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How Much For That Bear in the Window? (Chapter 1)

Summary: Dan, an eighteen year old boy who has finally reached the age to be sold from the whorehouse he used to call home, is given to a man with dreamy blue eyes who makes this seem a lot less terrifying. 

Pairing: Phan

Words: 1,281

Prostitution Fic/Bought

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Wings [Part 20] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Smut, Angst

Summary - Getting captured is one thing, and getting killed another. And when neither happens, Taehyung wants to heave a sigh of relief. And also kill Min Yoongi.

A Banished Angel finds his way out of exile with a deal that could possibly cause not just your life to end - but other’s as well. And Min Yoongi will will never cease to find his Father’s true motives as he begins to help the Sinner - in other words, breaking a law that had been the pride of the Red Blood family for eons.

Prologue ; Part 19

Taehyung, who had been at the gates of your apartment, sprinted right through the them, before disappearing into thin air, making the security guard rub his eyes and stand up in shock of what he saw.

He appeared right outside your front door. He disappeared again, only to reappear at the same place. He kept doing it for a few more times until he was sure of what it was.

There was a barrier - the Invisible Barrier that could be put for their own safety of the Fallen Angels, and can only be invaded if invited or walked through by a human. He cursed endlessly as he tugged at his hair, trying to think of a way to get in. He could hear your breathing getting shallower and urgent, somewhere from inside your house. Think, think, think, he urged himself, his own heart feeling like as though it were being clenched, the air being slowly choked out of his lungs. Your life was on the line. And he could smell the foreign scent of whoever was in there.

“Y/N! Stay where you are!” Your head throbbed brutally, hearing Taehyung’s voice ringing in your head. How he did that - you’d think about it later - when you could actually think. You wanted to scream, yell at him to stay and not go - to save you; you didn’t know how. You huddled in closer to the walls of your closet, wanting nothing more than the wood to swallow you whole and perhaps never let you out again. But fear was what the thing was following, sniffing at the scent of it, letting it trail towards the closet where you currently squatted mercifully. And you were sure it was reeking from you - enough to let him make a clear path out of it. You placed a palm over your chest, right on top of your heart as you silently inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying desperately to tame the wild beating of your organ. You jerked as you heard the door crash open of your room. You involuntarily let out a loud yelp, and you knew right then you had that thing’s attention. Death - death was right outside the doors of the closet, in your room - separated by only the thin and flimsy panels of wood.

You heard the chains, each clank louder than the other as he walked towards your closet, the nails scratching on the walls beside him, making your insides twist in fear and horror. Calm down, your conscious screamed. But a greater part of you simply slapped it unconscious - letting the fear grow. You should’ve listened to Taehyung - God, you were an idiot. A completely ruthless idiot.

Meanwhile, Taehyung was dragging along the security up with him, hauling him into the elevator. Teleporting only seemed to endanger his life if he was a talkative man. He wouldn’t want to die in Taehyung’s hands - he had made that sure with the amount of sweat he was dripping with. Pulling him out, Taehyung bolted, almost forgetting the security was a human. He cursed colorfully.

Taehyung kept pulling at his hand, stopping only when he got to your door.

‘Open it.’ He spoke, the guard cowering at the sudden order. He stared at Taehyung, looking trivial, as though he hadn’t heard him. Taehyung’s eyes turned red, making the guard fumble for the keys instantly as he stuttered out incoherent apologies. With trembling hands, the guard had the door opened and scurried - more like darted - out of the corridor and this time didn’t bother to take the elevator. Foolish mortal.

Taehyung was about to enter, his hand at the threshold to make sure it was safe to get in, when he heard an ear splitting scream.

'Y/N!’ He darted inside, and saw what could possibly haunt his dreams that moment on.

Hauling you by the neck, the exiled brother of the King of the Underworld stood smack in the center of your room. You scratched, pulled, kicked, but to vain. Hijin kept you at arm’s distance, his lips parting in a feral grin: 'I’ve finally got you, Y/N.’

You wanted to scream. But the thing in front of you itself had taken your breath away - quite literally. His face looked so badly mauled you bothered to spare a thought about what might have happened to him. The scars so deeply engraved, it looked as though his skin had been split open until the very bone. As for the hair - there was barely any, save for the strands that hung at random spots. Ugly would have been an understatement. His nails dug into the skin, tearing your flesh as it took refuge underneath the skin. You felt the wetness of your blood trickling down the length of your neck.

'What are you doing here, Hijin? Aren’t you supposed to be serving your lifelong exile down in Hell?’ Taehyung snarled at him, his eyes blood red, reflecting Hijin’s. He sniffed, and growled as he got a whiff of your blood in the air before his eyes averted to the slits on your throat where his nails rested. But he knew better - knew of Hijin’s killer skills. It was what had gotten him banished from Kronell in the first place. And his sadistic nature.

