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one of the beautiful things about this clip was the amount of respect these boys have toward sana, it’s something that you could just feel. it’s such a popular misconception people have, muslim and/or arab boys who completely disrespect girls, who think girls are inferior, not as worthy as them. people associate islam with sexism. but when sana’s brother at the end of the clip made a really clumsy and unintentionally offensive comment to his little sister, these boys were not having it, they immediately let their friend know that it was 100% wrong for him to say that, even as a joke, you don’t make that type of comment, these boys felt that it was wrong, they felt offended by elias’ comment 

these boys are the complete opposite of sexists. these boys are actually feminists. don’t you dare make a sexist comment in front of them, they’re not gonna let it slide

I love youuuuuuuuuuu too <3 I’m sorry this is so short :(


  • okay but can we talk about YOOSUNG’S MORNING VOICE????
  • “MC?”
  • “H-hi I just wanted to wish you a good day”
  • im sorry but yoosung’s raspy voice bless my soul


  • A wake up call aka making his day
  • Somedays he’ll just call you because he wants to hear your voice
  • “ Good morning Zenny!”


  • She makes her coffee while talking to you
  • Blushes a lot hearing your morning voice
  • and u kno shes blushing
  • “Have a good day at work!”


  • He’s the one who calls you
  • Calms him hearing your voice before work
  • “You always clear my mind, MC”


  • Morning calls more like seven go to freaking sleep
  • Lots of “No, you hang up first”
  • Until you really hang up
  • if u kno how i feel why would u say that


  • “MC I was sleeping”
  • hangs up on you bc the boy wants to sleep


  • “You’re so cute I don’t deserve you”

 The Owl Prince || Art Masterpost || Chapters: 3/?


Prince Dean and Prince Castiel have been betrothed for a very long time.
Close as they may have been in childhood, spending eight years apart from each other is enough to make anyone strangers yet again. When their gleeful reunion ends with a curse placed on Castiel by a vengeful witch, what lengths will Dean and Castiel go to find each other again?
Hopefully, to the stars and back.

tl;dr - The Swan Princess AU but gayer and with owls.

Story by: @thebloggerbloggerfun

Art by: @castihalo

A gift for: @whelvenwings

Read it on AO3!

Chrome: ~~And IIIIIIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuuuuuuu!!~~

Gardienne: CHROME!! WTF ARE YOU DOING?! Where did you find this?!

Chrome: What? I find this micro in Miko’s bedroom.

Gardienne: This is not a fucking micro!

Miiko: Why are you all screami….

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Happy birthday kaito! (It's also my birthday 😅) may I request DR1 boys celebrating their s/o birthday when no one else remembered? Also this blog is amazing! 😄

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! As a birthday present I’ve answered your ask before others :’) Hope you have an amazing day! Also thank you! <3

DR1 Boys & Celebrating S/O’s birthday when others forgot

Makoto Naegi

  • He was sad when he learned no one else had remembered your birthday
  • He felt that because of that he should make it extra special
  • He’d intended to start the day by making your breakfast in bed
  • And he tried his best but he didn’t plan out the cooking times properly so you ended up with some food colder than the rest
  • But you didn’t mind because it was the thought that counted
  • He took you out for the day, to the beach
  • He wanted you to be able to relax as well as make the most of the good weather
  • Bought you ice cream, took you to the arcade, and then took you out for a meal in the evening
  • It was so romantic, having the best view in the restaurant
  • You sure you can afford all this Naegi???
  • In the evening he sets up the TV at home for a film
  • Makes a large bowl of popcorn for the two of you before sitting with you and cuddling
  • You go through multiple films and end up falling asleep in his arms
  • At which point he tries to carry you to bed
  • But he’s not the strongest and ends up waking you in the process
  • Though you forgive him when he stumbles and puts you onto the bed because of his little embarrassed face
  • Cuddles you in bed again until you fall asleep

Byakuya Togami

  • He’s the sort to pretend he forgot
  • What really? It’s your birthday?
  • But would have hidden little gifts across the house
  • Strategically places them so that as you get up you come across more and more of them
  • They would start off small scale but then slowly increase in size
  • But what’s the biggest gift?
  • He’s stood at the end
  • Byakuya Togami is the best gift you could recieve
  • He just kisses you sweetly before telling you his plans for the day
  • First you will go out for lunch together
  • Then he’ll take you to multiple tourist attractions
  • He’s planned this day months in advance
  • He isn’t going to tell you that though
  • And he would set up little things to happen for you
  • When you’re out for lunch he gets the waiter to wish you a happy birthday
  • Then when you’re in a ferris wheel there’s a message on the beach for you
  • When you get home he tells you to sit and wait while he cooks for you
  • Once you’ve eaten again he runs you a bath
  • All the fanciest bath bombs and fragrances, with candles around the edge
  • Though by the time you get out he’s exhausted and has dozed off on the bed
  • So you kiss him on the cheek and whisper a thank you and goodnight

