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@ all the starco shippers who are salty about the new clip about Star and Tom: why can’t y'all just let them dance

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Request: y/n is a rich spoiled girl, at least that's how she looks like, she's everything harry hates. People say that she is very confident and the life of every party. No one knows how she feels inside and she is always looking for attention of men bc her dad is a very busy person.

I’m making this a series ‘cause I just fell in love with the concept. Seriously, I love that trope way too much. I’ll be including another request I received as part II of this. Here’s a preview:

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”

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Random thoughts about episode 16
(Might have spoilers. I dunno, I tried to stay clear, but just in case)

What the fck is favaro wearing

Shout out to Bacchus as my most favorite God in the series lmao

El has completely lost it

Ok maybe not too much?¿? I have faith in him

Anyway, about Favaro’s clothes-

iT wAs A fReAkInG dReAm. And what dream. I have feelings.

No but seriously Favaro, wtf man I love you. You made my day

duuuuude, Azazel Kaisar and Favaro brot3 ftw

Cha ri oc e actually as k i n g Kaisar to be f r i e n d s (kinda) he’s the nerd with 0 friends, I can’t

why do the previews have to be non-canon, I need them to be canon!
Like a Ship into the Storm -Preview

So, I’m a gonna write something to celebrate Marines hitting 3,000 reviews and somehow becoming the most followers One Piece SI fic on It’s not gonna be Marines related, but it is gonna be ASL centric and, oh, well, just, here. Have a little preview;

It’s all gone. 

Sabo kneels before the grave, his eyes lingering on that weathered orange hat, that pendant that had seemed so very foreign and yet so very Ace, all at the same time. 

“I’m sorry,” Sabo chokes out, his knees pressing into the cold, wet grass that seeps into the fabric of his pants, “I’m so sorry, Ace. I failed. I couldn’t keep him safe.”

“But this time, I swear. This time you’ll both live.”

I wonder if Jonah knows that cyrus likes him? Bc after the preview today it kinda seems like he knows. 1 of 3 possibilities could occur, regardless of whether or not jonah knows:

1) jonah knows, and is being extremely nice to him to try to make him happy (aka leading him on)

2) jonah knows, and is trying to flirt with him (pretty unlikely, bc as much as i hate to say it, at this point i feel like jonah is straight)

3) jonah has no idea and all of his “flirting” with cyrus is just him being extremely nice (which would lead to him unintentionally leading cyrus on)

I just have no idea how disney is gonna pull this off guys like its so new and crazy and frankly unbelievable

hey is anyone else having this issue where you try to edit your blog’s theme and the preview just. isn’t there? im trying to make a sideblog for something and this is what happens when i try to change the theme:

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What did you think of To The Bone on Netflix?

I wrote this on my ED insta after seeing the preview. I haven’t watched the movie yet, I probably won’t watch it at all.

You want to be provocative with an eating disorder movie?

Show me binge purge cycles and water flushing. Show me blood in vomit and still not stopping. Show me someone waking up in a bed so soaked from night sweats they think they’ve wet themselves. Show me a man battling his skewed body image, pumping lasix to be just a little more “cut”, his kidneys be damned. show me someone who’s bowels stopped working from laxative abuse or who’s sodium is depleted from water abuse. Show me someone who never lost extreme weight, who gained weight, who is over weight but who’s heart is dying, show me men, the middle aged, LBGTQ, show me someone who’s anything but white… but for the love of god.. don’t give me another movie about a restrictive anorexic and tell me to be thankful ED’s are getting attention.

This is not the attention ED’s need.. we need to shine a light on the truth, and truth is, we don’t all look like manic pixies, we don’t all restrict (and restricting isn’t the only big ED behavior!), we aren’t all under weight and we don’t all fit in to a neat little box, easily labeled. The sooner we get rid of that expectation, the sooner people who don’t fit the mold can get the help they deserve.

What we needed was a movie that told a new story: an inclusive one. Maybe the side characters in Too The Bone will fill that void but when will we stop relegating the ugly truth to side characters?


“Hey! My name is Peggy Moses, and you’re watching our new modelling competition show, ‘Catwalk’. I’m coming at you from Bridgeport where we’re shooting in this beautiful house, to tell you a little more about what we’re looking for.”

“We are looking for four males and four females to join us in this competiton. We are only taking young adults, and only regular sims at this point.  You will be made up and over once you get here, so you don’t need to bring any outfits, make up, or anything, just bring your beautiful selves.”

“I’ll pass you now to Shea Bianco, who will talk more about the process of challenges and voting.”

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In fanfic news I just finished outlining my first ML Bondage themed NSFW. 

It definitely stays on the tamer side (cause it’s also their first time trying it) but I think it’s got some fun potential over all. 

::grins evilly:: Dom Chat is sexy…. hhhhhmmmmmmmmmm

Also only I would come up with something like this: 

“You should probably come up with a safeword.” 

“Do you really think that’s going to be necessary?” Marinette asked, wondering if Adrien had been underselling it when he said this was something he had been casually interested in trying. “I mean I thought this was just gonna be a test run to see if we like it?”

“I mean I doubt you will need it, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. I might not be the world’s leading expert on kink, but even I know that much.” 