'Kimroe offered me a good price in return to kill Y/N.’ He chortled, as he spoke like a lunatic. Taehyung didn’t dare make a move. One step, and you could be laying dead on the floor. Taehyung’s wings, slowly and majestically, unfolded themselves behind him, it taking space of at least two and half doorways. Your eyes widened at the sight of them, while you struggled with the strong grip on your neck. Black dots began dancing in your vision as the supply of air to your lungs was slowly but surely getting deducted.

He stopped laughing all of a sudden, a sneer replacing his sinister laugh, 'Mmph..’ He moaned, as he sniffed the air, before looking down at you, ’Blood,’

With a dirty smirk, he looked back at Taehyung, 'But, it’s too bad you’re supposed to be alive. My brother’s very pitiful - he shouldn’t have been king.’ Hijin turned back to you, his eyes gulping every inch of your face, 'If I had you for myself, Y/N-’ His lips curled up, his tongue rolling over them, almost making Taehyung lose the control of his rage, ’-I’d do such things to you…’ His voice reduced to a purr - grainy and writhing. He jerked you close to him - close enough that he dipped his head to the crook of your neck, and you felt a deep intake of breath, 'You smell absolutely divine,’ Hijin threw a suggestive glance towards Taehyung.

He was enraged, his power thrashing in him. No, he pushed it back down with much effort. He couldn’t transform - couldn’t let Hijin find him in his actual self. He didn’t care if he knew his weaknesses, he had to focus more on keeping you alive, and his power in control. But he knew, he knew the Banished Angel was mocking him - taunting him.

Hijin came back up, not even sparing a look towards you before he pulled you in closer, and before either you or Taehyung could see it coming, you were hauled across the room, your back and head colliding with the wall before you slid down, pain stabbing at all your joints from your neck to your shoulders, your head pounding as more black dots danced, clustering together - slowly shutting your vision out. 'No…’ You whispered along with Taehyung’s scream.

You bastard!’ was all you heard Taehyung yell, before you blacked out, darkness embracing you.

Min Yoongi watched, unconcerned and with unflinching eyes as Taehyung took large and mighty strides towards Yoongi’s desk, nostrils flaring, and eyes burning red. Yoongi could see his bleeding hand, his shirt nothing but a bloodied mess and half of it falling apart with tears on some parts of the material. Taehyung reached his hand across the wide oak desk and grabbed Yoongi’s shirt collar, raising him from his seat, snarling into his face. Yoongi barely reacted.

'Why the hell did you do that Min Yoongi?’ Taehyung spat, his knuckles turning white at the amount of force his fist was itself using.

'Do what, exactly?’ He stared at Taehyung, placing a cold hand over Taehyung’s that held his collar.

'You know exactly what I’m talking about!’ Taehyung roared with one violent shake of his hand that should’ve fazed Yoongi, but only made him respond with a frown. Yoongi’s ebony hair only seemed to have any effect as it fell over his matching eyes.

'What even in the name of all hell are you talking about? I’ve been chilling in my office only to have a psychopath like you barge into my office.’ Yoongi raised his voice, but his eyes remained calm and patient, which was wearing off. It was dancing merrily at the edge of a cliff.

'Kimroe had Hijin come to kill Y/N!’ Taehyung let go of Yoongi’s collar with a harsh jerk, making him fall back into his seat. He stared up at Taehyung, whose bloodied hand was grabbing at his hair, as he sat down on the chair opposite Yoongi. It took a heartbeat. A heartbeat before Yoongi was on his feet, the patience and calm long forgotten as his chair rolled backwards, hitting the wall, his hands slamming the table. Let peace go to hell.

'Wait, what?’ Yoongi shouted, looking down at Taehyung. He looked up at Yoongi for a brief moment, and let out a dry chuckle that held no humor.

Great acting, bleach face.’ He snapped, only to be smacked on the head by Yoongi. He snarled at him, ’What?’

'Taehyung, honestly, get a devil damn grip on yourself and think what you just said - Hijin is serving eternity long exile in Hell!’ Desperation coated his voice. It was as though he was begging Taehyung to take his claims back. And Taehyung would have, if he had the choice.

'You think I don’t know? That bastard was standing right in front of me, his hands covered in blisters and chains - and it doesn’t help I had to fight him with nothing else but my wings!’ Taehyung yelled back at Yoongi, only deepening Yoongi’s frown.

'You didn’t shift?’ Yoongi asked, his voice lowering a great deal, catching Taehyung slightly off guard. He sighed, digging his head in his hands as he whispered, 'No…I couldn’t- I couldn’t risk Y/N’s life. I might lose control if I ever did shift again.’

Yoongi gave him a long assessing look. Finally nodding, he asked, 'Where’s Y/N?’

'I didn’t know where to take her so I left her at the hospital-’

'You left her? You left her at the damn hospital?’ Yoongi’s lips twisted into a snarl and Taehyung watched with horror. His own eyes widened, 'What-’

'You moron!’ Yoongi hissed before making his way around the table and grabbing Taehyung before twisting into thin air.

