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When you do multiple characters in a gifset, is there a certain order you do them in? I always imagine you do James first because he looks most like you, and Remus last since he has the most makeup.

(( OOC: That’s exactly how I do it. ;) James is pretty much me, so not much to do there, then Sirius requires a little bit of eye makeup and some changes to the hair, and then for Remus I do some nose contouring and scars, so I end up going in that order. )) 

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Any chance you could translate Ishida's latest tweet where he's talking about (I presume) his recent purchases?

Not exactly recent purchases! I have no time to do it in Photoshop, so here’s a text translation:

“I thought I consumed more media this month, but when I put it all together it turned out way less than I imagined. I swear, Ashida Mana-chan must consume more stuff than I do.

・ I wanted to get the picture book, so I bought the limited edition of Nier. Haven’t started playing yet.

・I really like how Uratarou (by Nakayama Atsushi-sensei) has been progressing recently in Young Jump.

・I’m grateful that Rubber Girl have done a commentary audio track for their DVD.

・ I was so in love with the cover illustration of FEEL Young

・ that I accidentally ended up buying two”

T/N: Ashida Mana is a 12 y.o. child actress. Rubber Girl is a comedy duo. The illustration in question is this one by Kii Kanna (it’s for her new manga Mahou ga Tsukaenakutemo)


☇  hogwarts au

genre: pretty much fluff ( but maybe a lillll bit of angst??)

pairing: jimin // you

word count: 4,781

warnings: none

Description:  “hi, you don’t know me, we’re from different houses, and i’m not exactly sure how to tell you this, but i think your cat is in love with my toad??” was all you wanted to tell him. Only it goes terribly wrong when Park Jimin mistakes you for one of his one night stands. You hope that’s the last time you’ll ever speak to him, only it’s too late. Once you’re on his radar, you won’t be able to get rid of him.

A/N: inspired by a prompt i saw floating around tumblr!! although it got reaaaaally off track and long

selcouth (adj.) - unfamiliar, rare, strange and yet marvelous


“Agh!” you yelp, hopping backwards and scrambling for something to hold onto. You get a glimpse of a long, fluffy orange tail before it disappears under your bed. One of your house mates, Heeyeon, looks up from where she’s doing her Defense Against the Dark Arts homework.

“Why are you so loud?” she sighs, leaning back onto her hands. She watches as you slowly crouch down.

“That stupid cat is here again,” you say, frowning. Heeyeon slides off her bed and pads over to join you by yours.

“Again?” Both of you lift up the dark blue bed sheets that cover your bed, just in time to see a streak of orange fly out. You cry out, while Heeyeon fishes out her wand and flicks it. The door to your dorm slams shut, with the orange cat colliding into it.

Mreowwww,” it wails, scratching at the dark mahogany door. You wince at the noise. You’re sure there’s going to be scratch marks.

“How does it even get in here?” you mutter as both of you slowly walk towards it. You and Heeyeon decide to stop a good two feet away when the cat spins around and hisses at you, its fur bushing up.

“I swear, the poor cat is in love with your dumb toad,” Heeyeon comments, shaking her head. “Last time we found it, it was like kissing it.”

You glare at her. “Okay, it’s not exactly my toad. It’s Jungkook’s, and I’m just helping him look over it while he’s gone for Christmas.”

“Same thing,” says Heeyeon, tentatively using her wand to poke the large cat. It whips its head around and slashes at her.

“What the hell!” She scoots back, barely avoiding its claws. “Why is it so violent?”

“Well don’t poke at it, obviously.” You both watch as it continues to scratch at the door. A few moments later, the door swings open. 

Kyulkyung, your best friend since your first year at Hogwarts, screams, tripping over the orange blur as the cat streaks out of the room. She places a hand over her heart, her large brown eyes wide.

What in Merlin’s beard,” she gasps, “just happened?”

“Some cat keeps getting into the Ravenclaw common room and into our dorms,” you say, standing up from where you were crouching and patting down your robes.

“I’m seriously wondering how it gets in here, like you need to know the answer to the riddle,” adds Heeyeon. Kyulkyung’s eyebrows furrow.

“That cat seems awfully familiar,” she muses. “I feel like I’ve seen it around the corridors near Slytherin.”

Heeyeon wrinkles her nose. Back then, Slytherin and Gryffindor were mortal enemies. But now, it was your house, Ravenclaw, that absolutely despised Slytherin. Both houses were full of intelligent and clever students, causing a lot of competition. At first, it was just house points and academics, but soon it escalated to even Quidditch.

“That’s it!” Kyulkyung suddenly snaps her fingers, a triumphant look on her face. “I know whose cat that is.”

“Who?” you ask, heading back to your bed to collect your books for your next class of the day, which is Charms. Though it is Christmas break, classes still go on. They are easier though, the usual academic rigor gone since most students aren’t here. You take this chance to further your studies and learn ahead.

“The Slytherin hottie Park Jimin.”

You trip on your robes.


“Okay, so, how am I supposed to tell him?” Charms had just ended, and you, Kyulkyung, and Heeyeon are now entering the Dining Hall. All three of you eye the Slytherin table, eyes trained on where a certain boy is sitting with a few of his friends. You are surprised he didn’t leave for Christmas break.

“Just walk up to him and be like ‘hi, we don’t know each other, but your cat is in love with my toad, and I’d appreciate if you didn’t let it get into the Ravenclaw dorms again’ and then leave,” suggests Heeyeon, sliding into her seat at the Ravenclaw table. You nod hello to a few of your fellow housemates before sliding across from her, Kyulkyung next to you. All three of you dig into the delicious meals in front of you. There are cakes of all different kinds, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry glazed ham, lasagna, and many other dishes. 

“I can’t tell if you’re being serious,” mumbles Kyulkyung through a mouthful of food. Heeyeon blinks at her. “I am rather offended. I am being perfectly serious.”

“Blimey, the food is amazing, every meal is like my mum’s,” you say, groaning at the taste of the cranberry glazed ham. The sweetness melts slowly on your taste buds.

“But anyways,” you continue. “Are you sure it’s his cat? I don’t want to talk to him for no reason.”

