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im uploading this at like. the last possible second but. my @lucretiaweek day 2 piece!!!!! this is my first time making a gif so its. very rough and bad but i actually really like how it turned out! must be hard seeing your friends again when they dont remember you but you remember them

Hello everyone! I am here again to show you guys some of VvtZ history and to reveal the campaign date release! First of all, for the Campaign date:

The Crowdfunding Campaign will be released on August, 29th!

But fear not, if you think you won’t be able to help in that date, your credit card will only be charged if the campaign is successful, not immediately, so you have a bunch of time to program yourself if you plan to donate to help this project come to life (and get all those exclusive goodies)! :3

Now this is the final date, and everything is mostly set up for that! I’m doing some more research for the rewards but already did all the assets I needed done for that! It was a long run, full of difficulties, but I’m nearly there and I’m extremely excited to share this with you all! Thank you for being with me(!!!!)

I would also like to show today some changes the game went through since the very beginning! I hope you’ll like it, even though the first screenshots were very uh… cringy! So, be prepared!

The full development of Virgo Vs The Zodiac started in january, but before that, I guess around end of december? I had posted this on a rpg maker thread on 4chan, just something I called at that time “Waifus and Astrology”:

(Very substantial dialogues)

This was the very first Virgo. She already had her ponytail, but I was trying a greek approach that didn’t work out very well. At the time I was still trying to figure out Anime Art and was wondering what the hell people did to make things to look good and consistent, I wondered a lot on if it was just magick or if I would be able to, someday, make something tolerable to my eyes.

This here is the very first… Dungeon? At the time I was still fixed on the idea of making VvtZ to be a randomly generated thingie. You would be able to go to any realm at any given time, making it impossible to really create a storyline of events. The realms would have dungeons, instead of being scary themselves, so it was a lot more ‘simple’ at the time. Of course, I couldn’t hold myself and made a bunch of political lore behind everything making it impossible to remain as random visits from the Zodiac Killer.

Virgo was also like this a long time ago. I can’t even. I was really proud at the time. What is even happening in her clothes. What, indeed. (the dialogues for the first sequence were basically the same, just a little better in the final version with the help of the proofreaders!)

The scenes were like this, and Virgo was… pink? At the time I didn’t had the exact colours for the Zodiac Qualities System yet, so she was just fixed because I like pink. This scene took an absurd amount of time to be finished so I decided to change it to pixelart to do it faster! 

Also that one time I was struggling with the interface. It took me two days straight working to figure this thing out. I don’t even know how I came out alive from that battle.

And here we are now! This game still has a lot of room to improve in terms of consistency, but I am happy with all I’ve learned over time! I learned tons with the release of the demo, basically on how to deal with criticism and to move forward and even deep life lessons. I am extremely grateful that I could be able to step out of the tough times I went through to begin the development of something I would enjoy so much like this and I’m extremely grateful for all of your support until now!

I hope you are still alive and well after all this cringy material, and I look forward for the Crowdfunding Campaign! I need need need to show you all everything ASAP!

Hi guys! Today (170320) officially marks the first birthday of this blog! 🎊 I’ve never expected anything much other than just a place for me to yell and post about the group I love the most. To my surprise, I was able meet so many talented, wholeheartedly creators/bloggers and as well as a few very amazing close friends on here! Thank you to all the people who have like/reblogged my things, sent me any nice messages (though I really suck badly at replying I always try), and of course for even following such a blog as mine! Thank you thank you so much for supporting my blog, I am so grateful and thankful for all of you. (this is too long alrdy lol)
Lastly, a special thanks always to the tae to my chim alicia for pushing me to make this blog in the first place! We homies for life. Now without futher ado, let’s get to it! 

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I’d like to thank all of my followers for letting me reach this point!!  (つд`)
I appreciate every follow, like, reblog, etc! I also would love to thank all the people I follow for posting content that makes me smile every day! It’s also almost nearing the time of my first blog’s anniversary! I will try to post original content from now on since I have been on hiatus and running on q the whole time! Now to the follow forever~

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If you were around last year, you know I celebrate April 22nd RELIGIOUSLY, so there will be an onslaught of 3x20 on my blog today😊. And if you’re new, the gist is that in honour of it being the anniversary of the day *angels singing* Olicity made love for the very first time and I ascended to shipper heaven (I’m writing this from there duh), I dedicate April 22nd to reblogging my favourite gifsets/art/reactions from THE GREATEST WEDNESDAY OF MY LIFE.

