too early..” You muttered hugging the blanket tighter around your small form. The knocking came once more this time followed by a voice, “(Y/N), please! I left the key on the nightstand let me in!!” Bill shouted from the outside. You groaned and threw the blanket off of your body the cold air making goosebumps appear in your arms and legs. You shuddered and reached over grabbing a small jacket to cover yourself up to prevent your body from becoming even colder than it already was from the loss of warmth.  

You shuffled over to the door and pulled it open, you were slightly shocked to find your friend standing there panting. Bill stumbled in and shut the door quickly behind him, you rubbed your eyes sleepily letting out a yawn. “Bill what’s going on it’s 7:00 in the morning..” He sighed taking a seat on the edge of the bed fingers curling in his hair. “I-I thought it’d be quiet here, but the fans.. the fans are just relentless.” Bill sighed and you shrugged. “Fans will be fans, I mean look at you… you’re a nice looking guy. You also have natural talent.” he looked up at you as you took a seat next to him. “Thanks (Y/N).” Bill whispered and the fans continued to bang on the door, “We love you, Bill!” One girl screamed, “Sign my book!” You laughed.“Sign this, sign that, I’m can’t live without a signature!” You cried out dramatically, bringing your arm up to your forehead and sighing dreamily.

 Bill chuckled and turned to look over at you his eyes locked on your face and eyes. “How come I’ve never seen it before?” He asked looking back at the ground, “Seen what?” You asked becoming nervous and sat up quickly. “Seen how much you care about me..” He responded.You laughed nervously eyes side glancing to look away, “Well yeah I mean who woul-” Bill leaned forward placing his lips on yours in a quick kiss. “I love you to, (Y/N). Don’t ever get jealous of those girls because you’re the only one who I love back.” He told you and you blushed slowly wrapping your arms around him.“Please come out we just wanna get a picture!” You growled and shouted. “Get out of here! We’re having a moment!!” Bill laughed, “This is why I love you.” You smiled. “Aww thanks…”


You two spent the evening inside of the hotel as the many fan girls crowded outside the door just begging to get in, “How long have we been stuck in here?” You groaned flopping down lazily next to bill as he turned another page of the Stephen King novel he was reading and chuckled, “It has only been an hour, (Y/N).” He replied glancing down at you a grin replacing his smile and you punched him lightly on the shoulder. “It’s been an our and I am hungry.” You pouted and Bill shrugged not looking at you at all this time.

“I am about to be on angry person, wait here!” You told him and got up sliding on a jacket again and flung open the door glaring at the girls who stood grouped around the door. “Get the heck out of here!” You snapped waving your arms angrily and they in fear dispersed in many directions fearing to come back. You smiled and walked back inside smiling to yourself. “Could we order out, that took all of my energy?” You asked and Bill set aside the book and grabbed the phone dialing a pizza place nearby. 

“Yes! I am so happy right now and glad I met someone like you.” You sighed wrapping your arms around him and placing a kiss to his cheek.

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  • the texts you don’t get/send often say a lot more than the ones you do
  • many things are happening…not sure how it plays out, but this year sure isn’t gonna end like it started
  • it shouldn’t be this hard for office buildings to manage 90° days in September
  • remember when the Tumblr app could play videos? post reliably? present content in order? those were the days
  • on the days I see my shrink, I always feel more open and aware afterwards
  • wish I could afford him more often
  • this is my only unscheduled night this week and I intend to be as pantsless about it as possible
  • sorry, family…avert your gaze
I will not censor my muse,

…but I do respect you as a writer, and will discuss plot points with you (hopefully) before censoring becomes an issue.

There’s a lot of stuff going on both sides of this debate, and both sides have some fair points, and some not fair points. I’m not going to get into which I agree with and which I don’t so instead this is a different kind of PSA. A respect PSA; a PSA that tells you that I respect you, BUT I demand the same respect.

Some writers out there write problematic characters. Some prefer gritty, horror, violent threads. There are many writers out there that write very powerful characters (from gods to beings who span millennia). I am one of those writers. I fully understand the damaging power of my characters. I also understand their limitations, and most of the time they don’t make poor life decisions (such as to piss off the god that could crush them with hardly a thought). I am finding that not all writers have this common sense, and it is unfair to ask those that DO to censor their characters actions when provoked.

Here is my take on RP Etiquette –

If my character is in a situation to which they will be saying or doing something that may invoke a violent reaction from yours, I will message you to discuss it first. It may not be in my character’s best interest to do so, and in those cases I have to consider how far I will let them go…but, I refuse to muzzle them. I will not censor their faults for your sensibilities.

