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Tell me, am I finally losing my mind?
When I fell for you, all these years ago, there were so many things about you that appeared simply irresistible.
You used to care so much, about the people close to you but also those who had never met you before, you used to be able to sense someone’s sadness in a heartbeat and light up their whole day with a few genuine words and an honest smile.
I remember the way you greeted anybody with an adorable laugh and how you stood up for other people’s rights, not even tolerating a guy with a sexist shirt to breath the same air as you.
And god, you did not just meet all my standards; you are the one who set them for everyone that will follow.
You used to be my perfect secret example of all the good things in our wold and everything that is worth fighting for.
However, when I am looking at you now, I cannot spot any of these things any longer.
You literally do not care about anything any more and where used to be heartwarming empathy is now ignoring silence.
And every one of your ‘jokes’ about women actually breaks my heart because this is not you.
This is not the man I fell for, this is not the guy that I loved so much, with all these beautiful characteristics.
—  // so tell me, am I losing my mind?
Did you change so much or have I been blended by what I wanted to see in you for so long?
Am I no longer able to trust my judgement?
I crave love but when it tries to greet me at the front door,
I say I didn’t hear it knocking,
pretend I’m not home.
I guess I’m trying to say I obsess over the idea of love so bad until I’m finally faced with it.
Until love wants me back. 
I like the feeling of flying but landing scares me.
Maybe I’m not good at being vulnerable.
Maybe I’m scared of being hurt.
Maybe I was never taught how to land properly.
—  maybe i’m scared of love

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Length: Short

My ex-wife usually calls before she drops our daughter off for the weekend. She usually comes in and says hello; we ended on good terms and we’re still friends. 

I was eating lunch when I heard the lock to my front door click. My daughter walked through the door and greeted me with a wide smile. I heard a car screech and take off down my street. 

“Hi, pumpkin. How come mom didn’t call this time?” I asked casually, assuming she was probably in a rush or something. My daughter just shrugged and set down her book bag by the door before skipping over to me. She placed a kiss on my cheek and asked, “What’s for lunch?” 

“Well, I can make you some PB&J,” I said. 

She frowned. “We don’t like peanut butter,” she said.

I was taken aback by her words, but figured she was around that age to have imaginary friends, so I shrugged it off. “Well, sweetie, what would you like?” 

“Chicken!” She said excitedly. After heating up some frozen chicken tenders, I placed the plate in front of her on the table. Before the plate even touched the tabletop, she reached out and grabbed fistfuls of chicken tenders, shoving as many as she could fit into her mouth. I lectured her on her manners and how she needed to slow down. She did. But her appetite was fierce. She ate the entire plate and asked for more. I hesitantly heated up some leftover turkey and she gobbled it up in half a minute. I was starting to get concerned that maybe her mother hadn’t been feeding her enough lately.

Finally, after eating all the meat I had in my fridge, she strolled over to the couch and turned on the TV. 

“Sweetie, you have to do your homework before TV.” I said sternly. 

She looked up at me with half-lidded, dead eyes. “We don’t want to do homework,” she said in a flat tone that startled me with its coldness. And there was that word again. Even though I figured it was an imaginary friend, it still unsettled me. 

“Well, you have to,” I said finally. “Once you finish your homework, you can watch TV.” 

“Fine,” she hissed and hopped up from the couch. She had never acted like this before. I figured her rebellious phase was coming on sooner or later anyway.

Later that evening, after her bath, she announced that she was tired and wanted to go to bed. I was surprised, it was only 7:30. And she was infamous for staying up past bed time, but I considered it a good thing and tucked her in for the night. 

An hour or two passed and I was watching TV downstairs when I heard a knock at the door. Wondering who it could be, I looked through the peep hole and saw my ex-wife. That was odd. I opened the door. 

“I’m so sorry I didn’t call!” She said. “My phone died in the car and I didn’t have a way of contacting you.”

Then I saw her. My daughter stepped from behind my ex-wife, book bag slung over one shoulder, a wide smile on her face. My heart sank and my eyes widened as reality set in. 

I heard the creaking of the stairs behind me. I was too terrified to turn around. I saw my ex-wife and daughter’s expressions turn to one of horror, their eyes wide with disbelief and fear. 

From behind me, I heard a voice, no, multiple voices, one of them resembling my daughter’s, whisper, “we hoped it wouldn’t have to be this way.”

