and this is not a meme okay

[taking yearbook pictures]

me: *standing and smiling awkwardly, internally wishing for it to done and over with*

photographer: okay, could you tilt your head a bit and show me some teeth?


photographer: perfect

I see my “Voltron using Earth memes” post and raise you “English is difficult and Coran and Allura don’t understand metaphors.”


Lance: “Yeah, I’m up for that!”

Coran: “Why are you up?”

Lance: “Oh, it just means that I’m available to do something!”

Coran: “Oh okay! Earth slang!”

*one week later*

Hunk: “Yeah I’d be down for that!”

Coran: “Why are you down???? Are you all right?!”

Hunk: “Oh no, I’m fine! That just means that I’m available to do something!”

Coran: ???????????????


Lance: “Coran, your mustache is on point today!”

Coran, looking around in confusion: “What point? Where is the point my mustache is on?”


Pidge, seeing Hunk’s new invention: “Dude! That’s sick!!”

Allura: “It is a machine, is it not? How can it be ill???”


*team sees Shiro’s muscles*

Hunk: “Oh my god I’m dead.”

Lance: “Deceased.”

Pidge: “Rip me.”

Keith: “I’ve been stabbed.”

Allura and Coran: “Is this??? Normal??????? To die from attractiveness on Earth??”


Hunk, teaching Allura and Coran to write in English: “Good job, Coran, but you spelled ‘eye’ wrong.”

Coran, frowning: “Pidge said it was the single straight letter with the lines on either side.”

Hunk: “That’s ‘I,’ like ‘I went to the store.’ You want ‘eye,’ like your eyeball.”

Allura: “Wait a moment, Lance told me you spelled it ‘aye.’”

Hunk, facepalming: “That’s like…for a pirate. We don’t use that one very often.”

Coran: “English is very confusing.”

Hunk: “Don’t even get me started.”


Pidge: “Hunk I would kill someone for this cheesecake you made.”

Coran: *yanks Allura’s cheesecake away and flings it at Pidge*

Pidge, covered in cheesecake: “What just happened”


Shiro: “I’ll just be a second, guys.” *comes back ten minutes later*

Hunk: “Give me a sec, Pidge.” *goes to help her five seconds later*

Lance, waking up: “I’ll be out in a sec” *half an hour passes*

Keith: “One sec, let me grab my bayard.” *returns in three minutes*

Pidge: “This program will only take a sec to download.” *finishes 13 hours later*

Allura: “How long???? Is a second????”

Coran: “I have no idea.”

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fate of pi-chan?

Send me “Fate of” + a character name for me to turn your character into a Fire Emblem Fates unit

Class / Personal skill / Personalised weapons / Critical hits


Bird Spirit - Bows, Hidden Weapons.

An outrealm class. A dove who became human via magic, though she retained birdlike features. Able to wield Bows and Hidden Weapons.. 

Pandora - Restores 30% HP at the start of each turn. May survive with one HP after a potentially lethal attack. (Must have at least 2HP to activate.) Activation Rate = Luck%

Sharp Beak - Critical Rate +15%. Defense halved for enemy turn.

Rank E. Mt 7. Hit 100%. Crit 15%. Avoid -15. Range 1.

(Hidden Weapon.)

Eagle Shot - Hit Rate is always 100%. Can only be used from afar.

Rank C. Mt 10. Hit 100%. Crit 0%. Avoid 0. Range 2~3.

Leave me alone! “ , “ You brought this on yourself! “ , “ *Feigns a giggle* Let’s give you wings! “ , “ You humans are vile! “

Someone: I don’t like girl groups

Me: oh boy okay wow this is actually. so crazy omg?? You won’t even believe this wow okay but this is honestly so crazy considering I: didn’t ask.

The Wager

@captain-biryani asked for Logyn x 10 Things I Hate About You. Sorry it’s late, and I hope it’s okay. xoxox

Character descriptions inspired by @nanihoosartblog Logyn High School AU posts.

Loki sat in the living room, a sharp contrast to the cheerful décor in his signature black, trying not to sigh with boredom whilst Odin ripped into a hungover Thor yet again.

“I’ve had had it up to here with your immaturity and your recklessness!” the old man shouted whilst his wife lingered in the background, ready to step in if things went too far. “Do you have any idea how many favours I had to call in just so that the police wouldn’t press charges?! Do you honestly think you will get into any decent college with that sort of drunken buffoonery on your record?!”