I ask the same respect in return.

I read everyone’s rules (usually multiple times, especially before responses for slower threads just to refresh myself) and I will never move a plot in the direction of someone’s known trigger. That being said, sometimes we don’t know all of our squicks and triggers, and if something makes you uncomfortable, you’re more than welcome to come talk to me about it. It may mean that something in your last response needs to change so that my response can change. Because I won’t censor my muse, but I am willing to rethink current paths of action, as long as you are as well.

What I will not do is muzzle my muse’s violent, problematic behaviour, if your muse is antagonistic and inspires such reaction. Many of us play problematic characters, we love them for their faults (in some cases we look for character development to help them through/beyond those faults, but not everyone does, and some faults can’t be “fixed”). What we do not want is to be asked to play them according to your perception based on a scene you saw once (and thus felt a powerful, problematic character can be “changed”), or because you decided you shipped the faceclaim, or for whatever else reason. This is a form of god-modding, and if asked to change my character because you think they should be written X way instead of Y way…well, we’re just not compatible writers. This is a collaboration; not your fanfiction.

anonymous asked:

You do realize that blog that wrote that is not actually Metzen right? Just wondering since you were so adamant about people reading. At any rate, its fine if you have standards that you like to adhere to. Just like its fine if someone else is new or doesn't have those same standards. The point was don't get angry and shame people for having pretend fun times.

A shame you aren’t brave enough to put your name to this Anon. The information was from Mr. Metzen’s tumblr and Mr. Metzen has a history of saying lore damaging things so in the spirit of writing my response I addressed it directly to him as a writer may do for fluidity sake. For many of us who cherish lore, his comments are a sore spot and it makes perfect sense to do so. Moving on. I believe I made my own feelings clear on how I personally bend my own lore needs to rp with a large majority of the WrA community because as a general rule other people do not *appear* to hold the same standards. I like our community in the main and enjoy the RP shenanigans that we get up to. If I did not then I obviously wouldn’t do it. If my post appeared angry then you placed feelings that aren’t there and since I have a large portion of people on this Tumblr who have never RP’d with me, do not know me personally and you didn’t put your name I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you don’t actually know me. Annoyance would be more accurate which in fact is not anger. I get angry at people who do mean things like call Ms. Gampre fat. Or cause bad things to happen in the WrA community for no reason. You read shame into a message that is a personal opinion. Perhaps you’re the half blue half black half bronze half…you get the idea. I don’t shame, I would simply choose not to interact. Which I have done and is my right as an RPer. Just like I choose not to interact with certain characters because they’re complete and total assholes and RPing with them is just too frustrating to deal with. The whole point here is that when someone like Metzen who has on many, many, many occasions in public made disparaging comments concerning lore it gives the game base, those new people you mentioned, the idea that there *isn’t* any which simply is not true. And that is personally frustrating to someone like me who has a serious love of said lore. So there is no anger nor shame. Only a general disgust at a man like Metzen for jacking things he shouldn’t, especially when he no longer works for Blizzard and a personal (read that one again Anon) love of something and desire to incorporate it into my own RP which is difficult due to things just like this. So please sign your post next time so I can actually know who I’m taking to and we can really have a chat because I love lore, love to learn more of it and would happily talk about it. But don’t put emotion into my post please and thank you. 

@susan-gampre (for mention)

maryannlores  asked:

What if Junkrat, at the bar, meet a lady junker who found him really weird but finds its eccentricity quite amusing? Loved One-sided and I couldn't let owr precious trash kid sad (ノ∀`♥)


- You saw him from across the bar, he was slouched on one of the broken plastic garden chairs, watching the stage as another person who thought they could sing was booed off. He’d led out a cackle and took a swig of his drink.

- He was so strange, everyone in town avoided him. You would have thought him being so lanky many Junkers would have tried their luck in killing him or robbing his house but he was one of those people who were just ‘too fuckin’ off their ‘ead’ to go near  you had heard.

- You sipped your own drink and walked over to where he sat, you caught his attention right off the bat and he grinned at you. “Wanna sit?” he asked and suddenly leaned forward on the table, he eyed you up as you nodded and sat on what looked like old plastic wine crates stuck together with masking tape.

- “Wot can ol’ ratty do for ya darl?” he asked taking another sip of his beer, his eyes never leaving you, he was intrigued why a pretty girl would be sitting with him when everyone else treated him like he was a plague ridden leaper..