They found themselves wrapped in darkness as they reemerged into an unknown place - unknown to Taehyung at least. Yoongi didn’t bother explaining, and neither did Taehyung dare raise a question as the former opened a door that was now visible to Taehyung, the sudden bright lights of the corridor hitting him, making him flinch. It was a moment before he recognized it as the hospital he had gotten you admitted in. He pointed to the door of the room in which you lay. Either Yoongi knew what he was doing or it was just pure luck that he had landed on the same floor as your room.

Yoongi was, at the least, glad that the Sinner hadn’t asked any questions. He was sure he would have ripped out his head if the younger did. He wanted to slap him, though. What had even made him think that the hospital would be a safe refuge for you - especially if Hijin had quite easily - according to Taehyung - broken into your house and managed to put a barrier around your apartment to prevent anybody else from entering. How Taehyung had managed to break through it, he’d ask him later.

The two Angels walked into the room, Taehyung silently thanking whoever was watching over them - if anybody even was - for nobody to take notice of his bloodied clothes.

You were sleeping peacefully, and it twisted Yoongi’s heart to see your face so peaceful, when everything around you was soon going to be anything but that. He hurried over and stood by your side while Taehyung stood by your other, before he pressed two fingers by the spot on your neck where he could feel your faint pulse, 'Did the doctor check on her?’ Taeyhyung nodded, still looking at you.

'What did he say?’ Yoongi questioned, his eyes scanning you critically from head-to-toe for any visible injuries.

'He just asked me to make sure she got enough rest before she walks around again,’ and when Taehyung saw Yoongi’s question already stringed and ready to be voiced, he added, 'She hit her head.’

That silenced Yoongi. He tried to look at the bright side - at least Hijin hadn’t killed you…yet.

Yoongi sighed through his nose, glancing around the room and listening - whether anybody was making their way to the room. When it had seemed as silent as the night, he pinned Taehyung with a stare, 'We’re getting her out - right now.’

'And go where?’

Shit. Yoongi paused. Taehyung had a point - even if they did manage to get you out, where would they take refuge? Which one place would it be where Hijin couldn’t come after you? He racked his brain - think, think, think.

'She has a house mate…Kim SeokJin-’ Taehyung said quietly.

'But?’ Yoongi filled in, seeing the doubt in Taehyung’s eyes. He just hoped it wouldn’t be bad.

'He isn’t at the apartment- I don’t know where he is.’ Taehyung’s voice sounded defeated - as though he himself had searched all places possible. Yoongi raked a hand through his ebony hair. If SeokJin wasn’t at their place, where could he have gone…

Yoongi’s head snapped back, his eyes wide as one thought crossed his mind. And that thought was enough as Taehyung too held his stare, knowing what he was thinking of.

If SeokJin was not foolish, he would be with Namjoon. And knowing Namjoon, he knew the Fallen Angel didn’t have a habit to take anybody to his house - mate or not - for whatever reasons he had. If both possible places were struck out, then there was one last place where both of them could be.

Taeyhung immediately scooped you into his arms and disappeared into thin air with Min Yoongi, the picture of the cafe you worked at clear in both their minds.

[Part 21 on Thursday]

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hello!! could I ask for a Jimin smut scenario where it gets.. cough-steamy-coughcough in the sauna with him and the reader? I love your writing sKJsjd

A/N: Hi anonie! I’m sorry it took me a thousand years to answer this,and you’ve probably long forgotten it, but I did it anyways and it turned out a lot fucking longer than it needed to be (I mean a whole back story and everything) but I was watching this kdrama and I was suddenly inspired through the sexual frustration through these characters. So it’s basically a very anti-climatic slow burn haha. Sorry if it’s not as steamy as you might have imagined it. :’(

(and if anyone can tell what show this is based off of I will follow you and love you for life)

Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 2.9k

You slide down smooth wood walls, lolling your head back with a sigh of relief. It is the first time in eight long hours that you’ve gotten a moment to yourself.

A week ago, you had taken up the task of going to an overseas workshop in place of your boss with a smile, leniently assuring him that all business would be taken care of while images of city skylines, luxurious hotel rooms, fancy dinners and soothing spas danced in your head. Of course, your fantasy was ruined the moment he added “And Chief Park Jimin will be attending the trip with you,”

You had slumped back in your seat, protest dismissed as your boss walked out your office without another word. Goddamn Park Jimin, of all people, the shining star of the hospital. People didn’t just come to the hospital to be aided anymore; they came looking for him. With his cheery attitude and wide, welcoming smile that always seemed to reach his eyes, no matter what the problem. Patients and staff alike treated him as if he were the Savior himself; although he might as well have been with the number of successful surgeries he had performed higher than any other surgeon. Including you.

Yes, chief doctor Park Jimin was the sweet looking, supernatural surgeon and prized pumpkin of the hospital. And you hated him.

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I know prompts are closed but you said to throw a happy idea at you so: Oliver and Felicity telling their kids about the time they kicked the mean reporter ladies ass

I indeed did so thank you! this little mini drabble has references to this fic from yesterday. 


