and this is how tumblr greets me

I crave love but when it tries to greet me at the front door,
I say I didn’t hear it knocking,
pretend I’m not home.
I guess I’m trying to say I obsess over the idea of love so bad until I’m finally faced with it.
Until love wants me back.ย 
I like the feeling of flying but landing scares me.
Maybe I’m not good at being vulnerable.
Maybe I’m scared of being hurt.
Maybe I was never taught how to land properly.
—  maybe iโ€™m scared of love

I really like how @pan-pizza​ doesn’t have a problem talking about his life in his let’s play videos, even if someone find it cringy sometimes,it makes him look more human and makes me feel that i’m not the only one with weird awkward behaviour sometimes.

And if you’re reading this, greetings from Chile (South America), you lovable cringelord.

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Author (at least what i found, because it doesn’t have it in tumblr anymore):


There was a time
When I believed your lies,
But I guess decades without
Even a quick greeting,
A “Hi, how are you?”
Taught me to see you were
Simply paying lip service
With your promise of
Keeping in touch.

However inexplicably, our paths
Crossed again long after
You raced ahead.
We took different roads:
You chose the fast lane
Of the expressway;
I ended up bumping along
A dusty, twisty back road.
I never asked you to stay
Because the last thing I wanted
Was to hold you back.

At recess, swinging side by side
Days after we met, you swore
We’d be friends forever,
As you started your ascent
In the sky; I beamed and
Agreed…back when I still
Believed in the power
Of promises.

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Yoo I've been sitting on this for a bit, cause this is a constant relatable sicknerio for me, but Lance as a cashier at a grocery store, who ends up getting sick while on the job??? Being surrounded by food and strong smelling cleaners suck, especially when one is already super nauseous??? An d what about Manager Shiro who notices lance is hella sick and pulls him aside, only for lance to pass out on him from a hella high fever??

*heavy breathing* one of my fav tumblr users has messaged me and I must write tiny fic
pls enjoy

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I have something to say

I absolutely love tumblr. I love the vibe, the community, the acceptance, and the love you get from everyone. Being a smaller blog, I don’t receive anon messages everyday saying how sweet I am and such, but every time I open my Tumblr app, I’m greeted by bible verses or inspirational pictures and people telling me I’ll be okay. I have been severely depressed for the past 6 months and Tumblr has been my safe place. Honestly, if I didn’t have this tumblr, and connected to the people I have, I honestly would not be alive. My faith has grown stronger and I feel much closer to God. Thank you all so so so much and if you ever need anything, my inbox is always open and I love each and everyone of you.

Tumblr? Castiel X Reader

@gayest-nerd-alive asked:

Could you do #69 with Cas?

69. “Tumblr?”

It’s taking all my will-power to not make a joke


“What the hell!” Dean yelled, pointing at his laptop.

“What’s up with you?” I asked, looking up from the research I was doing for the next hunt.

“There’s fanfiction for us!” He groaned, shoving his laptop towards me.

Dean X YN smut

“Smut?” I asked, scrolling down the page to see what it was.

Dean caressed YN’s cheek, his free hand slowly creeping down her body, until reaching her jeans.

“What the hell? They do know we’re like family, right?” I laughed, looking over at Dean.

“Exactly! I mean you’re even dating Cas for god sake” He sighed, grabbing his laptop.

“There’s even theories that we slept together and are secretly in love with each other” He sighed, making me laugh.

“What site is that even on?” I questioned, pulling out my phone to look at the site.

“Something called Tumblr, like they even spelt it wrong. It’s missing a bloody E” He said, shaking his head.

“Holy shit” I laughed, scrolling down the supernatural tag.


“This is quite amusing” I admitted, studying Dean for a reaction.

“Exac-wait what? Amusing!” He groaned, shaking his head.

“I’m gonna go see what else is on there” I smiled, heading towards my room in the bunker.


“Hello, YN.” My boyfriend, Castiel greeted as he stood in my doorway.

“Hey, Cas.” I greeted with a smile.