- The number one rule was never trust anyone in Junkertown… Buuuut he never was very good at following the rules, he was already on strike two as it was. He just watched you and raised one of those distinguished brows at you.

-”Well, I don’t want to get harassed by ruffians so I thought if I sit with you, the ultimate person deterrent then I should be fine” your tone as casual as you drank more of your beer, only half looking at him as someone else got on the stage to try their luck.

- He barked out a loud shrill laugh that caused some people in ear shot to cringe. Junkrat finished his beer and belched loudly which didn’t bother you, manners out here? yeah sure. “Ya got tha’ right dollface…” he mused looking at the wide birth everyone was giving him.

-”Can I buy a lady a drink? promise I won’t piss in it… not all tha rumah’s about me are true..” It was your turn to laugh now, almost spitting out your drink, ok so he was odd, strange.. but damn it he was one of the few people in this shitty town that had a sense of humour. You nodded as he got up, you watched him limp over to the bar.

- He ordered two drinks and paid, the bar keep was giving him the most disgusted look he could muster but still Junkrat was just grinning and making friendly conversation, did anything get him down? that was something you admired so much about the tall Junker.. he just laughed through it all.

- “’ere ya go!” he said cheerfully and set your down before getting comfy once more. The night was going nicely, your sides hurt so much from laughing, his cackles were so mad and loud, it was hard not to laugh along with him.

- His cackles soon got him moved on but you walked with him, was a little chilly out but neither of you seemed to mind as you carried on talking, despite his limp you had trouble matching his steps. As he talked about his grand designs and flailed his arms around you noticed your house close by.

- “So… I go to that bar every Friday night… I could do with a…. creep deterrent again if your ever interested?” you smiled at him wondering if he got your drift.. by the looks of the wild grin and flash in his amber eyes you would say so.

- “Oh yeah mate, I’ll be there an’ remember it’s ya round first next time” he winked at you as he carried on his way.

- Were you playing with fire? you mused softly to yourself watching him leave out the big gate..

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How can one move on and carry on from failing too many times? It just sucks that I try my best but still fail in the end.

Keep going. You’ll get where you’re going. The path may be uneasy, frustrating or just plain sucky. But those things simply seek your attention. The feelings failure brings up in you only seek your attention.

The circumstances and the situations you have failed at are secondary. Feel. Change your relationship to what all of this brings up in you. If you’re angry; feel that. If your frustrated; feel that. If you’re sad; feel that. Feel them and find that they aren’t bad or evil things to avoid: just feelings. Feelings that don’t to dictate what you do, but simply be felt.

Feelings can linger from old things in you and those old things reach out and touch you through those feelings. They create situations in your life so you are forced to get to know them. And they only seek what was not given to them before: your attention and to be felt and recognized.

What you feel is simply ok and a part of being human. We all fail. This is simple but we don’t ever see outside of our own failure to the massive world-wide failure all around us. No one truly hasn’t made a mistake or a miss step in life. This is part of life and to fail is to join life and to grow. Growth and future success come from: learning from failure – what to do and what to do in the future – and from being with the the things that only seek attention and respect. And doing from the space created when those things are laid to rest. This is the way we change, grow and get unstuck in a cycle of failure.

If you don’t want to feel these things that come up. That’s ok too. Try – stay with them for a bit and see. Feel the parts of you that are sad, frustrated or that feel you’re a failure. The truth is: you’re not. You cannot be. You are here and you are living. This is all a part of that. It all that simple.

Go, do and feel. Just live and try to sense this all unfolding in front of you, not to punish you or to make you feel unworthy, but just to get your attention and get to the healing and resolution that didn’t occur in your past.

Look at what you believe about yourself and about failure and success. Seek the source of those beliefs in you. What were you taught about failure and success and what it all means to you? Step back from these things and try and see that it all just simply flows. To the day, night is a failure and to the night time, day time is a failure. But that is just one take on it. Step back a bit and try and see or sense the whole of it and see that failure and success are just two sides of the same coin. They feed each other and push each other forward.

Spend time with your attention in your chest. Breathe and follow that to your heart space and feel. You’re sad there, you’re angry there just breathe and just feel. Let those things dissolve in that space in your chest and this will all become less two-sided and simpler.

In truth, it is all very simple. You’re here, you’re alive and doing what you’re doing. No failure; no success. Just an endless play. An endless play that you’re fulfilling you’re role in with out fail and with out a missed step. Try to sense that.

