and this is just s8


Dean: Your blood’s supposed to be purified, isn’t it? You ever, uh – you ever done the “forgive me, father” before?
Sam: Well, once, when we were kids. Which is why I have no clue what to say now.
Dean: Well, I mean, I could give you suggestions if you want.

Guy’s seriously. They just started reading the S8 finale script two days ago.

Don’t believe the summary quite yet :/

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Unpopular opinion: I love Lisa and hate Amelia

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lisa was awesome, i loved her and dean together. it’s not that i really had anything against amelia, i just hated the entire s8 plot overall with sam abandoning dean and settling down with some random person he doesn’t even know, wtf spn writers. wtf

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Okay, since I'm getting a little irritated with all of your anons coming at you (and I can imagine you are too): why is /anybody/ considering a season without Stana? First of all: Nathan was the wildcard here, not her. AND EVEN SO, if she doesn't sign, I highly doubt that there will be a s8. It's just not the same show without their partnership. What is a cop show without a cop? (Sorry Seamus and Jon, but your involvement wouldn't be enough to keep me around.)

Well, they aren’t wrong about season eight happening with or without Stana. That’s absolutely the current plan. But I don’t think people need to be worried that season eight won’t include Stana, because I fully expect her to sign and be back at work in July. 

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But really I'm so angry because if they didn't make that awful and too short bowl cut for Sam in s10, Jared's hair would've been long enough to be on ponytail in the mud run. *cries forever*

I KNOW, that hair cut is literally the worst ever :( I’m so glad his hair at least looks good when he does it himself and isn’t styled for filming.

I just want the S8 length back. Also the cut he had in S6/S7 was great. But having his hair at the same length is THE WORST.

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are you excited for dw series nine? do you have predictions?

I’m not actually, this is probably the least enthused for a series of Doctor Who that I’ve ever been. It’s mostly Moffat fatigue with a bit of Clara Oswald fatigue was well  – I just really don’t trust Moffat to deliver a good product (or to not fuck up a good product), so while if there was a new companion or Doctor I’d at least be curious to see them, the fact that it’s Twelve and Clara again for S8: The Sequel just makes me really bored. Plus they haven’t released any teasers or spoilers that sound interesting to me. It’s weird, being so ambivalent. I imagine once the show comes closer to airing I’ll be a little more excited, but as it is right now I feel very meh. Just tell me who the new companion is and give me a new showrunner.

 I predict that Moffat will continue to rely on the same tropes he has always relied on: time loops, handwaving because time rewrites itself, character development that lasts only as long as the episode it occurs in and an unsatisfying finale.

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I would like to know why the Doctor Who tumblr hasn't reblogged your cookbook post because BROS IT'S A FAN-PRODUCED, DOCTOR WHO THEMED COOKBOOK, I MEAN COME ON.

From most logical to least:

1.) It’s on the edge of an iffy fan-made product in terms of it being a book, and copyright gets kinda weird about books.

2.) The DW Tumblr doesn’t reblog very many things that lead one to purchase stuff, from what I’ve noticed. They don’t even seem too keen on promoting things like fan-conventions or anything.

3.) They are run by people who are doing a terrible job of running the blog. I’ve noticed a severe downgrade in quality of the blog siiiiiince…the 50th? Somewhere along there. Their coverage of the leadup to s8 was mediocre at best, and their coverage of s8 was just awful. Remember how active they used to be in live-blogging the episodes? How’d they do it twice, once for the east coast showing and once for the west? They seem to have forgotten that s8 even happened, given the bulk of the content they reblog nowadays.

I’ve joked that they fired their old interns and got some poor replacements but I really don’t expect much from them anymore. I was so annoyed at how poorly they handled the SDCC/New York World Tour art showcase that I’d be surprised if they did that again this year, or anything remotely like that, to engage fans.

Sorry I got off on a rant at the end. tl;dr, buy a cookbook, love, me.