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I have something to say

I absolutely love tumblr. I love the vibe, the community, the acceptance, and the love you get from everyone. Being a smaller blog, I don’t receive anon messages everyday saying how sweet I am and such, but every time I open my Tumblr app, I’m greeted by bible verses or inspirational pictures and people telling me I’ll be okay. I have been severely depressed for the past 6 months and Tumblr has been my safe place. Honestly, if I didn’t have this tumblr, and connected to the people I have, I honestly would not be alive. My faith has grown stronger and I feel much closer to God. Thank you all so so so much and if you ever need anything, my inbox is always open and I love each and everyone of you.

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Hello again, sir! I have two things to say. One, what is the least favorable thing you've encountered while running this blog/being on this website? Two, Oleander, my figment, says hi. They're a bit on the quiet side but they really like you- says you're inspiring haha (also says I sound like a suck-up for using the words "favorable" and "encountered" but I'll let that one slide).

Dark whooped in a gentle laughter, which always was prone to occur whenever the mention of a shy admirer hit his awaiting ears.

“I will make a mental note to seek them out and greet them. Until then, a pleasure to hear of their existence, Oleander. As for your question, the least favorable thing I ever encountered during the blog was only yesterday. Some anonymous messages spreading throughout Tumblr attacking my lovelies and those associated to the lovelies really struck me down a few notches. It reminded me how cruel the world can really be. It reminded me that I am not like a human, and that I should not become so close to them. Greed and aggression are far too addictive in such a place.”

I know it's long just read it✌️

Hello people of tumblr ( have never greeted this many people at once also very new to tis gimme time) I just wanted to say for everyone that has sent me a message or asked me a question anonymously I’m so sorry for the late replies I indeed on never ignoring someone’s message no matter how big my account gets so it does take me awhile to respond to everyone I’m really sorry if it offended you and also for everyone that asked a question I check my messages more often so if you would like to message me I’ll likely respond sooner but most of ye want to stay anon but I would never out someone’s personal shit like that anyway, also thank you so much for 20k (i wasn’t going to say anything as I didn’t want to sound cliche or not genuine so I’m a lil over 20k now but still) i would go on rambling but I don’t want to bore ye so bye for now☺️, good times and happy vibes🌹

After a moment the Dowager Queen said, “And how is your dear mother, child?” as if her prepared greeting had never been interrupted.

Ravenna’s expression was as polite as a judge passing sentence; Kade looked ironic and amused. “She’s in Hell,” she said.

Ravenna’s brows lifted. “Wishful thinking, certainly.”

“Oh no, she really is,” Kade assured her. “We saw her go. She lost a wager.”

—  The Element of Fire, Martha Wells

How are you all doing today? I am doing pretty well, at least today. ^^

As you all probably noticed, I went on a bit of a hiatus there while Work was crushing my soul and I spent all of my free time playing Zelda: BOTW… 

It was kind of nice to take a break from drawing after those amazing commissions caught all of my attention for the past month or so.. 

Buuuut~ While I am super hyper about getting started on animating stuff again for a while, I.. Have the dreaded /ART BLOCK/ 

Soooo… To liven up my blog a bit and sprinkle a bit of personal interaction with you guys, I will be here for the next few hours responding to any and all asks and bite-sized requests! :D! /ANIMATED RESPONSES/ fffff~

So like… Send me asks and get animated responses and such. ~ Mini requests can be incredibly random! (Ex: A T-rex wearing a Tutu trying to play a piano!)

I just wanna draw and I believe the best way to kick this art block will be to kick it’s ass and draw anything and everything! >:D!


On the pavement, I grow taller
as the sun disappears
Expressionless and free from failure
everything I’m not
Street lights come to greet me
on the pavement but I’m gone

How long can I keep pretending
to be everything I’m not

The cracks on the pavement
follow where I walk
An intricately planned agreement
that will always be my downfall
My guiding star loses purpose,
all I see is pavement as I crawl

How long will this charade last
before the fraud in me is exposed

~ Vivid & Awake


A greeting from the third years. 

Today, all the practices for Haikyuu!! have finished! 
All that’s left is the stage set-up, dress rehearsals, and the actual day! 
It’s finally here. For now!! Preparation preparation!! 


The stars unfold before us like blankets
of twinkling lights.
You are the pilot tonight,
guiding me home again.
I am flying on your wings, a guest
of limitless potential,
unfolding our star blankets
and snuggling in for the long, hard ride.
“Are we there yet?” I ask,
even though the universe is so vast
that I know we couldn’t possibly be
at our destination,
yet still I wonder exactly how time
and space will bend for us,
how we will displace the stars and planets,
their orbits skipping pace
to greet us as we make our way
toward heaven.

