and this is definitely something skye would do

Hypocrisy, Betrayal, Redemption

I love the character Grant Ward.  BUT I do agree that he has done some horrible things.  He has also done some good things.  He is NOT a psycho nor a sociopath.  He cares about people, if he did not the whole team would be dead.  He can show remorse, he tried to commit suicide several times, that is not something a sociopath would do.  He is a spy, one of the best, and very capable and very effective.  So it is kind of crazy that those skills are held against him on a SPY show.  He is very loyal and unfortunately he followed the wrong person, John Garrett, who if one is going to throw out the words sociopath or psycho, Garrett is definitely closer to the front of the line for those labels. 

Ward did kidnap Skye a couple of times, and kill many people for SHIELD and for Hydra.  Those are bad.  He also saved the team many times and although he tells Raina that is was to maintain his cover, I really think he is saying that to cover up his “weakness” (you know the compassion Garrett kept harping on Ward about, calling it a weakness and using it to control him).  No one would have been like “Ward, you let Jemma Simmons sacrifice herself. You could have jumped out of a plane and saved her. *gasp* because you didn’t you must be hiding something, you must me Hydra!!!"  UMMMM, NO.  He jumped out and saved her because he cared about her.  He protected Fitz (and Fitz protected him back) on their mission together because he cared about him too.  He did not shoot May when he was trying to get Skye and the  hard drive even though he realized they would most likely meet again and she would know he betrayed them and she would try to kill him, but he cared about her too.  He did not put a bullet in Fitz or Simmons heads, he could not hide them on a plane full of Hydra soldiers and murderous John, so he ejected them from the plane in a pod that was supposed to float.  Yes, it was a horrible thing, but it was better than a bullet or waiting for John to finish the job.

Yes, the team has a right to be livid with him and yes they do not have to forgive him, but redemption is not contingent on the forgiveness of wronged parties.  Yes, it is good to attempt to attain forgiveness from those one has wronged, but getting it or not does not negate the ability to seek and work towards redemption.  Agent Hand and Eric cannot give forgiveness because they are dead, but Ward can still try to be a better person and stop killing people.

What gets me though is the hypocrisy of the team when it comes to Ward.  Keeping a prisoner in inhumane conditions because you have a grudge is wrong.  Coulson trying to sell Ward out to his abusive brother, not getting him help after his suicide attempts, and then threatening to brainwash him with the TAHAITI project is WRONG.  Coulson lying to everyone, sacrificing people to get a Quinjet (Izzy and Idaho were unaware what they were signing on for, that is not right), putting his whole agency in danger because he will not take the time to get better intel are just a few examples of Coulson’s hypocrisy.  The team hates Ward for blindly following Garret, yet May and Skye blindly follow Coulson.  Skye says SHIELD is better than Hydra yet SHIELD winds up doing exactly what Skye accuses Hydra of (shooting Donnie Gill because he cannot be controlled).  Jemma throws her lab partner under the bus while undercover and tries to help Hydra contain Donnie Gill.  Yes, she is undercover, but still not great stuff.  Sometimes spies and the covers they have require not great actions.  Fitz is also not as morally superior as he was.  He tortures a prisoner.  Taking Ward’s oxygen was cruel, he did it out of anger and revenge.  Yes he has a right to be livid with Ward, but taking his oxygen was wrong.  Skye mocking Ward’s suicide attempts and shooting him 4 times was wrong.  May fracturing his larynx was wrong.  Simmons threatening to kill him was wrong.  Coulson taking Kara hostage and threatening to brainwash Ward, something he was livid with Fury for doing to him, is wrong.  Hunter, who barely knows Ward, yet calls him a psycho is funny because Hunter is a mercenary.  What do mercenaries do?  Take money for doing "dirty” job, usually for the highest bidder, not always (probably rarely) making sure the highest bidder is good or that the job is moral.  Hunter also betrayed the team, of course not nearly on the same level as Ward, but hey, he ain’t perfect either.  Look they all have a right to be angry with Ward, they do not have to forgive him, BUT they are not all morally superior.  Many have been hypocrites.  Many have lashed out in anger or vengeance at Ward. 