“Yeah?” he looked up from his newspaper.

“Why do you do all the bad guy punching and not mom?”

He looked from his daughter to Felicity, who was now eyeing him from behind her tablet, and back to his daughter again.

“Mom prefers her computers to beating up the bad guys.”

“Oh,” she deflated.

“But,” he continued quickly, “I do have a story about your mom taking down a bad lady.”

The little seven year old perked right up. He didn’t know if he should be telling this story to her since she was so young, but she seemed so eager. And it was always good to make sure that his little one knew that she could kick butt in more than one way.

Felicity set down her tablet and looked at him expectantly. He motioned for Chloe to come up and sit in his lap. She always sat in his lap for story time.

“This story starts with a very mean lady. She hurt your Auntie Thea’s feelings,” he said.

She gasped loudly.

“But I thought I would give her a chance.”

“Everyone deserves a chance to be good,” the seven year old said.

He nodded and continued, “Everyone does deserve the chance, but she was not good at all. She hurt my feelings too and tried to do some bad things to stop me from being mayor.”

It was long past his days of being Mayor, but Chloe enjoyed looking at pictures and newspaper clippings from his time in office. She always giggled at the Mayor Handsome headlines. Chloe didn’t understand that the nickname was meant to be mean, but that was okay. She looked up to him. Her dad was the Green Arrow, he was like one of the handsome heroes in her story books.

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Sweet Serendipity

Summary : Lazy days with Luke are the sweetest moments. 

Word Count : 1.1k

Lazy days were always the sweetest moments of me and Luke. Even if it would just happen to be a sleepy morning or a tired movie marathon, it would always be filled with little kisses on the cheek, or a cuddle fair filled with sweet nothings and his failed attempts on picking me up with his pick-up lines.

But, damn, I sure love this boy.

“Okay, okay. I think you know this one…” He trailed off, stuffing his face in the crook of my neck, covering the raging blush over his cheeks.
“Shoot.” I replied.
“Let’s play Titanic. You’d be iceberg and I’d go down.” After a few minutes of cricket silence, I bursted through fits of laughter. “That’s Michael’s, you dork.” I playfully scolded, crouching my stomach as the laughter couldn’t stop.

He’s such a lame dork.

“Well, what else could I say?” He questioned. I quirked an eyebrow, meaning to say ‘really?’. But he just smiled and kissed my cheek.
“You still need to give credit to him.” I told him, finally taking attention of the boring movie playing in front of us. “Nah, I think it’s okay with him if I used it.” He said proudly.

“I’ll be honest, if Mikey said that to me before you asked for a date, I might’ve given him a chance.” I playfully said to him. He glared at me, knowing that he’d be easily jealous if I create situation with small possibilities.
“But sad for him, you’re mine.” He possessed, wrapping his arms around my waist tightly. “But sad for you, you couldn’t handle one small thing that visibly creates a hurricane of jealousy in your mind.” I told him, thumping his head softly.

“Love you…” He murmured randomly, leaving soft wet kisses on the side of my mouth. “And I love you, too.” I told him, pecking his lips gently.

I didn’t know what happened last night, wondering how I woke up here in the bedroom, with an empty cold space beside me. It was still the continuation of our lazy day and yet, he wasn’t snoring beside me in the morning.

I sighed, thinking maybe he’s downstairs, but all I heard was solemn quietness in our apartment. Huffing, I slid out off the bed, sitting on the edge and checking my phone, only to see a small not beside it :

Hey Princess,

Hope you wouldn’t mind that I got out off bed early. And I’m not home until 20 minutes since I looked through the cabinets and we ran out of supply of food. To be honest, I planned on making you breakfast on bed, but I think when you read this you’re already awake, so yeah, you ruined it.

But I love you. -Lukey xx

How sweet. Smiling through every word, my fingers traced over his messy handwriting, admiring how an idiot could be so amazing and sweet at the same time, but I wouldn’t care any less. Because I know that I have him and he loves me.

The streaks of sun fell ever so gently in the room, the light colours of yellow and orange creating a mellow volume of mood in me. I grinned, having a nice day already because of the sunny day and Luke’s adorable letter.

I stood up from the bed, raising my arms over my head and stretching side to side, warming up my aching bones that fell to sleep. Breathing in and breathing out the warm air surrounding me. I heard keys rumble lowly a distance away, knowing Luke arrived.

I hurriedly put back the letter in its original form and let myself fall under the covers of the duvet, wrapping myself up with warm sheets that smelt of vanilla and peppermint. Putting into play, I acted as if I was still sleeping, shutting my eyes softly and relaxed my bones under the thing satin cloth.

I heard the door open and close softly, the sound of plastic cashing with each other and hard footsteps fall in the room. “Y/N?” Luke whisper-yelled, clearly finding for me, but maybe thought that I was asleep. The footsteps stopped, the plastic finally placed on the marble table in the kitchen heard lowly. The keys too, made contact with another marble object, that I expected it to be the key bowl.

