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skam characters tag game

tag these names and let tumblr fill in from tags you have written in the past. either pick the first one or you favourite one. skip the name if you have none:

“Sana…” “Elias…” “Yousef…” Mutta, Adam, Mikael, Noora, Eva, Vilde, Chris, Isak, Even, Mahdi, Jonas, Magnus, Sara, Ingrid, Laila, Jamilla, Mari, Eskild, Linn, William (any version of his name)

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Honestly i thought touka turned her head because kaneki was being corny and she was hiding her blush/embarassment...

I think that’s a valid interpretation too but for me, the mood Touka gives off in that entire scene is what gives me a sense of dread too

in typical Touka fashion, she’s no-nonsense about a romantic gesture. No hesitation or embarrassment about giving Kaneki her most treasured possession, no sappy words, she just dives into it. But there’s sadness in her eyes, and giving Kaneki the ring for strength makes me think she knows what’s in their future. Her tarot card is the High Priestess after all, the card of intuition and self-awareness. 

The sadness might just be because she’s seeing Yoriko moving on with her life without her in it, or because she’s telling Kaneki about her parents, but I can’t help but feel Touka is much more in tune with how much they all have to lose than Kaneki.

Produce 101 Scandals

I’m so sick of seeing the trainees being bashed for simple mistakes. Some trainees didn’t even do anything wrong but still get bashed because some people hate on everything unless their fave is doing well and even then they still do it.

Scandals started even before the first episode aired, Maroo Entertainment’s Han Jongyeon got shit on for his past actions. I honestly didn’t have a problem with him leaving the competition because he deserved consequences for what he did, but what we forget sometimes is that it’s not our place to judge or say anything on the matter. Whether he did something or not we don’t know the full story so why stick your nose in a place where it doesn’t belong. I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion but don’t “take matters I to your own hands” and hate on a trainee when all the information you know came out of an allkpop article. It is not your business, you aren’t involved in anyway, so why are you over there making a fool out of yourself by cussing out a trainee that might never see your comments.

Kang Daniel got shit on for his actions, I understand that he did make a terrible decision and should have thought it through but it’s a simple mistake. He apologized and got dealt with by the Produce 101 staff so why do you think that your two cents are needed? The kid gets hated on and will continue to get hated on regardless of what he chooses to do because of a simple mistake. Get off your high horse, realize that you too have made mistakes and leave him alone. What do you get out of hating on a 22 year old that is just trying to make his dreams come true? at the end of the day he’s doing something with his life and you’re sitting at home using foul language because you lack the intelligence to voice your opinion in a civilized manner.

Lee Daehwi, better known as “the kid that did absolutely nothing to you”. What did he do exactly? “He’s arrogant” acknowledging your skills and having your best be enough to be one of the best is arrogance? He got hated on for being the center because apparently you can be an absolute mess on stage and be worshipped as long as you’re handsome. Beauty is subjective so I’m not going to fight you on your opinion, even if I’m my eyes Daehwi has a cute lil face that is idol worthy, but you know to each their own. The hate that he gets got so bad that he felt that he couldn’t be disappointed for being ranked lower than he had hoped for, it got so bad that he didn’t volunteer to be center for playing with fire, it got so bad that he felt that he had to say “I know I’m ugly but please vote for me” during his “it’s meringue time” video. Daehwi is beyond talented, I do believe that he is a force to be reckoned with and so do you because if you didn’t you wouldn’t bash him to make your faves look better.

Im Youngmin has to be the most heartbreaking for me. How would you feel if you got hated on because you were with someone you love? I don’t expect you to think about that why would you? You’ve proven that you’re about as selfish and petty as it can get, so why would you put yourself in somebody else’s place? All of those comments scolding him for dating someone are completely unnecessary, frustrating, and well stupid. It’s not his or his girlfriend’s fault that you feel entitled to a 22 year old just because he’s on the path of becoming a public figure. Princess he’s not yours to do with as you please, he’s not here to do as you say, he’s human and him and every idol out there should be treated as such. Idols, soon to be idols, and/or trainees do not give up their humanity when they decide on this lifestyle. YOU DO NOT GET TO TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. YOU DO NOT GET TO DESTROY THEIR FRIENDSHIPS OR RELATIONSHIPS BECAUSE YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. But you do, you do it anyways, you hurt the people you say you love because you are a spoiled brat that can’t handle not getting what they want. I hope Youngmin and his girlfriend get through this and live happily ever after just to spite you all. I hope that they shove their relationship down your throat so we can see you foaming at the mouth in the corner, but that’s the thing. You see you don’t really care, it’s all temporary. One day you love this celebrity and say that you’ll be in love forever and the next you find somebody new to obsess over (god help them). For you it’s temporary, for them it’s there forever, that situation is a part of their life. Maybe you ruined a relationship that meant the world to them, maybe you ruined their chances of being successful, maybe you damaged their mental health. You’re not paying for your actions, they are, but you don’t care. If your fave isn’t in love with you then he can’t be in love with anybody? Please rethink your psychotic mentality and stop being a waste of oxygen for the rest of us.

