and this is her remembering all of the fun times she had with these people

A Holiday Postcard (CS One-shot)

I saw this post the other day and decided it needed to be ficc-ed. @spartanguard I did the thing, this is all your fault…

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It was 10pm on New Year’s Eve and Emma Swan was checking the mail. If she bought into that crap about how your New Year’s decided the rest of the year she would be extremely depressed as she slipped her key into the tiny door. As it was she was only slightly depressed and more than slightly drunk. She was also very alone. But she wasn’t dwelling on that not the way she did on her birthday or on the birthday of the son she had never met. No, on New Year’s Eve Emma celebrated the end of the holiday season and the beginning of her busiest time of year. Lots of nice but naive people bailed out some truly horrible characters in the name of the Christmas spirit and Emma usually spent most of January tracking them down.

Some New Year’s she got dressed up, went to a bar, and found someone ready and willing for mindless, no questions asked, sex. But this year she had forgone that semi-tradition in favor of some romantic comedies that she would never admit to watching, let alone owning and being able to quote from memory. “Shop Around the Corner” (so much better than You’ve Got Mail) had reminded her of her full letter box down in the lobby and the dirty look the mail woman had given her that morning.  

Emma didn’t get enough mail to check her box regularly but the former tenant in her apartment had forgotten to leave a forwarding address and she got plenty of mail for the both of them; lately most of it was Christmas cards. She tried not to hate Killian Jones and her seemingly limitless supply of friends with cute kids and even cuter Christmas cards (Emma wasn’t snooping lots of people sent postcards with no envelope). After all she quite enjoyed the subscriptions to National Geographic, Blue Water Sailing, and Martha Stewart Living that also arrived with K. Jones on them. But it did bother Emma that this person, who hadn’t lived in the apartment for almost a year, seemed to have an abundance of people who cared while Emma had none.

She pulled out the mail, it took a few good tugs, and clutched it to her chest before trudging back to her apartment and “Sleepless in Seattle”. When she dropped it on her coffee table her eye was caught by a non-Christmas postcard of a small oceanside village with the words “Visit Maine” over the top in a cheesy font. She wondered who Killian Jones knew in Maine as she flipped the card over (she had long since gotten over her scruples of looking at Killian’s mail).


I used to live in your apartment. I am drunk and alone and it’s the only address I know.

Happy Holidays!


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Remember that time when taylor swift was spotted crying her eyes out and everybody thought she’d just probably broken up with another boyfriend when really she was crying because she’d just performed a song that she’d written about a little boy who died from cancer. Or remember all those times taylor swift did charity work and visited hospitals and performed for the patients and painted up to 12 guitars for sick children each day and got barely any mention in the media. Yet when she was photographed going on dates with guys she was automatically on the front page of a gossip magazine which slammed her for being a ‘slut’. Or remember that time, not so long ago, taylor swift wrote a song telling fans not to let bullies get you down and to just 'shake it off’ and mentioned how the media always shamed her for going on 'too many dates’. In the music video she blatantly made fun of her awkward dancing that she’s often criticised for and clearly had fun making it. Yet people slammed her for being a 'racist’ while completely misinterpreting the entire music video and not understanding that it was entirely satirical and a big 'fuck you’ to pop culture. It was not racist in any way as she had black people throughout the entire music video and white people in the twerking scene. But because Taylor Swift wrote a song about not caring about haters opinions how else would you expect the internet and the media to react? The irony of it all is, is that Taylor Swift wrote a song about how she doesn’t care about what people think of her. A song that could be classed as a feminist anthem. A song to make people happy. And then the backlash she received from doing so completely goes to show how Taylor Swift cannot win. Ever. No matter what she does there will always be a group of people trying to bring her down. 

She’s a 24 year old woman who writes songs about her feelings and obsesses over cats, TV shows and baking. Although, people seem think that she’s the epitome of satan because of what they’ve read about her on the internet or gossip magazines *Insert sarcasm* because we all know that’s reliable. In conclusion, Taylor Swift gets criticised for absolutely ridiculous reasons and a) it’s time to stop slut shaming her b) she’s less problematic than your fav will ever be c) no, she was not being racist. She’s been touring with 4 black back up singers for two years, are you really going to pull the 'she’s racist’ card? d) don’t even start saying she’s a 'misogynist’ as a reason to hate her. she’s said she’s a feminist. and  e) she’s the nicest, most down to earth person. Like seriously though, when will you fav ever let fans into their apartment for pizza and a dance party?? Or stay up at night commenting inspirational and and nice things on fans instagram photos??? or surprise a fan by going to their bridal shower??? or be named the most charitable celebrity two years running??? or invite a fan to an award show bc they couldn’t attend his prom??? or give out free meet and greets at every concert??? um NEVER. 

