and this is my first collage thingy

@rladebunner made me do it

Beauty Guru Seungkwan
  • Okay so I know my blog is like 98% a incorrect quote blog
  • but like I couldn’t resist doing aus for our favorite boys
  • so I’m definitely gonna do YouTuber!Seventeen aus
  • and this shall be the first one! (also just a quick note, I’m sorry for the shit “moodboard” collage thingy. That’s like the first one I’ve ever made)
  • okay now onto Beauty Guru Seungkwan
  • Seungkwan’s channel name would totally be something like ‘Faboo’ and he would probably call his subscribers like boos or honeys, some total cliche but cute nickname
  • He started doing Youtube videos back in 2015 whenever he was only like seventeen and to be honest he was terrified to even do it at first
  • because he didn’t have the best camera set up nor the best make up nor was he confident in his make up skills
  • plus how would people react to a guy doing make up videos
  • he start out doing two videos a month because he sure as hell weren’t trying to get caught by his family or friends doing Youtube videos bc he thought he would probably get shit for it
  • plus he still wasn’t the most confident with his skills or his own looks
  • but after about two and a half months he had 7 thousand subscribers who were all praising him for how good he was at make up and how good he looked
  • by the time he turned eighteen he had moved in with a friend and was doing four videos every two weeks
  •  he was getting so much more confident in doing his videos by this time as well!
  • Beauty Guru Seungkwan would totally be breaking gender stereotypes
  • like he’s already doing make up videos and proving that make up isn’t just for girls
  • he would also be wearing chokers because who the hell ever said chokers were just for girls and that guys couldn’t look good in them?!
  • also Boo Seungkwan in a choker is 100% the hottest thing anyone will ever see in their life
  • A N D stay with me here, just imagine…Boo Seungkwan…in thigh highs!! SUCH A CONCEPT RIGHT?!
  • well guess what he wears ‘em!! This boy is getting so confident and being himself in all of his videos
  • he’s loud, he’s extra, he’s sassy, he’s honest, and all of his subscribers love it!!
  • he would probably have like 825k subscribers and he obviously would be verified on YouTube
  • he would do special videos every now and then as ways to thank his subscribers
  • like whenever he got to 2,000 subscribers he did a cover of Chandelier by Sia and let me tell you something
  • his subscribers went ballistic because they were in love with his vocals!
  • that video is one of his most viewed videos right next to the video he did with his roommate Seokmin where they covered the song Lay Me Down by Sam Smith
  • speaking of Seokmin, Seungkwan and him have a channel that they share together where they post song covers every now and then.
  • for his 800,000 subscriber special he got his friend Vernon to let him do his make up
  • “Hello my boos, welcome back to Faboo! As you guys know I’m Seungkwan and joining me today is my victim, I mean my friend, Vernon!” “….Is it too late to go home now?” “Nope, you’re gonna be stuck here forever.” “Shit.”
  • lets just say Seungkwan’s “boos” were quick to make ship names and ship edits
  • everyone wants to know what the hell is this boy’s skincare routine and what highlighter he uses the most because he looks flawless?? this boy glowing as bright as a damn star
  • like shit Adnois ain’t got nothing on this boy
  • shimmery highlighter and misty eye shadow looks are his specialties!
  • every look he does in his videos just makes him look like he’s ready to walk down a runway or something like that
  • his subscribers swear that if he had a theme song it would be Flawless by Beyonce or Slay by Trevor Moran
  • If he has guests in his videos 9 out of 10 times it will be his friends. Seokmin, Vernon, and Jeonghan are the most seen of all of his friends though because it’s a bit easier to get these two to agree to videos plus their schedules are a bit more flexible since they all live within a five mile radius of each other.
  • if guests in his videos aren’t one of his friends then it’s his mom because his mom is his best friend and he loves showing her what he enjoys doing!
  • he did a video with her once were he gave her a “makeover” and he kept telling her she didn’t need a makeover because she was the most beautiful person he knew
  • his subscribers just love the relationship he has with his mom
  • everyone knows that this boy is real and authentic because of some of the vlogs he does, this boy is so honest and he’s a sensitive sweetie
  • he did a vlog once talking about how he use to think that he was pathetic for having a Beauty channel because he thought he was too ugly to do such videos and that he was “weird” for enjoying putting on make up 
  • he even cried and kept apologizing through out the whole video and y’all-
  • his subscribers were quick to cheer this baby boy right up!!
  • they were sending him like freaking essays about how perfect and amazing he is
  • speaking of his subscribers, they’re sweethearts but sassy af and they’re quick to tell someone off if they try to hate on him for doing the videos that he does
  • they even did a project on his birthday once where they sent a video to him that was just a big compilation of a lot of his subscribers talking about how much they love him
  • another thing that his subscribers like to do is make compilations of all of the funny things that he has said in his videos
  • “If I don’t glow like the sun after using this highlighter I’m gonna shove this do someone’s throat”
  • “I told him to go deep throat a cactus because he was just jealous that I look like a child of Aphrodite while he looked like a foot” 
  • “Haha, bitch! look at them lashes; they be pop, locking, and dropping!”
  • “Are you kimbap kidding me?!”
  • “Low quality?! I’m the BEST quality” 
  • ….some of his quotes are just pure comedic gold
  • he loves giving his subscribers make up beginner tips because he loves helping his “boos” as much as he can
  • he’s so gentle with his subscribers at fan meets at conventions
  • he always hugs them and takes pictures with them and gives them autographs even though he’s only suppose to pick between doing one of those threes
  • he once walked out of a fan meet which left everyone confused af because like..why did he walk off?? what happened??
  •  he come back a few minutes later with boxes of water bottles and snacks for all of the fans standing in the lines
  • Beauty Guru Seungkwan is just straight up the best thing.

I know this wasn’t the best thing in the world but hopefully you guys like it! I will be doing the other members soon!

Youtuber!Seventeen: Choi Seungcheol - Yoon Jeonghan - Joshua Hong - Wen Junhui - Kwon Soonyoung - Jeon Wonwoo - Lee Jihoon - Lee Seokmin - Kim Mingyu - Xu Minghao - Boo Seungkwan - Hansol Vernon Choi - Lee Chan

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