[Olicity sex is NSFW (by tragic CW standards😴) so if you want to blacklist: The Sexiversary]

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Heey! It’s Ivy! 
Well I’m here because I decided to make my very first follow forever! I’ve been blessed with 8k followers which makes absolutely no sense and even though I had my veeeeery long hiatus, you guys still sticked with me. So I just wanted to take a moment and tell each and every one of you how thankful I am for making my experience on this site as amazing as it is <3 

I had to choose between life and school, and as stupid as I am, I chose school…which is the main reason for my hiatus.. But I’m finally back again with my shitty edits, gifs and rants and I won’t disappear on you like I did last time! I’m atm actually scared of having so much time as I do..

Back to the ff –> I wanted to show some appreciation to all the blogs who made my lovely dash into this amazing place I can absorb myself into, allowing myself to get lost in both place and time… .Which is why you’re seeing this pose!

If we’re not mutuals or if we are but you forgot about me please don’t be scared ;; I want to thank everyone regardless of being a mutual or not :) And so I decided to write a little message to each blog because I love you all <3 

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Time to Play FUNNY GAMES by Nathaniel Thompson

Something a lot of moviegoers have to struggle with is deciding how they feel about a film that absolutely, positively doesn’t want to be loved. The term “feel bad movie” was even coined to describe films that are deliberately alienating, infuriating, depressing or even boring. Of course, everyone’s mileage will vary; for example, some people felt an elevated transcendence watching REQUIEM FOR A DREAM (‘00), while others hated it with every fiber of their being. There’s no right or wrong response here; it’s all part of the complicated and fascinating process of how we consume art.

For me, I can’t think of a director who gives me a tougher time than Michael Haneke. The German-born filmmaker has built his career out of regarding humanity like specimens under glass, including his audience. He finds a stimulus, gets a response and then finds a way to jab deeper to get a more intense reaction from his characters and his audience, often pushing them to the breaking point. Sometimes I love the results he gets from this approach, especially his post-2000 work like THE PIANO TEACHER (‘01), THE WHITE RIBBON (‘09) and AMOUR (‘12). Others leave me feeling annoyed or scratching my head, though that isn’t to say that a repeated viewing might not change things.

And then there’s FUNNY GAMES (‘97). Oh, FUNNY GAMES. Is it possible to greatly admire a film, find it fascinating and have it linger in your memory for years, and yet deeply resent it at the same time? If so, this one is at the top of the heap for me. Here Haneke takes aim at the way people watch and process violent entertainment, with an unspoken but very clear allusion to horror movies. The film feels like a reaction against films like HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER (‘86), STRAW DOGS (‘71) and LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (‘72) with its harrowing chronicle of a nice, normal nuclear family invaded and gradually torn apart by a couple of sadistic sickos in tennis clothes. Haneke has no interest in generating pulpy thrills here, but then again, the film’s predecessors had more on their mind as well than just torturing their characters. It’s the torture part, both physical and emotional, that Haneke is really examining here with his two villains addressing the camera directly and trying to implicate the viewer by questioning why they would watch something like this… and why they won’t do something to help the victims. It’s an interesting gambit, or a stunt if you want to view it that way, that clearly means to flatter the more critically-oriented people out there in the theater seats, but it also makes assumptions about genre cinema that become a huge problem if you’re more than passingly familiar with horror films.