Take care and I hope this helps,













Watched @therealjacksepticeye live stream and wanted to help spread the word of these charity shirts. The U.S. and Mexico hasn’t had the best time lately, the U.S. had two hurricanes with another one coming and Mexico just had a 7.1 earthquake which resulted in many deaths. Even if you can’t afford the shirt please spread the word to help out those who lost family or homes.

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Kevin Smith talks about directing melissa in this www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=-aduZIRPyL4&t=1364s around 13:00 and I thought it was really sweet. Honestly melissa is flawed just like the rest of us, but the fact that everyone that gets to work with her has so many nice things to say about her as an actress and a person says alot.

😂😂 Honestly, if anyone is guilty of thinking Melissa is inhumanly perfect, it’s this guy, lmao.

But yeah, I think she’s a good egg and does a good job of emulating Supergirl to the best of her normal human person capabilities.

(People were, at one point, trying to spread the idea that she’s like secretly terrible to crew members and I’m just like…

If there’s one quality she’s been repeatedly praised for by those who personally know her, it’s being the opposite of a diva on set.)

But from Chyler’s “I’d slash somebody’s tires for her — I’m not gonna lie,” to Laura’s “I literally want to cry when I think of her,” I just think that maybe Melissa’s an okay person? 


Found some pictures from an old photoshoot (2013) I did with my first Legolas costume (the last one’s been posted before, this is the first time for the others).

I make a lot of dumb faces when I pose, it’s why I like to cosplay Legolas in the background of other people’s shots. ;)

it wasn’t that long ago when i made my last FOLLOW FOREVER but since then, i did gain many new followers and some more friendships were formed. now that i’m at 850 followers ( which i don’t understand tbh ?? like i’m… the worst, basically and yet y’all keep up with me ), i decided to make a new one !! i may forget about some people since i’m very bad at remembering urls but… please, i love all of my mutuals.


  • @fearthymatriarch ; where shall i start ?? you’re such an extraordinary person and i’m so happy that we started talking many weeks ago?? not only are you an awesome writer, you also are a very good friend and i’m so grateful about all these things that you do for me. you’re like… the first oc i ever loved since many i’ve met along the way weren’t really at my liking?? i’m way more selective than i first thought but… yep. i couldn’t let you go tho and now i’m in love with our kakaama ( or kakama ? idk ) and god, we almost plot all their lives until their death ?? and yet, we always find something to add which is awesome. all your minato and jiraiya are marvelous and… ugh, i’m just so happy. i love you.
  • @abyssaldespair, @hirasenshi, @goldenyondaime ; y’all were like the first people i talked to when i came back to the fandom ?? ( on my minato too ) and god i remember all the cracks stuff and there are very good memories. thing is, i didn’t regret coming back because of you guys… you were so welcoming and sweet and… pretty fantastic. i love you all and i can’t wait for what is to come !!
  • @fishbaited ; alright, our thing is kisaita which means… on my itachi but i couldn’t make a follow forever without mentioning you right ?? i love you so much and i’m so ready for the angsty train.
  • @ruumino ; my smol angel. you’re such an amazing bean and exploring kakairu with you is such a wonderful experience ?? honestly, i couldn’t bring myself to roleplay with an other iruka because you’re the only one for me. ( your portrayal is just so great ??? ) not only are you a wonderful writer, i also know i can come to you whenever and talk… for ages without you minding which is nice. i love you. ( also sorry for how slow i am ??? but know that i love all of our threads. )
  • @uchihasavior ; oh god… you are so great ?? i remember that even before coming back, i would often stalk your acc and read whatever you post about itachi and others ?? i fell in love with your writing and i’m just happy that i am not talking to you ?? you’re an amazing itachi/sasuke so please keep up the good work !
  • @leafsenshi ; my baby boo. god, you’re so amazing ?? i can’t deny that before you, i was never attracted to sakura but you made her… loveable ?? to me, at least. the way you write her… you made me love her as a character and it’s all thanks to you. you made me see things that i overlooked for years ?? not only that but you’re also one of my most important people on here and i love the fact that we are talking every single days… ( i’d miss you so much if it wasn’t the case ). you’re such a good friend. i love you.
  • @shokans ; my baby. my luff. my cutie pie. MY PARTNER IN CRIME. *wink wonk* so many stuff happen ever since we started talking earlier this summer ?? and there is no way i could regret anything no matter all the shit we went through… rping with you is like the ultimate experience you know ?? you’re such an amazing writer and not only do i loooove our threads, i also happen to read those you have with others and i’m just… ugh, how is she so perfect ?? i love you bb so freaking much and i don’t want to lose you like… ever.
  • @ototosasuke ; we started talking a few days ago ?? and yet you managed to grew on me and… i do consider you as a friend now ?? you’re so… lovely and friendly and… amazing all around.
  • @gentlegrace ; such a kind person ?? i don’t think i have ever met someone like you tbh, always lifting people’s mood up ( mine too ) and i want you to know that i appreciate you so much ??
  • @shiroi-no-kiba / @gisei-karasu ; MY DOG DAD AND ALSO MY GO TO WHEN IT COMES TO KAKAITA. i loooove you so much ?? like okay we may not talk as much as we used to and i miss you a bunch and yet… you’re such a wonderful friend and writer ?? and our threads are filled with angst ?? but i love them all.
  • @koukennin ; we may not talk much these days bc we are busy buuuut know that i love and miss you bunch and that your portrayal of itachi is spot on ?? you made me fall in love with him… on a whole new level so thank you for that ! :)
  • @senbonguard ; you’re such an amazing writer and i love you bunches ??? i also miss you and all our talk BUT i ain’t pushy so come back whenever you want to bb ! i can’t wait to develop kakagenma even more !


