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1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

All my Riverdale fics are here, on Ao3.

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m on the far side of 30 and I’ve had the same tumblr avatar since 2011. I gave up trying to pretend to be cool in my junior year of college, when I got drunk at a party and spent the rest of the evening yelling at people in iambic pentameter.

3. What do you never leave home without?

Just the usual boring stuff–wallet, keys, phone.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Kind of both, actually? Which is a problem, because I don’t do well on minimal sleep.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

I suppose Harry Potter, but only because I can’t think of a better answer.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Anthony Hopkins?

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

Oh my god, so many. TV: Parks and Rec, obviously. Recently: GLOW, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, GoT, Better Call Saul, Fargo, BoJack Horseman…I watch a lot of TV.

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

I don’t keep up, honestly. My iPod is perpetually full of late ‘60s/early ‘70s rock.

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anonymous asked:

Jaydick with Bottom Jay please! (If u have time) thanks and i love your fics~! You're my favorite jaydick writer ever!

*blushes* I’m honored to know I’m your favorite writer! :) Thank you so much for the lovely compliment.

And here is a JayDick with bottom!Jay for you! (This isn’t quite my forte >.< but I hope you enjoy it ~)

Jason and Dick were relaxing in the living room, cuddled on the couch for movie night. Dick had his head leaned against Jason, their fingers threaded together and resting on his lap as he kept his eyes glued to the TV, watching a classic film he’d seen as a kid.

The atmosphere was peaceful, calming and Dick could just fall asleep to the sounds of the voices coming from the movie and Jason’s soft breathing. 

Well, it was nice until Jason decided to spring something upon him out of the blue.

“Hey Dick,” Jason called and Dick hummed a gentle reply, shifting his head slightly to look up at the man and caught emerald eyes staring down at him, half-lidded and a bit mischievous. “Want to fuck?”

Dick blinked in confusion. “Uh—“ Dick stuttered, a little caught off guard at that comment. It’s not as if Jason didn’t often ask him to have sex when it popped into his mind, but they were warm and relaxed and he didn’t think Jason wanted something like that considering it was supposed to be a peaceful night. “What?” He blurted, wasn’t able to form any coherent words.

Fucking, Dickiebird.” Jason simply stated and quirked his lips into a grin. Dick rolled his eyes and punched him gently on the arm.

“I know what you meant.”

“Good, so, let’s fuck?” Jason urged in a deep and sultry voice, making Dick shiver from delight at the thought of them getting hot and heavy with one another despite the fact that they were supposed to be watching a movie.

“Um—“ Dick was still a little disoriented and didn’t exactly know what to say, even though the offer was appealing.

Jason huffed a breath, turned slightly to face Dick and stroked a hand gingerly under Dick’s dark eyes. “I want to ride you,” Jason offered, eyes gazing at him lustfully as he licked his lips seductively.

Oh.” That—that was something rare. It wasn’t often that Jason offered himself to bottom, not that Dick minded because honestly, he could go either way and he quite liked being fucked by Jason. But the thought of Jason riding him at this very moment on this very couch? Well, let’s say he could feel his cock pulsing with desire. “That is—yeah, let’s fuck,” Dick said, knew how tactless he sounded and stupid he sounded.

Jason just chuckled at him and yanked the blanket that was draped over their shoulders, tossing it to the ground in one fell swoop. Dick narrowed his eyes, watching him in curiosity as the man turned to face him, quickly stripping until he was naked. Clothes littered the ground, but Jason didn’t care as he lowered his knees to the couch, climbed on top of Dick and plopped right down on his lap, getting comfortable. A hand searched around for the band of Dick’s sweats, pulling it down to pop out his semi-hard cock.

“Hmm, need to get your hard,” Jason murmured and slipped Dick’s cock between his ass, grinding down on it as he moved, rolling his hips in slow waves.

Dick’s back dipped into the cushion, sighing contently as Jason stimulated him. Felt warmth crawling within his body as pleasure spread throughout. “Jay,” Dick panted shakily and found his hands slithering towards Jason’s waist, fingers pressing into his tight muscles.

Jason chuckled, amused as he continued to roll his hips and stretched out an arm, digging in between the couch cushions in search for something. Dick’s eyes wandered to where Jason was fiddling and saw him pull out a small bottle of lube.

“You hid that there?” Dick asked, arched a brow in surprise.

“Of course. Got to be prepared,” Jason murmured and popped the cap open. He poured a generous amount into his palm and guided his hand to his back. Dick shivered when Jason’s thick and rough fingers curled around his cock. It was cold and slimy as he coated it thoroughly with the viscous liquid, pumping his cock until it grew, becoming fully erect.

“Jason, that—ugh,” Dick grunted and thrust upwards into Jason’s ass. “Feels so good.”

“It’ll feel better once you’re inside me,” Jason teased lightly, dipped down and murmured against his ears, grazed his teeth against his earlobes as he nipped at his skin.

Dick pushed down hard on his waist, and groaned loudly as the image popped into his mind, couldn’t wait to fill Jason. Couldn’t wait to thrust into his tight heat, and watch him come undone.