I think it’s time we let it go and accepted taylor swift as our queen goodbye. 

My White Friend Named Becky: Conclusion!!

I was faced with a hard decision. Do I stay friends with Becky or do I just leave her alone? It was on my mind all night. And when the morning time rolled in. I still couldn’t make up my mind.

I mean she was fucking weird. I see why white people age like banana peels, two nights with her and I felt like I was 25. I knew I wasn’t going to have classes with her today , we only had one together. And that was music. We never had music on Mondays so I was safe.

I was in math with my friend Andrea , who was black. She was my nigga. Side story: I remember I dared her to suck a box full of markers and she had to go home cause she had all kinda of ink her mouth. It was funny as shit. But anyways.

She leans over and says. “Did you have fun with Becky?” I looked her. We gave each other the mutual black friend look. That look that says “bitch what you think?” She laughed at me. “I told you she was weird , you’re the only person that talks to her here.”

I was like “drea she did some weird stuff. She had her mouth on josh ding a ling. It was nasty.” Andrea gasped. “She sucked his dick!?” I was like woah wait a minute. Bitch. Is all my friends hoes ? Tf going on. How you know bout this?? She like. “Everybody in 7th grade knows about sucking dick Dnasia. We’ve all done it.”

I’m like I haven’t. Tf. Ion even suck Popsicles I just bite the shit. But after I explained everything Andrea just shook her head. “Don’t be friends with her. She weird and she don’t fit with us. We black. ” she said. And you know , after she said that she shined a light on the whole situation. She was right.

So we get to lunch. Becky sitting by herself so I walk over there to tell her my final decision or whatever. This shit was serious. She looks up. She’s like “I know you don’t wanna be friends with me. I’m sorry about everything.” And I looked at her. And said this.

“Everything was weird. Because it’s not what I’m used to. You’re white. I’m black. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends just because we’re different. We can accept all the weird stuff and not judge each other cause that’s what best friends do. I may not understand how your family works and I may think that it’s weird. But at the end of the day that’s your family. I have no room to judge.”

and she’s like crying cause she really doesn’t have friends , I’m her only friend and she really thought she was gone lose me over all that.

But before lunch was over I told her don’t be sucking ding a lings in bushes….. So towards the end of the day she got caught in the boys bathroom with Josh. And she was so scared that she ran home.

I’m not lying. In the middle of school , she ran Tf home. But … That my white friend Becky for you. And I loved her hoe ass anyways.

I would like to say something about


I’ve read a few stories here on tumblr about people getting yelled at for accidentally referring to someone by the wrong pronoun. (I would have loved to link some of them but I can’t remember who wrote them or anything)

Now I understand getting misgendered is really not fun at all. I will never be able to understand completely, because I use she/her and I am what you probably would refer to as ‘cis’. But I’ve heard enough from the friends that I have that getting misgendered is pretty horrible. 

But think about this:

If you saw someone on the streets wearing makeup, has hair to their waist and is wearing a dress, you would think ‘oh hey, it’s a girl’. Right? Or most of you would. 

If people misgender others, it’s probably because they had no idea that the person with the long hair and dress went by they/them. 

If someone says hi to you for the first time and use the wrong pronouns, simply tell them that ‘hey, you probably didn’t know but I don’t use those pronouns’ and they will most likely apologize and not do it again. 

Do not scream at them or curse them out, because they most likely didn’t know which pronouns to use because people don’t exactly have them stapled on their foreheads. 

2 Broke Girls (2011)

The show is about two girls trying to make a future for themselves. They work in a restaurant as waitresses. Max Black (Kat Dennings) is a poor girl that had to work all her life to sustain herself and her alchoolic mother. She worked basically everywhere and in the series we find out more about her jobs when she remembers “the good times when she collected uranium by the railroad track” for exemple. Caroline is a spoiled rich girl that just lost all her money after her father got caught in a Ponzi scheme. 

The duo is hilarious and you can see many moments where Max makes fun of Caroline because she’s white (even if she’s white too) or that she has rich people stomach. They become really good friends and try to open a bakery to sell Max’s homemade cupcakes. The whole series basically revolves around their dream of owning a bakery. 