I like Ward because I see someone who can be better, who can and will and even did protect those he cares about.  He is a natural protector and is very loyal.  If he can learn to be loyal to the right ideals, things, or people.  He might not have been brainwashed (we really do not know for sure) but he was manipulated and possible conditioned by Garrett, even abused by Garrett.  Garrett was like a father figure to him and he desperately NEEDED one.   He was also abused by his brother, mother, and possibly other family members.  Those are not excuses for actions, but they do shed light on the psyche of Grant Ward and I think if the team would take those circumstances into account they might be able to let go of some their anger and start healing.  Understanding does not erase past wrongs but it helps them ease the hold they can take when one becomes consumed with anger from betrayal. 

So I would just like everyone to stop being hypocrites.  It is a SPY show.  Everyone has a body count and all have done bad or morally gray things.

A Biochemical Chain of Events

Pairing: Skye/Simmons (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Summary: Skye asks the tough questions. Simmons does her best to explain.

Words: 1,411 (just a drabble!)

Notes: I haven’t quite caught up on all the episodes yet, but I am slowly falling in love with all these characters… especially Fitz and Simmons, my darling little science babies. I haven’t really starting seriously shipping anyone yet, but I have seen a lot of talk of Skimmons on my dash, so I figured I’d give those two a shot.

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How I Feel About Grant Ward

I’ve been quiet on this topic, because I don’t really like confrontation, but whatever. 

First off, I want to say that I have loved Grant Ward since episode 1, and he is my favorite character in the show. 

Here is how I feel:

Do I believe Grant was abused by his family?

Yes. (And I have a very vivid and rampant imagination, which has come up with a whole horrible back story for him that I will talk about a different time)

Do I believe Garret abused and manipulated him?

Again, yes. 

Do I believe Grant Ward was brainwashed?

Maybe not in the traditional way Bucky or Agent 33 were, but there was definitely some kind of conditioning type thing going on with Garrett. Grant went with Garrett when he was a teenager, which means his brain was not fully developed. His identity was still being formed. And Garrett dropped him off in the middle of the woods, alone, with no one but him for human interaction. And Grant was so grateful for being “saved” that he formed his identity around Garrett. So yes, I believe there was definitely some kind of Stockholm Syndrome kind of thing happening.

Do I believe Grant Ward was trying to save Fitz and Simmons?

Yes. I do. If he truly wanted them dead, he would have out two bullets in their brain. And I am not excusing what he did, I know it was wrong and had horrible consequences for both Fitz and Simmons. But people need to remember that Mike Peterson was on the plane, and if Garrett realized that Grant saved them, then he would have sent Deathlok after them, and they wouldn’t have stood a chance against him. Again, this doesn’t excuse what he did, but it is a reason.

Do I ship SkyeWard?

Yes. They are one of my OTPs.

Do I want SkyeWard together now, as they are in the show?

NO! Right now, in my opinion, they would be toxic to/for each other. If I want to think about them together, I read fanfiction. It makes the pain slightly bearable. 

Do I think Grant has a slightly creepy obsession with Skye at the moment?

Sorta. I truly believe Grant has feelings for Skye. But I also think he transferred his loyalty from Garrett to Skye. I don’t know if its just the way Brett Dalton is acting it, but it does come off sorta creepy. 

Do I believe Grant is truly trying to help Skye and the team, or does he have another agenda?

I think its both. There is definitely something else going on, but I also thinks he genuinely wants to help the team, in particular Skye. 

Do I think he was trying to play Coulson with the whole “on the team thing”?

I don’t think he was trying to play him. I don’t know if its a mental thing, where he actually believes it, or he was trying to appeal to something in Coulson, anything to not get sent back to his brother, who he is AFRAID of. 

Do I think he would have tried to escape of he wasn’t being handed over to his brother?

No. I think he would have stayed in that basement, being a prisoner. I think he only escaped because he didn’t want to go back to his abuser.

Do I think Grant Ward needs to be punished for his crimes?