Jason continued to stroke his cock, using his lithe and coarse fingers as he worked Dick up into a high, until his cock was slowly leaking with cum. He felt Jason rub a thumb over his slit as he smoothed his sticky seed all over the tip. 

Dick drew in a ragged breath as his eyes fell shut, soaking in the pleasure and letting Jason do all the work as he used his skillful hand. Then he felt the man shift above him and lifted an eye to peek. He found Jason lining himself up against Dick’s shaft, could feel his tip rub against Jason’s twitching and wet hole, begging for the man to push inside of him.

“Shouldn’t we—“ Dick started but Jason shushed him as he pressed a kiss to his mouth, slowly lowering himself down on Dick as the tip slipped in. A deep growl released from his lips and Dick shuddered from the pleasure, couldn’t wait to bury himself all the way in. 

“Don’t worry, I’m prepped,” Jason said and sucked in a breath, hissed when Dick took that as a sign and pushed in deeper, all the way until he was submerged deep within him. 

“What?” Dick murmured, trying to pay attention to what Jason had just said but at the same, was too distracted by Jason clamping down on him, his hole squeezing tight around his thick cock. It was so warm and wonderful and fuck, hot as hell. It’d been a while since he’d been inside of Jason and it felt fucking good. “You didn’t give me the opportunity to prep you myself?”

Jason chuckled. “I couldn’t wait,” he said and sat himself flush against Dick’s lap, gripped his hands onto Dick’s shoulders for support. His eyes fell shut for a brief moment as he breathed in deeply. “Give me a moment though,” he wheezed unstably and Dick nodded his head. Knew the man was preparing himself as it’d been awhile since he’d done this.  

Dick sighed softly and reached a hand to cup his cheek, pulled him in to press a soft kiss to his lips in reassurance. “Whenever you’re ready,” he whispered, and Jason murmured a soft ‘okay.’ 

A brief moment passed by them as Jason breathed in and out, shifting a little as he allowed himself to adjust to the foreign feeling. Then finally, he parted his lips to speak as his body relaxed, the tension leaving him completely as he slumped against Dick. “Okay, ready.”


“Yep,” Jason said shakily. “Now move.” He instructed, gazed down at Dick with half-lidded eyes and pushed down on his thighs. 

Dick nodded and thrust up, his muscular thighs moving beneath Jason, hands gripping hard as he moved Jason up only to force him back down onto his lap. He paused for a second and shifted, positioned himself comfortably against the couch, and then began thrusting into Jason in short bursts, skin slapping against skin.

Jason sighed from up above, twisted his brows tight in concentration and grasped Dick on the shoulders, curled his fingers around hardened muscles, holding on for support. Dick’s eyes fluttered to Jason, watched as his bangs, the white strands of his hair, fell into his eyes as he bounced atop him lightly with quickening pace as Dick moved in and out of him. 

Dick chewed his bottom lip as Jason started moving along with him, rocking back and forth with his hips, exposing how far inside of him Dick was. He slowed down his thrusts, watched as Jason moved, groaning quietly, and moving his hand to grip Dick’s thighs, digging his fingers in. Dick could see the base of his cock sliding in and out and watched with awe as Jason’s fully erect cock bounced along with his movements.

And then Jason quickened his pace, moving with vigor and bounced up and down on Dick’s laps as his grunts grew louder.

“You like that?” Jason murmured playfully with a smirk on his lips, breathing hard and heavy. His lips were trembling from how good it felt having Dick inside of him, stimulating his sweet spot.

“Mhm,” Dick murmured and trailed his hands up to Jason’s chest, pinching at his nipples as he gasped loudly from the sensation. “You like that?” He teased and Jason rolled his eyes and as punishment, he squeezed down hard on Dick, watched as the man gasped in surprise, a sweet moan slipping his lips.

“I’m sure that one felt good,” Jason said and licked his lips delectably with half lidded eyes.

Dick grunted, was about to make a remark, but couldn’t form any words. Jason was riding him so well, taking control as he moved with precision. Dick could feel himself getting close to release and with heated strength, thrust up hard into Jason, made the man jolt and groan noisily in surprise.

Dick,” Jason hissed and leaned in to kiss him hard and rough as he bit on his lips with enough pressure to draw blood.

The pacing of their thrusts quickened with Jason collapsing against his chest, arms locked around his neck with his face buried in Dick’s shoulder. He flared his teeth, bit down on his skin, and created tiny little bite marks.

Dick grasped his hips, secured his hold around Jason’s waist and pressed down hard, moving again, faster. Jason gasped, leaned back to hover just slightly above Dick, so close their foreheads almost touched. Dick could see Jason’s face contorting into a pained expression, not being able to take much more of Dick pounding into him, faster and harder as the seconds ticked by.

He could feel his lover squeeze down on him, whimpering as he became undone, letting lose as he panted and breathed heavily; whispering soft words into the air. “Dick, so close. I’m so—

Dick grunted and leaned in to kiss him, muffling his subtle cries and moans as he pushed up, fucked deep into Jason, and felt pleasure pooling into his groin as he came. He breathed densely, harsh exhales slipping his mouth as he convulsed, shaking, and holding down hard onto Jason as he ejaculated inside of him.

