and this is just the funny parts

honestly the only good part about everyone in the house flopping is all the funny nicknames y’all make up for them like oh my god someone just called matt “the grey sofa with eyes” and im YODELLING 😂😂😂😂😂

Look what made it on to this list  😂😂

I just found it funny how I was literally just talking about this being one of my least favorite episodes and then this list just came out. I do think they kind of over-exaggerated with the “ruined” part though ¯\(ツ)/¯

Hugs and kisses

I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I enjoy how many smart, funny, humble, and creative people there are in our little corner of hell. I just want you all to know you’re loved and supported, even if it isn’t always expressed eloquently. I’m happy to be a part of all this and feel very lucky to know of such talented and awesome folks. Love you guys!

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hey cool dude how is you

cool dude!!!

I’m feeling pretty giggly today 

i almost lost it AGAIN over my professors toe shoes, even though he’s worn them all quarter i just fucking…i cant get over it. 

but uhh the best part of the day was during the DnD session, our DM was trying to draw a horse, and i just told him to move over and i drew this just like…really fucked up horse. and i lost my mind over it, and everyone else seemed to think it was funny too, so i ended up filling the whole whiteboard with a bunch of super super fucked up nightmare horses and proceeding to lose my shit over it. I’m still giggly about it. also i inadvertently created a new quest for our campaign bc our DM was really digging the fucked up horse, so now theres a new quest with it as a focal point. 

so to that guy asking if our DM was going to incorporate bethesda glitches, the answer, is yes. 

the only problem is now I’m too giggly to steady my hand to draw. but it was a really silly and fun DnD session. 

if you want to see some of these horses:

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“My favorite game series (Mass Effect) might be dying because people think making fun of it is funny! :(”

No, it’s dying because Bioware decided to toss one of their biggest, most-anticipated titles to a branch of their company that had no experience developing a game on their own. And it turned out awful and was rightfully mocked because who the hell let some of that shit through to the final product.

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I apologize in advance if this is too personal, but since you're so tiny (happy for you btw) do you still get your period? I always heard that once you get to such a small number your period stops. Just curious!

Not too personal, don’t worry 😊 I do still get it, it’s pretty light but it always has been thankfully. I *think* part of losing it is from lack of nutrients in the diet and I take a lot of vitamins and still eat fairly healthy (most of the time) so I’m probably that funny anorexic that’s too healthy to lose it 😂

Okay so I just got the invader Zim full comic series book right so I’m reading it and look what this part says… dib! Pause! My boy wtf?! I died laughing at this part like what? Jhonen Vasquez explain yourself like what XD this is just to funny
This kind of looks like some fanfic type shit right here



Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m in the process to moving to another part of the country (again! oops!), working the final shifts at my current job, doing July art commissions and spending time with friends before I bugger off!


Oh I also went on holiday to Brussels with my sister, the travel log I wrote during the trip might result into a funny travel comic. ;P

Anyway, I’ll stop waffling, I just wanted to give you guys an update on life and why I haven’t been active lately.

I’m still feeling super inspired and I’m pumped to return to this blog when I have the free time again.


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TalesFromYourServer: "I thought this was a fish and chips restaurant??!"

So I work at a fish and chips restaurant, it’s literally called “(name of owner)’s fish and chips”. But we sell other types of seafood like lobster, oysters etc.

Tonight a middle aged couple came in and after looking at the menu for a moment called me over.

The man gave me a very confused look and said “I thought this was a fish and chips restaurant?!! It’s in the name!”. Thinking he may have just skipped over that part of the menu I say to him “Yes we are, our fish and chips are right here on the first page”. At which point he looks at me annoyed and says “But what’s all this other stuff?!!” while pointing at the other seafood on the menu. I tell him that we specialize in fish and chips but we also serve other types of seafood. He rolls his eyes, sighs loudly and says in an annoyed tone “I GUESS THAT’S FINE!!”

I was so confused? I’m still not sure what he was even upset about. We have many varieties of traditional fish and chips (which he ended up ordering). No one is forcing you to order seafood why the hell would you care that it is also on the menu?