“Yes, I’m absolutely certain,” sighs Kyulkyung, rolling her eyes. She stabs her fork into her carrots. “This is like the tenth time you asked me. Just trust me, will you?”

Heeyeon snorts. “Last time we did, we got caught snooping around in the Restricted Area and had to be personal slaves for Filch.”

“Okay, now that wasn’t my fault, Namjoon told me the books would be there!” Kyulkyung protests, crossing her arms.

“Please,” you say, raising an eyebrow. “We all know Namjoon is unreliable.”

“Either way,” Kyulkyung says, sniffing. “Just do it. I dare you, I’ll give you five galleons.”

You sit up immediately, leaning on your elbow and looking at Kyulkyung meaningfully. She rolls her eyes.

“Okay, fine, ten galleons.”

“Now we’re talking,” you say triumphantly, before standing up and brushing your black and blue robes. Heeyeon gapes at you. “You’re actually doing it?”

You shrug. “Why not?”

Kyulkyung snickers. “This is going to be amazing. Imagine the Ravenclaw brains going to talk to the Slytherin playboy. Legendary.”

You huff, before spinning around and marching towards the Slytherin table. You end up stopping behind Jimin, crossing your arms. No one notices you, all of them too busy talking and laughing. Finally you clear your throat and tap Jimin on the shoulders. He coolly turns around, and all his friends focus their attention on you.

He blinks at you, a lost look on his face when he takes in your Ravenclaw robes. “Yes?”

“Okay so-” you begin, only to get cut off.

“Look, um, I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, but if you’re asking me to give you another try, I’m not interested. Last night was fine, but I’m not looking for anything further than that.”


You blink at him, cheeks slowly heating up when you realize what exactly he’s talking about. Despicable Slytherins.

“God, you’re so arrogant!” You fume, face red and voice high with frustration. “Do you have that bad of self control? Why must you try to get in bed with every single girl here? Think with your brain for once instead of other body parts, will you? And to think you think I want to do- do that with you? Who do you think I am? I know my self worth, and I certainly am not low enough to stoop to your level.”

While you are speaking, Jimin frowns to his friends. “What is she talking about?”

“Jimin,” his friend Yoongi calmly deadpans. “She’s not Jihyo.”

Jimin’s blood runs cold. “What?”

“Jimin, you just ticked off and insulted one of the smartest sixth year Ravenclaws.”

Jimin curses softly.

“Wait, wait,” he interrupts your angry speech. You cross your arms, glaring at him. “I’m really sorry,” he says, having the decency to look slightly embarrassed. “I thought you were someone else.”

“Well obviously,” you comment. “Anyways, what I was trying to say is that I think your cat is in love with my - well no, not my toad, but Jungkook’s toad, and I’d appreciate if you’d keep a better eye on it because it keeps sneaking into the Ravenclaw common room.”

Everyone stares at you. 

“That’s it?” Jimin’s normal, slightly cocky persona is back as he finally focuses on you. You’re surprisingly not bad looking at all, and if you weren’t a Ravenclaw, Jimin would have categorized you as pretty, but his Slytherin pride refuses to acknowledge any good part of a Ravenclaw. He finds the annoyed look you are wearing sort of cute though, but then he shakes the thought away.

You sigh loudly, slightly exaggerating it. You shake your head while waving them off, before turning around and marching away from the table.

“Hm,” Jimin muses. “Interesting.”

Yoongi sighs. “What a bother.”


“How was it?” Kyulkyung calls out as you near their table.

“Uh, I don’t think it went very well,” Heeyeon whispers when she sees your dark thunderous look.

You pick up the nearest fork and aim it at Kyulkyung, who barely dodges it.

“Ah,” she says, scratching her head. “Was he too arrogant for you?” 

You give a little scream, marching away.

“Well,” Heeyeon says, shrugging, “I guess that’s a yes.”

Kyulkyung nudges her, pouting. “I’m going to have to owe her twenty galleons now.”


You really, really hoped that was the last time you would ever speak to Park Jimin. Kyulkyung and Heeyeon found it absolutely hilarious when you told him later that night.

Obviously, you were hoping for too much, when you realize that he’s been in almost every single one of your classes since the beginning of the year and that you’ve just never noticed. And vice versa, because now Jimin knows you, and he’s not about to let you go that easily, not when you’re an easy Ravenclaw target to irritate. He found your reactions entertaining and a breath of fresh air, because until you, no girl had behaved that way towards him.

And because of him, you were now the new hot topic of the school. It wasn’t entirely negative; new people who you found were pleasant became your friends. But that also meant that some girls were jealous of you, and all of Jimin’s friends knew you. You nearly trip down the stairs the first time Jimin says your name because how in the world did he find out?

“Y/N!” You hear your name as you exit your Charms class. It has been a week since break had ended, and now all the students are back. You are walking with Jungkook and Kyulkyung when you hear the annoyingly smooth and familiar voice. 

“Merlin’s beard, please not today,” you mutter, slightly defeated. Jungkook raises an eyebrow. “Is that Park that I hear calling your name?”

Kyulkyung snickers behind her hand, and you throw her a glare. “Yes,” you mumble, rubbing the area between your eyes. You really are not in the mood.

“Wow, what did you do to get on his radar?” Jungkook asks. You just shake your head. “Don’t even ask.”

“Hey, Y/N!” Footsteps near you, and you panic.

“Nope,” you say loudly. “Nope nope nope.”

“Stop running away from me, Y/N.” A hand lands on your arm, and you quickly jerk your arm away. Kyulkyung is giggling, and quickly drags Jungkook away. Jungkook at least has the decency to throw an apologetic look. 

What do you need?” You spin around. You are already getting ticked off.

“I have a proposal,” he begins, swiping a hand through his hair. Warning bells go off in your head. After all, your mother has taught you to never make deals with the devil.

“Nope,” you say, shaking your head. 

“Y/N, please, I’m serious,” Jimin says, sighing. He looks a bit annoyed. You’re offended, because he has no right to be annoyed at you when he has been the one doing the annoying.

