and this is making me so sick

Science Day Care




Ohoho Thank you for your support! 

Hm, an interesting observation from the first Anon. Philanthropy wasn’t what drove me to adopt them, though it is the reason I have a job. Haha

As for the third Anon’s question: We do indeed host Bring Your Child To Work days here in the labs.

Most days, in fact! Our work often demands long hours, and I take no joy in keeping parents apart from their children. So to solve that problem, we installed a Day Care room!

On the upper floors, of course, far away from any of our more, ah… ambitious experiments. We hold the children’s comfort and safety paramount here in the labs!

Employees are permitted to visit their children whenever they need to, and can monitor them on the cameras at all other times. Play times, nap times, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all scheduled. I can assure you, the children are kept safe and happy here.

I would have it no other way!


“Not interested in anyone”? What g-gave you that impression?

What’s that?


What did you say?


Laughed kissed
Went to the theatre
I’m so full of brown rice and broccoli I feel like I’m going to be sick
Everything is putting me on the edge of tears but nothing seems to push me over that edge, my head hurts in a silent non-violent manner and the chestnut tree is in full bloom and making the street smell and look beautiful all covered in white-pink tiny blossoms which almost look like snow from far away

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why is your icon always catherine waterstain??? she's so bland and weird-looking - it makes me sick to see her ugly face.

*Katherine *Waterston

My icon is always her because, hmm, I LIKE HER. It’s even in my blog description “Katherine Waterston is my idol” - that explains every-fucking-thing you’d need to know.

You’re jealous that she’s better looking than you, I’m sure.

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It’s weird to realize that I don’t necessarily need more sleep sometimes, that the exhaustion I deal with is also from the anemia.

At least it helps me understand why I could sleep eight to ten hours, or even more, then be ready to go back to sleep a couple hours later. How just getting up to make breakfast could leave me worn out.

This bone deep, something’s wrong with me exhaustion that I’ve been dealing with for years isn’t just in my mind. I’m kinda sick right now. Nothing too serious, but it’s there.

It’s such a relief really, knowing this. Yes, I go hard much of the time and it’s hard for me to slow down and rest but I’ve gone for so long being told to just suck it up, that there was nothing wrong. So that’s what I did.

I still need to figure how to fix the nights where I only manage three to four hours of sleep before being up another 18-24 hours. That doesn’t help. But maybe I can get it thru my mind that it’s ok to not go so hard right now.

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Sometimes I can't stand kl@nce bc of how antis portray it and it makes me sad bc I use to love kl@nce a lot and now I can't enjoy it how I use to :/ (but at least I have she!th to enjoy as much as I use to with kl@nce so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

LMAO ME THO like antis ruined everything abt the ship–i get anxious every time i see it on my dash it literally makes me sick

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Do you know when part 11 of Forbidden Love will be out? I am so sorry if i put you under pressure. So I can prepare my heart for the angsty chapter because she will defnetly choose the other one and reject jimin. If I was Jimin i would take my son legally from her when she would reject me!

I really tried my best to write the next part today so that I could update tonight but unfortunately, I couldn’t make because I wasn’t feeling that well today.. I think I’m getting sick 😩 But I promise, I will update the next part as soon as I feel a bit better! ❤️

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 💫 who inspires you?

“Hmm… I would have to say my main inspirations to move forward are Sans, Dee, and the memories of my sons, my King, and Grillby. They are the ones who made me who I am, and I am better because of them. Their influence in my life has been major… And well, seeing them all be how and who they are inspires me to become better every day…!”

😪 what are you sick of?

“The Void. Feeling so helpless after seeing I’m…. not as strong as I thought I was… Virus.”

🎁 what never fails to make you happy?

“Ah… This may be predictable and a bit… cliche I suppose, but… My friends. My family. Being able to help anons who come to me in need. They’re all the light of my life!”

💙 what annoys you about some people?

“Those who take advantage of others who are not as strong as they are. Physically, emotionally, or mentally. It’s something everyone dislikes, but seeing how often it happens to those around me… I can’t help but feel this way.”

Every time I open my mouth about the mockumentary!verse, I lose followers. I bet everybody’s hella confused, because. Like.

Me, first: “tinhatters make me sick respect the families Jared/Gen otp”
Me, next: “anyways Jared and Gen are fake married and Jared doesn’t love his children”

And I mean… I can’t blame them for leaving, but pls I’m talking about that other guy in that other universe. You know, the really angry bald guy with a mirror fetish. That guy.


totally late for the party xD but just wanted to appreciate how preciously perfect and adorable this shot of Betty & Jughead are together at Poptates, especially since these two have no concept of personal space whatsoever, even when they were just platonic friends! *heart eyes* Look at her arms wrapped over his knees that’s propped up on the booth chair…. she’s just a shy away from sitting on his lap xD…..with his arms draped behind her as usual. They look so happy and blissful side by side and have to say, they are such a perfect fit for each other, physically, intellectually and emotionally that it’s hard to imagine them with any other people after this. 

Regardless of how Bughead will end up or their fates after the season finale, the level of development these two characters have undergone since the first episode is tremendous, especially the progression of their relationship with each other. The fact that they didn’t even have any interactions with each other in the first episode, and then when they first lay their eyes on each other in that second episode at Poptates….it was such an iconic heart eyes inducing moment the way his eyes & face light up like he’s found his angel….truly makes the audience (or at least me xD) feel like they are soulmates who’ve finally found each other, two contrasting personalities that need each other to be whole. They simply belong together and it’ll be such a waste after all that development…for something to tear them apart…. but then again, this is a tv show and what’s a relationship without some angst and drama ey? 

Plus, even if something happens between them to break them apart, the fun of shipping is seeing the possibilities of them finding each other again knowing that they truly belong together. It’s amazing how far they’ve come….from the point when Jughead lamented how he’s the invisible one in the booth eventho there’s four of them, saying that Archie is the luckiest redheaded guy in the universe, which then, we didn’t realise that he’s actually giving us an insight to his feelings that he could’ve been holding a torch for Betty all these years….(especially when he released that huge sigh of relief and contentment after he kissed her in her he finally had the guts to do something about it)..….and wanting some of that attention which Betty has always given to Archie……to finally feeling that he belonged with them and that he actually got his girl, the happiness that he’s been secretly craving for…. Seriously. Betty & Jughead’s relationship on Riverdale has been such a surreal dream come true….especially for those of us who have been rooting for them for years in the comics…be it as platonic friends or more…as long as it makes them happy. <333 Sorry for the longass post. 

me: we shouldn’t support shows that romanticize suicide and tells people that if you are suicidal no one will help you/your mental health issues will go away if someone loves you/suicide is the best revenge and we shouldn’t call these shows realistic, i have dealt with suicidal thoughts and i can tell you that this isn’t realistic at all and quite frankly it’s offensive and wrong

y’all: but they put content warnings at the beginning of their episodes