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Friends, Right? (2)

Summary: (College AU) You and Steve had been friends for years, but when that super thin line starts to blur, will your friendship be ruined, or changed for the better? Can you even go back to being just friends?

Pairing: Steve x reader

Word count: 2,259

Note: Part 1 or 2??? I wasn’t sure how I was going to title the chapter, with names or numbers, but I’m not too witty so I think it’s just going to be numbered. Thank you for being so patient with me!!! This took me forever between work and other bs I had to take care of, but I hope you enjoy! If I missed you in the tags I’m very sorry! I also like the gif because it’s funny and it kinda fits the chapter. Please let me know what you think!

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“Okay, everyone! Stop what you’re doing–it’s time to party!”

You had just shoved a forkful of pasta into your mouth when Sam had barged into your apartment with his declaration. You stared at him, eyes wide and mouth full.

“What?” What is it with people busting into my apartment?

Natasha, one of your best friends and roommates, simply raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at him. “Sam, what nonsense are you spouting out now?”

“There’s a party going on tonight!” He raised his arms to emphasize his statement, but it did nothing for you. When the two of you simply stared at him, he rolled his eyes. “Come on, we always go out after syllabus week!”

You checked your watch and gave him a look. “Dude, it’s after ten.”

“On a Friday night! Come on!

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27. Part 3

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Rylee doesn’t want to go inside her home because of what happened with Hannah but she has no choice at all “can we just get a hotel? I beat her Chris, I look bad” I know she is feeling bad about it but I find it a little funny now “have you noticed that we both have hit someone for each other?” looking over at Rylee “mhmmm we have” she looked down “you know what that means though babe?” she shook her head “that means we are crazy motherfuckers” I chuckled “joke, but we are ride or die. Like remember when you wasn’t into me that much? I was the first to say I love you? It feels good to get this from you, you can feel what I feel. It’s just deep as fuck, it’s like a whole new world” Rylee smiled a little “but it’s scary Chris, I wasn’t the type to fight girls for anyone. Now I want to fight people, I’m scared to lose you and I think this is what triggers me” squinting my eyes at Rylee “you’re scared to lose me? But I am scared to lose you so stop it, we good over here. I know there is a lot of shit but we good” she amazes me, I can’t believe she is insecure about me when she is the most beautiful girl in the world.

Grabbing my snapback from the seat before closing the car door “boss you want us to go or wait?” Joe asked, walking around the SUV “wait here, I need to go somewhere else. Let me go inside with Rylee” Joe nodded his head “Carlos, you stepping on Rose’ flowers, she will beat your ass” Carlos jumped off the yard “dumbass” I chuckled, Rylee grabbed onto my hand. She really doesn’t want to go inside “Rylee, what happened? Why!?” some guy shouted, looking across the yard “oh my god, her father” Rylee said in a whisper “but who is the guys?” I asked, I don’t know who they think they are staring at Rylee like this “cousins, they are dicks” I don’t even care, pulling Rylee along to go inside “you hurt my daughter! I want an explanation!” he shouted at the side of me before getting in our way “can you step back sir” Joe stepped ahead of me “do not touch me” her father eyeballed Joe “I am simply moving you, you are in his space” I will let Joe throw him to the ground “I want to speak to Rylee, not him” Joe shook his head “please move to the side” the very guys that I saw came over, I don’t know why they want to start this mess “get back” Joe gripped the guy’ collar with his one hand and threw him to the ground “can you leave them alone!” Harvey shouted, walking around her father to go inside.