I’m so sick and tired of trainees/idols being bashed for nothing. They deserve to be happy just like you and me. You say you love them, how about you stop saying it and start showing it?

honestly though, i can take people calling isak/even + happiness fan service when it’s not people in the fandom? you know, when it’s people who just hate the show or are still pressed out a poll. but it coming from the fandom? from people who actually watched S3 and seen everything they’ve gone through to get to this point…it’s just…wow. and i didn’t really want to post something about, but i still see posts with them being called fan service and it’s just…not sitting well with me.

yes. maybe them having yellow curtains as their wi-fi name is fan service. and yes them having fan art on their wall could be it it too. but their happiness? the happiness they’ve found in each other…how dare people call in fan service. because it’s the happiness between a boy used to run away from home and not wanting to go home, a boy who had to grow up at 16 and move out from his home because he realized that it wasn’t good for him. a boy who made his own family in the kollektiv, who used to live fake and struggle with internalized homophobia and used to be a bit ignorant, but he grew up and learned. And then there’s a boy who shines so brightly, and he loves so much and with his everything but the world just hasn’t been nice to him in return. Because he struggled with himself and his sexuality, because his friends turned on him and made him only feel worse when he needed them the most. A boy who has bipolar but is now taking life minute by minute. day by day. A boy who has decided to not let his bipolar define him. A boy who now has a job and he’s moved out from his parents house, and he’s the director of his own life. These boys found home in each other and they are now making memories together. And it’s not easy. It’s fighting over laundry and maybe even about who will do the grocery shopping. And it’s struggled with homework because I can’t do homework when you’re looking at me. 

And it’s a Isak who understands now that he can’t go around snooping for information about Even’s past, that Even will tell him when he’s ready. And it’s a Even who understands that he can’t tell Isak how he will react to certain things, because only you can feel what you feel. And it’s a Isak and Even who are better at communicating now because that’s the information you get after watching the scene in epi 6.

so to say that the happiness between this these two characters, who have come such a long way, is just fan service…it makes me angry.

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The "Cancelled Until Further Notice" USO tour is finally back on! Steve goes back on the road in order to raise money for a timely cause.

I’m taking us way back to this prompt fill from who knows when!


It was only a couple stops in on his renewed tour that Steve (with Pepper’s know-how) switched tactics (a little) and shifted to promote wellness activities for the elderly instead of just ways to help them vote and access local civic services.  

The man he’d met (Arthur, he’d learned) that was in the very first photo that went viral had said something that had stuck with Steve – the seniors had to find a way to get to the services they needed, rather than the other way around, or even meeting halfway.  

He’d been doing some research between tour locations and a number of places around the world had started to combine senior housing with student housing or senior centers with preschools.  Steve loved the idea and was determined to raise enough funding and public interest to get several similarly structured locations off the ground in New York.  

With every then-and-now photo that was published and every visit he made covered by some sort of media, he inched closer to his goal and in his spare time he arranged calls or (when possible) meetings with city planners and developers and educational administrators and care providers.

It was little more than a year later when a preschool-senior center opened up in Queens.  Steve was there for the grand opening, and to watch Arthur and a little girl with pigtails do a puzzle together.  

Me: Anti-straight and the constant hatred of straight people often hurts other members of the lgbt community because it throws any of them who are “viewed” as straight under the bus and it’s also harmful to straight trans peope–


What if noora and yousef are just meeting bc they’re trying to find a way to get money so that the girls can get their own bus?

when lgbtq kids spend time with each other, they have the freedom to share experiences, to explore more about themselves and their identities, to learn who they are and to be comfortable with it. realistically this is what happened to me in undergrad but it’s just a lot funnier to tell people that oberlin college turned me gay

It’s funny how people go off about Sheith being this gross inappropriate thing when I see posts all the time about them holding hands and cuddling and sparing and flirting with each other. And yeah there is some nsfw stuff but literally every ship has nsfw stuff. And even that is usually soft and caring and you can just see how much they genuinely love each other in all the fanart and fics.

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everyone loves John, Juniper's thoughts?

I don’t…see why you all like him so much.

He’s loud, annoying, he constantly pops up when you least expect him to - and I don’t know what he has to be so darn happy about all the time. 

He should really try to ground himself and focus a little more on the things around him. And I don’t mean by paying attention to every stranger that says ‘hi’….