There are many other characters like Earl the cashiere of the restaurant, Han Lee the owner, Oleg the perv cook and later on you’ll meet Sophie and some love interests for Caroline and Max. 

I really hope you’ll watch it ! I’m really excited because this fall they’re gonna premiere their 4th season (22nd October). Can’t wait. Have fun watching it and tell me your opinions :)


Insatiable  → A Jurassic World Fan Fiction

For as long as Ellis Grant could remember her entire world had been focused on the past. Geological time. Something completely unfathomable to the majority of people she came into contact with. Human experiences, like a child maturing into an adult in no more than a decade, left other people unable to imagine the meaning of eighty million years - everyone except Ellis that is.
The publication of her undergraduate dissertation in a world renowned palaeontology journal landed Ellis Grant with the opportunity of a lifetime, to study the animals she’d read about her entire life, in the flesh. 
Going against her fathers wishes she travels to Isla Nublar and takes the position as Assest Behavioural Analyst where she works closely alongside Owen Grady and his pack of Raptors.
When history repeats itself and all hell once again breaks loose on the island, will Ellis be able to live up to her fathers legacy and get everyone off the island safely?


More Random Don’t Starve Doodles!!! Some of these are old and some of these are more recent. Don’t look at Webber! I can’t draw le cute! 

I wanted to try my hand at Wigrfid since I’ve been playing her a lot more lately. I think she’s really fun to draw regardless of the fact that I have a hard time with females. >u>” 

I also tried With ( less luck ) to draw Willow since my buddy @spartanlocke plays Willow all the time! We have a blast and I plan to doodle out some of our adventures. XD

Woodie just didn’t fit in to my other Woodie posts so he is placed here on this one. I had gotten my sis @bilboisjam the Formal Outfit and Skin and she was really happy.

A couple of the Wilsons’ here was the result of me playing around with his looks. And while I have a general look for him I’m still tweaking with minor details. 

The last one with Webber was my thoughts when I finally got around to unlocking him. I was playing as Wilson and was in the middle of fending hounds and spiders and going insane. I thought for SURE I was gonna die when I saw the Spider Skull. I grabbed it an ran to the nearest grave dodging the shadows and everything else and managed to bury it! ( I ended up living the whole ordeal only to die in the summer to the Hounds and Fly Giant. )   

My Seven-Year-Old Built Her First Magic Deck

Some of you may remember that I recently taught my seven-year-old daughter how to play Magic. Well yesterday she built her first deck, and I think it went quite well! 

I started by asking her questions about what parts of the game she enjoys the most. “Is it more fun when you gain life, or or when you hit your opponent for a lot? Do you like having lots of creatures or a few creatures that are really big?” That kind of thing. 

As she gave her answers I got a rough idea for a strategy that she would have fun with, and we picked out a few rare and uncommon cards that worked with that theme. Then she and I searched through all the commons to find any other cards that might work. 

After that came the hard part. We had to start picking out the best cards for my daughter’s theme, and fortunately a few good Tumblr friends helped out BIG TIME. I want to say a HUGE thanks to elspethsunschampion, animar-smol-of-elefants, kilnfiendforgame, and mr-snugglebear for the giving their time, attention, and encouragement yesterday!! It made a huge difference, and my daughter and I were grateful for the help. 

My daughter chose to build her deck around life gain, since that is one of the biggest thrills for her. The two MVPs of that first game were Righteous Cause and Ajani’s Pridemate, but the real highlight of the evening was the giggling fit my daughter had when she played a Beacon of Immortality! (Seriously, it took her around four minutes to calm down.) At the end of the game, her life total was 233, and she kept patting her chest and saying, “I have 233 hearts!!” 

I have to say, when I got started on Tumblr my main goal was to have a creative outlet and occasionally ask questions. What I didn’t expect to find was such a positive, uplifting, and helpful community of Tumblr users that will bend over backwards to help each other out. 

You all are awesome, and I’m excited to have my daughter taking her first steps into such a great gaming community.  

Remembering Kimmie

This is our friend Kim Knight - Kimmie, or even Kimmiwinkles.

Kim and her band of usual suspects were the concoms for the UFP series of Star Trek conventions in the UK, some of the best organised, smoothest-running and most fun cons we’ve ever attended.

UFPCon 1986 was the one where Peter and I met up for the third time. Not happenstance, not coincidence, certainly not enemy action; it was third time pays for all, but even then we were so very quiet and subtle that when we finally revealed our secret engagement…

…Kimmie, Ros and Ali already had champagne waiting on ice!