Harvey looks so angry, I just remained silent with my hands behind my back “Rylee don’t give me that face why did you hit her? You really hurt her and then you ran away” Blake came from behind Harvey eating a Twizzler “sis, you beat that bitch. Shit, what happened?” Rylee looked up pouting “she was saying things about Chris I didn’t like, she was flirting with my fiancé!” Rylee said in her defence “I want to go to bed, I don’t feel good” Rylee is such a child “don’t pout your lips out like that with me, you were outside my home like some hoodrat. I won’t have that shit, no” Harvey said, Rylee huffed out “I don’t care! I will fuck any bitch up!” eyeballing Rylee, she snaps like a crazy person “if someone was flirting with you I know mom would beat them and I know it” Rylee has got a point “she right pops, Hannah is a hoe” Blake said defending Rylee, Rylee turned around to walk away “leave me alone, I am going to my room. Don’t come near me” she snatched her hand away from me, shaking my head at her “she is going through some things I guess” I wish she didn’t take it out on me.

Holding the car door open for Kyrie, I came to Walmart to get some things and I thought I would bring Kyrie along with me. He jumped out of the car, banging the car door shut “how come Rylee didn’t come? Why was she crying?” Kyrie questioned, stuffing my hands in my pockets “because she is not feeling too good, one day you will understand. One day you will have a girlfriend and will realise what they have every month and how emotionally crazy they are” Kyrie pulled a face at me “I hope I don’t get a girlfriend like Rylee she is mad annoying” he ran to get a shopping cart, that kid is funny I like him “so boss, tell me about little Rylee fighting? Who she fight?” Joe asked smiling, busting out laughing “the next door neighbour, she snapped and started yanking her hair. She was hitting her face onto the sidewalk, Rylee is crazy but then she got sad. A lot of shit is going on, you know. She thought she might have been pregnant and she wasn’t and then the neighbour was flirting saying she was backstage with me” I shrugged watching Kyrie run to me with a shopping cart “the hell you think we buying?” he legit got a cart for no reason actually “candy? Can I push it?” nodding my head walking off slowly, I guess we finna buy junk food.

Holding my phone to my ear as the phone rang out, staring at the Magazines “yes” Rylee said on the phone “rude, stop being mean to me” squinting my eyes at the magazine in the back, reaching over and pulling it out “sorry, yes baby? Where are you? Where did you go?” there is me and Rylee on this, holding it up to Joe “just in Walmart, you need anything? Tampons?” Joe grinned “Chris Brown engaged” Joe said laughing, Rylee snorted laughing “read all about his new fiancé” Joe said aloud “really? Buy me tampons? Stop it, honestly, I don’t need any but thank you. I am sorry for being moody, just come back home now” Joe opened the magazine “I won’t be long, I love you. See the kind of man I am, I will do anything for you” Rylee cooed out “stop, you going to make me cry. Please come back now, I love you too” disconnecting the phone call.

Joe is really into the magazine “you know what, it makes me happy that I made it in the picture. I am always so angry though and my eyes look scared” he kissed his teeth turning the magazine so I can see “you look better there actually, real life you ugly as hell” I said as Carlos laughed “I don’t know why you laugh, every time I am in danger you are always somewhere else” Joe chuckled “Chris Brown to marry a twenty five year old nurse from New Jersey, a very close source to Rylee Turner said she is over the moon but is feeling a little scared with how things are going so fast, their love is very real” Joe looked up at me “who is this close friend?” I shrugged having no clue, Joe looked back down “and then the rest is how much of a hoe you are boss, your ex chick saying how you don’t know how to commit and then how Nia is apparently not happy and will not want Rylee near Royalty, then they have a picture of Royalty and Rylee from Instagram” he closed the magazine “that was fun, can we go now before your fans gather” taking the magazine from him “let’s move on” throwing the magazine in the cart “you think your momma need anything? I mean I do eat all the cereal in that place and drink a lot” I should have asked before I left actually.

I came here to get Rylee some snacks to make her feel good, mostly junk but I bought so much shit. Kyrie did his own thing, not only that I am staying there and there is five boys in that place. I got a lot of junk and chicken because I might cook for them “Chris, why do you need to have these guys with you?” Kyrie questioned pointing at Joe and Carlos as we waited for the checkout “because I like to be normal, I like to come to Walmart and do normal things. I have people that harass me sometimes, I have people that hate me too so these are to keep me safe. Also they keep Rylee safe and you, I mean look there” I pointed “you see the people taking pictures?” he nodded his head “they haven’t asked for a picture but they will after a while, I don’t mind it but when I am with family I just want downtime” I hope he understands “but it’s cool to have girls chasing you? You have so many girls Chris!” he said so loudly “but I am with your sister now” Kyrie looked at me pulling a face “but why have one?” I snorted laughing “you want me to die? You want me to also get beat up? I have had that already and it is no fun” placing my hand on his head, he has all this to come.