“No,” you say loudly again. You then turn on your heel and then bolt off. 


“Not today, Satan!”


Jimin ends up cornering you right before dinner.

“Just listen to me!” He has an iron grip on both of your wrists so your hands can’t go to your wand. “I promise it’s nothing bad.”

You look at him suspiciously.

“What do you want?”

He let’s go of you slowly, seeing that you aren’t struggling anymore. You finally take a good look at him. He’s slightly sweaty, hair wild and sweat on his neck. His green Slytherin robes are wrapped loosely around him. You guess Quidditch practice just ended.

“Like what you see?” He smirks. You send him a look, and he bites his lips.

“Sorry. I’m kidding.”

You tap your foot. “Jimin, stop wasting my time. Just tell me what you need,” you say.

“Well,” he says, hesitantly. “I want to be friends.”

You’re not sure if you’re hearing right.


“I’m being serious.”

“But you’re a Slytherin,” you state blankly.

“Yeah, well, whatever, screw the House competitions,” Jimin shrugs. “It’s just I’ve been thinking, and I think you’re actually pretty cool. Um, no girl has ever acted the way you have, so, uh, yeah.”

You’re silent for a moment. You debate on just leaving, but when you take a closer look at Jimin’s face, you realize he’s sincere.

“Okay,” you agree. His head snaps up, surprised. 


“I said okay,” you repeat. “We can be friends.”

“Wait, really?” Jimin’s whole face brightens. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, yeah. Just don’t expect me to be so friendly yet. You’re still annoying.”

Jimin flashes you a bright smile that leaves you a bit stunned, and taps you on the head. “Thanks Y/N!”

And then he races off, leaving you standing in front of the Dining Hall in confusion.


“PARK JIMIN.” Three days later, your voice booms around the room as you fling open the doors to Study Hall. Everyone looks up, eyes wide. There is a dark thunderous about you as you stride in, books in one arm and wand in the other hand.

Professor McGonagall shoots you an unsatisfied look.

You head straight for the back of the room, where your target is sitting with Yoongi, Jungkook, and Kyulkyung. 

Jimin looks up calmly as you approach. “Hey, Y/N.”

“Don’t ‘hey’ me,” you snap, throwing down your books. “Seriously, I have to tutor you in Astronomy?”

He shrugs. “You’re like the smartest person I know. And we agreed to be friends, no? Friends help each other.”

Kyulkyung chokes.

“When was this?” Jungkook whispers, eyes as wide as saucers. Yoongi just grunts, flipping to the next page of his DADA textbook.

“I know, and surprisingly you’re tolerable. But I never agreed to tutor you. How can you just tell the professor that I would?”

“Hey, the first person I thought of at the top of my head was you, okay? I need to pass the N.E.W.T.S. Plus, you’ll get some extra credit and a House bonus.”

You groan, sliding into your seat. “But now I have to take time out of my schedule to tutor you.”

Jimin glares at you. “You’re lucky to tutor me. Every girl would kill for the chance to spend extra time with me. I’m good-looking and not stupid.””

You prop your chin up, wrinkling your nose. “Yes, but you’re also a bit of a narcissist and jerk.”

“Y/N, it won’t be that bad,” Kyulkyung says. You look at her, betrayed. She shrugs. “I’m just saying.”

You sigh. “Well, what’s done is done.” You turn your attention back to Jimin, meeting his unreadable gaze. 

“Fine,” you say. “I’ll tutor you. Every Saturday, starting nine in the morning and ending at eleven at the library. Don’t be late.” Or else.

Jimin opens his mouth, about to protest, but one look from you shuts him up. 

“Okay, okay,” he yelps. “I’ll be there.”


It’s Saturday morning, and Jimin is very, very late.

You aren’t surprised.

But that doesn’t mean you aren’t pissed beyond belief.

You sit in the back of the library, arms crossed. Books are laid out across the table, along with former test papers. Even though you weren’t exactly thrilled to tutor Jimin, you still had to uphold your responsibility. You couldn’t change anything, so why not just do your best to prepare him?

But he’s almost ninety minutes late, and you are reaching the very last straw.

Fifteen minutes later, you finally get up. You don’t even know exactly how to feel. The fact that he wasted ninety minutes of your precious Saturday mornings was unacceptable.

You flick your wand, organizing your books back and papers back into a pile and storing them in your bag. Then you head out the library.

You’re not sure if you can get any angrier when you ears catch wind of something.

“Did you hear?” A fourth year you recognize passes by, whispering to her friend. “Jimin, that super hot sixth year in Slytherin is back together again with Jihyo.”

“No way,” her friend whispers back. “I thought he was chasing Y/N.”

“Well, I don’t know, but I heard some people from Slytherin talking about it. Apparently they, uh, slept together.”

You hearing roaring in your ears, and all you can focus on is the rage you feel within yourself. The underclassmen notice you glaring at them and they shrink, quickly whispering and scurrying away.

You toss your hair over your shoulder and stalk back to the Ravenclaw common room.


“Y/N, just talk to him.”

Jungkook frowns at you as you ignore him, continuing to quietly eat your breakfast. It has been two days since the incident Jimin. You’ve successfully given him the cold shoulder, and you scoff at the fact that Jimin doesn’t even know what he did wrong.

“Y/N,” he says, shaking your arm. You place your fork down quietly.

“Why do I have to talk to him? He should be the one apologizing, but he doesn’t even know what he did wrong because all that goes through his dense head is what under a girl’s clothes!” you snap. Both you and Jungkook glance past your fellow housemates to look at the Slytherin table. 

Jimin looks up with a smile on his face, just in time to meet your eyes. A pretty girl with long dark hair and wide brown eyes is sitting next to him, stroking his cheek and murmuring sweet things into his ear. You assume it’s the girl Jihyo. His smile fades when he sees your stormy glare. If looks could kill, he would be long dead.

You stand up resolutely, appetite lost. “I’m gonna go,” you say simply to Jungkook, before collecting your robes and fleeing the Dining Hall.


“I’m sorry.

