and this is how tumblr greets me

I crave love but when it tries to greet me at the front door,
I say I didn’t hear it knocking,
pretend I’m not home.
I guess I’m trying to say I obsess over the idea of love so bad until I’m finally faced with it.
Until love wants me back. 
I like the feeling of flying but landing scares me.
Maybe I’m not good at being vulnerable.
Maybe I’m scared of being hurt.
Maybe I was never taught how to land properly.
—  maybe i’m scared of love

I really like how @pan-pizza​ doesn’t have a problem talking about his life in his let’s play videos, even if someone find it cringy sometimes,it makes him look more human and makes me feel that i’m not the only one with weird awkward behaviour sometimes.

And if you’re reading this, greetings from Chile (South America), you lovable cringelord.

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Elsie Fest 2017 Videos and more - October 08, 2017

Gif credit: @ihavelosttheabilitytoeven

Elsie Fest 2017 Tumblr Tags Page

- Tumblr Tags -
Falling Slowly (Once)| Circle Of Life| Cough Syrup| How Far I’ll Go| Cabaret| One Fine Day| What’s Going On?| Foolish Thing| Teenage Dream| I Dreamed A Dream| Granger Danger| Lost Boys Life| A Whole New World| The Way I Am| This is Me| The Day The Dance Is Over| Duck Tales| Free Fallin’| Downloads| Audio| VIdeo|

- Feat
 ・Lea Michele
 ・Auli’l Cravalho
 ・Norm Lewis
 ・Jenna Ushkowitz
 ・Computer Games
 ・Ingrid Michaelson
 ・Keala Settle

at Club Cumming |  BTS |  Meet&Greet |  Red Carpet |  Sound Check |  Count Down |  Rehearsals |  Merchandise |  Press/Announce/etc. | 
Youtube playlist

-Youtube List
Falling Slowly (Once) feat.Lea Michele
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/anrina  4/michele  5/fangirl48  6/TheMaria614 
Circle Of Life (Lion King)
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/felicia Rhudy 
Cough Syrup (Young The Giant)
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/michele  4/felicia Rhudy  How Far I’ll Go (From Moana) feat. Auli’l Cravalho
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson 
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/felicia Rhudy 
One Fine Day (by Carole King)
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/felicia Rhudy 
What’s Going On? (by Marvin Gaye) Feat. Norm Lewis
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson 
Foolish Thing
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/michele 
Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/K LC  4/felicia Rhudy 
I Dreamed A Dream (Les Miserables)
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson 
Granger Danger (Starkid from A Very Potter Musical) feat. Jenna Ushkowitz1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/michele 
Lost Boys Life (Computer Games) feat. Auli’l Cravalho
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/michele 
A Whole New World (Aladdin) feat. Ingrid Michaelson
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/michele  4/TheMaria614 
The Way I Am feat. Ingrid Michaelson
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/anrina  4/michele 
This is Me (From the film The Greatest Showman music by Pasek and Paul) feat. Keala Settle
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/anrina  4/michele 
The Day The Dance Is Over
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/michele 
Duck Tales
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/michele 
Circle of Life (reprise)  Free Fallin’ (By Tom Petty) Encore
1/jenn the broadway nerd  2/Jennifer Rickerson  3/fangirl48 
Full Set
1/Markcho Madness FROM PERISCOPE - Khemosabi  2/Markcho Madness FROM PERISCOPE - Khemosabi

tioretrog  asked:

Hello tsumire, I am from the page of fb Comic Cartoon Latino, I just came to ask you to accept these apologies and I hope you have not offended or angry, because for me you are a good artist and I only did it because I love your art, That I did not ask permission to do it, anyway I ask you to accept these sincere apologies, I hope and you understand me :) greetings

Thanks for sending me this message.

But tbh I feel no sincere apologies in this message.

I said multiple times on my tumblr and twitter, even you do like my art, doesn’t mean you have the right to repost them without my permission, no matter you want to share my art because you love them, or want to do advertising for me, you didn’t ask me first, so you are wrong from the beginning.

Also you didn’t credit most of the artists’ art, how can your followers know who’s the artist if they like that art ??

