and this is going to kill me

I am just going to sit here in my corner of denial and slight contempt until Emmerdale fixes this and gives us a reasonable explanation to what the actual fuck is happening. Who’s with me?

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As much as I don’t care for Lena kissing anyone but Kara, my bisexual ass also thinks that Lena kissing Jack in the promo is kind of hot? Pls don’t murder me. 

Noctis' Theme (Flute)
Noctis' Theme (Flute)

This ended up being an actual audio post, since uploading from Soundcloud wasn’t working for some reason… Still, I managed to get it here. If this still doesn’t work, this will lead you to the soundcloud website thing.

This recording isn’t perfect, there’s blips here and there, but I think that’s the best I’m gonna get for now since my hands are cramping up pretty badly. 

So, there’s me playing Noct’s theme on my flute!

I did so much stuff today! I busted into the office of the special collections department head on campus (but quietly because I know how libraries are) and was like “let me touch all your old shit, I have hella old shit cred” and he was like ok tell me so I told him I read five languages and taught myself to build catalogues by reading the Harvard and JP Morgan catalogues and he was like “o…k… those languages will be useful”

Then I bought a wrist splint and also lunch, all at an hour when I could very easily have still been in bed. Then I took a nap with the dog.

And just this evening @takealltheskyinme asked me to explain a weird art, and I did, and boy I love art so much. Wow.


supernatural out of context


Clarke backing Lexa into things + Lexa’s reaction

Who you are today could be light years different than who you were a year ago, if people don’t recognize that, they’re probably stuck in the same ways they’ve always been in. And that my dear is when you run, if people don’t understand change and hurt and pain and growth, they don’t deserve the chance to understand you.
—  2017 lessons