You stare skeptically at the boy in front of you. Unlike usual, Jimin is hunched over, tugging at the sleeves of his robes. The usual arrogance and confidence is gone, only guilt showing.

He had tracked you down at one of the towers, and wind gusts around both of you.

“Funny how it takes you almost a whole week and one failed test to remind you what exactly you did wrong,” you comment. “If Professor didn’t give that pop quiz, you would continue being this clueless, huh?”

“I really forgot,” he said softly. “Really.”

“Stop lying, Jimin!” You throw your arms out in frustration. “Don’t think I haven’t heard the rumors. I’m sure you had a wonderful sleep last Friday. I bet you slept so well that you forgot that I was going to tutor you last Friday.”

It takes Jimin a couple moments to understand what you mean. His expression closes down.

“Really, you actually listen to the rumors? I know it’s my fault, but don’t go around assuming things when you haven’t even heard the truth from me.” His tone is unusually angry, barely controlled. 

You wave dismissively. “Well, what am I supposed to think when you don’t even try to tell me? You didn’t even know why I was made at you.”

Jimin breathes deeply, letting out a tightly held breath. He seems to be trying to control his emotions. “Look,” he says, his voice soft again. It’s smooth and soothing, but you shake the thought away. “I’m sorry, alright? I’ll make it  up to you. I’ll treat you to like, Hogsmeade or something.”

“There’s no need,” you respond. “Just find a new tutor, Jimin.”

Then you leave before he can say anything.


You still go to the library that Saturday.

And like before, he isn’t there when you arrive. Yet you wait, because you decide that even though Jimin irks you, he deserves a chance.

Thirty minutes pass with no sign of Jimin, so you sigh and can’t help feel disappointed.

You turn around, only to crash into a warm body.

“Oof,” leaves your lips, and you stumble backwards onto the ground. A pair of shoes enters your line of vision, and a hand extends towards you. You tilt your head up, and your mouth widens.

Jimin stares back at you, dressed in a casual hoodie and dark jeans. A small smile is on his face.

“So,” you say, “you didn’t forget.”

“And you didn’t quit being my tutor.”

“Well then, let’s get into the studying.”

You find Jimin isn’t dumb at all, in fact, he’s much brighter than you expected. But you don’t know why you’re so surprised, because Jimin is a Slytherin: ambitious, clever, and resourceful.

He catches onto your studying techniques quickly, and you find the mood actually quite enjoyable.

Weeks pass by, and every Saturday, you meet Jimin at the library. He’s never late anymore, always there sitting when you arrive, a gentle smile graced on his face. Soon, two hours becomes three.

You find the previous first impressions of him slowly melting away and disappearing. The prejudice you had against him before now feels childish, because Jimin is nothing like the rumors.

Yes, he still has an ego, and still can be narcissistic and flirty, but you slowly peel away the persona he has created to discover the real Park Jimin.

Jimin is kind, soft, and gentle. You learn how protective he is over his younger brother. How he’s only dated so many girls because he felt too bad to reject them, trying to give them a chance that maybe things would work out. You learn that he doesn’t heartlessly break hearts, and tries to do so as softly as possible.

You learn that Jimin also makes mistakes, like the one time he slept with the girl, Jihyo, in a burst of moment that was too rushed for him to actually think. That was what started the following rumors. You tell him you are sorry for assuming things, but he only smiles, and his eyes crinkle up into crescents.

Jimin is also ambitious and passionate. You see this side of him when you are observing him out of the corner of your eye, when you see how focused he is, because he really wants to do well. You see this during Quidditch games, the anticipation straining in his body, the need to win.

What you don’t know however, is that Jimin is observing you too. He notices your little habits, the light tapping of your pencil when you’re restless, the way your eyelids flutter when you’re tired. He notices when you think you’re sneaky and take little peeks at him. He tries hard not to chuckle.

Soon, the lines between the both of you are blurred, when each session leads to more intimacy; the way your shoulders lightly touch, the way your bodies always gravitate towards the other’s presence, the light brushes of fingers when you’re walking in the corridors for your next class.

You’re playing dangerous games, and all it comes down to is who falls first.


“You’re so stupid.”

Jungkook grunts as you scold him. He leans on you for support, hobbling on his left leg.

“How can you fall off a broom? You’re a seasoned Quidditch player Jungkook.”

“Just stop talking,” he mutters, “and take me to Madame Pomfrey.”

You snicker, guiding him forward, when you hear voices ahead.

“Jimin, I like you.”

You tense slightly, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Jungkook, who looks at you curiously. You continue walking, turning the corner, only to back up quickly.

“What the- what the heck, Y/N?” Jungkook curses softly when you almost step on his foot. He looks up to see you peeking slightly around the corner, and tip toes to see what you are looking at.

Jihyo is standing in front of Jimin, who has his hands shoved in his pant pockets.

“Jihyo, look, that one time was a mistake,” Jimin says, shaking his head. 

“But I actually have feelings for you,” Jihyo begs quietly. Jimin is silent, staring at the ground. 

Then Jihyo steps forward, wraps her arms around Jimin’s neck, and kisses him.

You make a noise at the back of your throat, right when Jimin shoves Jihyo back. He notices you and Junkook.

“Y/N,” he says. “It’s- it’s not what -”

“Let’s go, Jungkook,” you say tightly, stepping forward. Your grip on Jungkook’s arm tightens as you near Jimin and Jihyo. Tension is thick in the air. As you walk by, your eyes lock onto Jimin’s. They flicker with unreadable emotion. Something twists in your heart, and you quickly look away.

When you are well past Jimin, your steps fast, as if you are trying to flee, Jungkook breaks the silence.

“Y/N, you like him.”

You don’t say anything back.


Two weeks go by without talking to Jimin. You don’t go to the library anymore.

Your feelings and thoughts quickly get buried down though when the teachers start increasing the workload in preparation for midterms. In a way, you are glad for something to do. Kyulkyung, Jungkook, and Heeyeon don’t prod you anymore about Jimin after you blow up at them one night in the common room.

“It’s always Jimin this Jimin that!” you had yelled, slamming down your books. “Just shut up about him, my life doesn’t revolve around a single boy.”