“What are you doing?” He asked, taking a seat beside me.

“Looking at this website. Tumblr” I giggled, making a small smile creep its way onto his lips.

“Tumblr?” He asked, looking at my phone.

“It’s this site for fans to make posts and tell others how they feel.” I explained, scrolling down further.

“What is a smut?” He questioned, pointing at a smut that had just appeared on my dash.

“Oh, it’s like, written sex in his concept” I attempted to explain.

“Can I read this, smut?” He asked, taking the phone from my hand and clicking on the story.

He read a few lines before a disgusted look appeared on his face.

“Did that really happen? Did you and Dean has sexual intercourse?” He quizzed, confusion covering his face making me chuckle.

“No, it’s what the fans of supernatural want to happen” I smiled, locking my phone and throwing it onto the pillow behind me.

“They want you to have sex with Dean?” He asked, lying beside me, looking over at me.

“They think Dean and I are secretly in love.” I stated, staring up at the ceiling.

“Are you?” Cas asked, still looking over at me.

“Of course not” I said, turning over to face him.

“I love you. Dean is like my brother” I smiled, pressing my lips against his.

“I love you too” He chuckled, pressing his lips against mine again.

“I love both of you” He smiled, placing his hand on my lower stomach.


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Hey R5 Fam, 

I’m here to give you guys a chance to get a special message to R5! I have bought my tickets for a show and the meet and greet, and I want to do something special for the band!

If you guys could send me little messages for each member of the band, also Ryland, that would be amazing! My plan is to get all of your messages, hand write them ALL on small slips of paper, put them into envelopes to the specific member, and give it to them at the meet and greet! It would be amazing to get a ton of small messages to pass on to them. 

As for details on how to get your messages to me, please send them to my personal inbox here! As for the messages, if it could be 140 characters, so basically a tweet, or less, that would be greatly appreciated! Also, please attach your Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram username with what you send me so they can find you on social media! But, please send only one username. 

As for longer messages, I will be creating a book full of stories from fans and longer messages from fans as well! This book will include every member and won’t be separated. If you would like to share your stories about how R5 has changed your life in any way, send an email to and like the smaller notes, send a social media tag so I can add it to your note! The longer messages will be copied and pasted into a word document, formatted, and printed to be put into the book. Also, if you have met them before, feel free to send a copy of your picture with them too so I can add it to the book! 

The deadline is Tuesday June 27th, 3PM Eastern Time! Don’t hesitate to send something! ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE INCLUDED TO THE BOOK OR BAND MEMBERS ENVELOPE! 


Late night thoughts

I rarely have those moments when I just sink into deep thought those days but I feel like I really should say this right now, in regards to my Tumblr journey up until this point.

I first came into contact with For Honor truly when I started watching TetraNinja on YouTube upload videos of the story mode. And immediately, I was captivated, by the blood, the story that went on in this distant land, of the ancient struggles between the three factions: the valiant Knights, the honorable samurai as well as the ever vigilant Vikings. The clash of metal and the beauty of the artwork that went into each and every one of the designs of the characters and the personality of each of the storyline characters mesmerized me.

Honestly, I thought I was the only one at that point that was so obsessed with this game, obsessed to the point of writing stories and creating my own characters to spin around in this blood-washed world. So when more fanfictions started popping up, after I sent a request email to to create a For Honor archive, I felt at least a little happier that there are others who enjoy the game so much.

What truly made my day though was when I accidentally stumbled across the For Honor community on Tumblr. I read through as many posts as I could find, finding myself laughing at the shenanigans that went on during it, the banter and the laughs that was shared between the character blogs. And I, of course, being a avid role player myself, loved the idea. But I was, admittingly, intimidated as well.

It felt as though I was intruding on something, as if I was interacting with celebrities and not just regular people who shared my interest in a game we all loved.