“Here Chris” Joe gave me the bag with the stuff I got for Rylee, taking the flowers from him “is she still upstairs?” I asked Harvey “yes she is but you didn’t need to do this Chris, honestly” smiling at Harvey “it’s fine, family” Rose looked at me all emotional “thank you so much, I have gained another son. You don’t just make my daughter happy you make us happy, I can’t thank you enough” Rose placed her hand over her heart “it’s ok Mrs Turner, I just be eating y’all food and I feel bad. It’s cool honestly, I am going upstairs now though” Rose smiled at me “only you can deal with that moody daughter of mine” turning around to go upstairs “you good bro?” looking in shock at Blake, did he just call me bro “uh yeah, just finna see Rylee” Blake walked around me “cool, good looking out though for the food” he patted my back walking off.

It’s still so weird how Blake is now nice to me, I appreciate it and maybe he has now accepted Rylee and I but he really hated my ass. Opening Rylee’ bedroom door, looking over at the bed. Her head snapped up in my direction “you back!” she yelped, holding the flowers in front of my face “you got them for me?” stepping into the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind me. Moving the flowers down “yeah, I went to Walmart and I got them” walking over to the bed “I love them, thank you so much” placing the bag on the bed “I got some snacks and some drinks” Rylee took the flowers from me “oh my, what did I do to deserve you” taking my bottle of Fanta out of from the bag “we can Netflix and chill, just chill because you on your period” walking around the bed “oh yes, Ben and Jerrys. You even bought spoons, god Chris. I didn’t think you was like this at all” she gushed “I’m not but it’s you, you my baby so I have to look after you” I wouldn’t do this for anybody.

I have no idea what is happening on this shit she is watching, I was hoping she fell asleep but she hasn’t. She is wide awake and really into Gossip Girl but Rylee is at peace and I guess that is the main thing, she is quiet “my stomach hurts” Rylee mumbled against my chest, looking down at her “well suck it up and get on with it” Rylee gasped lifting her head up looking up at me “I will say that to you when you complain to me, oh baby can I sleep in my favourite place. Can you wrap your legs around me” she kissed her teeth as I laughed, she hit my chest “suck my ass, hate you” even though she hates me she still laid her head back on my chest “you know I am joking, you are so uptight and violent” placing my hand lightly on her booty “don’t touch what you can’t afford” squeezing the booty “Don’t do that! I am heavy” pulling a face moving my hand “you women are weird” shaking my head, I don’t even want to know what is happening down there.

Instagram is so boring at times, I just do it to see what people be up too but they are fake as shit. Smiling at the picture Nia put up of Royalty, I miss her so much and there is always something different about her every time I leave. Feeling Rylee tug at my sweatpants, moving my phone away and looking down at myself. Rylee openly lifted my sweatpants up and looked down my boxers “what are you doing?” I questioned “I just wanted to see your dick, it looks cute when soft. I kind of like looking at it soft, I just want to play with it” my mouth hung open in shock “you are so weird, don’t wake him up please” Rylee groaned out but placed her hand on top of my package, she will regret it when it gets hard. Looking back at my phone as it rang, my manager is calling me once again “yo” answering the call “still in New Jersey?” Rylee needs to stop touching my crotch “yeah, will be back in LA still” I wonder what he wants “cool, club hosting tomorrow. How about it? Marquee club, its money” such short notice “erm yeah, I’ll go there for a few hours” I don’t really have anything else to do so why not.