Jimin also seems to get the memo that you don’t want to talk to him, because he doesn’t try to approach you. You avoid going to the Dining Hall in risks of running into him. You pass him by in the hallways sometimes, and occasionally Jihyo is with him. You avoid his eyes, ducking your head down. You can feel his burning gaze on your back.

It is a snowy Valentine’s Day when you receive a letter by owl. Everyone has left for Hogsmeade, either on dates or with friends. You had declined going.

You spend the day wandering the school grounds and playing with different spells. The owl comes near noon, when it drops a white envelope into the snow in front of you.

You lean over and pick it up, slowly opening it and sliding out the letter. 

“Come to the Astronomy Tower” is written in a familiar scrawl you can’t quite pinpoint. You consider ignoring it, but curiosity get’s the better of you and you find yourself trekking up through the snowy steps to the top of the tower.

As soon as you reach the top, you immediately whirl around, heart pounding. You first instinct is run.

A gentle but strong grip encases your wrist. 

Jimin tugs you, spinning you around so you are only centimeters away from him. Puffs of his breath rises up and mixes with yours. Snow particles dust his hair, and his cheeks and nose are rosy from the cold. You realize his grip is icy cold.

“How long have you been here?” you whisper. Jimin stares down at you, eyes roaming your face.

“Long enough,” he answers.

“What if I didn’t come?” you ask. He let’s out a loose chuckle.

“Well,” he says, voice raw, “I had to try.”

His eyes flicker down to your lips, and you lick them nervously.

“Just like how I have to try this.”

And then he swoops down and kisses you.

You don’t respond at first when you feel his cold lips on yours. But slowly you give in, and you kiss him back.

When you break apart, your lips feel slightly swollen, from him or the cold, you’re not sure. Jimin leans his forehead against yours, only breaths away from your face.

“Sorry,” he says roughly. “You can hate me now. I just- I knew I would regret it if I didn’t kiss you once in my life.”

You lean back from him, feeling cold snowflakes land on your face. “You idiot,” you say, shaking your head. “I kissed you back.”

He blinks at you.  To him, you look like an absolutely angel. “Wait. So. Do you like me?”

“For someone as smart as you, you sure are dumb when it comes to feelings.”

“Says the one that ignored me for two weeks.”

“Hey! Just shut up and kiss me, Park Jimin.”

Conversation that probably happened
  • Austria: I don't think of Gilbert that way. I never have.
  • Bavaria: Why not?
  • Austria: You know exactly how it would go. Start off exciting, we would get caught up in the novelty and the hostility and the forbiddenness. Then we'd realize that the flirty hostility is just hostility. His inability to open up is no longer exciting; it's just frustrating. And then it's the inevitable blow up and the incriminations and we don't talk for half a century.
  • Bavaria: Well it certainly proves you've never thought about Gilbert that way.

k so I finally saw Beauty and the Beast and like……….. 

surely I’m not the only one who saw Beast after the spell was broken and was like

“………….tamlin the tool? is dat u?”

BECAUSE I MEAN REALLY. This is almost exactly how I imagined him after he cuts his hair shorter….

(if someones mentioned this already im sorry)

So apparently Target is selling small cards against humanity expansion packs! They have fantasy, WWE, etc. but most importantly…

the retail pack.

now look at this:

this says i get an instant 1$ rebate. and it’s on the inside. that mean i get a dollar back instantly! now just how exactly did they do that?

they put a dollar inside. a literal actual dollar. imagine my reaction when i saw a dollar inside of this little package, cause it was literally the first thing i saw.

When i saw the post that said they hid a card inside the lid of the ‘bigger blacker box’ i was a bit skeptical.

I am no longer skeptical.

the people that make this game are absolutely ridiculous.

(btw, the pack cost 4$. 3$ if you count the dollar you get back)


lit otpsmorrigan & azriel (a court of thorns and roses)
Mor looked at Azriel and there was real fear there. Fear and something else. She didn’t stop moving until she again kneeled beside him and pressed a hand to his wound. Azriel hissed but covered her bloody fingers with his own.


mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL


After the Invasion

So you know how there’s all these posts about how aliens invade Earth only to realize that Earth is a death planet and/or Space Australia as the flora, fauna, weather, and natural disasters kill them off and traumatize them? Well, imagine that the alien invaders finally give up and leave Earth. What chases them off? I imagine that the resistance starts putting out information on cryptids. It’s the last straw for the invaders, especially since even the human inhabitants native to Earth seem to be confused about exactly how dangerous said cryptids are, and so the aliens have no way to be prepared to face them. Morale plummets (even further) and alien command has to call off the invasion due to the public outcry, making history as the first time this group of aliens has retreated from an invasion.

The surviving humans soon realize that the honor of chasing off that group of aliens has attracted a lot of attention from other groups of aliens. Some of these aliens are looking at possibly invading.  Others want to work with humans to turn Earth into a space vacation-destination. In order to discourage invaders while simultaneously attracting curious tourists, much information about the animals most infamous among the invaders is made readily available to the alien community in general, along with a lot of information on cryptids. Information on non-cryptids and cryptids is presented to aliens in much the same way, and the humans never clarify which are which, so many invaders are too scared to try and invade, while many tourists are intrigued by the potential mystery.

Of course, the tourists are horrified to learn that the hippopotamus is not, as they had thought, a cryptid.  

Signs as Book Genres and Why

Capricorn would be a nonfiction book because they’re always keeping things real. They’ll almost never try to sugarcoat anything, which means that they’ll tell you the truth, weather it’ll hurt your feelings or not. Also, they inform people that don’t know the facts of a situation; mostly to people who are just being plain ignorant.

Aquarius would be a folktale/lore book because they like to imagine more of the world than it is, already. No, I’m not saying Aquarians are aliens or believe in them, but they may like to believe other creatures or people are here that we can’t see. These types of tales usually have things that some people believe in but others don’t. However, they do provide information that could make these creatures seem like they possibility could be here. That’s exactly how an Aquarian thinks; if there’s facts claiming that it might exist, then it should be roaming the earth, somewhere.