Some reposters saw my post about repost, they came to apologize saying they will take down my art. I’m happy when people say they love my art, but even if you love my works it doesn’t mean you can repost them. What you did it’s not helping me, only hurts me.

Beside repost, you even edited, translated and add your own watermark on our art, you did too much, this isn’t okay. Those artists spent hours on their hardworks, it’s wrong to think how we reacted was bad and you even support those fans who thought what you did was okay and you were just advertizing us. That was not okay to us. There were people trying to help us, but you only pointed out who sent them or their identity, even ignoring them .

I don’t want my art to be reposted, so i haven’t authorized any other page besides my own ones to post my work. I don’t have time to look for every page, if you know some pages repost others art you can tell the artists about that to help them.

I’m still mad and I hope you can understand why, so I wrote all these things for you.

I suggest you take down the art you reposted without permission, some artists like @treker402, @jearwork, @kaiken23, @dement09, and @beautysnake, don’t like their art being reposted, you should ask them first.

If you don’t know who drew the art, take them down aswell, you don’t know the artists doesn’t mean it is free to use.

I sleep only 4 hrs a day because I want to draw for my friends and my own followers, ofc I’ll be mad when I see ppl use my hardwork without permission.

Asking for permission is not that hard, I hope you will do that for me if you really want to apologize.


To my followers who dont know what happened, there was a FB fanpage called Comic Cartoon Latino reposted, edited and translated our art without permission.

They didn’t take down my art and other reposts, and deleted one of their post which we left some messages under it.

And the comments under this post really makes me sick,

Sick comments

No matter how you love the art or for other reasons, you cant reposted it without the artist’s permission, dont use it “sharing” as an excuse to repost ppl’s hardwork on your own page, you are not sharing if you do that, that’s stealing.

I should be asking kinder when someone steals my stuff ?? Whats wrong with these ppl ??

If you like ppl take your stuff away and show to others without asking then go ahead, I dont want to be like you.

At least I respect myself and other ppl.

A little thing to say {that you guys might not care about} (This is mostly those who follow me and checks my reblogs even it’s spamming their dashboards)

I don’t want to sound offensive or be stupid as much as possible but sometimes it just really makes me uncomfortable and scared about anon haters about ships and some other things (like giving mean and bad opinions about my art that I would always answer privately and other fandoms I’m in that’s being criticized) mostly I’m spamming some few of them (Frans {Frisk X Sans} ship artworks, BNHA Shoto Todoroki artworks, and MANY MORE)…

Yes I will admit that some few ships kinda trigger me and makes me uncomfortable and really envious (I’m not gonna say any single ship because…)

I respect and try to understand that’s what they like, I mean “HELLO!?!” We are in a very big community on a Social Media where fandoms and people are connected to each other…

Yes I know that I might be so unfair to my followers and to other people that are against my things (I mean every week I just get on Tumblr or Discord I would be greeted by a person who will tell me how irritating I am to spam that ship/artwork/blablabla but not making our argument public because I’m trying my best to fix it by stopping reblogging those things {now you all know why I stopped reblogging Frans ship pics})



I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND AND SOMEHOW BE OKAY WITH THIS THINGS! NOBODY TRIES TO ATTACK YOU BACK IF YOU POST OR REBLOG A THING YOU LIKE! (If someone did attack you and by any chance you are my follower or a person I care about then let me know so I could somehow say to that person to DDDIIIEEE!!!)

So if I post something you don’t like then please tell me but not by Anon but by YOURSELF! be brave to speak-up and besides it’s your opinion anyways!

But if you don’t really like my Blog and the things I post (mostly my artworks and ships I like) then I won’t stop you from pressing that “Unfollow” and “Block” button because if that’s what makes you comfortable and happy then please do it for yourself…

After all of this long words I said (that I’m just using to prove my one point) 


❤SaKu❤ OUT

*mic drops*

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Yoo I've been sitting on this for a bit, cause this is a constant relatable sicknerio for me, but Lance as a cashier at a grocery store, who ends up getting sick while on the job??? Being surrounded by food and strong smelling cleaners suck, especially when one is already super nauseous??? An d what about Manager Shiro who notices lance is hella sick and pulls him aside, only for lance to pass out on him from a hella high fever??