I’ll try to avoid spoilers here for those who haven’t seen the film, but it’s difficult to discuss without at least hinting at two of the most infamous moments in this film. The first is a tragic, brutal event that occurs at the end of the second act, with Haneke’s camera lingering on the static aftermath in excruciatingly long detail, making Tarkovsky seem like a case of A.D.D. by comparison. My interpretation is that we’re supposed to be parsing out our feelings in what amounts to a very dark sort of meditation; as the characters try to process what’s happened with the camera refusing to move and the actors staying in the same spot, it turns into a Rorschach test where we’re meant to project our own responses onto the screen. It’s an interesting concept, but it also treads that fine line between artistic exploration and viewer exploitation as it essentially batters our emotions for a reaction; if you don’t respond like the event clearly wants you to, the effect can be distancing and somewhat distasteful. Then again, maybe that’s what he was going for. Haneke’s a tricky fellow sometimes. A similar tactic is used near the end of the notorious French horror film MARTYRS (‘08), which locks the camera down for a pitiless wide view of a central character being tortured at length, basically beating the viewer down as well until we’re pulverized enough to accept the truly daring and, for me at least, remarkable terrain the story treads into for its final stretch. If you tried to watch both films back to back, you might need to go into therapy for months just to get over it.

Then there’s the fact that the two psychopaths are all too aware that they’re in a film, repeatedly breaking the fourth wall and referencing things like genre conventions and running time. This hits a highpoint during an action at the climax that’s become something of a make or break moment for many viewers, a deliberate sabotaging of what the audience wants and expects done in the most sadistic way possible. (Hint: it involves a piece of TV equipment.) I’ve seen people actually give a middle finger to the film at this point, and with good reason. Whether this statement (or nose tweak, depending on your perspective) on how we root on violence under certain circumstances is a valid one is a tantalizing idea. However, if it’s supposed to be a scolding against people who watch violent horror and action films, that’s where things get sticky. Any sane viewer knows the difference between simulated and real violence; no one watching a slasher film or a shoot ‘em up wants real people to feel pain, let alone die, and the thrill of seeing a bad guy dispatched at the end of a story is something that goes back to the very dawn of storytelling. If this film deliberately sets itself up to be as naturalistic as possible and sets up its evildoers to be as reprehensible as possible, it’s pretty disingenuous to wag your finger at the viewer for wanting to see some payback.

So, did Haneke’s experiment achieve anything in the long run? I still honestly don’t know. The shot-for-shot English remake with Naomi Watts from 2007 was fine, albeit completely unnecessary apart from the way it showed how much its shock value had diminished in the ensuing decade of home invasion and European extreme horror films. Haneke’s film was considered shocking and even dangerous when it opened, though now in the wake of some of his thematically related films (especially 2005’s CACHÉ, a significant entry in between his two versions of the story), it’s easier to assess as a key entry in his cinematic looks at how society can twist and distort what we think of as the secure family unit and normal behavior. The violence may not be quite as harrowing now, but the central thesis of this film is still an uncomfortable one. So all that said, this movie still makes me a bit angry. And that’s not only a good thing, but probably a necessary one.

Little Things
Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid/Reader)

“Spence, what color?” I asked, sitting cross legged on the couch and holding up four different nail polish colors to him as he walked in the room. He pushed his long hair behind his ears with a small smile as he walked towards me, flipping through a magazine.

“Why are you asking? You paint them the same color every time.” He grinned at me slightly, and I frowned.

“Not true.” I was stubborn, and I knew it, so I ignored him, and picked the newest color I had been given by a friend, and began to paint my nails.

“So, why did you say I had to be free this Saturday night?” I tried to get him to tell me, because I hated surprises, but he was pretty dead set on keeping it a secret.

He rolled his eyes at me as he pulled on his jacket, wrapping his purple scarf around his neck. “You know I’m not going to tell you anything.” I rolled my eyes, and I knew what he said was true. But every time I asked, a smile would come across his face. And God knows I love that smile.

“Can I ask where you are going today?”

“No.” I rolled my eyes again, but I let him go, because whatever it was, he was excited as hell, and I loved it.

Two days later

My phone rang loudly, and I let the car pick it up as I kept my attention on the road. “Yes?”

“Hey Y/N, are you home yet?” Spencer’s voice came through the speakers and I shook my head as I replied.

“Not just yet, why?”

“You need to put on something nice.” He paused for a moment before I could respond, then he began to ramble. He’s nervous. “Not to say that you don’t look nice every day. I think you look amazing everyday. Even when you’re sick and you pull your hair up even though you hate the way it looks. I think you look fine anyways, I’m just saying something formal would suit-”

“I know what you mean Spence. Take a breath.” I laughed, and he went silent for a moment.

