and this is his story as far as i'm concerned

I feel this may have gone over people’s heads earlier: Sully from Monsters Inc is gay and in a relationship with Mike wazowski. They stuck together even when they were both kicked out of university, when they had no reason to, in order to support each other into getting their dream jobs. Sully always wanted to adopt a child; Mike never wants children: hence their disagreement over Boo in Monsters Inc. The majority of their story we are shown displays the endearing closeness of their friendship in environments that are traditionally hostile to gay men: you’re not going to kiss in the workplace and you’re sure as hell not going to admit romantic interest in some dweeb when you’re a fuckin frat boy.

Tl:Dr; Mike and Sully are gay and the central conflict of Monsters Inc is them disagreeing over adoption

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Hi, Seanan. I've seen so much hype for The Brightest Fell (including your own palpable excitement) that I really want to read it! But I'm concerned that I won't get the full effect because I haven't read anything else in the series yet. Do you think I could pick it up on its own anyway, or would that just not work?

It is…not the best plan, no.

There’s a little “the story so far” thing at the front of the book to sort of give you an idea of what the hell is happening, but it’s absolutely no replacement for reading the rest of the series.  The Brightest Fell is the act two equivalent of An Artificial Night from act one: it’s where everything kicks into gear and starts stacking on top of what’s come before.

TL;DR: I absolutely do not recommend starting with The Brightest Fell.  Start with Rosemary and Rue, and get the full emotional effect of the terrible things I have done/am doing to October.

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i saw this post in my dash about anti reylo, and it's a really popular post to the point that a lot of famous bloggers reblogged them and it kind of makes me think... what if reylo is really some kind of fucked up thing and maybe i'm losing my mind to ship it?? i'm so confused,, help mee (i'm being torn apart)

Hi, please don’t worry about that! Popularity should never be used as some kind of measure of moral righteousness. Someone’s opinion isn’t automatically more informed or worth listening to simply because they have a lot of followers. Reylo, as far as I’m concerned, is nothing like how antis envisage it to be - it’s actually about wanting to see a story where love, redemption and reconciliation are key (as opposed to revenge and hopelessness, which legitimately seem to be the themes that antis want and expect to see play out). There is nothing twisted or fucked up about wanting a redemptive love story in a space fantasy movie.

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phil's liveshow was so cute, he really is very good at making people relax and smile ! loved all the opinions, the funny stories + i felt like he was a bit more open with the dan/"we" mentions (overall he's just so precious bless phil )

it was really lovely. there wasn’t much to analyze in a lot of depth, but there were a lot of insights into domestic life and a good number of cute anecdotes like you mentioned. as i’ve said before, phil is great at establishing a very serene atmosphere in these live shows, and making us feel as though he’s really inviting us into his lounge to chill while he talks about his last few days. but interestingly, today we caught a glimpse of what’s behind his computer when he held up the golden play button, and it looked like he actually had his filming light set up? 

i thought that was fascinating, at least as a reminder that no matter how comfortable the live show feels, it really is still somewhat a production on phil’s end. in that vein, just like last week, he had some props ready to show us, he had a few items prepared that he seemed like he definitely wanted to discuss (promo’ing their vids, & the dapg video they’re releasing tmrw, doing the unboxing of the plaque, talking about the anime-face app, merch shop sale, etc.) and in traditional phil fashion, he rounded out the rest with lovely little stories that were sweet and funny and generally uplifting. 

we learned a few things about phil himself: his voice has a very high range when talking about dogs (girl, we know). he wants nothing more than a red velvet cake for his birthday (i loved when someone in the chat said he couldn’t have one and he said ‘whYY?’ in such a funny voice). HIS BRAIN IS CREATIVELY WIRED AT THE MOMENT AND HE HAS ‘IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS’ to the point that he can’t sleep well. interesting. someone called him an angel and he immediately tried to contradict that ( “do angels snore? i probably snore.”) end the angel trope ffs he has the same or similar photo anxiety as dan i think. but instead of doing peace signs, he does that horrifying deer-in-headlights face. but of course hardly anyone gives him shit for it bc it’s phil and he could probs kill someone on camera and everyone would still call him an angel. his whole face lit up when someone asked him to give uni advice. he genuinely loves feeling helpful. my soul was warm at that part. 

i want to do justice to all of phil’s quirky little phil™ moments like naming a cactus fergus and stabbing himself with said cactus, or “corn on the cob is wild,” or “i don’t just want a tiddly (thought he made this word up. he didn’t) little bag [of popcorn] which is flavored with tarragon or whatever.” bc phil is so funny and his personality is lovely. but today i was really fucking enchanted by the domestic anecdotes, because i felt like there were more than usual and they were all nauseatingly sweet. so i’m gonna discuss them. 