*heavy breathing* one of my fav tumblr users has messaged me and I must write tiny fic
pls enjoy

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I have something to say

I absolutely love tumblr. I love the vibe, the community, the acceptance, and the love you get from everyone. Being a smaller blog, I don’t receive anon messages everyday saying how sweet I am and such, but every time I open my Tumblr app, I’m greeted by bible verses or inspirational pictures and people telling me I’ll be okay. I have been severely depressed for the past 6 months and Tumblr has been my safe place. Honestly, if I didn’t have this tumblr, and connected to the people I have, I honestly would not be alive. My faith has grown stronger and I feel much closer to God. Thank you all so so so much and if you ever need anything, my inbox is always open and I love each and everyone of you.

“he greeted me in french then i lost it.

next thing i knew,

i was finding myself daydreaming of riding a bike on one of those old streets of paris,

with a baguette found in its basket,

by his side,

wearing a striped shirt,

a berret,

and my lipstick bright and red.

— i lost it.

Tumblr? Castiel X Reader

@gayest-nerd-alive asked:

Could you do #69 with Cas?

69. “Tumblr?”

It’s taking all my will-power to not make a joke


“What the hell!” Dean yelled, pointing at his laptop.

“What’s up with you?” I asked, looking up from the research I was doing for the next hunt.

“There’s fanfiction for us!” He groaned, shoving his laptop towards me.

Dean X YN smut

“Smut?” I asked, scrolling down the page to see what it was.

Dean caressed YN’s cheek, his free hand slowly creeping down her body, until reaching her jeans.

“What the hell? They do know we’re like family, right?” I laughed, looking over at Dean.

“Exactly! I mean you’re even dating Cas for god sake” He sighed, grabbing his laptop.

“There’s even theories that we slept together and are secretly in love with each other” He sighed, making me laugh.

“What site is that even on?” I questioned, pulling out my phone to look at the site.

“Something called Tumblr, like they even spelt it wrong. It’s missing a bloody E” He said, shaking his head.

“Holy shit” I laughed, scrolling down the supernatural tag.


“This is quite amusing” I admitted, studying Dean for a reaction.

“Exac-wait what? Amusing!” He groaned, shaking his head.

“I’m gonna go see what else is on there” I smiled, heading towards my room in the bunker.


“Hello, YN.” My boyfriend, Castiel greeted as he stood in my doorway.

“Hey, Cas.” I greeted with a smile.

“What are you doing?” He asked, taking a seat beside me.

“Looking at this website. Tumblr” I giggled, making a small smile creep its way onto his lips.

“Tumblr?” He asked, looking at my phone.

“It’s this site for fans to make posts and tell others how they feel.” I explained, scrolling down further.

“What is a smut?” He questioned, pointing at a smut that had just appeared on my dash.

“Oh, it’s like, written sex in his concept” I attempted to explain.

“Can I read this, smut?” He asked, taking the phone from my hand and clicking on the story.

He read a few lines before a disgusted look appeared on his face.

“Did that really happen? Did you and Dean has sexual intercourse?” He quizzed, confusion covering his face making me chuckle.

“No, it’s what the fans of supernatural want to happen” I smiled, locking my phone and throwing it onto the pillow behind me.

“They want you to have sex with Dean?” He asked, lying beside me, looking over at me.

“They think Dean and I are secretly in love.” I stated, staring up at the ceiling.

“Are you?” Cas asked, still looking over at me.

“Of course not” I said, turning over to face him.

“I love you. Dean is like my brother” I smiled, pressing my lips against his.

“I love you too” He chuckled, pressing his lips against mine again.

“I love both of you” He smiled, placing his hand on my lower stomach.


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Medley ( Sam Holland )

All right! So here is a another Sam Holland x reader series. I’ve done the Harrison Osterfield x reader and I’ll post it soon for La Vie En Rose HOLLAND BROTHERS AND HAZ SPECIAL. Although I need Ideas in making a Harry Holland one. You can comment it down or message me in tumblr. Dats iz all my Hollanding-Hollanders. Stay Quackson.