Yes. I believe he needs to be punished, and he should be in jail. I just think he should have been in an actual jail, and not kept in a basement, where it appears he was denied some of the rights other prisoners get.

Do I think Grant Ward can be redeemed?

Yes. I do.

This got really long, and I am sorry if its sort of rambly, but its what I feel. You don’t have to agree. That is what is so great about fandom. We don’t all have to agree on everything. This show is so complex, and everyone gets to have an opinion on it. 

What I do expect is respect. You don’t have to like my opinion, but you do not get to belittle me for it. If you want to know how I feel, just ask. If you want to tell me why you think I’m wrong, tell me nicely. I will listen to you, out of respect. But don’t expect to change my mind.

If you throw hate my way, or start insulting me for my opinion, I will ignore you. I deal with babies, toddlers, and kids all day, I can handle Tumblr. I will tell you what I tell them: Ignore them. Ignore what you don’t like. These people have a right to their opinions. Don’t confront them. You probably won;t change their minds. Stay within your fandom bubble, and be happy there. Let other people enjoy theirs. 

At the end of the day, these are fictional characters. We can enjoy them, argue about them, even love them, but we don’t have to introduce more hate into the world because of them. 

Everyone’s opinion counts. Let’s respect that.

If you are still reading this, Thanks. 

If you have any questions, ask me, please. I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love to everyone!

Final Thought on Grant Ward: The boy needs some therapy.

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SkyeWard prompt - that "OTP's kid gets lost in ball pit" post that's everywhere (btw I <3 your blog)

these prompts are from like a month ago and i’m really late but here it is anyway!! also i didn’t mean for the sad it just kind of happened?? and thank you!

“Are these things even legal?”

“…ball pits in the mall?”

Grant nodded, “They can’t be sanitary,” he frowned, crossing his arms at the sight in front of him.

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dinosaysrawr-14  asked:

Idk if this is a stupid prompt suggestion, but when Viktor talked about how fragile a skater's heart is, it suggests his own heart was broken like that (maybe yakov gave him ultimatums like Viktor tried to do with Yuuri); what if Viktor still stresses over his past? no matter how hard he tries to cover it up he has nightmares and wakes up anxious with Yuuri there to comfort him?

Oh, we seem to have had the same thought!

The way Victor was talking about skater’s glass heart definitely sounded like he knew that from experience, at least to me. 

It’s not a stupid prompt suggestion at all! 

In fact, I have this little feeling that it had something to do with Victor’s change in style - I’m mostly talking about the haircut and the change in the costume choice; the feminine costumes disappeared in favour of more “manly” ones. 

Yuuri comforting his anxietes would be so incredibly sweet!!

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is there any hope for skyeward anymore? :(( if there is, id love the hear it

I’m sorry it took me so long to answer your question, I was very busy and only got around to sorting through everything that was in my inbox now.

I know it’s looking very hopeless right now. The twist they pulled with Ward at the end of Season 2 felt like a hit to the stomach and I know that several people are not watching the show right now and I know that lots of those who do don’t have much hope for Skyeward anymore. And there’s also been as good as nothing from the actors or writers that indicated that Skyeward is still on the table, except for Brett being Skyeward AF of course. This is not even surprising, however, considering that they are going to pull through the mess that is Skye/Daisy and Lincoln regardless of how fans are reacting, so they are going to promote it, and the actors have to promote what they are given on the show. Still, there are little things they say that still give me hope, like Brett saying that Ward is still devoted to Skye or Chloe saying that she thinks that deep down, she hasn’t written Ward off yet, although she would never let that show. They’re definitely not ship baiting us, but that’s actually something I think I’m rather glad about. Ship baiting is never a good sign.

I just hope that these writers know what they are doing. I don’t think that Ward being on this dark and dangerous path right now is his endgame–I think that this is only the beginning or rather middle part of his story. I don’t think that this is it yet, and there are several factors that prove to me that Ward is absolutely not beyond redemption yet.