Pisces would be a fairytale book because they like to believe in good things and beings. For example, that the tooth fairy gives you money when you lose a tooth or that Santa comes to give you presents under the Christmas tree if you’re a nice kid. Even if they wanna see good things in the world or they only want to see good things, that doesn’t mean that they don’t see the world in front of them, how it can be so cruel. That’s why they always want to have a positive outlook on life so they can finally see the world as a great place.

Aries would be an adventure book because they always need to be active and doing something. They need to have action all the time otherwise, it would just be boring. They can’t really sit around and do nothing, they need to be able to move around. They need to do anything that would bring memories, that would be dangerous, that would be against someone else’s morals. Although, they know when it’s going too far and can control themselves at any time. 

Taurus would be a biography book because they like to talk about their lives and themselves. I’m not saying Taurus are conceited (but some of them can be), I’m just saying they like to tell stories. Although, most of the stories they know is about themselves. Their stories are usually interesting and can make you feel bad for them, be afraid, surprised, basically, every emotion you have.

Gemini would be a historical fiction book because they love history. They absolutely love what happened before the present and how it started. Although, they like the past and all the facts, they like to make up their own stories. When they don’t know something about the past or how something was made/happened, etc, they make up their own stories. Well, let’s not use the words “make up”, let’s use the word “theorize”. That’s what these Gemini do, they theorize. If something weird happens around them, the theorize what made that happen in the first place.

Cancer would be a crime novel/book because they are somewhat a mystery. Eventually, though, someone will figure out who they actually are. Like crime mysteries, someone has gone missing and detectives are trying to figure out who they are. Imagine a sibling or significant other or anybody even remotely close to a Cancer is the detective and they’re trying to figure out who Cancer is. It takes a while but if you’re patient enough and hang on to the Cancer long enough, you’ll figure them out.

Leo would be a horror story because they love the feeling of being scared. They also love scaring other people, just to see how they’d react. You know the adrenaline rush you get when you’re scared or you feel someone’s chasing you or anything like that? That feeling is the best for a Leo. They love feeling that they need to be in a rush or they have to get away because they gets them active and ready for when it actually happens. Scaring people, however, is a different story. They need to know how others will react in certain situations, so they like to get that reaction out of people at all times. To see who’s more reliable, to see who’s the toughest, to see who’d help them out, etc.

Virgo would be a realistic fiction book because they like to be realistic about everything. Even when they make up ideal scenarios for themselves, they’ll almost always stay realistic and if they aren’t, they’ll just criticize they’re idea all around. They need to be sure that whatever they want to do can actually happen if they do certain things to get to that situation. Of course, like most scenarios people make up, they don’t come true but even knowing that they won’t. Virgos will always still try to make it realistic so maybe it will happen one day in their lives.

Libra would be a talltale story because they just like to think of anything but the outside world. They really don’t like the outside world right now or ever depending on who you’re dealing with so, they like to think of made up creatures. There is nothing to back up these creatures being real, it’s just something that sounds like a five-year-old made up from a dream. It’s fun to Libras to make up their own stories too about how a monster with knife hands can cut the world in half or something of the matter.

Scorpio would be a mystery book because they are absolutely a mystery. Don’t give me that look like I’m being clique like all the other Tumblr zodiac users, just hear me out. Yes, these Scorpians are a pure mystery to most but to some, they know all their little secrets. You know how when you read a mystery book and people that are half way done theorize but people that are done with the book know the answers? That’s how Scorpians friends and family work. If you only know some of these guys, then all you can do is guess. However, if you know their secrets and why they feel a certain way about everything, then you can just be there for them and you don’t even have to guess why they do anything.

Sagittarius would be a picture book because they’re short and simple. They can also be informative if you look at them the right way. Sagittarius are kinda predictable in some ways but in other ways, it’s hard to know what they even do half of the time; this can be the same for picture books. Sometimes you know the message the book is trying to project but other times, you get completely lost at what it’s trying to tell you. Also, picture books will tell you almost anything because of the pictures. Glancing at the picture will only let you get a little of the story but analyzing it will let you know everything that’s happening; this concept can be the same for a Sagittarius.

i found this post in my drafts and have ZERO memory of writing it (thank u alcohol) so im gonna put it in my queue lol
  • ok but imagine 
  • Bitty comes out to his parents but he doesn’t tell them about Jack, thinks it’s for the best, maybe to ease his parents into things or maybe to keep the pool of People Who Know as small as possible 
  • and like yeah Ransom and Holster are super oblivious but Suzanne Bittle is not, not when it comes to her son, because she is a certified Nosy Southern Mother and she can see he’s been acting differently, happier but quieter, always on his phone and blushing when she asks about boys
  • and he talks about the team a LOT 
  • Jack’s one of his best friends and he’s just started his NHL career, so of course Bitty’s never gonna shut up about Jack
  • (Same goes for Shitty and law school. And eventually Ransom and med school. Dicky is proud of his friends and wants everyone to know. He gets that trait from Suzanne, she understands)
  • but he keeps talking about this one Boy, how sweet he is and how his smile is like a sack of puppies and how bitty’s always making this boy do things with him like baking and getting froyo and going shopping and Suzanne is like. Yes. This must be Dicky’s secret boyfriend. 
  •  the next family weekend or whatever, Suzanne demands to meet this Chowder boy who’s stolen Bitty’s heart
  • Bitty is both confused and mortified

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Okay but thinking about my reaction to Darth Vader in Rogue one like… it kind of goes to show you JUST HOW IMPRESSIVE the writing and acting in the originals was and how they were able to work around their limited effects of the time because you never see Vader wrecking shit like that in the originals but you always KNEW HE COULD? 

Like the entire originals you sit there like “Oh man this guy is a scary motherfucker I can just imagine the shit he could do”

And then you see Rogue One and its like. “Yep. Thats what I thought he could do. Thats exactly what I always knew he could do.”