Disconnecting the phone call “where are we going?” Rylee asked me, my eyebrows knitted together moving my phone away to look at Rylee “we?” I said in confusion “yeah, where are we going? You heard right” I would to love to see Rylee’ face right now but she is watching Gossip Girl and is being deadly serious about this “where is my sweet Rylee gone? This one is crazy” Rylee grabbed the remote and paused Netflix, locking my phone “I want to know where we going? What is so hard to just say where? Don’t you want me to come with you” Rylee got up from me, shuffling off the bed “speak up, if you don’t want me to go then say it? I swear to god I will beat any girl up that comes near you unless you hiding some girl? I just feel I can’t do anything right anymore” staring at Rylee in shock as she walked off to the bathroom “and I thought I was bipolar” I said, Rylee huffed slamming the bathroom door.

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Hey! Love your blog and am in a bit of a slump at the minute. my characters are a group of good friends, all with less than noble pasts, trying to do the best they can now, but having trouble. They all get along for the most parts but there are some the consistent problems that can be undercurrents in a lot of their interactions. Any prompts for a family dinner, both the cooking and eating? Something mostly funny but with a touch of seriousness. Thanks!

“You’re getting that all over the place. Your mouth is right there.”

“Shut up, you love my cooking. I’d like to see you do better!”

“Oh, yum. Mush. My favorite.”

“I hate watching them eat competitively. It’s just so…gross.”

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Hi Emma, I noticed that you moved from England to Australia and in a few weeks I'm doing the opposite and moving from Australia to England. I am halfway through year 9 at the moment but I have to start the year again in the UK year 10 :( . I'll end up graduating a few months before I turn 19, so I'll probably be older then everyone in my grade. Any advice? Thankyou xx

Hi! Ah, isn’t that funny!? I think the hardest part about moving schools in settling in, but in terms of feeling familiar with things. If you move to a school down the street, it isn’t a massive change if you know what I mean. When you move overseas, things are very different in terms of just the way they’ve grown up. There was many things I didn’t understand (especially slang words!!!) since I wasn’t AustraliaN. However, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When I first moved everyone loved listening to my accent so that made making friends a lot easier! I really don’t think age matters. I ended up going back a year and am a good bit older than quite a few people. Most of my friends are a good few months younger than me. One girl was exactly a year younger! Despite being older than my friends, it doesn’t really make much of a difference. They just joke about me being old and without my proper license :’-) x

So I literally started this almost a month ago and I just sort of did little bits when I had time or when I got some art block. I did this as a sort of alt outfits for Edge, Berry, Blue and Papyrus with Edge wearing mostly black and it would be high end cause it’s Edge, Berry wearing something edgy and high end but still somewhat sporty that he can run around in, Blue wearing something sporty and loose that he can easily run around in and Papyrus wearing just a nice sweater.(He is also wearing gloves, I didn’t make his hands purple lol)Now for Red, Sans, Orange and Syrup I just thought them wearing those shirts was just really funny. Like if their brothers made them go shopping for clothes and they bought those just to bug them. Orange’s says Queen Bee, Red’s says Lacrosse Mom, Sans says Nap Queen and Syrup’s says Part Time Mermaid. The lady in the middle is how I see the reader. Also Syrup ended up a little bit shorter than he should have, so sorry to Syrup on that one and Berry also ended up a little tiny but I think you said at some point he was the smallest. Also I gave Sans, Red, Blue and Berry really tiny feet and it’s too cute! Anyway I hope you enjoy it and I’ll try to do something from one of the chapters next!


13: Yeeees! YEEEEES!! You fair Mage spoil me! This is to awesome! I was literally crying tears of joy in class because look at how perfect it it! Look at how perfect you are! You know dem boys will be wearing these in a future chapter and I know the perfect one! And omg reader is super adorable and her out fit *screaming* you spoil me and I love it and I love you and I just can’t express how cool this is!! @Absurdmage

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The funny thing about NaLu is that I SHOULD like it. It’s got a classic set-up that’s worked countless times over the years: hyperactive boy meets relatively down to earth girl, hilarity/romance ensues; and for the most part I DID like it…until around Tenrou.