I don’t think that they’ve just thrown away something that has been built up since 1x01. Chloe has been cast in part because of her chemistry with Brett, they had a chemistry test, and their story seemed to have been “ending” when it was just about to start. During Season 2, Skye had guarded her feelings quite a lot, not letting it show how hurt she was and rather focused on hating, being angry with Ward. But I don’t think that these feelings have just vanished. You can only hate someone as much as you love them. I think that deep down, these feelings are still there, and I think that she won’t be able to push them away for much longer. The day will come when these feelings break back through the surface, the question is just how and when will it happen. I hope that I will happen sometime this season because I don’t think that the writers can allow themselves to taunt and drag us along any longer. Trying to drag shippers along this way usually never works on the long run, they will have to learn that lesson.

There were still moments when just a hint of Skye’s feelings for Ward came through. When she asked him if he’d been brainwashed–you could see the flicker of hope in her eyes that this might be the truth for the fraction of a second–and there definitely was a moment between them during Raina’s “It’s love” speech. When they were looking at each other in 2x18, they were also sharing a moment. Brett said at a con how Chloe and him almost didn’t need much directing when shooting this scene because they were perfectly working together, which only stresses the fact how special their chemistry is. And in 2x19, when Ward told them how the things he regrets the most is destroying the team, Skye looked at him, having tears in her eyes, before pulling up her walls yet again and becoming defensive by saying how she didn’t regret shooting him. This is Skye making sure she won’t trust him again, making sure he won’t be able to break her heart again.

Then the scene when she showed off her powers in front of him, course. This wasn’t hatred anymore, even when she was telling him that he’s lucky that she didn’t try to kill him again. She was making bedroom eyes at him. And Ward had a real Quake boner during that scene, just saying.

Even when Mack told her about Hunter going after Ward in 3x02, there was that small shadow on her face for just the fracture of a second, so full of insecurity and conflict. On one hand, she doesn’t want Hunter to get hurt, and I’m sure she is mad at Ward for what he’s done to Bobbi as well, but I think that part of her doesn’t want Hunter to kill Ward, even though she would never admit that out loud–or to herself. Daisy also referenced to herself as a “monster”–I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking about “monsters together”. They even wear coordinated clothing. All the parallels! Do I need to say more?

The epic ones are always the hard ones. And while I feel like they are wasting SO MUCH potential when it comes to Skyeward, I still hope that it’s not the end and that their feelings will resurface soon. So, yes, I definitely still have a lot of hope for them. I just can’t help myself anyway.

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Their ringtones for each other

Whenever Bobbi calls Hunter, Sympathy for the Devil starts playing. And when Hunter calls Bobbi? I’ll Make a Man Out of You. Trust me on this. 

Their FB relationship status

Divorced, atm. But Hunter definitely tried to change it to ‘It’s Complicated’…. and Bobbi threatened him with bodily harm.

Whether they are addicted to couples selfies

“Me? Take selfies? A real man would never do something so-”

All of a sudden Bobbi takes out an entire photo album of couples selfies and shows the whole team. 

Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together

Skye ships ALL THE SHIPS. So, she is totally on board. Simmons finds their bickering cute. May does not approve one bit. 

Who overshares intimate relationship details

Let’s just say, Skye and Simmons are completely shocked during girls’ night…

(Wait, the CAR WE WERE LITERALLY JUST SITTING IN A COUPLE OF HOURS AGO? Please tell me you cleaned…..)

Who steals the other’s clothes

Hunter will never ever admit it but his favorite sweatshirt was once technically Bobbi’s…. 

Who’s the PDA fan

“Trust me we have to for spy reasons.”

-Bobbi ‘work, am I right?…’ Morse

Who proposes

First time? Or the inevitable second time? Bobbi was totally the one to be like “Hey, let’s get married or whatever.” And Hunter was super indignant about the whole thing.

So, the second time he is like this is my moment I’m going to do the thing. And then Bobbi still does it first. 

Send me a couple and I’ll tell you things!