Mondo Owada

  • He wakes you up by ringing the doorbell
  • Which isn’t the nicest awakening but you know
  • But he’s on the bike, and has a seat behind just for you
  • Flashes you a winning grin and holds a helmet out to you
  • He takes you to his favourite bar
  • He’s quite the familiar there
  • And in advance he’d told the staff it was your birthday
  • So you were treated with a meal on the house
  • He had to pay for his own but that was no bother
  • There was a live band there that evening
  • And they’re written a few songs dedicated to you from Mondo’s note
  • He’d described you to them the best he could
  • You wondered why he was so keen to stay later
  • You’re blushing like crazy
  • Many love songs about you but written subtly
  • He just leans over to you
  • “This is because I don’t tell you enough, I love you, and happy birthday Y/N,”
  • The rest of the night he’s just taking you on a drive as the sun sets and letting you see the lights of passing towns and cities
  • If you see anywhere you want to go he will stop and pay for anything you want to get
  • By the time you both get home you’re too exhausted to do much other than sleep
  • He successfully carries you to bed and kisses you sweetly before promptly falling asleep himself

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • He’s definitely the formal type
  • He doesn’t plan lots of things for you to do
  • But he books a formal meal for the two of you in the evening
  • Very expensive
  • Though once he sees what you’re wearing he’s bright red and trying his best to be formal
  • He wants to make up for the fact other people had forgotten your birthday
  • So he contacted a load of your mutual friends
  • Casually half way through the meal tells you to look out the window
  • There’s a message held across multiple friends
  • Wishing you a happy birthday
  • And then a small one at the bottom apologising for their bad memories
  • He just picks your hand up and kisses it tenderly
  • Your dessert has a candle in and a message in fondant
  • ‘Happy birthday my love’
  • In the evening he’s waiting on you
  • Brings you drinks and asks if there’s anything else you want
  • 100% would give you a massage
  • Though he wouldn’t let it get suggestive because he wanted to pamper you
  • You end up so relaxed you fall asleep while he’s massaging your back
  • So he wraps a towel around you, then a blanket and lies beside you

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • He booked the day in advance
  • It was killing him not telling you what he’d planned
  • He’s found a great spa weekend deal for two
  • He paid for both tickets, and didn’t mind if you took a friend instead of him
  • But when he learned your other friends forgot he’s so sad
  • Makes sure to get you everything in the spa
  • Pays for little treats for you across the weekend
  • Though on the final evening he’s bright red when you two return to the room with low lighting, a romantic film on the bed
  • He knows what’s being implied
  • Kinda nervous
  • But he doesn’t make any move unless you suggest so
  • He gives you a manicure while you watch the film
  • Surprisingly good at it
  • Kisses each of your fingers when he finishes
  • Would definitely paint your finger nails if you asked him to
  • After the movie and that you end up kissing and cuddling a lot
  • He ends up being the small spoon
  • And falls asleep before you
  • But before he does
  • “I hope your birthday was okay for you, Y/N,”

Leon Kuwata

  • He’s not the most romantic naturally
  • He would google the best things to do
  • And weeks in advance he’d be asking about what you wanted for your birthday
  • He’d let you have a decent lie in before waking you with a simple breakfast
  • Then he’d take you out bowling
  • Just the two of you meant it got pretty competitive
  • You’d have about 3 rounds, more if he was losing
  • Then he’d buy you milkshake
  • And he’d be keen to get home in the evening
  • He’d try his best to cook you a 3 course meal
  • On dessert though he’d vanish a bit early
  • Though he’s already got you one present he had another plan
  • Once he’d cleared up he said he wouldn’t be a minute
  • And then vanish to the bedroom for a bit
  • Before calling you to join him
  • You walk in and he’s half naked on the bed surrounded by rose petals and candles lighting the room
  • He just smirks at you
  • Height of romance guys
  • Then makes sure you enjoy the night of your birthday as much as, or even more than the day

Hifumi Yamada

  • He’s usually too engrossed in the world of 2D to plan big days
  • But he makes the effort for you today
  • Takes you out to the theatre
  • You decide what you’re going to see
  • He’ll see anything if you’re interested in it
  • Even if he doesn’t follow the plot or like it particularly he loves to see you enjoying it
  • In the interval he’d buy you the treats
  • Ice cream, popcorn, drinks
  • And afterward he’d take you late night shopping
  • Decided it would be best if you chose your gift
  • He didn’t want to risk getting it wrong
  • When you get home he shows you something he made for you
  • A little manga strip
  • And it shows the development of your relationship
  • He’d been working on it for months
  • Making sure it’s accurate, and that he does you justice
  • And at the very end is a little note
  • ‘Happy Birthday Y/N,’

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • He’s sloppy with remembering most things
  • It’s a miracle he remembered your birthday
  • Though he’s super chuffed that he did
  • “Y/N-chi! Wake up! Happy Birthday!”
  • He’d have a cake for you
  • Cake for breakfast (it’s a one off so it won’t be bad, right?)
  • He’d look after you all day
  • Take you to a fayre
  • Where there’s all sorts of crafts
  • If it was muddy he’s definitely give you a piggyback
  • Would buy you a tonne of things
  • Even if it was draining his wallet
  • He was making sure you were pampered
  • If no one else remembered he was going to make up for their presents
  • Definitely buy you flower crowns
  • Would treat you to a meal in the evening
  • It wouldn’t be hugely expensive because of the amount he’d spent earlier
  • And in the evening he’d burn incense and make sure the house was quite dark so you could relax together
  • Cuddles into the evening and just endless talking
  • Before you fall asleep he kisses you and mumbles a happy birthday in your ear