The heavy footsteps continued, the steps getting louder and louder as it got closer to the room I was in. Then it stopped again. The door opened, then closed. Luke slowly walked to where I was, feeling his warmth slowly creeping on my skin as I heard him crouch down in front of my sleeping figure.

His breath came out in small huffs, feeling his warm stare at my glowing face.
“How did I ever get so lucky?” He muttered under his breath, his hand moving the fallen strands of hair over my face and behind my ear. “Everyone wants to be with you, but you simply chose me, why me?” He questioned to me— actually to no one. He sighed, standing up from his place and began to walk somewhere— but not out of the room.

I opened one eye, seeing him approach the door to the bathroom. I slowly got out off bed and followed him there as he began to wash his face on the sink. He crouched down, taking a handful of flowing water on the faucet and splashed it on his face, but not removing his hands.

Taking the moment, I wrapped my arms around his broad body. He tensed under my touch, but quickly recovered and relaxed. “You scared me there.”
“You know I faked the sleep, right?” I asked him, my cheek against his back.
“You did?” He asked, dumbfounded.
“God, Luke.” I said, exasperated.
“Sorry, I’m a stupid boy.” He apologised, jokingly.
“But you’re my stupid boy.” I told him.

He turned around, kissing my forehead. “But it’s true, though.” He murmured, looking around, except me. “Hey,” I took his chin in-between my fingers and forced his eyes to look at me. Defeated, his blue orbs finally looked at mine, looking like a lost boy. “I love you, okay? If you’re wondering about how lucky you are, it’s the other way around. Just always know that I love you and you own me. Always.” I spoke warmly, hooking my pinky with his.

I smiled widely and pecked his lips. “Now let’s go make breakfast.” I told him. But before I could getaway, he took a hold of my hand and pulled me back for another kiss. He bit on my lower lip and slowly pulled on it. “I love you, too.” He whispered in my ear then walked away.

God, I love you so much.

What next (Bellamy Blake Imagine)

Rash part 2         Part 1     

“How long do you plan on sitting out here all by yourself?”

I peer over my shoulder and see Nate leaning on a post. “You shouldn’t be here Miller. I don’t want Pike to punish you for fraternizing with the enemy.”

“Don’t worry about me. You should worry about your dad, he doesn’t seem to be on Pike’s good side.”

“Fuck Pike. He is a murderous waste of space. He’ll be lucky to get me to look at him much less obey him after what he has done.”

“They haven’t said what happened.”

“Since when are you delusional Nate?! We both know exactly what happened out there. When you guys first landed you were protecting yourselves. What they did out there, that wasn’t to protect us. Tree Cru was here to protect us. I was there when Indra spoke to my dad at the Summit. We were finally coming together and now all of that is gone. Everything my dad was been working towards, almost sacrificed his life for, is ruined!”

Nate steps back in shock at my outburst. I’m known for being calm and collected so seeing me like this must be freaking him out. I take a deep breath. “I’m sorry. None of this is your fault but here I am yelling at you. Hardly proper behavior for a Kane. If we fumble who knows what will happen.”

I place my hand on his shoulder and look him in the eye. “Sorry again Nate. I’m gonna take your advice and go track down my dad. I’m no good to anybody out here. Thanks for looking out for me.” I force a smile and start the hunt for Dad.

“Have you seen my dad?”

“I just saw him heading towards Medical.”

“Thanks.” I race off. Probably going to go tell Abby he stepped down. “Dad have you heard … from…” I come to halt as I find my dad talking to someone. “Jaha?”

“Why hello (y/n). Glad to see you are well.”

“Same.” I answer cautiously as I make my way over to my father’s side. He wasn’t sound of mind when he left and if he travelled through the desert like he had planned, he couldn’t have gotten any better. “Is Murphy here too?”

“No I’m sorry to say. John and I went our separate ways as we were making the journey back here.”

“Gave up on your City of Light?” I ask lightly to try and defuse some of the tension in the room.

“No, he found it. Apparently his friend Otan is there right now.” Abby interjects as she motions to a body on a bed.

“I know it must sound crazy but it is true. I’ve been there and it is marvelous.” Thankfully Monty’s mom pops up and escorts him to Pike. “Just great. We totally needed another crazy man here that people like to follow. All we need is Lexa showing up with an army and today will be the best day ever.”

“That is hardly helping (y/n).” Dad lightly scolds.

“She is right though Marcus. We already have enough on our hands without this. I know he is your friend, he was mine too. But we have to keep a close eye on him. Not one of the twelve people who left with him made it back. We have to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t hurt anyone else.”

“He is with Pike now. I could go listen in and see what they have planned.”

“No (y/n).”

“But Dad.”

“I said no. I have a plan and you getting caught snooping on the Chancellor isn’t part of it.”

I huff and storm out the room. He can’t keep babying me I’m not a little kid anymore.