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Ship meme - SkyeWard [I mean, come on]

Collating all the domestic ship memes together into one post, send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

  • Who’s more dominant: Skye. Ward can fool himself into thinking he’s more dominant but by nature he’s quite subservient. At least if we’re talking sexually. Ward is physically a larger presence, but Skye is stronger
  • Who’s the cuddler: I think in a lot of ways they both are. Ward, due to his past, has issues with touching, even to this point, but I think even sometimes he gets needy and needs Skye to hold him. And vice versa. 
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Due to the nature of their relative sizes, Ward is the big spoon and Skye is the little spoon. 
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: BOARD GAMES! 
  • Who uses all the hot water: Skye, for sure. Ward probably takes like two-minute showers but if she’s awake she begs to take a shower first and he’ll be like, “Fine.” But by the time it’s his turn to take a shower all the warm water is gone. 
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: Probably being a sore loser when it comes to Battleship.
  • Who does most of the cleaning: Ward. Being a straight-laced agent man, I can imagine him being very organised. And Skye’s never exactly lived in that kind of environment. 
  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Skye. She controls the queue because she’s the master hacker in the house. xD He basically leaves all the tech stuff to her. 
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: I don’t think either of them would. Ward would insist on fixing it himself. After all, if he can diffuse a nuclear bomb, he can fix the heat!
  • Who leaves their stuff around: Skye, definitely.
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Uhh. Wow. Um, I sort of want to say Ward, because he’s definitely the more health-conscious of the two. 
  • Who remembers anniversaries:  HA. Ward is such a girl but definitely him. Skye is the most important thing to him, and every little anniversary, whether it’s for when they first met, started dating, or got married — he remembers each thing to a T. Skye may get distracted and not remember occasionally. 
  • Who cooks normally: Ward. For sure. 
  • How often do they fight: Not often, because they’re like two peas in a pod. They understand each other very well, maybe more so than some couples do. They don’t fight over trivial things hardly at all, almost only for the purpose of teasing each other. I think they’d probably fight mostly about him getting overprotective of her. Or maybe about him jumping in front of a bullet for her, taking a punch for her, that sort of thing. 
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: She messes around on her computer, and he reads. It’s the one thing from his old life that he kept — the list of books Garrett wanted him to read. 
  • Nicknames for each other: No matter how long they’ve been together, he’ll always call her rookie. I think she’d call him “husband” sometimes and random one-time nicknames but nothing steady. 
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Ward’s a bit of an old-fashioned guy, so I think he’d insist upon it. 
  • Who steals the covers at night: Skye. But if she steals too much, he’ll retaliate and take them right back. 
  • What would they get each other for gifts: There’s the running joke of “What do you get a hacker when she already has a computer?” that goes on between them, but she’ll always get him a couple new books. He’s never sure entirely what to give her, but as often as he can (within moderation) he’ll take her away for a weekend by themselves, or even maybe longer than that.
  • Who kissed who first: Well, we know this story! She initiated it. And he reciprocated. 
  • Who made the first move: Well, I’d say that she did. Especially after everything he’s put her through, he would never make a move on her. He would wait for her forever, but he’d never, ever in a million years push her to do something she didn’t want to do. So it would definitely have to be her. 
  • Who remembers things: I think I said this before, that more likely he would. Not that she wouldn’t, but it’s more evident with him, I believe.
  • Who started the relationship: Mutual agreement, but I think Skye would have to convince Ward that yes, this is something she wants. 
  • Who cusses more: Neither of them are particularly intense with the swearing. An occasional “hell” or “shit” might slip out, but I think it’s pretty even.
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: Ward would go into motherfucking badass protective mode. xD And he’d make sure she was taken care of, if it was physical hurt. He’d have Jemma look after her. If it was emotional, he’d hold her forever and ever. It’s the same the other way around, too, I think. 
  • Who is the dirty talker: Ward’s a bit too vanilla I think. Skye definitely likes the dirty talk though, I can imagine her being quite kinky. 
  • A head canon: It took Skye weeks to convince Ward that she actually did want a relationship with him and that she wasn’t going to leave. That she actually cared about him and loved him. And that was the first time she’d said the big “I love you.” And when he says the words back, she just sort of raises her eyebrows with a “Then give me one good reason we shouldn’t be together.” And he has absolutely no comeback for that.