By then I was full on the Natza train, but that was just a small reason. NaLu as it was written just wasn’t doing anything for me. I never saw their interactions as anything more than friendly and even if Lucy showed romantic interest in Natsu he didn’t do the same for the most part. 

Couple that with Natsu having no concept of personal space or privacy when it came to Lucy and the ship started to leave a bad taste in my mouth. 

I still think of them as a very good BroTP, but I just can’t ship them.

Send me a ship and I will give you my honest thoughts on it.

I would like to share this beacuse i believe it shows a part of jack/sean that we see… the kind, handsome,loud,funny man who makes us smile, cry, laugh and just be happy.
I just want to thank him for making me smile when i needed cheering up

TalesFromRetail: "I want compensation!"

Hello all. I’m a new poster so I’ll just jump right in.

I work at a hobby store, which is part of a nation-wide chain. We mostly sell things like remote control vehicles, such as cars, drones, boats, airplanes, etc. We also sell some other hobby items, like model rocket kits and plastic models and we have several clubs. Our clubs in include a model club, a Gundam club, an RC plane club, and a train club that meets here occasionally.

So somewhere around a week prior, this guy who I’ll call Crazy Rocket Guy (CRG for short) calls our store saying that he has a bunch of model rockets and model rocket accessories that he wants to either donate or sell to the “rocket club”.

A little more background: we do not purchase items. We sell, we don’t buy. Also, the rocket club he’s referring to is on our local Air Force base in the neighboring city, and it isn’t associated with us.

So we tell CRG that he can bring the rockets by, but we can’t buy them from him. So he brings his first bunch of rockets, which is about twenty or thirty or so, no big deal. But a few days ago he came back and brought ANOTHER load of rockets, and this one is enormous. It took him and our manager twenty minutes to completely unload his truck. One of our employees says the lot is probably worth thousands of dollars. Joy. CRG once again wants to get in contact with the rocket club, and we basically say “sure, sure whatever do what you want”.

Jump to today. We get a phone call and I answer it. It’s CRG, saying that he wants payment for all the rockets he dumped at our store. I’m like fuck this and politely hand the phone over to our manager. CRG said that he hadn’t received “compensation” from the rocket club for the stuff. Manager basically says that we can’t pay him and that he’ll talk to the owners when they get back in a week to try and work something out.

Long story short, this guy refuses to get in touch with the rocket club himself and dumps thousands of dollars in rockets and rocket accoutrement on us and expects us to contact the rocket club for him and get payment to him. The rocket club we aren’t even associated with.

Owners have said that we aren’t buying the rockets and it’s not our responsibility to mediate a rocket sale.

The whole situation is becoming exhausting.

By: bluestockingbitch
Anime-BOM: The Legend of Zelda (Part 3)
Watch out for those tentacles ▼FB & Twitter Links Below▼ Our Facebook page ► Our Twitter ►

Hey I just want to give out another shout of to Anime-BOM!
Here’s the 3rd episode with me as a guest! Check out episode 1&2! I had a lot of fun and these guys are just crazy hilarious!!

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers ❤❤

Okayyy, here goes.

1. I was named after my dad’s old band members’ last names (and it took three days to come up with that, come on dad), so I actually like my name and would never change it? I mean, I go by Cam, but that’s just a shortened version? I like my full name.

2. I like that I’m dating someone and that we’re happy despite him being a marine and halfway across the country?

3. I have 3 cats: Fish, Piper, and Sox (We like to say, “this is out cat, fish” and people freak out. It’s actually really funny). I like that I got cats? Does that count? I’m going to count it.

4. I like my hair, for the most part. People complain about theirs, and I honestly can’t relate? Mine’s long and when it’s straight, it’s super easy to style.

5. I like that I’m nice? I mean, I really try, and I think it just might be because of social anxiety or whatever, but it’s really hard for me to be anything but super polite to people I don’t know. And I think I’m pretty nice to people I know, too. Or at least, I hope I am.

And that’s five. I don’t think some of this really counts, and most of them were questioning myself, but I’m going to go with it.