and this is not even about it

you know, even tho all the raphael/izzy scenes made me really uncomfortable i could somehow deal w it only if ! they would consciously show us how unhealthy is this relationship, or have a good reason to show us like be a part of a bigger picture. but im so utterly disgusted that the producers think that any of those scene were even a tiny bit romantic. no. there is nothing nice about how izzy dragged raphael into this whole mess, how he manipulated him, there is nothing lovely about how much they got deep into this addiction that manipulated both of their minds with feelings that are not real….. i could throw up just thinking about how much they romantize this relationship, isabelle lightwood and raphael santiago deserved better

Anyways wake me up when Dunkirk is nominated for all the Oscars and Harry shows up in a floral patterned tux and full cape or some shit

If you’re one of those blogs/followers who only see Scorpios just as “sex”, then please, unfollow me. I’m getting tired to see every damn post on tumblr describing us with only the “sex” word. Like dammit ! Scorpio is so much more than sex ! We don’t go and fuck around with every random bitches, that we meet. How such a cautious and guarded sign like ours, could go and fuck around with literally anybody ? Do you guys even know how selective we actually are about our partners ? It takes us like months just to get into a relationship or even consider someone as a “friend”, and yet, you all describe us as a “fuck machine" ? Like FUCK YOU ! If you only sees us that way, then I’m sorry my dear, but you don’t know anything about our sign at all. Meanwhile, air signs are fucking and cheating much more than us out there and yet, I don’t see anyone complaining !

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Lmao I just saw that ask from an anon saying that they'd reported u but like, if you want to stop fan translations, buy US ALL (the ones that CANT afford to pay) the comic and translate it for us, be my guest.


People forget that those who CAN buy the chapters are not able to due to their location and those who CANNOT buy the chapters can’t be necessarily blamed for not having any disposable income. I’ve heard people complain when I talked about these issues but it seems they can’t understand the circumstances of others (wish they read my post about Lezhin and COA thoroughly before commenting). Lezhin won’t go out of business because of people like me. In fact, Lezhin was one of the top 10 to have the biggest start-up funding in 2016, about 50 billion won (Forbes).

Manhwa is reading, no one should be denied to read (reading and having the content are two different things - you go to libraries to read a textbook but go to the bookstores to buy the same exact textbook). If Lezhin doesn’t want their pockets bare, they should really consider thinking about solutions to these issues. Can you point fingers at me for doing something the company cannot - reaching fans from all income level?

And to those complaining, please complain to me only after you left suggestions to Lezhin, talked to them about some of the issues in hand, speak about your fellow KS fans who are left stranded because of obstacles they have no control of (weak currency value, location like those in the Middle East with banking issues, political policies and unrest, student loans, and more).

I’ll even give you a list to send them:

  1. Puts ads on free chapters of the manhwa and a wait time, implement a “premium” service like Viki, Dramafever, Youtube, which will allow premium to skip ads and can get the translated chapters immediately (suggested by a lovely user).  
  2. Work with fan translators - put ads on blogs with fan translations and use the ad revenue to be given to Lezhin and the artists.
  3. Incorporate a fan translation corner like Webtoon Translate owned by Naver.  
  4. Include student seasonal passes and discounts like Microsoft, Photoshop, Amazon, ASOS, etc.
  5. Allow image overlay translations to work on Lezhin website so that fan translators will have to make readers buy the chapters to read fan translations! This solves the issue of waiting nearly 2 weeks for the English translations. 

Feel free to add to the list! 

Also, the phrases “you should just buy the chapters” or “don’t read fan translations” or “you shouldn’t read it if you can’t buy it” are incredibly outdated and miss the whole point of WHY I translate and WHY people read fan translations. Sure, these solutions won’t solve everything about fan translations and readers but at least giving the readers an option to read the content at Lezhin versus any other site, isn’t that a good deal?  

Koogi lives on a livable wage so she CANNOT be harmed, only helped (read about that here but if you can buy the chapters, please do so - Koogi receives a portion of the revenue) and Lezhin won’t be ruined by people like me (read about their recent success here and here), so stop worrying about the business and start worrying about the fans. 

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Honestly I want to cry. I love Magnus so much. He's honestly such amazing bi representation and poc representation- very specifically Asian- and Harry himself is an actual angel. I just... want him to get more love and respect? And I'll be honest I'm white and bisexual and it breaks my heart and I honestly can't imagine how much worse it must be for fans of color and LGBTQ fans of color. I just am sad, sorry for this ask.

i’m just going to be brutally honest and say that white ppl can criticize this show and walk away and still find their rep elsewhere; as a queer se asian i … can’t. like i don’t. have much else?? this is it for us. this is all we get

so it’s uncomfortable when i see the criticisms from white ppl leveled @ the show as if they somehow get it, as if it hurts them just as bad or they’re just as disappointed. like…no, you don’t get it. you just don’t. and it isn’t a slight against white fandom i’m happy you guys are lucky enough you can look elsewhere but please remember that you are in fact lucky enough to be able to look elsewhere



I will not stand for any compliments directed at George W. Bush. He was a disaster and he nearly destroyed this country. 

Maybe I’m feeling hypersensitive to this shit right now because Water by the Spoonful is about an Iraq war vet in 2009.  This character went to Iraq as a 19 year old kid because, as a Latino growing up in a poor neighborhood, he was likely told that the military was the best option for future success. And this kid goes overseas and gets his leg blown apart and he’s wracked with PTSD and even though it’s fiction, that kind of thing literally happened to hundreds of thousands of young people from poor communities.  Military recruitment targeted young men in cities and poor rural areas. They were not adequately prepared or equipped to deal with the kind of war Iraq ended up being and the war just destroyed these young people. The physical and mental health ramifications for Iraq veterans are going to have as much of a long term effect as Vietnam. And it was all based on lies.


ive been laughing for like the last hour because likealeafonthewind and I got talking abt obi-wan in general and then specifically Ad Verecundiam (aka the timetraveling vader au) and what Obi-Wan in the original timeline is up to

and while I’m of the opinion that there is no original timeline, that Vader is now a paradox, because otherwise it’s just too sad

it also came up of what master obi-wan would think of the fact that his stupid former padawan traveled back in time and ends up banging his younger self like