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AN: Okay, so let me just say hOW GREATFUL I AM FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE SENDING ME LOVELY MESSAGES ILY YOU ALL SO MUCH LET ME LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU. Alright, so now that I have that out of the way, I would like to thank the lovely justang6 for requesting such a cute imagine, I love you like it love! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxo :3

Pairing : Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: If your not that busy with one shots can you do one with the reader x Pietro babysitting Clints kids when he’s out with Laura and the reader is making pizza and the kids are running around with Pietro, and they want cookies, major fluff, after the kids fall asleep Pietro and the reader fall asleep on the couch. Then Clint and Laura come in and aww at the sight of Tony’s kid and the new avenger! :) lots of fluff!



“Wait, wait, wait.” You asked, concern laced in to your voice. “Where is Wanda? She was supposed to be the one baby sitting with me tonight.”

Pietro Maximoff stood in front of you with his eyebrow cocked up and his arms folded over his large chest. “Careful Y/N, it almost sounds like you don’t want to spend time with me.”

You rolled your eyes and placed your backpack onto Clint’s couch, sighing. Clint and Laura looked at you with sympathetic eyes.

“Nat called Wanda in for a training session, and Pietro was the only one who was free.” Clint explained as he straightened his tie. “Sorry.”

You waved your hand in the air dismissively. After all, there was worse people to be stuck with. At least Pietro was a friend, a good one at that, but you still couldn’t picture him taking care of three kids being a good thing.

There was that, and the fact that your dad, Tony Stark, would throw a fit knowing that you were going to be spending that much time with Pietro.

“So, where are you going?” You asked, wanting to shift the topic. Pietro slid onto the cushion next to you and picked up some magazines that were laying on the coffee table in front of him.

“Out for a fancy dinner, then going to see a play, then–”

“That sounds really, really, really boring.” Pietro moaned. “I am getting sleepy just thinking about it.”

You nudged him in the ribs, though you sort of agreed with him. Your ideal date would be sitting at home in comfy clothes, eating some Chinese takeout, all mixed in with cheesy movies. But, that was just you.

“Well, it’s a good thing you aren’t coming then.” Clint said with a small grin. “I trust you two to feed the kids, get them to bed on time, and keep the house clean.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Pietro said with a smile. “Let’s not get carried away now, I can only handle so much responsibility at once.”

“That’s why I’m here.” You nodded towards them, then got off the couch and shooed them out of the door. “Now go, stop waiting your night sitting here telling us things we already know! Have fun, you two!”

Clint rolled his eyes then the two of them made their ways to the car.

Man, it was going to be a long night.


“Hey, you put that down! It’s sharp, put it back before you hurt yourself! Pietro!”

Pietro zoomed out into the kitchen, and within seconds plucked the knife out of the little girl’s hands and placed it on the counter net to you where you had been chopping veggies to put on the pizza you were making.

“Out of the kitchen, little one.” Pietro scooped the girl up in his arms and she giggled at his accent, then in a split second sped her out to the living room to play with her two brothers.

Pietro came back with a lazy smile on his face which was a harsh contrast to your appearance: Your hair was a mess, you were frantically trying to finish dinner, and you were tense. Baby sitting those three devil kids was a lot more work than you had expected, and Pietro was only making it worse He would run around with them, accidently knocking things over and making them even more energetic.

“You seem tense, Y/N.” Pietro commented as he stood behind you and looked over your shoulder to see the progress you made on the pizza.

“Well, I’m not relaxed, that’s for sure.” You quipped back bluntly, then put the last layer of veggies on the cheese before popping it into the stove.

“You need to calm down a bit, yeah?” Pietro said, taking your hands in his and gently prying the sponge from your fingertips. “I’ll clean up in here, and you can go watch the kids. Just put on a movie or something, they’ll calm right down.”

You hesitated for a moment, then nodded. You set the timer for when the pizza was going to be done then trudged out from the kitchen. You grabbed the nearest movie (something animated) and began to play it on the TV in the living room, and almost instantly all of the kids were huddled in front of the screen.

Yu picked up the toy cars and blocks that they had been playing with and tossed them into the toy bin.

Soon, the timer went off, but before you could even get out into the kitchen, Pietro had already had the pizza out of the oven, sliced into pieces, and divided up onto plates for everyone.

The kids devoured theirs, and of course, requested something for dessert. You hadn’t even thought to make any. Sighing, you made your way to the kitchen and dug through their cabinets to see what you could find. You managed to find enough ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies, which was something both the kids and Pietro were super excited to hear.

With a full stomach, you sent the kids off to their beds, which the spent a considerable amount of time whining about, but eventually ended up getting tired anyway.

Finally, you were able to fall back on the couch and not worry about what the kids were doing. Pietro flicked all the lights off on the main floor except for the one that was right next to the couch, making the entire room illuminated by only a dim yellow.

He rested next to you with his legs stretched out across your lap, you were too tired to push them off.

“I am so tired.” Pietro moaned as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

You are so tied?” You shot back at him. “How can you even say that when you were the one who was making just as big of a mess as they were?”

“Hey!” Pietro said playfully. “I cleaned the kitchen.”

You rolled your eyes and relaxed your shoulders. You looked at the clock and cringed at how late it was, the kids should have been in bed hours before they actually went to sleep. Well, Clint doesn’t need to know every small little detail.

“Would you shut off that light?” You asked with a yawn. “I want to maybe rest my eyes a bit before they get home.”

Pietro obliged, flicking off the lamp right next to him and sending the entire room into darkness.


When Clint and Laura got home, it was early the next morning. They had a great night; good food, a good show, and even some driving around on the country side and catching up, which was something that Clint hadn’t had much time for with the Avengers and all.

“Do you think that they hate each other by now?” Laura asked her husband as they pulled into their driveway. “Y/N is sometimes like her father, she can be…”

Seeing Laura struggle to find the right word, Clint said, “Hot headed?”

“Yes, that’s it. And Pietro seems to be the same, which can be a deadly combination.”

Clint nodded. “Maybe. They’re good friends, but I’ll be the first to admit that Pietro can be very annoying.”

Clint and Laura made their way up to the front door and quietly pushed it open so they did not wake the kids. All the lights were off, and the only thing that they could hear was two steady snores coming from the couch.

Clint flicked the dim living room light on to find Y/N curled up on Pietro’s chest, both of them deep in sleep. Pietro’s arms were wrapped loosely around her frame and hers were tucked up at her chest.

Clint smiled and snapped a picture of the scene, then sent it to Tony.

“Oh, he’s going to love this.”

((Sorry if it was short but YAY FOR PIETRO FLUFF))

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HEY HEY HEY remember the petition you may have signed a few days / weeks ago??? The movie it was made for is FINALLY freaking ON!

“Everybody at StarStream Media and Destro Films are excited to finally be making this movie. We have been trying to get this script since it won the Black List in 2010 and thanks to the incredible team who kept this film alive (Bruce Cohen, Rena Ronson, Wes Jones and John Krokidas), we have the pleasure of working with Krokidas and DP, Reed Morano,” said StarStream Media CEO Kim Leadford. “We loved their 1940s aesthetic in Kill Your Darlings, and look forward to watching them build the look of the 70s; which is one of the coolest eras, in my opinion.” [x]

Young Americans is set to go into production this fall.

THANK YOU SO MUCH if you have signed it, reblogged it, shared it or done anything to gather more signatures! We definitely helped with this y’all!! Please pat yourself on the back right now!