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The Tiny Girl with the PhD Saga

So- settle in people, Zero has a story for you! Many in the Hiddles fandom know of its fringe Crazies – those blogs who pretty much everyone agrees are bananas and just here for the attention they can get from making up lies and pretending they have some kind of insider information on Tom’s personal life.  Some have come and gone or just changed their blog name and continue the crazy- one such blog is HiddlestonAnon (HA).  Many believe, as do I, that THEOANON became HiddlestonAnon once THEO was no longer a thing and they were caught in too many lies.  The more general name makes more sense for the overall discussion of the dating life of Mr Hiddleston.

Now, when I use the word discussion, I use I VERY loosely.  HA doesn’t discuss anything. She doesn’t provide tangible information or proof of her statements- she just writes cryptic fragments of thoughts and hashtags that make no sense and don’t really say anything- which I imagine is her way of deniability when someone accuses her of making up lies.  If you just respond with things like “watch this space” and “as he wants it” as well as not actually posting the anons you (supposedly) get but just posting ambiguous answers with no context- it’s pretty easy for one to conclude that you are cuckoo for cocoa puffs, likely lying, and you are having conversations with yourself. There are no notes, no replies. Just keep this in mind as we move forward in today’s story children!

So the “Tiny PhD/Curvy Brunette story” as far as we can figure (and big ups to @kaleidoscope-vol2 for researching with me) started on TheoAnons as an anon who sent a message that a waitress (not sure if the anon was the waitress or a friend of and since the blog is deleted we can’t go back and confirm) saw Tom talking with a curvy short brunette and thought she heard the woman say something about “finishing her PhD first”.  How the leap was made from that to choosing this specific woman to be said curvy gal? That is what we are not sure about. I’m certain I heard this rumor before the HS shenanigans but the selected TinyPhDGal (TPG) didn’t move to London until Sept 2016 (according to her Twitter).

Now- if you are one of those sensitive souls who plead “privacy!” about everything, stop now and walk away from my blog. Everything I post here is public information easily found on various social media platforms and websites. My point in making this post is to show everyone that the woman is not and has not dated Tom and she has either been targeted because she fits a shape described by an anon and has things in common with him or she is HA and wants everyone to believe she dated Tom. I favor the former, some may believe the latter.  I am not proving any theory- just providing information and ultimately showing that HA is full of shit.

The following story is a tale about TPG attending Hamlet and the interesting happenings around that. There are 4 players in this story. HA, who we’ve met as well as TPG- who will hence be known by her real initials- RB.  There is also a woman named Tonya (TT) who unwittingly got involved in this by winning the Hamlet lottery and another Italian woman who will go by her initials EB.  

First, this tweet was posted Friday (now deleted) by a woman and it was brought to my attention by an anon that she was “getting harassed on Twitter” and we tracked down the tweet – which was this one, and we deduced RB was the one with an emoji over her face since a quick glance through TT’s twitter she is clearly the tall one.  

As you can seem TT is from Vegas and is clearly a Loki fangirl and made the trip to London for Hamlet. Good for her.  