Imagine the Paladins seeing Pidge’s statues of them like

  • Shiro would be a proud Space Dad like “I like how you improvised with the materials you were given.  The proportions are correct; they’re extremely detailed.  Very impressive, Pidge.”
  • Lance would immediately hug her, “ADMIT IT, YOU MISSED ME!”  Until she bat his hands away and pried herself from his grip.
  • Keith would be all pouty because it looks exactly like him and holy shit he does have a mullet.  
    • “I don’t look like that >:(” 
    • “Actually you do”
  • And Hunk would be hurt like “You didn’t make one of me? :((”
    • “Nothing’s better than the original, Hunk.” 
  • “Awwwww -wait.  Was that a dig at the rest of us???  PIDGE????”
Wait do Alteans know what gay is?
  • But could you imagine Lance coming out?
  • Lance: Hey guys? I'm hella gay
  • Hunk: Knew it dude
  • Pidge: Yeah man you aren't exactly subtle
  • Shiro(because he is a polite bby): We don't love you any less
  • Keith: *Quietly freaking about bc what the fuck?????? How didn't he notice??*
  • Allura & Coran: wait what's a gay?
dating Sherlock would involve:

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-him teaching you how to dance (“practicing” being an excuse to dance with you)

-little to no PDA

-“sherlock! you almost shot me!” “but I didn’t.”

-you punching Donovan for her insults

-having bad habits which Sherlock keeps pointing out

-him instantly knowing if you feel sad or angry

-him knowing exactly what to do to fix it

-shoving food in his mouth if he refuses to eat

-getting very jealous when irene comes around

-him indirectly assuring you he wouldn’t choose anyone other than you

-john freaking out when he finds out you two are dating

-john finding out by walking on you two having a make out session (which happens rarely)

-john threatens to kill Sherlock if he breaks your heart

-you occasionally punching Sherlock if he gets on your nerves with his attitude

-often slapping him to get him out of his mind palace

-you both trying to please each other

-because you both know you’d be depressed without each other

-although there’s little affection to your relationship you and Sherlock know you love each other dearly and neither of you would give the other up.

February, 1891

“Cora, you know I am not particularly poetic in my affections at the best of times. But I must tell you…how much I have come to admire you and…and…”

“Oh Robert, please…it doesn’t need to be said.”

“But it does, dammit! I love you, Cora. You have become my home as much as Downton. You have made me a better, kinder man and I love you for it…”

"Don't Hurt Her"

A/N: This was requested by a lovely angst-loving anon! My first angst-heavy imagine! I hope it came out to your liking!


WARNING: Spoilers (kinda), torture (bloodless)
Also: I wasn’t sure how to fit this into the canon movie events, so let’s just create a little alternate universe for this one-shot

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95- “Don’t hurt him/her”
You weren’t exactly sure how you got here.
By some force, your wrists were suspended above you, and your feet couldn’t touch the ground.

You tried to move, but it was as if your mind was completely independent from your body.
You willed yourself to move, even a finger, but to no prevail.

All you seemed to be able to control were your eyes, which were, of course, blindfolded.
How did this happen?

You concentrated hard on what you could remember, attempting to maintain your levels of panic.

You were walking down the streets of New York, hand in hand with…who were you with?
You commanded yourself to focus.
You remembered a pain like nothing you’ve ever felt. Like someone had taken something ten times hotter than the sun, and lit your blood on fire with it.

You had just felt it a minute ago…no, an hour ago?

Time felt insignificant wherever you were.
You remember walking down broadway with someone, and by some series of events, ended at the mercy of someone whose face seemed so blurry to you right now.

Your ear picked up heavy footsteps in the background. Or was it in front of you?
The sounds grew louder, and louder still, until it was all around you from every angle. Then, they halted.

And that’s when you heard his voice.
“Now, what was a pretty young no-maj like you, wandering around with the magic folk?”

You’re not sure how you recognized that voice, you couldn’t pair it to any face or any name, but something about when he spoke sent chills up and down your spine.

You felt cold fingers grab your chin, and forcefully yank you closer.
“It’s not polite to neglect your superior while he’s talking to you. Now I’ll ask once again. What, is a pretty young thing like you” and suddenly the blindfold was ripped from your face, and a harsh, fluorescent light flooded the room.

“Walking around with a wizard?”
Finally, your eyes focused, and landed on a graying man with a peculiar haircut.
And everything came rushing back.
“Tell me again about this amazing little creature!” You pet the small tree-looking creature in your hand.

Newt walked by your side, one hand in his pocket, the other, firmly grasping a worn briefcase, his gaze slightly downward.
“He’s a Bowtruckle, one of the friendliest and reliant of them, in fact.”

“He’s so small”
“Yes, it makes him rather convenient to travel with. He’s pocket sized!” Newt chirped, patting his breast-pocket proudly.

“And absolutely fascinating! He’s completely self aware, I’ve never seen anything like it.”
You passed by a woman, who glance over to you and audibly gasped.
Newt jumped in reaction and took the Bowtruckle back.

“Forgive me, but I’m already in dubious amounts of trouble showing you my creatures, I can’t risk the entire city parading this guy around town” you were rather disappointed, but complied.

“Speaking of which, you said there is a law that we, the non magic people, can’t communicate with you wizards? Isn’t that a bit unreasonable?”
“Oh it’s completely foolish, but this is not my country, so I feel obliged to defy it’s silly rules.”
“I don’t want to get you in trouble, Newt.”
“Don’t worry…I have everything completely under control.” He said without a hint of confidence. You shrug.

“If you say so”
Almost as if the universe was eavesdropping on your conversation, you felt a sudden shift of attitude in your body.

It was indescribable, in one instant you were completely aware, but now, it was becoming harder and harder to focus.

“Woah…” you stumbled a bit, and caught Newt’s arm, steadying yourself.
“You alright?” He supported you the best he could.
You fought the drowsiness overtaking you, but eventually, you gave in to the blissful feeling.
Newt noticed you had gone rather quiet.
“(Y/N)? I asked if you were alright?” He gently shook your arm, still hanging into him.
“Oh, of course” You looked at him, with an utterly relaxed expression. For a second, you almost looked happy.

But something was different.
“Are you sure? You seem to be…lost in your thoughts” Newt questioned, becoming more suspicious with every word.