“I’m getting home now, I’ll get into something nice. Scrubs probably weren’t your idea of nice.” I heard him laugh lightly as I pulled into the driveway and I smiled.

“Okay, I’ll be there in about an hour.”

“Alright. I love you Spence.” I held my hand over the keys, wanting to finish the conversation before killing the car.

“I love you too Y/N.”

A smile broke out across my face, as it always had since the first time he said it. I remembered every moment of that night like it had just happened, even if it had been two years ago.

I laughed as I accidentally wiped icing onto my face, trying to make some cupcakes for Garcia’s birthday. Reid busted out laughing across from me and I looked narrowed my eyes, throwing flour at him. “Hey no, this is a very-”

“I know I know, your vests are very precious.” I mocked him and began to try to wipe of my face, but I accidentally grabbed the wrong rag, and ended up throwing more icing and flour onto myself. I fell into another fit of laughter.

“I love you!” Reid spoke up, and I almost hadn’t heard his random outburst. My laughing stopped instantly, and I looked up at him. “I’m sorry, that was random. But I usually would say that love is not an actual thing, that it’s just chemicals in the brain that are released when you enjoy something, but isn’t that what love is supposed to be? I really love you, and I realized it a while ago, but I wasn’t sure but now I am and-”

“I love you too Reid.”

I walked into the house, and through the living room, where I saw the nail polishes were still out. I had picked off the color I had used a few days ago within hours of putting it on, and I knew it was because it was a different color.

I glanced down to my nails, which I had repainted my usual color, and laughed slightly.

“I told you.” Spencer smiled as he walked into the living room, and I was painting my nails the light blue I always had them.

“Shut up.”

He shook his head as he came over and sat down beside me, watching me for a moment before speaking again. “But I really like that color, so I’m happy you stick to it.”

I smiled, “You only say that because you know I won’t change it. I like routine, and I am incapable of living life if my routine is broken.” I rolled my eyes at myself. I honestly hated that I stuck to such a routine about everything, but I couldn’t help it.

“That, and I like the color.” He smiled at me as  I looked up at him, and I heard him chuckle as he stood from the couch.

I went into my bedroom and kicked off my shoes, picking them up and setting them into my shoe basket, pulling out some black heels. I threw them onto my bed  and looked back into the closet for a dress. I settled on a simple black dress and bowler hat. “This better be dressy enough.” I mumbled to myself, changing out of my scrubs and into the new outfit before going into the bathroom and making my makeup a bit more “I’m going out on the town” worthy, adding red lipstick for some color.

I glanced at the clock as I heard the front door open. “You’re ten minutes late! You have no faith in how quickly I can get ready!” I yelled as I heard him throw his car keys on the kitchen counter.

“Are you ready?” He called back and I smiled as I brushed my hair.

“Not just yet.” I replied quietly, and I knew he would smile at that.

“Then I was right to take my time. I had to tell Derek and Garcia where to go.” I was confused as to why Garcia and Derek would be going with us to this ‘surprise’ thing I still didn’t have an explanation for, but I shrugged it off as a hang out with our best friends.

Ten minutes later, we were both ready, and I walked into the living room as he called for me to hurry up. I walked into the living room and he stared after me for a moment before I walked over to him, and he kissed me on the cheek. “You look amazing.” He mumbled, and I thanked him as we walked out of the front door.

We arrived at the small restaurant and walked to the back area, a small patio with fairy lights hanging around it in the trees. “This is- wow.” I mumbled, and Spencer glanced down at me as we kept walking. I smiled as I saw Garcia, Derek, Hodge, JJ and my brother were all sitting in tables on the back patio and I smiled brightly.

“Hey hey! They’re here.” Derek spoke as Spencer let go of my hand so I could hug everyone. I went through and greeted everyone walking back over to Spencer and grabbing his hand tightly. We went and sat down as everyone else began to start conversation and the waiters began to come and ask for orders.

After about an hour and a half, we had all finished eating and we had began to mess around, dancing on the patio to the music that my brother had begun to play on his phone. Suddenly, Spencer asked for everyone’s attention, and the music was turned down as he walked back over to me.

