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Considering that Rhys explicitly used a continuation of Mor’s abuse and a destruction of her safe space without her permission for a political purpose, I’m not fucking surprised that she hasn’t come out to him. She probably can’t trust him not to trade the information to her abusers, just like he did with her love of Velaris (which, btw, included the only place she could be in community with other queer women, Rita’s). Because remember: it wasn’t that Keir wanted access to Velaris, or that he wanted to ally with Eris - or at least, that wouldn’t have been enough. He wanted Mor to suffer. That was why he agreed to Rhys’s deal. And Rhys knew that perfectly well.

And this is all canon.

i’m trying to figure out why Damien had a cane or whatever that thing was.

was it just for him to be even more extra than he already is?? did he actually need it, did he have a limp or something? did he use it to whack people (the colonel) when they did something that they weren’t suppose to do? or is it some keepsake from something???

why did he have that i need answers

I’m pretty sure my career as a H omestuck blogger peaked when Sh elby Cra gg followed me for like a week before getting sick of me bitching about Paradox Space

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Is Naga genderless?

answer: inconclusive

(balance: trolling, or serious? the world may never know)

I never said (properly) the last name I have for David. I gave him the name David Jones, because of Davey Jones. Since I thought that would be a cool thing to do! I wanted the pirate joke there, and so it kinda stuck.

……….And then I placed Jones on Max………..

I swear that was not my intention.

I swear, Slasher was at least partly funded by the CW

Take this scene from Episode 3

Grandma Bennett: That cop likes you. 

Sarah: Grandma, I’m literally married, what the fuck?!?! 

Grandma: Yes, I know. He’s black and you actually have some chemistry. But you forget the cop is a bland white guy and this show is partly being made for American audiences so…

Sarah: *sees the disrespect-to-an-interracial-relationship-foreshadowing* SON OF A BITCH…I’m a good person, I don’t deserve this…and neither does the audience… 

I just bummed myself out at the realization that Tallia has had more in-depth, one-on-one, meaningful and deep conversations with Treek than she has with Lana.


I thought it would be nice for Arthas to go back home since he is the rightful king of lordaeron.