 Back in August, TT tweeted this:

So she was clearly the one with the Hamlet tickets and RB answered the call either here or on Reddit. Lucky, right place at the right time thing or searching for a ticket? Either way, as I said earlier in the week, if she knew Tom or was as close as HA would like you to believe, you think she needs to search for a ticket from a stranger? Also interesting:

TT posted the pic on IG as well, no emoji face. Why? Also she took down the twitter pic today but left up the IG pic. So odd. 

The next day the “troll” EB appears and tags RB in a tweet. The first tweet from Sept 15 and then again, using the pic on Sept 16.  Notice this is not a retweet, it’s her own tweet so she saved the pic and called her out and tagged Tom.  TT responded to the now deleted tweet

Here’s the very interesting thing- EB had an account suspended for rules violation…

But this account had tweeted at TT earlier- but you can no longer see the original tweet, just TT’s reply:

Notice that the suspended account is @ElenaBarilePari and the other account, which was seemingly just opened 4 days ago, is @ElenaBarileBari but says Pari in the name part. So this person made a new twitter just to tweet this at RB.  Who is EB really? Oh, she’s a friend and colleague of RB in Italy and they worked together on some kind of international conference.  Is this really EB?  Likely not. Looks to me like a troll (maybe HA) opened an account using the name of one of RB’s friends to try to make it seem like RB is friendly with/knows Tom to perpetuate this fake story that they dated.

In an even more interesting development today- HA came back from the dead after not posting for nearly 2 months and RB also posted this on Twitter.

HA also posted this- another mysterious post to make people wonder what she means…

So- the story continues but Tl:Dr:

1.       This RB woman is just a woman getting her PhD at Oxford and there is ZERO proof that she even ever met Tom, nevermind dated him. NADA. She follows him on Twitter, replied to a tweet about a poem he tweeted a while back and is clearly a Shakespeare/stage fan. That’s it.

2.       Someone (HA) has created and perpetuated this story to seek attention and try to make it seem like she has some inside information about his life that you don’t have and therefore she is special. She isn’t.

3.       Someone (HA again?) made a fake Twitter account in the name of one of RB’s friends to attach her to Tom and to call attention to her to fangirls who check the Tom tag and bring it back to Tumblr. Was someone bored and not having anything to talk about so they tracked her down?  If you notice the original tweet by TT does not tag RB in it- so the troll must have either known it was RB somehow or they could have looked to see if TT put it on IG and got their confirmation on who it was there. Either way- it was not as simple as seeing her tagged in a tweet. This is some hard core stalking.

I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of this once HA hears about this post (Hiiii!) but please don’t tweet at RB or ask her anything- again I made this post to prove that no one should be bothering her and unless HA can prove with photographic evidence her claim that RB and Tom are secret lovers, then she needs to leave this woman alone and we all should now too.

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Now I wanna see EVERYONE'S reaction to those am/pm pill containers if they find one on tim's kitchen counter and just SO many bottles of pills from missing spleen meds, to sleep aids to HIGH amounts of pain meds, anti-depressants , compromised immune system meds and anti-anxiety meds. Like Dude HOW ARE YOU FUNCTIONING?! Also tim being HIGHLY critical of the fact that they technically have ZERO idea if damian's had ALL his shots. Not to be a jerk but cause TIM'S IMMUNE SYSTEM IS DEAD!

oh god yeah like?! do you think Tim himself even gets really down when he sees the amount of medicines and supplements he has to take every day like!! he’s seventeen!! and he has to take more pills in a day than most people see in a MONTH!!
I bet sometimes he get so overwhelmed and a little depressed by it that he’ll occasionally skip taking a few things, maybe even for a few days he’ll just quit taking the majority, until he gets sick, like REALLY sick, and oh okay guess he shouldn’t have stopped taking them


So October is almost here and that’s usually when I start my yearly conversation about casual ableism in Guild Wars 2. However I saw an ask about someone’s villainous character that linked to quite a few books about criminal psychology and that got me on a train of thought about Villainous characters and why, despite the fact that I love writing them, I’ve never really been able to feel comfortable RPing one outside of the context of DMing for group RP. 

Cut because long.

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I realized today that my fics consist of 3 long works amidst 49,661. Today, I want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has taken time to read one of my fics at all. And an extra thank you to those of you who have liked, recommended, or commented on one of the fics. I am just one bear writing amongst so many writers (and fantastic writers at that) and I am just so grateful that some of have taken the time to give my writing a shot.

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