and this is my bias

first i need to point out the fact that @bearknight is my 400th follower
and for this he deserves the right to take a selfie with Longclaw

and also



i am now a j-hope bias.. he has stolen my heart.

I definitely should have brought someone with me to BTS so they could have caught the moment i lost my shit and started crying during Hobi’s solo.

Like I probably missed half of it cause i couldn’t see through the tears and like I had to sit down cause i was crying so hard

in that arena looking like 

Thank god for the girl sitting next to me cause she knew I was hobi trash. She rubbed my back and hugged me the whole time. She’s the real MVP 

Me thinking about my bias. Him being healthy, happy, keeps on smiling. Is full of love, hapiness, positivity. Is still looking handsome as hell, has clear skin, beautiful smile and is eating well. Looks good in any outfit he wears, still sounds like an angel etc… -AdminKookie

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OMG are you going to write a fic based on BTS x Hogwarts AU???? And is going to be Slytherin Jimin??? I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE, THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOU (will have...Couples? *wink* jikook *wink*)

SLDKFJSLDKJF IM WORKING ON IT N ITS DEFINITELY HAPPENING BC ITS A BID FIC. but im also dealing with so many other wips n i have poor time management skills

When you go for throwbacks but it literally throws you back and you’re once again in love.

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Hi! I would like to know where are the interviews where Martin Freeman seems tired of Sherlock and want to move on. I find this so sad D:

Hey Nonny!

He never says it directly outright, as far as I know, but it appears apparent in the body language as he’s replying to the questions in some of the Post-S4 videos that were uploaded to the official Sherlock account on YouTube. It’s not necessarily he’s tired, I think he’s just disappointed with the outcome. I feel like Martin really felt like he was making something special before S4, and I feel like he has an aura of resignation just written all over his face.

I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist nor a body language expert; I may be just projecting my own bias about the series onto what I’m seeing. He’s never outright stated it, so until he does, it’s all just speculation.

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I contest to Sir Hobi doing the most during the concerts. Dude was hip thrusting and pointing out all the peoples. Especially the sistas. He is literal sunshine. He wasn't my absolute bias but I am going to change over for him. This is how you bias snatch. I hope Chicago folks will do Hobi daddy justice.


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'fire' was the first video i saw and jin rlly stood out to me!! tbh it was his lips that caught my attention; i remember thinking nobody could actually have lips that big lmao. but he didnt become my bias until i watched the elevator prank and he was the only who asked the girl if she was okay and im like hes so sweet?? his dad jokes basically sealed the deal, he is my ult.

i totally get that… his lips are surreal

i’m still not over this photo and i don’t think i ever will be

seokjin is honestly such a sweet, attentive, and caring person - he can always sense how other people are feeling?? bea reminded me of how seokjin practically ran to namjoon after they pulled that ‘solo or bangtan’ prank on him for ‘4 things show’, making sure he was okay.. a truly good guy

and his dad jokes really are fantastic…. never fail to make me laugh

tell me about the moment you fell for your bias

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I'm torn between Jimin and Taehying right now and I'm seeing them in Chicago in TWO DAYS. I'm not ready to be wrecked by them in real life yet! How the fuck are you suppose to prepare yourself to see these beautiful beings in person?!

im putting my money on you’ll find a third bias at the concert and that will be your ultimate bias mostly going to be hoseok or jungkook ALSO YOU DONT PREPARE YOURSELF YOU JUST DIE