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  • Me: Ugh I don’t really like when the cast does cons because it stresses me out. We never really find out any new info and things are taken way out of context.
  • Bob (regarding Bellarke): I know where we are going because I have read scripts. I will try to avoid that question.
  • Bob (if Bellamy has feelings for Clarke): I definitely think that they’re pushing the audience to think that way.

allwaswell16  asked:

Prompt: Louis and Harry are getting ready for a wedding. But they both look so good, they end up not ready for the wedding. (Yes, I read all your tags. Let's not even pretend I don't. Also, that PBC story is gold. Even though I can't imagine those sandwiches being that good. But okay.)

lol five months later i am responding to this prompt, sorry for the extreme delay!!! also, i’m afraid it turned out all weird and disjointed, but it is what it is.  Okay here we go: 

“How much time between the ceremony and the reception?” Harry asked.    

“I dunno,” Louis said.  It came out sharper than he’d intended, but he was trying to concentrate on opening the door to their hotel room, and Harry was bouncing on the balls of his feet right next to him, full of the same antsy energy he had been for weeks.  It was making Louis uneasy.  

“Did you bring the invite?” Harry asked, following Louis into the room a touch too close behind.  

“No,” Louis said, tone still too sharp.  He winced internally, dropping his bag and quickly hanging his suit in the doorless closet before pretending to investigate the bathroom so he didn’t have to see any hurt on Harry’s face. “Did you?”    

 Harry only snorted in response, and Louis could hear him shucking off his shoes and fumbling around to hang up his own suit.  He’d flopped onto one of the double beds by the time Louis shuffled back out into the room, long and lean and up on his elbows as he slow-blinked at Louis and chewed on the inside of his lip.

“Well, go on that website, then,” Louis said, ordering himself to ignore what an utter picture Harry made, all spread out on the ugly olive drab hotel comforter like he was on display.  

Lately, it almost seemed like Harry was trying to provoke him, sometimes.  Like somehow, after all these years, he’d finally figured out how Louis felt, and was trying to goad him into acting on it with his body and his eyes and his utter lack of regard for Louis’s personal space.  

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Next season I want them to do the “I say Vol and you say tron” chant again and do it properly this time. Because honestly it would be so fuckign cute to hear Lance starting it out and Keith just enthusiastically saying “-tron!” and I think about this a lot?