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hey Sery ~ So I decided to buy a few chapters of Alice and I tried to do it but, um, maybe I'm a silly one?, but I don't understand how can I buy those coins...? (I've never bought chapters before, btw) There are so many ways to do it, so I just confused. Maybe you can explain me how it works or how do you do it? Please :<

Don’t worry about it, I’m happy that you want to support the author ^^

I answered someone’s ask about this before:

And if you don’t have an android phone:

‘You won’t be sad forever,’ he says to me,

‘Think of daisies. How Persephone strung them into her hair right before she walked down to hell and greeted Hades with pomegranate stained lips.’

‘Think of the sun and how the sunflower bends to follow it with such devotion. Think about how people fly and burn reaching to grasp wisps of his affection.’

‘Think about the sand and how the sea leaves kisses along it’s shore. Think about how it washes the scars left on it’s banks with every wave. You will heal.’

‘Think about yellow.’ He says, ‘It’s a happy color, and you’re not going to be sad forever.’
—  Yellow is a happy color // L.H.Z 

my god does not know me, but he greets me like an old friend. he takes the rope from around my wrists and throws it in the dust. when i weep, he hovers behind me, so that i may borrow from his warmth. he stops a war on the brink of birthing because i shudder at the gleam of its battlefield. he waits until i can breathe with ease, then brings me to those promised greener pastures. teaches me how to sleep gentle between the roots of orange trees. at dawn, he shows me his nightly creations, lets me stroke their tender surfaces and pick the shape of each snowflake. thorns in my feet; my god plucks each one out and unmakes the idea of pain until all i know from those days is a strange haziness that no longer defines me. my god and i learn to laugh together, his heart gladdening in my chest and mine safe between his ribs. we eat sweets i do not know the name of and soak our limbs in nectared rivers. my god does not scar me. my god would not know how. or maybe once he did, but he compelled himself to forget, long ago, after seeing the way we mortals bleed. now he does no more harm than an early spring breeze. my god does not remake me. he never feels the need. because my god, he holds me steady. my god, he loves me deep.

amrita c.

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I am a little scared to ask-but what makes you doubt gillovny-even though it is just a tiny bit?!I was just wondering before that bfi dinner it was said that pm waited specifically for ga??how did he greet her then?someone from tumblr saw that arrival,right?

My doubts mostly come from the fact I saw the guy in person, at one of Gillian’s event, even if I truly didn’t believe it would happen. I know it was for her book, I know there’s a possibility he was here because he somehow was involved in it, but still, that upsets me.
Someone saw her going out of the car to go to the BFI dinner. I talked with that person, and she didn’t see the way he greeted her, so there’s nothing new on this.
I’m still very mixed, let’s say that I was really really sure it wasn’t a thing, and that I’m now a little less sure. 🤷🏽‍♀️



I thought this might interest you, and I hope it does! 

This is an abandoned victorian tree house in Florida. Pretty isn’t it? Gorgeous, actually, and a little creepy to say the least. 

Well, it’s extremely creepy to me considering the fact that I found these pictures on tumblr, yet I’ve been dreaming about this place since I was a child. 

Actually, the dream stopped around when I was a teenager but recently, within the last two months, I had the same dream. When I got there I was greeted by these people, weird almost faceless people but I trusted them. I knew I was safe. When I went up those stairs I was greeted by so many more people who told me how much they had missed me, how happy they were that I had come back. I thought it was just some stupid dream and that my mind fabricated but then I saw these pictures. 

I have nothing creepy about this story, really it’s just weird. 

But I do remember that the door in the second picture led to something so beautiful as if it were some separate piece of land that hadn’t been touched. I know this story is a stretch, but this place feels like home to me just looking at it. The things that were greeting me were so so kind and advanced and every night I hope to have that same dream.

I have absolutely no idea what this means, I have no idea why I feel so homely, but I do, and I plan on visiting the place soon considering I’m about 3 hours away from it. I guess I’ll update this post after I visit. 

I feel like those tumblr posts that are all like “blows a kiss for the aliens” and “when will the aliens come to take me away from this planet”, while well-intentioned for our visitors from beyond the stars, might end up like that crowd of people on Independence Day who are cheering the aliens and holding these signs about how much they love them on top of the skyscrapers while everyone else is fleeing the city before the hatch opens up on the mothership and the  giant laser cannon emerges to greet them

I’ve been waking up without you
For so long now
I’ve forgotten the way
Your breath feels on my neck
And the way
Your hands feel on my waist,
I’ve forgotten how it feels
To be greeted as I wake
With the purest ardency
That envelops me through the day
As your arms did each morning,
I’ve forgotten how it feels
To want to wake up.
—  I still see you in my dreams