Kim visited us in Ireland, travelled with us to see a solar eclipse in Germany, met up with us unexpectedly in LA, and introduced us to amazing people. She was one of the most extraordinary people you could hope to meet – warm-hearted yet businesslike, kindly yet efficient, humorous yet hard-nosed, all wrapped up in one loveable, huggable package. In particular I remember one trip she and I took to Bern together, where we went shopping, ate out, caused the staff at the hotel where we were staying to mistake us for “such a nice pair of gay ladies” (I overheard them…), and generally acted like crazed teenagers pretending to be grownups. It was the Best Girls Trip Out Ever.

Kimmie died on the 11th of May 2014, from complications of the diabetes she bore and fought so gallantly. It would have been her birthday on the 31st of May. Instead her funeral is today, the 6th of June, and we can’t even be there.

Our friend Sarah made this piece of art, which we share with you all: the dedication plate of a happy ship on which we’d proudly serve

We miss you, Kimmie, but you’re not really gone.

What’s loved, lives.


Hi taylorswift! My name’s Sarah and it’s so great to meet you! Fun facts about me are that I’m a huge fan of concerts, and I’m from Canada! I remember the first time I ever heard one of your songs on the radio, I was 7 years old and it was Picture to Burn. My mom turned to me and said “do you know about this girl? She wrote all her songs when she was 15!” And I was already amazed with your talent. Ever since then I’ve really loved your music, but it wasn’t until I saw you on the Red tour that I really fell in love with you as a person. Ever since, you’ve been one of the most influential people in my life. You were there for me the most during my first year of high school, whenever I was sad or stressed or anything, I had your music to turn to, and I always just remembered: this is life before I know who I’m gonna be. Thank you so much for always being there for me, even if you don’t know it ❤️ I love you forever, and I’ll see you in Toronto this October!

when i was little my mom had a few gay friends that i didn’t know were gay, and our pastor was gay (but no one told me he was gay) and kids started calling things gay in elementary school, but i didn’t know even what it meant until i was literally 11, like it just meant bad/dumb, that was it

and i remember exactly the first lesbian i ever saw in real life, i mean knowing she was a lesbian, i was 16– 16!!!– and so was she, she was on another school’s sports team and they had all put titles on their team shirts and hers said “the only lesbian in her village” and she kept showing off and dancing and cracking jokes with her friends and i like, i literally wanted to curl up and die, people were looking at her, didn’t she know people were looking at her??, i wanted to put her in a small closed box somewhere safe away inside of me, because she wasn’t safe like that, couldn’t she feel it, because i could

and like, i don’t know, since then i’ve been the only lesbian (the only gay, the only queer) in my village really often, and you always feel it, you always do, and jesus, that 16 year old girl almost 10 years ago, she was so fucking brave

Soulmate AU!

(where you see your soulmate in your dreams, but only after you’ve met.)

Beatrice had always considered herself lucky – she couldn’t remember a time in her life when she didn’t know who her soulmate was. She’d been seeing Hero in her dreams for as far back as she could remember – way before she even fully understood what the concept of soulmates was. And she loved it – she and Hero had always lived far apart, except for those summers they spent together – but all she had to do was go to sleep, and they’d be together again.

From what she’d gathered from other peoples descriptions, everyone’s dreamscapes were a little bit different – but something that seemed universal was you didn’t necessarily spend every dreaming moment with your soulmate. You could, if you wanted to – but you were also free to roam around on your lonesome. You couldn’t control your dreams, and you weren’t protected from nightmares – but you could control yourself, and nightmares weren’t nearly as bad if you were experiencing them with your soulmate.

So Beatrice had always counted herself lucky. There was never any searching to be done, never anything to wonder about – she had a built-in soulmate from the minute she first met Hero, when they were both still too young to even talk.

She hadn’t even known it was possible to have more than one soulmate until she met Ben. 

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Matt knew this going to Mila’s dorm wasn’t the best idea, but he’d not been able to focus in class. She was naked and fuck, he definitely had fun the last time they were together, and well, the time before that. But, she had been bad and teased him while he was in class, until he was hard and needed to fuck her again. He’d have to punish her for that one.  He had looked at the student directory, before finding her dorm, and had taken off that way, untucking his shirt. He was glad the dorms seemed quieter today, whether people were gone or not, all weekend.  He finally got there and remembered she said the door was unlocked, so he opened it. “Are you proud of yourself?”