I should go apologize to Abby for that childish behavior from before. Neither Clarke or Bellamy would have stomped off like a brat. As I turn the corner towards Medical I see Lincoln racing in. What is going on?

As I get closer people start yelling. As I pass through the doorway I see hell breaking loose. Lincoln is fighting people, the guards are dragging sick people around, Abby is shouting.

Bellamy takes a hit to the face and he and Lincoln square off. This can’t be happening. “Bellamy don’t you dare.” I growl and get his attention.

“Lincoln!” Abby screams one more time and he finally stops. We all look towards her and see that Pike has a gun pointed at a girl’s head.

“Son of a…” 

“(Y/n).” Bell grumbles as he extends an arm, cutting me off from getting any closer.

“Lock him up too.” Pike orders as he lowers his weapon.

One of his goons starts to pick the sick woman off the ground and push my way past Bell. “Get your hands off of her. If you are going to do this then I’ll take her. Last thing she needs is to be tossed around by idiots when she can’t even stand.”

I kneel down and pull her arm over my shoulders and wrap an arm around her waist. “I’m sorry for all of this.” I whisper in Trigedasleng. She tries to look up at me but doesn’t have the energy. Her head bobs around and finds its way to the crook of my neck. I slowly start to move us towards the door but have someone block my way. “Get the hell out of my way Bellamy.”

“Step aside Bellamy. Miss Kane is helping us out, just as she should.” Pike voices. I scoff as I brush past the older Blake. As my eyes move from Bell’s to Lincoln’s all the anger slips away. My face falls as shame replaces the rage. I can’t meet his gaze for very long and quickly hobble past him to get this over with.

Part 3

Today I turned
my wrists into a roadmap.
I kissed each mountain
in the crooks of my arms
goodbye and wished on
every tail of a shooting star
I saw. Healing
isn’t always a
harbor, but my fingers
have learned over the years
how to withstand
I will never again be
caught out at sea, stranded,
fishing for some hope
with a broken net in a raging tide.

Every blue vein is permission
to lay in the grass at the
end of a southern summer’s afternoon.
To dip my toes in the stream
of an Appalachian peak and
crown my brow with forget-me-nots.

My elbows are electric,
and my shoulders are a
I am going East. I know
the way home.

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Hello it's my 25th birthday today and I wanted a Drabble request maybe a Daddy!Hiccup and Mommy!Astrid please love your Drabbles

Oh, wow, happy birthday! Hope it’s been a great one so far! I’ll see what I can do - I should warn you, I’ve never really strayed into the land of Parent!Haddocks before, so I apologize in advance. XD

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Misery Business: A Skool Love Affair: Lesson Seven

Misery Business: A Skool Love Affair

Lesson Seven: How to Stand Up for Yourself

“So, are you coming to the costume party at Sasha’s?” Val asked, examining her turquoise nail polish closely. “It’s on Halloween,” she added, an afterthought on those bright pink lips.

Wrestling with the large tome of my advanced calculus book, I panted and finally zipped the gargantuan book into my bag. “Uhmmm,” biting my lip, I shifted the straps of my backpack on my shoulders. “I wasn’t really invited. Sasha and I don’t even tal—.”

“That’s what I’m doing right now. Duh.” Valerie’s brow furrowed as she examined my outfit, those bright eyes scanning every part of me unhappily. Apparently I lacked fashion sense now, too. And she wanted me to know it. “I hate that sweater. You should burn it—anyway, what are you going to wear to the costume party?”

Stiffening, I winced. We were still edging over thin ice, shuffling along to avoid falling through its frozen depths. At least, in my head we were, maybe to Val everything was exactly as it always had been. But something inside me had ripped open, a rift that gaped and swallowed up some part of me.

The part that unconditionally loved Valerie. The part that had been her sidekick—no, her doormat for so long. The part that was sweet and gentle and kind. The mask.

Now, all that was really left was the real Sage. A girl who had opinions, feelings, and loves of her own. Dancer. Daughter. Friend. Not a doormat. Not push over. Just Sage.

My hands balled into tight fists over the canary yellow straps of my bag as my eyes narrowed at the auburn beauty lounging against her locker. “I never said I was going.”

This response, cold and flat, surprised Valerie. Her eyes widened, pale blue expanding, blotting out more white as she took this stranger in. That pink mouth pressed into a thin line before pursing, and she drawled, “Oh, stop being dramatic, Sage. That’s my job.” An uneasy laugh. I was stone silent, somehow towering in this tiny body. An uncomfortable, space-filling gulp, then, “Of course you’re going. Who’s going to hold my hair when I throw up? I need you, Sa—.”

“Maybe you should ask Jimin or Sasha to do that for you.” I strode past her, my chin inching up for the first time in a long time. How different it was to look at the space of the bustling halls, to actually look at anything but my feet or Valerie’s perfection. I added, a bit harsher than I intended. “And I like my sweater.”

Valerie gaped. I didn’t hear her reply as I wove through the maze of students, the labyrinth of halls, and finally to my advanced calculus class. That worn, tired mask falling away piece by piece.