“ Oh Y/n, how nice to see you again! Come in sweetheart. ” Nikki Holland greeted you by the door.

“ Thank you Nikki, is Sam home? ” I asked as I closed the door and entered the house after removing my shoes. “ Oh he just went out with Paddy to get me something. Why don’t you go to the piano room and wait for him there. ” she stated as she lead you to the said room as you smiled and followed her. She opened the door to the piano room as you entered.

“ I’ll send him up here when he arrives, ok? ” Nikki said as you nodded as she close the door leaving you alone with the beautiful instrument. Sam and you have been together for about two and half years and bestfriends since kids. You both had the hobby of playing the piano. Ever since you were kids you would play for him and he would play for you. Nikki found it really adorable to see you two goof around and play with the keys.

The piano was your way of speaking to him what you feel. Like how you confessed to him after helping him cope up with his break up. Sam knew how you use the piano. He knew how you communicate with him. It help him tell you what he feels without saying it and it helps him simmer down. You played Halo by Beyonce when you confessed to him.

You have been pacing around the room for about 10 minutes and there was still no signs

“ Hmmm, maybe just a little. ” you mumbled and sat by the piano. You lifted the lid as you marveled the keys. You can’t help but smiled and bite your lip and excitement. You hope Nikki didn’t mind a little music.

“ How bout that Medley? Perfect! ” you whispered and placed your fingers on the keys and close your eyes.

Nikki sat at the couch as she listened to your music. Then her two sons enters the house. “ We’re home! ” Paddy greeted as Sam close the door. Nikki hugged Paddy as the two soon noticed the sound of the piano. The tone played Crazy in Love by Beyonce.

“ Who’s playing the Piano? ” Paddy asked. Sam made his way to the piano room. He turned the knob slowly as the music changed.

Earned it by The weeknd.

And there he found you playing the piano like an angel. He slowly closed the door before slowly approaching you. Unknown to you his presence. Sam knew what your playing. It was the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack Medley that you made. He had heard you play it and so he knew how it went. He sat quietly beside you as he watched you. Your eyes remained close as you play the tune. You peeked at the keys as you played, still not noticing the presence of your boyfriend.

You reached the end of the tune as your fingers lifted. You paused, then you heard the supposed tune you were suppose to play, echo through your ears.

Love me like you do by Elle Goulding

Your eyes shot open and spun to your side. And there Sam sat as he played the supposed tune. He looked at you and smiled. You smiled back as you placed your hands on the keys and did a duet. Your hands would touch his as you played.

“ Stop teasing Y/n. ” he stated as he continued to play.

“ I’m not doing anything. ” you said playfully as you placed one had as your other played. Sam scoffed and did the same thing. He spun to you as you gave him a playful look.

“ I think you read to much of Fifty Shades love. ” he quoted as you both finished the tune. His hand found its way to your face as he lowered his face and his lips to yours. Giving you a tender kiss. It was passionate and loving.

You pulled him closer by the neck as he circled your hips in his arms. He bit your lower lip as your mouth shot open allowing his tongue to enter your mouth. Not letting any inch untouched. A small moan escaped your lips as he finally broke away and rest his forehead on yours.

“ Yeah, I think I’ve read to much of it. ”

So I saw this comment on Facebook and somebody said that Taylor was a bad role model and let’s just say this…

-She invites fans to her house and Listen to her album before everyone else

-She talks to fans for a really long time

-She goes on Tumblr and talks to us

-She sends Christmas gifts for her fans

-She makes time to make sure she goes on Tumblr/Instagram to make sure her fans are alright and helps them when they are bullied etc..

-She has an amazing Team that helps her meet us

-For her 1989 tour she talked about how you should never dought yourself and always stay beautiful

-She had a really long meet and greet durning fearless tour

-She had Loft 89, Club Red and the tea party room just to meet fans that went to her concert for free

-Went to a fan wedding

-She visits sick kids

-She donates money to charity

Now you tell me she’s not a great role model.

eevee371  asked:

Time for the big secret- How can you speak English? *drum roll*


The truth is…
I wasn’t always a goldfish.

