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hey so these people are pulling these claims completely out of their asses

If you want proof the “cat girl dva is only for non straight folk” post isn’t secretly transphobic or something, I, a trans woman, am one of the people who said it would be a funny idea for the switch post to be remade about her new skin

Literally part of my motivation was “trans women deserve the skin more than cis men do” so just stop with this “it was made by a transmisogynist and is secretly about hating trans women!!!” All you’re doing is scaring trans women for no damn reason, your weird fear mongering over petty grudges is honestly pathetic.

It’s kinda funny how George Lucas would be largely seen as like this individual creative genius if he’d just not tried to make anymore star wars content (or edit any…) after the OT, but the prequels have left it so that even if he is praised it has to be in some way qualified and more reserved (”well he’s a good ideas guy…”), and it’s also made way more people go back and see the OT as more the work of a whole group of people of which Lucas was just one part, and sometimes treated as though he was barely responsible for the good parts of those movies, if not an active impediment. It’s kinda remarkable how much his legacy got trashed.


Leshan Buddha gazes over the point where 2 rivers meet and subdivide around islands creating five branches. The Buddha itself is formed in the red stone of the hill over 1000 years ago and the surrounding green area is filled with temples and caves with ever more Buddha’s. Plants and moss grow from his toes and ears, as part of his natural entropic consumption and making visible his magnitude. Many monks come to visit and pray, some even have selfies sticks - which is quite a funny sight given the western idealistic perspective of Buddhism, which is often far from the religion as practiced in the east - where others just light candles and insense. Since the great stone Buddha in Bamyan, Afghanistan was destroyed by the Taliban in 2001 (yes there was Buddhism in Afghanistan), this is now the largest Buddha statue in the world.

Leshan, Sichuan, China.

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I saw a lot of people feeling uncomfortable about Phil seeming to “work” with Fabergé and a big argument so far is “no one in the phandom can afford it.” Firstly that’s not true? There are adults in the phandom buying houses and sending kids to schools, and there are live show young viewers who throw in seriously BIG bucks. Secondly, this was never a sale pitch to begin with, it’s PR. The value of this exchange between Phil and Fabergé does not emerge as sales numbers, but in exposure. (1/2)

(2/2) anyway I may be offering unsolicited opinions, it’s just that some of the posts I saw are so confused and lost like they have no idea how PR work, how Youtube work, how careers work, and I facepalmed for half an hour then decided to vent to you because you are funny and your answers were amazing. In short, probably a very small part of the phandom can afford Fabergé but now we all know of the brand, and brand recognition is a good thing overall, so their PR deserves a raise.

very good points anon!! 💕


The funny thing about dinorama is just how much Rohde justifies it. Say what you might about the land but it’s clear that a lot of thought went into it. And he makes good points about the land being a rebuttal to the “heady” topics in the rest of the park, how humans fascination with dinosaurs in large part comes from the plastic toys and nonsense we grow up with, and bigger themes about capitalism running rampant and destroying educational pursuits.

But this is also a prime example of the height of that late 90s / early 2000s period of themed design (at Disney at least) where huge amounts of thought and justification and “Story” are created but not accessible to the guest. As I’ve said before the guest doesn’t get the luxury of reading the script, or being part of those sessions where explanations are Dreamt up. The only get what they see, and what they see is a tacky carnival built on an old parking lot. An additional problem arrises with self-referential theme park design. Any time a theme park attempts to say “hey look you’re in a theme park” major confusion starts to arise. It’s impossible to tell the “real” theme park from the “fake” theme park. The themed design works too well. It’s impossible to tell if it’s Disney being cheap and tacky or Chester and Hester because they’re one and the same. Is the parking lot part of the story or was it really an old Animal Kingdom parking lot? And thus any attempt at telling the story quickly gets lost and guests opinions are largely then determined by how much they like tacky carnivals.

So my dnd group got this bard and the bard doesn’t really like the way that magic works in dnd so we made a new system for them. They have to sing a verse from a song that has to do with the kind of spell they want to cast and if the dm likes it the spell works.

Funny part, our dm is tone deaf and doesn’t understand music while the rest of the party has some level of musical training. So the bard never knows if their spell will work no matter how well they perform. It just depends on the mood the dm is in.