The cafeteria was a zoo. Teeming with intense body odor, gossip, and barely edible food. Tables packed in with their cliques, shouldering into a chain-link fence to keep out any trespassers, or maybe it was to keep those already there trapped, buried in their cults. What happens when one of those links breaks away to build her own fence?

Alienation. Total, complete estrangement.

Valerie hadn’t spoken to me since our little tiff in the hallway two days ago, but I wasn’t as lost or as empty as I had been in the past. No, I was paddling against the current just fine. I didn’t need this one-sided friendship anymore.

Did I? That mask was cracking, sure, but it was still there, parts clinging to the emerging butterfly. I felt my eyes linger over the round table full of secret smiles and girlish laughs. Valerie. Was I anything without her?


I had hidden myself from the world. Perfected the wallflower existence until there was nothing but dull petals and dead leaves left behind. The shell of a girl who used to be so alive. A girl who used to have her own friends that didn’t live in books. A girl who used to breathe fire and life in large, unflinching breaths—unyielding in her pursuit of the world.

Of love.

“Hey, Sage.” That voice. I turned, my tray wobbling in my startled grasp, sending the red, bruised apple over the small section of carrots.

“Jimin,” I breathed. We hadn’t spoken outside of practice since—since homecoming. Since that quick, breathless moment. The memory of his lips was making my mouth tingle deliciously, I swallowed the urge to reach out for him, to drop the tray. To devour him. “Hey—erm—what’s up?”

Awkward, quirky, socially inept Sage surfaced in fragments, stuffing down the sensual and curious girl that simmered below. He grinned, a flicker of perfection—a slash of teeth and lips and beauty.

“Just saying hello,” he said, his playful, flirtatious nature bubbling over. The side that was reserved for her. His girlfriend. “You know, people do that from time to time. Or, am I only allowed the privilege to speak to you during rehearsals now, Sage? ”

I felt heat erupt over my cheeks. The way that my name rolled over his tongue was so…so…

Kisses from rehearsal between our characters, kisses I was not supposed to enjoy flitted through my veins, pushing my blood faster and faster to my head, to my ears until I was staggering, near-faint with some nameless feeling.

A breathy little laugh escaped my mouth, and I stumbled toward a nearly empty table in the back corner of the cafeteria. The one where other rejects, losers, and loners sat picking at their lunches quietly.

“You can talk to me whenever you want, Jimin,” I said, a crooked smile etching over my face, “but, she won’t like it. Not anymore.”

His dark eyes flickered toward Valerie, who peered at us with calculating, cold eyes. He sighed through his nose. “She misses you, Sage. She really does.”

“I don’t care anymore.” It was reflexive. Brutally honest. Cruel and cold. I don’t know if I like this new Sage….

Jimin flinched, his grip tightening on his tray. “You don’t mean that, Sage. You can’t mean it…”

But I did. A biting wind raged over the jagged, twisted, ugly scars Val had flecked and marred my heart with. It churned up forgotten, stuffed-down feelings—feelings that sent my pulse thundering in rage and fury for having been so blind, so soft.

“What if I do mean them, Jimin? What if I finally am tired of her treating me worse than the dirt she stands on?” My voice was quiet, fear gripping me as I began losing control of that blinding, vicious anger. As I lost the gentle, loving Sage.

Jimin gave me a long, wounded look, his lips turned down in each corner. An expression that had me nearly falling at the knee and begging for forgiveness. “Well, then you wouldn’t be the girl that I love—,” our eyes mirrored the same horrified shock at his words—the truth that had always been hanging over us. Over me. And Jimin? He felt that bond…with me?

He amended himself sheepishly. “That Valerie loves.”

“Right.” I murmured. “Well, then I guess we’ll have to find her together won’t we?”

Valerie’s sky-blue stare was enveloping us, watching as our bodies drew closer and closer. My volatile waves coming to rest on Jimin’s peaceful shore. Her teeth bared, snapping as she barked at Jimin to come sit with her. Right. Now.

He hesitated, his ebony gaze still settled over mine, golden skin tinged the lightest of pink. His chest was rising and falling rapidly beneath his gray sweatshirt, out of breath from—from the mutual agreement we’d just come to. We would find the real me—together.

He loves me. I love him.

Images of a girl swinging on the playground admiring the beautiful black haired boy on the field with his kickball flashed behind my eyes. Followed closely by that same shy girl looking on as he spun and swirled over a blank stage, moving like water as he danced at his eighth-grade recital. Then a broken picture of auburn beauty embracing that lovely, dancing boy—betraying the gentle, kind friend with every kiss, every touch.

Reality slammed into me stealing all the air from my lungs. My knees buckled as I watched him tread toward those snaking arms. Toward those stunningly bright eyes. But his body avoided her, sidestepping the slithering touch, and he sat, his dark eyes flicking toward my watchful pair.

Aching with the same sort of unspoken desire, his eyes pleaded, “Later?”