Jason shuddered from the feel of Dick’s orgasm, his cock twitching irregularly as his hot seeds spurted inside him, warm and moist. Jason wrapped a hand around his cock, pumped himself quickly until he finally came as well.

They both trembled, a breathless mess, sticky and wet with sweat and spunk. Jason collapsed against Dick, clung onto him as he tried to calm himself. He could hear his labored breathing and Dick brought a tired hand to glide his fingers through Jason’s hair softly.

“Good?” Jason exhaled groggily and leaned back, chuckled from seeing how muddled Dick’s expression was, how unfocused and pale his blue eyes were. He was still disoriented even after coming, in a haze just like Jason was.

Dick smiled silly, nodded his head and Jason brushed aside the long black locks of hair out of his face. They both sighed breathlessly and leaned in, kissing lazily as they fell into silence, the sounds of the TV mixing into their quiet murmurs.

Dear everyone

Am I the only one who loves Stranger Things for the telekinetic murder, 80’s vibes, excellent plot, perfectly done suspension, clever script, and charming characters?

And NOT for Finn Wolfhard?

No hate though. He seems like a cool dude. I remember first watching ST when it came out, and thinking to myself that he and Millie were particularly good actors; but they aren’t the sole reason it’s my favorite series.

The world seems to have suddenly gotten obsessed with Finn ever since the IT movie came out.

(Josh’s “Instagram live rant” sort of sparked up these thoughts in my head. I know he’s probably just joking around anyways, but whatever.)

• To be fair, if I were famous, I’d find the intense fan accounts thing uncomfortable too. •


“It’s not about adding diversity for the sake of diversity, it’s about subtracting homogeneity for the sake of realism.”Mary Robinette Kowal


“of course, it’s been my experience, when you hit bottom, the only place left to go is up.” 

happy 16th birthday, atlantis the lost empire!! (15th of june, 2001)


You sit there with a mass murderer. A mass murderer. Your heart rate is jacked, and your hand… steady. That’s one thing I figured out about myself in prison. My hand does not shake… ever.

The Losers Club as Teachers

- health teacher
- The students watch documentaries like every day
- Along with worksheets with the movies too
- But will lecture the fuck outta the class too like he goes hard
- “You all should wash your hands after this class, do you know how many other students have sat in these seats and touched the desk’
- Loves the kids so much he’s actually really chill
- Takes them on a walk on their school trail occasionally

Richie -
- drama teacher (also dabbles in choir)
- loves the kids so much
- Will put on a play and as many mini plays as he can
- Will take the kids to a Shakespeare museum
- Cusses in front of the kids but the office and board don’t know and never will
- “Okay listen you lil shits we are gonna have a field trip to Mr. Kaspbraks- I mean Mr. Toziers room I left him my charger and I need it back every man for himself
- He and Eddie are married I forgot to mention that

Beverly -
- art teacher
- Is literally a mom for the kids
- “Do you need to talk about anything?”
- Encourages kids to paint and draw whatever they want, she hates the guidelines and standardized testing
- On the last day of school she gets as many supplies as she can and does a project with them
- Like shaving cream on the desk
- Or a big tarp set up outside to throw paint on
- Or for the seniors, she gets a big rock and tells them to write whatever they want
- Cool Mom™

Mike -
- history teacher
- Very passionate, I think that’s why all the kids love him
- Cause they actually learn instead some mediocre teacher drilling useless information in their skulls
- Loves field trips
- “Okay y’all movie day”
- Brings food for the students in case they get hungry or can’t wait till lunch or still hungry after lunch cause he’s so sweet
- Likes to talk about not only history but his history with friends and family and the students just love it

- English teacher
- Library days are on Friday
- “Today is Friday come on let’s go!”
- Likes to take them outside to read when they do book reports
- He still writes poems for Beverly
- Whenever she stops by his class, before she leaves, she says “your hair is winter fire, January embers’
- And Ben is blushing in front of his students but he still says ‘my heart burns there too’
- And the whole class feels like they’re third wheeling

- Science teacher
- Takes his first period outside to see if the the moon is still up
- Takes them on a field trip to a bird sanctuary
- Loves the kids but he’s still so done with them too
- “If y’all don’t quiet down I’ll release a hawk on you guys”
- Rarely puts on movies but does like to discuss with the class ideas for projects and experiments
- “Have a nice weekend now get outta my class”

- psychology teacher
- Watched documentaries on the reg
- “Quiet down and watch the movie please’
- Sadly he still stutters a bit but the students are super sweet and give him time
- A kid wrote a book when they graduated and based a super cool character off ‘their favorite teacher ever’
- Bill cried
- No field trips cause it’s an elective but he does like to do debates and take them to the auditorium to do tests and quizzes

Georgie -
- wants to work in art like Beverly
- Still in college tho
- Volunteers at daycares and likes to do arts and crafts with the kids
- ‘Finger painting day!”
- Loves his brother and friends

They all work at the same school (besides Georgie) and everyone calls them the teachers club cause they’re all together when they get the chance, but they still deem themselves as the Losers Club