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I have no idea what to do with the balance of black/white in his secondary color scheme whoops. IDK which to go with, but I kinda like both the clean white version and #3 in the lineup. Hot Rod is here, and he’s ready to lead! And by that I mean mister bossy britches here is pretty sure he knows what to do. And when he isn’t, he’s great at pretending he knows what he’s doing!

Fake it till you make it!

how the bau team shows off
  • Aaron Hotchner: I lead the smartest and strongest team in the BAU. My team as solved thousands of murders in the United States plus neighboring countries.
  • Emily Prentiss: My entire life I was an agent and proud to be one. CIA to FBI, I am truly honored to be here. My life undercover mission with Doyle inspired me to work as hard so no evil like him can strike again.
  • Jennifer Jarreau: I started off a liaison for the BAU but then started my job as a profiler. Probably the brightest beginning profiler there is and can kick anyone's ass if you anger me.
  • Penelope Garcia: I'm probably the smartest tech-geekie you'll ever meet. No one can pass through my firewalls and no one can't track me down unless you're the FBI, but that was just once. ;)
  • Derek Morgan: I am strong headed and affirmative. My decisions impact the team as much as I do. I suffered so much in my life and I'm proud to be a member of such good people.
  • Spencer Reid: I'm a prodigy genius. No one can be better than me in majority of things and I have an IQ over 180. And it's Doctor Reid.
  • David Rossi: i have 3 wives, im famous for my books, and i'm italian
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Imagine you and Woozi having a movie date at the Seventeen dorm and although you originally planned to have the whole thing just be the two of you, the night slowly progressed with the boys one by one joining you two in the dorm living room, all watching the movie you had played on the television screen.