“I’m sorry, father. I wasn’t thinking-”

“Exactly!” Odin roared. “You weren’t thinking! You never think things through. You only care about having ‘fun’ in the moment, consequences be damned. Well, I have had enough! You are grounded until you graduate!!”

“Odin…” Frigga chided quietly before Thor had a chance to object.

“Fine,” Odin grumbled. “A month, then. And after that you will have a strict curfew. Home by eight every evening. No excuses.”

“Father! You can’t be serious!” Thor whined, failing to know when to keep his mouth shut.

“Deadly serious,” Odin shot back. “You will be home by eight. You will eat dinner, you will do your homework, and you will go to bed at a reasonable hour.”

“And have no social life! If you wanted me to become like Loki so badly why didn’t you just say so?” Thor grumbled petulantly, sparing a glare at his brother sitting quietly at the other end of the couch.

Frigga whispered in Odin’s ear and Odin smirked.

“Very well,” Odin murmured before turning back to address his son. “Your mother has thought of reasonable compromise.” Thor perked up, shifting to the edge of his seat. “You can go to parties on the weekend… when your brother does.”

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I know youre not doing the meme but i do ship you with otayurism and altisetsky lol



Do you ship me with them separately or as an OT3 WAHAHAHAHAHAHA 8D

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Fane and Faye

@fanesavin​ / @cara-faye-stewart

  • Name: Benjamin “Ben” Rhys Savin
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Witch – affinity for solar/light magic
  • General Appearance: Possesses his father’s dark hair and eyes, as well as his height at a solid 6′0″, but his general features are fair mix of both parents; though slightly less formal and more colorful, his style also tends to take after his father – a vest and tie typically adorns his attire, but flashy scarves and the occasional hat can work their way in 
  • Personality: Ben is kinder than he makes himself out to be. He tends to hold himself with a scathing attitude that hints at superiority, but he’s really just a rather shy and cautious individual. He cares very deeply for those close to him and is known to be generous to strangers when the mood strikes. He comes off as cynical and spoiled to protect a truly sensitive, empathetic heart. Just don’t question his style or bartending skills because he is fully capable of being downright savage.   
  • Special Talents: Uses his light-based magic to perform optical illusions; has a great sense for color and style; well-versed in pesky hexes; excellent and mixing drinks and easily the life of the party
  • Who they like better: Faye, mostly because Fane reminds him just a tad too much of himself and he does his best to maintain a certain originality.
  • Who they take after more: Fane. Hands down. They have that ‘ostentatious facade with inner gentle heart’ thing flawlessly executed. Not to mention their shared loved for attire and events.  
  • Personal Headcanon: Fane had to set up strict rules with Ben early on to stop him from practicing magic in the house. Magic is all well and good, but light magic in the presence of a vampire wasn’t something his father was willing to risk. As such, Ben has set himself up a nice designated magic space out in the gardens at the estate. There is plenty of natural sunlight to draw from there and the vast unoccupied area makes concentration a breeze.
  • Face Claim: Hale Appleman
Okay So this is my (theproanarecipes) witchy account

I had an anon ask me what moon water is on my recipe account, and a few others ask some questions

I want to keep my recipe, meme/personal, and witchy blogs separate 

So if you have a witchy question/want witchy things, ask/follow this account

Okay but moon water

You can google how to make it, but you put out a crystal/glass see through  bowl the night before a full moon, night of and after the full moon, or just the night of a full moon (depends on your preference) and maybe out some crystals and pretty things around it.

leave it out over night, or if you cant leave it outside just put it somewhere itll get the most moonlight

then booyah, you got yourself some moon water.

everyone: get discord!
me internally: i dont think you all know what youre doing. i dont think you all will be able to simultaneously handle my presence in a group chat. there will be memes. there will be shitposts. most of you will be groaning, internally begging for me to leave. but i wont. im like a cockroach; you cant kill me and i always come back. youve all made a grave mistake.
me: okay :^)

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Once I saw u on the streets of Ul'dah but I was really out of it and mistook you for a minion and got kind of excited bc man that looks so cool I wonder where it drops fr--oh.

I’m happy that you thought Tetenuko looked cool. But he’s not ‘that’ short.

Okay maybe he is.