and this is her remembering all of the fun times she had with these people

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I don't get why it's a trend on Black tumblr right now to hate Asians and claim that they are "just as racist as White people" for having a racist term for Black people in their language. I'm South Asian and last time I checked we do not have a racist term for Black people but we have one for White people :P Way to group us all

well anyone can be racist, plus i think it’s mainly certain east asian langages have a slur for black people(i think chinese is one of them, correct me if i’m wrong).

then i remember in seventh grade some of the popular kids(were mainly mexican, white, and black) would regularly make asian jokes, one time one of the black kids made fun of the new teacher (who if i remember correctly was korean) and the fact she was Asian in her face (but since that teacher was spineless and had no control of the classroom, i don’t think she did anything but that’s another story). Moral of the story, blacks can be racist towards asians as well.

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Soulmate AU!

(where you see your soulmate in your dreams, but only after you’ve met.)

Beatrice had always considered herself lucky – she couldn’t remember a time in her life when she didn’t know who her soulmate was. She’d been seeing Hero in her dreams for as far back as she could remember – way before she even fully understood what the concept of soulmates was. And she loved it – she and Hero had always lived far apart, except for those summers they spent together – but all she had to do was go to sleep, and they’d be together again.

From what she’d gathered from other peoples descriptions, everyone’s dreamscapes were a little bit different – but something that seemed universal was you didn’t necessarily spend every dreaming moment with your soulmate. You could, if you wanted to – but you were also free to roam around on your lonesome. You couldn’t control your dreams, and you weren’t protected from nightmares – but you could control yourself, and nightmares weren’t nearly as bad if you were experiencing them with your soulmate.

So Beatrice had always counted herself lucky. There was never any searching to be done, never anything to wonder about – she had a built-in soulmate from the minute she first met Hero, when they were both still too young to even talk.

She hadn’t even known it was possible to have more than one soulmate until she met Ben. 

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Some photos from the Avatar/Legend of Korra Gallery Exhibit! I always love getting to be Asami and it was crazy to see so many other Asami’s in one place! lol. I’m so happy I had the chance to run into Seychelle Gabriel (Asami’s VA) again after a few years. I was so happy she remembered me from back then and I was lucky enough to get a few photos with her. Also was great seeing Dee Bradley Baker and his daughter Cora. Also, Bryke were there, which was pretty darn great too. :)

Had a wonderful time seeing some amazing people who worked on the show, as well as some old/new friends. Thanks for making this such a fun event everyone. Also, for those of you at the event who liked my Asami cosplay, thank you so much for all of your positive comments. Like, wow, I’m floored at the wonderful response from you guys! Asami is such a strong, beautiful person…so the fact that you believe I do her such justice  legitimately means so much!!! So again, thank you everyone. :) Hoping to post more pics in the near future. <33

Asami Sato: Me (Red Velvet Cosplay)
Mako: Veve (Veveisme/heyveve)
Outfits made by: Veve

How does one properly tumblr

So first official post…?

The other day I was at the mall with my friends, right, and being a pretty small person not many people are really intimidated by me and as an indirect result and because my friends are hella attractive, they get catcalls and such all the time. (Fun, right?) Except this time these two had the audacity to not only *successfully* steal my friends wallet, which was given to her by a band at a small concert I can’t remember but also had 80$ in it, when my other friend went over to ask them if they had it they said she could “feel them up” and find it as well as generally harassing them
Hilarious guys, really great. -.-
Never did get around to smacking them in the face though oops.

Tl;dr: Teenage boys are dumb and should be avoided at all costs

Names and the soul

I was speaking with a friend recently and she was telling me a story, she mentioned a name i didnt know and explained to me that that was the nick name she had given to one of my closer friends (i dont remember the name she used for him). I, of course, questioned her about this. Now that i think back on it, i dont think ive ever heard her say anyones name, maybe a shortened version but never their real name. She normally addresses us with things like, hey guys, or hello friends! She went on to tell me that she believes that a persons name is a gate way to the soul and that every time you speak their name your souls will connect a bit more. Of course this seems like all the more reason to say peoples name, especially your friends or someone your crushing on hard core, but my little mey chan (a nickname she uses for herself) is not a very socially adept person, she told me she finds this connection aqward And there for, dose not use names. I found this a beautiful yet curious way of thinking and decided to share it with all of you! After she told me this i decided to start calling her mey chan like she uses on her social media sites. All this in a conversation to the locker rooms! Ha ha! Ah well just an interesting little way to think! ^,^

I remember in grade school, there was this girl, I think he name was Chelsie. She had freckles all over her body, and I thought thy were so cool! So then I told her that she looked like a cheetah, and she got really sad. I had to explain “No,no,no! Cheetahs are awesome! Your freckles are awesome!”
I guess people would make fun of them a lot, but after that she pretended to be a cheetah all the time.

i have a theory for my phobia of blue eyes bc an abuser of mine had these piercing piercing angry cold blue eyes and i just remember all of the faces she’d make at me very angry faces. and how her eyes flash when she was about to lash out and i knew i was fucked. or if i encountered her in public (she would find me always) and i could find her eyes from across the rooms they’d be giving me The Look the horror look and i’d panic and my mom would be with me wondering why i would hide behind racks in stores and why i was so terrified of going to school because SHE WOULD GET ME!!!! what was a fun time and now when people stare at me with their blue eyes i want to either scream or gouge them out like get your filthy disgusting eyes away from me


Day 26

Today was exam practice with real people, from the outside world which was amazing. This is when the real fun begins actually dealing with REAL people, all the students were waiting in the outside area where 12 customer went into the massage room and they were sat on each of our mates, but we would be called in in different times, so we would never know what customer or treatment we would get. So hopefully the teachers pick one that you know and remember.