So for a long time, I was just the stalker, the outsider that hung around and watched everyone interact and wishing I could be a part of this group of people. Then, on March 27th, I decided to take the leap into this pool. I looked around at who I can be, and I was genuinely surprised that no one had taken Ayu - my personal favorite character of the entire story mode - and so I jumped at the opportunity, and changed my old Tumblr to this new URL I now hold.


Now with that done came the new, the hard part of it: introducing myself.

By that point I was thinking: “Well, since I got this done, might as well continue to say fuck it and just tag a bunch of people and say hi.” And that was what I did, exactly.

@lawbringer-unofficial and @ferrum-the-conqueror were among the first to greet me with such kindness and hospitality, along with @holdencross-official. I’m almost certain there were more people that came but really I can’t remember, so I sincerely apologize for it if I couldn’t remember you.

That day would forever be imprinted in my memories though, for as I was responding to reblogs and such, I heard a message alert sound that had me peeking up. I had never gotten any messages from anyone on tumblr before so who could it be?

Turns out, it was @daubeny-official. Oh little would I know how much this would change my life. From there on, we started talking, I started talking with people of this awesome community who welcomed me into their ranks as though I was but a friend returning from a long journey. Eventually, I decided to make the move by declaring that we are now brothers and sister <3 and I couldn’t have been more glad.

If you read this, Daubo my brother, I love you so much as my family, my baby brother, and honestly I am glad to have met you that day. We shared our moments together, walking through thick and thin and trading ideas. God, I always look back to that moment when I received the first message from you and think about how lucky I am to have you as a brother, even if we are not related.

That day, March 27th, 2017 would forever change me.

Through this community, I have met so many awesome people, such as @holdencross-official, @official-peacekeeper, @official-lawbringer, @sweatpants-gramps-the-kensei, @the-palkyrie, @valkyrie-official, @daubeny-official, @ferrum-the-conqueror, @fem-warden-official, @orochi-official, @holdens-second-official, @lawbringer-unofficial, @warlord-official, @raider-official, @seijuro-orochi-official, @fem-orochi-official, @docsbum, @peacekeeper-in-training @centurion–official

Honestly, words would not do what I feel justice. I love you guys, all of you. You’re like family to me and I don’t know where I would be right now without you guys by my side. We shared our laughs, our moments, and bonded over the mere four months and became one giant family that I value so much within my heart.

I love the game, I love this community.

It has given me something to treasure, and brought me the love of my life @orochi-official. Yes, I figured you all should know this by now. I love him with all of my heart, my dear Orochi, the great serpent that has my heart and soul. I love you my darling, if you are reading this <3.

But over all.

You are my family.

And my heart goes out to each and every one of you and hope that our bonds will last through the eternity to come, that this family would continue to grow and be strong. Always remember:

I love you all.

And thus, with the kindest regards.



I hear that posts like these are rather popular among the Tumblr youth of today, so I coerced Finn into helping me write one up. He says it’s called a “quickie promo”.

Would you do me a favour, then, and like/reblog this post if you are interested in: A) learning the secrets of Gravity Falls, B) helping me learn how to use this confounded hellsite, or C) interacting with an “indie and selective” Ford Pines. I don’t know what the descriptor is supposed to mean, but Finn assures me that it’s very important.

So there you have it. Pass it on. Let the post explore, and I’ll see you here.

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Time for the big secret- How can you speak English? *drum roll*


The truth is…
I wasn’t always a goldfish.

I used to be a young innocent lad with a fish tank by his bedside, and each night I would give my fish a pinch of food before I went to sleep.

But one day, I forgot to give my fish their pinch of food.


This actually had nothing to do with me forgetting to feed my fish, he was just being mean.

I escaped from his neglectful care and made it to the ocean, where I feel as though I’m finally safe from his clutches.

I however seek revenge.

I noticed that whenever he is greeted, he always says “well howdydoo how do you do?”, so I have been messaging people “gurgle” on Tumblr ever since, waiting for someone to respond in such a manner, and making friends with anyone who responds normally.

When someone responds to me with those faithful words, I’ll know that they are the wizard, and I will expose them online and get my body back.