“Okay, so I’m not sure how I’m going to do this, but all I knew was that I didn’t want it to be scripted. So here we go.” He pulled something out of his pocket and I began to get nervous. “We’ve been together for a while now, and I have fallen so entirely in love with you I can barely stand it. I have fallen for every thing that you do. The way you scrunch your nose when you laugh, and how you paint your nails the same color every time you do them. I love the way you can go back and forth with me and not seem to get tired of it. I laugh that you can’t go without routine, but you allowed me into it. I’m a part of your routine, and I never want to leave.” He got down on one knee, and I felt like I was going to faint.

Oh my god is he-

“ I love you every moment, in everything you do.I want to spend the rest of my life with you, however long that may be. Will you marry me?”

I stared at him for a moment, nodding my head frantically. “Yes. Yes, oh my god. I love you.” He stood, and I hugged him, which lead to everyone laughing. “What?” I asked, and Spencer smiled, pushing away from me.

“I have to put the ring on you Y/N.” he spoke, and I laughed, putting my hand in his. He slid on the ring before I pulled him down, kissing him as everyone gave us another cheer.

“Wait.” Derek called out, and Spencer and I pulled away, looking at him in confusion.

“I can still call her baby right?” He asked, and we all laughed but Spencer, and he finally responded.

“No, you can’t.”

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A quick summary of things because thanks to liar liar pants on fire the stuff that matters – wedding rings being dropped – has been overlooked.

1) Tony has never, EVER gone around without his wedding ring in public, be it the gym, a restaurant or public events.

This is the original. The ring that props tweeted, saying that Tony used HIS OWN WEDDING RING even on set when filming (THAT is how much he never takes it off)

This is THAT summer in 2013 when he briefly came back from the Caribbean… and went to do a completely pointless 5-minute interview on Kimmel. The  ring is different, slimmer, and much shinier it looks brand new.

THEN there was the complete ring change in March 2014. Engraved, totally different:

This is the ring that remained.

Up until nights out singing karaoke in LA, he DID have his ring on, at all times. He also had it on in the video he filmed telling Donald Trump he is an asshole… a video that was posted WHILE he was doing the event in NYC on Sunday. That video was filmed while he was ALREADY filming his film with Sharon Stone. He had his ring on (this is yet again for the LIAR making stories up about Tony ditching the ring because he is filming. PLEASE stop the BS.)

And guess what??

2) Tony for the very first time EVER, ditched his wedding ring on Sunday, at the NYC TV presidents event.

Confirmed by my friends who were there who gave me the photo. No ring. Nada. Rien. Niente!

3) We sip tea. Because this is a BIG thing… big turning point. That people have been trying to see for what… 3 years now? 😂😂😂

Oh and because repetita iuvant: AT NO POINT EVER DURING THE EVENT ANYONE ASKED TONY ABOUT THE MISSING RING, AND AT NO POINT EVER HE HAD A CONVERSATION WITH ANYONE ABOUT IT, LET ALONE ANSWERED REMARKS ABOUT IT BY CLAIMING IT WAS BECAUSE OF FILMING. I’ve said enough about the woman who put out this ridiculous lie AND insisted on it AND tried to blame others, too. She did NOT talk to Tony about his missing wedding ring AT ALL, and NEITHER did anyone else.

By the way: the directly interested person, TONY… KNOWS you are lying, woman. He knows, because he knows he didn’t speak to you or anyone else that night about anything even vaguely related to his missing ring. And if you think he can’t have people monitor social media, including that FB group seen as it is about Scandal, think again.

So he can just shake his head, or laugh at someone who’s so desperate as to make that stuff up and who then also tries to blame others who never spoke with him about any ring. So… at least have the intelligence to make up something that excuses your lie, and tell the truth and admit you lied about that. Apologize and move on. The rest you’re doing will keep on haunting you, but that’s your problem.

Anyway, here’s to us real VIP passengers of the S.S. Terry… and here’s a cheers to plans NOT being thwarted!

hello everyone!!! i hit 2.6k yesterday and !!!! i’m so happy, thank you all for following my gross blog, I never imagined this blog would go very far so hitting this milestone is just so !!!!!! i love you all so so much and I’m very grateful to every single one of you!! in celebration of this milestone, I thought I would do my very first celebration: making url edits!! <3


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So this site I found called Piskel is kind of great, and this didn’t take me very long at all. It’s still super rough, I want to smooth it out and make it prettier, but this was my first try and I really like it so far. Especially considering this is like my… 3rd attempt at both animation and pixel art. 