I used to be a young innocent lad with a fish tank by his bedside, and each night I would give my fish a pinch of food before I went to sleep.

But one day, I forgot to give my fish their pinch of food.


This actually had nothing to do with me forgetting to feed my fish, he was just being mean.

I escaped from his neglectful care and made it to the ocean, where I feel as though I’m finally safe from his clutches.

I however seek revenge.

I noticed that whenever he is greeted, he always says “well howdydoo how do you do?”, so I have been messaging people “gurgle” on Tumblr ever since, waiting for someone to respond in such a manner, and making friends with anyone who responds normally.

When someone responds to me with those faithful words, I’ll know that they are the wizard, and I will expose them online and get my body back.


Hey R5 Fam, 

I’m here to give you guys a chance to get a special message to R5! I have bought my tickets for a show and the meet and greet, and I want to do something special for the band!

If you guys could send me little messages for each member of the band, also Ryland, that would be amazing! My plan is to get all of your messages, hand write them ALL on small slips of paper, put them into envelopes to the specific member, and give it to them at the meet and greet! It would be amazing to get a ton of small messages to pass on to them. 

As for details on how to get your messages to me, please send them to my personal inbox here! As for the messages, if it could be 140 characters, so basically a tweet, or less, that would be greatly appreciated! Also, please attach your Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram username with what you send me so they can find you on social media! But, please send only one username. 

As for longer messages, I will be creating a book full of stories from fans and longer messages from fans as well! This book will include every member and won’t be separated. If you would like to share your stories about how R5 has changed your life in any way, send an email to and like the smaller notes, send a social media tag so I can add it to your note! The longer messages will be copied and pasted into a word document, formatted, and printed to be put into the book. Also, if you have met them before, feel free to send a copy of your picture with them too so I can add it to the book! 

The deadline is Tuesday June 27th, 3PM Eastern Time! Don’t hesitate to send something! ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE INCLUDED TO THE BOOK OR BAND MEMBERS ENVELOPE! 


I haven’t seen you in years,
In these few years what have you become?
Are you happier now?
Living life as you please
A caged bird that was set free
In good health I believe.

I hope I won’t have to hear,
Bad things that happened to you.
You deserve happiness,
Peace and love
That was out of reach,
For your small hands and fingers.
For your weak and frightened self.

The years of abuse you endured,
Now no longer.
I hope you’ve grown up well,
Becoming someone better than those who treated you worse.

One day when I see you,
Greet you on the streets,
We can chat over a drink,
Tell me about your day,
How you’ve been living since?
Tell me about your dreams.
I hope that life is better now,
I hope you’ll always be soaring high and free,
The way it should be when you were just three.

—  By Just-Unis

This is the time of year when I’m most aggravated by Christianity. I try to tell myself to live and let live as I’m not someone who enjoys being upset by blending cultures but the conceited, historically inaccurate, disrespectful, and pushy battle cry of, “Keep Christ in Christmas!” annoys the hell out of me every single year without fail.

Let me emphasis that this is not because I’m against Christianity or any other religion, but because the truth is getting plowed over by narcissism. Christmas only exists because Saturnalia and Yuletide (celebrations of the Winter Solstice) were so popular amongst Pagans and Druids that the newly established Christian church knew it wouldn’t be able to successfully abolish the festivities.

Instead they chose to steal Pagan traditions, distort the reasons behind certain practices, renamed the holiday, and force the Druids to convert at the point of a sword. There is no “War on Christmas” but there was a true war against Pagans. Christ is not and has never been “the reason for the season” and saying that he is shows a blatant ignorance for historical fact.

There are, in fact, documents from church leaders spelling out exactly how to force Pagans into Christianity by molding Christian holidays to existing Pagan traditions. We all know that’s how Christmas, Easter, etc., happened. It was literal theft of spiritual values, traditions, rituals, food, legends, and ceremonies. Hardcore Christians can ignore this all they want but it doesn’t make it any less true.

The presumptuous indignation over keeping Christ in Christmas is invalid and inaccurate. Your holiday is one of the newest out of the many that were established long before Christianity existed – you do not have a right to this season and winter festivities weren’t your traditions to begin with.