I know it's long just read itโœŒ๏ธ

Hello people of tumblr ( have never greeted this many people at once also very new to tis gimme time) I just wanted to say for everyone that has sent me a message or asked me a question anonymously I’m so sorry for the late replies I indeed on never ignoring someone’s message no matter how big my account gets so it does take me awhile to respond to everyone I’m really sorry if it offended you and also for everyone that asked a question I check my messages more often so if you would like to message me I’ll likely respond sooner but most of ye want to stay anon but I would never out someone’s personal shit like that anyway, also thank you so much for 20k (i wasn’t going to say anything as I didn’t want to sound cliche or not genuine so I’m a lil over 20k now but still) i would go on rambling but I don’t want to bore ye so bye for now☺️, good times and happy vibes🌹

After a moment the Dowager Queen said, “And how is your dear mother, child?” as if her prepared greeting had never been interrupted.

Ravenna’s expression was as polite as a judge passing sentence; Kade looked ironic and amused. “She’s in Hell,” she said.

Ravenna’s brows lifted. “Wishful thinking, certainly.”

“Oh no, she really is,” Kade assured her. “We saw her go. She lost a wager.”

—  The Element of Fire, Martha Wells
Lilt Of Another

If my demons require it

I will greet you not like a jilted lover,

But with the lilt of another

Who is lifted by all good things.

Memories flash,

But I will not let them dash

My brains upon the rocks of you,

As boats with no lighthouse guide.

I am always on my own side,

And that’s enough -

Something you taught me -

How it really ought to be.

This is the time of year when I’m most aggravated by Christianity. I try to tell myself to live and let live as I’m not someone who enjoys being upset by blending cultures but the conceited, historically inaccurate, disrespectful, and pushy battle cry of, “Keep Christ in Christmas!” annoys the hell out of me every single year without fail.

Let me emphasis that this is not because I’m against Christianity or any other religion, but because the truth is getting plowed over by narcissism. Christmas only exists because Saturnalia and Yuletide (celebrations of the Winter Solstice) were so popular amongst Pagans and Druids that the newly established Christian church knew it wouldn’t be able to successfully abolish the festivities.

Instead they chose to steal Pagan traditions, distort the reasons behind certain practices, renamed the holiday, and force the Druids to convert at the point of a sword. There is no “War on Christmas” but there was a true war against Pagans. Christ is not and has never been “the reason for the season” and saying that he is shows a blatant ignorance for historical fact.

There are, in fact, documents from church leaders spelling out exactly how to force Pagans into Christianity by molding Christian holidays to existing Pagan traditions. We all know that’s how Christmas, Easter, etc., happened. It was literal theft of spiritual values, traditions, rituals, food, legends, and ceremonies. Hardcore Christians can ignore this all they want but it doesn’t make it any less true.

The presumptuous indignation over keeping Christ in Christmas is invalid and inaccurate. Your holiday is one of the newest out of the many that were established long before Christianity existed – you do not have a right to this season and winter festivities weren’t your traditions to begin with.

So no, there is no Christ in my Winter Solstice. That doesn’t mean I hate Christians or Christianity or even deny the possibility that a man called Jesus existed. I do, however, celebrate my seasonal festivals the way they were intended as much as I can with a culture shoving the theft of my ancestors’ traditions down my throat every day. I have a right to be angry when the theft of our traditions is distorted, lied about, and ignored, but I refuse to let that rob me of the joy of my season.

Happy Yuletide to everyone! I hope that all of my friends and family have a blessed Winter Solstice no matter how they choose to celebrate it. I encourage everyone to spend time reflecting on the true reason for the season - love, reflection, re-alignment of the cosmos, and new beginnings.

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How do I send some shit a summoner said?

Greetings Summoner!

In order to submit a chatlog, capture an image of what you want to send me, and send it to

To capture a chatlog, press the f12 key while in game to take a screenshot of your game screen.  It will be sent to a Screenshots folder in your league directory on your computer.  I highly recommend doing it this way for best quality.