The Violin

It was summer, finally. All the year we all couldn’t wait for the holidays even if that meant we wouldn’t see each other for a while. Everyone was just relived to get home for a while. Everyone except Sirius. He hated home and so I decided to take him home with me this year. He was thrilled and my parents couldn’t be more happy. They were so relived that I finally had found some real friends. I had always been an outcast because I was different, but not in Hogwarts. Not with the Marauders. They made me feel like the part of something and my parents were more than thankful for that.

The first days were a lot of explaining for me. I just had to show Sirius all the muggle things in our house and make him understand how they worked the best I could. He was fascinated by nearly everything and I was patient enough to explain everything to him. I showed him everything, made him try, except for one thing.

I was playing the violin since I was very young but I had been out of practice since it was too big to take it to Hogwarts with me. It was my treasure but I was too shy to play since I feared to be bad at it. But Sirius was stubborn. That was just the way he was. If he had found something interesting to him he wouldn’t give up until he had what he wanted. So we were sitting in my room flipping through my CD’s when he started again. “You know I’ve never seen anyone actually play a violin. We always do everything with magic.”, I simply nodded as answer. “Come on. At least hold it for me. I just want you see holding it.”, I sighed he wouldn’t give up, I knew that.

So I opened the case and pulled the violin out. “That’s the way.”, I said and wanted to put it back when he grinned “As you are holding it already…”, I groaned “Just a short pieces.”, I said and started off slowly. It was a part of Mozart. First I was afraid I could play it wrong but I got more confident with ever note I played. It started to feel easy again. It started to feel right. I saw Sirius starring at me the most fascinated I had ever seen him. His eyes were glowing when I started to play more and more. I couldn’t stop. It were his eyes that made me go on. He was grinning happily when I finished the song. “That was awesome! You have to do another one.”, and this time I just started right away. Sirius was just sitting there, openmouthed starring at me. He smiled in a way I had never seen him smile. And his eyes! They were glowing.

Sirius made me play a few more songs for him. He told me how much he liked the violin. He told me that he always wanted to learn and so I started to show him how to play. At the end of the holidays I took the violin to Hogwarts to show Sirius more.

♥ Happy 30th birthday, @amazingphil (Jan 30, 1987) ♥

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We’re finally in 2017, and I recently reached 700 followers, so I thought it was a good occasion to make my first follow forever (well, on this blog at least!) I’ve had this new blog since June 2016, and I’ve had such a good time so far! Thank you so much to everyone following me, you’re all awesome! ♡

Now, there are some blogs I think you should totally give a follow, too! I’m mutuals with most of them, so people in bold are friends and buddies who I love very much (sorry I don’t chat with you more! ;w;) But basically if I follow you, it means I love you and your blog, since I try to keep my dash as safe and enjoyable as possible (by the way, I didn’t include most blogs I’ve followed very recently, sorry about that, I hope you understand!)

Alright, here we go! :D

Special shout-outs: @absoluteabsolem@ecthelions@piyo-13 ♡♡

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@dracomysunshinechild​ ▪ @alikuu@cosmictisane @creepyscientist@crushing83​ ▪ @acearodaryl@curufinsdaddyissues@actualmermaid@eichenschilcl@consideringhobbits@bilboh@adragoninspace@bow-tie-of-darkness

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@thewoodsattheworldsend@ungoliamt@thranduilion @shadyanne​ ▪ @somewhatbyronically​ ▪ @silmarienn@queenstardust @tayllustration @thetallestofhobbits @swadeys@spacespooker@swilmarillion@shipsicle @sansarya

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hii so i recently hit 1k which is a goal that i’ve been trying to get to for ages, and to celebrate i’m making my very first follow forever!!! i love everyone i follow loads, y’all  make my dashboard a very happy place :)) keep doin’ you ♡ 

  • mutuals are bolded
  • no one is italicized bc you’re all my favourites

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