I still say that knowing 2hr massage, 1 hr and half, and 5 treatment massages in 5 weeks is mental. Its just impossible to remember all of them so which ever ones you liked and could remember hopefully it was the ones you focused on more than the others because if they picked ones you didn’t enjoy doing then you would have been screwed. 

Meet my customer her name is Lou Ton, this picture was taken after the massage so shes little relaxed atm, so no smiles. Thank god she had weak arm treatment, because this was one of the things i had taken more time in learning and remembering.

Its all very tense inside the class everyone looking around see whos doing what treatment, seeing there face reactions to if they were screwed and not a clue what to do because they didn’t want bad leg or weak arm. There was this guy in class called Richard, he must have been around 50 years old, his memory wasn’t what it used to be, 10min into the massage i looked over at him and i knew he had the same treatment as me but i noticed he had jumped from part 1 to part 3, which means what should have been a 1half hour massage turns into 30min massage. 

I gave Teacher Mango a nod to come over and gave a side look over to Richard so she could see his mistake which then she pulled him up on it, and made him start again. Richard would never really listen in class, i felt his mind was always elsewhere. If you ever get partnered with him you knew you was going to be massaged on for a very long time, so you kinda wanted to make sure you was always with a partner that could massage and also someone you work well with, i was always with Alex mainly.

So now Richard always needed supervision on his learning and if he made a mistake teacher mango would always make him start again from the beginning. There was an old student called Nigma who would come to school to help students know the massage kinda like a volunteer support teacher. she would always get logged with Richard, so Richard would always do massaging and never receive one when he was with her.

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Mean, Innocent, Holy Ground? :D

Mean and Innocent I first heard when I bought Speak Now I was so excited I just sat in my room almost all day until I had to go to Girl Scouts, I was pretty young at the time I heard it but it was a simple time compared to the years afterwards. It was such a fun time because I had just found Taylor’s music and I absolutely adored it and there’s all this excitement of hearing all her music its just so lovely

Mean reminds me of all the people who have been so cruel to me and never supported me and tried to tear me down and that the fact is that one day I’ll be big enough where they can’t hurt me anymore I guess that’s also the impact, it made me remember I’m stronger than their words(also she has an adorable accent in it like pls Taylor that’s so cute)

Innocent reminds me of growing up and things like that-we can’t let mistakes make us tear ourselves apart and as a person who tends to tear themselves apart over mistakes it was very freeing to hear
The impact it gave me was that even on my worst days hearing Taylor sing “your string of lights is still bright to me” gives me so much hope even when it feels no one cares about me

Holy Ground I heard during an interesting time. It was the last fall I spent in my old house and last fall my family was all together

It actually kinda reminded me of one of
the first guys I liked we dated for only a short time and it was very confusing but it was nice between all the confusion I was going through while we were dating
The impact it made on me is that it’s a good reminder that you can look back on failed relationships and smile because of them also Holy Ground is the biggest jam I absolutely love it-it’s my favorite song to just dance to in the car

Wow that was long haha sorry!
But thank you so much for asking!!

summer days

Terminal 5 Feed me:

Drank a lot of vodka for a long period of time,

Had more drinks at terminal 5

Molly- best ever- grinded my teeth too much and clenched my jaw, my jaw hurt for days after. I never felt so happy and excited in my life. So much fun- felt like I was dying for water- cait got nervous, found me water. Then I was better. Felt a little paranoid.

Some point lost my friends or so I thought I did, ended up talking to some boy but I don’t know what I was saying or doing, a girl came up to me and asked me If he was bothering me, I said I don’t think so and that I lost my friends, and she told me (pointing to her friends behind us) that I have all the friends right here, at that point I knew how much I liked the whole edm scene, how nice people were and excepting.

At one point I don’t remember a lot, it was a blur, after the molly started to hit me because I drank a lot too

M kissed me and said she asked her bf it was okay first, and to make F jealous

Webster hall after and danced some more- got complimented on the way I dance and my dreadlocks by two girls

Andy C at Webster- i danced by myself for most of it because I was so happy on my own. I had Adderall and drank a lot at the bar before Webster and got another drink at Webster. C’s friend was sharing with me and everybody else i met up with shared with me as well. I tried to kiss M,  C told me to stop. I kept looking at C and wanted to dance with her but I couldn’t. I really liked her and she spent the night at my house* the day before. This one guy was being a creep and wanted to dance with me and talk to me, M got rid of him and then another guy who I later found was 30 was trying to talk to me the whole time and dance with me too, he was alright I spoke to him a little, M tried to tell him she was my gf so he would leave me alone. We exchanged numbers. Rob and I had to stay up til 7 am to get the path back to Hoboken. held hands, smoked cigarettes, kissed. he told me he never would let boys try to dance with me like that again at nasty Webster. he protects me. 

*my house- my old house, the light and water was still working- I picked up C in Jackson and went to Belmar to get her check and ended up going to Branchburg to eat pizza and then Washington to spend the night together. Got alcohol, had Adderall and some molly left. Sat on the porch and smoked cigs, took her to the creek in the back which she loved so much. The sound of water and how big and open it all was. The sky with the stars was beautiful. We ended up having sex for the second time. Always amazing.