So no, there is no Christ in my Winter Solstice. That doesn’t mean I hate Christians or Christianity or even deny the possibility that a man called Jesus existed. I do, however, celebrate my seasonal festivals the way they were intended as much as I can with a culture shoving the theft of my ancestors’ traditions down my throat every day. I have a right to be angry when the theft of our traditions is distorted, lied about, and ignored, but I refuse to let that rob me of the joy of my season.

Happy Yuletide to everyone! I hope that all of my friends and family have a blessed Winter Solstice no matter how they choose to celebrate it. I encourage everyone to spend time reflecting on the true reason for the season - love, reflection, re-alignment of the cosmos, and new beginnings.

I know it's long just read it✌️

Hello people of tumblr ( have never greeted this many people at once also very new to tis gimme time) I just wanted to say for everyone that has sent me a message or asked me a question anonymously I’m so sorry for the late replies I indeed on never ignoring someone’s message no matter how big my account gets so it does take me awhile to respond to everyone I’m really sorry if it offended you and also for everyone that asked a question I check my messages more often so if you would like to message me I’ll likely respond sooner but most of ye want to stay anon but I would never out someone’s personal shit like that anyway, also thank you so much for 20k (i wasn’t going to say anything as I didn’t want to sound cliche or not genuine so I’m a lil over 20k now but still) i would go on rambling but I don’t want to bore ye so bye for now☺️, good times and happy vibes🌹


Meet the Family:

Tom, Siamese Manx, 20lbs  and 24 inches from tip of nose to tail, His tail is 1" long. Diplomatic and charming,

Jerry, Siamese Manx, brother to Tom, Shy but friendly, as long as you don’t get on his bad side, enforcer of the family.  Really likes rules.

Progress, Female flirt, first to greet everybody.  Just not the brightest lightbulb you ever met.

Trouble, Female. Just stupid, clumsy and accident prone.  So far have gotten stuck in the dryer vent, in a wall twice, locked in the attic  (which is not nailed shut), almost burned her tongue trying to lick a frying pan while I was cooking some fish.  How she has lived this long is a mystery to me.

anonymous asked:

Request for Bayverse Ironhide being like a father figure to a new NEST recruit?

((So laptop doesn’t want to load tumblr. Anyways, here’s your fluff))

“Private L/N!” you stopped where you had been walking, turning towards the person who called you; Major Lennox.

“Major, sir,” you greeted. “What do you need?”

“Not me,” he said with a look between a grin and a grimace. “Ironhide’s been trying to find you. You made an impression on him,” All you did was not flinch when those cannons came out of his arms…?

“Might I ask how, sir?”

“That’s something only ‘Hide and Chromia know,” he shrugged. “He’s in Bay One, might want to go there before he starts a search party.” he took off, leaving you to stare where he stood in confusion before turning around and walking back to the bay, where the black mech was waiting.

“Ironhide, you wanted to find me?” you called.

“Youngling, where exactly have you been?” he questioned, making you blink before glancing at him again.

“At the mess hall…?” You offered. “Is there something wrong?”

“You’re under my watch, Private,” he informed.

“When you did not come in for call, we realized we couldn’t find you,” Chromia added.

“I thought I was under Captain Epps’s squad?” Your question made them laugh, and suddenly, Ironhide had you in his hands, the ‘bots walking towards their section of the bay. “What’s funny…?”

“We Cybertronians have sparks, souls that are physical and hold our memories and personalities,” the femme began. “Every now and then, a bond forms with those not related or are not Amica Endurae or Conjunx Endura. We call them Spark-kin, and they can vary from carriers, sires, siblings, or even creations.”

You blinked, most of the terms going over your head. “What’s that got to do with me?”

“It appears you’re one of our Spark-kin creations, little one,” The black mech rumbled.

“But I’m an adult? And a frontline soldier?” You recalled that it was explained first thing that the ‘Bot were very protective of all types of children, though they had called them ‘creations’. “Like hell am I going to let you stop me from fighting,”

“We’re not,” Ironhide rolled his optics and you felt relief… “Instead we’re going to train you one-on-one,”

… you spoke too soon.

((Run! Run while you can!))