  • first we got to hear about a netflix and chil(i) night gone wrong. fill in the gaps of what he shared with us a little and it’s just such a cute story–phil trying to cook them a meal he wouldn’t normally make, leaving the kitchen to set up netflix (which sounds like he was just getting everything ready for dan which is cute af), coming back to the kitchen to find a disaster (bc of course that would happen to phil), panicking and trying to mop everything up but making it worse by throwing chili sauce everywhere, dan walking in at that exact moment to check on him. it sounds a lot like a situation in which they would just be reduced to uncontrollable giggles, much like the terrarium smashing. i love the idea of phil trying to create this lovely evening for them and making a huge mess instead. 
  • then the story of them trying to buy cupcakes (or cookies? he said both and it was unclear what the actual intent was) at the bakery was also just some soft and fluffy and adorably awkward shit that i would probably scoff at in a fic for being too cliche. but this is actually their lives. they go to buy little sweets together and are too awkward and courteous to say no to the extra ones that the lady behind the counter is trying to give them. love that dan somehow ended up w a pot of jam. what the fuck. love that, once again, they probably left and immediately started laughing at each other. they’re constantly navigating the trials of basic human interaction, but at least they generally do so together. so fucking cute. 
  • phil later mentioned tidying his room to the la la land soundtrack, which, interestingly, dan also mentioned doing in his live show. and then phil started humming the exact song dan has been working on playing on the piano. can’t help but imagine that they clean their rooms together or at the very least, each do their own room at the same time w their doors open, playing music from speakers so they can feel like they’re doing it together. and phil humming the specific song that dan’s been practicing made me imagine him just lounging on dan’s bed (à la that little clip from the making of tabinof vid) and scrolling on his computer or reading, while dan plays. it seems like, in general, this january has been so warm and relaxing for them. they’re nestling into this domestic cocoon that they had to leave behind so frequently in 2016 and they’re only venturing out for little cute dates like cupcakes at a bakery or dinner+movie nights. it makes me so happy. 
  • phil’s passing mention that he (probably meant “we” there) has been watching the tatinof documentary “out of nostalgia” was also so lovely, bc the thought of them watching that (either together or alone) to reflect on the last year, to reflect on everything they made together, the places they traveled, the things they accomplished, and the amount of work it took. that is like. unbearable. jfc. they must be so proud of themselves and all of their success. i hope they are. 
  • and then i really loved hearing phil’s side, however brief, of the terrarium story. the way his face lit up when he was talking about it and the soft way that he said it was the “saddest smash he’d ever heard because [dan] was so into making it.” fuck. my heart. i just love how despite the tragedy of it, it sort of became this funny, happy memory for both of them. they’re so good for each other. 

other casual dan mentions that weren’t full anecdotes: he loved dan’s yandere selfie and called it amazing; he said “our house” a fair few times; he “absolutely loved” watching dan’s memes vid and the way he described it was so funny and so phil (“it’s so nice how he just reminisces on the entire year”) bc of course he would make it sound like some sort of lovely and wholesome reflection that’s perfectly paired with a mug of tea. it made me wonder if he really thinks that dan reflecting in this fashion is a good exercise for him? like what does phil actually think about dan intentionally opening himself up to tens of thousands of submissions from fans and then proceeding to make fun of himself for 45 minutes? there’s no way he thinks it’s good for dan’s mental health, so i wonder whether he is protective or defensive of dan, if he tries to discourage him from doing things that could be bad for him, or if, at this point, he respects dan enough to let him make these decisions for himself, but is there for the aftermath, with smiles and laughs and gentle suggestions for him to take a day off and do the things that will bring him peace and calm. probably that. my heart aches. 

people have sent me a not insignificant number of asks about the way that phil uses “i” and “me” phrasing so much and never talks about sharing experiences with dan, and, relatedly, too many people have this twisted idea that dan depends on phil far more than phil depends on dan. but dan is written into every story phil tells, into the very fabric of his life at this point, and the amount of care and concern and respect and pride he demonstrates for dan every time he talks about him literally overwhelms me. dan is his whole world and i’m so emotional about it. this live show felt like a perfect testament to that. 

(live show: giant youtube gift unboxing (live) - 01.19.17)