Aw, they're in love...
  • Keith: *goes to Shiro* Um. Shiro. I- I think I'm in love... I mean I think I like Lance. What should I do?
  • Shiro: Just try talking to him. See if he wants to hang out. When the time is right you should tell him how you feel.
  • -----------------------------------------
  • Lance: *goes to Shiro* Hey Shiro. Sorry to bother you but I didn't know who else to talk to. I think I'm in love with... I think I like Keith but I'm sure he can't stand me...
  • Shiro: Well just try talking to him. You'd be surprised. Maybe ask him if he wants to hang out. When the time is right tell him how you feel.
  • -------------------------------------------
  • The mice: *tell Allura everything*
  • Shiro: *finds Allura* Princess...
  • Shiro: I KNOW!!! WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO REALIZE THAT??? *sheds a few tears*
  • Allura: *does the supportive back pat rub*

im thankful for yoo youngjae who

  • does absolutely everything for bap and his members individually
  • is so passionate about music
  • works so damn hard
  • is so talented don’t even get me started
  • is such a sunshine
  • radiates positivity
  • brings so much light to the atmosphere everywhere he goes
  • is actually super professional
  • saves bap’s image on multiple ocassion
  • is so strong and keeps his head up even through the hard times
  • is honest and witty and smart
  • had a sharp mind and sharp tongue we all love
  • is so caring
  • always quietly looks after everyone
  • is so so so sweet towards his fans
  • is always thankful for just any attention he gets whilst he deserves so much more
  • gives a++ hugs
  • deserves way more recognition and more exposure to show his talent to the world
  • is loud and funny and makes everyone run out of breath from laughing
  • is soft and thoughtful
  • is such a crucial part of bap
  • is so beautiful inside and out and i love him so much ♡

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Okay I just have to ask? Have you seen The Late Bloomer? What did you think of it? Cause just personal opinion, I kind of feel like the actors who abandoned ship from the project before shooting made the right call. Like it was Get A Job levels of bad.

It was alright. I mean if Britt wasn’t in it, I probably never would have watched it on my own. I liked her character though. There was some funny parts, but overall it was just kind of meh.

Gary Janetti-“This performance deserved a nomination.”


Comment  The actress who landed the biggest part of her life. Maybe deep inside his heart, Harry wants to be a celebrity or a Hollywood actor. Just exile the Duke and Duchess of Somewhere Over The Rainbow to Hollywood and let them have their own reality show. 

Very funny and to the anon saying they are making fun of a kid, really, really??

hi guys ily all so much i just checked and i hit 1.5k today…i just how??? i don’t do anything? anyways i wanted to thank you all for being such an amazing part of this community. all your art, writing, gifs, edits, reblogs, AND YOUR TAGS (yes i try to read a lot of tags y’all are so funny and i like getting to know a bit more about u guys). ahh just THANK YOU!

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Here's a question for ya: the hokage monument is basically a cliff. Cliffs do end at some point. So, when do they stop carving faces into it? Who's the last hokage to go on there? Do they stop when they run out of room or at some other point? (Ignore canon past a "certain" point, obviously.)

This is just. So Funny.

Warning: Reading this “meta” will only waste your time.

The Hokage monument has always been drawn quite inconsistently. In part 1, the Hokage faces upto the Yondaime are right in the middle of the cliff, but as more and more faces are added, the cliff just keeps extending, allowing all of the Hokage faces to be positioned altogether at the centre. There are two probable reasons for this: first being that Kishimoto / his assistants / the animators don’t Give A Shit (aka consistency errors which I can let slide) and the second possible explanation, which is an in-universe justiification, that the jounin use Earth Style to keep extending the cliff so as to not ruin the Ninja Aesthetic and keep adding faces which will remain on the centre of the cliff.

Now to address your (very important) concern of where exactly they’re going to fit the future Hokage faces. I can come up with two (very serious) theories:

1.) Taking into consideration the current state of the cliff with seven faces end to end, there’s some space next to Naruto’s big mug, so that makes space for eight Hokage faces. If they desperately want to continue the tradition, they’ll have to create another row below the previous Hokage rock faces for the successors…which would make space for eight more Hokage! Nothing more assuring that sixteen huge fucking faces staring at you for the entirety of your lifetime!! If, by some miracle, Konoha surpasses that number of Hokage, maybe they’ll just give up and make a simple stone carving of the Hokage elect’s torso as compensation for being born in the wrong generation.

2.) They keep extending the cliff using Earth Style till the monument goes round the entire world a couple of times.

Whatever be the state of the cliff in the future, Coruto the great grandson of Zoruto the great grandson of Doruto the great grandson of Goruto the great grandson of Loruto the great grandson of Moruto the son of Poruto the son of Boruto, a certain blond boy with whiskered cheeks and blue eyes, will definitely have a lot of trouble painting the Great Hundred Thousand Hokage Faces in order to gain attention from his father or the villagers or both.

This is, of course, assuming Naruto ever steps down from his seat because it’s highly probable that he can gain immortality thanks to his best bud Orochimaru, and just become the Eternal Hokage. Believe it.

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honestly kin is just a silly word for a character u identify with and most people don't take it very seriously it's just really fucking funny as a concept especially when u see people who get very ... into it to say the least. but for the most part it's just like .... a kind of odd way of saying u identify with a character nothing more. very much a toss up

yeah like you can really like I character i got a couple myself but like you said theres ppl who get too deep into and actually think they really are that character and if you criticize them you get your womb cursed or something skfbdks