“Fair enough,” Marinette agreed. “So what sort of thing does one use as a safeword? Cause all I know is that on TV people are always using weird fruits but I feel like that would just be a complete mood killer for me.” 

“Damn, there goes my only hope of you screaming out ‘kumquat’ during sex.” 

“Please tell me that isn’t actually something you wanted.” 

“No. I mean it would be kinda funny in retrospect, but no. So what’s your non fruit related safe word?” 

“I don’t know. What’s the criteria for a good safe word?” 

“Well you want it to be something that is easy to remember and that is unlikely to come up in the conversation. So something that really shouldn’t be brought up during sex.” 

“So… Puns?” Marinette grinned. 

“Ok that’s just mean.” 

Euron of the Leather Stars

In Game of Thrones it seems as though there are so few out-and-out bad guys. There are characters who do terrible things, characters whose motivations are sketchy or scary or cruel, but few outright baddies.

We can have a conversation about who those are later - today I want to talk about the Greyjoy’s bad guy: Euron.

Euron was exiled from the Iron Islands and has spent years roaming Planetos, ravaging and learning of dark magic. He abused his brothers in physical and psychological ways. 

If you’ve read any of the preview chapters for Winds of Winter, then you know Euron is out to fuck some shit up.

For me, this is what Euron should look like: 

Mads Mikkelsen. Euron’s supposed to have a dark and frightening charisma, one which can terrorize and seduce. Mads just oozes that. 

When Game of Throne unveiled their Euron - Pilou Asbæk - I was not a fan. He does bare a resemblance to the Greyjoys on the show and I thought he might be okay.

Then we met him. 

I’d still say he’s okay. He’s not as menacing as Euron should be, he doesn’t have the inescapable charisma of Mads, but I thought he did well enough with the ham-handed writing he was given last season.

I was hopeful they’d do better by Euron this season. As I watched the Kraken fleet sail into King’s Landing (where’d they find all those fucking trees?) I got excited and thought, “Okay, now comes the badass.”

And then we got this: 

Originally posted by proinsiascassidy

I don’t hate Euron’s outfit. Actually, I sort of want that coat. It’s fucking amazing. I think, if you put that coat on Mads in the King’s Landing throne room, both Jamie and Cersei are throwing themselves at him.

Instead, you have this outfit and a Euron who is less menace and more … joker. 

Now, listen, I loved those one liners he delivered. He set Jamie on fire. 

But, it was all too much. Too over the top. This is a man who is doom and gloom in human form, who is going to do some majorly fucked up shit in the next book, and instead of getting dread we get the Jack Sparrow of Westeros? 

I hope they temper the humor. Euron’s not meant to be humanized; he’s meant to terrorize. He’s meant to make us all nervous because he’s dangerous and unpredictable and ready to do whatever awful thing necessary to gain power. 

While I laughed at Euron in King’s Landing, I did not fear him. He did not fill me with dread the way Ramsay Bolton did. 

As a fan of the series and of the character, that’s a problem.

He can keep the coat (I’d like to see more of it), but he’s got to become more menacing otherwise he’s just another character taking up precious time from the characters I want to spend time with the most. 

‘DuckTales’ Cast Previews Modernized Reboot, Answers Burning Launchpad Question

David Tennant, Beck Bennett, and Toks Olagundoye stopped by Yahoo TV’s suite at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 to talk about not cotton tales or pony tales, but DuckTales. (Woo-ooo!)

The new Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad, and Mrs. Beakley said that while the rebooted will stay true to the original series, the show will be modernized so that classic fans can watch alongside their kids. They also gave us some behind-the-scenes insight, revealing that they had just met most of their fellow castmates that morning at Comic-Con, having recorded their lines “in various parts of the world.”

But things got weird when Beck Bennett tried to explain how he captured Launchpad’s essence.

“This is so awful… I’m spiraling. I’m digging myself a hole. Captured his essence?” he says to himself, on the edge of panic. “Oh no! You’re still talking!”

“You’ve got the essence,” Tennant assures him, clapping his co-star on the back. “Don’t be ashamed of your essence.”

But that wasn’t the only Launchpad mystery we tried solving this weekend. We asked the #DeepNerd question: “Why is Launchpad the only duck who wears pants?”

“He’s so big. And for all the other ducks, it’s OK for them not to have pants, ’cause it’s like, ‘Oh, there’s a duck, but I’m like…’” Bennett replies, before trailing off.

“Yeah, that went really wrong really fast,” Olagundoye comments.

“Disney is thrilled with all of this,” Tennant adds.

DuckTales debuts Aug. 12 with a one-hour special on DisneyXD.

Keep coming back to Yahoo TV for the latest from San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

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i am so upset that they haven't released the preview and trailer yet :""")))))

I know right?! I was so angry on the livestream. he just hid his camera when the trailer’s a torture to only hear their voices and the sound effects and the music, but not being able to see ANYTHING.

we are waiting for a new episode, like FOREVER.

I hope that they will upload it today.

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so they gonna just stay one day at comic con. Does comic con go the whole weekend?

I believe that’s the plan. They arrived late last night. SDCC goes from July 20-23 with a preview night in the 19th.