“I feel fine. In fact, I just realized I have to be somewhere.” You turned suddenly, but he stepped in front of you.

“Allow me to walk with you”
“That’s unnecessary. I really must go” you easily dodged him as he tried to grab your arm to stop you again.

He watched you away, analyzing your sudden change in body language.
Something was definitely different. And he didn’t like it one bit.
“You, mind controlled me? How?!” You spat, utterly disgusted with your captor.
“A simple…well actually not so simple spell. Honestly, you no-maj’s make it far too easy”
“You reached into my body and took control, what kind of dark magic allows this?”
“Only the most powerful kind. But this is beside the point, and frankly, I’m surprised you’re still upset.”

“Yuh-huh I’m still upset, now let me go!” You will yourself to pull away, but your muscles were completely out of your control.

“Now now, fighting will only make this harder. That man you were with, he was carrying a rather peculiar case, was he not?”
You purse your lips together, making it clear you weren’t going to talk.

A few seconds passed, when the man ultimately got bored, he pulled out his wand and pressed the tip to your throat.

“I’m not going to stay this pleasant and patient with you forever young lady.” Another chill ran down your spine, yet your lips never wavered.
At that instant, his expression turned dark.
You had a feeling what was coming next.
“Have it your way. Crucio” he whispered the spell in a monotone.

An intense pain filled your body, and you started screaming louder than anything you’d ever screamed in your life. You immediately recognized the sensation, this was not the first time he’d used this on you. How could you not remember?

The moment left as quick as it came, and you were left with an exhaustion like no other. Your forehead was with beaded sweat.

“See, that doesn’t have to happen again if you would just answer a few simple questions. Where is the location of the man you were walking with. Where is Mr. Scamander?” he hissed.

You willed yourself not to open your mouth, and it took every last ounce of the strength you had left.

“Crucio” he mumbled again, his tone growing more frustrated.
If it was possible, this pain was even worse the second time. It was as if white-hot knives pierced every inch of your body, and at any moment, it would rip you to shreds.
But it didn’t stop there.

The pain continued until you couldn’t even comprehend where you were anymore. Your eyes were squeezed shut, and every one of your thoughts were dedicated to this pain.
Finally, the fire vanished, and your vision came back to you.

At least the man had the decency to look uncomfortable as he tortured you.
“Listen to me, you think I want to do this to you? I only need information, and I will let you go free. Honest. Now, will you comply?” You were on the verge of sobbing right then.

You wanted to tell him. You wanted to give up so badly, just so you would never have to feel that ever again.

But you couldn’t betray Newt and his creatures, you knew they meant the world to him, and you owe him that for how he let you into his life.
His wand returned, pressed to your neck, and you saw a hint of frustration behind his eyes.
“Don’t be foolish, girl. This isn’t your battle…don’t fight”

In that moment, you thought it was over. Your entire future, any possible future with Newt, all of it was about to vanish in front of your eyes.
You let another sob escape from your lips as he lifted his wand your forehead.

Just as you closed your eyes, bracing for the next blow, the heavy, metal door swung open in a swift kick.

It was Newt.

Your relief was short lived, as the curse was once again activated.
You couldn’t hold in another ear-piercing scream.

“STOP!” He howled, as if it hurting him rather than you.
“Graves please, don’t hurt her!”
Your captor turned to him, a smile twisting onto his face.

“How fine of you to drop by Mr. Scamander.”
“Let her go, now! She has nothing to do with this, it’s between you and me!”
The pain suddenly stopped, but you could feel yourself getting weaker.
“Newt…” you breathed, not sure if it was out of relief or desperation.

“(Y/N) I’m s-sorry…I’ll get you out o-of here”
Graves turned toward Newt, wand raised lazily at him.
“You have brought something very dangerous into my country, it is time you face some consequences for once. Give me the beasts.” Newt stared in horror at the man, then to his case, then to you.

“Don’t, Newt…don’t do it.” you were barely audible, but something about the fragility in your voice made him utterly infuriated he ever let anything happen to you.
“Alright” he finally said, defeated.

Arguably a little surprised, Grave
lowered his wand, and approached the case.
When his fingers enclosed around the leather handle, something inside Newt snapped.
“Expelliarmus” he said quickly, catching the American wizard off guard. Then with a silent and clean flick of his wand, Newt sent him flying into the wall, and he crumpled to the floor in a heap of unconsciousness.

Suddenly, you felt a curse being lifted from your body, and you fell onto the hard floor. You’ve never been so happy to be grounded in your life.
“(Y/N)” Newt called in a panic, practically running over to your figure on the floor and pulled you into his lap.

“You…have n-no idea how great it is to s-see you” you smiled warmly at him, and you tried to sit up, but groaned loudly in the effort.
“Don’t move, please. I can’t believe I let this happen, I should’ve come sooner…I shouldn’t have let him take you away I-” he rambled, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Don’t worry…I’m fine, just a bit tired” your eyelids began to drop, but Newt shook you in response.

“Don’t fall asleep on me…I’ll get us out of here.”
He reluctantly pulled away from your side to pick up his case and Graves’ discarded wand.
You lifted yourself to your elbows with incredible amounts of effort.

“Is he…you know?” You asked, dreading either answer.
“No, just temporarily unconscious. I should’ve hurt him” he balled his hands into fists, struggling with the thought that you suffered a hundred times more than he did.
He should’ve been the one being tortured in this room, not you.

“What…what did he do to me?”
“Something that should never be done to anyone ever, it’s unforgivable. We’ll turn him over MACUSA, after getting you to safety”
You nodded, and then, you felt an overwhelming surge of emotion.

You started to sob uncontrollably, reliving the scene and the pain all over again. Newt gathered you into his arms, rocking you back and forth, fighting back his own tears.
“I know…I know. You’re safe now, I won’t let anything happen to you ever again”

You struggled to calm yourself, but you would become hysterical again whenever you pictured that face.

You were safe now, you thought to yourself.
It was all over, and you would never feel that pain ever again. Newt wouldn’t allow it.
You were safe.

You were finally safe.