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Hi Gwylock, just a friendly message from one Other Place and Tumblr user to another but your post just got linked on 4chan as the original source for the s8 soundtracks and /tv/ is famous for ignoring Moffat's instructions not to spread the Carmago leaks around so my advice is to convert that post to some random general discussion just in case you get the Other Place and your tumblr account unwanted attention from the BBC D:

well 4chan can fuck right off, far more than just the theme’s already burst onto youtube

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This is hair anon omg can we be friends??! probably create a justice-for-Sam's-hair club lol jk XD I thought it's just me who complains a lot about small thing haha but really it's aesthetic so couldn't help! YES OMG S7 hair I mean come on??!! I also think he looked really young there (for his age), probably because clean shaven too, and so yes they needed to age Sam, comes the trial too in s8.. I don't have problem w/ that ofc just personal preference that I prefer clean shaven.

yes bby YES we can!! :D

a Justice for Sam’s Hair-club sounds nice. or a S7 Hair Appreciation-club. :D

and yeah he needed to be scruffy for the trials, I agree. but mhmm I miss his younger looking, clean shaven face.. with the perfect hair… :D

I don’t know, like, I also love him when he’s scruffy but it makes him look so different to how he looked back then.

I think I come across rambling now, I’m actually sitting in a lecture :’D and my docent is talking the whole time, I can’t concentrate :P

spicandspan89 replied to your post:are you excited for dw series nine? do you have…

I’m actually super impressed with how faithfully you’ve kept up with the show. I have yet to see the second half of S8 because I just… don’t care lol. I watched “Kill the Moon” which was basically a poor man’s Fires of Pompeii.

lol every new season I’m like “is this it??? the one that breaks me” but it hasn’t happened yet, god knows if it will ever happen. I find it hard to break away from DW because there’s always the possibility the new (showrunner, Doctor, companion) will turn it around for me. whereas in a regular show once it goes bad I pretty much know it’s not coming back from the brink

i’m afraid we won’t have s8 , and s7 is the last season of Castle… and that makes me so sad, because Castle means much to me. eg. because of this show, i got new amazing friends.

and not only that. eg. we don’t know yet, what really happened with Rick trough that 2 month, we don’t get any information about his dad’s whole story, and above all this: where is the Lanie-episode?????? and the Caskett-babies?????

so please give us s8!!!!! cause ‘Castle isn’t just a Tv show. it’s a way of life’

Alright so I just finished S8 of SPN and the finale was my most favorite and my most hated one. Lemme tell you why.

First off, angels falling?!? And all those lights going off in the bunker?!? I flipped out and started screaming, quite literally, “KEVIN RUN” or something along those lines

I thought it was some sort of demon attack on him.

And then there’s Cas being messed with by Metatron. I wanted Metatron to get killed by Dean right then and there BECAUSE NO ONE MESSES WITH CAS AND GETS AWAY WITH IT

And then Dean yelling “CASTIEL!” brought me to tears. I literally ran to my room and screamed and cried into my pillow

And then Cas is tossed down to earth and he is laying there an I’m screaming for him to get up and then holding my breath with tears streaming down my face

And then the angels start falling and I flipped out even more I was all “SHIT METATRON TALK ABOUT REVENGE”

But what got me the most was Dean telling Sammy he would always put him first and that basically ripped my feels out, tossed them in the trunk of the Impala, drove them to a place in Kansas and buried them in a shallow grave

I died and yet I was so excited for the season so I started watching it and I’m scared shitless with Sammy in the hospital

But the theme is now fucking awesome too

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Well his contract was originally through s9. Past that, they're likely to keep a lid on it because it would be a spoiler to know that when the Doctor is in peril, that he'll make it through. ;) - But there was a private panel some tumblr people attended where they asked what his biggest fear was, and he said getting the Bill Hartnell talk. That would indicate he wants to make this a long run. Have you even started s8 yet? It's very different, but same. He just punches those lines different.

I haven’t started season 8 yet, I’m halfway done with 7. I’m currently juggling three shows right now. Haha and I’m a procrastinator. I’m dreading the day I’ll finally say goodbye to eleven.

just something I noticed, but if ALL the deceased on Earth are being transformed into Cybermen by the Master, then doesn’t that basically include very many of the Doctor’s companions? Including Rory and Amy and Sarah Jane, and… the echoes of Clara Oswald?

Not to mention where in the world are Martha, Mickey, and Jack