I nodded, understanding his telepathy. A small, secretive smile splayed over my mouth.

Yes, later. We’ll talk later.


“So, Valerie wanted me to tell you she’s sorry,” Sasha’s dark lips hissed, her ebony fingers pressed to my shoulder as she leaned forward in her desk, disrupting my focus in Literature of the Twentieth Century.

I angled my head to look at her rich chocolate complexion. A smooth, striking mask of perfectly proportionate features that made my stomach clench in a jealous knot. Her almond eyes studied me carefully—considering my threat to her as competition. As if I even were one. Such a petty feminine habit. A habit that I had not dodged in our competitive society.

“Why can’t she apologize to me herself?”

She started, shocked by my terse question. A poisonously sweet smile stretched those full lips and she whispered, “Well, whattya know, the doormat does have some backbone after all.” I leveled my eyes at her sneering face. She continued with a roll of her pretty brown eyes, “She was scared to approach you after Monday’s little…incident.”

I winced at the remembrance of the cold hallway encounter. As much as Valerie deserved every ounce of my harsh bitterness, it didn’t make it right—didn’t make it acceptable to release in venomous little bites and glares and pointed words. I wasn’t sure if I could be friends with her, not the way we once were, but I could reign that ugly cruelty in and apologize.

“Tell her to call me.”

“Will do.”


My phone buzzed in my pocket as I finished typing the very last line of my history paper. Valerie or Jimin? My heart pounded relentlessly in my chest, so loud in my ears that I marveled at how neither of my parents had been alerted.

Valerie’s name glared up at me and I schooled my raging heartbeat back into a state of normalcy. “Hello?”

“Hey.” She sounded so—sad?

“Hey,” I said again, unable to think of anything else to utter. I had nothing to comfort her with anymore. Sympathy refused to come. I had to stop feeding into her game, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t still be civil, couldn’t still be the tender Sage I’d always been.

“So,” she sighed, “I’m sorry or whatever.”

I fought a growl, and settled for a quiet, “Me too.”

“Can we be friends again?”

Dead. Silence.

“Not like we used to be, no,” I finally said, staring at the picture of two smiling girls on my desk. One in a frilly pink tutu, the other a glittering tiara.

“Oh—Ok, well…I guess, I’ll see you around then, huh?”

The frame was splintering right down to the glass, and then it shattered completely, shards flying in every direction. Cutting me. Slicing us both with their jagged edges.

“Yeah,” I breathed, voice shaking with the weight of a thousand never-spoken words.

She hung up with a sniffling goodbye and I sank into my chair.


The night of Sasha’s costume party had the entire school buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Each lucky guest flaunting their invitation at those unfortunate souls left out of the frivolity. Anxious murmurs about alcohol and costumes and couples surrounding the halls. Teachers pretended to lack any sort of interest, but even they titled their ears toward the constant rush of rumors.

“You going?” A neon orange invitation with slanted cursive covered the surface of my calculus notes as I situated myself for the start of my first period.

Looking up, I quirked one brow at the white hair of Namjoon. “Wasn’t planning on it. Are you?”

His dark eyes glittered dangerously—mischievously. “Perhaps.”

“Well,” I smiled uncomfortably, fidgeting with my pencil, “That’s awfully cryptic for seven-thirty a.m.”

“I’m gonna crash it,” he whispered conspiratorially, sitting in the desk adjacent to mine. He grinned fiendishly as if this were the greatest, brightest—cleverest plan ever.

I snorted. “Oh? And how do you intend to do that?”

He wiggled his brows and shrugged. “Guess you’ll have to come to find out.”

Rolling my eyes, I laughed and turned to a clean sheet of paper. “We’ll see,” I said, lowering my voice as Mr. Green sauntered toward the smart board. “So, who else is crashing with you?”

A sly grin. “You.”

“What?” I nearly fell out of my chair. “Me? I said I wasn’t goi—.”

“So, it’s a date then?” He smiled cheekily, all too pleased with himself.

“What is wrong with you?” Incredulous, I gaped at the maniacally grinning genius. My rival wanted me to crash Sasha’s party. With him. Sasha was Val’s new bestie. Jimin would be there.

I bit my lip and weighed the pros and cons, but they all fell away at the image of ebony eyes and gold skin. Dark hair falling delicately over his brow.


A chance to see him had me closing my eyes and nodding slowly, saying, “Ok, it’s a date.”

Namjoon gave me a lethal smile. “Perfect. I’ll pick you up at nine.”

I began to protest. I was not about to actually go on a date with this kid. My voice was rising in my throat, and I clutched the blush pink skirt of my dress. “Wha—wait, I don’t—this isn’t,” I sputtered, wheeling with the thought of going on a date with anyone but him.

He held his hands up, placating. “Whoa, don’t worry there, girl. I don’t want to date you anymore than you do me. But, we have things to buy and schemes to plot.” He finished with a concise nod as Mr. Green gave us a warning glare. “We go on at eleven.”

I sank in my chair. What the heck did I just get myself into?